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When the Times of the Gentiles Expires

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 4, 2021 8:00 am

When the Times of the Gentiles Expires

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 4, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Amir Tsarfati as they define separate roles for the Church and for Israel in the end-times. Both groups are called out and both have special destinies. We carry Amir’s new book in our online store. The Times of the Gentiles could run out today! What does that mean for you?

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If your home is in this world. Prepare to be disappointed. My hope is not in this world. And unlike some people believe that the church should prepare this world for the coming of Jesus. I say we cannot repair this world. We are going to be taken out of this world because God meets the first judge this world and then Jesus will come back to ruling this world with us.

After that judgment of the tribulation will come to understand at times radio with Jan Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries agent visits with Israeli Bible teacher Amir psychotic, in spite of wars and rumors of wars, good news out there. God has prepared a glorious future for those who serve are soon coming King. Today's program when I look at how Prime Minister Netanyahu was stepping down when I saw the 45th president stepping down when I see other very good world leaders being attacked and when I see how nationalism is being ridiculed and liberalism and globalism is being edified, and when I see that it seems like all the forces of evil are having their upper it always always remind me something very, very important. We all have to remember that you know it's really nice to want the world to be better but we have to remind yourself this world is going get worse and worse and worse as far as we're concerned it might sadness but at the same time not surprise us. This is why when I started in my present God revealed all of these things in his word and thankfully my citizenship is not here and welcome to the program. So glad you can join me this week we are carrying a new book via popular author and friend of this ministry and they are Sephardi and it's entitled Israel and the church and Israeli examines God's unfolding plans for his chosen people's yes God has two favorite people Israel and the church, but many take that as far as to say that the church has replaced Israel and that's known as replacement theology or super secessionism.

In fact, God has two distinct plans for these two groups of people. Please remember, if God could forsake his people Israel folks he could forsake his covenant with you and me the Christian as well, so he's a covenant maker needs a covenant keeping God but were talking about a number of topics in this hour I'm going to play a couple of pretty stunning soundbites of some fairly popular teachers who love to curse the Jews. They call themselves evangelical Christians. Is this even possible. Amir Sephardi is the founder of the ministry known as behold Israelis and an officer in the IDF and author and international speaker and an Israeli tour guide.

He spoken it five of my understanding the times conferences and was scheduled a course for 2020, which we had to cancel. Thanks to Covan and 2021 coming up this fall on the West Coast will say more about that in a moment. Amir welcome back to the program. Thank you Janet: my pleasure Amir you write Israel and the church are the only two groups of people whom God calls his witnesses and we both were called to be the Lord's trumpets, you say the church was called to serve as witnesses to the ends of the earth.

It is through Israel that we see that God is faithful, all-knowing and all-powerful and everywhere present.

I love it when you write Amir you say there was a time for the Jews. There currently is a time for the Gentiles, and at the second coming.

There will be a time for both Jews and Gentiles together comment on that. Will you report in the wind extended God have an order in which he is advancing his plan of salvation.

Percy needed to introduce himself as the only God's word is the only authority and his son is the only way to reach him. If you are a sinner and obviously were open or in back. He achieved through Israel. Israel was God's chosen people for a reason, not just because you love them. They look better than my third that we either know not a goal leave anything God continue to tell the Israelites or the Old Testament how much it is not because of who they were, but it's because of who he is and God used Israel for all those reason I just said and then came, of course, the moment when the Messiah came to the world and we know that Messiah himself.

Jesus. Yeshua said I came to the lost sheep of the house of Israel even told the Samaritan woman salvation is off the Jews range. He didn't hide it but at the same time he brought a man to religion.

He brought an end to the attempt to reach God in so many earthly ways and even polling the middle of Athens said those time that the Gentiles did whatever they bit God. More about that fit enough is enough.

Now if the time for all people to repent. The moment the church was born. Of course, yes, multiply consisted of Jews in the beginning.

That's right. And then of course we know that the gospel flourished mostly non-Jewish areas later on in the church was born in the church is not the church of Rome. The church is not the Orthodox Church in Greece or Nashville. When we say the church we mean the group or born again Spirit filled believers of that time and it was always been that way.

Even today the church is not a religious establishment. God is now using the church for the last 2000 years to spread the word and teach his word and to lead people to him. I think one of the points you're making and it should be obvious to every listener, but not every listener is in tune as much as you and I are with the issues were talking about this hour but you write about a time for the Gentiles, the church age is the time of the Gentiles, that time is going to run out.

