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Convergence: How Things Are All Falling Into Place

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 1, 2021 8:00 am

Convergence: How Things Are All Falling Into Place

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 1, 2021 8:00 am

We play Jan Markell’s message at the Behold He Comes Conference: Convergence: How Things Are All Falling Into Place. Jan points to some national and world events that indicate everything is converging and falling into place for Christ’s return. Find the 60-minute DVD in our online store.

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Are you growing weary. Just remember things are all falling into place. I know it's time I had enough. I've given them will choose what he wants to do by way of behavior and lifestyle choice and this is what you want to celebrate. Then as I provided the park for no one. I am providing the rapture for the church. Welcome to the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought you by all of treatment streams. Today we are presenting Jim Markel's message that they behold he comes prophecy conference back on September 10 and 11th at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California is titled convergence of things are all falling into place.

Jan looks at 10 global events that Harold will soon return of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of thousands have access the online conference several thousand in-person attendees. Here is today's program welcome to the program's am so glad you could join me today and I actually enjoyed being a part of the bar hold.

He comes prophecy conference back on September 11. You know that on this program. I like to document how things are all falling into place. In the end time scenario and that was the theme of my conference message that I shared that day and today so let's play convergence how all things are falling into place. Convergence for us every moment, every second every bride of Christ for convergence. Thank you for being here. So what is the last days would look like think to be a big no, I know you didn't actually thought they'd be quite like they are. Let me just make a few comments. Very few before I get going all our info is that all of three views.Oregon a lot of product and bring them here, but a lot of products in our online store and other places give you 1/32 background here. I've done 24 understanding the times conferences in Minneapolis-St. Paul area and some of you been there. We got some problems going on Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The land of 10,000 Lakes 10,000 terrorists, 10,000 riots choices a little bit difficult to do what were doing here Minneapolis and Amir came up to me distorted in 68 months ago and said wanted to let Jack take it over. I said well if he's willing to limit just go here. This is my conference in 2019. This is my security team had a team of 10, 15, maybe even 20 guys like this again because it's not the most safest is on the planet anymore, but it's my hometown, and is my home state that at one time was a great state, but I haven't got much to write about it now, but thankful for all the events that were held there in the lives that were change souls that were saved some of the gentlemen you'll be hearing today were my frequent guests and if you haven't heard, understanding the times radio. I hope you'll check it out were on 900 stations you can catch the program on his channel. YouTube rumble light source course our website and we have a video version of the radio program so you can actually see what were talking about and again that would be on his channel. YouTube rumble light source and olive tree cell started on radio 21 years ago despise not small beginnings because it was a small beginning with God. Open more doors and blessed it, and I'm so thankful, particularly for the wonderful leaders that I've met over the 21 years now featuring them as my radio guests.

I want to go as quickly as I can talking about the convergence. I know we think things are falling to pieces, but there falling into place.

But honestly the process of these things falling into place can be traumatizing and I hope if we can see it from a biblical perspective. You won't see it as traumatizing actually be excited about some of the things that are happening but they're not pleasant. I'm not going to sugarcoat this and tell you that I'm presenting happy to. I don't know how to present happy talk. I mean, I know a lot of people that I wouldn't know how.

At the same time I don't want to just be gloom and doom because I'm gonna give you some encouragement as we move along as well.

I've picked out 10 things that I am watching that I want you to keep your eyes on is well let's just say there are a harbinger of his return. I could pick out 110 things that are going on. Remember the concept of last days when things begin to happen. What is it suddenly happen suddenly, and that's what's going on right now it's happening so suddenly your head spins I'm going to get 10 points were to spend just minutes on each of the 10 points each. 10 point really require probably an hour just take minutes it would I want to start with, not necessarily in the order of importance, though I think number one is tragically huge and that would be, as we see as were watching the decline of our wonderful, wonderful country what's coming, quite frankly what's coming is the new world order.

That's what's coming. There's a video online of an Australian politician. She says hey the New World order is coming you guys gotta move out of the way, the New World order is coming so this is common conversation that a one world global government is on the horizon. Literally.

It's right over a bridge and I think one of the things that would convince us of that many things but a prominent one manages happen would be the debacle in Afghanistan. We are no longer a major world player and that was proven to the whole world by the deep, leaving good people behind of pulling out without proper preparation without proper protection of good people that should have been able to leave.

