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Capture the Rapture: The Ultimate Good News

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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December 3, 2021 7:00 am

Capture the Rapture: The Ultimate Good News

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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December 3, 2021 7:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor Mark Henry discussing the Rapture or the blessed hope, which many are trying to make the blasted hope. A survey says 9 in 10 pastors see prophecy in current events and yet few will teach it. We can’t have the comfort God wants us to have until we embrace the Rapture, taught clearly in the Bible.

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Lord is coming for us. He's not sending an angel Jesus Christ himself is coming to take us to the father's house.

So if you would I want that we lose loved ones with their children are mom and dad, brothers and sisters and friends where the case might be, we can never have the comfort that God intends for us to have less we embrace the truth of the rapture will come to understanding times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by all of three mysteries today. Janitor gas? Henry talk about the best news in the Bible, Jesus Christ will soon return.

What is known as the rapture of the church Bible calls this the blessed hope, we want to impart that hope to you today. Here is today's programming sometimes they will say will the rapture, I likely the rapture is just about escape is just want out of the rafters.

The complement is ask you a question.

If you knew the wrath of a gang was coming to your neighborhood what you try and avoid that situation course you will is when people say things like people believe in the rapture. They're just trying to escape the wrath you know what if Jesus promises him to keep us from the wrath I'm in embrace that with great joy. And Jesus said you have to endure this this hardship this affliction. This martyrdom than that would be our lot.

We have to trust in the sovereignty of God, but God in his grace has a different program for the church. We are going to be the ones in heaven. During the seven years with Christ anticipating his return coming back with him so that you can join me for the hour and were going to discuss a topic that is in favor of my audience and that would be the imminent rapture of the church. The most frequent email that we get is asking about a church that will at least address this topic and related issues. Occasionally, anyway church as you used to be on almost every corner that would address these issues and that's changed certainly in the last 30 years or so.

So the rapture is the ultimate message of hope and that's why the Bible calls it our blessed hope. In Titus 213 Paul instructs believers to wait for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ and the teaching of the rapture as a comfort to the church. Quite frankly, it is under attack popular authors and teachers, and bloggers have effectively turned many Christians away from a belief at all in the rapture or they have changed the biblical timing of the rapture and suggested that the church has to go through the ordeal of the tribulation. I have a special guest since to deal with me today. You've heard Pastor Mark Henry previously on air with me and actually I saw online at teaching he gave quite recently. It was called capture the rapture will I was immediately intrigued by the title and listen to the teaching and so will Pastor Mark Henry welcome back into the studio as we talk about this topic just to be with you again, Victor heavenly and Pastor Mark Henry is head of revived church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, which is a northwest suburb of Minneapolis. For those who are familiar with the area was formerly Brooklyn Park Evangelical free Church Mark I want to get right to some of the controversy going on and I've already referred to it in my opening and that's terrible marginalization of the topic that were going to cover for about an hour today and you even said in one of your messages that as a new Christian, you were wondering why the churches were minimizing the topic and that's gotta be some decades ago. Why do you think there minimizing their compromising or there completely shutting out the topic.

My observation Jenna's number one pastors haven't been trained in Daniel and Revelation. The average pastor day ghost Bible college seminary. They take survey classes of the Old Testament and New Testament, but very few Bible colleges and seminaries anymore actually study verse by verse Daniel and Revelation and if you don't do that don't know what you don't know the second element is that pastors are looking at mega church leaders and what are they talking about is usually about seven major things they talk about leadership family finances but just a handful of things they talk about in the kind of cycle through the come up with great titles but they don't focus on this subject. Quite honestly, they don't teach through the Bible and when you don't use of the Bible. You're not gonna pick up on all of these element is interesting.

Any thoughts on why then the seminaries other than a few we've got Dallas seminary still teaching this probably master seminary in California. What's with the mindset in the seminary that we don't make this front and center. I think there's a departure in the sense of the authority of the Bible in most Bible colleges and seminaries. They start out great and I could give you names and examples probably not a good place for us do that. But you look like a Bible college they start their devoted to the Bible are teaching the Scriptures. But what happens. You see this creep, and we see the same creep in churches as well. But this creep happens of a high view of the Scriptures high view of God, high view of Jesus high view of the book of Revelation. For example, in Daniel, but that diminishes over time they start to go out his other programs like medicine and some of them are good subject but they moved away Bible departments tend to decrease as a result, I think that's just how it works.

That's when you Bible colleges need to be created new seminary be created go back to the Bible.

I know made reference in my opening that we've got teachers, authors, bloggers, and more that are challenging our interest in eschatology there challenging the blessed hope, littering the challenging the rapture is certainly challenging the timing of the rapture there scolding their lecturing or some of the merchants, writing books and saying, as Michael Brown has done pay. I'm not afraid of the antichrist and that's the title of his book, which I think is terrible foolishness but nonetheless this is the new boldness towards those of us who believe in a solid pre-tribulation dispensational theology. I want to play a clip could I'm just referencing people who work mocking Scott think he's gonna challenge you. Mark this is Joel Richardson actually know Joel. He loves the Lord and not trying to make an attack on Joel, but he's going to come strongly against what you and I believe your state the situation morning scratch millions of people just disappear what the end of the world really isn't as so many treated what is not ruptured heaven before the great tribulation is many small, what is the church has been left ill prepared to face the antichrist and the Mark. What if Tim would he's playing the if the pre-tribulation rapture is false.

