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September 24, 2021 8:00 am

The Coup

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 24, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Michele Bachmann. We went from fifteen days to slow the spread of the virus to nearly global tyranny and shut downs. Then came a leftist coup of America and lawlessness out of Washington. Now vaccine mandates are being threatened and we’ve seen the Afghanistan debacle. How does the Church contend with such evil?

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When is down, black is white and evil is good. You know God's favor has been removed Washington DC they don't follow the law. They take away the rights that we had that think twice they don't care because that's the way that it is welcome to understanding the times radio with John Markel radio for the remnant concubine olive tree ministries agent spends the hour with a radio favorite Michelle Bachmann from the Afghanistan debacle to force vaccines to government out of control. Many are asking if we are in a post-constitutional republic Jana Michelle discussed these issues from a biblical and prophetic perspective in detail so welcome to the program. I'm so glad you could join me today. I got a very special hour.

My guess is going to be Michelle Bachmann here after I set the stage and let you know some of the things we will talk about in this hour.

My guess is that we are living in days of delusion, and that's quite frankly prophetic in the Bible says the last days would be characterized by such behavior. Leaders falling into reprobate thinking. For one, up is down, black is white. Evil is good and we are living in perhaps the most lawless time in human history with the lawless Ness head quartering out of Washington DC where we turned for hope will will talk about these things for the hour, shall Bachmann is currently dean of the Robertson school of Government at Regent University in Virginia. She did serve in the U.S. Congress, Minnesota sixth district 2007 to 2015.

She ran for President of the United States in 2012 and I have too many pages of notes in front of me because were going to try to hit some of the top issues that are troubling.

My audience because I hear from you on a daily basis and I know what's bothering you and I know what you'd like us to talk about Michelle working to try to do that.

Thank you for coming back into the studio. Thank you, Janice will be a full hour. I know, and we just ministered together in Southern California. Behold he comes prophecy conference.

We both spoke.

I'll say more about that a little bit later folks, Michelle. Here's some things you said to me, and let's be blunt, thanks to liberalism.

We have moved from celebrating one nation under God to celebrating transgender bathrooms. I have heard you say this at the conference in Southern California that we are in a coup that war has been declared upon us. That's really you and me you are talking about and then I heard you say that Afghanistan didn't collapse America collapse. Let's spend some time on Afghanistan because frankly and watching the whole thing play out. I have seen peak lunacy. That's my term peak lunacy and everything that's going on with the debacle which it was in Afghanistan. You tell me what your perception is, and 20 years time we went from September 11, 2001, where the United States was attacked internally in the greatest shattering that we had ever seen. The attack was on our economic and military power houses we have dealt with that ramification reverberations for 20 years now after 20 years, almost exactly to the date forcing the greatest shattering externally that the United States has ever had. We have been seen as a force for good.

The greatest military superpower on earth.

We project power everywhere across the earth, we were the undisputed superpower at the earth and what I have seen occur in August when the worst possible exit of any military endeavor and this is America's longest war spending well over $1 trillion in Afghanistan Afghanistan completely collapsed. But what is even worse. Jan, it's difficult for me to say this, I believe, in my estimation, the United States has lost our superpower status on the global stage. This is not a small thing this erect. Everything I heard you say Pam to be at this conference. We both spoke at Afghanistan didn't collapse America collapse. Now that is a very troubling statement you made, and I know it's a true statement and working on pack that folks. But here's the other thing I heard you say as it concerns this topic. You highlighted how other nations figured out how to get their people out of Afghanistan. But then you use the word but the monsters in Washington DC could not figure out or would not allow the Americans and those affiliated with the Americans to get out what it you explain yourself.

It's clearly the latter. Those people who were the decision-makers in Washington DC. No one believes that Joe Biden is going to shower and much less vice president Harris, whoever it is in DC calling the shots intentionally planned this, that the United States would have the biggest global blackeye that there is and if you look at this in the middle of the night. An order was given that hundred percent of the US military had to exit Afghanistan, while thousands of Americans were in Afghanistan, while thousands of Afghan aides were in Afghanistan who were SIV holders and a special visa status.

No plan was made for removing them. If you pull your military out. Are you saying what we want to war are you kidding me you just left thousands of people hostage. They could be beheaded in the street with a ready raped in the street that's what the Taliban is capable of. As a matter fact during the whole withdrawal. That's what the Taliban did, and they're continuing to do it. What sane country would give an electronic device to Terrace. We as the United States consider in law, the Taliban and a foreign terrorist organization. Why would we give them nearly $90 billion and functioning military equipment. Why would we give them handheld electronic devices that have all of the biometric data of all the Americans and Afghan allies on these devices including iris scans, biometric data, where they live, what their background is what they did for the United States. These devices made their way into the hands of the Taliban. Real extra applications for being SIV status. Thousands were given out. So the process was meant to be in chaos all the other nations viewed this we have the best intelligence system in the world, bar none. Nobody comes close to our intelligent system.

