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Fear No Evil

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 21, 2021 8:00 am

Fear No Evil

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 21, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Michele Bachmann who conclude life in 2021 is what strong delusion looks like. Globalism is on the horizon with all marching to the beat of the World Economic Forum. How can we share hope and fear no evil when it is surrounding us?


When is down, black is white and evil is good. It must be the last days. In 1952 Congress and Pres. Truman established a national day of prayer is a yearly event and President Reagan designated the first Thursday in May. Forevermore, what are devout Catholic commander-in-chief raise some eyebrows today by not mentioning the word God during his national Day of prayer proclamation present never to do so looking to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by all three ministries. They we feature a radio favorite Michelle Bachmann, Janet and Michelle talk about a number of different topics that are in the headlines promised to end on a note encouraging you to look up noted our redemption draws nine here is today's program. Bank of America has issued a report that said at the very least, transitory, hyperinflation is coming. So let's just take them at their word not mean not anybody else. Not any crazy yahoo like me saying this. This is Bank of America. Let's take them at their word. How do you prepare there's lots of different ways but you have to start thinking like Germans did in the 1930s. Welcome to the program. So glad you can join me this week and special guests in studio every now and then. Quite frankly, as often as possible.

I try to get a current event/political cultural update from the familiar voice of Michelle Bachmann and I have in front of me but not 10 pages of notes and activities that are going on in America and the world. Quite frankly, even the Middle East as we speak.

Working to talk about all of those things because we have a new administration. Just five months in office. What has changed in five months. Almost everything for the good or the bad. Well let you decide will talk about some of those categories were things are not the best any longer economy, immigration. We got a war least that appears to be a war we don't know for how long it could get extended. It could get broadened is Gog Magog on the horizon. I'm not sure, but activity in the Middle East. All of this again. In just a matter of weeks to months.

Michelle Bachmann, welcome back into the studio. Jan thank you that's always a pleasure to be here with you and will talk about some of the things you're doing to hear along the way but I want to continue to play on my opening here and you heard Glenn Beck non-soaring inflation just five months of the Biden presidency images hit the categories we can talk about them all. The economy is hurting immigration on her border is hurting.

Morality issues are hurting with the celebration of aberrant we've got American children, teens and young adults are being taught to hate their country. We've got America's number one ally, marginalized, and probably in the process of being abandoned when we talk about energy trillions of dollars in debt does any of this. At least the swiftness with which this happened surprise you that part does not surprise me. I knew that if the Democrats took control of the White House the house and the Senate, they would have the ultimate trifecta that they were hoping for, and they were going to waste it. They have file cabinets filled with all of their plans, they had signaled exactly what they were intending to do. And even though Joe Biden doesn't seem like with no disrespect. The sharpest knife in the drawer these days. The people who are behind him know exactly what it is that they want to accomplish and they aren't letting any time waste because they know their time is short yet they're trying to turn every dial so that the United States resembles the transformative nation that they are wanting to see, rather than the constitutional Republic that we grew to love and appreciate Michelle served Minnesota's sixth District and U.S. Congress from 2007 through 2014. Okay economy home prices just in a few weeks to months here, up 10% gasoline soaring through the roof. If you can find it and you told me a story of your brother on the East Coast and he's actually a doctor right his bike to various places immigration that something you are very much involved in the immigration dilemma when you are in Congress. Tell me just a little bit about what you're saying, particularly in light of you, having served in Congress for number of years and now everything seems to be coming apart at the seams. Trillions of dollars of new debt trillions of new debt. That's right, we hear Joe Biden talk about new bills all the time. You have to start out with $1 trillion or $2 trillion in spending. People need to understand that it wasn't that long ago that 2 trillion was the entire gadget at the very entire year and now just one new bill is 2 trillion or 4 trillion with plans for 10 trillion what people need to understand is that money will never be a reality.

It's impossible.

If you take everything that Americans earn in a year. We can't possibly work enough if we worked 16/24 hours a day, we wouldn't have enough money to pay into the US government for the spending that Joe Biden is proposed just in the first two months of this year.