The blessed hope will become the blessed hope actually comes true millions of pre-tribulation. What if millions who have been led astray by the pretrip teaching become part of the great falling away. Jesus warned would take place time left behind or led astray examining the origins of the secret pre-tribulation rapture features vital end time insights from prophecy teachers Joel Schimmel, Jacob Pratt and Joel Richards pre-tribulation over supposed tribulation rapture is one of the crew and their pastoral issues of our day with your pastor.

That's not preparing your people face potentially the antichrist and the regulation in this hour simply because your denomination teaches that or whatever.

Personally, I think your family role as a shepherd of the pastor? Henry you just got scolded, what is your response to a Joel just sent.

I'm not looking to meet the antichrist. I'm looking to meet Jesus man the imminent return of Jesus Christ is repeated over and over and over in the Scriptures early church fathers believe it.

Why because it was in the Bible you and I should be following the Bible is the problem. People want to read history rather than the Bible.

They want to read other books and not the Bible. We got to get back to the Bible. We are looking for the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

I think other theologies. The fact that some don't want to take these issues literally has hurt them. A millennialism not taking lots of things literally you and I take almost everything literally, which slightly fully what we believe in pre-tribulation. Dispensationalism absolutely was a great theologian is a great theologian a great man of God, but he was on the Langley Sirota seminary book that's been used for years and years and years names Burke off and I remember reading his section attacking premillennialists and pre-tribulation will view one of the things that stuck out my mind as he was lecturing on that is that dispensationalism take prophecy in a literal fashion a literal historical grammatical interpretation is not just of subjects with reality or the practice for such a rheology, but for all the doctrines of the Bible, in the actually the taxes for that, but that's the way language works. You should be taken in the literal historical grammatical fashion. Now obviously there's going to be hyperbolic language is used at different times. Obviously there's going to be similes that are used on contract shows that so you don't have to be looking for you at the distorted it's clear that's what language does it communicate something I have another article in front of me and what were not going to take the time to read it, but it's titled fear mongering can be a great money spinner. It's written by an Australian pastor and it is kind of in the same tone and we just read a couple paragraphs and he says I've watched Revelation being mishandled for decades. The author says I had my first encounter with Christianity in the late 70s how Lindsay's book, the late great planet Earth was all the rage. The planets would align. In 1982 starting the great tribulation, which I'll never said by the way, cataclysmic events would unfold upon the earth. And Jesus would return, probably in 1988. Oh, and the pope was the antichrist because he had 666 written under his.

I kid you not. Someone told me this in all seriousness, and I believe them. He goes on to say, none of it was true. None of that happened just like all the other predictions over the centuries from mishandling Revelation my hunches. Here he means mishandling is taking it literally. Then he says. Contrast that to an interpretation of Revelation, which results in nothing but fear of the antichrist and one world government fear of the Mark of the beast.

Fear of the great tribulation.

Like a go on fear of the sneaky rapture where you could be left behind. I would hope that some are not afraid of the antichrist they choose to get saved so they don't have to go through the great tribulation and face the Mark of the beast, but I am troubled Mark by the tone of this article, which was in a respected publication and its mocking the whole left behind experience, which is something that is almost sacred.

The fact that the church it's not left behind. I read that article, Jan and Rob. My heart breaks as I read it because quite honestly misses the point of pre-tribulation, premillennialism, and that is this. We are not to be afraid of the antichrist. We are not to be afraid of the raft is a come. Jesus specifically says in John 14, which is a rapture passage. Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me. My father's house are many dwelling places I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again received to myself that where I am, there you may be also. It's the exact opposite. And not only that is article attacks the book of Revelation in the very start of the article he talks about the book of Revelation is accepted chemically, reluctantly questioning whether or not should be in the Bible and later on in the article he flips it says well it's part of the Bible and should be used for worship because there's all these wonderful things in it. What you can't have it both ways have it both ways. The book of Revelation points us to Jesus Christ is the revelation of Jesus Christ. The glorified Christ you're listening to understanding the times radio I'm Jan Markel and then spending the hour looking at some Bible prophecy eschatology is it's called with pastor Mark Henry in studio with me. Mark pastors revive church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. That's a northwest suburb of Minneapolis best way to reach you. Mark would be through your website wanted to give that Mark Henry is when we can reach a sort revive church, Brooklyn Park, Desoto.

Let me get a couple more topics here. I talked on air. This would've been a couple weeks ago to the producer of the new film America and the Israel effects by Stephen Briggs, and Stephen was in studio with me and early evangelicals had a major role in awakening the evangelical church to the rebirth of Israel and the soon returning Messiah would have been John Nelson Darby, William Blackstone, DL Moody, Cyrus Scofield, Stephen Briggs addressed all of these gentlemen and they furthered restoration is some or the return of the Jews to their homeland, and back then that would have been 1830 into roughly hundred years from that time futilely even believe in the restoration of Israel, even though the book said it had to happen, but that is so key to what we believe is two things. The Jews are going to come back to their homeland and that it's gonna spark a lot of the end time phenomenon that were watching right now and then Jesus Christ returns in the clouds first second coming is seven years later, but the wonderful work of some of these early pioneers. So many of them even John Nelson Darby, yet gentle, significant part of that is, those gentlemen actually believe in a literal historical grammatical interpretation of Scripture's because the Scriptures had been spiritualized welding the church is spiritual Israel. We fulfill all of the promises of Israel.

