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Earth’s Final Hours

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 15, 2021 8:00 am

Earth’s Final Hours

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 15, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell welcomes authors Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson. Final day events are now escalating so rapidly, watchmen cannot keep up with them. The stage is being set for the Tribulation outlined in the Bible. Even the vaccine agenda is a part of this drama. Find the book discussed in our online store.

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God indeed hears about one third of the Bible being neglected your sensing, the rafters given the event that happens in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the second coming of Christ. This is every eye will see him looking to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnants brought to you by Olive tree ministries agent talks to two special guests about the most neglected topic in the church today eschatology or Bible prophecy. She spends the hour with Todd Hansen and Jeff Kimberly why are most churches avoiding a topic that offers hope and outlines the future. Here is today's program that you know that approximately 27% of the entire Bible contains prophetic material. Did you know that half of that has already come true. Scholars say that half remains to be fulfilled. Yet in the future. That means that out of the Bible's 31,124 Bible verses 8352 of these verses contain prophetic material. Did you also know that 1800 verses in the Bible deal with the second coming of Jesus Christ. In fact, in the New Testament. One out of every 25 Bible verses refers to Jesus second coming.

Now knowing that would anyone dare to say to God that what he wrote in Scripture is worthless is not important and should be studied enough you're saying that just take your scissors and cut that part out. I want to know the God brags about his prophetic statement as being proof that he exists and welcome to the program. So glad you can join me this weekend. I have two very special guests that are joining me within moment or two.

They are the prophecy pros authors Jeff Kinley Anton Hampson we carry their fairly new book, the illustrated guide to tough questions about the end times. This is a practical illustrated book is Todd Hampson is an illustrator and this feature makes the topic even easier to understand. So here's where were going to talk about some content in the book, and some current events this hour and once again events are happening at breakneck speed and you can choose to try to understand them. From a biblical perspective or do what most of the world does ignore them and hope the troubling news will just go away, but what if the stories that are making headlines don't go away. In fact, even become more intense quote something that one of my guests wrote Todd Hampson writes this he says the events of 2020, including the covert, 19 man-made, excuse me, I mean gain of function virus was released as was the lawlessness and violence deception deep political corruption and other moral evils on a broader scale than we had ever seen or been made aware of. Todd says at this time. These signs were happening globally. It was as if we entered a medium boil phase, whereas those of us paying attention to signs that lined up with end time conditions used to be able to identify just about every significant prophetic stage setting event fairly easily. He says I now literally cannot keep up and then he concludes in this paragraph. 10 years ago globalism was a conspiracy theory. The conditions needed for the Ezekiel 38 war seemed impossible. Technology had not yet reached the mark of the beast level in America was sick but still fighting in 2021. All of that has changed.

We are trending toward a rapid boil and could be there any moment.

Gentlemen, welcome back to the program. So much is always a pleasure to join you jam greatly with thank you.

I have your book in front of me. One primary point and chapter. Of course, is why should we care about Bible prophecy. I'm going to stop there and I want you both and it's very well outlined in this book and in other things that you write wanted to both give me a paragraph. Why should my audience care about the subject were going to talk about for almost an hour today at Jeff Kinley now decided not only is the Bible full of prophecy but God could've chosen to in his book community what he wanted to make a chosen inbox thing. Now you got love each other because I'm to be good Samaritan. He didn't. He ended it with a book of 95% prophecy because as we read through the New Testament in receipt of the Old Testament as well. But God wants his people to know you want us to be confused about the future or to have conjecture about it. He wants his people to have that sense of confidence of the reflector performing first Thessalonians the football thing as well. We don't want you to be disturbed. We don't want you to be uninformed. We want you know.

Thank God that he loves us enough to give us a book that gives us a heads up on history and also let us know how he's gonna wrap this whole narrative up Todd Hampson paragraph from you. Please for media come from an unchurched background pretty apologetic for me that woke me up to the fact that the Bible is from God was fulfilled prophecy if people don't study Bible prophecies are missing out on a huge fake builder if you're already a believer and also the missing out on a huge topic that they can use to witness other people to lead them to Christ that also get the confidence that all the prophecies that have been fulfilled were fulfilled literally so we can also conclude that all future prophecy will in like manner be fulfilled literally and that gives us great hope, especially in crazy times like were in right now. I opened with a little clip therefrom to anchor Berg yearbook here on page 9.

Certainly, backs up what he was saying and just couple of bullet points here.

You write prophecy makes up about 28% of the entire Bible remove this from the Bible and you have essentially gutted a significant portion of Scripture's supernatural character and you say, consider one out of every 30 verses in the New Testament contains prophecy .2.

There are 8000 total prophetic verses three 23/27.

New Testament books mention the second coming of Jesus for for every time the first coming of Jesus is mentioned the second coming is mentioned 85. The first prophecy concerning Jesus Christ is found in Genesis 315 and six there are 333 prophecies concerning Jesus Christ. Only 109 were fulfilled at his first coming.

That leaves 224 prophecies yet to be fulfilled. You want to comment on that. That's on page 9 of the book, the prophecy pros illustrated guide to tough questions about the end times. One thing that it does.

Janet told us once again how prophecy informs the Scriptures and therefore bits in the Bible than we as Christians study of these are not buffet items all ranked Christian faith agenda here.

These are some core issues affect Paul even said it successfully is chapter 2 verse boxes do you not remember that while I was with you I was telling you these things and these things here are things about the tribulation about the man of lawlessness becoming apostasy. These are all core church planting core issues as I've traveled a lot of churches I found that many of them have been uninformative against very beginning just highlights really the importance of the priority the God places on his prophetic word.

