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Sound Theology or the Great Escape?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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September 17, 2021 8:00 am

Sound Theology or the Great Escape?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 17, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell and Dr. Ron Rhodes first consider Afghanistan in Bible prophecy, then defend the pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church for the rest of the hour. This theology is often called escapism when, in fact, it is just sound theology believed by the early church and millions of Christians throughout history. They share firm reasons to believe this. Find Ron’s books in our online store.

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Jesus tells us to watch for his coming.

Just what does that mean if we as Christians are settled concerning the pretrip rapture playback of the sound doctrine of the pretrip rapture and we in effect gives Satan a blank check to fill in the amount of doubt and fear in our lives. Welcome to understanding the times radio John Markel radio for the remnant brought you biometry ministries agent visits with Dr. Ron Rhodes well-known apologist and author. The Bible says we are to comfort one another with the words out of the Bible describing the rapture of the church then is in its finding something to better understand Jan and Ron Rhodes been part of the hour discussing that. Here is today's program rapture has to help before the seven year tribulation because of the fact upon us and explain knowing that the rapture can happen at any moment should and even will have a profound effect on how we live our lives in this world. This is what's known as the doctrine of immanence. I love that word imminent because, were those words. It sounds like what it is imminent Literal definition just indulge me, but it's this the doctrine of immanence is this sound doctrine that nothing has to happen before the rapture happens that the rapture can happen at any time. It is imminent it can happen at any minute. Welcome to the program because folks are always writing and wanting to debate the timing of the rapture of the church. I thought I would spend eight good portion of this hour. In that discussion and have that with apologist Dr. Ron Rhodes.

We carry a number of Ron's books and I'll say more about that later in rapture timing is quite frankly in-house discussion and those who hold differing views should certainly not been denigrated. However, I think pointing out some of the obvious flaws in the pre-wrath rapture mid-trip post trip rapture. I think it's worth some time soon rapture of the church is called our blessed hope in the Bible and I believe there would be no hope in a rapture that was when not pre-tribulation, we would have hell on earth to look forward to. To be honest in the position of my guests and myself is that God does not beat up his bride element clarified that he does allow man and Satan to beat up Christians to persecute them to marginalize them but God's wrath is reserved only for the unbelieving world and it's on overdrive.

During the seven year tribulation. Now before we get into the rapture timing. I'm going to ask my guest and been out of topic. Let's just call it Afghanistan in Bible prophecy has the ordeal of late summer and early fall. Here is it just an accident and its timing, or could it be a part of a greater prophecy scenario and I believe the latter. Dr. Ron Rhodes heads reasoning from the Scriptures ministries you can learn more about his outreach books and

He's written over 60 books and he's spoken at my understanding, the times conference. He's one of my most frequent radio guests part-time staff of Dallas theological seminary.

Dr. Ron Rhodes, welcome back to the program package and it's always great to spend some time with you, Ron. We had a momentous summer for that matter. We've had a momentous year and 1/2 and is soon be two years with pandemic and all, but let's just journey for a moment, to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a part of Magog. Magog is a part of the Gog Magog war of Ezekiel 3839 is matter fact, the stands are a part of mega Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, etc. my audience better understand the Magog character of the Gog Magog war. The broader context of course is that Michigan tubal Gomer to be participating. That's turkey urgent will be involved in the war that ran Ethiopia will be involved that modern Sudan and put will also be one of the allies it attacks Israel net Libya. Now Magog is a central player in all of this and Magog refers to the mountainous region near the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Jenna wanted to try to picture this way in your mind thought the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea are essentially parallel to each other.

The black field to the west. The Caspian sea to the east and bordering on the eastern side of the Caspian Sea are Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan just a bit further use.

We come to you because that and continuing youth to become to expand and project that if you drop just a little bit south we come to Afghanistan. All of these stand nations occupied the territory that was once inhabited by the ancient mega guide for Magog way back when.

Even Ezekiel wrote his prophecies from 2600 years ago nobody knew what the different nations would have against Israel. A lot of the nations that are involved in the Ezekiel of innovation are not right next to each other, so what might they have in common will of course Islam would eventually develop in the seventh and eighth century A.D. that is what brings unity to the various nations all the stand nations that are part of Magog are Islamic and now they have plenty of motive to attack Israel talked about how they want to wipe Israel off the map and push Israel into the sea.

They want the land back there. The opinion that once the land comes under Islamic control, it can never pass out of Islamic control. When Israel became a nation again.

That was a legitimate rate that land belongs to Allah. Well, the Americans have left E $5 billion in weaponry behind which is ominous. Why on earth you leave almost $100 billion in sophisticated weaponry, which maybe the Afghan fighters won't know how to operate that the Russians will happily train them.

