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When Government Must Be God

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 22, 2021 8:00 am

When Government Must Be God

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 22, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell talks to author David Fiorazo for the hour. The ruling elites are establishing the Antichrist culture. Medical tyranny is leading to overall tyranny. Government is emboldened and is acting as god. The righteous are silenced, suppressed and shadow banned. We carry Fiorazo’s book, Canceling Christianity, in our online store.

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What is your shepherd and imprison it's happening all over historically when government rose in power and takes new ground, it almost never gives it back welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries. Today we talk about the growing persecution of believers in the West, and particularly pastors who are finding themselves imprisoned for the faith. What if the left's hatred for people of faith over conservatives lands on your doorstep.

How would you fight back. And should you. Here is today's program at home order Lifestream church service range has to rest it has parishioners sitting there vehicles listening to Pastor Charles Hamilton Greenville police around the church parking lot several Pastor Tony spell has been charged by central for violating the governor stable order. Baltimore was interrupted service yesterday by police.

The pastor says break any laws. The police say they are following the governor's order to keep gatherings to their goal is to put on such onerous requirements that are impossible for us to meet.

Please post this notice of public nuisance on the front doors of his church and church choirs silenced singing has been all insurance services you very dear is that I first had to investigate and have been called. They believe intentionally.

I am told that there was a message left said that you stay home now. Hypocrite America. This is a serious moment in just a few days thousand dollars government must welcome to the program and government must stop him are going to ask this hour.

If you are ready for some persecution.

Now that may be a terrible way to start out a program that what the Lord wants to put his church through some trial and noticed I did not say through the tribulation as he promises to never beat up his bride and that would be during the literal tribulation, but he will allow his church to go through some testings and God allows his church to come under man's rest and Satan's wrath all the time. It just never experiences the wrath of God so the Western church has been very blessed for centuries until quite recently and then governments became emboldened and particularly in places like Australia, Canada, and now were beginning to see some of this pushback in America.

Liberal administrations almost drunk with power are now pushing righteous people to the brink and they justify the behavior because of a virus, no less, along with the virus has come a ton of fear instilled by authorities by the media by political leaders, and more. I want you to listen to the tone of this voice is coming from law enforcement towards a pastor.

I believe there's nothing more important than faith during a time like this is a Sheriff's office. We would never impede someone's ability to lean on their religious beliefs as a means of comfort but practicing those beliefs has to be done safely last night I made a decision to seek an arrest warrant for the pastor of a local church who intentionally and repeatedly chose to disregard the order set in place by our president, our governor, the CDC and the Hillsborough County emergency policy group is reckless disregard for human life. Put hundreds of people in his congregation at risk and thousands of residents who may interact with them this week in danger.

So, good people just wanting to honor God by assembling together, wanting to worship point is saying wanting to fellowship have been under attack for pretty soon going on two years starting in early March of the new year so pastors and churches have been fined and members harassed and arrested, and the question is where is this all headed our vaccine passports coming for believers is that going to be needed just to enter an American church Canadian church is one expert keep saying it would be Naomi Wolf.

The passports spell the end of liberty in the West and surely will spell the end of the freedom that the Western church has had for a couple centuries. My guest for the hour is the author and broadcaster David fear. So let me just remind you that we do carry his book canceling Christianity how the left silences churches, dismantles the Constitution and divides our culture and he also hosts the popular podcast stand up for the truth that would be on Q 90 out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Just a heads up and I do Rita's blog tell you more about that little bit later I'm playing at least in the early stages here off a couple of articles one being Christians must prepare for more extreme measures and I think you cannot pick that up on some of those soundbites. I played David welcome back to the program. Thank you so much for having me back. Looking forward to it. Let me just go back to my introduction and this may catch you a little bit off guard, but do you think vaccine passports are coming and I mean specifically here in our discussion for the church.

I mean, I think they're already here in certain very blue cities and they might be used as a weapon against believers as a weapon, say of intimidation and they might be effective in keeping people out of church.

Give me your thoughts. Absolutely, they will come, and not because of the government because corporations got along with the big charade the big game.

Unfortunately, it's a dangerous game and of course the education system which is government as well, but corporations that the fascinating part you've got private corporation.

The airline industry.

For example, they are going through a battle right now with a lot of employees that don't want to take the shot.

The medical community. There are nurses and doctors and were in first responders so very going through this battle is not necessarily government, these are corporations and other industries that are either believing the fear mongering media occult panic porn believing that and feeding on that all the time because the media course only puts up the numbers of covert cases and you know how they treated it in the last year and 1/2 they reach their own conclusions early on and now their implement and policy, which is dangerous for America as a whole.