I recently ministered in a prophecy conference, behold, he comes Jack Hibbs event back on September 11 and I'm addressing this question to you Todd. It's actually a comment followed by a question I came away with size things that were really impressed upon me, I would have to say they're not newly impressed. Let's say they were reinforced. Number one, there is a remnant who love to understand how things are aligning and moving at lightning speed. Number two, many attendees from good churches all over the country. They may be good churches, but they will not address the topic were covering the sour number three we are in the times when things are accelerating at lightning speed spurred on by again the pandemic government overreach vaccine mandates that are threatening our liberty. Many refused to cave to government demands, but they are being shut out of jobs, churches, and even family. Number four.

They are clinging to the blessed hope, but they are mocked for doing so and number five.

Many feel isolated and misunderstood. Even in their own church and family even in light of our times, those they care about, cannot connect the dots and figure out that we are in Earth's final hours.

Todd those were five things I took away from the conference I was at a new gentlemen had a conference not that long ago are you hearing similar things we really are all ping-pong around him, on point, but Jeff and also get frequent email is one.

Jeff received recently about a woman who was feeling the isolation that she had studied prophecy and she knew it was true, but nowhere she would turn wish you hearing about all prophecy that you stumbled on a podcast. She just talked about how she suddenly felt like she was back with family like she wasn't crazy and that she was seeing things correctly. Furthermore, she shared a text message with her that her son texted her one day walking from school executive mom and said mom cannot walk home from school today because I want to listen to the properties pros podcast so there is a remnant of believers it seems were all spread out and not together is important that we fellowship using technology or conferences or anywhere we can to encourage each other and to reach those people who are seeing the things that were in the Earth's final days, but they're not really getting a good fellowship team around them. Anyway we can connect with them and encourage them because things are accelerating at a rate that we have never seen before and this is all fresh in my mind because I was interacting with several thousand in attendance. I could interact with them all the I heard from plenty of them to hear their frustration. Even some of their anxiety. Jeff Kinley not so much anxiety about current events, which they get because there following folks like us, but anxiety that they are treated as outcasts. Absolutely. And that's the other feedback that I get it Todd it is that these are displaced believe you there wandering remnant they feel like strangers in their own homes and lawfully homecoming their own churches. Sometimes when they approach their pastors on the subject.

There is relegated to the corner of the church over there right so the people didn't have to reach out to be able to be fed concerning Bible prophecy. Now here's the encouraging thing.

Janet thought that we get a lot of correspondence from a lot of people, but again there disconnected from one another. There starting, I believe, to appear at these prophecy conferences one like you were just my prophecy conference schedule has exploded okay next nine months and were seeing people just fill up these rosters to hear Bible prophecy.

So it's almost like work recruiting from the body of Christ at large instead of seeing these individual pockets of strong prophetic preaching in the church is not I will say this to. There are some pastors who are waking up to this and are starting to host prophecy, conferences, and bring in speakers like ourselves, there is hope out there but there's an awakening happening. Jim among the body of Christ is just not happening like it should have listened to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here have on the line Todd Hampson and Jeff Kinley as they are co-authors of the new book. We are carrying the prophecy pros illustrated guide to tough questions about the end times.

Scott couple hundred pages of outstanding questions, charts, graphs, because Todd is an illustrator very very easy to grasp and understand jail not just moving slightly into some current event issues and as I do that I am watching evil escalate.

I just want to play a soundbite. It happens to be of Dr. David Jeremiah and the context is actually the great white throne, but I love the way Dr. Jeremiah concludes this two minute clip because he's talking about the fact that God is going to deal with evil. If he didn't, well, he wouldn't be God if he didn't ultimately deal with evil and I want to come back and open up a different wing of discussion here about some of the government overreach things that are going on right now as it concerns some of the mandates and all.

Just as there are no unbelievers at the judgment seat of Christ. There are no believers at the great white throne. All unbelievers of all time will stand before the judge of all the earth give an account of themselves and the Bible says and the books will be opened, and they will be judged out of the books and the books are listed in the book of Revelation, but if you read the Scripture carefully. You begin to pick up on some of them. There's the book of their life.

What they did with their life, their words, their conscience, but the most important book is the book of life and the Bible says in Revelation chapter 20 and if their name is not found written in the Lamb's book of life. They will be cast into the lake of fire and suffer forever.

So there is the future of one's do not know Christ. What about the future of Satan.

This horrible terrible harassing and using creature. Well let me tell you about Satan and his buddies at the end of the tribulation at the battle of Armageddon, the false prophet and the beast are cast into Hades on his tone with Scripture right there.

Then a thousand years happens.

Satan still there, he's bound but is not been cast in the lake of fire. You at the end of the millennium. The Bible says he joins his two buddies in the lake of fire. They actually are in health front thousand years before he is and they become the first inhabitants of hell. The Bible says those who have rejected Christ. In the fall of Satan and his ways would've taken the mark of the beast in order that they might escape the judgment. They will be cast into that lake of fire along with Satan and the false prophet and the beast.

That's a very uncomfortable thing for people to say what I like to remind everybody that if God did not do that he could be God. If God could possibly stand by and watch the people that were beginning to see even in our world today and do nothing.

He would disqualify himself as the God of the earth must do right, and even though we know he does right with love and mercy and justice.

He also does right with judgment and at the end.

His judgment will be poured out gallantly had been watching evil escalate four 3040 years and I think were even watching it escalate more in the last couple of years.