I sat on the intelligence committee. We know everything about Afghanistan. Every digital imprint.

We know we have overhead architecture, we could view the entire supply chain from Pakistan coming into Afghanistan.

We knew when every portion of Afghanistan fell so this was no overnight thing work.

For instance, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Millie said we had no way of knowing this would collapse in 10 days you knew it exactly the law. It was collapsing, so this was intentional and American lives are at stake.

People say that thousands remain in Afghanistan as of this point the United States shut down the one 800 helpline at the State Department that Americans who are trapped could even call to get out so America closed the door and said were down in Afghanistan even when we weren't done. This is never happened before. So the whole globe knows that we are at defeated superpower, but it had to happen before September 11 to some sort of symbolism here for Mr. Biden. Apparently what Joe Biden said he wanted us out by September 11 because if we are defeated. On September 11 he that says to the Islamic world that they are conquerors and that Allah has given them this time and now they have the full freedom to continue to rise up more terrorism and to conquer the United States. It send a signal to the Islamic world that they conquered the United States in Afghanistan and they will conquer the United States on our own soil and apparently you even spoke with former Secretary of State and I am pale and glass, and even he is baffled by the insanity urged by what he is seeing you after recall that Pres. Trump and Sec. Pompeo laid out the plan for keeping the peace. 2500 American soldiers held the peace in Afghanistan for 18 A. Not one American soldier was killed because he held the peace and the reason why is because the Taliban do if they step 1 inch out of their box. Donald Trump would take them out and they pay very serious price so they knew what was behind the order with Joe Biden.

They took the measure of the man and they knew that they could push him over and we would be defeated. That's exactly what they did there some private efforts as it is said we have to resort to some private efforts to get the innocent out Christians and others that were affiliated with the Americans this is Glenn Beck talking just for two minutes. Here about his ordeal and folks listen to what he's going to say the biggest obstacle in his effort, just as Michelle and I are talking here is our own state department what's going on right now is one of the most amazing things I've ever personally witnessed. It is the evacuation of Americans. Those who helped us Christians that are dying women that are under in credible conditions. I see things that I can't show you. I see the pleadings from people who are in safe houses. Please don't forget us.

I see what they're being sent by the Taliban. If I die today my entire life will have been worth it for what you have helped get done in just the last three weeks you have saved well over 5000 people now remember our goal for $20 million was 3 to 5000 people and we thought that would be incredible.

I cannot give you at today's date.

How many people you have actually saved because we don't want anyone this program and everything is monitored closely and so I want to be extraordinarily careful, but I will tell you that the numbers bigger than 5000 people. What I hoped to have happened this weekend is still so incredibly close, I was told that if it didn't happen this weekend.

A window is closing and that window has not yet closed and there are people that are that are yet to save and more than what you see on TV more than what the White House is telling you I will leave it at that. There are dark forces that are at play here. Unfortunately, there are dark forces still at play in our own White House and in our own State Department and I have again spoken to many people over the weekend.

Why won't they just get out of our way shall document do you have an answer to Glenn Beck's question why won't the officials in the State Department, the White House, why won't they get out of the way and let the innocent live there, operating under a completely different set of goals and rules in this White House that we have never seen before.

I personally believe that this is an administration that values the culture of death.

They do on the area of abortion, they're fighting Texas that wants to save life and also in Afghanistan. Remember it was the Biden administration that created this problem.

Afghanistan. Afghanistan was perfectly at peace heat up and did everything and the ultimate reality is that it was death that we saw.

This is something that's very hard to square because the United States doesn't work like this.

It's hard for us to move across the race information the State Department I can verify this, both in my conversation with Sec. save Mike Pompeo but also former colleague of mine Congressman Mark Wayne Mullen from Oklahoma who went at great price to Afghanistan to save a woman and her four children. He was reported missing. He wasn't missing he didn't want to disclose any information he wasn't trying to draw attention to himself. He want to get people out. He'd brought a lot of money into Afghanistan because he knew he'd have to pay off the Taliban and in order to get people out. So what you're saying Jan is that it's private efforts that were trying to save life.

It was the United States government that brought about death and did nothing to prevent additional debt. This is what we can't believe right, they didn't try to prevent additional death. There were six planes that were on the ground filled with Americans. Remember, they bragged that they got over hundred 20,000 people out of the country. They say the greatest airlift ever. It was the greatest migration. X felt never because they were trying to get unvented Afghans out to throw them all over in different cities across United States.