So what happens you go bankrupt so the United States effectively is in bankruptcy now with no care at all by the current administration of putting us even more in debt. What happens when that happens out of control a Dragon at your door and inflation is one of the cruelest taxes of all time, it affects poor people the most. It affects elderly because they worked their whole life. They tried to save and live modest lives so that they could live off of what they have for the rest of their life together was Social Security when you have inflation at such an out-of-control rate, then it's very hard to buy food and it's very hard to pay your electric bill. These are hard things to even talk about because it affects our everyday life, but it's cruel to see what is coming out of Washington DC because it's hurting people who cannot take care of themselves. You can papered over with whatever nice language you want to use, but the bottom line when you're paying in one gas station in Virginia in 699 a gallon. That's if they could find gas aligned when you're at that point, your whole life changes. Very few people I know can afford to pay 699 for a gallon of gas have Tucker Carlson here embellish on this for just a couple minutes. For example, it probably shouldn't surprise you that once they got their hands on real power. The same lunatics who don't believe in human biology immediately made a serious mess of our economy took the lesson six months to do it firstly acted like the US dollar had no value.

They spent money like they just printed it for the occasion, which needless to say they had and predictably. We wound up with frightening levels of inflation, which for the record, distilled my exists but inflation does exist. As you know well if you live here, corn prices, to name just one example of a stable commodity that is now out of control have risen by 50% just since January, but that wasn't bad enough lunatics then decide to make it even worse than that.

So they paid millions of Americans more than they make it work just to stay home and do nothing just by doing this they use the word coven quite a bit, but it had nothing to do with the pandemic. They just wanted to break the system and so they did the rest of us immediately wound up with a bewildering combination of rising unemployment in the middle of a severe labor shortage. So the very same time, we found ourselves with too many workers and also to few workers that is even make sense. But thanks to their policies. That's now exactly what we have and then finally, in case 20, 21 didn't remind you enough of a grimmer version of the 1970s, we now have serious gas shortages in the country was recently energy independent all along the East Coast of the country today people couldn't fill up their cars signaled the footage looks like Venezuela shortages now being reported in at least six states and expected to grow stretching down the highways as customers waited for pumps, the governor of North Carolina has declared a state of emergency.

The station they are running out of fuel gas pumps run dry, and officials urged drivers not to panic by filling it already long lines and low fuel gauges the shutdown of the pipelines also putting major airports in Baltimore, Charlotte and others on the East Coast at risk of low supply. Michelle Bachmann used many inside on the incident that caused the crisis with the gasoline on the East Coast do I know what caused it. No I don't but I will tell you this. What we are seeing in every one of these instances the Tucker Carlson just point out and also the list that you gave. This is not random. This didn't catch the Biden administration by unawares. This was not a foreign planned event. This is actually the plan of the progressive left that run the United States. Everything is going according to plan Cisse to meet Michelle Coolidge, is because why would any politician want to get power only to cause these things to happen.

Well, if you look at their policies. They are implementing their policies. This is the green new deal. Matter fact within the Biden administration. One of his officials said. If people had electric cars, they wouldn't be worried about the loss of gas. In other words, Marie Antoinette, saying, let them eat cake. They forget that electricity has to come from somewhere realize communist China builds on average one coal-fired power plant every week.

Joe Biden is in the process of shutting down coal-fired power plants natural gas-fired power plants all sorts of power.

They don't tell us what will replace it because up until this point seller hasn't had the capacity to replace the energy we need. Neither has wind and we've seen this last winter. All the problems there were with wind power in tennis is the when a storm came up. They don't have reliable energy to replace. They don't care. AOC is running the progressives with the green new deal and it's the smart hip talk to be for the green new deal. This is what the green new deal looks like gas shortages, gas lines, they believe that gas will go away because what did they tell us within 10 years. Some say 12 years climate change will do us all in their same today. We've got to get rid of gasoline. It doesn't matter if we don't have a replacement. We just have to get rid of it. That's what disaster looks like. And it's because Jan this is what delusion looks like people tell themselves lies. They believe it and that practical effect is delusion couldn't agree with you more delusion deception. Those are the two key elements of the last days according to the Bible I have in front of me but article citing the 120 American generals who have stated that the US may not survive.

Biden's attack on the Constitution. Let me read two short paragraphs. Our nation is in deep peril, says the letter posted online at the Federalists quote we are in a fight for our survival as a constitutional republic like no other time since our founding, the conflict is between supporters of socialism and Marxism versus supporters of constitutional freedom and liberty goes on under a Democratic Congress and the current administration.

Our country has taken a hard left turn toward socialism and communism of a form of tyrannical government. They charge and Michelle, I have had on air as you probably know, numerous times. Curtis Bowers, who's the best at documenting the 100 year effort to make America a Marxist nation, and where one of the few bastions of freedom left. I'm sure you saw this hundred and 20 American generals stating that the US may not survive.

Biden's attack on the Constitution that was an alarming headline that jumped out at me. It was especially when you have generals and admirals using the words hard left and communism.

These are the old school generals who know what communism is and from their perspective right.

Communism is a bad thing. We have generals today who may have a different view of communism but these generals understood this was an enemy.