Let me just give a couple of illustrations here and then I want your feedback on it.

I think that the events of both 2020 and 2021 have shed light on the things to come.

In the Bible and there obviously not all a very pretty scene, but right now we've got government overreach going on here pushing a dependence on government type of mentality number two that's can lead to dependence. Eventually some day on the antichrist. Right now she's can be dependence on government eventually to the antichrist number three, a perceived crisis has led to this pandemic. Number four.

We have become a fear-based society globally. Number five there is a longing for things to return to normal people want to eat drink and be merry. Next point Christians that along much more for eternity have grown weary of this broken planet. Some are clinging to life as we know it. They do not have an eternal perspective and they want to live there full life now.

That's usually an age-related issue.

Speak to me about if you are perceiving this government overreach, etc. this escalating evil 100%.

I don't have anybody could not look at our times. Think some people are so busy and want to focus on just their daily lives that much like a car accident happened and I don't want to look at it. They wanted to look the other way, but there are some evil things happening and I think the Lord is peel back the veil so that we can peek at some of the evil think of many versus evil will be revealed, and recently took a fresh look at the book of Habakkuk, and I can identify so much to chapter 1 of the book, he is saying to God.

God, do you not see the evil that's going on. Why are you not acting light-emitting evil rain free.

The righteous suffer. And then in chapter 2, Habakkuk got pulled back the veil little bit and takes Micah figuratively to a higher point where he can see the bigger picture and assures him that there is coming a day when evil will be punished as matter-of-fact. Verse three of chapter 2 is for the Revelation awaits an appointed time. It speaks of the end it will not prove false linger, wait for it will certainly come and will not delay in the by the time the back it gets to chapter 3 he has this great song of praise, where he is confined to the fact that okay for the moment we have to watch the people veil, but I now have assurance and know that one day God will set everything straight like you said. And like Dr. Jeremiah said that God character God have to punish evilness. We talk a lot about God's grace in modern churches, but we forget that the other side of that coin is God's wrath. If God did not have a raft to punish people, then he wouldn't be God and his grace would not be valuable. You have to by nature. At some point either through the death of the son and our sins on him, or through people and soon they must pay for their sense of God's wrath is coming and he extends mercy and grace as long as he possibly can. And I believe that's why we see evil prevailing even in these times when work, attempting to continue to reach people for Christ.

One day soon it will set everything straight chest and sticking on the subject here for a minute or two because I raised this moment to go.

There is some very concerned that we got this government overreach, which is extremely troubling and developing a dependence on government eventually that will morph into a dependence on the antichrist. The church is gone at that point because when I can experience antichrist but let me go back to something I raised earlier and that would be that some are concerned the covert vaccine is the mark of the beast.

We have a real problem with that in that we don't have at least the antichrist is not here. My question to you would be.

It can't be the mark of the beast without beast could be a precursor and other words government overreach is setting the stage, people are acting out of fear as I said earlier there literally lining up around the world wanting to take this injection to move.

This is tribulation ask. Give me your thoughts. Absolutely. In fact, as she read Revelation 13 and I think that's very important to really say what the Bible says that when people start seeing these conspiracy theories, and people are literally of knocked on my front door asking me is this vaccine the mark of the beast would read Revelation 13 it says that the mark will be on the right hand on the forehead use of the Greek word epi there, which means on top of not hoop Aramaeans under the skin so he could have said that which certainly would've caused the think it could be. But as you said the antichrist has to be in power for the mark to be implemented. But here's what I please going on, we forget sometimes that Satan has an end times agenda of his own. He's been trying to jumpstart Revelation for thousands of years because he wants to have control over the world and he wants to be worshiped by humanity. Please try to get this ball rolling.

Many many times. But what's happening now I think is were in the process where the whole world for the very first time in a serious way and really all of human history is being groomed for the last days. Things are happening right now.

Jan that have never been able to happen when of the whole planet been talking about one single thing. But of all the nations come together and said yes were on the same agenda.

Another not one nation together, the other not a coalition of nations like Toby during the time of antichrist. There certainly are acting out some of like they're going through a trial run of what this will be like. I believe that the spirit of antichrist spirit of the mark of the beast is certainly embedded in the way that they're forcing it on people it's disrupted our lives. It's divided people. It's been deceptive in the way it's been rolled out and been destructive in the way that it's killed some people. But beyond all of that conversation about the vaccine. The bottom line is it's a worldwide thing that every person is being told you cannot bar you cannot sell. You cannot travel unless you do what the government tells you to do and that is the spirit of anti-clearance in the spirit of the antichrist is absolutely alive and well and this is why I called all this tribulation.

Ask any that were it is like it's leaping out of the book of Revelation. Again the church isn't going to be here to see some of the details of the book of Revelation churches appears after Revelation 41. I really appreciated that analysis I'm going back to how we opened the program. I raised this question at the behold he comes prophecy Q&A and am going back to the churches here. All of us here from so many people who are in churches that want to ignore this, or even put eschatology or Bible prophecy down.