Since frustrating to us as believers because for some reason, the authorities have no problem with people attending bars or marijuana shops or even porn shops. But God forbid people enter a church and obviously that's when we have to conclude this really is a spiritual warfare going on.

The devil has answered the foray here yet it's demonically driven, not you brought up the double standard.

This is why handful of remnant patent last year pushed back and they won some lawsuits by the way, with religious freedom on their side one the most dangerous thing that said this so many times that were experiencing, not the fact that people would do evil, but the fact that we would accept when they treat one group to leave another group and that of the discrimination against those who hold the biblical Christian worldview and those who are Christians and pastors, church leaders when they can get away with discriminating against and not holding others to the same standards like you just said their abortion business right now. By the way, you can go to college football game or program their cans of thousands of man I don't see any math and there huddled together. There shouting, of course, but there in the stadium and now Fauci. For example, comes out recently and says well he's not sure he thinks it's a good idea for us to spend Christmas with her family and unthinkable way. Need a minute what happened last year Jan and have we learned anything. What they did during Thanksgiving and Christmas frame. These double standards are hypocritical but we gotta call them out instead of just accepting and shrugging our shoulders and thing out this is the way it is in you right am quoting you here and so save it has a website David Cyr you right here at the globalist left saw last year how much they can get away with as we generally waived our proverbial whites legs and gave up our churches. Historically, when government grows in power and takes new ground, it almost never gives it back and that's to be very concerning folks in the you say. Moreover, the enemy has been emboldened by their insatiable lust for power. Their recent progress and the general lack of resistance. Now David and I agree with you but let's just clarify their certainly wars some churches in the last year and 1/2 almost going on year and three fourths now that did push back. John MacArthur pushed back some Calvary chapels some Baptist churches some independent churches pushed back. I think were perhaps saying we wished we could've seen 90% pushback in the last almost 2 years that we did not see I would've been happy with 40% sure. Let me give you one example of one of the church leaders mother men down and legacy church New Mexico he's in Albuquerque. One of the bluest state it even bluer and more progressive in their abortion and other things. Then California. Yet the big church but he's been one that never back down from a political social moral issue.

So he got in a fight, not literal fight with the governor there. Michelle Grisham and he was sued and I know he won one lawsuit.

Here's what he did. He thought the double standard almost a year and 1/2 ago. Jan when black lives matter, global network train station which is market driven are out there having the protest they were riding their eluting and the governor of New Mexico and a lot of other Bloomsday governors were saying Christians. You cannot go to church yet or some of them that are you get a limit your capacity to 25%. We have the church working to turn away people who need to be ministered to the chapter and verse on that deep mother men through the governor, and he won because he said here's the double standard that we have unfortunately at the church in America allowed to happen. That's why they thought they could get away with it last summer and for the most part they did. But he said we are going to have our weekly protests. He called his church services approach Sunday morning protest Sunday evening Wednesday night protest electric service and he just started terming the servicer, but not enough pastors did that. I know MacArthur is changed his tune over the years on religious freedom and Romans 13 and other, but there were some pastors that did God bless him our church that probably were you're at but it's sad that overall, I write in a chapter in my book to the church past the Coke test simple answer is no. Badly we did not and will you learn from that. I would go there in just a minute. Here's the item that's a little bit different probably than when we last recorded. It's different than when I recorded a year ago and that is what we've got going on now as I speak are pastors being arrested and literally thrown in jail in youth talk to them and want to play one real quick clip parent happens to be Tucker Carlson talking about Jay old Pastor James Coates Tucker is actually interviewing Pastor Coates wife. Let's listen to this. Come back and talk about it. Pastor James Coates was arrested and sent to prison a couple weeks ago in Canada what he do, he held a church service.

Coates was denied bail. Apparently he is set to be released soon. He is still facing at least one chart his wife Aaron said he had a very tough time in jail. He was placed in a two week quarantine only likely to sell twice for 15 minutes each time the shocking story. We spoke to Aaron codes earlier about her husband's case is a she told us to discuss. Thanks very much for coming on is hard to believe it. Shocking really that your husband is in jail first housing doing well. He's in prison he's facing all the regular things he would face.

They are traveling with food and I don't even really not to say how is he doing.

See, she's a chauffeur and he's a Bible teacher.

He's a theologian he's not able to separate the people that he lands. He's not able to challenge his mind. He's not able to serve in the way that he lives to serve people. So this is hard on him, a grown man sitting in prison for preaching a sermon. This is such obvious tyranny that I got to ask have any authorities in Canada come to your help in this is the ruling of one judge, but you a lot of politicians in Alberta or any of them coming to the rescue. I think that there is actually an Keys in San Alleyne's behind the scenes that are trying to help us back than that I think their hands are tied. Are you Canadian Canadian so you grew up in the country. Do you recognize it now. Now I don't. This is definitely not the nation that I grew at then what you think happened will I think there is more like a boiling frog for a while. I think our freedoms have just been slowly stripped from us and so slowly over time that we didn't even realize that. And so when something like health order is put in place that takes away your freedoms. It's not shocking to people and it really should be shocking to people that there is a pastor in jail right now is given his life to sacrifice and live other people to worship God that that's not shocking to a lot of people and it really should be.