Therefore the Jews don't have to go back to the land and so my friends were all male or Cozumel. Even today, when I say let's go to Israel.

Let's talk about Israel what God's doing their doing recognize that God has any plan in the future for them because they spiritualized the church to replace Israel and all the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have been supernaturally spiritualized within the church. I remember debating a pastor who was supposed millennialist.

Not long ago, I asked him I said, here's the promise. Abraham is going to have the land.

Isaac is going to have the land and their descendents, and it says in acts chapter 7 that Abraham did not receive one square foot. So either God lies or God has to raise him up. There has to be a millennial kingdom remember him dispelling his hands and with a irritated voice and Mark Mark University in the Scripture. The church has more land around the earth.

That's just the spiritual code is a shame and it totally misses the point of the Abraham covenant. Well, it's a sad day when the church comes to that, the church, probably in Laodicea right now other than someone there holding to truth. Another article I saw in that would be a life way research project life way came up with the fact that the vast majority of pastors see signs of the end times in current events. Almost 9 in 10 pastors see some current event matching what Jesus said would occur shortly before he returns to earth and it goes on to outline what some of those things are necessarily have to get into the issue, but at least three in the four pastors agree that Jesus referring to current events including the rise again false prophets, false teaching love. Many believers growing cold Middle East conflict. So we see all of this blossoming right before our very eyes, and yet I'm going back to how we opened the program a few minutes ago.

Very few pulpits will talk about even though the survey shows the pastors believe that apparently they feel it will scare people. I don't know maybe you know some people are satellite scare people, but the reality is we should be scared of God's wrath member get on I went and delivered a message 40 days and God can judge the world is a certain element or fear is a good thing. Effects is the fear of the wars began a wisdom so there is an element when you read Daniel or Revelation or other minor prophets or major prophets where the wrath of God is come in the day of the Lord is filled with wrath. But here's the good news. When you trust in Jesus Christ you're a child of God.

You're his child. He has a program of grace for you to experience and that's what you need to trust Jesus Christ as your Savior today when play one more clip because here we have Dr. Ed Heinsohn dear friend of mine and spent in ministry forever. He still go on so strong it's amazing and he's going to talk about the prophetic clock folks. It's taking let's talk to Christ followers wealthier because it is a cold, cold weather owns a growing plant of agonizing world we live in this we read the Scriptures we learn the blessed hope of seeing Jesus we sing about heaven, we sing about that wonderful warship and read the Bible about that wonderful eternity were spending, but there is a prophetic calendar moving prophetic clock ticking. What is your challenge. What is our responsibility as Christ followers before the church's rapture, which could occur at any moment right say first of all read the Bible, get your idea about the coming of Christ, right out of Scripture itself. You don't read the Bible through the newspaper you read the newspaper through the Bible. So if you understand what the Bible says about the future, then you can look at the news and say oh wow, it looks like the stage is being set. We don't want to run ahead of God and set a timetable that sin the father's plan, but we also want to be alert to the fact that Israel's back in the promised land. The Bible said they would return, and they did after nearly 1900 years has never happened before in history that the Middle East would be in crisis. In the end times and it is that there'd be a global economy that could potentially be controlled by one individual and that there would be weapons of mass destruction that might bring about the kind of things predicted in the book of Revelation and they already exist.

Those things get my attention. To say the clock is ticking. We have a date with destiny, but we also have a job to do in the meantime to reach the world for the cause of Christ.

While there's still hope.

While there's still time Mark Henry in your 30+ years of being a pastor. Have you ever seen a time where it would seem like one world phenomenon is happening after another that it would seem that Jesus is saying, pay attention, because I'm coming soon and so many things that are happening are of biblical significance.

Have you seen anything like today know of course not. And you know it's amazing. Jan is those who are genuine followers of Jesus are saying to me all the time. Mark the world coming apart. This is like with refining the Scripture, but we here's amazing to me is that unsaved people for the first time in my 33 years of being a pastor or saying to me and they whispered to me because her, like embarrassed and want to friends. I was recently in a room filled with people in this young lady she is.

Maybe 27 years old. She leaned over to she was a pastor we've been talking. She leans over and whispers in my ear is the world coming apart.

Is this like in the Bible and had a great opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the yes the world is coming apart. Globalism we've never seen anything like this. Never have we had a global pandemic global control doesn't matter if it's in Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, South America, this is the unfolding of it is your it's so obvious to me. I'm going back now to your message capture the rapture again.

I believe you might even givenness for pastor Tom Hughes good friend to both of us and folks you can find it on YouTube or Mark Henry capture the rapture self as I was watching it. Mark and I took some notes here.

I want to address just couple of bullet points because you addressed now half a dozen results of why the rapture is important and you said number one when it's understood it gives us peace symbol can go back and talk about a couple of these number two it's going to give us more courage.

Number three it gives is zeal to be zealous for God gives us a sense of anticipation, he said, number four it gives us joy and grace.