And remember, this last 100 years was the bloodiest in the history of 5000 years of recorded human history. And it was primarily death by communist government. So these are nice people. This is evil and demonic. As a matter fact I would just give one example. On day one of Joe Biden's presidency. He canceled the Keystone pipeline. There was no environmental reason to cancel the Keystone pipeline. Why would you do that you would do that to deny the United States. The capitalism the revenue the access to energy that would bring about greater advanced to the United States. That's what communism seeks to stop. It doesn't want the American people to have the advantages of access to gasoline and to energy 11,000 jobs were lost that day. How could that be a good thing. That's what these generals are taking a look at and say you want evidence of communism look at day one who would do that when your for America not to make America great again agenda that is dead, gone and buried this new agenda is a communist first agenda, not America first love the jet is not your grandmother's Democrat party for sure.

You're listening to understand the times radio Jan Markel I have in studios. We both had quarter out of the Twin Cities area. Michelle Bachmann. She served Minnesota's sixth District in Congress 2007 through 2014. She currently is Dean of the Robertson school of Government at Regent University.

Michelle before the program today. We were talking a little bit about the world economic forum, the great reset and the great reset of the world economic forum is getting itself set up. I think it wants to be up and running fully.

I don't know this. My hunch is certainly by January 1. And this is global socialism.

Clow Schwab is the head of it have done lots of programming on it. World elites are a part of it, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, a list a whole number of people for that matter.

I think Anthony Fauci is a part of it is well, it seemed everyone is marching in tune to the beat of this drum that is the great reset which is built on as you just said the green new deal were talking about power players in the Biden administration.

But above the Biden administration would be the world economic forum and they are agenda which is not national socialism, not North Americans socialism not Western Hemisphere socialism or communism, but a global system that answers to just a few power elites and it's on the horizon.

Now we could say this is the tribulation, and it may be in the church may be gone and may never see the great reset. Or we could see the beginnings of and I'm not asking for any opinion because we just don't know but I think we have to as I try to do. Whenever possible, at least give attention to the fact that the world economic forum is really behind a lot of things and the important thing for your listeners to know is that the world economic forum isn't interested in our welfare. That's true, or anyone's welfare across the earth.

They don't care about us.

We are actually a problem were only an asset to be used in the way that they want to use this if we are not useful work on if we are willing to push their agenda forward.

Then they'll use this. There's a big question about China. China really is the big story on the earth right now but China in the long term scheme of things is a speedbump that is not to diminish the importance of what China is doing there a very nefarious evil actor on the world stage, but ultimately the races between will China dominate the earth or will a global elite system is whether it's the world economic forum dominate the earth. I think what the Bible says is that some global elite may be a world economic form type. That's what will dominate. It won't be one nationstate extra like a China, but I do believe the direction were going in is the communist China direction. If you look at the United States with the vaccine passports. That's nothing more than a social contract. I hate to use this term but the noose is tightening for all of us and it's because the world economic forum saw that when they won the presidency in the United States and you heard me correctly, the world economic forum won the presidency. When they did that was the jewel in their crown because then they could move forward with global domination plans because we were the impediment the United States of America freedom truth they needed everyone to come under their thumb and now they're in the process of ensuring that all of us have to answer to them rather than us answering to our local governments or what it should be government answering to the people of just reading an email here this happens to be from a Canadian supporter because again we can talk about American issues, but is worth citing here. These are global issues. This is a global countdown that were in world economic forum great reset behind some of it but this comes from a Canadian supporter because Michelle it's almost like Canada has gone off the deep end and she says we are now under a lockdown. This is just recently and I believe this is Ontario. We are now under a lockdown so strict that police are stopping cars for coven checks. People are getting fined if they are not on permitted business or if there are people from different households in the vehicle. She says welcome to Orwell's 1984 and then she continues I see this being a test model and she says for Clow Schwab's utopia world ICS that's Canada becoming what Germany was since everything happening here is the same as what happened in pre-World War II Germany. I see people embracing it because good has become evil and evil has become good. I see persecution for the church explode again Canada work recording this program, folks. Just a few hours from Canada. She concludes I truly don't think we have much time left as a world, the illness is nothing more than in excuse to control the world and every human in it. I believe we are getting a foretaste of the great line Michelle that's a few hours from where were sitting here in Canada and I think parts of Europe are equally repressive, as is Canada but that doesn't mean that America couldn't come under this kind of severe control the tenor of it being almost Nazi like think of the commonality here.

Both America and Canada are descendents of the British parent. So we have that background of the Christian nation, essentially a first world nation and Canada.

