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Coming Next: Revival or Rapture?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 25, 2021 8:00 am

Coming Next: Revival or Rapture?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 25, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell and her guests, Pastors Tom Hughes and Mark Henry, first ask if the next event is a revival/great awakening or the Rapture of the Church? Then they consider the failed prophecies of many modern-day prophets concerning the 2020 election and more. Have the standards for prophets changed from Bible times when no mistakes were allowed? Equip yourself to better answer those who are perplexed by these issues.

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Have the standards for the office of profit change for biblical times. The problem there are those who were saying that there's going to be this great revival fifth grade awakening and the result is that many were talking about Christian are still holding out hope in this world, which has the effect of delay, even dismantling any urgency concerning the Lord's soon return welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the residence brought to you by Olive tree ministries. They Jan has a discussion on apologetics with two pastors Tom Hughes and Mark Henry.

First they ask are we awaiting a revival in a spiritual awakening or is next event, the rapture of the church then examined modern day prophets what they got wrong in recent months are there new rules for being a modern-day prophet.

Today program, Manteo.

The prophetic anointing became last night. Fill me with such faith. For what God is about to do in the earth. Did you know were going to see the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history there's never been any like what were going to see around the world. We get to be a part of the main.

We get to be a part of an unbeliever for at least a billion souls coming of the kingdom in the next 10 to 20 years.

I believe Asia is just absolutely slammed by Holy Spirit I was in Korea just a month or so ago maybe maybe a month and 1/2. The vision of the Korean Peninsula course far north. This brought about North Korea's China and I saw this wind tunnel that entire peninsula became a wind tunnel and it was Holy Spirit wind blowing up through that peninsula into Asia and God said I'm about to release an explosion of grace never heard that phrase before us like what is an explosion of grace look like lower than the sales were to find out and welcome to the program Sam, so glad you can join understanding the times radio today and I'm going to be looking at some apologetics issues this hour with Pastor Tom Hughes and Pastor Mark Henry bring them on. After I set the stage you heard the voice of self-proclaimed prophet.sheets stating that a billion souls are going to come to the Lord here in the near future goes against some theology that at least my guests and I represent.

However, I want to have a discussion on it so topic number one in the first part of the program here.

Is there a grade awakening or revival or both here in the church age, which clearly were in the tail end of the church age or the other option is going to be with that grade awakening that in time revival be limited to the tribulation. We read in Revelation 7 that those who come to faith during the tribulation. You can't even count them. There are so many coming to faith during that terrible seven year ordeal. Many would insist that there is such a revival in the making right now and it will escalate as we move into the very last days which would include my two guests and myself would believe that again. This great revival is certainly on the horizon, but that the church is going to disappear and the two witnesses on the hundred 44,000, and other end time witnesses, prophets, etc. on Angel are going to get the gospel out to the ends of the earth in an incredible way people live and emailing me about this.

First, I want to read just at least one email here by way of introduction, and I asked her to be patient and let me set the stage here. My was in communication with Pastor Allen Lang staff Fallon is a retired I believe Assemblies of God pastor. I don't necessarily agree with all of Allen's theology, but we agree on the basics and he certainly is theologically sound and I asked him about this issue and his response was this two paragraphs. He says there are people who are expecting a revival of some kind happened in the last days, and he says the foundation in Scripture, for this is asked to 17 which says, and it shall come to pass in the last days, God says that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Now there are those Pastor Langston of says who would hold to the view that this is what happened at Pentecost, while others would see a dual fulfillment involving both Pentecost and the last days leading up to the return of Christ that he concludes there are others like you who see a revival coming after the rapture of the church with work among the Jews for what it's worth, I believe the world is going to get worse, not better. The passage of Scripture that I see describing the future is Isaiah 61 into darkness will cover the earth, deep darkness, but the Lord will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you, so I often see as someone said a revival on the platter of ruin IC like you Jan, a falling away, but I also see a remnant that will display his glory itself.

I went to the pretrip research website and I read what they had to say about this. This is Dr. Thomas Ison, I'm just reading two short paragraphs and Tommy ice says the phrase latter rain is taken from Joel 223 and 28, and sometime James 57 as a label describing an end time revival and evangelistic harvests expected by many, he says, sometime in the future. They believe the Holy Spirit will be poured out like never before. This is those who believe nouns laddering the latter rain. Teaching is developed from the agricultural model that a farmer needs rain at two crucial points in the growing cycle in order to produce a bountiful harvest. First, right after the seed is planted, the early rain is needed to cause the seed to germinate in order to produce a healthy crop second crop needs rain right before the harvests call the latter rain so the grain will produce a high yield at harvest time latter rain advocates that the asked to outpouring the Holy Spirit was the early rain, but the latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit will occur in the end times. Then he quotes a representative of the Vineyard church. Jack dear in this Mr. dear says this what's going to happen now will transcend what Paul did what David did for me. What Moses did.