You said it gives us direction. You said it sets us free from the cares of the day if I can add a PS, it certainly gives us hope in a hopeless world. That's why it's called the blessed hope. So let's go back to the beginning here when you capture the rapture. It gives all of these things we just outlined gives us courage zealous for God gives us joy and grace and what you mean. It gives us direction demos trying to do is gives seven illustrations of passages that reference the rapture and some of them are more focused on the eminent see some of them are more focused on the mechanics with the passage of first Corinthians chapter 15 starting in verse 50 talks about a mystery. Now, as you know, there's four major attacks against pre-tribulation was one as its mystical another one of the escape is him another one. It's modernism in the fourth one is insignificant and my point is, it's not insignificant.

Paul says I do not want you to be uninformed about this mystery is that we shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

So there's this resurrection and rapture.

Just like we see in first Thessalonians, but at the end of each of these passages is an action point in the action point in first Corinthians 1558 is therefore, my beloved brother and be steadfast in movable, always abounding the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

So this gives me direction again encouraged because the rapture can have because Jesus is gonna come back any second be about my father's business be about the Savior's business.

There is direction for my wife in this direction for your life like his juices, obviously, it gives us some hope. It's called the blessed hope and Titus and I think a lot of people are literally feeling maybe not hopeless, but their despairing they're losing a job they've had for ever and ever because of some of the mandates coming down now there is great division.

This division in the family these days because of some of the things going on in Washington people I hear from them daily. There's so discouraged they may be having trouble finding a good church that's preaching the truth from the pulpit instead of social justice instead of the woke activity that's going on in our churches today. So here we have a message that's all hope when we capture the rapture were only capturing hope again we open the program talking about it. Most churches don't want to guilt did they not want to give their people hold the problem is were looking for hope in all the wrong places hang right were looking for hope in our job looking for hope in the relationship are looking for help in our culture, looking for hope in Washington friends. There's no hope come in Washington.

I hope coming from heaven's name is Jesus. Jesus is the hope of God. He is the peace of God, he is the wisdom of God.

The Scripture says that's why the rapture is important. When I would suggest to you is when we neglect this concept of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. We lose the hope that we should be having. Yeah, I lost my job, but you know what, I got a place in heaven. Jesus coming for me.

I may died sometime this week or sometime this year of COBIT or something else, but I do know this.

The Jesus has a place for me. There is hope and that absolutely now the tribulation is called in the Bible. At the time of Jacob's trouble.

This gets a little bit here and timing of the rapture. Obviously Jacob is not the church Jacob's Israel to the tribulation is not intended to refine the church. It's intended to refine Israel because it's called the time of Jacob's trouble. So I think this is one indication here of the importance of a pre-tribulation rapture against time of Jacob's trouble. We are not Jacob. Absolutely.

And that's the point of taking a literal historical grammatical irritation look in Daniel chapter 9, the antichrist shows up. He makes a covenant with Israel and the holy city was the holy city Jerusalem. What's the people well the people or Israel.

That's not the church. If you spiritualize out and make that the church you have to distort a whole series of scriptures throughout the Bible. Jacob's trouble is another example of that. As you look through the book of Revelation is actually two major things in heaven. One is the wrath of God coming upon the world and the second is God purifying Israel so than Zechariah 14, when Jesus shows up they see him whom they pierced and it says all of Israel who was alive at that point will turn their eyes the Messiah and believe in Jesus and I love the passage of Revelation 310. I use it as often as I can because you have kept my word of perseverance. I will also keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth. How would you define that verse Mark I know I define it. I want to hear your interpretation that's obviously of rapture related passages number of elements taking place against these people were suffering the hope that he was given to them was this there's this time of wrath is coming upon the earth.

Notice it says specifically upon the earth knows it talks about the people of the earth.

Again, that's the focus they're not specifically Israel in that passage later on.

Other passages will describe that, but there it is the wrath of God coming upon the earth. You and I are the recipients of grace now. God didn't have to work out the program. That way, but he did. We are living in the times of the Gentiles, not the time of Jacob's troubles market. Several things were getting hit in part two of my program, folks. I also want to make you aware of an upcoming event revived church in all three ministries have been putting together some special evenings we've had two of them one in August and one in October and they are live stream to the whole world were to talk to you about that when we get back. Also Mark I want to ask you, what would be some of the things that have stood out to you in the year 2021 were coming to a racing conclusion of this incredibly year.

The last two years really have been incredibly well I think significant trying, even someone of a disaster to some people again. They've lost so much because of a global pandemic and I want to ask you what, in the current event world have you been keeping your eyes on that you even think you might see in your lifetime, but we've seen a tear in the last year or two I've got a short list and friendly so will do that, folks. As soon as we get back. Let me quickly add this.

We've got phonies on YouTube, impersonating olive tree ministries which it just delete them. Please don't watch the videos.

Consider making fun of our ministry and me and were trying to get these people taken down and quite frankly it doesn't seem to care a whole lot so just ignore the phony YouTube switch you it's not produced by olive tree ministries back in just a couple minutes we hope you'll stay in touch with us online through politics reviews.old large events olive tree views.or you can call a simple time at 763-559-4440 476-355-9444 writers for the mail olive tree ministries and John Markel, PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in an age of thick views and false teaching.