What's the difference Canada was more secularized than we were, yes, and Canada was willing to accept more of a progressive view they were choosing a Trudeau for their prime minister, their prime minister through off limitations upon his powers. That's what you're see by these progressive governors, the progressive prime minister they've thrown off limitation on power. That's what's unique about America. Our Constitution is a limiting governing document. We maximize power for the individual in America and we limit power to the Supreme Court to the legislatures to the executive branch under the pretext of coven which year Canadian listener was writing about she was doing this has essentially lifted all restrictions on power over government. So what is common in its place absolute Nazi type socialistic context.

This neighbor which is a couple hours from us. It should be light years away from ISP and better ways of the type of evil way of life that it's imposing on its people. How often does government ever give you back liberty once they take liberty from you. We have a glaring example in front of us.

It should be on the news every single night.

What is happening in Canada but people here in the United States don't know how oppressive Canada has become. Is this a peek into our future. Are you kidding of course. The course and this is exactly where the Biden administration is taking us.

Were not talking 10 years from now. Jan, we may be talking 10 weeks from now. That's how quickly this is like lightning. This is the blitzkrieg of our day in terms of losing liberty in front of her eyes.

That's why people need to realize again this is a delusion that were being presented this whole coven is a cover and a pretext to get had coven people have died from it. But remember, it's a 99.98% chance of recovery.

There was never a case to be made for shutting down the economy and giving government. These extraordinary powers over our lives, our president, the Congress, these governors need to give up emergency authorization powers if they have any shred of trying to pretend they still live under the Constitution and let us have our freedom back will know this summer if we get to go back to having our freedom if we don't then look at Canada because that's going to be our life.

I want to play one more soundbite in this part one of my programming, we can actually talk about it when we come back we have some in Congress, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and others who are trying to push back. This is Ted Cruz and this is HR one again this would disenfranchise voters forever, and I know voting is a passion for you and for me he's going talk here about the bill that is going to possibly change voting forever in America will talk more about it. Certainly in part two of my program. Let's play this clip this legislation to use a phrase that is been popularized on the media recently is Jim Crow 2.0. This legislation would disenfranchise millions of Americans. Many of us are referring to this legislation as the corrupt politicians act. Sen. Schumer talked about politicians picking their constituents. That's what this legislation does this legislation is designed to ensure that Democrats never lose another election.

This legislation would register millions of illegal aliens to vote is intended to do, is intended to do that because Democrats have made the decision that millions of illegal aliens voting are likely to vote for Democrats. This would register vast numbers of criminals and felons to vote because Democrats have made the decisions that criminals and felons are likely to vote for Democrats. This legislation strikes down virtually every voter integrity law adopted with the state level voter ID laws. Over 70% of Americans support voter ID laws. By the way, over 60% of African-Americans in this country support voter ID laws.

29 states have voter ID laws on the books. What is this legislation do strikes the ball down says it's illegal for any state to have a voter ID law ballot harvesting 31 states prohibit ballot harvesting why because it is a corrupt practice were paid operatives handled ballots of someone else and it is repeatedly led to instances of stealing votes. What is this buildout, it strikes down all 31 states restrictions about harvesting. This bill turns the Federal election commission from a bipartisan agency into a partisan agency into a partisan agency controlled by Democrats. Why because Democrats want Chuck Schumer in charge of the Federal election commission. The effect of that, I will point out will be that every Republican senator and every Republican House member will be investigated will be fine will be prosecuted by the Federal election commission.

By the way, if this bill were to pass and miraculously Democrats were to lose power and this is designed to make it impossible for Democrats to lose power I ask you for a moment which Democrat on this committee would want to Federal election committee controlled by Sen. McConnell because I guarantee you that every Democrat would then be investigated and prosecuted in the Federal election commission shouldn't be a partisan weapon designed to win elections. This legislation is profoundly dangerous and the reason it suppresses millions of votes is by allowing millions of people to vote illegally and that is the intended effect and that would be the actual effect of this bill. It dilutes the legal votes of American citizens that is HR one that Sen. Cruz is talking about how sweet to spent the first half of my program talking about the new restrictions in the new mood in America that has clamped down on the freedoms that America has in the process. A lot of things are going haywire from the economy to immigration to morality out of control debt. Well, if you want more of that this HR one will guarantee more of that will talk more about that in part two of my programming on each take a very short timeout and I'm coming back with Michele Bachmann who is in studio with me and Michelle actually ran for President of the United States in 2012. She just has great insights. I think into the tide of our times, which is why I try to bring her on several times a year so that can just a couple minutes don't go away. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through politics reviews.old Archie all moved to reviews double: simple time at 763-559-4440 476-355-4444 writers through the mail and follow three ministries John Markel, PO Box 1452, MN 55311-1452 Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. This age of fig newtons postage. Thank you for trusting times, radio and almost 3 were living in an era defined by global pandemics, natural disasters, political strife and ever shifting morality.

