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A World in Free Fall

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 27, 2021 8:00 am

A World in Free Fall

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 27, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor Jack Hibbs discussing our collapsing world as it is in free fall mode. What did you expect the predicted last days’ peril to look like? Reprobate minds cannot reason or draw proper conclusions. Can we be salt and light in the meantime? Are the pulpits addressing the critical issues of our day?

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Our question for the hour is this. What did you think the last days would look like? The host of the Behold, He Comes Prophecy Conference, September 11, Jack Hibbs. Could our times get any more bizarre?

Actually, yes, and they probably will. Jan and Jack discuss many issues this hour. Here is today's program. Jesus says, but you are not willing.

You aren't interested. Verse 38. See, or behold, your house has left you desolate. Jesus motions to the temple. So I say to you, you shall see me no more till you say, now this is the second coming. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. The next time Jesus comes back in the second coming, Israel will be shouting, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Did you know that? And in between those comings, the first coming and the second coming is you, us, the church age, and we are nearing the end, by the way. It's been 2000 years as we approach now the end of the church age, and we studied last time together regarding some of those aspects.

But as we look at this message after the Saints go marching in, this is what we remember. It's this we learned that there is left behind a world and free fall that when the church is raptured out of this world to meet Christ again, look at our first study later. The world is left into a condition where the Holy Spirit friends.

You read it a moment ago. The Holy Spirit doesn't leave the Earth. The Holy Spirit is taken out of the way right now. The Holy Spirit is working in the earth through the church and every believer to stand against evil. By the way, I need to ask myself as the Holy Spirit possesses my life.

Am I a Christian standing against evil? The Holy Spirit resist evil in this world at this time through the believers. It's not our strength.

It's his strength. It's not our presence. It's his presence. But when the church is deposited into the arms of Jesus at the rapture, the Holy Spirit doesn't leave the Earth. The Holy Spirit stands aside or he gets out of the way. He's removed out of the way. He doesn't leave.

He steps aside. And when that happens, evil is going to go breakneck crazy in a post-rapture world. That's what we learned. We learned about a post-rapture world. We learned that also there is left behind this great cry by the world for peace and safety. Read about that. We read about Daniel's prophecy chapter 8 verse 25, where the one that is coming called the Antichrist will deceive the world and answer their cry for peace and prosperity with his policies.

So glad you can join me for understanding the Times radio today. Are we standing against evil even in the church age? Well, we're going to talk about some of that here in the next hour. Could Earth be groaning any more than it is today?

The short answer is yes. And when the church is gone, things indeed will intensify. That would be that seven-year tribulation time. We're in a run-up to that now. I guess my question is, what did you think the end times would look like?

What did you think the last days would be characterized by? The short answer is exactly what you're seeing 24-7 today. In 18 months, we have seen, I would say, soft totalitarianism morph into a much stronger brand, even in supposedly free societies. We're hearing about the loss of Liberty Daily, and hearing about CDC green zones for certain people, including the unvaccinated. We're hearing about the loss of medical freedom, forced vaccinations on the horizon, and more. Turmoil is global, and now we have Afghanistan fallout, and I think that's going to really shake up parts of the Middle East, and possibly the world, but certainly we'll start with the Middle East. We have Christians suffering unspeakably.

We have endless lawlessness, starting quite frankly in Washington DC, and other capitals, and it's staggering. Is the church addressing any of this? I am skeptical. I know one church is, and I have the pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills online with me from California, and by the way, Jack is hosting a conference in just a couple of weeks, Saturday, September 11th. It's called Behold He Comes. We're going to talk about it a little bit., a $5 pass is going to allow you to have a lot of streaming information that day, and following that particular event, so we'll say more about that throughout the hour. Pastor Jack Hibbs, welcome back to the program. Thanks for having me, and you were a little bit humble there regarding that conference. I think everybody needs to know, Jan, that by your graciousness, this conference that's coming up is really a legacy that you began 25 years ago, in your great conferences that you would host annually. I know on behalf of Amir Sarfati and Barry Stagner, myself and a whole lot of others, we're very grateful and thankful to you, Jan, for your generosity. Well, I pass the baton off to you. Certainly in the immediate future, a situation in my home state is the land of 10,000 lakes and 10,000 riots, Jack. We've got some issues going on in Minnesota, and I know you do as well in California, but thank you for taking the baton, and we'll do our very best on September 11th.

I'll say more about it as we go into the hour here. What I want to do, Jack, is encourage folks a little bit today, and that comes right out of the Bible, Hebrews 10, says we're to encourage one another all the more as we see the day drawing near. The day is drawing near, the day of the Lord's return. But we have chaos, and I'm throwing the microphone to you. I mean, it is so difficult to exhort at a time when things are collapsing, but you've been doing that on a weekly basis in your various messages. As we're looking, surveying the situation right now, how would you do that to my listeners? Jan, I know that your bulk of listeners are people who are in the know, so you have a special audience. In other words, the group that you have established over the years through your, really, discipleship with a strong eschatology, a strong end time or Bible prophecy view. We have loved the teachings. I too had the privilege of growing up in a church that loved the fact Christ was coming, be ready, and Bible prophecy.