We are in a dangerous road right now and I think because we just in the pot for so long boiling that people are really realizing the danger that were facing as a nation throughout the United States. We've seen Christian ministers harassed because they are Christian ministers and therefore disobedient. They serve a higher power. You haven't seen this happen to people run abortion clinics or strip bars or marijuana dispensaries do you believe that's in this country.

Do you believe your husband was singled out because he's a Christian pastor. Well, I have to believe that the enemy is singling him out. We have a real enemy who really hates the Lord Jesus Christ and really hates Glenn.Bonnie that she purchased on the cross and given new life to yes we have absolute real enemy, and he uses people to target the ministers of God we know that through Scripture we know that through church history, so I really believe that they are being targeted in our country think a lot of people watching this who would've maybe dismissed what you just said a year ago are now maybe taking it a little bit more seriously. I appreciate your coming on your husband is blessed to have with what you think you are listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel.

I have on the line from Green Bay, Wisconsin David Serra zone is author of the book canceling Christianity how the left silences churches, dismantles the Constitution and divides our culture and I'm playing off an article on his website is that many but I saw this one particularly piqued my interest. Christians must prepare for more extreme measures. So David your thoughts on the little clip I played I love that interview, she spoke more clearly than a lot of church leaders in America do with more discernment and an understanding of what's happening outside of church walls and I'm glad he asked the follow-up question. What you think happened frog in the boiling water mule thought or they didn't recognize it. In my opinion in America. I'd like to call it the United States of entertainment we have been too busy so we don't see is not necessarily were ignoring what happening. A lot of people are the Handler they choose not to get involved.

But a lot of people simply are too busy. I want to share some good news. One of the pastors up there. Dr. Pawlowski had a court case and he is not going back to prison and arrested three times. He was rusted on the tarmac when he flew back from America he was doing a tour in America. He was warning churches of what is coming. You've got to be like the American Eagle and take wings and fly you got a fight.

I really appreciated his message, but he's not going back to jail for now, but when I interviewed Pastor Tim Stevens held her who was also arrested several times and owes money and find he indicated to me that he thought the Canadian government was going to use either him or are to Pawlowski or James Coates as example of. Here's what you shouldn't do. You should not resist government we haven't seen that to the case that there are in jail and owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. But the Canadian government can easily do that in the question I ask in that article and other places we talk about this on our podcast. When is that coming to them exactly as we seen signs already overseeing signs the signs of screaming at us.

I have an article in front of me from FrontPage Magazine author William Kirkpatrick and it's titled government is God. Let me read two paragraphs and we can comment on it here, but he says the push to get everyone vaccinated unintentionally exposes a glittering inconsistency in the liberal politicians approach to different issues. On the one hand, they can be pro-choice on the issue of abortion.

On the other hand, they don't want to have a choice about taking the vaccine and then the author goes on to say to Kathy Ho: whose governor of New York hopeful for example, wants to mandate the gem but at the same time she's staunch supporter of women's right to choose abortion. Indeed, she recently sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg asking him to censor pro-life messages on Facebook yet.

She berates people who choose not to be vaccinated for quote not listening to God."

Now close here. She says since hopeful claims to keep in close contact with the Almighty. It's a shame that someone in the audience didn't ask her about God's opinion on the politicians who promote abortion is God okay with pro-choice politicians still progresses have not yet entirely excluded Jesus from the picture as Gov. Holcombe has suggested Jesus wants us to get the vaccine. Undoubtedly, Holcombe has a long list of things that Jesus wants us to do the thing to remember though is that in the minds of local and other liberals. Jesus is not just our brother he can also be usefully employed as our big brother here thoughts.

David big brother government do something about these progressive Catholics that there allowed a free pass.

It's not just the issue of abortion. This would happen to be religious freedom issue that currently Jesus said shot is divine is of God. We didn't get that method.

It's amazing they get away with their hypocrisy. A double standard.

Even within the Catholic Church and they are divided on these issues.

So she came right out and said you get the jabs you are one of the smart ones right course the unvaccinated matters just aren't listening to what God wants. I love that quote I highlighted a lot of that article, we are to see more of this part of this comes back to the double standard. Let's get back to the foundation we have to recognize, while not calling these people demons.

However, we know the antichrist spirit well at work.