You and I very well could be the generation that sees the time of the Gentiles ran out, and when that happens that's going to be interrupted by the rapture of the church that then begins the times of the Jews or the tribulation a terrible time for the Jewish people with again persecution almost unimaginable. In spite of the Holocaust which that was unimaginable. I believe that we are at the very end.

We are loving the last days.

In the last hour.

That's how I made my first good at lying our wonderful book. I truly believe that everything around the return of Israel back to their land. The return of Jerusalem back to their hand. The prosperity of Israel in the last than 12 years is an amazing thing.

Everything that is happening worldwide with how we see technology advancing the knowledge is increasing is how we see the world counseling. The biblical family in come up with new things. The gender issue climate change. All of these things that we see all around us are beyond the sign. This is a trumpet that is blowing so loud telling us get ready, ready, and that's why again I do believe with all of my heart and asked the fuel that I have in my engine is that this is it.

We must get the church ready, we must get the attention of every Christian to think that there let's take our time kick back relax and know over time is running out that since only seizing over yes I'm going down just a little different road here and I'm coming back to what we started opening the program with because while it's fresh on my mind till my audience. How is the new US administration number one affecting Israel and number two of my question is what do Israelis think of our new president and vice president. But first, we've just come through the month of May at terrible time of turmoil for Israel and hopefully will spend a few minutes on that terrible war with Hamas and Islamic Jihad was threatening to get involved. Tell me what you think of our new administration and tell me what the Israelis think of it. But for most Israelis it is obvious that were watching Obama 2.0 were watching a new version of Bill system that is a rewarding to cherish them is punishing your ally in witnessing that all along. Now it was way before January 20 that the Democrats already indicated to you on 208 patiently until Pres. Trump is gone so they will run and resume the talks and have another deal is work with faith filled his regular not excited about what we see, but remember, you want cards are different right now.

In the meantime since 2015 when the original one was signed and now 20, 21, we already exposed the true Iranian cards will would expose the Iranian nuclear archive. We already expose new nuclear sites for military purposes, the Europeans, the Americans, they all now understand that Iran is way more than just a nuclear fingers.

The ballistic missile there is the proxies that they keep feeding and creating this monster all around the they are the number one the stabilizer of the Middle East America right now is so busy in destroying itself that they didn't even appoint a member benefit Israel for the last four. I'm so glad you brought that up because going it insists months of the new administration. No ambassador sucks.

Let that sink in a minute. Do you think this current administration gives one whit about the Jewish state, other than assisting in her enemies to obliterate her.

Go ahead Amir and why do you think that's the case, no ambassador to Israel. This is just a reflection of the apathy okay administration has put the entire Middle East. Pushing to pull all the soldiers out of the mentally listen to me. The deal they're going to sign with the Ron met with anyone else and making Iran the big brother the Muslim world is like.

Iran will take care of things for us because America is coming out in Iran will be in Syria, Iran will be in Iraq. Iraq will be in Yemen.

Iran is in Lebanon so anyway terrorism is being rewarded and they don't waste time. They are so focused on their jihadist agenda is.

That's why the Middle East is going through all of this turmoil right now. What are Israelis thinking now. You've been through this war in Gaza with Hamas and the jihad tests are very active in you just came out with a little update and I think you titled it the last jihad I want to go there in a minute but tell me what are Israelis thinking I may Isaiah is concerned as Americans are concerned American evangelicals are concerned for Israel. I will save this after having eight years of Obama. Yes, we are already used to this type of foreign affairs of America but the difference this time. Is this administration is so slow to react to everything that at least we are glad they were slow to react to the Gaza conflict okay you know if it was nine years ago, the Secretary of State would call us in the present will call him the second day and tell us to stop this rain. It took biting 10 days to start making sounds of a better come to an end by the end of the 11th date was over Israel needed that time to hurt terror infrastructures badly and we did it. So anyway, I'm thankful that there's a senile in the Oval Office, because if it took them 10 days to realize worries at this time at least played well for us. Your listening and understanding the times radio and Jim Markel. I have on the line from Tiberias area in Israel.

The familiar voice is a mere society learn much more at his website. Behold,, behold,

Come on out in me to mirror this fall.

Jack Hibbs is hosting a new conference, behold, he comes prophecy conference.

Amir will be there.

I'll be there Jack. Stagner be speaking on Saturday, September 11.

It will be live streamed what playing a quick clip is of a mirror and want to come back and make a comment about it and then Christ paused and he said learn this parable from the victory when its leaves are green, then you know that summer is near. And that was a parable mean that he's got a lot of figure and you know the prophets Hosea and other minor poems are all say that Israel is God's victory and I'm thinking to myself, Jesus spoke about the restoration of Israel is the greatest sign of the end times of hearing a grandson of Holocaust survivors. My grandparents grew up in Poland, not even thinking in their dreams about moving to Israel. They had the good life in your Jewish people up until do they think that they have the good life elsewhere. I can tell you one thing. Look what happened.