But here's the question I have Eva to you first time, let's say, folks are in a very biblically sound pulpit and church in their giving the gospel message and the message of salvation, but they are putting down all the issues were talking about in times etc. they have no time for this, or they teach millennialism or predator is ember kingdom now. The rest of the pulpit is sound, but this topic is way off the wall. Do you think folks should stay or leave such a church. Remember that pulpit is sound except for this issue were talking about that of a tough question and I have deftly fielded that question several times. The personal take that I take away and some of it depends on your personal calling for me. I've been advising people to pray about it. One thing the Lord may want you at the church to be an influence whether it's a grassroots, thing, or you're leading a Bible study or you have a relationship with the pastor or the teaching bashes that you can talk with them about it or take. But if it's taught in a militant way and it's really fast in your sideline, like Jefferson, earlier if you're just stuck in the corner and all but kicked out of the church for believing in pretreated and that the fines are valid. Were seeing the shadows of the tribulation Is Now Then That's Something to Pray about. Do I Go Somewhere Else. The Key Thing Is Hebrews 1025 so Do Not Neglect the Assembling of Ourselves Together Doesn't Say You All Have To Be Perfect Christians You All Agree on All These Issues, but I Do Think It's Something That Each Individual Believer Have To Really Pray about and Wrestle with, and I Wish There Was a Easy Cookie-Cutter Answer, so I Think It's Really Individual to Each Believer I Encourage Believers to Be a Peaceful, Loving, Helpful Influence As Much of It Can and Then If They Get to the Point to Where There's Really No Harmony, No Fellowship, and They Can't Fellowship There That It's Not Peaceable and There's Not Even a Debate about It Then That Might Be a Time to Go. Especially If There's Other Options. Some People Are in Areas Where There's Not Too Many of Solid Churches to Go to Jess I Think You Were in the Pastor That One Time When She Way into This Absolutely That for 30 Years I Was a Pastor and Pull Through the Whole Bible Genesis to Revelation. So Certainly Prophecy Was a Part of That Spiritual Diet That I Gave yet, Now Is People Are Coming to Me There Saying Okay What We Do What I Tell Them Jan Is Simply This Is the Number One You Need to Go to Your Pastor Number One Talk to Him and See If There's Even an Open Door.

There Agents of the Churches in America Were under 200 People, Many of Those Pastors Are by Vocational Haven't Received Any Sort of Formal Training. They May Not Feel Qualified Themselves to Tackle Some of the Things That They Perceive It.

Revelation Would Throw out a If the Pastor Is Not Willing to Do That and Perhaps Have To Ask Yourself Can I Be an Agent of Change in This Chart, Will He Give Me Permission to Start a Bible Study or Start a Sunday School Class or Some Sort of Community Group We Could Begin to Talk about These Things and Their Counsel Point Jan Were I've Told People There. What I Call a Tolerance of Conscience and You Get to Appoint Your Conscience. Were You in Your Spirit, You're so Disturbed You Just Simply Can't Go on under a Certain Administration of the Church and so You Have To Seek Elsewhere Not Think That the Last Resort in Your Churches Preach the Word of God Shortly. Don't Leave for a Nonbiblical Reason, but at the Same Time, There Comes a Point Where We Are Trying to Wake up the Bride of Yes, This Is Not Just a Side Issue Are Just Something on the Bus by the Said Earlier with Something That We're Facing Right Now Were Going through It Right Now. So a Pastor Who Wants to Be Seeker Friendly or Relevant Should Be Teaching about Bible Prophecy Because It's Perhaps the Most Relevant Thing to Work Facing As a Nation by Man Carrying a Number of Books Including Couple More My Todd Hansen Were Carrying Jeff Kinley's Book, Aftershocks, Christians Entering a New Age of Global Crisis Center Online Store.

It's in Our Various Newsletters Printing He Can Call My Office at Any Time for Any of These Books We Have Couple of Books from Todd Hampson. The Nonprofits Guide to the End Times and That Would Be a Book and a Workbook.

If You Looking for a Bible Study and Then We Have the Nonprofits Guide to the Book of Revelation.

No Workbook to That, but an Outstanding Book As Well That You Could Use for a Group Study. I Want to Dwell on That Because Folks I'm Not Here to Make a Sale. I Am Here Though to Get Good Items into Your Hands so That You Can Better Understand the Times and Become Watchmen on the End Time Wall.

We Still Have Another 30 Minutes to Deal with the Topic of Just What in the World Is Going on, We've Got Current Events Breaking on It Used To Be. Weekly Level Precision Became a Daily Level. Now It's Every Few Minutes That Are Significant That Can Be Even Leaping Out Of the Bible Because the Bible Well the Tribulation Events Are Casting Such a Shadow Here on This Church Age. So Were to Talk about Some More of Those Issues. I'm Coming Back in Just a Couple of Minutes. Please Don't Go Away. We Hope You'll Stay in Touch with Us Online through All of Tree Views.O RG's Olive Tree Call a Sinful Time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 Brightest of the Mail and Follow through Ministries and John Markel, PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. All Gifts Are Tax-Deductible in an Age of Big News and False Teaching. Thank You for Trusting Understanding of Time This Ministry As Well As Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California Pastor Jack Hibbs Presented a Powerful Prophecy Conference Back on. Saturday, September 11. Speakers Included Pastor Objectives Amir Sir Fadi John Markel Pastor Barry Stagner and Michelle Bachmann Are Now Offering DVDs of This Insightful Included As Bonus Features Are a Prophecy Roundtable Discussion Interviews of Speakers and More. They Are Now Shipping and Find These DVD Products in Our Online Store.

All of Tree That's Olive Tree Cost Is Just $20 +6 Dollars Shipping in the US. Some States Require Tax or Call a Simple Time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 or Just Get on Our Print and E Newsletter List Sign up at Our Website. Spread the Good News That Is Coming Soon and Let's Not Occupied until He Comes Very Important for People to Heed the Warnings That God Is Giving to Nonbelievers Right Now concerning the Fact That Their Future Is Not Going to Be Bright to Be Filled with Chaos of Tribulation and Pain and Suffering That There Is a Way out and Salvation Safety Are Found in the Name of Jesus Christ, His Cross Is the Antidote Jan to Fear That We Mentioned Early Want to Take All That Fear Way When You Know Him.