Now all of a sudden, it's no longer a theory. We don't just talk about it and wonder, well, what's it going to be like when things really start happening? Well, I'd like to put it this way, and I know this is what I shared with you before we got on the air today, is that God's been encouraging me personally in 1 Thessalonians 5, because we've studied Bible prophecy, but now these things are coming, and it would be kind of odd for us to say, oh my gosh, I'm losing heart. I'm scared. I'm threatened to panic.

No, no, no, wait. This is what we've prepared ourselves for. I encourage all of your listeners to later on slowly read 1 Thessalonians 5, because it's quite amazing. He tells us there, Paul does, that this day that's coming, it's not going to overtake us as a thief. We will not be tricked.

We walk in the light. That's why all of us are tempted to be a little over concerned right now, because we see the rapid and almost unmasking, no pun intended, but the unmasking of America, where now we know what has been the truth, is that the United States has been weak for decades, and we didn't know that, but now the mask is off. We see the US, it's rapidly, Jan, going to be most likely removed from the world's sense of influence. We see China right now. Yeah, we see China offering the Middle East coverage, strength, and support.

China's very smart. They're saying that, I know you were friends with America, but look what they've done to you. We will never do that to you. So this is the end of the US, but that's not for us to panic about. We look to the scripture and we're ready.

I see the world entirely upside down. Righteous people, quite frankly, are now the terrorists. I think there is terrible persecution that could be ahead of us.

People are losing jobs over various issues, primarily vaccine issues. Let me ask you a question, Pastor Jack Hibbs. How much of man's wrath do you think the church will see? And we have to clarify, there's man and Satan's wrath, and then there's God's wrath. God's wrath is saved only for the tribulation. It's saved only for the unbelieving world, but nonetheless, we look at believers in Nigeria and other places. So let's just take to the Western world. How much of man's wrath do you think the church might see? That's a great question, and yet I think it's a question that we've all been thinking about down deep inside, is clearly now we know, like a virus, that starts out at a location. In this sense, I'm talking about the virus of persecution.

Let's talk about it that way. As you and I speak, it's continuing to go on in Afghanistan. It could spill over into Iraq. You can get into the Kurdish territory. It could start happening in Turkey. We know it's already almost exterminated all believers in Syria. What about Lebanon? This is like, think of it as a spiritual virus in a sense, persecution is loose.

It's out. This is something that when we think about the West, we have been sheltered by the mercy and sheer pleasure of God for a long time. If you think about the light and the influence and the Bible and the word that God has given to America, and to see what America has done with that by evicting God from school, from the courtroom, from the city center, to tell God, we're going to tell you, God, what marriage is.

And oh, by the way, we'll determine not only what life is, we'll determine if something is even valuable enough to live. America has been given great light. So can we expect no persecution in America? Jan, we've talked about this in private before, where I coined the phrase on this white collar persecution, meaning we're under attack now by intimidation as a church, right? Churches are being mocked, ridiculed, attacked, threatened. We'll sue you if you open your doors, or we'll sue you if you speak about this.

That's persecution in a white collar fashion. But we learned in 2020 that it takes one event, one brick, one shot, one agitator to burn down a city. And somebody could say, hey, you know what? The Christians are responsible for what's going on right now.

And you might say, well, that's crazy, Jack. Well, you know, Europe blamed the bubana plague on the Jews, and it could happen. We just must be ready. I don't say that to scare anybody. I hope it doesn't happen. No, I agree, we have to be ready.

Absolutely. You're listening to Understanding the Times Radio. I'm Jan Markell. I'm so pleased to have on the line from Southern California, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California. Learn more at

Also, the website of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, In Real Life with Jack Hibbs. Jack, I want to play a quick clip. Let me just set the stage by saying a couple of weeks ago, we featured an evening with Michelle Bachman talking about the tide of our times and allowing for some Q&A, similar to your format of happening now. And I want to play a short clip and then come back and talk about what Michelle has to say.

And it's a warning. It's a little bit like what we've already talked about. My question to my audience that night and even today is what did you think the last days would look like? Probably how they're playing out.

I would say today in terms of life, now we're getting to the present issue that's on the stage. It's the 900-pound gorilla in the room, which is the forced vaccinations. When government tells you what you must do, inject something in your body, that's never happened in the history of the United States.

It's never happened. But it has happened in evil governments and other parts of the world. This is even almost beyond that, to force everyone to take a vaccine that hasn't gone through all the trials. And then now, if you look at the VAERS reporting system, there's tremendous injuries, many, many deaths that have been reported. And so a government doesn't just force everyone to take something like that against their will. Here in the state of Minnesota, like I had said earlier, Governor Walz announced that every state employed, that's a lot of people. That's a lot of people.

To force them to take this, we were all told the University of Minnesota would not mandate. Now they're back flipping, forcing. You've got to ask yourself, what does this have to do with science? What does this have to do with health? What does this have to do with control? And that's really the essence of your question, is control. Who gets to decide? Because what we are witnessing is the end of democracy, the end of a constitutional republic. Because the gift that we have is we got to choose, just like Deuteronomy. They got to choose. Here in America, we got to choose through elections, through the laws that we live under. That's over.