They managed to survive the most horrible genocide that we had in the last three, four, 500 years and they moved all the way to Israel to start afresh the actually found a brand-new city and is will cold a lot on the Red Sea and they lost her son in the 1967 war of attrition. October and they pay the ultimate price with who we are and now I'm the second generation, and I was born in Jerusalem Jerusalem.

God did so many things, amazing things to bring us back here and now he's protecting us, he that keep with Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep and I'm telling you the years when Israel didn't know if will will even make it tomorrow. Those years of 1948 and 1956 and 96. It took on Israel is no longer a country that can be wiped out within the D. Our enemies are afraid of us. Did you hear that folks, Israel's enemies are afraid of her and were carrying Amir's brand-new book. It's in my online store. All of trees its title Israel and the church and Israeli examines God's unfolding plans for his two chosen peoples because God has a unique plan for the chore in the church age right now.

Everything surrounds the church, but that is coming to a close, we don't know when Amir and I believe it soon. Very, very soon, perhaps today and then becomes the times of the Jews. And that's some of the issues that were talking about for this hour Amir, I want to go back and that was a fascinating clip of you now your enemies are afraid of you and it being Israel but you recently and I'm staying in the genre here of things that are happening in exploding sometimes literally in the Middle East. You talked about online very recently about a last jihad.

I know what you mean but tell my audience what you meant. Islam was born.

One of the main things that Muslims are ordered to do in order to spread Islam is geology audit, a holy war know.

If not, we read jihad jam is a real war there is the jihad of the sword is the jihad of the word. The jihad of the diplomatic service many ways for geology audit of the holy war and the war can be waged in different ways and I believe that the culmination of the attempt to bring about domination of Islam in this world and submit all others under Islam.

The culmination of it will be.

I believe the Ezekiel war work. Yes, you have the leader of the Shiites, the one that wants to leave the Sunnis and on, Iran and Turkey, as well as some of the proxies in the BN sedan mimics all led by someone who cares not about religion but about spoils of war. Russia, the point is that that will be the culmination and then when God will eventually intervene and destroy all of those enemies that fit. From that point on, the world will be subjected completely only to the rise of the wrong world religion, which is a religion that is not trying to spread itself by the sword, actually in peaceful ways. Actually, by deception by sweet words and that is exactly what we see already happening with the Catholic Church nowadays and that's most of the content of my message the rise of the one world religion. That's right, which is excellent and you've updated that you did want back in 2016. The utility updated it in sucks. If you really want to understand the coming one world religion. You need to access this either on YouTube. You can find it easily. Like finding behold Israel on YouTube, perhaps, are you offering that is a DVD at some point Amir yeah we're working on it right now to produce it as a DVD, so it will be ready in the coming days or so cups olive tree may carry that as well will see that we are carrying his new book. I think what I hear you saying Amir is there is coming a last jihad because God correct me if I'm wrong, God is going to deal with Islam. He is certainly going to deal with Islam in the Gog Magog war. Ezekiel 38, 39, and we do not know the timing. It could be tomorrow. It could be perhaps during the tribulation. We don't know.

But God is going to finish off Islam in my right radicalism will be completely eradicated and moderate what we cold nominal Muslims are going to obviously be welcome to a Duke would be good feel good religion that will not require them even to accept any Jesus or even not Mary or anything, but it will just require them to obey a new word leader and to accept his authority and worship him.

It will be a religion death will encourage people to worship a person and it's very interesting because we can already see that I don't think we're on our way to that last yacht. I think that we are in the last few hot pictures that he will come to an end, it will culminate and come to an abrupt and during the Ezekiel war that I think that if Pres. Trump told the jihadists that they have the business with a very strong president that will not tolerate them with got a new administration that is actually enabling them because part of the administration is the political party that is enabling that type of thing. The squad are jihadist. Believe it or not against our datasets very well and it has to be very clear when I say jihadists don't necessarily say a terrorist with a mix plosive felt.

It can be rush either to leave or it can be ill on Omar by wave of how these encouraging anti-Semitism, encouraging delegitimizing Israel and claiming that the Arabs for religious purposes, not for anything else. You sit up until now, everybody was talking about national rights for Palestinians, nationalities, state capital, Parliament came Hamas and said that's not it or not it. We talk about Alexa. We talk about Islam. We talk about religion. You can call your country, whatever you want as long as Islam dominated. That's what matters in now. Either way, that walk.