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She serve Minnesota's sixth District from 2007 through 2014 ran for president in 2012.

She, like me, operates here out of Minneapolis-St. Paul and Michelle the Twin Cities. I grew up in this not quite look like it did when I was growing up. We've seen things take a terrible turn and things obviously began with the liberal politics a lot of years ago and we had the George Floyd incident almost a year ago to the day you and I Ronnie are talking about that you indicated to me on air the Floyd incident had been preceded 30 days in Minnesota of honoring all the mayor of many deniers and ambition permission remind us of that for the Muslim call to prayer, which is broadcast in Muslim nations. It was allowed to be broadcast in Minneapolis the first time in the history of American a major metropolitan area or five times a day praises to Allah were issued through the microphone system over Minneapolis and at the conclusion of that then you had the George Floyd incident happened. That's almost a year to the day here in the Twin Cities. But this is not the area I grew up in, and that's heartbreaking for me to have to watch the area. I literally grew up in, taken over by homeless and others is where liberalism leads to.

I went out of part one of the program with that clip from Ted Cruz because we are concerned that there be free and fair elections. He was talking about HR1 which is a long that's going to disenfranchise voters and make it impossible for progressives to ever lose an election. You've been a politician for a lot of years. At the moment you're not doing that because your Dean of the Robertson school of Government, Regent University, but your thoughts when you heard Ted Cruz few minutes ago. He was exactly right in everything that he said essentially what HR one dozen people need to know this is the number one priority for the Democrat party. The most selfish politicians in the world are the ones who want to ensure that they will never lose an election. They will never be held accountable for what they do if they can fix it so they can rig an outcome of the election outcome based elections act or voter fraud entitlement act, then they can pass anything they want. They don't worry about getting thrown out of office by the people because again they despise the will of the people thief fear the people and so what they want to do is make sure that they deny all of us are vote.

That's what Ted Cruz was saying HR one has already passed to the House of Representatives twice under Nancy Pelosi. It sits in the U.S. Senate Joe Biden said he will sign it. The only thing that's stopping it from passing our two Democrat senators. One is Joe mansion in West Virginia. The other is Kirsten Cinema from Arizona to think that two Democrat senators. He promised something in exchange for their vote.

That's how Washington works are just look for it at the most opportune time.

We will see the pressure come to bear on passing this bill so everyone needs to know what this is and put the pressure on the West Virginia Sen. mansion and on the senator from Arizona and also prayer because God is so much more powerful than any grubby politician, so we cry out to God for our deliverance not to politician. We cry out to God, we need to also be wise and cognizant of what's happening in our day. Remember we are in a very different day and time. We need to know what the evil is about us. We don't fear the evil, but we have to be wise and we have to come against that evil.

Do you see some on the right pushing back.

We just heard Sen. Cruz eloquently trying to push back. Sometimes I get the feeling that he is a minority of six or eight or 10. Could you see pushing back against the insanity that we've talked about for over 30 minutes. Jan I can tell you that it is always been a minority thing pushes back always so Ted Cruz is Jim Jordan in the house as I hope that Jim Jordan will be the next speaker of the house.

He should be.

He and I both came in to Congress at the same time in 2006 eases a real today as he was when he came in in 06 and he's a believer he's a family man and people should pray for Jim Jordan, and I think you'd make a marvelous speaker of the house.

He's a wrestling coach, and I think that's a good background for him to try and wrestle them Republican conference to get a spine.

I think it's very important that we realize the power prayer. There aren't that many who understand the times that we live in and were trying to push back.

Most of them want to keep their job and keep their head down and don't say too much because we are living in a vicious era politics is very different than what I was, so it takes somewhat with tremendous courage. You have to be from a strong Republican districts they don't lose your seat, but sometimes you have to be willing to lose your seat to fight.

We have a couple who will, but not very many.

We talked a moment to go about God. What was tragic this year. National Day of prayer. The White House did not mention God on the national Day of prayer. I think that is telling of why our country is in disarray as we speak. It is, I was on the White House lawn's in the Rose Garden for national Day of prayer with Donald J. Trump when we had worship music in the White House on the lawn of the White House. We had prayer. It was as biblical as anything I have ever seen and this is one of the rare times were on a national Day of prayer. The work God is even mentioned let alone Jesus Christ. So it was completely absent.