That's over. When you steal a presidential election, when you steal from us laws, because every single day, it is utter and complete lawlessness coming out of Washington, DC, every single day. They don't follow the law. They take away rights that we had, just like that. They don't even think twice. They don't care.

Because they just speak it, and that's the way that it is. And that is bizarre. I have been in this game my entire life. A student of the law, a practitioner of the law. I was a federal tax lawyer. I was in the state and local government. I served in the Minnesota State Senate with Senator Warren Lemmer. I was privileged to serve in the US Congress. I was at every single level that you could be at.

Internationally, I was there. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. It is breathtaking. So when all of you think, whoa, I'm saying with you, whoa, there's never been anything like this before. And that's why we need to wake up and understand the times as believers. If we look at it through the lens of the Bible, all of this makes sense. All of this was predicted. The apostasy in the church, the apathy in the church, the rise of the filth like the days of Noah, the burden of government everywhere. This is all predicted in the Bible. And that's why the birth pangs are very, very close now.

They're very, very close, and they're very, very intense. So I agree with Jan. Jesus is at the door. He is at the door. He is coming through. Mary and Arthur, come, Lord Jesus. Folks, if you'd like to hear the 90-minute presentation that night, it's on my website, And just go to video, and you can see it's about 90 minutes of a message and discussion. And we ended with a very positive closing by Pastor Mark Henry. Jack, your response to what you just heard? I can't better that. Michelle hit the nail on the head.

I'll just add this. To what she said, previously in all of our generations, and certainly for the 64 years that I've been here on this planet, there have been events that Christians got excited about because it's like, oh my gosh, could this be Ezekiel battle, or could this be Jan? We used to get excited over one event that would take place. We now have events going on simultaneously that are not going away.

Michelle is correct. And I want to remind and underscore the fact that all this now is happening for the first time in human history, where the Church and Israel exist on the Earth at the exact same time. That means that the Church Age is about over any day now. And as we look at the things that she was saying, these things should not cause us to panic. We should look at 1 Thessalonians 5 and read it and say, oh my gosh, these are the times and the seasons that the Bible talked about. So I can expect my church to be attacked, my faith to be attacked, my marriage to be attacked.

Everything now has a purpose, and we are being refined. I don't believe COVID ravaged the church, and it's to blame. God allowed it.

He may not have caused it, but he allowed it. And every ministry, as every believer, as every pastor, was tested, and now we're being tested again. We have to have it this way, Jan. It's the way that it was promised. The prophet Jeremiah said, if you've walked in these difficult times and you've become tired, what are you going to do when the Jordan begins to overflow its banks and the chariots arrive?

That's a word of encouragement, not to frighten you. These are the times and the seasons. We don't know the day or the hour, but I tell you what, I am certain that these are the times and the seasons that Paul spoke about. As referenced, the lawlessness is shocking. Now I'm talking about lawlessness just coming out of Washington, DC, a political party completely out of control.

By the way, and I've been following your California drama there, and I know you had Larry Elder at your church recently, and I think you've even been the one to encourage Larry Elder to run for governor of California. Correct, and this election will probably officially, I have to, sorry, laugh about the word official. The voting began somewhere about August 15th or 16th. The last day to vote will be September 14th.

This was the rules created by the Democrat party in California. But already, Jan, I have documented, by the way, documented, I repeat, pastors' phone calls where they said, yes, you can record this what I'm about to tell you, Pastor Jack. Ballots have already been found in trash cans.

Really? Photographs have been taken of them. I've got people who have taken videos and said, look what I'm finding here.

One pastor I know was driving down the street, saw some documents on the side of the highway that he thought looked somewhat important. He pulled over. He grabbed them. They were opened.

He recognized them immediately. There were ballots regarding the special recall election of Gavin Newsom. Every one of those ballots said, yes, Newsom should be removed. And the second question on the ballot was, who do you want to replace them with?

And these were Larry Elder voters. The point is, it's already started. That's why we documented it, because, of course, when you say these things, everybody says, no, that's not true.

Well, you know, you deal with it yourself. We're living it here right now. And it's not yet September 14. Larry Elder could win in a massive landslide. We're seeing rallies and people driving down the street with, it looks like they traded in their Trump flags for Larry Elder flags. And what does that mean? Well, in California, it doesn't mean anything, because there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Look, it's the largest recall in American history, 2.2 million people. That's Republican and Democrats united to throw him out of office. Now let's see how it goes.

Just a quick word again. Saturday, September the 11th would be the Behold He Comes Prophecy Conference. In-person seating, I believe, is taken up at this point. But we are encouraging you to go to and sign up as a church, sign up as an individual.

The individual pass is just $5. And churches, you can do the $5 if you'd like. Or if you'd like a lot more technical support, then check out And you can sign up for that.

It would be a little bit more costly. But the church will be assisting you in every way possible. Pastor Jack Hibbs, Amir Sarfati, Pastor Barry Stagner, yours truly. We're going to be bringing some messages, a Q&A. And I know folks are coming from across the country because I've heard from them. Jack took the baton of understanding the times, conferencing that we did in Minneapolis from 2001 through 2019. And some years, we did two events, which ran up a total of 24 events in those years. Obviously, Minnesota's had its issues.