It was such an increase routable debacle New World is dawning in the US will no longer leave it in. That's so true. You have to wonder if it was deliberate and I think it was. I think it was deliberate. If Michelle shares anything when she shares few minutes today and she may back that up. But I think this was deliberate, think everything that has transpired concerning the Afghanistan debacle was deliberate, so I don't believe America is coming back. I believe Jesus is coming back after couple hard lessons about American leaders so obvious a lot of people and you know them there in your life and they can't let go. First Corinthians 7 for the present form of this world is passing away and that is so obvious, it is passing away. Aren't you thankful that for some reason God has allowed you to have eyes to see what happens when you stop and think how many not get it.

You've got them in your life and you try to tell them and all you get is the glaze stair because our anger because they're not with you because they can't have that eternal perspective. So what is going to be rising and what's going to be rising would be.

Point number two would be the rush to global government that rush to global government, the New World order is it's all in essence wrapped up in what's called the world economic forum. Now Mr. Schwab here close Schwab. He says the pandemic okay were talk about that the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and set our world. Here's what I think.

I think they're great reset is the tribulation and their meeting early in the new year and they're going to put their final touches on the reset so when does it launch we don't know.

I would say soon. I do not believe that the church will see the official formal reset I think will be in heaven now, that's just my hunt by hunt.

I think this will be a form of global communism or global socialism, probably communism at the barrel of a gun and I think that ultimately the antichrist will lead it.

But what does the Bible say Revelation 7 and was given on the him to make war with the Saints and overcome them. And authority was given to him antichrist over every tribe, people, language nation, all who live that's not just a few. It's all live on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written since the foundation of the world now talking about the Saints. The saints are those who come to faith in the tribulation. That's not the church people see that while there you see don't you see the churches in the tribulation. Sorry church is not in the tribulation. Now here's the thing is they're suggesting you're gonna own nothing and by the way, it's a group of global elites. It's the Bill Gates of this world.

The other power players of this world and there is slogan is you'll own nothing and be happy. Will is that not global Marxism. The antichrist will not allow us to own anything but will be happy. Does that sound like paradise is no paradise lost. Here's the thing. This bunch had to have a crisis they thought global warming in the last 20 years.

30 years would be the crisis well a lot of people didn't buy into that. But what did they buy into. They bought into a global pandemic from which 99.9% of people survive. Nonetheless, this is what the world economic forum and the global movers and shakers pushed to get people to trust them.

Look to them for global leadership.

Globalists look to exploit coronavirus somehow I'm not saying that because we don't know. I think came from a lab in China. I think that's obvious, but how did the globalists tap into it. Well I think that's probably obvious to with the shady characters running around we won't talk about Dr. Fauci today but I'm better try to resist honestly gonna try to resist. Is he shady or not, here's the thing I got there crisis and all how they have exploited that crisis point number three than would be this government overreach third thing Harold of his coming harbinger of his return. The shaking point.

The breaking point of what's happening today to make our world like it's never been before. And again that fear-based society. There is nothing more effective than fear. Nothing. Nothing. And if it's fear about your physical health. Will this certainly reasons to be concerned, not putting that down at all. Nobody wants to get sick particularly seriously set, but the new religion of fear says safety is more important than truth or liberty. And that's exactly what's happened in the last year and 1/2 to almost going on two years. Fear based society. Again, what a crisis that they would not let go to waste. So if we can get the mindset of trust the government.

Be sure to trust the government then eventually we trust not you and me. We trust the antichrist because he will be ultimate government. If you just join me. I'm planning my conference message back on September 11 at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. The behold he comes prophecy conference. Now we got some things going on and again FBI urges American citizens to turn in their family members and peers again Kovic door now occurs the going door to door within needle are you kidding me next and show me your papers, almost feel next is where's the Warsaw ghetto.