Could that then be a part of the weaponry. He talked about in Ezekiel 38, 39, because the weaponry is pictured there in the passage of Gog and Magog, and it says that the Jews are going to be burning the weapons in this war because they're going to turn around and defeat these invaders rather quickly, but they're going to burn the weapons for seven years. That's right.

When this massive strong of an invasion take place against Israel.

Israel won't stand a chance. There's no way that Israel alone could stand against that large invading force.

The prophet Ezekiel tells us that God himself is going to take out these invaders. You can see all these weapons left on the landscape and the Jewish people will gather these weapons to burn. Now here is the backdrop burnable materials will be in high demand during the tribulation. All of the grass has already been burned on the earth.

1/3 of the trees, 1/3 of the bushes so a lot of the burnable materials that people normally burn has already been taken out during the catastrophes of the fallen upon the world people are to be looking for burnable materials in the course were talking about the wooden components that are on modern weapons were not talking about burning metal most of the weapons to have some wooden components to them and is also burnable fuel and gunpowder that can be used to heat yourself. For example, during winter. All of those weapons will be gathered and burned for seven years by the Jews were left behind.

And that leads me to say this.

Some people wonder if United States is in Bible prophecy.

There is now at least 1 Likely Way the United States is in Bible prophecy, and that is that US weapons will likely among the weapons burned for seven years. During the future tribulation. And you can read all about it. In Ezekiel 39 verses nine and 10 so your timing of the Gog Magog war. I believe you would have at the 3 1/2 years before the tribulation. This can get complicated. Let me try to explain it as clear as I can.

The thing that's next on the timetable is the rapture.

There's nothing that needs to be fulfilled prophetically before the rapture takes place. In fact, it could take place right in the middle of this broadcast and all you would hear isn't that error from that point forward. Sometime after the rapture but before the beginning of the tribulation. I believe this invasion will take place, probably 3 1/2 years prior to the tribulation. Here's why I say that we know that in the middle of the tribulation. The Antichrist will move into Jerusalem and set up his headquarters there. He will also sit within the Jewish Temple and he will bring about the abomination of desolation and set up an image of himself within that temple Janice at that point that Jesus warns the Jewish people.

In Matthew 24. Get out of town immediately.

Don't even stop to pack your bags because your very life is its vague or not can I have time to gather these massive tons of weaponry to halt with them out of Jerusalem, so that leads me to think that the burning of the weapons may be complete by the midpoint of the tribulation. And if that's true, that would push this invasion into Israel by the Muslim and Russia.

3 1/2 years prior to the beginning of the tribulation. So again, the rapture happens first. Then at some point. This invasion takes place and in the tribulation begins. We need to clarify years, suggesting, then there's a gap between the rapture and the tribulation.

But I am suggesting that there's a lot of people who misunderstand the rapture and the tribulation that they think that the rapture itself is the beginning of the tribulation.

That's not correct.

Scripture never says that what Lincoln's the tribulation. Is when the Antichrist finds a covenant with Israel and that can happen years after the rapture. I would say thought many years you but it could happen some years after the rapture. Here's one of the things to think about you and if in fact this Invasion Has Taken Pl. in God is already taken out the Muslims that would number one make it much easier for the antichrist to emerge on the world stage to see Muslims want to bring about an Islamic caliphate. That's no longer a possibility because God is already taken out the Muslim forces.

Secondly, it makes it much easier for the false religion to emerge after all Christians have already been enraptured and now the Muslims have been decimated by God, so there's no other religion truly stand against the emergence of a false religion, and then third it will likely be much easier for the Jews to rebuild the Jewish temple on the Temple Mount. Because Muslim resistance will be gone pretty good. It fits together like pieces of a puzzle.

If you just telling me you're listening to understand the times radio and spending the hour with Dr. Ron Rhodes. You can learn more about reasoning from the Scriptures that's our HOD ES Ron Rhodes that are I moving to the rapture here.

Ron and the rapture is an event that will take place sometime in the near future. We certainly don't know when Jesus comes in the air to catch up the church from the earth and then return to heaven with the church. The apostle Paul gave a clear description of the rapture. In his letters to the Thessalonians peers a good first hi, thanks for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. Comfort one another with these words.

First Thessalonians 416 through 18 art critics say that this wonderful experience.

That's just ahead of us came along with John Darby in about 1830, when in fact we even know the early church was lying for the rapture. You answer that because I know you're hit with as much as I am. The argument from church history I believe is fallacious because it wrongly supposes that truth is somehow determined by time Jan, the reality is that in the first five centuries of church history, the church held the many false doctrines, including the doctrine of baptismal regeneration. The idea that you don't actually become regenerated and saved until you get baptized in water that just because a doctor and was early does not mean it is correct.