After him, all the people across the world and within Israel, but Israeli Arabs because the common thing is the religious thing and play one more clip here in this segment because it complements what were saying is Dr. David Jeremiah, God is made of Abraham a great blessing and Betty set up little blessed those Abraham bless you and I want to curse those that curse you, it hasn't fared well for those who have taken Israel as an enemy. Almighty God has miraculously preserved them even in spite of all of their suffering and as a nation in that land for 2500 years. There was no evidence that that could happen then through a series of amazing events of 1948 the nation of Israel came to be at the significance of Israel's reemergence in her ancient homeland is critical to us because in order for all of the other end time prophecies to happen. Israel has to be at home in her own land, and so now the beginning of the regathering of the nation of Israel has happened Israel today as exhibit a in the lineup of convincing evidences that the Bible prophecies concerning the future are going to be fulfilled here after all these years is this little nation confounding everyone with their military ability and their commitment to survival and may I speak for my concern about America right now and that little clip by Dr. David Jeremiah and he opened it, expressing the concern about Genesis 12 three God blesses those who bless the nation of Israel curses those who curse or we have an administration right now. Well I'm to say we've gotten members of the party on the left cursing Israel every minute of the day. You just reference the squad so that's them, but there's a whole lot more. And I am so concerned for my country right now.

Amir, because I'm afraid that almost everyone on the left is doing exactly that turning their back on God's land yeah and that is a very good reason to be concerned for you, but I will tell you this is still convinced that Israel is still the best ally that America has in the Middle East and I do believe that if America is not going to stand and actively help Israel.

At least America will not turn its weapon against Israel and that is exactly what we see describing Ezekiel we can see that the European/Americans will criticize no criticizing it will criticize and protest the invasion, but they will not actively help but think it very clear the 45th president Donald Trump was in power. You and I know that if Israel would've been attacked which it wouldn't because everybody would be afraid to do so.

But if you won't be attack America will come to help Israel within a few hours, but we got a different administration that is not going to run and help us actively and I think what we're watching is in the past four years America's administration was a roof in the current.

It's old Pa in the past it.

I tend to find with Israel, with its God, with its nation with everything and this one is kissing from afar that talking to the mere society learn much more. And behold,, behold, Not only were we carrying his new book, Israel and the church in Israeli examines God's unfolding plans for his chosen people's and has a workbook so many of you will write and say got a small group, you tell me your church won't talk about any of this. So you'd like to start out small group Bible study, etc. in do we have any materials we do believe that several books with workbooks and this is the newest and I think one of the best so you can check out the book and the workbook in my online store or give my office a call or sign up for e-news letter print magazine where we promote these products again.

The store is views as an viewpoint when I come back I want to talk a little bit about one of my most favorite topics but one that you folks need to understand and that is the fact that there are some Christians and they even call themselves evangelical Christians and yet they obviously hate the Jewish people and the nation of Israel and folks, we gotta deal with that because they have millions of followers.

What you do with individual leaders who have millions of followers who are not only cursing Israel. But then, what kind of a fallout. Does that bring on a denomination, a country, a ministry that thinks that way and promotes that kind of hatred. We have to talk about it and we will soon as I get back. Don't go away. I'll be back in a couple minutes to stay in touch with us online through the following three views.Archie. That's followed such control the simple time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 rightist male with all three ministries are John Markel, PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in this age of fake news and false teaching. Thank you for trusting 70 times radio and follow through ministry. We hope you taking advantage of all that all three ministries has to offer online and in print. Visit our online store with two dozen cutting-edge products to help you become watchmen on the wall find that all of trees that's all of trees used.Archie, why not sign up for our daily headlines that will be delivered to your inbox every morning or print the newsletter will keep you ahead of the news of the day as well sign up online or call our office on full-time, you will be joining Pastor Jack said his full prophecy conference on September 11. Find out information on our conference. All of trees used.Archie almost 3 views.for this event will be live streams on September 11.

Speakers include Pastor Jack Sims, there's our body. John Markel and Pastor Billy start consultant Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California for all details stay up-to-date with news and information make you a part of today's watchmen on the wall believing that God is a plan for Israel does not negate what God has for the church and vice versa. Another work Israel and the church are God's chosen people. And when you start taking one for the other and you want to replace the other. You don't hurt my feeling you don't you just change the Bible. That's right. And that's important church and Israel play two distinctly different roles today and in the future. The church is not testing for God's wrath terrible time of Jacob's trouble is for Israel out of that will be saved as a nation is the balance today's program. God has Israel then sees us and separated himself from Israel and therefore he has sayings and is disqualified as God, but he has not cast off his people. He is still the holy one of Israel. He is still going to lead Israel through salvation as we see recorded in the prophets. The fact is, if you believe in replacement theology. If you believe that the church has replaced Israel then you are saying that Jesus no longer has an association with the Jews and therefore the 70th week of Daniel has been nullified and none of the prophecies concerning what the Lord is going to do with the Jews in the last days is any longer valid. Now that means that there are useless portions of Scripture that this Bible tells me that it is the fallible and inspired word of God and every word of God and the entirety of the word of God is true. There are no omissions for our day.