I'm not trying to compare this necessarily to the Holocaust, but I'm saying that the mindset is completely off the chart. Crazy vaccine passports are you kidding me even famous leftists. Naomi Wolf ardent leftists activist has said stop this madness. Please passports stop these mandates. If a leftist is saying that some have their eyes open and some concede this is a totalitarian take over how to like being scolded by our president the other day. Here's my thought is again reset this over step of the government is tribulation ask the word I made up its tribulation. Ask it, setting the stage for what's coming, and we need to see it as exactly that. Again, global warming did not work. A pandemic did an message is trust. What the government has to say. If you trust the government. You'll stay well, that's the message that's going on just a couple more pictures here at HHS Sec., US, and a lot of countries watching but he says it's absolutely the government's business to know which Americans are not vaccinated real. Now they might have done that in Nazi Germany, but this is America.

Vaccine mandates are lawful know they are the Constitution doesn't allow it. Sorry you're violating the Constitution. Mr. Democratic Party, you are violating Australia you're watching look were praying for you.

Okay Australia you're virtually under lock down your virtually under siege military is rolling into parts of Australia they've lost their freedom. There is a video out there of an Australian leader. If you want to take a drink, you take it with your mask on. Well, how insane is that okay. Up is down, black is white. Good is evil.

Evil is good till they lost their minds and it's part of plan. It didn't just accidentally.

It's part of the end time scheme. If I can say that. Point number four to spend a minute here in that would be this creation that is groaning and that's hard to watch and it breaks my heart but I think the thing that's been so obvious to me here in the last 20 years or so is that the aberrations that are end time birth pangs are all blamed on man man caused whatever global warming man caused you name it and it's not coming from man folks is coming from God. Some of the weather information. This is the headline frequency and intensity of extreme weather surprises even climate scientists. This is apocalyptic right out of the Bible, frequency and intensity is getting worse and apparently the summer of 2021 was the hottest summer ever recorded.

I don't have any issue believing that I don't believe it's propaganda, I'm sure it's true, but we cause that. Are you kidding me. We have the power caused the hottest summer in the history of mankind. Since keeping records hardly so man cannot destroy the planet.

There are 50 Bible verses that say God is in control of the weather below. This is not rocket science that God is in control of the weather when you get to earth based type worship system which is what we have is Romans eight we got the Romans eight the earth is filled with literal earth worshipers and we can change this by our behavior know we can. We do not have the ability to destroy the planet in Germany over the summer. Angela Merkel said the German language can barely describe this is flooding the devastation. It's always record-setting and that just propaganda. It's true, it's always record-setting because the Bible says the intensity and the frequency as the birth pains that are announcing the Harold of his coming harbinger of his return there going to get strong and more brutal now. Good news here is we have some attending today from the Lake Tahoe area and the fireman saved her neighborhood. Thank God, is a huge fire and they're able to be here today. They didn't know if they would. They didn't know if there whole community might go up names and other entities in that area did move on here to point number five lawlessness.

The rise of the spirit of antichrist. Okay, I've already told you I come from the land of 10,000 lakes and terrorists and the George Floyd incident that kicked everything off May 2020 20 minutes from my office in the Minneapolis area you talk about lawlessness. Actually, this scene right here is from Minneapolis and spring of 2020. The Bible says the lawless one whose rise to power will be in accordance with how Satan work's. Now imagine what I've already talked about post-rapture. Imagine those birth pains post-rapture.

You can read about in the book of Revelation. Imagine this a lawlessness rapture is the church is putting a lid on violence right now on this lawlessness. Imagine when we are gone. Talking about lawlessness what is coming out of Washington DC complete lawlessness is coming out of Washington DC they care less what constitutional principles they break they could so careless because they are in a march to power.

All were focused a little bit today on what radical Islam condition.

We were talking earlier this morning.

The new left is just as dangerous as radical Islam is the new left is there out-of-control. They are drunk with power, but again my hometown in Minneapolis.

5 miles not five blocks 5 miles is burned to the ground and will never come back.

And that's just the beginning. Folks I get. We got a man of lawlessness coming in because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. Matthew 24. Much of what were talking today fully blossoms in the tribulation. I get that but we are saying and Ed Heinsohn. I just talked about this and by the way he's speaking here tomorrow three services.