And that's indicative of the administration that were in right now.

This is not administration that cares about us. They don't care at the will of the people as they don't care that our founding documents were based upon the Bible and the Judeo-Christian ethic. They don't care what they care about is their transformative view of the world and that's a man centered view of the world during the break you talk to me Jan about January 6 were all told that that's the worst state that ever happened. These were the worst riots in America. It absolutely wasn't. It is my opinion that this was a theatrical event that the progressive left put on the individuals who were the instigators who brought this about.

These were agitators brought in to create this problem. I believe it was specifically done to rebrand Donald Trump as being an insurrectionist and a leader of a terrorist movement.

I also believe that this was done to rebrand the make America great agenda because remember, that was considered extremely popular by about 80 million Americans so they wanted to rebrand make America great as that evil thing and those of us who supported Donald Trump and that agenda as evil and terrorists. That's all a lie is your listeners have seen in the last five months you would even know that Donald J. Trump was ever the president you wouldn't even know that those four years of his presidency existed. George Orwell wrote a book 1984. He talked about a concept called the memory hole. If the government in charge didn't want you to remember someone they put them in the memory hole. Donald J. Trump is been put in a memory home make America great again is been put in a memory hole.

In other words, although it never happened and people. When you look compare and contrast with Donald J. Trump did. It's very hard to build up and create wealth. He help that happen today. It's just the opposite. Wealth is being stolen from the poorest among us. It is cruel what is happening today, we can't get sucked into the delusion of the mainstream media. They want us to believe that Donald J.

Trump was evil and that the make America great again agenda was evil and that it was Donald J. Trump inspired insurrectionist on January 6 and that isn't true at all. That's why recently.

Your listeners are all about Liz Cheney. Nobody cares anything about Liz Cheney she was.

Not a big important player in DC, but she was a useful tool used by the leftist in DC to throw another javelin to the heart of that make America great again agenda because what is it that the progressive sphere. They feared Donald Trump running in 2024. They fear the make America great agenda coming forward because if you compare that with no gas, high inflation, no jobs people on unemployment wars breaking out all over the world. Which would you pick you'd pick Donald J.

Trump you pick make America great. You wouldn't pick this mess that were living with right now so they're doing everything they can. And it wouldn't surprise me if Liz Cheney didn't get a pretty sweet deal for that. The trail and sabotage that she did to Donald J.

Trump you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel have in the studio. The familiar voice of Michelle Bachmann is currently the Dean of the Robertson school of Government at Regent University. She's home a bit here for the summer. Michelle I'm transitioning a little bit here into foreign policy, and I think I'd like to jumpstart this next few minutes with a very short clip by your friend and mine a mere society and that is Israel has been embroiled and let's just call it a war here for the last 10 days or so.

I don't know quite where it's going. It certainly could explode into regional activity. A mere has some insights here as to how what's happening could be prophetic in that he says something very profound. I think, and that is keep your eyes on Damascus.

In other words, is what's happening in Israel and by the way, Michelle is happening because of our week foreign policy stand in the fact that we are not standing by Israel is matter-of-factly, just given $235 million to the Palestinians back in April and their turning that around and dropping thousands of rockets on Israel let's play to slip here and come back and talk about it but until then, here we are were still here and we have all these events and where are we in the prophetic timetable very very easy. We are now being tested the waters of being tested. People are testing the readiness of Israel.

Iran is tested is not interesting that Turkey went to Russia ask for the UN and for the international community to punish Israel go to American. There's no one to talk to in America there's no someone in charge there me now Russia becomes the boss in the Middle East. As of now Russia is okay with Israel because like the Iranian destabilization of this area. But as soon as Damascus is going to be destroyed as soon as the apple of the eye of Moscow is going to be gone. Then the road to lead a coalition against Israel with those that are already ready to do that is very good release of the Masters because that will be good nights that fire of Ezekiel war and remember that in the meantime, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray for Israel, and pray for the Prime Minister look one of the reasons they are testing us right now is because they see the political instability in Israel now might not form the next government. They understand that the rest are so weak let's test them is not going to work this time. So I want to encourage you again with Colossians chapter 3 verses wanted to.

I want you to remember there's a lot of things that are going to happen.

Not everything means the end of everything.

It's testing the waters before the biggie in the biggie. Of course, is Ezekiel war which we may not even be here to see with our very eyes, and that tells you how much I'm excited about our soon departure from this place is a mayor certified a he'll be my radio guest in a couple of weeks. Michelle a couple of things jumped out at me in that clip by a mere the boss in the Middle East is now Russia. According to a mere of a slayer run in Turkey are stepping up and playing major roles and again that's Gog Magog then Amir emphasizes the political instability in Israel which is going on as we speak.