Even though Moses parted the Red Sea something greater is coming in this army and there won't be just one Moses still be in numerous company see how Revelation hints at this when it talks about the hundred and 44,000 that follow the Lamb wherever he goes and no one can harm the hundred 44,000. See, that's a multiple of 1212 is the number of the apostles. 12 is the apostolic government and when you take an important number in the Bible and multiply it. That means you intensify it so 12,000×12,000 = 144,000.

That is the ultimate in apostolic government Revelation talks about so this Jack dear that was being quoted from the Vineyard church is mixed up the church and Israel given the role of Israel to the church than Thomas ice concludes the New Testament, especially the epistles clearly teach that the whole of the church age is a time of increasing apostasy within Christendom.

In fact, so much space is spent in the New Testament dealing with this issue of apostasy that it has to be considered one of the most major themes in the Bible.

Apostasy constitutes the main theme of entire books and chapters as well concludes.

They realize that one cannot be looking both for a great latter rain revival and and any moment return of Christ at the rapture. If a revival is necessary, then there is something that has to happen before Christ could return and the rapture would have to wait until after this has convened and then if I could add my own comment.

I look at the verse in Luke 18, eight that says when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth doesn't sound to me like this going to be a revival before the tribulation. At least not of billions of people as we heard Mr. Sheetz predicting and hoping for pastor Mark Henry is in studio with me. He is from revival church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota on the line from Southern California Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church San Jacinto gentlemen.

Welcome back to the studio could see you Jan thank you Tom welcome but you great debater to update you probably me. I tried to set the stage there. I apologize it took some time but I wanted to let folks know that I've tried to dig into this and I have and I just shared less than 10 minutes and I could've done intro of 50 minutes but I want to save time for you gentlemen, Mark Henry, do you expect a revival here in the coming days before the rapture of the church and I mean a significant mindnumbing revival love it if that happened. Jan obviously want to get gospel every single person receive you with save but it's not something that God predicts in the Bible. And so when someone make some sort of addiction like that if the eminent return of Jesus Christ. The rapture can come at any time, any moment for the glory of God, then nothing has to happen.

There is no sign there's nothing waiting for.

I would suggest to you, those were the statements contradict the Tom Hughes your input on this at a lot of say on the public by other counselors return in a revival. What will we play football because you can't be put on the Bible and I won't believe it, but mostly there will not be a revival of an awakening that happens because we don't know when would you call home. That's right, but the problem of the Bible entirely different picture of the work afraid to enter into the tribulation. And the people in the entirely different picture of what the church look like second Timothy chapter 3, Paul writes be for from the left. The perilous time will come when he begins to explain the men will be lovers of themselves, rather than lovers of God traders. Both are 12 lovers of money, so forth a venue for they will have a form of godliness but the power of stay away from such people that describe the church having a form of growing affordable spiritual list, but I think of the sermon on the Mount, when Jesus in that day they will say, Lord, Lord, we did this in your name or we did that your name I'm afraid that is what we are witnessing in a profound way right now is people thinking they are doing the board work there giving it to the creepy abuse. But the Bible people completely different picture for the left.

Let me read an email. It's a very revealing email and not setting the name of the person who sent it, but the emailer writes this I just want to encourage you mentioning I've been following several profits that are hearing from God and see these times differently than you do Jan, I listen to Hank could amend cat Kerr Robin Bullock Johnny and loan others. I listen to Elijah streams and Steve Schultz also grace and glory, and Dave Scarlett and Amanda Grace. I listen to Kenneth Copeland's victory news channel Kim Clement who passed on but who also prophesied about Pres. Trump having two consecutive terms. And then several other prophets have seen this as well and then she says one thing Johnny Enloe said makes a lot of sense.

He said ever since Jesus returned to heaven. Christians have lived like they would be rapture soon and therefore didn't make a whole lot of difference in the culture. Well, I would disagree with that, but that's not the point here, let me continue with her comments she goes and they let the culture rot. This is her words not being salt and it became a snare for them then she's goes on talking about the seven mount mandate won't get into that now and then. She concludes Jesus wants to return for a beautiful and righteous bride. He doesn't want us to wait around to escape cat Kerr says she's seen into the future and there are several decades left where God wants to bring us to his kingdom into our culture and to expect a huge harvest of souls for the kingdom. There are several prophecies still waiting to be fulfilled like the wealth of the wicked going to the righteous and the world knowing we are Christians by our love.

What stood out to me. Couple of things because were just waiting around for the rapture were doing no good in the world Mark I tell you disagree with that is I absolutely Jan, Lily, you're the one who is over in the heart of Africa doing a whole lot of kingdom work so you're not wasting time. I spent 33 years since I trusted Christ.