You're Safe in His Arms Are Safe and Saw the Ark, Not a Drop of Water of God's Wrath Can Touch If You Think Life Has Changed. You Are Right, the Bible Said the Last Days Would Be Just What We Are Witnessing Today Frequently Ask the Church Today Is Equipping Church Members to Be Last Days Christians If We Ask, Why Not. Here Is the Conclusion of the Bible Is about 30% Prophecy. I'm Sure You All Know That You Just Have To Count the Pages That That's Unique Absolutely Unique. You Will Not Find Prophecy in the Koran, You Will Not Find Prophecy in the End of the Latest in the Bhagavad-Gita, the Mahabharata, the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy, the Book of Mormon, the Sayings of Buddha or Confucius Going to Find Here and I'm Not Talking about Cheap Jean Dixon Psychic Predictions or Nostradamus in French Verse Were Talking about World Shaking and World Shaping Events That Have Been Witnessed by the Whole World Is Been Written down Centuries and Even Thousands of Years before They Happened. Okay This Is in Fact the Great Proof of God's Existence.

Oh, Thank You Dave Hunt. Yes, It Is Proof of God's Existence and yet, As My Guest and I Would Attest to Hunt of Churches Are Either Ignoring or Teaching at the Wrong Manner, or Making Fun of It All Sorts of Things That Are Not Helpful in These Closing Days and Hours. We Are Very Active on Social Media Find Us on Telegram on Facebook on Gab on Instagram on Rumble on YouTube.

If You'd like to Join in Some Conversation That Is the Perfect Place to Do It.

I Want to Move Back into My Programming Here Because I'm so Privileged to Have Mother Called the Prophecy Process with Me. Check out the Prophecy Prose Podcasts Where Ever You Get Your Podcasts Again Prophecy Prose Podcast and Dave Came out with the Book That We Are Carrying the Prophecy Prose Illustrated Guide to Tough Questions about the End Times and It's a Quick Little Couple Hundred Pages Very Easy to Read. Todd Hampson Has Inserted a Bunch of Charts and Graphs, Which Is His Specialty Could Just Trying to Figure This out, Her Longtime Student of the Topic.

I Think You'll Find the Book Very, Very Helpful Find It in My Online Store Olive Tree Call My Office Get on Our Newsletter List, Etc., Gentlemen. We Spoke a Little Bit during the Break, and I Want to Set the Stage Here for a Short Discussion and I'll Do It As Quickly As Possible Because I Really Want to Give You the Platform Here, but I Wrote a Magazine That We Put out Four Times a Year. This Would Have Been My Summer Edition and I Just Titled It.

Why Many Churches Today Can Never Understand the Times.

Is It Because Number One There Embracing Millennialism That Would Teach That the Millennium Began at the Cross and Were in the Millennium Now Which of Course Is Not Possible Because the Millennium Is Going to Be near Perfect and the World's a Mess.

Or They Could Be Teaching Dominion Is Similar Kingdom Now or Post Millennialism or Latter Rain. Things Just Keep Getting Better and Better When, in Fact, Mankind Does Not Have the Ability to Improve a Decaying Sinful Planet or Number Three.

They Could Be Teaching Prater Is Some All Prophecy Already Happened.

Who Knew We Missed It Happened in 70 A.D. Proponents of That.

Well We Know He Can.

A Graph Is There Many Other Proponents of War. There Are Those, I Think the Most Troubling.

There Are Similar but Can't Speak into This for a Moment, Because I Know You Would Concur That There Are Theologies That Are in Sound Churches, but the Ones I Am Naming Are Searing People Astray, As It Comes to Better Understanding the Last Days Really Are Many Warnings in Scripture What It Jupiter Matthew 24 Computer Two and First John Chapter 4 That Warned about False Doctrines in the Last Days.

I Think One of the Biggest Needs in the Church Right Now Is Just Discernment. There Such a High Level of Biblical Illiteracy That People Don't Really Have Enough of a Framework to Evaluate What They Hear. So They Hear Somebody Who May Be a Good Speaker Who Speak Authoritatively on the Defendant Take Their Words but in Terms of End Time Prophecy. Yeah, I Think Things like Millennialism Dominion Now Theology That Essentially Says Were Supposed to Christianize the World Taking over Different Areas of Government and Industry. I Would Just Encourage Believers to Find the Verses That Back That up.

You Can't Find Specific Bowel Versus Every Total Framework That Back That up and That Should Be Your First Indicator That That's a False Doctrine. Furthermore, the More You Study Bible Prophecy. It Forces You into the Word so That You Can See What the Bible Does Say about the Last Days Is One of Those Issues Where Someone Salvation Is Not Dependent on Their Beliefs, but It Can Really Throw Them off in Terms of a Way That Will Massively Negatively Impact Their Lives in Their Decisions and Their Outlook. We Believe That Prophecy Was Fulfilled Literally so Future Prophecy Should Be Interpreted Literally. And That Gives Us a Very Clear Framework of What God Says. The Lefties Are Going to Look like an Millennialism Unfortunately Does Not Fit into That nor Did Anything That Does Away with God's Purpose for the Jewish People Right. You Have Three Covenants Essentially Got the Abraham a Covenant. The Mosaic Covenant and Then the Davidic Covenant Covenant Was Conditional in Terms of Hey If You Do These Things Are to Be Blessed If You Don't, You're Gonna Be in Trouble. And Those Things Happen, but the Abraham a Covenant and the Davidic Covenant Are Abundantly Clear That They Are Permanent Unconditional Promises to the Jewish People That God Has To Fulfill the Only Way That That Can Happen Is If There Is a Literal Future in Revelation a Thousand Year Millennial Kingdom Where All of the Promises to the Jewish People Come True. You Can Reach Jeff Jeff you speak into this please add me to the millennialist.