We know there's a demonic agenda being driven through government to the major contusions and the church is being impacted by this when these very influential power elite. I call them they are Democrats to get their Catholic. It confuses a lot of people. I'm surprised she didn't get more pushback with what she said in our circles we were going yeah right, she hears from God gather this hypocrisy going on. We got to continue to expose the deeds of darkness and use the Bible to share what our side is whether it be life or religious freedom, standing up for the truth, whether that be marriage with that be God in creation, because gender is one of those issues and people are surprisingly confused about how to stay true to the word of God. This is you, Dave and I want to display. It's a very short lesson a minute clip you're saying here that we should prepare for worse measures and I think we need to talk about that simply because whether it be you or myself on this program are you on stand up for the truth say Christians prepare for tougher times and by that, when we were playing clips from pastors who are in jail. I think we need to offer some counter to that and also some comfort and encouragement. Christians must prepare for more extreme measures. Pastor Archer Pawlowski was arrested again this week as he returned to Canada after four month visit to America he been visiting churches in warning about the perils of a socialist country about tyranny and about increasing religious persecution. Now, in several cases across North America not only pastors but some congregants have been arrested and fined for being in church services in Australia churches there were fine for not scanning people's phones as they entered, and some pastors fear the government will soon require proof of vaccination in order to get in to attend church, so should Christians submit to this. I think I need to see chapter and verse on that one.

I agree with you but let's try to answer your question may be rhetorical. Should Christians submit to this. Should Christians be willing to show vaccine passport who knows how far they gonna take this. I think they're in a take it a long long way we pushback there's two things you look at it from you to the church leaders perspective and you look at it from the average layperson. The congregant was someone else who just attending that church. We have to go back to the Scriptures in Hebrews and acts 242.

The Bible says believers in Christ are to come together regularly.

Why, to minister to hear God's word pray, equip the saints make disciples have communion have fellowship with like-minded believers.

And that's impossible to do at home sitting there watching a video understand this.

That's our call. We are to be together. We are to encourage one another strengthen each other and then go out of church, assembly and minister. Now here's the pastors issue. We have not been fully equipped, here's what I think a lot of pastors signed up for teaching maybe being a shepherd may be administrating but they didn't sign up for the spiritual warfare they did not sign up for the opposition coming not only from the outside world, but sometimes coming from right within your own flock shoots that contend for the faith but they need to understand. It's not going to change. It's only going to get worse and your congregation is looking to you for guidance. Leaders lead we need strong bold men of God equipped with the word themselves so they can equip others. Now it comes with issue of whether we should go along with showing your card for 20 but that show your papers new papers to get in the church, whether that's on your iPhone showing that you've been vaccinated. What are we allowing to happen. This is how to do it, more more people go along with it will yeah you want to go to church but I personally don't think that should be our attitude. I think we need to push back. We need to encourage our pastors in a loving, respectful way to confront these issues and pushback with that be against power-hungry government over that big and evil coming at the church.

We need to encourage our leaders to lead to be examples of the congregation.

Right now I think we are at a shortage of those leaders, the watchman would stand up in this country and we need to just encourage those we have and if you don't. We don't have time friend to play church find another churning with the teaching of solid the whole counsel of God, and they are addressing these issues in forming and equipping their congregations and then will deal with the government intrusion soaks. The church is just not possible.

If for whatever reason there's not the church that someone really needs to have in their community and mean a home fellowship would be better than no fellowship is all I'm saying we need one another, particularly at this time in history where carrying David's book canceling Christianity and how the left silences churches, dismantles the Constitution and divides our culture. David when you wrote this, which had to be at least a year ago and maybe even more than that if you have any idea how serious things were going to get a year year and 1/2 later I didn't see the specifics but because I've been writing about this for years I've not been prized by end of it. I just didn't know how they were gonna do it.

We have to go back and understand they let the cat out of the bag.

During the Obama administration and saying way when he was campaigning. He said we're gonna fundamentally transform United States of America and you've got Romney randomly in unit we will never let a serious crisis go to waste. And that is one of the things in their playbook. They will never let a serious crisis. This goes for the UN goes for the great reef that goes with happening in our own government and the left so I knew there really use this. I didn't know how, but the restrictions the lockdown of the math all the mandate that the yes par for the course when the church responded the way, did I was disappointed we don't know what true persecution is in this country we been the anomaly throughout world history and that we had the freedoms that we've enjoyed and sadly have taken for granted. I just came across this Scripture today from Daniel chapter 11 when those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery and reading verse 32. But the people who know their God shall be strong. Those who do their God made a stand for righteousness in the face of incredible persecution. But the truth is they made that they knew there was a cost Antioch. The fourth is said to have killed tens of thousands of Jews taken 40,000 more as prisoners. He told another 40,000 a slave he plundered the Temple robbing it. This is what happened, but there were a remnant said we know what the Bible teaches we know our duck respect. That was the Scriptures we know our God and we will stand and they knew their facing krill persecution and here in America we read in the Scriptures we hear about in the Middle East and other countries but we don't really recognize it as much, but I think we better prepare because we can't say okay that could never happen in America with her that be persecution. Socialism, putting pastors in jail. We can no longer say that so we've got to have a grasp on our understanding of persecution. Historically, here's what I want to kill here in part two of my programming and then leaving this particular topic yet, but I'm going to little side path here and that's the intolerance of you and me and other believers online censorship, freedom of speech almost gone online, which is seriously affecting ministries seriously affecting churches for that matter when some of the big tech outfits just won't let us talk about some things that are very important. I want to talk about that for a few minutes anyway. On the other side of a very short timeout folks, so don't go away. I'm coming right back.