I started preaching Christ in my first sermon was 16 years old. I left a family business all sorts of things to advance the gospel and I would just say the last days as I read through the New Testament first of the chapter forces but the Spirit explicitly says the latter times some will fall away from the faith teaching doctrines of demons you got the passage that Tom just quoted the last days are filled with difficulty defined in second Peter chapter 3 of the last days is good be markers. That's what I'm seeing in Scripture about the last days. I want to play quickly. The clip happens to be Pastor JD for talking about the very thing were talking about. Look to have a great revival coming or is the rapture eminent. I truly believe with all my heart that God is even now judging this dark world and he's doing so so people will let go of the world, especially as people and follow Jesus as the light of the world, mostly with me because we have a problem.

The problem's there are those who were saying that there's going to be this great revival.

This great awakening in the result is that many were talking about Christians are still holding out hope in this world, which has the effect of delaying even dismantling any urgency concerning the Lord's soon return because if that's true, and it's not that there's coming this great revival before Jesus can come back and that means that Jesus cannot come back until is a great revival so now all of a sudden as wages beautiful by the way, you guys did they magnificent as you were worshiping turn your eyes on she's when you do these things over roast. Strangely, but wait a minute. If there is to be a revival that means that Jesus isn't coming because there has to be this first you fill in the blank.

And so now all of a sudden I'm not turning my eyes upon Jesus. I'm not looking up and lifting up my dad knowing that my redemption draws nigh eyes seeing all of these things begin to come to pass because this has to happen first.

You have just delayed my Masters coming will be doing that you're listening to understand the times radio and Jan Markel. I have two guests with me for the hour. One is in studio Pastor Mark Henry pastors revive church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. That is the formerly those of you have been around here a long time Brooklyn Park Evangelical free Church and on the line for Southern California for 12 church pastor Tom Hughes, Pastor Tom Hughes best way of finding you would be hope for our Pastor Mark revive Brooklyn yes ma'am Tom you have that little clip thereof. Pastor JD frog, and he's reinforcing what we've already said here in the first 20 minutes of the program, here's the thing that I'm picking up on is that I sense these who are anticipating this revival do not hold to dispensational theology, but my hunch is that there holding to kingdom our dominion is an all focus is on the church. What the church is going to do what the church can do the churches assignment here in the last days and very little if any focus again on the nation of Israel. Would you agree with that spot on. Try comment on something that would leave as with the people that are about the rapture go good for the first you help Peter said it the fifth day of the Lord will come with a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements melt with fervent heat so for.

Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the day of God, so I wake up. If we go wait a minute.

If you have the correct perspective on eschatology of going home to do exactly the opposite of what they claim everybody I know thinks about the rapture has her mind fixed on Christ is out there doing everything they can to do great things for the name of Christ, because we want people to faith, but I think what I'm hearing people they claim to be Christian, but there loving the world more than the father being with God.

They want to build the perfect world, and four dominion mental theology that was also what came across my mind about what they believe yes that argument creep of play. Then Jesus will return them will say look up a great thing that we have got so not what the Bible teaches winding up here exactly opposite with public like that earlier. JB put my hero and so true Mark Henry. I think for the church to do what some are hoping it will do in the billion souls here in the coming short time, the church would have to be in really really good shape. I don't see it in good shape. Now obviously there are good churches today. I'm not suggesting there are, but first of all, many shut down some never even opened after the pandemic crisis but I see them focusing on feel good on your best life now.

It's what Tom was saying self-esteem. God wants to bless me and make me happy and then I go back this verse. I opened with Luke 18 eight when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth. I'm having a hard time seeing a church today that someone broken bringing in a billion souls here.

The Bible says exact opposite says no this. First of all this a prophetic statement in the Bible instead of telling about a vision I had a medley with the Bible says thank you. Know this.

First of all, and reading the verse that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and I would suggest to you as I look around. There's lots of people who are attacking the coming of the Lord Jesus, and following up to the West turning away from the Bible.

Absolutely Jan, I saw the statistic the other day and if I recall correctly is that 56% of people claim be Christians believe that casual sex is acceptable lifestyles. I just read an article day 6% of Christians have a biblical worldview.

I would suggest you this passage is what we need to be studying and realizing in the last days. Also, if anybody reflects on the subject of dispensations, all we know that the end of every dispensation man always fails and God is gracious. Think back to the Garden of Eden in the dispensation of innocence. How did that in with man falling and rebelling towards God. Dispensation of conscience out of that in brother being killed. And I would suggest you live in San this throughout my ministry. The dispensation of the church the blessing as we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us we have the book of truth. We have one another. We got this global commission to go and preach the gospel to the ends of the earth, but the average church, only 10% of people are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. It seems like were failing and not following through. So I tell people all time preach Christ is another email Jan, I keep hearing prophets like Cancún amendment that sheets and many other precious people who I know love God and by the way, I'm not suggesting that these folks don't love God prophesied that there is a coming great revival in America is going to turn around.