There are no amendments to the word of God. That's where you say and welcome back. I'm spending the hour with Israeli author, speaker, international Let me just say a real quick word here about some of our social media because it's changed here in the last few months changed big time. We remain on Facebook for now and were on gab rumble where off of Twitter. Please understand were off of twitter.

It is a godless pagan site.

We want nothing to do with. Please remain on Instagram, we remain on YouTube when they're not censoring us, which is frequently big tech. We would love to take advantage of big tech to get the gospel out and it gets the gospel out and by the way, if you'd like to. Speaking of big tech anticipated in online live presentations at Amir Barry Stagner and I have done now for about six months. Prophecy roundtables live. Check out the information we try to do that.

When possible, about twice a month. Again, I'm carrying his new book, Israel and the church and Israeli examines God's unfolding plans for his chosen people's and folks the sad side to what were talking about is the church is not totally on board for 30 minutes.

We've heard some astounding information from Amir, but what God is doing in Israel. I believe Israel is now the eighth most powerful nation on the planet. Wrap your brain around that for a moment. Folks, it's the size of New Jersey and it's become a world superpower militarily speaking as well, but parts of the church are signing now under this there signing off to this, they want nothing to do with the things that were talking about America, US and Israeli tell me how you process that what I just said that parts of the church want nothing to do.

As a matter fact, there are parts of the church hearing what I'm saying right now and turning the radio or their electronic device off one of the things that cause me to start the holders without exactly this one is a young believers and Israeli. I couldn't believe that anyone in the church could be that blind to see what God had been doing is doing and will be doing with Israel and the sheer amount of Scriptures dealing with the past, present and future of Israel left me only to believe that either they don't teach the Bible or they take the Bible out of context or they leave part of the Bible out of their teaching because it doesn't fit their narrative and I thought to myself Israel is one of the most important component of understanding God's plan of salvation. That's what the old-ism is look at Israel.

When I heard this Olivet discourse and how Jesus stopped after describing the world event, and says learn this parable from that victory, and we know what the fig tree stands for, because it's not a victory that the parable I realized that such an important thing that is putting together what's going to happen to the world with what's going to happen to the church because these are the two parts that Olivet discourse. Inductive writing between. If you don't understand what God is doing with Israel you will never understand what happened to this world and you will never understand what God is planning for the church and honestly, unlike very concerned about the state of the church when it comes to Israel. I'm very concerned because when you suggest that the church has replaced Israel, which is already an error leads you to almost allow yourself to hate them because yes, all of the demons starts rising. That's right, all the demons are getting permission by you to rise and to manifest himself and those demons are. It's all about kill feeling destroyed, not about a night out and then we become people that are hateful and I'm not sure if this is what is going to be taken to heaven people that hate other people.

We cannot hate the Blacks. We cannot hate the Asian-American pe Filipinos. We got a digital if everything our Savior is Jewish and slaughter.

I want to chose Israel and not anything Jesus will come back to Jerusalem not to Salt Lake City and I don't get it, how in the world and that's why I always tell people an indication to me that the work of the Holy Spirit is evident in you is this supernatural love stories were amen all right were going to hear from a couple of gentlemen here who have a supernatural hatred for what were talking about Amir. The first clip on the plane is broadcaster Hank Hannah grants who is going to say that God doesn't choose anybody based on our DNA, our birth mother and then I went to play quick clip.

This will happen real fast folks. So listen up and went to play clipper broadcaster Rick Wiles. Now, this one's going back to 2019.

When they were trying to impeach Pres. Trump and Mr. Wiles came on the air and said that all of this was a Dooku now did you just hear what Amir said. How is it possible for processing Christians to think and speak like these two gentlemen let's play these two clips back to back, and then I'll come back and make a comment or two.

A second major theological fault line underlying Christian Zionism is the notion that God has two distinct people that arose for the 19th century dissolution priest from the Church of England joined with the separatist millenarian movement called the Plymouth brethren, that he did it in 1831, about the same time that Darwin sailed off into evolutionary thing. What Darwin Darby was a trendsetter. He contended that God had two distinct people to distinct plans into distinct estimates that only one of those people, the Jews would suffer tribulation. The other the church would be removed from the world in a secret coming seven years prior to the second coming of Christ, and that distinctive twist on Scripture known as dispensational eschatology is now raining eschatology.