Conversely, just because a document emerged late does not mean it is incorrect and pre-tribulation. This believe that in the process of doctrinal development throughout the centuries. It makes good sense that eschatology would become a primary emphasis later on during the Reformation. It was the doctrine of justification and salvation.

So there were different periods were different doctrines came to the forefront. Aside from that GM in the early church that was a powerful emphasis on immanence when you look at the early church fathers, for example, we find writings of immanence in people like Ignatius of Antioch. The epistle of Barnabas, the Shepherd of Hermas and many others. They all speak of immanence. He, in the sense that the Lord could show up at any moment without any signs of the times taking place and just to give you a quote from the third century Shepherd of Hermas and says this, you escape from the great tribulation on account of your faith. Let's not just immanence that sounds like the pre-tribulation rapture right there.

This be very clear that we believe what we believe, not because of when it became a primary emphasis in church history. We believe what we believe because we are seeking to be biblical, disabled us that a million times and that is we take a literal approach to understanding these prophecies if you want to understand how God is going to fulfill prophecy in the future. Take a look at how he has fulfilled prophecy in the past in the past.

God is always fulfill prophecy quite literally all the prophecies dealing with the first coming of Christ. Literal. So when we look at the literal statements of Scripture such as the one you just read the first Thessalonians 4 is very clear that there is a time coming when the dead will be resurrected and then living believers will be instantly caught up to meet the Lord in the air while Lee has our detractors and just can play a short clip here and this actually goes back to the film, made in 2014 Joe Schimmel's film left behind or lead astray and hearing on here. One of the participants in this film Joel Richardson say pastors.

If you are equipping your members to face the antichrist you doing a terrible disservice and then let's come back and talk about the state of shock understates the situation without warning. Literally thousands, perhaps millions of people just disappear what the end of the world really isn't as so many have treated what church is not rapture to heaven before the great tribulation has many small claims.

What church has been left ill prepare to face the antichrist and the mark. What if Tim what he's playing that if the pre-tribulation rapture is false than the blessed hope will become the blasted home actually comes true millions of pre-tribulation. What if millions who have been led astray by the pretrip teaching become part of the great falling away Jesus warning would take place at that time left behind or lead astray, examining the origins of the secret pre-tribulation rapture features vital end time insights from prophecy teachers Joe Schimmel Jacob crash and Joel Richardson pre-tribulation over supposed tribulation rapture is one of the new pastoral issues of our faith. If your pastor that's not preparing your people to face potentially the antichrist and the regulation in this hour simply because your denomination teaches that or whatever. Personally, I think your family and your role as a shepherd and the pastor right in front let me say the rapture is not secret.

And when it happens it will be a secret, but Ron, your comment to what you've just heard. Get away from the emotional rhetoric and let's get back to the Biden. The key issue to me is not what this person says that person says my key issue is what does the text of Scripture say if you look at what Jesus has to say. Jesus says he's going to prepare a place for and then he says that once he prepares a place for us in the father's house. He is going to return and claim and take us back to the place he is prepared for us is completely contrary to this view, that Christ will come again and then meet the saints in the year and come back down to earth. Why would Jesus talk all about the father's house in the places preparing if he was intending to take believers back there. What about first Thessalonians 1 verses nine and 10. It says this, you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God, and to wait for his son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come. Jan, can I can't care for just a minute please do passage limit just talk a little bit about what we learn from the text of Scripture here. First of all, this verbal weight talks about how we are waiting for the Lord from heaven.

This was used in the ancient world for people who were waiting up for the arrival of a person.

They were expecting to come very soon. The idea behind this word was that people wouldn't go to bed at their normal bedtime because they were waiting up for this person to arrive at any moment. Not only that, but in the original Greek, Jan, this word is a present tense.

It communicates the idea of continuous action in waiting for someone. In other words we keep on waiting day by day for our Lord to appear as a could be at any moment. Now the Thessalonian Christians have the attitude of continually waiting up for God's son to come from heaven because he could arrive at any moment that he was in the deliver us from the wrath to come. In the Greek Jan, this is literally the wrath of the coming. This is the most intense way that Paul could put the reality of the war or of this coming time.

That would be characterized by God's wrath.

Notice the word delivers you the one who delivers us from this determined delivers in the original Greek carries the meaning to snatch out to oneself to rescue the oneself, to save and preserve a group to oneself. The verb literally means to draw to oneself in order to protect from danger that that's exactly what happens at the rapture right now you and I are in the process of waiting we are waiting because there is no other prophecy that needs to be fulfilled before the rapture is the next event on the prophetic timetable. Jesus is going to come and he is going to snatch us out of this world.

And by that snatching he will deliver us from the wrath the coming. In other words, this terrible raffle.