Heinsohn we talked about it on my radio program that the tribulation events are casting a shadow on the church age, whereas they are casting that shadow on our age, you can't ignore it. It's a warning it's God trying to wake up the church to shakeup the church so that the church will look up and it would be helpful if some more pulpits were actually telling their people to look out. So the man of lawlessness and I talked about this on here with the believe Mark Hitchcock and Ron Rhodes, the man of lawlessness. We believe the devil has always had someone ready to go always. Every generation because the devil himself doesn't know when the thing he can certainly see the important sign. He saw the rebirth of Israel and oh that obviously made a connection.

Things began to speed up though. He has had someone waiting in the wings at all times. I fully believe, okay, let's move on to point number six things that would be a harbinger of his return. Again, none of these necessarily pleasant to consider all of them on overdrive, so to speak. We could've talked about them 10 years ago. Sure not to the degree, things are happening now.

The intensity of all of these things and then you got this kooky rise of this Romans one mentality of reprobate mind and delusional thinking. If there is one word you take home this weekend may be delusion because the whole world and much of the church is lost in delusion there thinking in a delusional way. Let's just unpack Romans one for a minute couple of verses in Romans one that Romans one culture and that's what we have now going to get worse. Hearts are dark and they thought they were wise but they became fools again will we have in Washington. Some Keystone cops. That's gotta be the conclusion it makes no sense.

And there is thinking makes no sense because the four most scary words in the Bible, God gave them over. They hate him. That's why they pass these insane laws that keep him out of everything they hate him so he has turned them over to a debased reprobate mind. Up is down, black is white. Evil is good.

Good is evil, and they were filled with unrighteousness and then they produce things like this kind of thinking 58 gender options and Facebook and BBC films teach children of 100 genders or more ghetto there was a time it's called the days of Noah.

When God said enough and he looked at the aberration during the days of Noah.

Hey there only eight righteous people in the days of Noah, and they were likely billions of people on earth who somehow got their thinking polluted and he's looking at things today drag queen story hour, you name it and he's saying to himself, you know what enough's enough. I'm taking my church outing so we don't have to see this any longer and I believe honestly any day as transgender inns vanity. I'm calling it what it is. I know a certain political party wants to celebrate this but this is just one more reason why God is going to say as he didn't know his time. Enough is enough.

I've had enough. I've given man.

The will to choose what he wants to do by way of behavior and lifestyle choice and this is what you want to celebrate. Then as I provided the ark for Noah, I am providing the rapture for the church and I do believe again that is imminent.

He will say eventually enough.

Enough is enough.

Again we have a set of DVDs of this event or just this message on a single DVD check our online store or call my office. The store is olive tree' just a heads up here that my single DVD of this message which is included in the full DVD set of almost 8 hours of material has over 80 PowerPoint slides and provides a very visual message that I cannot share on radio. Sadly, so you can get just a single DVD or the entire set of all speakers and you can watch this particular message online at no cost at our website. Olive tree' then go to video and then remember we make a video version of this radio program for those of you who retain by watching a presentation simplest place to find that is on my website posting there also prevents online censorship will continue in a moment after an announcement about a very important upcoming event that you can participate in. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of Trinity' that's all moved to RG: simple time.

763-559-4444 763-559-4444 rightist Loyola altered ministries and Jim Markel, PO Box 1452, Minnesota 55311, Box 1452, Road, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible more of Jan's conference message.

We have a special evening coming up with pastor Billy Crone on Thursday, October 14 in person or lodged during the evening at no cost. Billy Crone, Jim Markel with pastor Mark Henry will talk current events Bible prophecy, and more. Try to make sense of our times. If you would like to ask. The event will be held at revive church Oakland Park, Minnesota begins at 7 PM on Thursday, October 14.

Doors open at 6 PM. Address is 7849 W. Broadway, Brooklyn Park Northwest suburb of Minneapolis seating is first come first serve.

Though there is plenty of room notes are required live stream the evening at no cost by going to Mark Henry that's Mark Henry posted to our website. A few days later and to YouTube and rumble. We are committed to helping you understand the times contend for the faith and the watchmen on the wall. So join us Thursday evening October 14 sits in the heavens last God sitting up there laughing at these evildoers doubled up in laughter at there's anything because they turned their back on him and they're relying on their set of things no return to Jan's message convergence how things are all falling to the place back on September 10 and 11 Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. We offer complete DVD sets of this event for just $20. Make a great gift are suitable for study groups and other fellowship governs personally packaged in future messages from Jock Hibbs mirrors our body very start near John Marco Michelle Bachmann culinary speaker interviews prophecy panel and more. We also offer this message as a single DVD for just $10. Visit our online store or call say we are very active on social media one to join the discussion. We have one telegram on Facebook on Gab Instagram rumble and YouTube going back now to my message given back on September 11 at the behold he comes prophecy conference, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California title convergence how all things are falling into place. There were several thousand in attendance that day.