Thank you for trusting understanding the times were you is another year is winding down. We just want to thank you for your strong support of this radio outreach known its 21st year we began our syndication in 2004, and are now airing on almost 900 radio stations across North America and around the world electronically every day we hear from new listeners. Followers of this ministry.

A writer call about the renewed zeal to spread the gospel in light of the fact that Jesus Christ could return called his church home. Perhaps today we are in challenging times and troubling times. The Bible outlined all the things to come for last days believers hope advantage of all this ministry offers more cutting-edge products, newsletters, renewal programs, live streaming conferences, daily headlines and other articles you stand times watchmen on the wall and remain hopeful as we await his return. Jesus wins actually want to break outsourcing victory in Jesus because as you read the book of Revelation. It starts with the revelation of the glory of the resurrected ascended Christ and it ends with him. Chapter 20 coming in the clouds writing is Whitehorse victorious over all the nations. It's a win win win for the know of focus at its best. At the end of the book, and words that Jesus wins wants you to capture the hope of the rapture of the church is a central theme of this ministry. It offers wonderful hope amidst the dark news of the day. We know you can always be via radio attach understanding the times radio at your convenience online. Watch the video version of the program or listen to the audio olive tree then to complete archives on you to unravel on light source and on his channel Christian TV. Now here's the conclusion of the because of the rapture because of the resurrection.

Because of this reunion that were to have it be with the Lord is therefore notice again the action points. Therefore encourage one another and build one another up just as you are doing so were supposed to encourage referrals to strengthen the hands of one another in these last days with the truth.

With the reality that Jesus is coming for his church never have the courage that we need to make it through these days without it. Welcome back, and I'm spending the hour with the familiar voice Pastor Mark Henry the pastors revived church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

It's a northwest suburb of Minneapolis Mark I think you've been at revived now about 4 1/2 years, six years.

No. No way to know time flies.

And can you survive six winters, then that's the toughest part of Minnesota right there.

I totally agree.

My whole life. I couldn't agree more. So we been talking for the first half-hour because I saw a message by Pastor Mark online, capture the rapture. I'm kind of in ministry little bit anyway with Mark. I know he loves the prophetic word and prophetic teaching in we do a little bit every other month that his church would say something in just a minute about that. So so capture the rapture online watch ticket was given for Pastor Tom Hughes good friend. Both he and I and Mark. What possessed you to speak about capturing the rapture because dance one of the key elements for us to find courage we don't lose our mind and the insanity on this day Jesus said let not your heart be troubled, and that's what I'm find all my friends are troubled, and would gotta go back Jesus and his company prepared a place for us. Don't be troubled. You can find that message on YouTube or you can find Mark Lee at an event coming up. Understanding the times we put on event in August featuring Michelle Bachmann, then in October we put on the event with pastor Billy Crone and coming up Thursday night December 9 here just a few days away at your church revived church no tickets necessary folks. You just show up were going to be featuring Evelyn Hines. She portrays Corrie 10 boom folks if you want maximum inspiration you just featured in your church. Here the hiding place that was a powerful evening to watch. It was in 1975 movie Corrie 10 boom and we were discussing off air here how many Christians today could go through what Corey and Betsy went through back and was about 1943 or 44 and you said that grace comes in the crisis moments blanketed for them. Jen that hiding place. My mom took me as it was eight years old it radically transform my life I was seeing people there, and the required have papers as a travel and there's different designations on their papers and Easter think about mercy and some of these things being revived in the days of rain were living in.

There's one element of the hiding place worth anti-Semitism and how God ends up using these Christians in a difficult moment to rescue Jewish people and how they're sharing Jesus with them in honoring Jesus through the that's an important lesson for us, but the second thing for me was the reason we showed it and the reason were doing this event on December 9 doing the Corrie 10 boom thing is we need to learn from Christians who've gone through really difficult times with government oppression with government taking away jobs, taking away property threatening us in various ways, throwing people in jail, putting them in camps how you survived that as a Christian. The grace of God and God gave them grace and friends. God will give us grace for anything we face so we are going to live streaming this event again. Evelyn Hines is going to be portraying Corrie 10 boom that evening I met have a few words to say. Pastor Mark can have few words to say what is the role of Israel in prophecy. How can we be discerning the times by looking back. She does an incredible impersonation of Corrie 10 boom. This can be live streamed Mark correct that's correct Jan and Bill can join us live or they can watch it afterwards.

It'll be up forever and ever. Again, it's a Thursday, December 9 at 7 PM central time. Mark Oral-B on my website will be on Mark's website when it's edited one way or another. We encourage you to tap into this. It'll be inspirational.

It'll be historical. As Marcus said, we are seeing some shades of tyranny rising around the world as we speak. Many governments around the world are overreaching. I think overacting and horsing demonstrations going on two dozen nations around the world as we speak.

Anyway, it was an impactful night watching the film at your church. The hiding place and it took me back to my youth.

That movie came out in 1975 and I just was impacted that I think very few Christians can go through what some people have to go through today for the cause of the Lord, people are losing jobs here in the US, I was contacted yesterday by a lady. She had a job for 20 some odd years and she's going to be terminated, but is just not hearers around the world right on second that global impact. I just heard from a missionary Austria the first of the year think it's February 1 that everyone's going to be required to have certain medical procedures done and if they don't is a $4000 find that each person's gonna face the knowledge you lose your job again now and then delegate refined in Australia. There are some quarantine camps, stopping short of saying concentration camps but quarantine camps going up people being taken to them so folks can Nazi Germany repeat itself.