Nothing is taken literally. Jesus is never going to rule from Jerusalem. There's no special role for the modern-day Israel is touches suggested per rebirth is of no significance. The church is the new Israel, which is replacement theology. And yet, here's my point.

Millennialism is the basis of most denominations, which makes your job in mind, really tough, absolutely.

And it comes down to nothing to this particular question is how do you interpret the Bible. How do you approach the Bible because the way they got it written Scripture.

He wrote it in plain language so that the average person could understand it is just like a pilot taken off her destination. If you're off 1 you begin this thing you can missed the whole runway. The whole city pretzel state.

By the time you get to your destination but if you take a literal approach to Scripture and you find out. Wait a minute, all literally all of the Scriptures.

Previous to Jesus birth were fulfilled exactly as prophesied of the Scriptures fulfilled concerning Israel's rebirth of the existence of Israel herself is the game changer.

She's the Rosetta Stone that really helps us understand all of Bible prophecy if I got a flashing this neon sign the check engine light is coming on anything I pay attention to what I've done my prophecy fulfilled through Israel. That to me tells me that you cannot bring yourself to conclusions. I will look millennial kingdom is just a symbolic thing even though he repeats the number 1000 for like five times in Revelation 20 that is somehow symbolic number but God meant what he said. He says what he means.

So when you just take the Bible simply and literally like that.

I think you come to conclusion the pre-millennial view and I think also pre-tribute. Yes indeed talking to Jeff Kindle. He and Todd Hampson, authors of the new book for caring. There are two occasions.

Jesus Christ returns I want to visit that for just a moment and I want to play a short clip by Dr. Mark Hitchcock here. He's talking about the battle of Armageddon and of course, that concludes with the second coming and he's going to make a very very interesting conclusion to this little one minute and 32nd clip and I want to talk about it when we come back let's get now to the bow of Armageddon itself. Jesus Christ, along with the family of God's redeeming return to this earth, and there is conflict right so who's fighting whom what tells us there in Revelation chapter 16 that all the nations are to be gathered. Armageddon factors a fascinating passage there in chapter 16 that says that the Euphrates River will be dried up to make way for the kings of the East that we don't know who that is.

Some people surmise what's China because it's and some are an army of 200 million, but all we know their invaders from the used the way is open for them to be able to come into the land so all the nations of the earth are to be gathered there together in that place, but it says whatever that Jesus returns that they're going to see him looking to turn to fight against him your tensioning the rafters going to be an event that happens in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the second coming of Christ is says every eye will see him my friend Dr. John Wahlberg used to teach the second coming might last for 24 hours. Think about is the earth rotates everybody will save. I could reflect it all away around the earth.

Everyone could see it in a moment, but it may be a dramatic event that takes 24 hours as people begin to see Jesus coming it comes to the earth and these armies are going to turn to fight against them in a course you talk about being futile.

But it's can be man's last attempt to rid themselves of God and Jesus is going to return and destroy the armies gathered there and ran victorious over so there's a period of time in all the world will see.

And Jesus calms and confronts those enemies who have been empowered by the evil one to defame him in his glory, Jeff Kindle. He that to me was an interesting conclusion that by Dr. Mark Hitchcock actually quoting John wall of words that maybe the second coming, the last 24 hours. What's possible. The Bible doesn't clarify though it doesn't say exactly because there are many components to the second coming of Christ touching down the Mount of olives, the battle of Bob's brothers. The battle Jerusalem. There's battle of Armageddon are many different campaigns.

If you would save the Armageddon campaign so we really don't know exactly all the chronology again to me that we talk about the end Thompson nothing so you know everything that there is no know there's a lot we don't know their specific for God is hidden, just like you put the ministry of the church in the Valley of prophecy of the Old Testament prophets couldn't see it there something that we don't know what we do know for sure is that Jesus Christ will burst through the clouds and that the bride of Christ will be riding on white horses along with angelic host behind him in the Bible tells us in Revelation 19 that he is coming for two reasons he's coming to judge and to wage war and there's only one word that comes out of his mouth don't know what that is but this is by the word that comes out of his mouth. He will completely annihilate his enemies and Mitch of the work futile in that clip and it is a futile battle but think about Satan and how Satan is not only deceptive against the people on the earth. He self deceived as well. I believe Satan really believes that he can overcome the Lamb that him the false prophet, and the antichrist will be able to actually do battle with God.

He thought so. In the beginning when he tried to overtake the throne of God. Back in Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28. I think you'll think they can overcome the Lamb again. But of course he's going to be soundly defeated and cast in the abyss for a thousand years. Well that the second coming. Every eye will see him is my understanding he's returning to bring retribution in that second coming, the second coming is more to do. I think with Israel and God's judgment upon the nations the rapture has everything to do with the church. Of course, so I think the big difference between the rapture and the second coming of the rapture. Only believers will see Jesus Christ at the second coming. Every eye will see him. Did you want to comment any further about anything Mark Hitchcock said Todd had and I agree with what he said one thing that came to mind is that it how with the first coming event in hindsight. Everything was crystal clear and I think the same thing can happen with second coming. We can know enough of the high points to put the puzzle together to know generally what to look like, but I think working to be consistently amazed. Even more so in hindsight how we see how it all came together left me a fascinating thing.