I don't see that in Scripture and I feel like something's amiss. Every time I hear them say it. I wanted to be true, but don't you believe that we are headed more for the great apostasy than revival in this current and times again. That's exactly what we've been addressing here for the first 20 some minutes of the program Tom Hughes. I think we've given some biblical illustrations here and I tried to give some quotes that I think are significant, but what would you say to this gal who rode into me. The first email that I read a read again. She says Jesus wants to return for a beautiful and righteous bride. He doesn't want us to wait around to escape. Then she says Her says she's seen into the future and there are several decades left where God wants us to bring about his kingdom into our culture and to expect a huge harvest of souls. Tom, here's the thing. There's a chorus of self-proclaimed prophets out there that are doing this and I'm not sure how to get folks eyes. Perhaps a little bit turned off of these people and turned onto the truth if you don't buy B&B gifted almost everything okay I don't know anybody we been around to escape Jonelle happening that way at all. So people are bad activation so much defection that happening to people that call themselves believers, followers of Christ are totally defeated. I'll tell you what good perfect world, that man is going to attempt to build utopian kingdom with family. Christ took him to be at top of these people were following the vision that somebody will be working to build this perfect utopian world. These people are set up in the church to follow Antichrist and the problem of not trusting with the Bible is not looking to Jesus Christ there looking to the pleasures of this world.

I love you for Martel you look at every dispensation of offended men messed up.

It can happen again. And I believe we are watching a separation of the wheat from the tears but taking play within the church. I do believe the God of preparing his bride, but I don't think the bride of going to be massive billion revival that can happen if you look throughout the Bible and throughout world history. God prepares his people to bring them home through persecution, even if the blessed and the fight of the Lord of the depth of the faith in you look you go out like that first God knows that persecution purifies what you meant it. From a biblical perspective and thinking people are being discreet.

I really think they are again Revelation 7 records and a great multitude so large and no one can count it multitudes from every nation, all tribes and peoples and languages will come to the saving faith in the Messiah during the great tribulation. Is this perhaps the future revival that's coming and obvious they can be individual revival. A church can have revival meetings and get revived were talking here, national or international revival.

Mark, absolutely we just baptized a thousand new converts in Africa Africa when COBIT started we had 14,600 believers in the church is that we started over there.

We just baptized a thousand. We've got a bunch more that of trust in Christ read be baptized but that the level of revival that you're talking about some of the folks are talking about. It is in the future.

Yes, the church age, we fail the churches can end up failing fulfill its duties before God with the good news is, is that Jesus is mighty to save. And God has a plan for that with the hundred 44,000. The two prophets, no one in the world is not going to hear the gospel that time. In fact, in Revelation 14 verse six it says there I saw angel flying in the midheaven with the eternal gospel to preach to nations, tribes, tongues, and people, and he says fear God and give him glory.

So there's gonna be preaching at a whole different global eggs aliment during that time and is gonna be this massive turning to Christ Mark Olive tree and revived church that again Mark is in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. That is a northwest suburb of Minneapolis 7849 W. Broadway, Brooklyn Park, you and I are teaming up to do some events here this summer and going into fall and even winter and I'm just to get some details here. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but you are having our rep Ken Michael at your church.

And that's going to be Sunday afternoon, July 11, 18th and 25th at 4 PM correct and were looking forward to having Kenny a great communicator.

Spent 30 years and investigation and he uses that mind and that method to look at these days. Look in the Bible and is can be a great career until about yes I minutes presentations and can folks if you want to understand the times, particularly, prophetic perspective, it will not be lifestream. The next item we talk about will be so. This is mainly for my Twin Cities surrounding area audience July 11, 18th, 25th at 4 PM at revived church again formerly Brooklyn Park, he free many of you went activities and broken Parkey free. I went in her hell.

Lindsay there, but 2005. Come on out and meet the whole gang here and then on Thursday, August 12 were going into play cooperative effort.

Understanding our times were going to do this every other month.

Second Thursday. This will be lifestream's.

My understanding is second Thursday of every month at revived church, Brooklyn Park, in her first guest is Michelle Bachmann talk to me about what's happening so August 12 at 7 PM our time will be streaming that service live word and have Michelle she's good to be sharing with us and then you and Arjun do a Q&A with her we are and have a great time there will be links on your webpage Shannon on our webpage of the church people builders click right on a hook right up to their computer or device.

No registration needed folks.

No charge for this event on Thursday, August 12. Two months later. Thursday, October 14. Do the same thing with pastor Billy Crone and then will go into December and into the new year. Hopefully and maybe the church is gone by then, but if not, the remnant will gather and encourage one another because that is exactly what it's all about. No folks when I come back. Here's what I want to do. Changing topics a little bit here why were most of the prophets wrong when it came to predicting the outcome of the 2020 election to play some clips of some of the prophets, and they were convinced they were right and we should listen to them. They were all wrong. I want to discuss that when we come back will spend most of the balance of the program discussing that don't go away and coming back in just a minute or two, we hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of the trees RG that's politics reviews.or call a central time at 763-555-4440 476-355-4444 writers to mail it all to the mysteries of John Markel, PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311.

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This event will be lifestream on September 11. Speakers include Pastor Jack's tubes nurse our body.