History can always repeat itself. If we don't stop them. Some verses Mark that we need to talk about just because they say it all and talks about the rapture. First Thessalonians 4 and maybe some people listening, what are you two talking about this rapture is biblical. First Thessalonians 4 for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Those you love folks are going to go before you.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Wherefore comfort one another with these words. First Thessalonians 416 through 18, Mark. There were actually several people in the Bible who were rapture talk to us about it.

Jeanette such an important verse because it promises Jesus is coming for his church at three things are gonna happen there. One is a resurrection.

Those who have passed away in Christ. The resurrected them have a rapture and then we have a reunion. Those who have been resurrected rapture is a great reunion with Christ in us is thus we shall always be with the Lord. Celeste fine rapture just really quick and the Muscovy couple illustrations of it.

The word rapture are positive is defined this way by William Mounce was a famous Greek scholar says describing God's activity in physical and miraculous transforming people from one place to another with about God capturing someone moving them and depend on the context they might be in heaven or some other place. Jan I would like to point people to the illustration of Enoch in the Old Testament. If you read in Genesis chapter 5 gives a list of descendents of Adam and Eve in the says this person lives along and they die. This person was along the guide and then it comes to edict it says this man walked with God in us as God took him.

And then Hebrews chapter 11 verse five. It describes the factor that God took him.

And he says he did not see death without Enoch is a contemporary with Noah and so God rapture at him God removed him before the time of the flood, God blessed them, that's an illustration of the Old Testament, other one be Elijah. He's a prophet of God is walking with God. Elisha is with him. So the two of them are walking in second Kings to assist the Lord was about to take him up, and as you continue to read down verse 11 describes them to walking together and all of a sudden this fiery chariot shows up in some fiery horses and the two of them are split apart is as Elijah went up by a whirlwind. And Elisha saw him no more. He was rapture. He was removed and was fascinating into 16 when Elisha goes back and tells the other younger prophets there.

They say let's get 50 young strong minimal Outlook forum he's going know those no need to do it with a shame into Sanko had to go look for it says they never see him again.

God took him to heaven is used of Philip in acts chapter 8 it says that he went out and was preaching as you recall, the Ethiopian eunuch is reading from Isaiah 53. And here's a reading. He says do you understand what you're reading about. He says no and so he gets in the chariot and shares Jesus with them Jesus as the suffering servant dies on the cross pays worsens rises from the dead and the eunuch believes in him you trust Jesus and he sees the water and says what's keeping me from being baptized, and is this amazing story of this African man believing in Jesus being baptized in the says as they came up out of the water. In verse 30 9X8 39.

The spirit of the Lord snatched her positive same Greek word used versus Lawrence snatched Philip away in a says that the eunuch never saw him again.

Again, these are some illustrations.

Paul was caught up mentioned that twice, and sinker. This chapter 12 with Jim one of my favorites is found in the book of Revelation.

Revelation chapter 11 describes the two prophets that God raises up during the time of the tribulation and for 1260 days these two men are untouchable their enemies. They destroy they call them fire from heaven that says they present plagues upon the earth.

And finally, God removes his hand protection and Satan kills them in a says there's parties in Jerusalem. The parties around the world that nations are watching people from every tribe, tongue, and nation are watching, and they're all celebrating these two guys are dead and the dead for 3 1/2 days and then it says these words that the breath of life came from God into them, and they stood on their feet and it says that the world freaks out and then it says these words was a loud voice from heaven saying, peer, and this is yet to happen. This is going to happen. So this removing God takes these two prophets from them. These are all illustrations of what God is going to do with us in the church age.

I love this little clip here of Dr. David Jeremiah and he concludes by saying I know how it ends, we win. He says I can live every day with confidence because of the very things were talking about for the seller. Folks, you say that the over arching truth of Revelation is that the Christian's victory in Christ is absolute certainty absolutely so unpack absolute certainty in a world that doesn't believe in absolutes too much these days.

Well you know what if they don't believe in the Bible to really not going to understand anything that you and I are talking about. But here's the deal. The book of Revelation begins and it's sort of chaotic in the middle of it. If that at the end. You see, the Lord Jesus Christ coming back from heaven and the Bible does just as it is described.

It's my favorite chapter in the whole book he rides out on a white horse, and he's got all his holy ones with him and the angels and he takes control of this earth. All of the armies of the earth.

By that time I discovered he's their common enemy.

So they all come after him, as if they're going to take God out.

You know in the Bible says with the breath of his mouth.

He defeats the remember early on without begin a study that section of Scripture. People asked me why are the Christians all dressed in white that is in select warfarin garments and it finally dawned me they don't do anything except watch. They don't find it all.

Jesus does it all in the Bible says that he puts them down. He destroys the rebellious and then sets up his kingdom on this earth and I guess really if you extrapolate the whole timeline from Revelation 1 to the end. What I like to say to people as this is the question I get asked more than any other Dr. Jeremiah where is all this going.