So is California. But Jack is willing to take the plunge. Saturday, September the 11th, it started 9 AM Pacific, 9 AM Pacific time.

If you get the $5 pass, you can watch it a year later if you want to. Just quickly, Jack, I want to move to another issue here. World Economic Forum was to meet in, I believe in August. We're running out of August. But they moved their session to, I believe it's January or February 2022. I see them as the ultimate globalist outfit, the ultimate in trying to establish global government. And we can further discuss this on the other side of my break too. I want to get your feedback as to the fact that they've moved, shoved the goalposts down into the next year. And they want to establish their great reset, which would be, I believe, globalism, possibly under global socialism or global communism.

Where do you see that going? I'm being conditioned at a time right now. I don't like the word conditioned. Maybe prepared.

How about that? As I look around, as we spoke a moment ago, all of these other indicators happening simultaneously. Many of us as believers have learned over the years that the enemy, the flesh, the devil, has no self-control.

When evil gets going, it just goes for it, like toothpaste flying out of a tube. I can expect, if it doesn't happen, fine. But I can expect the momentum and the inertia to keep going. I expect movement toward the global reset. I expect movement toward the cashless society. I expect, sad to say, but biblically accurate, I expect people to happily surrender their freedoms and liberties and Constitution. Listen, Jan, for instant safety, instant calm, give me a shot or give me a mark.

Give me a code. Give me your promise that I'm OK. Notice, Jan, for the last 18 months, no one has been allowed to get sick. There's been no more pneumonia. There's been no more diabetes, no more heart attacks.

There's been no more car accidents. Everyone is terrified of a cough. If somebody coughs in a grocery store, the whole place goes silent. Why? We're afraid we're going to get sick. Why are you afraid you're going to get sick?

Could be COVID or could do Delta or could be whatever. Why are you afraid of that? Because I could die.

Why are you afraid of death? That's the key. That's where we, as believers, need to capitalize on what's going on here. In a negative way, Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton said, we need to take advantage of a crisis every opportunity.

Well, guess what, everybody? As Christians, we don't take advantage of crises. What we do is we run into the fire. We run, so to speak, to the sickness. And we shout and preach and share the name of Jesus and the hope. Because what happens if you get the vaccine or not, you don't get COVID or you survive COVID or not, and you walk out of your house and get hit by a truck or you die of old age, your eternal destination is still the same. And without Jesus, it's called hell. With him, it's called heaven. This is the evangelistic moment for the church. God has given us a gift. When people are scared as they are, the gospel is the only answer.

Yes. Thank you for saying that, Jack. I totally concur with that. That's going to backfire on these globalists. They've tried to scare the world. People can hardly think straight. They're so frightened. But hopefully, that will frighten them right into the kingdom of God, particularly if they don't know the Lord.

Believers shouldn't be frightened about anything. Again, this was all predicted for a last day's scenario. We didn't have the details, but we have the details now. Folks, if you'd like to keep up with what Jack is doing, he's on radio. He's on many, many stations, some of the same networks that Understanding the Times Radio is on. If you're hearing me on Bot and the various locations that I'm airing on, you can find Jack Hibbs on them as well, as well as online. Check out Real Life with Jack Hibbs.

Real Life with Jack Hibbs. Here's where I want to go yet in the hour, Pastor Jack. And that is, I want to talk just a little bit more about Afghanistan. We've got a bunch of believers, lots of them, that are stuck in Afghanistan right now. And they're praying for a miracle, literally. And folks, you can be involved in that miracle.

So I hope you will. But then, Jack, you gave a series. This is, in the last few months, you gave a series on Romans 1. And I personally think four of the most terrifying words in the Bible are, God gave them over. We have a world now that's crumbling. And many Christians are attached, I think too attached to the world. But I want to talk about your series on Romans 1 here as well, and also the importance of understanding the information that the King is coming.

And that's the ultimate good news, is God has a glorious future prepared for all of us. And we will do that when I come right back from a very short time out. Again, Would you check it out, please? For $5, you're going to get months' worth of material that you can tap into.

There'll be some behind-the-scenes activity going on that will be filmed. So you want to take advantage of everything that Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California will be offering, not just that day, but in the weeks and months following September 11. We'll be back in a couple of minutes.

Don't go away. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through That's You can call us Central Time at 763-559-4444. That's 763-559-4444. Write us through the mail at Olive Tree Ministries and Jan Markell, Post Office Box 1452, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311. That's Box 1452, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible. In this age of fake news and false teaching, thank you for trusting Understanding the Times Radio and Olive Tree Ministries. It's right around the corner now, so why not get it on your calendar and plan to live stream this timely event? Behold He Comes is the West Coast Prophecy Conference on September 11th at Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California, 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Pacific time.

All seats are taken, but you can stream the event live or on demand anytime for just $5. Here is Pastor Jack Hibbs. Hi, I'm Pastor Jack Hibbs, and I want to encourage you, Pastor, to join us for a live stream event on September 11th, that's a Saturday, 2021, where we are going to be hosting a very special Bible Prophecy Conference titled Behold He Comes.