The only got 6000 Americans out thousands were left behind to Glenn Beck said that they got in excess of 5000 out there still more that are there. This is the worst humanitarian disaster of a nation willfully abandoning their own people and not caring and there is no plan. I was watching one day and members, Congress came out of a briefing and they went to the microphone and said we just want to verify this administration has no plan to rescue the people that are there. This is after they'd already left so the people who are in their are on their own.

We abandoned them to what we designate as a foreign terrorist organization. This is a culture of death in this White House that I've never seen. Apparently the Department of Defense knew that there was a bomb at the Abbey gate.

They had drones that could have struck the target according to the information you shared at the behold he comes conference back in September 11 we had to get permission from the Taliban and this is why I call this peak lunacy folks absolute insanity. We had to get permission from the terrorist organization. Can you imagined Donald Trump caught the Taliban and asking for permission. But this administration thinks nothing of it.

The Trump administration embraced a culture of life, the Biden administration embraces a culture of death. I read this article yes and it was on a Friday.

Friday is document dump days in DC that's on the worst stories come out as of the story came out that the Department of Defense and John Kirby who is the press spokesman for the Pentagon had said yes that we share intelligence with the Taliban and a foreign terrorist organization and also we were working with them supposedly to get people out.

But it wasn't to get people out because our Department of Defense and we knew exactly according to this article that there was going to be a strike that there were explosives and we knew the vehicle and the people that were involved in it. We had drones available. We had a lock on the person who is going to do the explosives. So, permission was requested to take a straight because what's a strike that means you can kill someone permission had to be granted so the Defense Department asked the Taliban for permission to activate the kill strike the Taliban and vetoed so the Defense Department knew that this could very well happen.

This bomb went off the Abbey gate. It killed 200 people, including our 13 brainwave soldiers. The Department of Defense allowed this bomb to go off. That's what was in the article that I read and then another article came out the same time saying we had six planes on the tarmac and Congressman Mark Wayne Muller was on the phone with the State Department sake. I got all the passports I've got all the manifests I can tell you exactly who's on these plans, the State Department refused to let them leave from Afghanistan. That's why this is horrific. What were seeing happen.

This isn't being political notices Ohio Republican. I don't like a Democrat president. This is nothing about that. This is what we've never seen before. That is why I say Jan that we are seeing the United States. It is now past tense. We are not a superpower today that is gone. Joe Biden is also trying to pass $3.5 trillion in spending its action more than that. It's about 6 trillion, who's to pay for when it's us there's nobody else went to pay for where the broker's nation in American history. Think of yourself in a car going 80 miles an hour and a brick wall.

That's our economy right now, and Joe Biden is trying to speed that up so were looking at breaking her back economically but were already done. Militarily, I have been grieved for over a month because every day of your life you've woke up in America's been the premier superpower nation in the world. No one was even in our league. We are not now. We willingly through the Biden administration handed the baton of superpower status to communist China. They are now the leading superpower and it's by trajectory is you have to look at what's the direction China is in the position to eclipse us is the economic superpower. They also have the largest naval fleet in the world.

Now they are eclipsing us militarily and we just built them with the finest military basing in Afghanistan over $1 trillion. They now own Bagram Air Force Base. You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel.

I have the familiar voice of Michelle Bachmann. She's in studio with me. We both had quarter out of the Twin Cities. Though Michelle is currently the Dean of the Robertson school of Government at Regent University.

You know, she served in Congress and ran for prison for United States Michelle and I both ministered at the behold he comes prophecy conference back on September 10 and 11th and folks you can still view that he'd like to just go online. The only way to watch it online is to go to behold he again. This was put on by Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California.

Pastor Jack Hibbs is the promoter and sponsor of behold he comes Windermere's or Fadi Pastor Jack, Michelle, myself, Pastor Barry Stegner.

A lot happened those two days, so go to behold he you can watch it that way or I personally encourage you to get some DVDs and hand them out as gifts. I think it will wake some folks up Leo Homan who's a investigative journalist.

We both appreciate has written an article I want to read a paragraph and he says this Joe Biden is not incompetent. He is doing exactly what he was hired to do to collapse America Joe Biden is a man in cognitive decline that he is not crazy. He's not stupid.

He goes on to say Biden knows who he is and for whom he works. He is a stooge for the global great reset and he is doing his job exactly as it was signed to him by his superiors, his job, in fact, the whole purpose of his dubious presidency is to precipitate the following one. Collapse the supply chain, the dollar, and ultimately the American economy to collapse the American military and embolden enemy forces.

Three collapse the American healthcare system for collapse the American border and then the last paragraph I'll read Biden is well on his way to accomplishing all four of the tasks laid out by him by his handlers who themselves are puppets working for the goals and values of the power elites at the world economic forum global corporations. The United Nations and other globalist entities.