We hope you will soon touch with us online through politics reviews.RG.

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These are people that do not have our freedoms or our best interests at heart. They are in America meeting capitalism, meeting our Constitution, meaning our religious freedom. These are people that are driven by the demonic agendas and the communist policy divorcing implemented and the openness to build back better. The left has every and silencing the church and silencing you. Nothing with her efforts at wiping out Christianity in North America and other places used to freedom. How do we fight back.

Is it too late.

Here's the conclusion of today's program Melbourne Pastor Paul Furlong is been arrested three times and placed in solitary confinement for opening his church during the lockdown's.

The reason I did was for what I believe was a grade of the more that was served by the word of God and son had to choose God's law. The man's low, his church in Sydney shown before the lockdown was rated in fine for holding what authorities called them illegals nervous for not scamming people's phones before they enter. Some pastors are now considering that the government could require a vaccine passport before entering the church. Welcome back to understanding the times radio and I have on the line from Green Bay, Wisconsin David's Huron zone catches podcasts stand up for the truth. You can find that online. He works out of queue 90 in Green Bay Wisconsin and we carry his book and I'll say more about that as we go out of the program here. We've been talking take us. I read a lot of articles that he writes. He wrote an article that folks we just need to prepare for some tough times ahead. Titleist Christians must prepare for more extreme measures well that's a little bit ominous sounding but it's also realistic. I've already played a couple of clips about pastors being arrested.

I have one more if time allows all play Pastor Polonsky who was in jail. Thankfully, I think he's out now but what's going on in Canada is startling. What's going on in Australia and I talked about that a couple weekends ago is startling. What's beginning to happen in America for the last year and almost 3/4 now is mindnumbing, almost, at least, the early evidence of where some of the persecution which began as soft persecution. It's getting harder and harder all the time allotted. Churches were find hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is perhaps a year ago and then further antagonism came to pastors and leaders of various churches across all of North America. David, as I said to you during the break. I'm hearing from a lot of people. By way of email and they're telling me that they now attend the first Baptist Church of woe in whatever you fill in the blanks city all across North America. What happened for his they left their church, it shut down actually sometime in 2020 and even early part of 2021 and was sound Bible preaching church, they came back and in the pulpit suddenly was not. You must be born again, but a folks in the pews out there year to white this walk this. It's one thing to hit corporate America, but when it hits the pulpit. It's devastating yeah and we were ready for it. It goes back to the beginning of the black lives matter, global network foundation Marxist driven and they are against every aspect of the biblical worldview when it comes to what we believe about salvation. There is no redemption in woke us. There is no salvation for only point to either revenge or envy, or coveting it's just the survival of the fittest that they have to take it on some of someone have to be the oppressor someone have to be oppressed were in a dangerous time because a year ago, when this all got going.

A lot of Christians wanted to show their virtue, shaking my head when I am going to the Bible.

Understanding that we are all one in Christ and the cross of the great equalizer instead of going to what the Bible teaches about redemption, we have to feel good in our culture, we have to have the approval of man. So one of the debates in my own church at that time was about whether we should lock arms with the people and go out on the streets and protest and that divided a lot of okay locust took off. Jan I think it's disappointing to a lot of us who have been paying attention into a lot of your listeners. I'm sure they don't know how to respond to this directive. Encourage them to try to take people back to the Bible. How did you come to this conclusion.

Ask them the social justice activity or something you think is of virtue. This good of the whole country. One example of the pole done. I remember what outlet did it but 60% of people under 45. They said all the things were happening on the street. Cities were burning is in the applet. They said the violence the stealing. Thou shalt not steal the protesting they were justified because it was for a good cause dangerous thing when that mentality seeps into the church. How can you justify sin, you can't. But here's where we are.

So we need to know how to respond to these things while I have the extra moment here. I think I'd like to play pastor Polonsky remembers Gentlemen spent a fair amount of time in prison. Let me just play this and he can tell his story.