That is coming on planet Earth.

So when I hear these guys talking about how horrible it is that preachers are deceiving people and how they need to prepare people for meeting the antichrist. My question is this. What do you guys do with the biblical text.

What do you do with John. 14. What you do with first Thessalonians 1, nine and 10 and what you do with first Corinthians 413 through 17, let me interject you just quickly Ron and that is the reference here to the day of wrath. God is not appointed the church to wrath, but let's be honest here at the church around the world is going through some real serious persecution. I think we need to clarify that God allows man's wrath to come against the church got even allows Satan's wrath to come against the church which has seen images from Afghanistan this past summer of a particular persecuted group of people there. Of course, the Christians in Afghanistan but that is not God's wrath coming against those people that would be man's wrath. That's right, I would categorize that as part of the general tribulation that all people face throughout answering.

There's a huge distinction between general tribulation and the tribulation. Jesus himself told us that is through much tribulation, that we enter the kingdom of God. Now, such as the people who are over in Afghanistan and other parts of the world who are suffering. This everyone of us have certain kinds of tribulation that were facing.

Whether it's because we have health problems, financial problems, there Are Persecutions Taking Pl., Jan that you and I are both well familiar with that one.

People writing articles about same things on the radio about two tribulation be into the kingdom of God.there is coming a time that is specifically a seven year. In which the wrath of God falls upon the world. This is not general tribulation.

This is a tribulation in which God's wrath has fallen upon the world and to me it just doesn't make sense, like saying this Jan now Christians you're going to go through the tribulation.

Angela experienced three different sets of horrible judgments that get worse and worse and worse and is a good chance that you're going to starve and you might become a martyr, but be cheerful. Comfort yourself with these were x-ray. First Thessalonians 418 comfort women censored with the good news of Christ's return, not the fact that we are fleeing the antichrist, the most evil man ever. But that's how over to comfort one another Ron that may just reference another verse here, and that would be Revelation 310 because you have kept my word about patient endurance. I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world to try those who dwell on the earth.

Now this is in the first three chapters here of Revelation and God's talking to the church throughout those three chapters of Revelation have a say. The church is going to disappear. Revelation 41, but here in this particular passage 310 is talk into the true Church of Philadelphia.

You've kept my word about patient endurance. I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world which happens in Revelation 4.

To me that's extremely convincing of a pretrip rapture, I think so too are some things to notice about Revelation 310.

Notice it says that we will be delivered from the hour of trial in the English language. Definite articles don't mean that much, but in the Greek language. They mean everything. In fact, you can read chapters written in Greek grantors about the significance of the definite article, among other things, definite articles can indicate specificity in Revelation 310 the definite article points to a specific and distinctive time. It's not just anti-power of it is the hour of trial that is yet future and I believe that's referring to the future seven year hour of trial direct. That's what I'm assuming is a reading on this. You need to compare that hour of trial with Revelation 4 through 18. That's the hour of trial being spoken of. I believe because Revelation 4 through 18 talks about the tribulation.

The hour of trial is the tribulation period from which Christ promises deliverance. That means Jan that the church will be kept from the time.

It's self.

I believe that the Lord meant to communicate that he would preserve church members through this time of testing.

Like most website it would not upset. I will keep you from the hour of trial that I will keep you through the hour. That's not what's going on here not to get too Greek on youth, Jan, but the Greek preposition from the Greek word ack and that means to keep you out of completely actual time. Itself it communicate separation Jesus is promising. I'm going to separate you from the very time. Itself that will be characterized by God's wrath.

There's no way that you can read that an come out anything other than pretrip.

In my opinion what I wanted to do in my second half of the program.

I wanted to play the clip of broadcaster he can.

The graph is going to not only denounce the rapture. Quite frankly, he's going to denounce the whole nation of Israel, and I see that often. If you are anti-dispensational, which is what Brian I believe dispensationalism often that you gonna get to for one night Mr. Hannah graph is done you cats at the rapture and then you can't stand the Jewish people are the key to everything in the last days. Let me just quickly say here folks, we are carrying a number of Ron Rhodes books we carry his book and I love it. Basic Bible prophecy everything you need to know in just a few pages we carry his book, spiritual warfare in the end times we carry his book 40 days to Revelation. Find these in my online store. Olive trees views as an viewpoint. Olive trees three outstanding books to help you understand the crazy days in which we live.

This final generation find us on social media on telegram Facebook gab Instagram, YouTube rumble again, telegram, Facebook, gab and Instagram. We try to post there on many times a day basis.