No wonder Michelle. The election had to be stolen for all of this to fall into place. And believe me, folks, all things are falling into place. Now you and I know that Barack Obama is in the shadows somewhere and his cronies are in the shadows and there in the Biden administration, but ultimately it's the global elite who are pulling the puppet strings. Yes, it is the global elite. You and I had looked at a video that said that one of the goals was the US will no longer be a superpower at my jaw hit the floor when I saw that video because they've achieve that objective.

The unit states has been the superpower of the world since about the 1940s, 1950s and for someone to pull that off that we no longer are because during the four years of the Trump administration. Our economy was tops in the world. China was set to clips our economy, but because of the work the president trumpet done that wasn't happening.

In fact, the gap was getting wider. China was losing we were gaining and our military was completely rebuilt. That's gone haywire in nine month nine month time, Joe Biden, and it really isn't him it's whoever is behind him.

They have managed to collapse United States. To the extent that we are no longer a superpower status. Now I say that recognizing we do have weapons superiority sitting on the shelf that is true. However, we have had weapons superiority for 20 years and that didn't allow us to win the war in Afghanistan. Why, because of lack of political will. The people at the top of the food chain weren't interested in getting out of Afghanistan are ending this war. They were trying to bankrupt the United States through it. Donald Trump was the first president who actually wanted to get us out who had a plan to get us out and they had a conditions-based withdrawal and if we would've 2000 soldiers there to maintain the peace. As long as they were getting killed.

That would've been an acceptable situation. We been doing that in Germany we've done that in South Korea that is something that we can live with, but this is something completely different. This was a war that it already been one and there was an effort made to make sure that no ally would ever work with us again. We completely blew up NATO that's what Joe Biden did Nadel is over all of our alliances. I will tell you to have the British Parliament passed a resolution to condemn the United States and the president of the United States that has never happened before and today we've got these nuclear weapons but I can tell you there probably going to be decommissioned in the sense that we won't be using them. There is an article that came out recently that the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a book written by the author Bob Woodward. He admitted in a call to his equal in China that you don't have to worry about the United States.

If we ever are going to attack China. I'll make sure I call you ahead of time to give you a heads up.

Are you kidding me this is the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is a treasonous statement so the people who were abetted right now and remember Joe Biden himself is deeply conflicted with China. His son Hunter was on already shady deals. His brother James the same thing.

Biden Inc. was for sale.

These people are grifters just like Clinton, Inc. they were grifters and not saying this because they're Democrat. The information is out there. They are, but what this means is that they couldn't even pass a background test for the lowest level federal job there is because the FBI has to do a background test in the present United States couldn't pass that background test because of how seriously compromised.

He was so is it any shock that the Chinese government has benefited at every turn from every decision that he's made economically and militarily.

Let me do just a couple of announcements here and I want you to give the address for a couple of the conferences you have sponsored bulimic quickly insert here that we've got an understanding the times night coming up Thursday, October 14.

Our first one.

Michelle was our guest and they're all live streamed and we've had but 130,000 view the evening we had with Michelle. It's held at revive church and Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Thursday, October 14. Our guest will be Pastor Billy Crone were going to talk about prophecy, current events, you can come on out and be a part of the activity at the church. You can watch online Mark Henry Mark Henry no cost, no tickets. I no tickets were mentioned just first-come first-served. That's Thursday, October 14 revive church, formerly Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church 7849 W. Broadway called the church for more information. We had a wonderful evening this would've been back in August 12.

You can find that presentation on my website. All of tree olive tree and go to the video and you'll see the link for the presentation that Michelle and myself and Mark Henry we participated in three way plus some Q&A Michelle you just had a conference right before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 at Regent give us the address. Give me a minute as to what happened, people can watch our full conference. It is a 20 year retrospective of September 11, 2001 through the current events with the collapse in Afghanistan and really the collapse of America's what we saw in Afghanistan. This is a full conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, William Fetter, the Christian historian, but also we have John Ashcroft who was the Atty. Gen. that day.

Bernie Carico is the New York City chief of police. That day Adm. Vern Clark, the Sec. of Navy that day so they give all of their retrospectives on what happened behind the scenes. The bottom line is we had the right people in the right place that day. We had adults in the room to deal with United States.

Unlike the nefarious actors were on the world stage, bringing about the collapse of the United States of people can see that conference, please, watch it. It's extremely well done. It's free, it's a virtual conference or just type in to your computer that's it and then you click and you watch the conference and Regent is our EEG EENT We also did a conference prior to that, and it was on election integrity, and I will tell you the election was stolen from my opinion it was stolen in November 2020. You won't want to miss that conference.

That's it. integrity all in one wordis what I get back were going to get into some vaccine issues as well mean mandatory vaccines. We had a lecture by Mr. Biden.