John Markel and pastor Barry Stagner consult Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California for all details don't unclog stay up-to-date with news and information will make you a part of today's watchmen on the wall that time, people really felt teachers to it here and they will be led away from the truth. The fabled happening within the churches in America.

Jan and pastors Tom Hughes and Mark Henry change topics of the site with a so-called prophet stated with certainty that Pres. Donald Trump would win a second term Sir about that full term in office. Starting last January have a standard for the office of prophet change people times they step down from their role as for tellers will talk about that in this closing site will what other and profit can occur till the Elijah list Steve Schultz that the prophets did not get it wrong. She says God is getting ready to uncover corruption and evil.

She says it will be a landslide of exposure. You will be shocked to see how much exposure comes from that Trump will land the United States. It will sit in that office for four more years, and God will have his way in the entry occurs. Not alone. Prophet Jeremiah Johnson believes before Trump is declared the winner. Joe Biden may prematurely announce that he is the next president of the United States. He wrote to his followers quote either a lying spirit has filled the mouths of numerous trusted prophetic voices in America or Donald J Tromp really has won the presidency and we are witnessing a diabolical and evil plan unfold to steal the election. The Lord said to me, I am going to give your president is second win just a few weeks ago pastor Denise Goulet spoke those words over presidential run while he attended the international church of Las Vegas. She joined a chorus of other prophetic voices that believe God told them Trump will win including CDN's Pat Robertson say without question. Tromp is going to win the election. In the book of Amos chapter 3 verse seven it says God does not think without revealing his plans to his servants the prophets in these prophetic voices say it ain't over well, I'm not sure the prophets are the right voice because today's prophets got it very, very wrong, as it concerns the 2020 election and I know some of you are saying will president Tromp really did when that is not the purpose of this segment. Honestly, it's not really don't want to take time to go down that pathway but I'm going to play click. Let me just introduce it.

Many of these so-called modern-day prophets prophesied that Donald Trump would win in November that he would serve two full terms in office and they were very, very wrong. A few apologize. I appreciated that. Some came forth Chris Valentine and others apologize said we missed it. Others just moved on and didn't think much about it and I'm not so sure. Based on the standards in Deuteronomy 18 that you can be wrong and still be considered a prophet because the hair they had to be 100% right will talk more about that in just a minute before I get into the discussion with my two guests I want to play one more very short clip and let me just do a little disclaimer here okay the clip is of Michael Brown Michael Brown is a online and on air fellow I know I'm fairly well. It's a messianic Jew and I have huge disagreements with Michael. He was a part of the so-called Brownsville revival of the 1990s.

I call it the Brownsville debacle.

He has a book out that he's planning on meeting the antichrist and is not afraid of him. I think that's reckless writing. I really do because he believes were going through the tribulation, so he's not afraid of the antichrist.

That's what Michael Brown's book is all about. I just have some issues with Michael, but I am proud of him in the statement that he released here about a month ago and let's play that little statement and then come back and gentlemen, I want to talk about it recently.

This come to life some issues about prophets and prophecy related to the election and we have Dr. Michael Brown with us to unpack that and the help us understand what's going on. Dr. Brown, welcome to the program. Glad to be with you. Thanks for having love. It is thyroid, and air 40 prophets or so predicted that Donald Trump would win the election when a second term. That obviously didn't come to pass and it is troubling for those of us who believe in this gift and believe in the office of a prophet, and all those things. What in the world is going on here.

It's a big moment in the charismatic Julie take stock and in essence serious questions because some of the same prophetic leaders also missed with covert.

Let's step back and realize that not a single major national or international prophetic voice clearly warns us the cold was coming.

And now here we are a full year into it.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths in our lives turned upside down and then many of them said it was good and by Passover of last year and I began writing. He looked we've all experienced prophecy we've experienced the power of personal prophecy and seeing prophetic ministry use. I could be so wrong here in a civil they were looking toward the wrong way. Maybe were looking to New Testament prophets, some type of spiritual fortunetellers. That's not the purpose of it so when the rather their Lane to make mistakes, so sure enough without this consensus, no one will know you want to risk it happened in November we should've been a little skeptical as a whole covert same was Mr. ready and then what happens is not just them but many others around the world. They will think trumpets can be reelected is not some sadly tragically or socially know you watch he spiritually elected. Know your true presence of God's president man's president know you must have in March or April or all this type of stuff that brings further reproach and major media has picked up on this major secular reporters have picked up New York Times is about to release a story on this. It's big news it's brought terrible reproach and only a handful of publicly said we blew it wrong. We apologize and others are in some type of spiritual denial or even in delusion you get someone on national radio or TV and in speaking to millions on YouTube.

They give all these words, I guarantee it. Joe Biden will not serve a single day in office.

I guarantee you Donald Trump will be off, you watch what happens this date. This date. This date, none of it happens and they just skip on their merry way. You got believers hurting all around the country that's responsible.