Certainly the West and bone is wildly popular. There is nothing likely to commend far from communicating the distinction between Israel and the church. The Scripture from beginning to end, reveals that God has only ever had one chosen people. In fact, the precise terminology that is used to describe the children of Israel in the Old Testament is ascribed to the church in the New Testament Peter calls them, a chosen people are royal priesthood, a holy nation of people belonging to God. Ultimately, they are the one chosen people of God, not by virtue of their genealogical relationship to Abraham but by virtue of their genuine relationship to the living stone, rejected by God and chosen by men.

May I say plainly, God is not a racist does not choose you based on your birth mother chooses you based on your relationship to Yahweh, the God of Israel revealed in Jesus Christ. That's the way the Jews work, they were deceivers they plot they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeach Trump movement is a Jew who, in the American people better wake up to a really fast because this thing is moving now towards a vote in the house and then a trial in the Senate. We get out a trial before Christmas. This country could be in Civil War at Christmas time. The real reason they will say that is because the real agenda is Israel and they're not going to jeopardize their standing with the White House to get things done for Israel. I can see that's the real reason is so they will look the other way about seven and keep their mouth shut and so they're pushing the agenda because they have control Washington. They have control of the Trump administration. Donald Trump is owned by the Jews. That's the truth that is beyond removing Donald Trump is removing you and me. That's what's at the heart of it, you have been taken over by a Jewish COBOL, a Bolshevik revolution and I would say the church of Jesus Christ. Your next okay folks, I think those two clips may appoint. That's why play them out mean to be offensive, but I can imagine anything more offensive to a Jewish person, the one we just aired here first clip was Hank Hannah Graf millions of followers second clip Rick Wiles. I don't know how many followers but too many I married your thoughts and what you heard my book was written exactly for these two gentlemen. Thank you for leading me to read that first of all Hank demographic would end up not being vulgar because throughout the entire accident.

The people of Israel were not following God, yet he still wanted them. The last time I read my book. Even when Balian was about to curse the Jews.

Israel was not really a God. Following God-fearing nation at the time. Remember the rebellious nature in the desert and yet God did not allow Balian to curse Israel but my point is this God himself said, I chose you, not because of who you are, but because of my promise to your father's event going back to the father's going back to DNA into genealogy.

Make no mistake the Jews can never ever be saved unless they believe in Jesus Christ. There is no doubt about, but for the fact we know Zachariah chapter 12 wrote that when they see him on the peers they will mourn and cry that will be the repentance and then Romans 11 was clearly indicating that all is well will be saved. I don't understand the two gentlemen where they and the other guy is saying Donald Trump is owned by the Jews and then he said to the Jews.

They want to replace and fill axes me. I'm not sure which one I can only see one thing on both cases the Jews got to be blamed for the last time I checked, neither the president of United States.

Now the vice president or the speaker of the house are Jews. None of them is Jewish. The things that jumped out at me American and Amir Cincinnati is my guess for the hour.

Behold, Mr. Hannah Graf said that the reigning theology in the West today is premillennial dispensationalism Amir. I wish that were true, but I have to say, the reigning theologies in the West today millennialism kingdom now Dominion-ism and a number of other theologies that are raging only false latter rain. I could go down a whole list of theologies that terrorism which is what Mr. Hannah Graf is a predator us all of prophecy happened in 70 A.D. it's all over. We missed it, but he sang dispensationalism, the reigning theology well granted how Lindsay wrote a wonderfully popular book late great planet Earth in the left behind series. Also, very, very popular, but it's not the reigning theology in the Western church. Sadly, not only.when I came to see. I never heard of Darby. Why am I being blamed for buying something that a person wrote when I came to sleep in what I believe prescription only. Last time I checked the results correct gathering of the years there is a wonderful gathering of the church to be taken according to verses 11 and chapter 4. Last time I checked, the rapture is super biblical the last time I checked, Israel must go through the tribulation. It's super biblical. All of these things are in my book, but I honestly am ashamed to say that because their aim book you have to buy my book in order to get the things you read the Bible understand that and people like Hank Hannah Graf are playing with the minds of people, because he knows that will not run and check it. The banks on them. Looking at payment by blandness the thing when you go to the Scriptures.

You see for yourself if God is done with Israel. Why would Paul go everywhere first thing you if there is no more reason for God to even relate to Israel anymore. Why would Paul go to the synagogue. Why would Paul say I wish to be a curse from Christ for the sake of my nation. Why would he gather the Jewish leaders in his home address and Romans eight is for the hollow of Israel.