Talking about what's happening in the Middle East so right and I love to just say to them. I know where it's going. I know how it ends. I know we win. I know that it's beyond any question and because of that I can live every day with confidence, even though I know that I'm seeing some of the early birth pangs of the Revelation on tribulation time. I don't have to be concerned about that because God is in control. You're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. That was the voice of Dr. David Jeremiah just a little two minute clip that I loved. We know how it all ends we win and having studio with me. Pastor Mark Henry T. Passes revive church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Northwest suburb of Minneapolis #we did not give the address to your church because we got the event coming up on December 9 and look at the last one with Billy Crone.

I think we had for five states represented so give us the address of your church 7849 W. Broadway, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota one more 10 7849 W. Broadway, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and if you've got questions, call the church because they can help you outdoors again (sure 6 PM and then the programming and heal from months 8:53 PM, Anthony commented on the little clip of David Jeremiah amen and amen.

Jesus wins actually want to break outsourcing victory in Jesus because as you read the book of Revelation.

It starts with the Revelation, the glory of the resurrected ascended Christ and it ends with him. In chapter 20 coming in the clouds writing is Whitehorse victorious over all the nations, and then of course he got the great white throne judgment got thrown Satan in the lake of fire.

I mean it's a win win win and you know a book is at its best.

At the end. How does the book and the words that Jesus wins another verse that talks about what we've been talking about. First Corinthians 1551 behold, I show you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last room for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed for this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. Mark couldn't be any clearer. Yet I know there are many who would say this is likely the second coming. Not the rapture. To me it is so clear. These are two very distinct happenings in the Bible. Yet when people start to spiritualize the Bible and trying to make it fit the things that they understand often what happens. Jan is the blurring between the rapture and the second coming. So there's about 2000 passages on the second coming is read to the New Testament. There's 20 passages or so that talk about the rapture and actually were attacked because of that is like well there's not very many verses on that. Well, it's a mystery were told in the Old Testament.

In fact, the verse that you just read first Ricky 15 says I don't want you to be ignorant about this mystery of the Greek word that is use, there is used 28 times the church was a mystery. The fact that in Colossians chapter 1 verse 26 and 27 it says Christ in you the hope of glory. This was a mystery that is told in the Old Testament, the fact that there were can be a time of the Gentiles as it is described just it was a mystery. So it's not surprising that the rapture of the church is a mystery. When the church itself was a missed mystery antenna gave a tease back in part one of our programming and I wanted to ask you what you might see playing out in our current events on daily basis in my goodness. Some of these activities that have, I think some biblical significance just revving up intensifying on a daily basis. I came up with three or four items. I've watched really the last two years 2020 and 2021, and I think society has been changed and probably forever in the last two years in office of the pandemic has a huge impact on that and then how the nations are dealing with the pandemic from lockdowns and forcing businesses to close and again the rush to globalism. So here just a couple of things I noticed that I want your input. I have noticed in the last two years, a greater rush to globalism the one world system.

The one world government, and for that matter, the one world religion. The one world economy, who are constantly hearing that cashless is on the horizon. Number two I would have to say Mark would be government overreach that has spurred on the rush to globalism and rush to the cashless system number three and were seeing it heartbreaking on a daily basis.

The rise of lawlessness stores looted things like this people helpless to stop the lawlessness to standing by watching the chaos those three things hit me particularly hard as I was pondering today's programming. What has caught your attention, particularly in the last year. All three of those are significant. Jan and I mean you go on and on and illustrative and you been doing that on the air, but the think personally that catches me when I first trusted Jesus. I was reading through the Scriptures and I'm like where is America. Because I love America wears America in Bible history and America isn't there and it's like how in the world. Could this be America is the greatest nation in all of history and then you think about the economy we have a number businesses growing up.

And so we've always been entrepreneurs sort of families are always building businesses in the economy. Those were things like how would the strongest country in the world be neutralized, helped our economy be destroyed. That's impossible is like in the Bible be true affect animals question the Bible back in the 80s to be true because just America's two great and we are watching right before our eyes. The whole population that's ready to give up on America for globalism's like what are you thinking, and then as you think about specifically for me as I watch the economy and the things that Washington has put into place.

For example, the mandates and not paying rents. That's the end of private property.

People don't understand the implications of that the way you build wealth as an individual historically as you own property that's one of the key characteristics of the Greeks came up was citizenship it was you could own property as a citizen and pass it on to your children. That's how you accumulate wealth that's how you build a country that's how you prosper and rescind the destruction of the dollar in inflation and we are giving push because of inflation to a global currency.

It's incomprehensible, but it's happening right before our eyes. I think another one for me is AI and as you look at the book of Revelation as I read through us like how in the world could they track everything will now because of AI literally is possible to track everybody. In fact, right now in Romania when you go to the store you have to give a code when you go in, there's an app that every owner has in that store that restaurant and you gotta check in and you give your code there and there literally tracking every single movement of every single individual in that country, and were there technologically globally. This is never happened in history and another one that sticks out to me is this idea of cloning and the infusion of human and animals read the book of Revelation is like this. All right really strange things describe their and you try and wrap your mind around them and just think about the possibilities again when those events take place. The folks are living there will have the grace to understand them with greater clarity than Caesar. That's true for the book of Daniel we understand traveling a whole lot better than Daniel did and he reference the travel to and fro throughout the whole earth. So when we read the book of Revelation, we see some of these things is like were seen through a glass dimly, but they're going to see it a lot clearer and change in direction just a little bit here based on the headline I have in front of name, I thought I'd run it by you headline is. Could the Biden administration be moving to remove religious liberty protections. A leaked document think so let me read one paragraph Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma said that a leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services, spearheaded by Department of Health and Human Services Sec. Javier Becerra reveals the Biden administration's plan to undo religious liberty protections and disregard Americans First Amendment rights.