I'm coming back here in just a couple of minutes and he continued with Dr. Ron roads. Learn coming right back. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through politics reviews job so far, she that's almost 3 views.for you can call a simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 rightist male mythology ministries of John Markel, PO Box 1452 girls and a soda. 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311 gifts are tax-deductible in this age of fake news and false teaching. Thank you for trusting understanding of times radio and follow through thousands participated in the behold he comes prophecy conference held at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California Saturday, September 11 we will have DVDs of this informative day very soon.

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Welcome back, and I'm spending the hour with Dr. Ron roads.

You've heard a couple of clips from pastor JD Farah Calvary Chapel Connie Ohe Hawaii has he descends the pre-tribulation rapture of the church and that's kind of our purpose this hour though we did open with the discussion on Afghanistan in Bible prophecy how they are part of the stands and you know some of those nations are part of the alliance of the Gog Magog Ezekiel 38, 39, war those nations will be coming against Israel, and that future impending last days war we open with that, but then I've kind of morphed into my intent spending as much time as possible on the pretrip timing of the rapture. We believe it's so important that we understand that indeed we do escape the wrath of God the wrath to come run let's clarify please. There are believers in the tribulation there tribulation saints, and a lot of people read that they read in Revelation 4 through 19. They read that in fact look at the references to the believers. Obviously, the believers have been left behind to go through the tribulation. Actually, those are people who come to faith during the tribulation. Thanks to the hundred 44,000 Jewish evangelists. The two witnesses. The angel etc. help us understand that we know that there will be saints during the true relation because Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats in Madden 2531 to 46 of the second coming and the sheep are Christians, but these are not the same as the Christians who were enraptured prior to the tribulation.

The hundred and 44,000 Jewish evangelists will share the gospel of the kingdom and is going to be many people who convert Revelation 7 tells that this could be a great crowd of Christians is not just the hundred 44,000 is also the true prophets of Revelation 11 and they apparently have the same kinds of powers of Moses and Elijah, and those miracles they perform, confirm their message about the true God and the true Messiah. Many people will become believers during the tribulation. And therefore, the fact that there are believers in the tribulation does not disprove pre-tribulation is I think what it's like to do and that I gave the tees part one is clay this little clip from the Bible answer man Hank Hannah Grant now here he's going to really come against everything we believe about the end times and not suggesting his theology is counter to what you and I believe Ron other than this in time theology known as eschatology.

What I'm trying to understand where do they get the teaching that the church will be wrapped about and will not have to go to tribulation where that found it's not. So that's the whole point. The point is it something that is imposed on the Scripture. The notion is a very new notion in church history, it's 1/19 century notion that was popularized by John Nelson Darby and it comes with the presupposition that God has two distinct people and therefore he has two distinct plans for the two distinct people and he has two distinct phases of the second coming, and two distinct destinies.

This however is an imposition on Scripture because the truth of it is God has only always had one chosen people. One covenant community beautifully connected by the cross and illustrated by cultivated olive tree in Paul's letter to the Romans. So the point here is that all those who are followers of Jesus Christ are the one chosen people, and this is prior to the cross as well, because all that. Look forward to Christ. Part of the cross are God's covenant chosen people in the covenant chosen people are made up of people from every tongue and language and nation and people.

You're not a son of Abraham because of some genealogical construction. You are a son of Abraham because you believe in the God of Abraham, let's just clarify quickly.

Hank Hannah Grant is a printer, as he believes all prophecy happened in 70 A.D. he does not hold to any dispensational theology that would teach a literal Antichrist, a literal tribulation, a literal rapture second coming and Israel's very very key role in all of this that Ron roads. He just disinherited Israel which is shocking for those of us who are very loyal not only to the nation of Israel but to the biblical position that Israel is the focus of history, current events, and all future events, but they just got disinherited I. When you look at Scripture frequently got us a Special Pl. in God's sovereign plan.

The Jewish people of the apple of God's life. Zechariah 28 their land is described as holy.

Zechariah 212. Their city is the center of the nation's Ezekiel 55.

They are pictured as a wayward wife of God in Ezekiel 16. The Scriptures do indicate that they are the object of God's temporary discipline, but also the object of his grace, because God's grace will see to it that a remnant of Jewish people become believers in the Lord, which will take place at the end of the tribulation. Again, I have to tell you that one of the most magnificent manifestations of God's grace is his miraculous preservation of Israel. 2700 years after Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed in A.D. 70. The Jews were dispersed to more than 130 nations around the world.

They've been mistreated and relentlessly persecuted wherever they went.

And yet thousands of years later their national existence and even the language have been fully restored, in fulfillment of biblical prophecy, the biblical prophet Ezekiel said that after a long and worldwide dispersion, Israel would become an nation again, this was fulfilled in 1948. Ezekiel then says that Jewish people from all over the world would then start to migrate back to Israel that's been happening every single year since 1948. Especially over the past decade due to anti-Semitism and then Scripture goes on to say that this could be a mighty Muslim coalition of nations that will one day attack Israel.