But the key point and try to make it we can put the general puzzle pieces together right now and we can know a general order of events and why he's doing what you doing and to me as you reference Jan the biggest difference is the difference between Israel and the church. The key purpose of the tribulation is to win his people back and at the end of the tribulation is one the remnant of Jewish believers to live in protected will call on his name and corporately says in Romans chapter 11 all Israel will be saved and that's what ushered in the return of the Lord you address the issue here. Satan is only chained at the end of the tribulation, his cronies we referred to a few minutes ago. His cronies are cast into Hades at the end of the tribulation. Satan is only down so I don't quite understand and I know understanding the mind of God's pretty difficult but Satan gets a reprieve. He's going to be judged at the end of the millennium is two cohorts of the tribulation.

False prophet and the bee sting to be thrown into Hades at the end of the tribulation.

Any thoughts on and you talk about it in your book. That's what I'm bringing in a peer by Satan gets a reprieve he doesn't deserve one certainly doesn't. One thing I would say that truly there is mystery or God doesn't tell us here's why I'm doing this so we have to use a little bit of sanctified speculation here.

I'll just say two things Jan I think one thing it proves is that for us right now. That's one of the reasons that God gives us prophecy in the future to inform our lives right now. One of the things we learned from that that Satan gets the second coming.

Someone is called it is that he deceive the nations again to prove that even in a perfect environment you were Jesus Christ himself is ruling over the earth that people will still choose to do what is evil. They can still be deceived to me that really does sort of blow out the whole post-millennial viewpoint that somehow we can usher in a perfect kingdom for Christ to come back to the second reason I would say is that it speaks to the total depravity of the sin nature and the fact that even in that perfect environment we ourselves cannot be changed.

We can't change ourselves.

God has to do a supernatural change of us from within. The course will be believers coming in from the tribulation.

And they'll be having children of that type of thing. The populate some of this rebellion at the end. But aside from the mystery itself. I think it does prove the fact that not only can the sin they cannot be changed but a perfect environment handing humanity and then just finally, this is the fact that Satan cannot change. He is a damned individual if you will. He's corrupted to the core. There is no good within him, so there's nothing about him being at a PIP for a thousand years that changes his basic nature you say in your book that the setting prophecy never breeds fear only say, and yet I think the number one excuse for avoiding the topic is that it's called frightening is even called terrifying that could be said for those, quite frankly, who are to be left behind. Terrifying. Indeed, terrifying post rapture world that you feel that eschatology never breeds fear and only breeds faith. And yet if somebody were to just sit and read through the book of Revelation and they don't have a pre-tribulation rapture perspective.

It could be shared full you have to admit that yes absolutely. And I think that key and just to make it clear we don't believe in a pretrip rapture. Just because we want to get away from the scary stuff. We believe it because we believe when you study all of the framework and all the puzzle pieces of Scripture. That's exactly what it points to four specific scriptural reasons and also just logical reasons, but I do think the enemy has an incredible job of confusing the issue getting people to live off of the book of Revelation because of all the different views and because there are people that teach it so confusing. Nobody can really know. And if the average lay Christian. Here's a Christian leader saying that then of course they're not gonna think that they're smart enough or spiritual enough to figure it out, which is so far from the truth. So I think it is key to know the book Revelation in chapter 1 it says those who read this book will be blessed by reading is the only book in the Scripture that includes such a blessing, but the enemy has done a great job of getting people's eyes off of it and I think there are some scary things in their but I think it used to be almost standard released by my early years of being a believer.

I only heard about the pretrip view and was encouraging it was always uplifting and then it was scary when I heard of other views and that we may have to face the Antichrist and resist the mark of the beast and all this kind of thing but I think the pretrip rapture is what gives it great hope and the fact that it forces us to look at God's sovereignty and the fact that he never flinches. He's in control he's not pacing back and forth in heaven, wondering what to do and that our future gets better and better and better we get rapture to go to the bema seat were ring receive rewards.

Then we get to go to the millennial kingdom and then we go finally into the internal states that literally just get better and better and better. So the more biblically heavenly minded. We are the more earthly good were to be and the more joyous and happy and courageous working to be as well for the unbeliever, things don't get better and better play one more click here happens to be again. Dr. David Jeremiah and he will explain why for the unbeliever.

Things aren't going to go quite so well there.

25 different titles Christ 2525 is call the man of sin, the lawless one, you can just go right through it. All of these titles are meant to give us a little glimpse into his character's personality. He is the most wicked, most awful person enemy and take Hitler and Stalin mostly calling and all those people wrap them all up to one end and multiply when you won't even come close to the awful character of this man and he's going to gain control of this world and everyone will be under his domination because if they aren't they will be able to function. So David, our audience curiosity. My trust is worthless as men come from, what can you tell us about him based on biblical revelation.

I believe he comes out of the European coalition. The Bible says that early in his career he takes power over three nations and then with those three nations. He gives power over the European coalition that ultimately comes to power over all the world. When we talk about the false prophet in a few moments you'll learn that his strategy for gaining control of the world is to provide a license for everybody basically be alive. We call it the mark of the beast but basically this license was set up to control the economy of the world and the way you qualified to be able to eat and sell and buy all that was to worship the beast, who is the Christ, the beast from the sea and sold their work. That's where we get the mark of the beast and he gains control over all the world. But here's the key thing that he does. He makes a covenant with Israel at the beginning of his career and he promises to protect them from all of their Arabic enemies and so Israel goes back home and they can disarm the use all of their inventiveness and try to rebuild their economy and the Bible says while they are at peace.