I'm playing these clips in your hearing of some of the difficulties going on particular Australia Canada coming to America when we hear the earnestness and the heartfelt pleas of these pastors or their wives. In the case that Tucker Carlson, Clint. You hear the concern the shepherds have for the sheep except there stuck in jail they can't do a whole lot there is this coming to a suburb near you. I don't know I have a feeling it probably is because we have an administration that is drunk on power the entire left is drunk on power and care what nation there in the completely out of control because they're in love with control and the way that they exercise their control is to step on good people. And right now first in the crosshairs of their bows and arrows would be people like you and me pastor archer. It is so unbelievable for Americans and I would imagine for many if not most Canadians, it's almost unimaginable that we have a pastor who leads a flock of Christians at church. We have a pandemic that when we can get into a debate on another time and another show about whether or not this pandemic is real and what is survivability rate is all that nonsense but you keep your church open and you say no to the tyranny you say yes to the living God, and you allow your doors to be open. You allow your people come in and worship, which for us in America. It is a fundamental right to freedom and expression of religion you were arrested.

You arrested because you kept your church open. You were put in jail in solitary confinement. There's no one out there that hasn't heard of you and then you come to America and you try to warn us and you do warn us your arrested again. Just this week. Now I understand that.

I hope you had just tremendous support this time and that the authorities of relented and they released you another you still face charges.

Can you give us an update as to what your situation is right now and what you're facing. Some people get to know me. I mean, I have been fighting the tyranny for divorce 16 years sub 2005 when I was told to Aldus preaching the gospel, congregating, reading the Bible. It's illegal 2006 I was arrested for publicly reading the Bible public park that triggered my fight against the tyranny and I wanted 2015 and then they left me before a few years until I new methods came and met that all medical tyranny have found out that they can push this craziness on all of those using invisible enemy. I call this an invisible enemy because the Russians with a chalkboard to shoot when the Chinese forces would calm. You know what to should bother you fight in the invisible enemy Med.

There were but a clever day came and they arrested me off the right cheek, those Nazis. I told them to get out from our church come back with a warrant which they did. They found that a few crooked judges one Judge David Gates to give them the power to, a need to the church anytime of the week and at time of the all are with whoever they want to, they could arrest me using any force deemed necessary, so he has given them a carte blanche to do with me whatever they want. They showed up without the terrorists we kick them out again. They showed up again and eventually all was arrested in the middle of the highway. They waited for the people to go home and when I was driving back to my house. I was arrested with my brother David strolled in solitary confinement later on taken to prison, stripped naked's change to my legs. I mean, shopped on the wall.

Craziness. A Nazi, and his style, and then I was charged with my brother David for a listen to this. Inciting people to come to church off officiating church service and participating in the legal gathering.

I have been found guilty with my brother David but then surely I am facing four years prison believe the judge once a Troy book at me so I decided to come to the states. I shared my story.

I did my best to warn you to scare as many people as possible whatever they're doing to me they going to do to you, unless you rise up, stand up and you help me to get out of this. So I met amazing people like you and others.promise me when die happens when I'm in trouble again they going to come to the rescue so I decided to come back home after almost 4 months of being away from my property, and lawyers contacted authorities and they ask, is there any pending charges. Is there any warrants on the art of loss get they said no they lie and a boost to me.

A Russian style.

David this is Canada here sitting want two hours from Canada. I'm four hours from Canada. How soon does this encroachments the border that were very close to part of that depends on the reaction of the church to the next extreme measure whether that be a lockdown or mandate or whatever will affect churches worshiping together.

I get depends a lot on how we respond. There's too many of us, but not enough are pushing back and I wanted to say one thing about how we can respond. We need to be able to ask questions when they come up with. Whether defending the shutdown black lives matter.

Critical race theory we need to ask someone what that means to them. Now assuming that were talking to a Christian hardly reach that conclusion can you blame to me the worldview behind what's going on. One of the foundations. The one thing we need to recognize communist policy. One of things we got here was the redefinition of tolerance they played that card for a couple decades but one thing they did was start shutting down our speech. There's a quote by Richard Feynman. He's a physicist. He said I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned very important in this public debate on whatever issue it is, pastors being arrested for wanting to hold church services.