It goes on to suggest because it's a lengthy article that they're going to strongly come against Christianity. All denominations, Catholicism, down through evangelical Christianity and yet we have the Pope month or so ago calling Mr. Biden a good Catholic. And yet it sounds like the Biden administration has plans to really come against the church.

Let's leave it at that, because it would be all denominations come against the church and I have talked with you privately have talked with other pastors privately. The concerns include the removal of 501(c)(3) status. Some other things related to that. Being yanked housing allowances, etc. donations no longer tax deductible. Your concern that it's just a matter of time before vaccine. Passports are necessary to get into church for church attendance. So how do you react to an article like this. I've only read one paragraph out of many, but I'm giving some illustrations of where I think this is going, and I find it extremely troubling that at the same time seven days a week. You are managing the church, and it sounds like the government could really come heavy-handed against the church.

Janet governments becoming heavy-handed towards the church last two years.

This is a new affect when this came out it. People were sending it to me and I like reading the article and go on pay. The last two years we been told you can go to the story, go to the bar, you can go to the liquor store. Go to church and it is not surprising.

This is sky like old news now, this can be new levels to it.

Yes, and I think it's the new levels that concern me yeah and back in October when we were with Billy Crone in our last event I shared with everyone anticipating the church is going to be required to look at everyone's vaccination card before they can enter the church well.

October 31 is a group of Methodist churches up in the Northwest part United States.

They put out a video. In fact, I'll probably end up sharing it may be our next conference, but they shared in order to follow the recommendations in order to keep everybody safe. We are to require that everyone show their passports before they come in other documentation. The vaccination card trick is maybe before they come in and is required for every one that is able to be vaccinated. That means from five years old and up will have to vaccinated and show their ID verifying that before they can come to church and so church is already buying into this idea and once that starts to cascade then working to do is were to be looked at as the hold out the strange ones where you oppose of this. These folks are very body and it's coming a big one for me is the hate speech rate.

I think you should talk about that for a minute and we have at least 23 minutes because I don't know that the average listener even knows what you're talking about, but it is so important that they understand yet. I got this document is looking down through it never was talked about 501(c)(3) and vaccination passports to get into church.

That's all coming. I would suggest to you, but the big one is this how we interface with the Bible so coming down the pike.

Is this idea that if pastors are reading from the Bible and there's any hate speech. In other words, here's an example right now there's a lot of lawyers who are suggesting that it's hate speech.

When a pastor says a man can't have the baby. Let's not hate speech that's science and the people they say follow the science and they don't even know the difference between men and women.

We've got problems, and so we've already seen this in other countries. I've been approached to pastor churches in the past in other countries and one of things always comes up. What's your view of the Bible, sexuality, morality, ethics, and I would just read to them of the Bible says and this is when you can't come here because that would be viewed as hate speech and then we would have all these consequences. This my friends is right at the doorstep here in America. How much time do we have what you think you know but by the grace of God. These things would already be in place and I think it's the grace of God is actually given us space and time to even process the implications of this and also to build courage gin as you remember back when we had the closures of the churches and secure in the state of Minnesota.

Our governor was saying you know were not what churches mean and if you saying and meet your gonna kill everybody. In fact, our elders, we had prayed we were trying to decide what to do and we'd set a date with that. You know if were to follow Jesus. Whatever the implications are regarding these closures and we were emotionally, spiritually seeking the Lord because these are not easy decisions. No one wants to be rebellious. Christians are to be humble, gracious law-abiding citizens and when the government overreaches and requires me to violate my conscience so that I can't read this verse or that verse or I can assemble in Jesus name. There's good have to be moral courage were we decide to follow Jesus Christians done in the past we've got to do it in the present. I think it's only the grace of God that these things haven't been following us and I wouldn't be surprised in the next six months or the next year that would come about best way to contact you pastor Mark Mark is when we can reach a sort revive church, Brooklyn Park, Desoto. Thank you for coming in today appreciated so much and for inspiring us to capture the rapture. That's the purpose of this hour Jan, thanks for having me and if I just want say this if you have a trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior.

You need to visit Jesus is coming and you do not want to experience his wrath you want to experience his grace God has prepared a place for those who believe in him and I'm going out of the program, folks, because we are living in a world that is quickly running out of hope and that is why the message of this hour has been in part to embrace the blessed hope, known as the rapture of the church. We believe it is eminent or any minute. It is the ultimate in good news. It is the Lord himself that is coming for us guys not sending an angel for us.

He's not sending as someone said Air Force One. Jesus is coming down from heaven sits at the right hand of the father.

Right now he's coming for you and for all those who believe or who ever believed in times past, the rapture means we will be together. It's great to be with God, and there is no other greater delight than to be in the presence of the Lord. I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website. Olive tree views will Archie's hollow tree call is central time at 763559444 476-355-9444. We get our mail when you write to all three ministries and Joe Martel. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible. It's a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this. Just remember that we have a front row seat to the last act as we watch everything all the place

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