He comes in and he breaks the covenant that he had made without a peace treaty is negated three and half years. He comes in and he violates their temple see what he makes. The company says you can continue your worship at the end of the three and half years. He says that's it no more. I'm going to be worshiped now you don't worship anymore and what the Bible calls the abomination of desolation, the Antichrist actually goes into the Jewish Temple me this is hard to comprehend. He goes into the holy of holies he removes all the furniture and he sets up a statue in the holy of holies, which is an idol into himself and he requires the whole earth to bow down and worship Jeff Kinley. You referenced a few minutes ago, the spirit of antichrist being so alive and well, which obviously is lawlessness is one of the big things were watching or even watching other complete lawlessness coming out of Washington DC which I think some people don't think of that I think they think lawlessness is burning down buildings.

It can be political lawlessness as well. Diplomatic lawlessness as well. I'm sure you would agree absolutely and you mentioned the fact that non-Christians really don't have this hope that we have as believers, we believe, especially the pretrip rapture and I would say to any person who doesn't know Christ is listening. This program right now is the your best life is about to be a thing of the past when antichrist is on the same that this whole COBIT chaos and catastrophe that we've been through the were continuing to go through is a day at Disney World compared to what the tribulations can be like God is about to unleash his wrathful fury upon you and upon planet Earth and antichrist is going to call the beast for recent theory means a wild ravenous beast, and if fear had a name for the future population planner of his name would be antichrist and sobbing. It's very important for people to heed the warnings that God is giving to nonbelievers right now concerning the fact that their future is not going to be bright. This could be filled with chaos and tribulation and pain-and-suffering, but there is a way out and salvation safety are found in the name of Jesus Christ and his cross. He is the antidote Jan to fear that we mentioned earlier want to take all that fear away when you know him. You're safe in his arms. You're safe inside the arc, not a drop of water of God's wrath can touch you communicate with my or just tag you want to weigh in on all that place important point that was brought up in that clip and one thing that comes to mind for me is you were talking about how people say the book of Revelation is scary and deftly when antichrist is on the scene in the global government takes over and all that to be scary.

But again, you can't avoid looking at the tough spots just because their tough spots when you go to a doctor if you have cancer you want the doctor to tell you you have cancer or the knowledge I use in one of my books is that when people see a fence around electrical box and it says danger keep out they don't say oh that's just a scare tactic or that make me scared so I want to obey better look at that everything that we read in Scripture about how horrific it can be. During the seven years if God danger keep out fine.

He already did everything possible to keep us from that time and to keep us from eternal judgment. He put his own son on the cross to bear our sins and Jesus stretched his arms out as if to say, I'm open to anybody who wants to come to me please come to me I will take that for you. You don't have to go through that thought is one encouraged just piggybacking off of what you set anybody listening to this don't brush off the scary part of Scripture because her scary see those as God danger keep out fine and then let that point you to the fact that he already paid the price so you can stay out of that and all you have to do is come to Christ, receive him for your salvation and you will be caught up in the rapture and you will go to heaven just can. Is it okay to have this world is not my home Outlook because many people will say folks like you are so heavenly minded you are no earthly good with your silly this world is not my home, but it isn't our home in light of the few short years or decades we have on this earth. In light of eternity. Eternity should be all were thinking about this from a philosophical standpoint, no matter what someone believes this life on earth is a temporary thing. It's just a mere.on a huge, almost everlasting timeline. But as Christians.

Paul said, flipping 320 marsh citizenship is in heaven to me and then the hotel stop on the way home Jesus is in heaven right now.

John 14 for preparing a place for us and the most exciting thing we could do is to long for his return so that he might take us there now. In the meantime were to be busy about the Lord's work were not lazy Christians because we know he could return at any time.

So as Martin Luther set up a new Christ is returning tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today. In other words, I would still be about my daily business. Expect to live here, but at the same time be ready and so yes we are to be busy be working the body of Christ to be the most active group of people on planet Earth right now sharing the gospel encouraging other believers because, as the Scripture says he could come to Tillman. Thank you so much for joining me for this program sucks but I want to do is I'm going out of the programming to read what I read in my closing of my message back on September 11 Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California behold, he comes close with his short saying and there's so many requests for it and you can request we will send it to you in a Word document. Sandy wrote it sent it to me some five years ago and like to close our programming within it's called I'm taking a trip, she writes on taking a trip to a foreign country, a country I have never seen before. This will be much different than previous trips I will need to pack any clothing no glasses, no medications. My passport has been purchased and authorized with a great price.

The tour guides on this secure flight will be courteous and swift, and I will pass through security like a breeze. I guess this is a round-trip flight and there will be a layover celebration before I will be returning with an enormous tour group made up of many horse riding folks, there is still room on this flight and I hope you will be coming but you had better standby is filling up his redeye is filling up to. Time is running out. Indeed time is running out. The ready to depart in an instant and keep watch on the overhead screens because you do not know what time or what gate we will depart from the new name will be given to me in this country so my name tag will change that you will still be able to recognize me by my beaming smile. First Thessalonians 417 then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever deal with the Lord. I want to thank you for listening folks will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website. All of tree views or all of tree call a simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 dinner mail when you write to all a few ministries and Jan Markel Fox 1452 Road, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible without an eternal and prophetic perspective on our times will grow weary with that perspective we can face any challenge we might encounter because then we watched everything all the place

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