My goodness, around the world, there are so many things going on that herald the coming of Jesus. So we're going to get together, and I'm going to be joined with special guest speakers, Amir Serfati and Jan Markell and Barry Stagner, as we spend Saturday, September 11th, streaming live various teachings concerning what does the Bible say about our days. We believe it's going to be a great opportunity for you to gather your church together and have a tremendous time of being in the Word. We'd love to have you join us. It'd be very exciting. So listen, to find out more, please go to,, and we hope to see you online.

This opens up a new injury where we're losing again and we've lost again. I encourage people, get your eyes off CNN and Fox and everything else and into what God's Word says because He will never fail. We know you can't always be via radio, so just remember that our programming is posted to our website in both its audio and video format. Just go to, that's, and then to radio.

You can also find us on YouTube, Rumble, Light Source, and His channel. Now here are Jan Markell and Pastor Jack Hibbs to wrap up today's programming. Jesus said that there would be a time to come in these last days that would depict ever-darkening days before He would return. The Bible makes it very clear, friend, listen, if you're not familiar, the return of Jesus Christ to earth is not gonna be a surprise for people who are aware of what the Bible says. And Jesus said there's certain things to be looking for that will indicate what we refer to as the end of the world. Jesus spoke clearly that there would be key indicators that would lead up to a crescendo of ungodliness and unrighteousness and that would announce a cataclysmic era that would commence with what is called the rapture of the church. And from that time on, the Bible says it would be the judgment of God on earth against a Christ-rejecting world, the seven-year tribulation period.

And I wanna run you through this, and again, a long introduction, but we're gonna go as far as we can today. This is serious business, church. I know from this last week's response from people that you will not be hearing a sermon like this anywhere else in America on a Sunday morning.

That was made clear to me. Jesus said that there had come a time of escalation of deception against truth. In Matthew 24, verse 35, and I'm gonna read you this, but you ask yourself if it's true. Now as he sat, that's Jesus, sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, tell us, when will these things be, what will be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age or the end of the world, a three-part question there. And Jesus answered and said to them, take heed that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name, saying, I am the Christ and will deceive many.

An escalation of deception against the truth. Jesus said that was gonna come. He said that 2,000 years ago. 2,000 years ago, Jesus said there would come an escalation of the deconstruction of society. In Genesis chapter 1, verse 27, the Bible says, so God created man in his own image.

Mark that, church. In the image of God, he created him. Male and female, he created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, be fruitful and multiply. Jesus said there's gonna come a time as we get near the end of an escalation of deconstruction regarding society.

God's pattern was, I have made human beings in my image male and female, I've created them. Jesus said there would come an escalation of calamities on earth. They would increase. Matthew 24, verse 7, and there will be famines, pestilence, earthquakes in various places, and all these things, Jesus said, are the beginning of sorrows. Escalation of calamities. Oh, my, the escalation of calamities. I was listening to Germany's president, Angela Merkel, recently, and she was referring to the floods in Germany over the summer. She said this, staggering.

She said, the German language cannot describe the devastation. It's the birth pangs. And you're wondering, why is everything out of control? I believe it's because Jesus is saying, hey, I am coming soon.

And the birth pangs are going to escalate the closer we get to my return. I want to quickly go to the situation in Afghanistan from a prophetic perspective for just a moment, and also a plea for believers over there. I'm talking for the hour with Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California. Had the privilege of ministering there on a couple of occasions and will again Saturday, September the 11th.

You can find out more about Jack, Pastor Jack, the prophetic significance, I think, and please speak into this, of the Afghanistan situation, America's pullout, et cetera, clearly the whole world, but particularly the players in the Gog, Magog, Ezekiel 38, 39 scenario, now know America is the weak player on the planet that she has no loyalty to anybody, including Israel, and that is alluded to in Ezekiel chapter 38, where the nations of the world, America obviously included, just stand back and say to the invaders of Israel, what are you doing? But they don't actually do anything.

Well, that's Joe Biden on steroids. The nations of the world previously understood that even when we had a change in power from Republican, Democrat, Democrat to Republican, that America still stood for its constitutional values. It was a beacon and the world could look to that beacon and trusted that beacon. And now we see where a tremendous peace and stability had come to the Middle East, the Abraham Accords. There were a lot of talk about Nobel Peace prizes, people stopped attacking each other. There was this calm and investments began to rush into the region. People began to experience a better standard of living and now it's gone.

Like someone pulling a plug in a bathtub, the water quickly has gone down in the matter of months. The destabilization, so now the United States is no longer a factor in the Middle East. This sets up Russia and any other partner like Persia to do what they want to do.

The Bible tells us, and this is what's fun, Jen, we don't have to make this up. The Bible tells us that Israel is going to be the ultimate target. They're going to be the one that's in the way. Russia is going to want the resources of the Middle East and Persia wants the Jewish state destroyed.