But I am bound and chained VP is the hope of Israel, and Israel have hope. God is not done with them. If you're a reader of the Bible in your reading Romans 910 11 I'm not too sure Mr. Wiles which you do with Romans 910 11, where Paul says he would rather be accursed then have the Jewish people be accursed because there is coming a glorious day for them. Part of that glorious day involves their salvation. And of course national salvation happens at the time of the second coming of Jesus Christ. When we return with the Lord. And then we set up a millennial kingdom, a literal 1000 years with the rule out of a marriage is set at the rule wasn't going to come out of Salt Lake City. It's not going to come out of Oslo, Norway. It's going to come out of Jerusalem.

That's what's ahead. Amir talks about all of these things in his new book, Israel and the church where the role of the church and Israel is outlined for a latter-day. And Amir, I was present at what's called hope for the holy land. They may have disbanded that Lynn Hibel's was a part of that number of others were a part of that I believe may cannon at that time she was a part of world vision I attended at Bethel College where I graduated from. And Amir, I was absolutely blown away as I saw various speakers including Lynn Hibel's Sammy Awad and others get up there and again the propaganda that was spewed against God's covenant land. But here's the thing that I don't hear from these people Amir and what's so troubles me is they never reference the terrorist activity on the part of the Palestinian activists and Palestinian leadership who are slaughtering Jews. Another wall that Israel built some years ago has helped but none of these speakers will reference including Mr. Hannah Graf was speaking there at Christ in the checkpoint again supposedly carried on by evangelical Christians canceled here in 2021.

I don't hear them talking about the inconvenient truth that would be the terrorist activity in part of the Palestinians don't hear course not, because if you say something wrong about the Palestinian and you take the side of Israel. You might by accident acknowledged the right of Israel to exist. That's right for them. Look how anti-Semites they are. They don't think that Israel has the right to be back in its land. They truly believe that it's an accident that the Jews have returned and that the Jews claim there have biblical deed or ownership over this land. When the Jewish people came back to this land. I suggest that they read Ezekiel chapter 37 because the Lord made it very clear that he is the one you brought them from that graveyard in your and he said I the Lord. Not only that I brought you out of that place. But I take you myself and I will place you in your own land not somebody else's land and then he said I the Lord helps open it and performed it was an act of God to save the Jews.

The remnant there from Europe and to basically bring them back to their own land. The land that he gave them, and to then after he restores them physically.

He will support his spirit upon them, and he will restore them spiritually. This type of thing is an enigma to people like Hannah Graf and Wiles because in their mind.

The Jews are all know it's funny because if you judge a whole group of people by three or four families that I can tell you what families that are known as Christians.

They have many more representatives in the line of crime and genocide than the Jewish people and what I say old Christians are murderers. All Christians are bloodthirsty course not. So yes I do understand that the role child in the Rockefellers may be globalist in the Soros is an evil man, but that doesn't mean that all the Jews are like that to mean that God is forgotten all about it or it means that there are few people that forgot about them being Jews and want to become God, not to be under God played God but they are not the only families that are doing that there is at least) more families of non-Germans you are participating in.

So how come were not picking on them as okay them.

All Christians like that? You cannot do that.

Once you do that it exposes what you really think and what your heart is revealed by Amir. I'm going to yearbook here for a moment, because as our timelines down. I want to make a few comments here about the importance of, for instance in your book you do highlight the important role of the Jewish people in the last days. Let me just summarize and I'm going to do it in seconds here, but we have the hundred and 44,000 witnesses, the book of Revelation talks about folks they aren't Baptists they are Lutherans they are Jews, 12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel.

We have two witnesses folks they are Jews. When the Jews rejected Jesus the assignment of being a light to the nations was given to the church, thanks to the Jews. There will be a true evangelism explosion up ahead it's going to be in the tribulation. Because what happens to the church.

The church is missing in the tribulation. So the assignment of evangelism explosion is then turned over to the Jews. You can read all about this in Amir's new book, then we read and I just reference to Romans 910 11 all Israel will be saved okay you say how's that possible Jan because those who have survived the tribulation. We referenced it earlier.

I going to see him whom they pierced and mourn for him and turn to him as a nation. Those who have survived the tribulation going to turn to him for salvation. Well, in a moment. Comment Amir because again here book talks about the importance of understanding the separation of the importance of the first of all, the calling of the Jews, the Jews rejected Jesus. Don turned his favor to the church for a season. Not permanently correcting Jesus himself said, you will not see me to write you until you say, but oh, how about the sham of the night you didn't say anything in Arabic. He didn't say anything in the Latin fee said in Hebrew. What the Jewish people must say in order to receive him when he comes back not to India not to New York City and not to your people coming back to Jerusalem and jammed you and I know that if it wasn't for the Jewish people in Jerusalem right now fighting for the rhythm, the jihadist would've done it into a Muslim city that's not the city. Jesus is coming back.