That's pretty hostile toward the Christian worldview. No surprise. I think we just really have to understand who are we in North America to say that God couldn't bring persecution come to terms with that and not fear, because fear is not of God. We've not been given a spirit of fear. We can stand against this, like all the great men of God and women of God in the Scriptures, and there will be persecution were guarantee him and read second Timothy three range. You refer to often in your programs though times are here difficult, perilous, we have to understand what's happening and how to respond, but when they shut down our speech. This is something that I think were all coming to terms with. Frustrated by and it's a sign of communist policy. It is your listening to understanding the times radio and Tim are killing him on the line from Green Bay David Cyr so you can learn We carry his latest book, canceling Christianity of the left silences churches, dismantles the Constitution and divides our culture. You can find that in my online store olive tree olive tree views down or call my office get on our newsletter lists print and EE and will get copy out to very very quickly. You're right David, you referenced in verse or two there obviously second Timothy three says those last days are going to be very troubling, perilous, reckless manner going to be brutal. Their consciences will be seared Romans one there going to be given a debased mind so I know we see that in Washington I think we see it in Hollywood and now are seeing it just about everywhere. I wanted to head to a similar area but a little bit different and you do write about it and that's this intolerance of us online. The blatant censorship. I know many many ministries and so you who have had to drop off of traditional tech and present everything on their own websites until those websites get taken down as well because there's just no tolerance left for any kind of a Christian conservative message. Since you write about it. Why didn't you comment that I'm in a quote you will hear an article or two.

You've written. Thank you to harbinger daily, who published that in many other articles that have written ballot called censorship is here in the Christian by the way the chapter in my book is beyond bias of one party and you know what party that is not the communist party but the Democratic Party in a one party big tech media conglomerate.

I mentioned to you in the article people at head of the podcast Mike Lindell Heidi St. John the busy mom now running for Congress in Washington got a letter Mike Gendreau and John Haller, Kevin Sorbo. The list could go on but a lot of these men and women of God have been censored in some way. Remember when they only allow one view they will not allow an opposing view that is communist policy when they put out there propaganda and the only allow for example, the general sake and the White House is not even allowing questions sometimes, but I've seen him laugh and walk away with. They have allowed Trump to get away with them so a lot of these friends ministry leaders men and women of God.

Now these happen to be influencers.

They are Christians.

They are trying to engage culture make a difference, speak the truth, not back down the ones that are getting either silenced, suppressed, shadow banned by these big tech media conglomerate. Whatever they're doing limit the voice of Christians you write on the topic we're talking about threats to our religious liberty were subtle few decades ago, but then came the discrimination. The propaganda the intolerance of the left and the politically correct mob and now cancel culture but more Christian Americans are fed up. Many of us have decided, the more the culture tries to silences, the more we will fight to speak the truth, and then you say community guidelines medical misinformation hate speech double standards. Content no longer available.

Posts didn't follow our standards, I've heard enough. So have a majority of Christians, pastors and ministry leaders. Censorship isn't coming for you sometime down the road if you dare speak the truth is here friends and I will speak up right now myself because I have experienced it numerous times the ministry has anyway have a good word David. For those who are listening who are absolutely agonizing here with us. Keep fighting never back down when you be willing to allow your account to be deleted and then move on to the next platform, whether that be rumble or gab or so many others that have come on alternative platforms and find other way to go back to email remember, email go back to calling people on the phone. Remember those days were also about the digital platform.

But remember, they are going to continue to do this once we've given them ground, chances are they're not going to back away or allow us to come back on the platforms. If you continue to do what they don't want you to do. Remember, keep fighting. Don't back down. Expect them to silence. You understand a lot of people are aware of what's going on and we just need to keep in the battle here to say one thing only we have to make a decision. Jan what kind of Christian.

We are going to be meeting are we going to apply the overused words of salt and light. What is that really mean to be in our culture and influencing change and let the aroma of Christ wherever we go. I think of the church of Laodicea wanted to mention this because these verses jumped out at me again recently when I was reading Revelation chapter 3 Jesus reproves and disciplines those he loves.

I think we don't like discipline, but we need it in Revelation 320 you're very familiar with the verses. He's pictured standing outside the church.

A lot of people use this as an evangelical first to unbelievers.

This is written to churches, Jesus is outside the church. He's calling the church to repentance. It's gotta start with the individual. Think about Jesus knocking and by the way earlier in that chapter. Revelation 315 and 16. He says I wish you were either hot or cold. Because you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth sounds pretty graphic. What he mean by that lead to higher up with had some cool Springs.

There during that time and over in Colossae that had Hot Spring of Laodicea had this underground aqueduct system apparently the water was tested lukewarm and it really wasn't clean.

Visitors would come to Leo to see if they would drink the water in their first reaction would spit it out when he said these words. They knew exactly what he was talking about.

She will spit you out of his mouth.

That's pretty frightening if you're a believer to hear that we would rather be passionate about the things of God or else ignore Mindy Cole but he says the lukewarm he absolutely cannot and please friends. I know you that we all know people that are lukewarm. We need to encourage them lovingly challenge them.

It will be popular will be defensive.