They'll team up together, even though they can't stand each other, to accomplish each other's goals for each other's own advancement. And the great thing is we've read Ezekiel and they're not going to succeed. The God of Heaven steps in. The Jews at that point will begin to see, I believe it means, Jen, that Jews will begin to wake up. I don't think the whole nation is going to get saved. I think the scale is going to be lifted from the eyes. The Jews are going to start seeing that God delivered us from this Russian-Persian battle. I think we're, of course, closer on the calendar than ever.

I mean, it does take Einstein to figure that out. But what we are closer to is policy. You cannot trust the United States anymore to protect you because Biden did not honor the peace and the calm. What he had to do, Jen, is leave Afghanistan alone.

It was working fine. There are pastors across Afghanistan. They're asking for urgent prayer. They say we are hidden right now in different areas. Several pastors have said the Taliban have already contacted them and warned they will come for them. Then you had a comment, too, I think, Jack, about their checking cell phones of some of the Christians. Talk to me about that for a minute.

I'll be careful with what I'll say because I can agree with you, Jen. Those pastors that you spoke to, that's 100% accurate. They are systematically checking everyone to see if they have a cell phone, and then they'll go through that cell phone to see if there's any U.S. phone numbers. And Bible apps, they're searching for your Google search to see, does you search things that were Christian?

What's that all about? Well, you as a secularist could ponder, and you may be correct in many ways, but as a believer, we know that this act is not Taliban. It's the demons behind Taliban that operate it.

These things are happening. The church in Afghanistan is being martyred now as we speak. Gary Bauer writes, this fiasco is a colossal defeat for the United States. Massive amounts of U.S. weaponry falling into the hands of the enemies. Some Afghan security forces are reportedly fleeing to Iran with U.S. equipment. In just a few weeks, when the 20th anniversary of 9-11 rolls around, the Taliban will have their feet up on the desks in our embassy. Their flag will be on the flagpole that flew the Stars and Stripes for nearly 20 years. There will likely be Taliban-led celebrations all over, including Tehran, Beijing, Kabul, Moscow, etc. The Taliban spokesman is on Twitter while Donald Trump is banned.

I think that is symbolic of our completely upside-down society today, which again is predicted. Pray for all of those folks in Afghanistan, but there are many, many believers, and believe me, they are in the bullseye of evil. Jack, I teased for a segment that you did a series on Romans. Actually, you did a series before that on futures, and we talked about it on air here. And you did that because in the last year and a half, people from other churches have visited your church, and you realized they needed some of the basics. And we talked about some of the basics, at least as it concerns the eschatological basics in the last time you were with me, but right now I'm heading a little bit more over to what I teased with, and that is the frightening words, God gave them over. God, eventually, when a society doesn't want to turn to him, he gives them over to a reprobate mind. You taught on that. You also told me about some response that I don't think you expected.

First, tell me why you went into this series, and then some of the response. Yeah, it became really obvious that as we, being the church, opened during the COVID shutdowns and everything, so people began flocking to the church. What we did not expect was, who are these people? We began, after services, to get questions from people. They'd have a Bible in their hand, but they would say things like, is the Holy Spirit, is it an actual person, or is it like a force or influence to, you said Jesus is coming back, you mean literally, physically?

So we knew, oh, what's going on? We've become like a foster church with all these children who don't know. So I announced to the staff, and I announced to the church after the Futures series, I said, we, by necessity, we must go verse by verse, chapter by chapter, sometimes now word for word, in the book of Romans on Sundays, and Hebrews on Wednesdays, to lay the new foundation for many of you. And I was shocked to see how many of them even made decisions for Christ. In fact, Jan, our last baptism, we had almost 1,400 people baptized. The baptism before that was 1,200 people baptized. So in the last half year, we've seen 2,500 people baptized.

What's the deal? Speaking, teaching on Romans, when we came to the portions of sexuality and homosexuality and all the things that's listed there in Romans 1, the shock was how many people responded where the Holy Spirit just struck their heart on that, and they were convicted and they accepted Christ. We didn't get ticketed. We didn't get people out in front, throwing bricks at the building or calling me even a homophobe. There were people upset that we talked about it, but also saying, I don't like what I'm hearing, but it's making me think, and that was God's mercy and his grace and his favor, because we didn't take it lightly. We took it seriously, and I told the church, if we're willing to empty out the seats of this sanctuary to save five people who are lost in that lifestyle, then it's going to be worth it. And we believe that, and then what God wound up doing was saving many in that lifestyle, but then turning around and just bringing people that are hungry for the word. And yet again, Janet's another indicator that we're living in the last moments.

If there's anything, Pastor Jacobs, we need desperately. Obviously, it's sound government. Maybe we're going to wait now until Jesus rules on the throne of Jerusalem before we're going to ever see that again. I kind of think so. Even as we speak, some laws are trying to be passed in Washington.

So we'll have one party rule for however long we have left. I so long for the days of Mike Pompeo, rather than some of the antics that we're observing here in the last eight months or so. You had Mike in your church real recently, and I'd like to play a short clip of him and just talk about that for a minute, because actually you spent most of the time with the Q&A with him, which I just thought it was captivating. This was a great story. It was my second trip to North Korea to visit with Chairman Kim. You'll recall that Chairman Kim had returned an American fellow named Otto Warmbier to the United States, only to have him die a few hours later from his maltreatment in the detainment, the place he'd been held there in North Korea.