We need to bring accountability into the charismatic movement. Michael Brown himself very strong, opinionated, charismatic, again I applaud him for being so blunt Mark Henry your thoughts on this is listener that clip. I so appreciate the fact that he was taken to task and the reason is, is when we step outside the Lane of the Bible, member pastors, leaders are told excitedly. Chapter 4 preach the word in season, out of season in the last days people are can accept that, and they're gonna turn to myths. This gives Jesus a blackeye. It hurts the cause of Christ. Pastors are being attacked and saying see the Bible is wrong. The Bible isn't wrong. This wasn't found in the Bible time. He is your thoughts. Agree with Mark wholeheartedly.

Think of the quote you have from Amos chapter 3 when you first open Jan dog of nothing… You told through the prophets first before we have the prophetic word Silverlight teaching Bible prophecy. I'm not going with vision look up to the whole direction of the clerk, but the most unbelievable thing to me is that the so-called profit throughout their obviously they been wrong. It's amazing how many people still follow through knowing here's what the problem is people are looking both church people and unchurched people there looking not for Jesus Christ there looking for a political leader and out of what the problem happened when Jesus came the first time to Me again as I believe you begin to become a fool. People are looking for a political leader somebody leave them in this world, but we need to be looking for Jesus Christ to what happened in March of: second Timothy chapter 4 is that the time is going to come when people don't leave for themselves teachers to its veneer and they will be led away from the truth. The fable this is happening within the churches in America, Mark Henry, how do we apply Deuteronomy 18 here. Those prophets had to be right every single time they couldn't make a mistake. Why would today's prophets be given a pass all the time when they should be given a pass and here's why Jan in Deuteronomy 1821 LBI's be mindful Moses is about to die. He gives the 10 sermons to the children of Israel, as are about ready to enter into the promised land. So these 10 sermons are key for how they conduct themselves and actually verse 21. There's a question posed. How do we know the word which the Lord has spoken is just talking about the prophets and is made a promise that Jesus is going to be the great prophet and so forth that goes on in verse 22 us is when the prophet speaks in the name of the Lord.

If the thing does not come about is not true, then you know it's not from the Lord is always acid test. Now that's in the Old Testament begin.

Remember, now or in the New Testament we got the full canon of Scripture.

That's reason were told to study the Scriptures to know the Scriptures to teach the Scriptures and not turn away from myths and facts and there are seven test specifically in the New Testament about testing prophets.

You want to listen sure test number one is a theological test first John chapter 4 says, beloved, do not believe every spirit that talk about the spirit of man.

People come and make testimonies about different things. Test the spirits to see if there from God because false prophets have gone out into the world by this you will know the spirit of God, how they will profess the Jesus is the Christ is come in the flesh was a theological test in Galatians chapter 1 verse six there's a gospel test does this person preach Jesus crucified, risen, coming again on salvation by grace through faith alone in us as if anyone doesn't teach that B accursed in Matthew chapter 7 there's a test of fruit. Jesus is beware of false prophets and how they're going to come in and she is close and he goes on very specifically verse 17 is a every good tree bears good fruit, but batteries bear bad fruit, you know, the false prophets that way. James talks about the test of wisdom. There's only two places of wisdom and you can the known date is any bitter jealousy and selfish ambition is to be arrogance and there's going to be those who lie against the truth and in contrast to that wisdom that is earthly, natural mnemonic, in contrast to that there's God's wisdom God's wisdom to the bring disorder and evil things. But it brings that which is pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy, good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy, and there's one more Jan and that's in Ephesians chapter 4 and verse 11 where it talks about how the church leaders are given to teach the people to be united in Christ to build them up in Christ is not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, and then there's a warning after those six tests then there's a warning and the warnings about visions is found in Colossians chapter 2 and it talks about how they came into the churches and the like is Valley and they had this Gnostic ideology that we've got this mystery and you can't know God, and you gotta come to us and there's this new Neo Gnosticism in the days in which we are living. Listen to verse 18 it talks about them taking their stand on visions he is seen inflated without cause by fleshly mines and so I would suggest we look at that whole package people at be very very careful come back to the Bible. That's where the word of truth. This are we hearing fleshly mines here. Every single prophet has said God's ultimately. I also happen 2020.

I think Pres. Tromp is going to be reelected handily think he will win the election without any question.

Donald Trump is going to win this election and it's going to be a red tsunami and yeah were going to take the house and I know it's topsy-turvy in the Senate. But I'm telling you were going to take the Senate as well. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pres. Tromp will have a second term.

I am speaking from the future. Yes, you will moment like this and I am going to proclaim that president from will be President of the United States. Hallelujah Jesus name girl. I am going to proclaim that the Republicans will take the Senate and the house I'm telling you that Pres. Tromp is going to trial in 2020. God is going to shake this nation. The Lord brought that man to office for a purpose and a plan. He was set there by God's divine hand. He will not be removed, and I believe those prophets said in the Holy Spirit revealed me to the that Donald Trump is going to be reelected president of the United States and Euboea reelected leaving a landslide no matter what the politics said no matter what's going on.