Since that day, hundreds of thousands have accessed the event online and we hope you'll do that as well.

So now back to the conclusion of my message on convergence to spend a couple of minutes here and play a couple of videos for you this technology and this rise of artificial intelligence.

Let's be honest, there's got to be Mark of the beast technology. Quite frankly, you have it in your home, you probably have it in your back pocket or in your purse it's everywhere amid sophisticated technology gets the gospel around the world and the click of a mouse. Praise the Lord for that, but the antichrist Empire has to be run in a sophisticated way by something and it will be this new AI artificial intelligence sophisticated sophisticated technology were were being monitored 24 seven and I want to introduce you and some of you may already know of this since the one minute video and that's the giant. The giant is very suspicious.

I am not being sensational. I don't like sensationalism, but you can't miss this.

It could be. I'm not saying there is antichrist significance to their could be the antichrist is going to have an image of himself all over the world and now the giant has come along this current year it's visiting cities all over the world and it's going to take on the image of anybody musicians, actors, politicians, people of the love. Welcome to giant visitor attractions the 21st century but was moving show image of the beast.

I don't know if it's something with all the technology that's come along so much of it being used for evil. Not all certainly begin getting the gospel around the world, but could this become the image of the beast is just I think the timing of it is pertinent came along here in the last couple years but the touring of it was supposed to be sometime during this present year. This is a secular headline right here end of the world rise of technology will spark the return of Jesus. And in this little clip I'm there to show you. You've got secular broadcasters who are looking at the rise of technologies to my knowledge are believers, assistant the Christian network care and they going to say.

According to the technology that they're trying to feature there. Even using the term, this is Mark of the beast. This is unbelievers talking because technology today is so obviously an apocalyptic category are quiet. Then it happened. Now, just step weight of the head and process the payment. So the fish of escape, but as part of the carport is what the mark of the beast is going on at a time when Elon musk as monkeys playing Pong with their brains. Scientists are growing have multi-half human embryos and UFOs are becoming a more real phenomenon.

This seems on par or even a bit subdued by the person or contrast Amazon's Royal Palm scanners at one of its whole food stores in Seattle technology called Amazon one. Allow shoppers to pay for their purchases by holding their hands above a scanner for you can use it you have to give the company your credit card information and home print. Amazon has been testing the system at its Amazon go Amazon go grocery stores dumping plans to bring it to eight Seattle area, whole food stores in the coming months, screaming at us these kinds of stories of Jesus screaming and coming soon. Do you get the picture. I'm not even making it settle anymore. I am coming quickly. That's the theme of eschatology suddenly suddenly everything happens. Suddenly you talk about the last year. All these things and obviously the coronavirus kicked it into high gear and now these things are happening so fast. I wish I didn't have to talk about point number eight but I will cover it real briefly here and roles among the flock and I know many of you here are here today and you are understandably frustrated with the churches in your community that get 10 emails saying I can't find a church for everyone email that says I finally found a good church but I know they're out there. They're just very difficult to find, so the wolves among the flock, and here's what happened.

I think when they shut down Spring 2020. Some open six months later, some a year later, some still aren't open at the emails I began to get order I came back my pastor was woke.

My church was woke orders and me as a second strange term, but if everything is now woke everything, but when the church in the pulpit, evangelical pulpits went woke what happened couple of things happen. Critical race theory I talked about this two years ago at very Stagner's proximity conference. Critical race theory overran the Southern Baptist convention not also there Baptist summer pushing back against this big time. But again, this critical race theory is every thing gets down to skin color and that's what people were telling me as suddenly they went back to their church after six months to a year and the message is word about you must be born again.

The messages were eager to white.

We got a get into social justice. Social justice is just as important as that born-again message notice is end time apostasy.

But how many verses we could spend the rest of the morning reading versus talking about again asked to.