First, no one like to be reproved rebuked discipline or challenge to pursue God with greater passion that's being hot and not cold and then you write them staying in the genre were talking about the left can't win arguments and debates because their policies are awful and their worldview is warped. They rejected God so they now had to silence those who disagree with them will hold to a biblical worldview. This is where you and I come in. Then you say have contacted over a dozen pastor friends and conservative leaders of Christian ministries or nonprofits for your particular article here almost every single one of them said similar things about why they were banned, censored, deleted or warned by big tech or social media platforms. It comes down to intolerance of the biblical worldview and here David you are talking about the antichrist, culture, and I think that's exactly what were dealing with.

No one would've predicted a few decades ago that a pastor could be put in prison for having a church service or as the Canadian agency describe the offense quote organizing and illegal in person gathering" the more, and antichrist culture and its ruling elites try censoring and silencing believers in Christ, the more undaunted, we must be in our loving, respectful resistance know the word of God use wisdom. Common sense and do what's best under God for your family, church and community. Paul wrote to believers in one of the early churches in Galatians 1 verse six saying this for am I now seeking the approval of man or of God or am I trying to please man, if I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ name it. I'm going on a totally different path here and we're down to about five minutes or so when you're writing about this time talking about it all the time because I just think it's such a factor in 21st century relations were about to head towards a new year and that's his world economic forum. They're going to build back better.

Again, that's communist but who had a campaign slogan that was exactly the same but to Joe Biden you write about that you talk about it and canceling Christianity as well. What you think's going on here.

One thing I've noted they're not afraid to admit any parent afraid you communist slogan is absolutely amazing. First of all, the obvious thing to build back better. What is that mean that means something have to be either deconstructed or dismantled or destroyed before you build it back. Here's what Jim Saki said recently in a press briefing. She said the president wants to make fundamental change in our economy and feels coming out of the pandemic is exactly the time to do that and that's one area working on destroying dismantling the world economic forum. These are people who are globalists power elites. These are people that do not have our freedoms or our best interests at heart.

They are against the system in America.

Meaning, capitalism, meaning our Constitution, meaning our religious freedom.

These are people that are driven by the demonic agendas and the communist policy that were seeing implemented and the openness to figure out where to build back better. I hope more people are paying attention Jan and understanding. We got a connect the dots just say well that's just a coincidence. Biden and his administration, his handlers, they don't know really the background of build back better yet they do and they do want to rebuild America in their own image they want to mold it and their liking and it certainly not a Christian or Judeo-Christian influence. America look up David's podcast which is five days a week on a green bay and that stand up for the sky wind. This only asking the question totally not within my notes, but in that you're doing daily podcast are obviously hearing from lots people by email or however they contact you. What is their number one or two burden right now as they see things crumbling.

What are they writing you about if they could change in a heartbeat, what would it be the first question we get it. How can we respond when they're threatening to fire us for not taking you so many can't and referring them to liberty, counsel and others good, but that's coming and religious freedom is probably been the number one sermon or issue over the last year and 1/2 for obvious reasons.

The other thing Jan I think you can probably testify this as well.

A lot of people email us or call and say where can we find who they have sound doctrine. The pastor is a good teacher. Verse by verse and believe in Bible prophecy teachers the whole counsel of God, but also addresses political issue social who also addresses what happening outside of church. While that's one of the main questions I get from people. The part one that you were talking about their the vaccine mandate subs losing their jobs.

This is obviously the crisis of 2021. I didn't think I'd ever see the day where tens of thousands and ultimately millions being unemployed because they don't want a foreign body put into their body. This is a tragedy to watch this happen.

I'm sure you feel the same. Fascinating Jan, and it's not like this massive leg and thigh exactly world pandemic and I'm not just comparing it to the flu. However, the flu seems to have been cured leaf in the last year and numbers are way down for the flu but this is not some great thing is absolutely spreading through wiping out millions and millions of Americans if not.

If that were the case I would go yeah maybe might not be so bad to take affect but that's not the case when their own research going to certain doctors there, finding information out there about either vaccines. What in them so many different things they're struggling with. Because these are just normal questions. Any citizen would ask years ago before all this came on the scene, we ask health decisions for your own family, but now it's not so simple anymore because we got pressure like Parker Bluff said in many about that medical tyranny is here David, thank you so much for all you do. My clock is telling me we are totally out of time.

Let me just go out with a little saying I use now and then when you need the long to fall.

The seek to park the mountain to move and by the way, millions of the mountain to move right now the rain to start the chains to break the enemy to flee the storm to cease the victory are mighty awesome faithful God has got you covered saline. Thank you for listening folks and we will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website almost reviews for all of three simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 regular mail when you write to all three ministries in Jan Marco Fox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. It is a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this pieces of the puzzle are lining up everything is falling into place

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