That attack has occurred yet, but the nations that make up that attack force have alliances with each other right now and they have a strong motivation to attack Jan, my point is this God speaks a great deal about his plan for Israel not to mention the fact that God is made unconditional covenants with Israel Abraham a covenant Genesis 12 the day that the covenant second Samuel seven. These covenants will one day be literally fulfilled in the millennial kingdom. I have a little saying I use now and then how God to choose the Jews, but not so odd is those who choose the Jewish God. Let's burn the Jews how professing Christians can denounce the Jewish people in our Messiah was a Jew is beyond my comprehension, but they do. It never ceases to amaze me and disappoint me. I'm going to another bullet point here Ron and that would be. There's nothing unusual about the Lord keeping the church out of the tribulation. Because he has a history of protecting his people from tribulation on several occasions he protected the Hebrew people from the 10 planks he protected Noah and his family from the flood lot from Sodom and Gomorrah.

He will seal and protect the hundred 44,000 during the tribulation. Eva protect the Jews in Judea that fleet of the wilderness during the last half of the tribulation. So there is no reason why we can't believe I don't think it's a stretch to believe that he will protect his church during that terrible time of hell on earth.

The tribulation, that's right. And I would just add to that the fact that God has already paid for the sin of an church at the cross, Jesus took it all. He took all the punishment that we deserved and he took it on the cross, such that we can be declared absolutely righteous, and sanctified all because of Jesus. No one hi would you say that the church now needs to go through the tribulation period to experience God's wrath. It just doesn't make good sense.

Now, in terms of the nations. It's very clear why there they are, and whether being judged. They have rejected God and rejected Jesus Christ is also very good reason why the Jews are there. If the 70th week of Daniel. Just as the first 69 weeks of Daniel dealt with the Jewish people.

So the 70th week of Daniel will deal with the Jewish people. And if during that timeframe that the Jewish people will undergo great hardship in preparation for them converting to the Messiah at the end of the tribulation. So God has a very good purpose in view for both the Jewish people and the nations in the tribulation, but not the church, talking to Dr. Ron roads for the hour.

By the way, were carrying three of his books basic Bible prophecy spiritual warfare in the end times in 40 days to revelation. You can find those in my online store and olive trees olive trees and call my office to get on our newsletter list, etc. some would call us run the escapist that we are longing for the great escape get Jesus was talking about the tribulation. When he said of this would be Luke 21. Pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all the things that shall come to pass. He didn't say pray always that you may be accounted worthy to endure some or all of the things that shall come to pass.

Rather, he said, pray always that your worthy to escape. So I guess I'm an escape artist them, but I'm just following the words of Jesus. I would also say that sometimes is communicated by critics that the only reason why we believe why we believe it is because we are afraid to go through the tribulation.

Jan I want to tell you in no uncertain terms that that is not my motivation. My motivation is to be biblical. And I remind listeners I take a literal approach to these New Testament prophecies about the rapture because all the other prophecies in the Bible were fulfilled literally God has already set the precedent in terms of how to understand Bible prophecy that was been said that we are imposing our view on the text that is absolutely not true.

In fact, we are deriving our view from the text Jan, how can you read first Thessalonians 417 which says that living Christians will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. In my imposing something on the tech noon I say to be caught up to meet the Lord in the air, absolutely not. Text clearly says it and by the way, the Latin translation of that verse where it says caught up his) is where we get the word rapture so I would encourage people to read their Bibles a little bit more carefully because it's too many people who were falsely teaching that there is no rapture play one more cliff Nance Dr. Gary Frazier and he's appearing here with the Reagan and Nathan Jones on Christ and prophecy TV as a guide and is the strongest argument that supports the picture rapture is first of all I would tell you that to me it's very simplistic that is.

This again I go back to Matthew 24. I'm not will get the weeds on these issues with people I have people come to me, they will argue, I'm not arguing about this at all. One, but to simply say is this, as far as I'm concerned, Jesus gave the command. Matthew 24. Watch for my coming again.

Matthew 2511 Matthew 2513. These are about the parables of the wise and unwise virgins.

Some were watching some were not somewhere prepared.

Some were not. Bottom line is this. My responsibility is to get out of bed every day and realize that Christ might come today and so I'm not watching for the antichrist. I'm not looking for is my friend, Ed Hansen says the undertaker, I'm looking for the F and I'm not wasting my time trying to guess the time because nobody knows. At times, and Jesus could come at any time psalmist will be ready all the time and the main reason for that is and here's one of the things I think is so often overlooked. The Bible teaches that our lives are but a vapor here. One moment, gone the next. The truth is not a single one of us know whether or not we will see the sun go down the day, let alone the sun come up tomorrow.