I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock from among your own selves men will arise, speaking perverse things called critical race theory. Second Timothy four for the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. So, social justice and critical debts to things but there's so much more. This requires really an hour-long message and maybe someday will do that by the way I see the churches left the building and people have not left the church. The churches left the building and many many cases. Obviously there are exceptions, you're sitting in the sanctuary of the place.

That is the exception think they just baptized 3000 another movement that has me terribly troubled is called the new apostolic Reformation. Just let me spend an extra minute or two on this its experience over the Bible new revelations that are the all-important, not the preaching verse by verse its signs and wonders over sound teaching, by the way, I'm not suggesting that God can't do signs and wonders today. You can do anything he wants. He can heal. He healed me or I wouldn't even be here yield me, that's 20 years ago. So God is in the business of doing wonders not putting that down. But when you take it to the degree that these NAR people do, it becomes very very troubling when apostles and prophets become the authority and no one wants to hear about the rapture is matter fact, there is no rapture because these folks are going to bring heaven to earth. They been doing that now for several decades and how's that working out bring heaven to earth.

How's it working out that we have a paradise here are. We have hell on earth am sorry we don't know what's coming to America we could have some very troubled times.

We got them to have much more troubled times.

What we don't know is we know God spares the church from his wrath of the tribulation. He doesn't necessarily spare the church from man's wrath and Satan wrath see what's happening in other parts of the world. But this bringing heaven to earth is nuttiness it's all I can say in the one who's the primary pusher of it.

This Bill Johnson.

This dominion is some kingdom now theology.

This is his quote what's the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. Okay whatever is in heaven, the glory, the perfection can be brought to earth. If it exists there. It is supposed to exist here that is taking some scripture and absolutely butchering. It is just read a couple of verses here, but the Spirit explicitly says that in the latter times some will fall from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and teaching of demons will stop there. We got the teaching of demons going on today and it's almost hard to find a church that isn't pushing some kind of demonic theology and I'm so thankful for those remnant churches that are out there for remnant believers and remnant believers are those that the addicts that understand the times that are watchmen on the wall that are trying to make a difference in whatever time we have left.

I'm more than confident that 99%.

If you would call yourself a remnant believer in my conscious many of you are frustrated with whatever church you've been a part of or are a part of. And that's not to say there aren't some of the churches there are solid church is just we would love to be able to say that alphabetical list of where to find them in what city can help you because too few and far between. Let's move on here to my point number nine and that is this new hatred of Christians, conservatives, Jews, the marginalization, so that if you're a Christian second Timothy 312. All who desire to live godly lives in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Here's what I heard from Mr. Biden couple of days ago.

By the way, don't believe a man can become a woman.

Prepare to be labeled an extremist. This is a picture from the Department of Homeland Security potential terror threats. You are on a list.

If you oppose certain covert measures including vaccines. If you don't like Seabreeze results of the election monkey business from 2020. You are on a list, you are being watched. Here's what I heard the other day from Mr. Biden, and again this says that in this headline. Christian evangelicals are Americans tell a man I heard more praise from Mr. Biden for the Taliban and for you and made the other day. Yeah, they can be trusted. He said we can do business with the Taliban are you kidding you talk about debased you talk about upside down thinking you talk about Looney Tunes type of reasoning that we are hearing that with just about every press conference we are hearing that you can trust the Taliban we can do business with the Taliban. We can't do business with people like you and me. Remember this is available in a DVD set with almost 8 hours of video or as a single DVD of just this message.

Convergence how things are all falling into place both provide almost 80 PowerPoint slides to enhance this particular message. I know it's difficult for my radio audience to have a visual experience.

So just giving you some options here. You're listening to my conference message back on September 11 at the behold he comes prophecy conference at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California message titled convergence how all things are falling into place.

This is this joy read. She says a true cautionary tale for the US, which has our own farm religious right dreaming of a theocracy that would impose a particular brand of Christianity drive women from the workplace and solely into childbirth, etc. when you bet. I'm waiting for a theocracy.

I went for the millennium. I'm happy to say I'm waiting for King Jesus sit on the throne in Jerusalem is nothing's going to work until that happens, nothing is going and now I find there's a new sub category of people the persecuted and that would be those who choose for whatever reason, they have natural immunity.