This is now couple weeks ago. Just what is it mean to you I'm hearing from folks you potentially losing everything and less you submit many of you have had coven see that natural immunity feel you don't need this injection will talk about some of these issues when I get back. Don't go away folks back in just a minute or two, we hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of tree that's all of tree simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 writers through the mail.

The olive tree ministries of John Marco PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible in this age and fig newtons and false teaching. Thank you for trusting understanding the times radio all of this ministry as well as Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California Pastor John Hibbs presented a powerful prophecy conference Saturday, September 11. Speakers included Pastor directives Amir's are fawning John Marco poster Gary Stagner and Michelle Bachmann are now offering DVDs of this insightful good included as bonus ventures or a prophecy roundtable discussion interviews of speakers and more.

They are now shipping you can find these divinity products in our online store.

All of tree that's all of tree cost is just $20 +6 dollars shipping in the US. Some states require tax or color simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 or just get on our print and E newsletter list sign up at our website if you would like to still take advantage of the streaming pass go to behold he and follow the instructions there. The past will allow you to watch online for many months.

Behold he spread the good news that is coming soon. Let's occupied until the drums. There's an effort that's being made to collapse the United States in every possible way.

All you have to do is look at how empires collapse. The United States is following that same pattern.

This is a cool so this isn't just speculation. This isn't something in the future were in the middle of a revolution in our closing segment you and Michelle discuss the dilemma of mandatory vaccines, the loss of personal freedom and how to push back against government over if elections are no longer fair and forward than we ever get Roger's government back is displayed in the end time scenario.

There are John Markel and Michelle Bachmann to wrap up today's with covert cases surging at deathknell five times higher than just a month ago present. Biden is requiring tens of millions more Americans to get vaccinated. Patient and her patience is wearing thin. And the refusal has cost all of us. This is not about freedom for personal choice is about protecting yourself and those around the president is ordering nearly all federal workers and employees of contractors would do business with the federal government get vaccinated, within 75 days eliminating their option to be tested instead of getting shots.

Employees refused to be polished even fired you want to work with the federal government do business was get vaccinated.

While initially reluctant to issue mandates the presence of aggressive new plan requires vaccinations for 17 million healthcare workers at hospitals and other sites that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding present.

Biden is now pressuring private companies to directing the Labor Department to require businesses with 100 or more employees ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or provide a negative test each week. Move the White House estimates will impact 80 million Americans who do not comply to face by the White House anticipating lawsuits going to protect vaccinated workers from on vaccinated: welcome back were going to get to this topic here. This segment of the programming. I have been studio with me familiar voice of Michelle Bachmann. We both ministered together at behold he comes prophecy conference sponsored by Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California Pastor Jack Hibbs so wonderful actually two days worth of information and inspiration. Here is kind of the point of this hour.

I think folks and that is things are winding up so fast the things the Bible predicted are happening so quickly and that's what any end time reference always indicates things are going to happen suddenly, and that's what we see happening events that the Bible talks about are happening quickly are happening. Suddenly the kingdom of the Antichrist is at the door. The church is removed before that happens. So the church never experiences guns rent we experience man's wrath all the time but never the wrath of God that is saved for the tribulation and that's a terrible seven year period that I believe is almost at the door, which means the church is the vacating sooner than anybody can possibly imagine. Now Michelle you said during the breakup of the things that we want to follow up on first this wonderful military officer Lieut. Col. Stuart Scheller is a Marine officer relieved of active duty after calling out senior leaders about Afghanistan. He said quote I'm willing to throw it all away.

His military career. I'm willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders I demand accountability. I'm sure there are others who took that position. He said enough is enough. As a look at his military leaders. You said to me, number one, we are in a coup number two you set the fallout from Afghanistan is not over, and then we talked about organ actually funded the Taliban. Let's go back to the coup talk to me about that people don't recognize that we are literally in a coup right now. A cool is an illegal takeover of a government. I believe that that began with the stolen election in 2020.

You can have whatever opinion you want.

Again I encourage people to go to integrity. Take care evidence on that.

There is even more evident since the stealth of the election when you look at every decision that's been made by the current administration has been to collapse the United States in every possible way. If your president usually want to make people's lives better people's lives are far worse. With inflation and the southern border were literally millions of people are now coming over our southern border completely and vetted disease coming in while we were all told that we have to comply with mandates.

There is an effort that's being made to collapse the United States in every possible way. All you have to do is look at how empires collapse.

The United States is following that same pattern.

This is a coup. So this isn't just speculation. This isn't something in the future were in the middle of a revolution.

It's an attack on the United States that is happening. I don't want to upset people, but we need to know that the United States government doesn't necessarily have our best interests at heart because the effort is to take down the United States. Now I want to give a word of caution, it's imperative that people don't take matters into their hands with violence. We don't want to go down a road of violence, but I think there are those who would like to see people be violent in the street. We can't be violent. So I think were in the middle of a coup right now.