We wanted desperately to get the remaining three Americans back out. And so I'd taken the first trip when I was CIA director. It was a secret trip. It was really special. I left on Good Friday early in the morning and I got back late on Easter Sunday night. None of you knew I was there.

It was the only thing that didn't leak during my four years. My wife was happy that that news hadn't gotten out. But the second trip, about two o'clock in the afternoon, the meeting with Chairman Kim was ending, and I turned to Chairman Kim and said, President of the United States would like the three Americans you're holding to be put on my airplane and allowed to return alongside of me. He didn't say yes. The meeting wrapped up just a little bit later. As I was walking out, he turns to me and through a translator says, Does the president really want those three home? Yes, Mr. Chairman. It's his expectation. So I get back to the airport, climb up on the plane, and my senior team member on the plane says, Mr. Secretary, they just came and got a couple of our guys and they took them off in a white van, and we don't know where they went, and the van showed back up on the airport.

It was a handful of minutes later. And out of the van climbed my two officers, a couple of North Korean guards, and then the three Americans who had been detained in North Korea. I have to love President Trump. It was amazing. I still, when I talk about it, it's very emotional for me. When they climbed off the airplane, the senior gentleman on the flight back from Pyongyang through Tokyo and then on to Washington, D.C., had put on a three-by-five Cartosome that he wanted me to have for having kept the faith and brought them back home.

I bet you'll love this. I've been the Secretary of State for all of about two weeks at this point. And so when we get back, we transferred. I got back on a plane that got back about 10 minutes before the three detainees returned to Joint Base Andrews. And I walked in and everyone cheered because the world knew that these folks were on their way home.

Television was covering what would have been about midnight California time. And I walked in and everybody said thanks. And then Mrs. Trump said to me, well, what's your next trick? I'm not, you know, the truth is I'm not sure that I achieved anything that was as personally rewarding as seeing those three men returned home to their families. Jack, listening to Mike Pompeo at your church here very recently, I found myself longing for sound government again. And obviously we have anything but that going on right now.

Honestly, how do we deal with the insanity and the lunacy going on in Washington and how it affects every listener? Well, first of all, just hearing Secretary Mike's voice again is comforting. A man of true faith. I don't know if your listeners know that, but he's a true born-again believer who loves the Lord. In fact, Jen, a little back note on this while he was speaking at church, him and Susan, his wife during worship, the secretary said, can Susan and I go and visit the children's ministry while it's under way? Most specifically the fifth grade. We love teaching the fifth grade back in Kansas at our Sunday school. Can we see your fifth grade kids? They walked into our fifth grade kids sanctuary and just without invitation and without prompting. They just walked up there, grabbed the microphone and began talking to the kids about the Lord.

And it was just amazing. But Jan getting back to what you had said. This is what we need to do in times of uncertainty, but concerning the times and the seasons bread and you have no need that I should write unto you for you yourselves. No perfectly that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night for when they say listen up everybody when they that's not you.

It's not Jack. That's not Jan when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. They shall not escape but you brethren are not in darkness so that this day will overtake you as a thief. You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep as others do it, but let us watch and be sober for those who sleep sleep at night and for those who get drunk at night, but let us who are of the day be sober putting on the breastplate of faith and love and as a helmet the hope the assurance of salvation for God has not appointed us to wrath, but to attain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us that whether we wake or sleep that is live or die. We shall live together with him therefore comfort each other here. It is Jan comfort each other and edify one another just as you are also doing currently that means we're doing it now.

That's what we need to do. Let me ask you this because you've traveled in the world of fellow pastors for more than 30 years. How many churches do you think are really getting it? And when I say that I mean how many churches fully understand the times and are literally having a pulpit that's a watchman on the wall because what I'm hearing from people that have been following this ministry for a while and the greatest cry out there is where can I find a church Etc telling the truth and looking to the Lord's return and things like that. It tells me that the pulpits are in terrible shape in the Western world. Am I right you are exactly right the people listening to you right now. They know you're right. They've witnessed it watching it. You say something to the effect is 10% of the churches out there a New Testament Church.

I don't know. I could only from 40,000 feet as we watch the weather patterns if I was watching a low pressure sweep across our nation the best that we can do because when you begin to look at areas by and large the mega church has been by far, I think a failure it may have been big it may have been sparkly, but it's local effect its witness its candlelight. So to speak appears to be snuffed out many mega churches even still to this time if not fully opened. I'm hoping Jan like you are that there is a string of pearls across America that are little churches committed and going for it and not denying his name and they're keeping the word their Philadelphia and churches that has got to be true. I don't want to be saying like the great prophet said, you know, I alone am left when God says no, I've got 7,000 that still remain the Lord's faithful to have his witness again. I believe that we're living at a time where God is using things.

He may not have invented covid, but he's used it as an acid wash to strip away the dross to see what's there. I got an email Jack that I'm going to read very short. This is coming from a supporter who found herself on a plane with some Jewish unbelievers. They were American Jews. They're going back to Israel. They've never lived there, but they're headed there now and she writes this about this experience. She being the Jewish lady sitting next to her.