We believe that this president shall be reelected. I prophesied that to you some years back in 2020 show you who's going to win the election. Initiated flavors that I know it's always believers pray he showed me three times in a dream and I share this first time.

That's a claim that was made here. I dreamed that Donald Trump got reelected national guessing games. He is the one that God's gonna put his hands own think is going to win again by grandson some kind of lands that could be an electoral landslide, but it's going to be a landslide. We have a problem with what we just heard. Quite frankly, for the whole hour we've been talking some things we have some problems with thankfully this whole stream of leaders has come out with at least a segment of them a statement on prophetic standards is a group of Christian leaders released a four page statement of prophetic standards to help correct the abuses that we've been talking about this hour and I'm very pleased to announce this came out this past spring year of 2021, and a newly created prophetic you can look it up online prophetic is the work of 85 Christian ministry heads, preachers, academics, denominational officials, authors, evangelists and other participants in what's been called the prophetic movement and goes on to say at the heart of this statement is a call for all who've made false prophecies to publicly apologize and then it concludes here.

If someone issues a public prophecy with specific details and dates that can be easily proved or disproved, and that word does not come to pass, as prophesied, the one who delivered the word must be willing to take full responsibility demonstrating genuine contrition before God and people. The statement says. Again, this is a statement on prophetic standards put out by 85 Christian ministry heads. Many of them in the prophetic stream. These people themselves are saying enough is enough and then it concludes this is not meant to be a punishment, but rather a mature act of love to protect the honor of the Lord, the integrity of prophetic ministry and the faith of those to whom the word was given. The statement also calls for prophets to have their prophecies evaluated by peers in the movement adding those refusing such accountability should not be welcomed for ministry. Again it was 85. Christian leaders there are many in the stream who would not sign this, including Chuck Pierce Cindy Jacobs Kenneth Copeland Lance wall now and that sheets none of those would sign this outstanding statement on prophetic standards. Tommy is your thoughts disturbing that certain individuals wouldn't find it. I don't follow any of them myself have a couple things I want to say to people who have preached videos that people have believed them and still believed before the president and okay will the whole lecture, those which she with God is not so small that he couldn't overcome that if that was the problem, regardless of how you feel about whether or not an election with both God is much bigger than that God is sovereign and God is in charge. Again, I think of people have gotten there. I want political leaders had gotten there I thought these preachers would make him feel good. These things are not Bible prophecy. I printed out that the statement about I have the individual that I was in a meeting with right after the election and he was a huge tropical border real well known in California.

I've been meeting with him.

There's about five of us in the room. He looks at me know if I teach Bible prophecy. The fifth to me. How could you be so wrong. All you Bible prophecy people elected, what, and he told me about the video and the food that's not Bible prophecy of the people of vision I fit. If you ever watched any of my videos ordering my colleague you will hear that kind of stuff we stick to what the Bible actually fifth. You're listening to vision and dreams that people supposedly have. But that is not Bible you've gotta stick to the word which goes back to what Mark said Marco seven tests are great praise God worked on every one of them claim to tell people.

These are seven tough you want to follow somebody Mark what's with the spiritually elected because you requited that to the so important we start to think about people responding in Sandwell. He was spiritually elected and that's how these prophecies are being fulfilled.

Just remember what Tom just mentioned in Daniel chapter 2. It is God who establishes kings and removes kings.

So Tom's absolutely right. God doesn't have a problem doing that.

Number two is when you look in history when people have gone outside the Bible history is filled with illustrations of people when those things don't come about. Just spiritualizing them. Okay, so I was influenced in my earlier days by the Jehovah's Witness movement. Thank you and one of things I noticed about them was that they said just was coming back in 1917 they sold all of their stuff was 1975 in 1960.

They sold all of the stuff got everything ready, because the kingdom was coming at that point will it didn't happen.

And so they said well it was spiritual is going to happen in 1974 think it was her 1976 and then that didn't happen. And then he said well he can adjust spiritual they did the same thing with the hundred 44,000 visitors can be hundred 44,000 faithful Jehovah's Witnesses and then once they realize they had too many Jehovah's Witnesses, they spiritualize that number when people distort the Bible when they step outside the Bible may become the authority.

Historically, people just spiritualizing. Thank you for that clarification.

Folks are listening to understanding the times radio. If you join me late. I have in studio with me from local church in the Twin Cities area or a headquarter pastor Mark Henry. He pastors revive church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. That's formerly Brooklyn Park, he free. Those of you been around a long time, and Marquis Bennett revive five years now you have five years the Lord's blessing open many doors for the Gospels were excited about that you're currently on a series on the churches of Revelation. I've been hearing it just been fantastic study and were looking forward to this week.

Thank you. Your services are nine, 10, 11 1911 and were at 7849 W. Broadway in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Okay Tom Hughes is with me from 412 church in San Jacinto, California orient the privilege of ministering in January 2020 and Tom Hughes what I ministered at your church year and 1/2 ago, roughly the world that wasn't saying that it was a whole lot more sane than it is now coven was out there but it hadn't changed the world yet.