Interestingly enough political instability in Israel political instability in America did something else jump out at you obviously are cozy relationship now with the Iranians sending not just the Palestinians millions. But the Iranians and the various JC POA that's being reignited, etc. whether it's domestic policy or foreign policy. It doesn't get any more bizarre.

I feel like I've fallen into Alice's Wonderland and I'm looking at the Mad Hatter. This didn't just happen overnight. Remember, under Barack Obama, he completely changed the dynamic in the Middle East.

The Russians were out of the Middle East. They didn't have a presence for 35 years. They certainly didn't in Israel. But when Barack Obama came and he completely turned the tables with the JC POA agreement. That's the agreement with Iran that completely upended and destroyed the Middle East. Everyone else in the world knows, including the US State Department that Ron was and is the number 1 Leading Ter. state and the world and they have been since 1979. So why in the world would Barack Obama give literally $150 billion to Iran over 4 billion in cash to them than Donald J. Trump came in.

He had a very traditional American view toward Israel being pro Israel.

We never had a more pro-Israel president. While the Biden administration is here and it is Obama times 10. Now everyone in the Middle East sees what's going on. We don't know where this is an prophecy. But here's something else that you have to realize destabilization in the American government destabilization in the Israeli government. There's also destabilization in the Palestinian Authority astray has Abbas is in the 16th year of his four lawyers for years. One of these people get elected office. They only even his own people in the Fatah party. They were saying hey buddy, we gotta have an election here so he said okay will have an election and so shazam a war breaks out and he blames Israel. It's very likely that this also has a part to play. It works for Abbas to have exactly the status quo that's been he wants to be in power.

He loves to get the money from the United States.

He frankly needs to have the Israelis in Judea and Samaria, because otherwise Hamas would come in and he be gone etc. top party would be gone. They called the Israelis the bad guys, but they actually need the Jewish Israelis to keep Abbas in power in the Fatah party so there's a lot of dynamics going on here and there is instability, where quite literally for two years we haven't had a real government in Israel. This is never happened before, where Israel has had this level of problems in instability. We've had four elections now though be a thin selection in Israel. We still don't have a stable government and then you look to the shores of the United States and all you see is a land that you no longer recognize the world went through this with Barack Obama for eight years. They know that it's worse under Joe Biden because they know Joe Biden isn't running the show. They know, Harris isn't they know that it's somebody behind the scenes or a group of elites running the show. The only thing they know is that America isn't back America's gone. So when the cats away the mice will play in the mice are playing all over the world.

The Chinese are playing that Iranians are playing the Turks are playing the Russians up everybody's taking advantage of us in just five months in five months. The floor is dropped out of the United States. I hate to say that your listeners how bad it is. It's fallen out domestically. A president can come in and they can turn the tables on the economy.

They connect you get an economy going fairly quickly what has long-term implications, and some are impossible to even change is foreign affairs. When you get foreign policy wrong. It's decades into the future.

In the example I've given historically as Jimmy Carter who sat on his hands. In 1979 when the Shah of Iran needed us right. That was the rise of the modern state of terrorism. In 1979 because Jimmy Carter got it wrong. Now you got Joe Biden who it was famously said of him that there isn't one foreign policy ET ever got right in 50 years. He's always been wrong on foreign policy while that truism has been proved to be true. Again, he's gotten everything wrong on foreign policy in five months. So much so that he's pulled the United States back into foreign wars exactly the opposite of what Donald Trump was doing. Donald Trump rebuilt a weakened military and he pulled us out of foreign engagements and he built up American jobs in the American economy now are doing just the opposite in five months time. While I appreciated some of the insight that Amir gave an excellent piece saying let's look at this a little bit from a prophetic perspective because the Bible outlines things to come with Israel, Middle East being the center of the storm we been watching for 10 days, almost 2 weeks and it's heartbreaking. It's hard regarding writing because you're looking at Jerusalem on fire you're looking at Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Ashdod. Absolutely it is horrible to think of all of the people who've been killed, but this is what happens. Innocent people get killed when you have bad actors in positions of power.

I would submit that there are bad actors in power in the United States. There are bad actors in power in Iran, Turkey, that's a given. Certainly in the Palestinian Authority, very selfish people not led by a biblical worldview and you have Israel in turmoil without a stable government. That's why we had a meeting of wonderful prayer coalition, thousands of people in prayer for Israel because they were under rocket attack from thousands of rockets as you would mention Jan $235 million the United States under Joe Biden foolishly put into the hands of the Palestinians so they could finance this war. This is hard to figure out the war was financed by the United States through the ill-gotten money that was sent to the Palestinian Authority, or at least the promise of money and they got loans instead and Ron sees an opportunity so this happens will then what does the believer do these people are in charge.