Whatever tend not have a vaccine. We are now coming up with the Warsaw ghetto mean it's truly terrifying in the natural and who ever would've thought, but we go back to the world economic forum if you can scare people sufficiently scare them about the virus you will have them in the palm of your hand and you can convince them to do anything the government says in the new world order and the antichrist will then take over and will be able to manipulate them in a brilliant way again says in John 15. If you are of the world, the world would love you as its own, but because you are not of the world and folks, you're not. I chose you out of the world. Because of this, the world hates you, and do understand this.

The world does hates you. That's why you need each other. Okay you need each other and you need to be in some kind of a fellowship online only, is not going to do it you supplement all you want online, but you need to be somewhere where there's fellows need to be encouraging. Hebrews 10 encouraging one another and all the more as you see the day drawing near, because as you see the day drawing near, which it is society's going to decline declined decline and then collect so you need to be encouraging one another, persecution of Jews anti-Semitic dock hate up by 912% hatred of Christians conservatives and Jews. We are the new Taliban and anti-Semitism now has an academic mandate. So those are nine things that I see happening with lightning fast speed again key to the end time. Suddenly it happens. Suddenly, behold, I come quickly. Everything suddenly started out slow when I was 50 years ago. Maybe, probably at the birth of Israel, 1948 so that some 73 years ago and then everything went on overdrive. Everything went on overdrive.

So my last point here of things that are all falling into place and not falling to pieces were falling into place all lining up perfectly good. We could look at 110 things and so I try to narrow them down and keep them simple so you can just remember some bullet points.

My understanding is, will have DVDs at this event and I'm sure Calvary Chapel has them as well. So if you want to get them. They will be ready until there edited but get a hold of them can go to my website and check out what they have here at Calvary Chapel. It would be Mideast instability again. I'm going back to what happened here summer of 2021. I think some people think Afghanistan.

That's some people there have 1/7 century mindset will the terrorists have a seven century mindset, but thanks to America.

We brought this country into the modern times, not the Stone Age. So it's a country that my goodness, how we invested in this country in a very positive way. Plus, we invested the lives and limbs of a lot of soldiers. So how does it play out in the Bible and I think that's what I want to emphasize here and we know that there's coming this God make war and for those of you who can see the detail on this map you will see in sort of light green Magog God from the land of Magog. We got Roche that's rush and we got some Persia that's Iran with God put twitches some North African countries in Turkey is Scott can play a major role but does Magog. Magog would be the stands Afghanistan to take a stand in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan that Magog that's the useful idiots for the Russian. The Russians will have the stand. Countries be the soldiers to invade Israel in the mountains of Israel, and now we've got them all lined up. You think that would happen with US troops there, but now it's gone back again the terrorists are seven century mentality but the seven century mentality has the finest weaponry on the planet $85 billion in the finest, most sophisticated, oh what Ezekiel 38 say about that and 39 weapons. A be a part of this Russian invasion. The Bible talks about the weapons on the mountains to matter-of-fact Israelis are going to be burning them for seven years which makes the timing of Gog Magog come into question and maybe we can talk about that in the Q&A that means really Gog Magog could happen tomorrow and if it does. Oh my goodness, get your rapture robe dry cleaned because there's there's no time left no time left. Even the Taliban were shot at how easy it was to take this over so the world was completely destabilized by this nation that Hartley was a nation until America came along 20 years ago, America gave him the cell towers until America got involved no question it was a backwards nation. It's not now. Particularly with that weaponry.

This is just a little aside here. This is the flag that flew at the Kabul embassy is this ultimate lunacy or not. This is left is lunacy on display you're looking at leftist lunacy. They fly the flag of the homosexual movement in a hard-core Islamic country. Any wonder some of these Muslims went insane when they saw something like this at the US Embassy in Kabul. So what else other biblical significance from Afghanistan will probably stop with this. This is Naftali Bennett, prime minister of Israel, but the quote is former Israeli ambassador warns following Afghanistan shows Israel must rely on itself again. Ezekiel 3039 says that it says some nations are standing aside, say it to anybody. When he invaded Israel for they don't get involved. America doesn't get involved. I really believed were Donald Trump president in this war were to happen, he wouldn't stand by and do nothing.