Therefore, as result of that our responsibility is to live every day. In light of the fact that the it may be our last day. So to all argue over a pretrip or Mitra poster rapture really in many ways is a very foolish because the truth is that we don't even know for them to be here for that. It could happen today but so could our death because again, analyzing the Viper Hebrews 927 is one of the men once to die, so we don't know. So I will argue about this one with the say is a set I'm to get out of bed every family choose to walk across. Today I will have a passion about this because when I believe that Christ may come today. I will be a man of prayer will be made of personal holiness of God in this and I will share my faith actively because I will tell you that Jesus may come today and if he doesn't come there. People around me who might die and so I will make sure that they have the opportunity and they hear the gospel. That's the motivation all have instead of trying to have what I consider to be time consuming hardwoods. But that said, I'm going to defend the fact that the word of God teaches a pretrip rapture. We have not been appointed under the wrath and process on 517 there's a clear coming of Christ for his bride. He is not going to beat us up and put us to the tree but when I understand from reading the word of God. The tribulation is about two things. One is about God finishing his business with unbelieving Israel. Secondly, it is about God dealing with the Gentile nations with regard to their refusal to accept Christ of what and how they treat the Jewish people from Joel chapter 2, I don't find the church in that mix. I don't find the church anywhere in the mix. After Revelation chapter 4 verse one when John is told to come up here and I will show you the things which take place hereafter 15 times the church appears in chapters 2 and three of Revelation does not appear again until the 22nd chapter of the Revelation Acheron road you want to comment on Dr. Gary Frazier's comments.

I really like the emphasis on eminent and waiting for the Lord he could show up at any moment. In fact, Jan, one of my favorite verses is Philippians 320 and 21.

Our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we all wait a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body. To me that's both eminence as well as the transformation of our bodies at the rapture were waiting for the Lord and when the Lord shows up.

Our bodies are to be transformed at the perfect description of the rapture and it could happen at any moment the church is not in the mix of the tribulation, but the church is in the mix of being translated into glory at a moment that could come at any time. Another key verse here that would be first Corinthians 16, 51 to 53 behold, I show you a mystery.

We shall not all sleep, that we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an I at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed for this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality run. I think what's hanging up a number of people and I heard it in Hank Hanna graphs comments of a few minutes ago is number one because of their theology. Whatever the predator is them even millennialism they don't believe in a rapture. They believe in a second coming and only a second coming, and I think it's so important that you and I emphasize that everyone who has the opportunity emphasize. There are two comings of the Lord Jesus one in the clouds, which is the rapture and I just read that passage from first Corinthians 15 I show you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment in twinkling of an I were to be caught up but they only believe in the second coming when Christ comes at the end of the tribulation. That's right. And I think that a lot of evidence in Scripture that points out the distinction between the rapture and the second one thing every eye will see Jesus of the second coming.

Revelation 17 but the rapture is never described as being visible to the whole world, we will instantly vanish and there will be some people who will be seem to vanish but the text does not say evidences of the second coming that every eye will see Jesus. Furthermore, the rapture is eminent. It could take place at any moment whereas the second coming is preceded by seven years worth of signs that are described in room four through 18, we know that the rapture Jesus will come for this church while at the second coming Christ will come back to earth with his church. Revelation 1914 at the rapture Christians meet Jesus in the air, but at the second coming. Jesus's feet touched the Mount of olives. Zechariah 14 verse four at the rapture Christians are taken and unbelievers are left behind, but at the second coming. Unbelievers are taken away in judgment and mortal believers are remaining on the earth to enter into Christ's millennial kingdom. The fact is, there's a lot of differences between the two. I might also point out that according to the passage you just read the rapture will take place in the blink of an eye, whereas the second coming will be more drawn out. How do we know it's drawn out will. There's plenty of time for the antichrist to gather his forces to do battle against the coming of Christ. That's gonna take some time, whereas one is instant. The other is more drawn out. I think this is an awful lot of scriptural evidence of these are two distinct events, with 1 Taking Pl. before the tribulation. The other after the tribulations. What you say to those who say the first half of the tribulation will be relatively peaceful. Israel will be enjoying the security of the antichrist, so to speak first part of the tribulation. But then they extend that and said the first half is not can it be that bad. I disagree. I disagree to. In fact, there are some that try to argue that the first half of the tribulation doesn't really even have the wrath of God saying that's what they say. But it's very clear that the wrath of God is falling from the beginning. For one thing the Old Testament prophets would often describe the tribulation. As a whole, the entire seven-year. As the day of God's wrath. So God's wrath characterizes the entire period. Furthermore, look at the seal judgments which start relatively early in the true relation.