She continued to tell me that she and her husband have lived here in America for a number of years very happy very comfortable very wealthy. They both were awakened in their sleep a couple of months back looking and asking each other why they were awake. They both said we're supposed to go home and these are Jewish unbelievers. We're supposed to go home go home not for a visit, but to live there to leave America to leave our comfort to leave our wealth. They shook the feeling they thought but it kept coming unrest. No peace.

These were her words. So here is this family on their long home journey to Israel. They don't understand why except that they are supposed to return no job.

No home. I already know that Jewish lady was saying and she pointed to her heart that we have peace in our heart again. These are Jewish unbelievers seated next to a Christian who is talking to them and interacting my supporter says in reading scripture. I always struggled with how God would begin to bring his people home to the land.

And now he has answered. Of course, the only way God can Jack course, that's very untime ish God's going to bring not all the Jews back, but many of them back to the land of Israel. Then he's really going to begin his last day's work in them. Obviously preparation for the tribulation for those who don't get saved your thoughts on this. What you just read has been going on from about what we first historically began to read about it. That in like 1885 1890 Jews all around the world began to say we are going to go home. Then we have the remarkable and I believe it was an act of God when Ronald Reagan said to Gorbachev. Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.

That was a fantastic photo op for a lot of reasons and it was certainly a humanitarian blessing. But what we fail to know at the moment was that that wall going down open the door for a minimum of 600,000 Russian Jews born in Russia, but they were Jews to relocate to make Aliyah to Israel. And I remember when that happened and Isaiah 43 says that God will say the West my people shall come he will say to the east go home.

He says I will invite them from the south and they will come but this is amazing. He says I will command the north let my people come that's interesting because Moscow is north of Jerusalem to the maximum and I find it fantastic that when Reagan said tear down this wall. Nobody know that God was moving through political players the door for his people to start coming home. If somebody's a non-believer today happen to be listening to your program right now.

If they were to say you can't prove the existence of God. I actually believe I can but that's another argument, but I'd like to start by saying one word and that is you explained to me this one word Israel. Yes, you explained that to me a nation that existed throughout antiquity ceased to exist for 2,000 years kept their culture kept their language kept their ethnicity. So to speak and its practices and then to be reconstituted on May 14 1948 never happened before in the history of man. It's not going to happen again. And Isaiah said shall I bring forth my nation and be reborn in one day?

So Israel I could challenge anyone's atheism with one word and it's Israel explain it. Thank you for doing that Jack. Do you want to issue one more invitation concerning September 11th, you know, we're meeting on a significant day, obviously the 20th anniversary of something dreadful that happened to America and not only dreadful to America the world has never been the same since September 11th because radical Islam brutally exposed itself. Not that we hadn't seen shades of that before we had 1993 and some activity in the Middle East Etc.

But September 11th 2001 not one of my listeners can't well, they know where they were that day and how they felt that day. So we're meeting on the 20th anniversary for behold. He comes a whole lot more glorious and uplifting message than that of having to consider radical Islam, which also is raising its ugly head as we speak. Wow, you caught me off guard there Jen have mixed emotions about that because number one, I'm joyful and excited about the conference and the content because the content will be Bible.

Amen. So that's going to be great and that's ultimately the meaning of it all. The downside is the fact that in light of this debacle by our present Administration to say that this September 11th is going to add insult to injury to us is an understatement. It reopens a wound but in this case it may reopen a wound with a chainsaw because we have spent billions of dollars blood and so much more and we will be acknowledging that day. But since this recent debacle, yes, it is going to be a very bitter day and a sad day because it's a day that is announcing we've lost again.

We not only lost 20 years ago on that Tuesday morning that we all remember where we were standing, but this opens up a new injury where we're losing again and we've lost again. I encourage people get your eyes off CNN and Fox and everything else and into what God's Word says because he will never fail. Amen. Check the various postings that Pastor Jack Hibbs presents Real Life with Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California, and to register for that conference online only. Just five dollars and you get so much for that five dollars.

You can get all sorts of presentations behind the scenes. Well forever and ever. I know it's a lot of websites I just gave you but I want to close with some words out of Psalm 2 because we've talked about some troubling things today. Psalm 2 says this why do the nation's rage and the people's plot in vain the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord against his anointed saying let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.

This is the part I love he who sits in the heavens laughs the Lord holds them in derision. Then he will speak to them in his wrath and terrify them in his fury saying as for me. I have set my king on Zion my holy hill in other words evil doesn't win forever folks. Someday there will be a reckoning and evil doers will be judged forever. Someday perfect government is coming with Jesus on the throne in Jerusalem. I say bring it on may it be well real soon.

It's a terrible tribulation that has to happen first, but then the millennial reign of Jesus Christ on earth. I want to thank you for listening this hour and we will talk to you again next week. We get our mail when you write to Olive Tree Ministries and Jan Markell Box 1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 55311.

That's Box 1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. It's a privilege and a challenge to be born to such a time as this. Can we be salt and light in spite of the darkening culture? God allows all that is happening and we always remind you that everything is falling into place.
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