I don't believe he would, but in his absence.

We have an administration that's happy to let Israel go up in flames. Happy to might even try to light the fuse because the left now are haters.

There was a time when some of the left in Washington stood by Israel.

Not anymore.

Those days are long, long gone, is a certain political party is practicing how they're going to welcome the antichrist there practicing on a daily basis.

Now I want to do one more thing I want to give some Bible verses and then I want to close with something that someone is written that I think will be encouraging and inspiring to you because see, we have the ultimate good news and that is the king is coming.

Jesus is coming any day. He may come before I finish. Here are some of you are saying all that be a good idea Laura comeback cut her off. Please leftist watching in this thing, but I hope that Jesus is talking about comes back and gets her out of the pole okay Psalm 37 you versus that I want to close with a little reading here. Fret not yourself because of evildoers, the not envious of wrongdoers, for they will soon fade like the grass and with her. Like the green herb. Why do the nations rage. Psalm two favorite passage of mine. Why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel saying let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their from us.

He was sits in the heavens last just get a picture of that God sitting up there laughing at these evildoers. He's doubled up in laughter at their stupidity because they turned their back on him and they're relying on their perception of things the Lord holds them in derision were tired to see an evil when a top and a win forever. I promise you that he will speak to them in his wrath and terrify them in his fury, saying as for me I've set my king on Zion, my holy hill Jesus ruling from Jerusalem. Proverbs 10 the way of the Lord is a strong hold to the upright button ruin to the workers of iniquity ruling is coming to the workers of evil. Ruling is coming to the political parties that celebrate slaughtering babies, and transgender issues. Okay. Proverbs 14 the house of the wicked will be destroyed but the tent of the upright will flourish. You will flourish. You will flourish.

Eventually you will and then let's focus on this that I want to close with a real short thing and read Philippians 4 so important.

Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice. Let your gentle spirit be known to all people. Please do that even today. Here the Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and pleading with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus, whatever is true, what ever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, saying on these things.

And the peace of God will be with you. It's the only way the pace is going to be with you to think on those things and think on that and read it, it's gonna take me about one and 1/2 to 2 minutes. Dear supporter Minneapolis. Her name is Sandy wrote this for me. I read this at a conference. I believe in 2015 and then I got lost and I found it so I'm venerated to close here. It's called I'm taking a trip you'll love it because you're going on this trip alright and she says I'm taking a trip to a foreign country, a country have never seen it before. This will be much different than previous trips. I won't need to pack any glasses. No medication. My passport has been purchased and authorized with a great price. The tour guides on this secure flight will be courteous and swift, and I will pass through security with the breeze that she says I guess this is a round-trip and there will be a layover celebration before I will be returning on. I'll be returning with an enormous tour group made up of many horse riding folks, there is still room on this flight and I hope you will be coming but you need to hurry as standby is filling up fast the redeye to time is running out and all folks. Time is running out. It is running out. The ready to depart in an instant and keep watch on the overhead screen because you do not know what time or what we are going to depart from our new name will be given to me in this new country.

So my nametags will change but you will still be able to recognize me by my beaming smile. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. Ellis and I close almost every present Tatian with his wide because the phone this little lion cub says a La Quinta space in the whole world and its overwhelming him and I thought about putting but then I noticed who was walking along and king is by his side will the lion of the tribe of Judah is by your side you can't quit with God. New order is forming. That's the millennium, and he shall reign for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.


The secular world.

Commentators often say that nothing makes sense anymore. Will we disagree.

It all makes sense because our times are outlined in the Bible God is winding history down. We have a front row seat and the curtain may be going up on the final act. Are you prepared for eternity.

The Bible says in Romans 10 that all call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved.

Name him as Lord and Savior of your life today. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. We are watching all of the predicted events fall perfectly into place. We want to see you in eternity and that cannot happen.

Apart from acknowledging Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of lords. Thanks for listening and will talk to you again so contact us through our website. Olive notes all of to circle time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 governmental would you like to alternate histories of John Markel Fox 1452 Road, MN 55311, box 1452 road MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible without an eternal of a prophetic perspective on our times, we will grow weary if we see how God is orchestrating things to fall into their proper side in times Mary Jo can confidently even joyfully press

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