Coming back to his own. He is coming back to those who will look at him home. They pierced the Bible says those are the Jewish people. He said that the prophet said that we are back coming.

Let's not argue with the fact back. It's a miracle nobody can explain in natural terms, the return of the Jews. There is no nation on planet Earth that ever survived 2000 years of been gone from the land. It's important that we understand that one of those beautiful quotes I've read with a quote of Charles Krauthammer. Yes, you wrote Israel is the only nation on earth that inhabits the same land. The same thing speak the same language and worship the same God that he did 3000 years ago. You cannot refute that.

And yes, they still don't know the Messiah and yet they still do their own religion and God will deal with them. Unfortunately I'm saying that it'll pick seven years of horrible tribulation for them to eventually claim that religion then turned to Christ. It's called the time the ticker symbol. That's what the tribulation is called Sosa church is not Jacob. Okay Jacob represents only one thing and that would be the Jewish people. Go ahead Amir, exactly, you cannot argue with the fact you cannot argue with the word of God.

You cannot argue with the actual words of Jesus himself to the people. Everything speaks volume of the need of the Jews to return back to their land that you quoted from what I wrote hundred and 44,000 are from the physical tribes of Israel remains all of them and then the two witnesses which reminds us exactly what God did with both Moses and Elijah.

These are unbelievable people that are in Jerusalem next to the temple preaching to the people of Israel that are not Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox or Roman Catholic their Jewish people going to play one more click the mirror and it says you and why this is so fascinating. Then folks are running quickly out of time here, but this clip is so important because we have Amir speaking here about the sounding of the nation of Israel by unbelievers. I am really excited to bring this price real interview to you, that's good.

Jumping is so much about the in God's promise) and think you're in. Didn't you like eventually went back out to the desert running to experience this saying this is with the screens were supposed to have here and he was holding onto the promises God said that he will bring that desert back to life and so he said while I'm going there and I'll do that. You see if there's a whole generation of pioneers and they were nonbelievers.

But somehow God use that unbelievable generation. The greatest generation. Are you cold out to your veterans of will to calm and just fight the malaria fight the terrorists than Arab gangs all around before Israel was born, and then of course fight prejudice from all around with and have the vision what the Bible said regarding the future of Israel. Indeed will happen, you know, Mark Twain shows up in the middle of the 1800s and only can say about this land as a believer is it's a barren wasteland. Nothing grows here I haven't even seen a single living soul in this country and then look what we have now we export fruits and vegetables. We grow more species of fruit and vegetables any other country in the world you if that's another hand of God. What is talks.

I hope you heard the message in that little one minute clip Amir I'm down to literally a minute but I want you to sum up anyway you want to. It's all yours. All I say is that believing that God is the plan for Israel does not negate what God has for the church and vice versa.

Network Israel and the church are God's chosen people.

And when you start taking one for the other and taking want to replace the other. You don't hurt my feelings. You don't you just change the Bible. That's right.

And that's important social process you want to better understand this again were carrying not only the book but the workbook so you can have a small group and read the book together and do a workbook together Israel and the church and Israeli examines God's unfolding plans for his chosen people's I can't read.

I say that often I can't read every book cover to cover, but I did this one and I do recommend it to get acquainted with the mirror.

Behold, sign up for his E newsletter which will come to think twice a week I get notices and information watch him on YouTube under behold, Israel Amir, thank you for all you do. I wish I could spend 10 minutes here thanking you for all you do. I can only spend 10 seconds think and you know. Thank you again for what you do and thank you for being Deborah of our time to spread the truth in a very hostile environment and think it is true. Let me go out of the program. I say this frequently.

It's so appropriate when the time was right does see pirated the walls fell down. The sun stood still. The waves were calm. The stone was rolled away the clouds were parted and the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early never late. He's always right on time and his plan for you is good and look I get emails from you every day that you're hurting. Would you please remember this as we go out of this program.

His plan for you is not only good his plan for you is perfect and I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week. By we know you can't always be via radio so just remember our program is posted to our website both its audio and video format go to follow three olive trees then to radio. We welcome from the that's all trees colors central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 may only write to John Markel and altered ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 oh gifts are tax-deductible. Our parting wishes always know that God is in control of the smallest detail of your life and everything is falling in place

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