It's important for us to take the temperature and know where the United States is at and the second thing that you brought up Jan was Afghanistan is an older lives writer. That's what you told that's right that Biden administration destroyed what happened in Afghanistan, but they want to close the book on it and say move on.

There's nothing to see here. There's a lot to see here. One thing there's Americans were still behind enemy lines, China is taking over this country and partnering with Afghanistan, a foreign terrorist organization in one of the most strategic parts the world Joe Biden said in the very near future. We need to have electric cars while electric cars components come from lithium lithium is found in Afghanistan now China will have near complete monopoly on lithium. Whatever the battery is that we want to have. We will be beholden to China so this is extremely important. Afghanistan is just starting for the collapse of the United States. It is the tool being used to bring us down. The third item that we wanted to talk about is where funding the Taliban are funding the Taliban and that's exactly right. We're talking billions and billions of dollars now again a foreign terrorist organization. Therefore, under American law. We are prohibited from giving any money or materials or weaponry to the Taliban. We gave him $90 billion worth of weaponry and ammunition's the finest military equipment.

The world is ever seen, including more helicopters than all of Australia has. That's how gargantuan this stockpile is I think it's five rifles for every Afghan. Well, it's unbelievable. If I can interject here. I do believe this weaponry will turn up in the Gog Magog war. Ezekiel 38, 39, you read there about the weapons on the mountains of Israel. Some of this is the almost $90 billion in weaponry we left behind folks and the Israelis are in a burn. Some of this weaponry for seven years, which is the length of the tribulation. So again felt apocalyptic things are happening and when I say that I don't mean to say that to sound sensational.

I'm saying they leap out of the Bible.

That's what's happening here.

I had called you right after that he had met him and I said I think that this may be a possibility that these 90 billion will values for the Ezekiel 38, 39 purpose were looking through the lens of the Bible.

When you look through the lens of reality, the day-to-day that were living with right now. The Biden administration and our State Department.

They can't wait to shovel boxes. The money over to Afghanistan, they would beef funding a foreign terrorist organization. As if that wasn't enough for us to give them $1 trillion worth of infrastructure and 90 billion in weaponry. Now they want have an ongoing welfare program to Afghanistan, but really we would be the funding partner to the Chinese communist. You could even make something like this can't write the script and left, and no ion scripts and this is too much science fiction only it's not scientific, not scientific tragedy.

Rail Trail of the Constitution betrayal of the American people.

It is the trail and I called it that the conference back in September 11 I called blatant treason is going on, folks where you have something a little more positive will have to wait till the end of the program I'm morphing a little bit here. Michelle then you are on this program. This would have been spring of 2020 and we talked about 15 days to slow the spread that turned into quite frankly, if I can be blunt, that turned into literal global tyranny.

We've got all sorts of mandates.

Now the US government is going to try to mandate vaccines, which is seriously problematic because there are so many people who have this natural immunity. I've had covert I have natural immunity just about everybody I know is Ed Gove and they actually fared fairly well. Acknowledging many did not fare well at all and we understand that and have deep sorrow for that. Nonetheless, we've got potential vaccine mandates and you talked about this at our event back in mid August and revive church. The fact that you've never seen this in the history of mankind. Possibly I guess we could go back to the Holocaust were there were experimental events going on from that came the Nuremberg laws which really prevent this kind of mandatory vaccines. They should be prevented because we aren't one-size-fits-all. All of our bodies are very different.

This is the crowd that quote loves diversity. They don't all their liars and hypocrites because they want to force all people across the earth to get the jab, but isn't it interesting that it is the English-speaking nations that they are forcing this on more than anyone else. Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the most fierce lockdowns are coming in these venues you don't hear all this in the other countries in garage.

This is where you're here, why is it that there forcing us into digital passports, forcing us to inject things in our body that we don't need to have, especially when the recovery rate is in excess of 99 point whatever percent. This is a disease that yes is serious, yes, I've had it.

Yes, you had it that the blessing for people who've had it who were covered. We have natural immunities and our bodies so that our body knows how to deal with the variance to come forward. It isn't the people who've already gone through covert for having the problem with subsequent variance. It's the people who had the vaccine and then they end up getting covert and the body just doesn't seem to know what to do to respond to it. More importantly, why is there this frenzy of insistence, it's maniacal where everybody has to fold into the system to the point of losing their income. I was reading in Ecclesiastes and there's a portion depending on your version and it says it is as murder to deprive someone of his means of making a living. I'm gonna read that again. It is as murder to deprive someone of his means of making a living, so don't tell me this is about public health. When you want to throw a father or mother, or a single person out of their job will have nowhere to go.