Ultimately God is in charge. He is our judge. He is a righteous judge, he pursues us with unfailing love. Our cup runneth over with goodness. His hands move when we pray, and that's why we are praying for the peace of Jerusalem because he neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Who watches over Israel. That is our God. We don't know what God's timetable ultimately is. We know what will happen. His word is clear, but it is our job as those who believe in the Bible who love our God. His heart is for Israel and his chosen people and so it's our job to pray for Jerusalem. We pray for the Jewish people. We pray for the land of Israel, why because God's plan is to have a specific people on a specific land for the purpose of blessing the nations the nations are blessed from Zion. The word goes forth from Zion.

God's glory goes forward from Zion and so we pray for Zion. We are called to that is one thing that we are admonished to do to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and they need those prayers now and you've been an activist in this realm for years. Michelle saw Vi but have you ever seen a time of such intensity, where what you've just said is so urgent.

Right now, both the domestic issues we talked about that surgeon foreign policy that's urgent, but let's just confine it to God's covenant land and people. I'm not sure when, at least not since 1967 in 1973 more urgent than right now and that was a miracle. Yes, that was instability that led to a miracle 1948 was instability that led to a miracle. All of Israel's foreign policy and military has been miraculous interventions from a holy God. Clearly there's no other way to say it.

It is the same today. There will be miraculous intervention from his hand, but at a certain point, the Scripture says we know as Amir said that Damascus will be gone very quickly and we know that the nations of the earth will gather together on the hills to come against Israel x-ray, but we also have the assurance when the morning comes that God will have vanquished the enemy and that Israel will be spared and the people will know it is the hand of God, but that again speaks of his timeclock. That's what were talking about instability in America instability in the earth, instability and Israel. But again God holds us in the palm of his hand. The book of Jude says and that's why it's even more important. We know his word today, we don't need to fear. We don't need to despair because he neither slumbers nor sleeps.

And that's why it's more important that we are dialed into him through prayer. We need to know his word and then we pray according to his word.

It's the most efficient way to pray.

Remember that fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man of the 11th much. This is the day for righteous men and righteous women to cry out to our holy God.

There are many listening today Michelle who are watchmen on the wall. That's a very high calling. I think some people think maybe it isn't but a watchman on the wall keeps track of the tide of our times tries to warn people know just what people do with that warning is not our responsibility but I think it is our responsibility when we see certain things particular when we see the truth that we talk about it and we get labeled all sorts of things I could rattle off the names that were called all the time but I just want my audience to be encouraged that if they are a watchman on the wall today. It's one of the highest calling is that there is because it's sounding an alarm and the Bible says in Ezekiel. If you see the sword coming and you don't sound the alarm. The blood is on your hands all the more important folks to tell the truth when you see it to tell it like it is when you see it to be that into an watchmen on the wall shelling out 30 seconds and give it back to you. People often are very conflicted about sharing the gospel. I would say today is the time to not have fear today is the time to be free about speaking about what the Bible says we are so wide open when opportunities to speak to people because you can just look at where the world is at and tie that directly to Scripture, not for the purpose of being political.

For the purpose of being biblical and then tie people into God's plan for a bad ending is not meant for anyone.

God loves everyone again.

Psalm 23 with his on healing love he pursues as his goal is to overflow in our lives. He is goodness. That's the good news that every one of your listeners has to share with everyone was filled with questions and share the good news.

Just look at Psalm 23. It is filled with good news keep Michelle in prayer she serves in the school of Government Dean of the school of Government at Regent University. Thank you Michelle for coming and I know you are enjoying your summer here in cities of undiscounted lot of the program, partly because were running really out of time though saying I like to use now and then to Canary in light of times that are trying troubling for sure want to always look back and thank him look around and serve him, look ahead and trust him, but always look up and expect him.

He is coming again is coming again sooner rather than later. He's coming again, even perhaps today, thank you for listening and we will talk to you again next week. We welcome friendly feedback@alloftreeviews.rg. That's all moved to circle time at 763559444 763-559-4444 male when you write to Jim Markel altered ministries Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Road, MN 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible. We look forward to the time when the government will be upon his shoulders. The millennial reign of Jesus Christ. That's government will be righteous and fair to learn, know that God still has everything under control, cares for you more than you know everything is called the place

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