Those are all a manifestation of the wrath of God. After all, when Jesus unrolls each scroll a new judgment is inflicted upon the world.

Janet is true to say that the judgments go from bad to worse. But the bad ones are bad enough let me tell you, I would want to be there. Will put just touch on the people of the millennium. Just at the stage here to have you comment Jesus Christ were to come back after the tribulation and rapture, all the saints, and slay all the ungodly. The question has to be asked who on earth would be left to populate the earth during the millennium. Only the pretrip viewpoint can account for this postscript problem. The church is rapture before the tribulation.

A vast number of souls are saved during the seven year timeframe and those who make it through the tribulation go into the millennium while the unsaved are cast into hell. So this is the problem of the millennium which is begging the question that we've been asking here for almost an hour. How can there not to be a pretrip rapture that is a tremendous problem for all the other viewpoint down.

I've actually asked that question of post trips on live radio GNU know what dead air is that it is when you're doing a radio show and nobody is talking every time I've asked that question to a post-trip. There's been dead air because you cannot answer it.

The fact is the sheep and the goats will be gathered before Christ at the second coming and if there is a rapture at the second coming, the sheep of already been glorified.

How can they possibly now face cries for another gathering they've already been gathered to meet the Lord in the air and that's not to even deal with the brothers who are the brothers they can answer that either, but from a pretrip perspective. It makes great sense the brothers of the hundred and 44,000 Jewish witnesses. The only people who will treat them kindly will be Christians who know God's plan. The fact this is the sheep are judgment allowed to enter into the millennial kingdom while unbelievers show their apostates tape by treating the brothers badly.

They enter into eternal punishment to me again. It fits together like pieces and puzzle green run. The last year and 1/2 we've seen some incredible turmoil.

We've seen America in rapid decline we've seen globalism rising, and I often talk about the world economic forum on this platform. Here we've seen Christians and conservatives marginalized, and dare I say persecuted. We've seen government overreach. Included in that would be this whole mandatory vaccine effort which is getting more heavy-handed literally by the day. We've just seen a number of things in the last year and 1/2 or so we've seen geopolitical instability by what's happened over the summer in the Middle East. More specifically Afghanistan and how that's going to spread not only throughout the Middle East. The fallout from that tragic event that happened in August, but I think it's going to increase world terrorism literally around the world.

Having said that I'm only listed I think five bullet points here. What would you say to not only my listeners but to pastors as they face a time of discouragement and pastors have certainly gone through it with their churches shut down. That would much of 2020. They couldn't even congregate if they wanted to do and some didn't want to, but others certainly did.

How do you encourage number one listeners number two pastors. I would encourage everyone to revive your commitment to understanding Bible prophecy because Bible prophecy itself is an encouragement. The whole reason the book of Revelation was written was to give encouragement to those early Christians who were not just being persecuted but even martyred is one thing that prophecy tells us we win, they gotta keep in mind, God does not just tell us the future to show off.

He doesn't give us prophecy just to give us intellectual facts about eschatology. The fact is, prophecy is eminently practical because it is a life changing. If you truly believe in Bible prophecy, you not only understand that God is going to win, but that God has a purpose for the unfolding of human history as it is unfolding in our day. For example, we come to understand that much of the unrest in our world is causing many people to cry out for a world serve a globalist leader who will chart a clear path for the future. We start to understand that all of this is laying the groundwork for the future. Rise of the Antichrist. The more we understand prophecy. The more we accurately understand not just what's happening in our world.

But why it's happening. If you understand those things is going to change the way you live in a cause you to live righteously and in purity as you wait for the bridegroom to come for the bride which is his church. Hope you folks will take those words very, very seriously, if you'd like to better understand the topic we've covered now for a full hour. We've got a couple of books in my online store. One is by Dr. Dave Ragan, the rapture fact or fiction, that's just as little book for I think $10 and then we've got a book by Ed Heinsohn and Mark Hitchcock. Can we still believe in the rapture. Olive tree and go to our store. Plus, the books by Ron Rhodes that I've already referenced wonderful books. 40 days to Revelation.

If you're struggling to understand that book. Please check that one out. If you'd like more information on Ron Ron RHL DES Ron limit a lot of the program. You've heard me say this many many times and when to keep going until you have it memorized and Ron Rhodes.

Thanks for giving up an hour today appreciate so much what you do here is the saying when the time was right to see parted walls fell down the Lions when hungry. The sun stood still. The ways were calm. The stone was rolled away the clouds were parted and the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early. He's never late. He's always right on time and his plan for you is good.

I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you again next week and contact us through our website. Olive tree that's Olive tree call is simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 regular mail when you write to all true ministries of John Markel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible for many pulpits may overlook the spinal date issues. We will always have the front and center because they show us how everything is falling in place

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