Did you ever think you'd see the day. Not like it is in effect. I remember you came out and up at the same time at dawn steward out and believe, and I never thought you were gone for about 20 minutes about coronavirus. Neither one of us projected.

What we've actually entered into. However, I can tell you this. We do know when you look at the Bible looking will have to look like during the strike government that's going to come right you could totally see everything being shaped. We have a great refit that keeps being talked about. We have a talk about digital currently.

Now that all monies going to go away as we note cash. Everything is be shapely people have identification to travel. We know that in the development of buying or selling is amazing.

But in order for the biblical prophecy to be fulfilled. The world have to be prepared and Jim said it 100 times what Dell started. This is not about social differently both social condition is if you don't have the Bible to help you frame of time. In the context of the Bible you can be a mess.

Distraught discouragement depressed although think. But the Bible help us to navigate this because we know that when we preview things begin to take place. We can look up a lift up her head to the redemption draws near the catching Tom's online prophecy updates and you can get them on YouTube. When he's not being censored. Same with understanding the times radio around some 900 radio stations that don't censor us. Thank you. My radio stations but you two often does so you can find us on our website both audio and video olive trees used Oregon on rumble on light source on his channel and you can find time and hope for our hope and Mark revive Brooklyn Mark I just so resonated with what Tom just said how things have changed in one and 1/2 years now.

It says in Revelation when things begin to happen they happen suddenly, the issue expect them to happen. This fast society has changed and one half years global society has changed in one and 1/2 years.

Do you think about from my limited experience.

I trusted Christ you know in the early 80s and then reading the Bible and all these things are supposed to happen is like how in the world could America be weak and how in the world can we have this global talk because were Americans in America's great. What a perfect country but were the best country. All that discussion. This is all gotta change and we have seen it happen right before our eyes.

I'm telling you Jews coming soon. We know that's repeated over and over in the Bible. That's not some lame prediction and were anticipating is coming.

I think with happen, at least in my heart. Jan is it just purging my affection for this world mentally, emotionally, spiritually, every day is like a more Jesus come where Jesus I think God's doing that across the board with many of us yes and I think that there is still a subset of people I don't know what the percentage would be, who do want to cling to this world. They do they want this world to get better and they are anticipating that it will get better and then we get into the various theologies we are have talked about some of that.

I think it's a fair number of people who are clinging to this world and course some of that theology says the church is going to make it better. We know differently yellow post boiled you as his own release of Dragon I preach the gospel. Things are going to get better is going to be awesome is going to be this great revival. Jesus can come back and pick everything up because we did such a great job not the case it's going to be a mass. The tribulation is going to start after the rapture and working to see Jesus do something great.

The millennial kingdom thousand years after that and the eternal state. Tom you want to wrap it up. I'm giving you two minutes if you'd like to do that in my love to promote something all you going to promote your conference in June. June 25 and 26 this weekend. Yes, we have a hope our clients prophecy conference with in Huntington Beach. It sold out, but you can still go online you can do pay-per-view you can watch the entire conference. Both Dave all of the speakers would be absolutely fantastic in September of two of your regulars Brandon hold health of the kroner just me but I haven't had them with me yet at the same time. September 25 before they find all the info hope for okay but you want to save it for all of the listeners up and believe and why we do the thing is to give hope we look at all of the very five with the Bible. Jesus told us to watch and be ready. Ezekiel talks about the watchmen on the wall and this is what we do to tell people what Jesus of company we see everything happening. Anti-Semitism is global. Now it is grown exponentially just over the last month alone. If you look with happening in Israel you look at the threat of Russia and Iran, you look at all the different aspects that are coming. These are all signs or events that tell of that we need to be ready. Jesus is going to call his home. We have the opportunity to be able to still tell other people about the Lord Jesus Christ and this is what we need to be doing. There are people out there that have never been to church before the want to know what the world is going on and we have an opportunity to reach the gym I want to thank you for the work that you do and you have been doing for decades. It is marvelous.

By the way just last week of the conference. If somebody came up to me.

They told me they had a book that was autographed by you that you wrote several years ago. I think they thoroughly got the booklet 30 years ago probably have so cool I think you give me the opportunity on this program and also heart you might talk frequently got you for coming and we need you to think in general and those for today for the hour appreciated so much in stir until he comes. We must continue to do all we can to fulfill the great commission. Read darkness of the apostasy's in adverse circumstances in which we may find ourselves, let's occupy until he comes. Let's be salt and light and delay the DK and I know these are all big assignments in a deteriorating world and I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you next week.

She we know you can always be by radio so just remember that our programming is posted to our website both its audio and video formats. Just go to olive tree that's olive trees and then to radio also find us on YouTube rumble light source and his channel contact us through our website. Olive tree that's olive tree call central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 get on the right to alter the ministries of John Markel Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible, even though the world is in turmoil and things seem to be falling apart.

Remember that everything is falling into place

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