You deprive them of their living. What are they supposed to do now. Maybe they have health insurance. They have life-saving drugs they have to take to keep going. They are responsible for putting food on the table for the roof over their head. The federal government is invading the jurisdiction of the family there invading the jurisdiction of the church there invading the jurisdiction of private property ownership. This is all clearly unconstitutional without a shadow of a doubt. But it's almost like it is a maniacal frenzy and that federal government will not stop until were all in their news.

They didn't always have this story. They sang a different tune.

At one time. Not all that long ago. We cannot require someone to be vaccinated.

That is not what we can do things the right to make decisions about their own bodies is not deftly not you don't want to mandate and try and force anyone to take a backseat. We've never done that. Our interest is very simple from the federal government, which is Americans privacy and rights should be protected. It is a matter of privacy to know who is and who is it we don't want to be mandating from the federal government to the general population.

It would be unenforceable and not appropriate. The federal government should step issue mandate of the question here one that's not the role of the federal government. No go figures, remove dry would demand be mandatory for most increase vaccinations among the on vaccinated with new vaccination requirements.

Michelle, something changed along the way. The tune changed for sure the procedure change. Those of us who are not vaccinated. I sometimes wonder if for the new yellow start.

People that's the hall of shame of liars that you just heard. These are the top voices on vaccines in the country.

You're right, it makes your head spin done whiplash because they will say something and literally you have to wake up in the morning and find out okay. What is the government party line today because I thought we were going down this road they were saying.

I don't have to master now I do have to mask I do social distance. I don't social distance. I do vaccinate. You have to mandate know you don't no one knows and yet they are demanding that people be deprived of their livelihood.

Infective been stories of two women that I read each of whom were denied medical care yes because they were unfactored exactly and I'm so concerned where this is going FLM so concerned at how far the various countries including our right nation America how father going to push this are they going to be prohibiting some of the very basics in life that the free world has come to expect me. It is possible. Well, there going down the road of telling people that you may not be able to have Medicare you may not be able to have Medicaid, we may cut your Social Security by $50 a month. This is coming out of the Democrats in this is coming out of the White House floating these trial balloons of what ever it takes to force all of us into a pen like a herd of cattle. Everybody has to go down the road that they say some people have heart problems. Some people have kidney problems.

Some people have lung problems and you're going to force everyone to go in and have something injected in them.

There is even a question of talk with your doctor about it. This is your choice.

That is completely gone now.

They hate democracy.

That's what I would say about what I'm seeing out of this buying White House and out of Democrats nationally they hate our choice.

They demand that their choice be substituted for ours. We really are in not future tense today were in a post constitutional society. A post-democratic society and because our elections now are the most corrupt I've ever seen. We can't even get our choice of a candidate anymore because we can't trust our elections and then if we get a result that is not to the administration's liking.

They appeal it to an corrupt judge. We are living in a day of lawlessness that we have never seen but that lines up with Scripture percent annually. The man of lawlessness is running rampant in our day.

We need to be aware of it. The temperature of the times that were in how lawlessness is so people are feeling. This cognitive dissonance in their brain. Their mind is saying this doesn't make sense to me.

I want you to know you are crazy.

What you're seeing is real because unfortunately you're living in the middle of the revolution you're living in a world that we don't recognize anymore because it's a post constitutional post-democratic government before and when I was in Congress people just assume that government was going to do the right thing for people.

I was surprised at that nave trust people had in our government. I want to say quite clearly that is gone. Our government is not looking out for our best interests. They are looking out for the best interests of the coup, the illegal takeover of our government. What is going to reach their goal and their goal is to collapse the United States that were no longer a superpower and I don't believe we are a superpower anymore because they want to have a small little elite group of countries that are going to be making the decisions will that lines up with Scripture that they'll be like at Federation of the end regions in the United States and then the antichrist will be the one who rules I'm not saying that if Ouchi or Biden or anyone is on the world stage is the antichrist. I'm not saying that what I'm saying is it my whole calling in life was spent in government that's my background and I can say is a believer in Jesus Christ who believes in the prophetic word of God. I am seeing the Scripture line out minute by minute, hour by hour with what I'm seeing in front of my eyes. Some of this is you've said Jan will be in the tribulation lewdly, but we are coming right up to that edge of time and we don't know when that will be. Let's spend we've got roughly 10 minutes left and I think we've made the case to my audience that this is not the America of the 1950s 60s 70s even 80s. This is a new day.

It's not a happy day. We've made the case I hope at least my hope and goal here is to remind folks as you just did that the Bible is playing out just exactly as it's predicted to do and there is a man of lawlessness right now is in the shadows because the church has to be gone before the Antichrist appears.

I believe the removal of the church is just imminent any day folks you need to get right with the Lord Jesus Christ, so that when Jesus Christ does return in the clouds.

That's not the second coming.

That's seven years later when he returns in the rapture for the rapture of the church you will deal with the believers.

The saints and escape the terrible seven year tribulation. I talked about that in great detail last weekend on my program with Dr. Ron Rhodes find and go to radio action plan Michelle and we talked about this before we started here on air.

There's some things that folks can do.

We can try to resist some of this, some of it we can't resist.

The government is so overwhelmingly powerful. We can't necessarily resist everything that's true, but I will say that in the goodness of the Lord in the goodness of his timing on his biblical calendar. We've just completed this period of time known as teshuvah.

It is 40 days of fasting and prayer.

Moses did at the prophet stated.

Jesus did it and it's this time of year when God gives an opportunity to all people to return to him to confess our sins and repent of our sins and draw near. It's the two biblical months of a law and Tishri.

The first 30 days, or confession of sin and repentance the last 10 days of the days of the days of recognizing the sovereignty of God returning to him. There was a group that came together every morning. We met for 1/2 hour we we had prayer and fasting for these 40 days, I have to tell you the great joy that we felt coming together as believers.

We did this on a phone call around Zoom. We had people literally from around the world. A woman who sets her alarm for 2 AM in Australia to be a part of this because Australia is locked down terribly. Right now, so we have been meeting together, as a form of fellowship really just to be in prayer and I will tell you all these things that I have said today are probably the most depressing and alarming unit I've ever said on your program and you've been on my program maybe 25 times and the tone today is unlike anything we've ever like it everything over the last 15 years.

That's right, but I will tell you that in the midst of all that bad news. I am walking in the greatest freedom and joy I've ever walked in right now because we've just completed these 40 days of prayer, repentance and fasting. That's how the believers fill in fact they are so committed to this prayer time, they insisted that they want to keep going after this seven days a week because there seeing how the Scripture, the word of God is leaping off the pages into their spirit because they are seeing how much we need the comfort of God and the love of God.

The good thing about this Jan is that I have seen that we have been returning to our first love and when the book of Revelation with all of the different churches that they talk about in Revelation. That's what God said he wants us to return to our first love. I think with the persecution that were seeing in this day. This is driving us toward him.

It's taking away all the distractions and we are being rightly focused on our relationship with him. When the Scripture says we are to be like 10 virgins with our lamps filled with oil right now before he comes he wants his bride to be like a pure virgin with our lamps filled with the Holy Spirit.

His peace we need to know him. We need to know his word. We need to be about our father's business. I actually think this is the greatest time in history to be alive. It's when the prophets long to be alive going to be here for his coming should he come soon and we have the privilege of being ready for him because we get to watch these things and we get to see them fulfilled and imagined before Israel returned as a nation. People were waiting for that look what we've seen police in the fulfillment of Scripture and were seeing it happen. And now, behold, he come behold he comes. The other thing that so important and I think this was reemphasized in my mind is fellowship with one another because if we don't have that fellowship with other believers. I saw this at the conference. We both ministered at and there were thousands in attendance. There were 53 countries watching online. The online fellowship is great folks, but it's not anything like in person fellowship being in the church are home fellowship. We've got to be encouraging one another. Hebrews 1025 show I'm down to about two minutes is so much more.

We actually could say but I feel like we've already overwhelmed folks and I appreciate the way you have some things appear.

I think that that's very effective folks you can get a letter of exemption from various organizations and churches as it comes to these vaccine mandates are they going to be effective and accepted everywhere, probably not, but some are being accepted.

Is there anything else we should hit here religious exemptions, medical exemptions, but I think it's important to try and get as much information about where were at an organization's frontline doctors Twyla Bray's different people who have credible information that's available to you, but also being plugged in with believers. If for some reason our means of support is taken away from us.

We need to be in relationship with other believers who can help us and we need to minister to believers were moving into this time. Persecution is happen across time and across people, groups, but persecution is here when the government invades the jurisdiction of a private business and essentially our government wants to take over our private businesses by deputizing them and telling them what they have to do so the local church is more important than other find your fellowship with like-minded believers and then trust the Lord. We are going to witness miracles that the other great thing because God is not beating us up and he's not going to abandon us. He promises that in his word now is when we see him more alive, more real than ever before, and very soon. Every knee will bow, and his tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, be one of those today show. Thank you for coming in today very heavy message. I think you nonetheless we wanted to end folks with giving you some hope and inspiration on disk and the close of summer he sent me a card it says when you need the wall to fall the seats apart the mountain to move the rain to start the chains to break the enemy to flee the storm to cease the victory are mighty awesome faithful God is got you covered on a thank you for listening will talk you again next week will contact us through our website.

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