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Living on Borrowed Time

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 30, 2021 8:00 am

Living on Borrowed Time

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 30, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Dr. David Reagan. We cannot know the day or hour of Christ’s return, but we can know the seasonand clearly we are in it. We just have to watch the signs in nature, society’s decline, world politics, technology, and Israel’s re-birth, to know that we are living on borrowed time. Signs of His first coming came to pass and so will the signs of His return. It may be today.

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So why do the modern signs of the times begin in 1917, Psalm 121 puts it further this way. We hope he keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. It's supernatural that the only way you can really describe the survival of the Jewish people will come to understand at times radio Jim Markel radio for the remnant to buy olive tree ministries agent spends the hour with Dr. David Ragan in a provocative discussion on many issues in a countdown to the end of the church, a God has given us many signs as markers along the highway as a warning. David Ragan discuss those in part one of today's program. The Bible says we cannot know the time of the Lord's return, but the Scriptures make it equally clear that we can know the season of the Lord return. Consider, for example, these words in first Thessalonians chapter 5, beginning with verse two for you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. Mother saying peace and safety, then destruction will come upon them suddenly like birth pangs upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you like a thief, for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor darkness. So then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.

Okay folks, this passage asserts that Jesus is coming like a thief in the night, but then proceeds to make it clear that this will be true only for the pagan world and not for believers. This return should be no surprise to those of us who know him and his work for. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to give us understanding of the nature of the times welcome to understanding the times radio and I've had the privilege of working with Dr. David Ragan for many years. He has been to a number of my annual conferences and we've carried so many of his books in her online store. He says were living on borrowed time were going to talk about that today, as we discussed some of the signs of the times Dave Ragan has contributed a chapter in the new Terry James book lawless in times of war against the spirit of antichrist.

I'll be referencing that during the hour as well and we carry this book but were running very low on the product. I'll say more about that as we move into the programming here.

I'm going to be playing a number of clips throughout the hour as well. Hopefully that will complement the discussion Dr. Ragan and I are having Dave Ragan founded the landline ministry over 40 years ago, near Dallas, Texas, and you heard one of his associates on this program numerous times Nathan Jones, Dave Ragan, welcome to the programming here like Janet is always a joy and a blessing to be on the radio with you. I really admire you and ministry that God has given you in the way that you have taken good care of that ministry over the years never wavered from the and you just keep talking and were both trying to do that. David and I hope we can do that this hour, focusing on a couple of main topics you've written about the safety reasons were in the end times. You've done a message on it. You've done a video on it. To be honest you gave this message of 50 reasons at my understanding that times conference. I remember looking at the audience and they were literally riveted.

As you gave the summary of these 50 reasons why were in the end times and I played that little clip in your 50 reasons and in your other presentations you talked extensively about six categories of signs of the times were not can try to hit 50.

But we can hit the categories you talk about. I found it interesting that introductory clip you say that Christ's coming like a thief in the night has nothing to do with the believer because he says watch occupy till I come. And I'm going to provide you signs of front and back, and that very passage that there would read about the very beginning of Jesus come like a people not but not for you, brethren, for us because we have the Holy Spirit residing within us and we can understand God's word and we can understand it.

Signs are given that indicate the season of the Lord return up the base, but the season season that we are MFC you talk about the six categories I just gonna run through these you include signs in nature. Signs and societies spiritual signs signs in world politics, science and technology and of course the super sign that would be as real as a signpost that I want to start if we just take a minute to talk about the signs in nature that want to move to society because we see it crumbling before our eyes meet signs in nature, as you say, they're always been signs in nature.

Why are you making a bigger deal of it now because of all the different sides of the end times you have the least respect on the part of Christians because they just don't believe that God is intervening supernatural to the society in any way of shortening.superintending natural signs and yet the Bible teachers will begin the animate.

God is always use natural signs to call people's attention to call them to repentance even to signal great events such as the great earthquake that occurred over they that Jesus was crucified. We have all through the Old Testament examples of puppets pointing to terrible tragedies like Joel talk about that the nation needed to repent that they didn't. They said if you think that this locus invasion that has occurred in our land is horrible. It was at its worst thing could happen in an agricultural nation should, if you think this is that this is nothing compared to the Army that's going to come if you don't repent. So Joel used a sign of nature we find this all through the Bible and the Bible tells us that in the end times the size of nature or going to increase, like birth things will get more frequent and more intense, like more frequent earthquakes and more earthquakes we have been brainwashed by Western rationalism into believing that if you can see it. If you can't touch it. If you can't smell it can't dissect. It doesn't exist. And you know there's a whole realm of existence that we normally cannot perceive with our senses the realm of angels, the realm of demons, and the supernatural, and God intervening with natural disasters to call our attention to our sins and to call us to repentance. When the children of Israel went into the land of Canaan.

Moses told him said that you must obey what God has told you that you don't know sympathetic voices, and he will send remedial judgments against any start naming all these remedial judgments like crop failures and hailstorms.

God works through signs of nature and yet we in the Western world have been so brainwashed by Western scientific rationalism that we find it very difficult to believe that God is really speaking from something like Hurricane Katrina. I want to move on to your signs in society. I'm going to play clip it sends you talking here about the condition of the world right now in America as well. The second category of in time signs is the signs of society. Paul mentioned this category of signs in second Timothy three, when he wrote these words.

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant read by others, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, loving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good stretch which reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. This passage sounds like a typical evening newscast today. Notice the three things it says people will love in the untapped self money and pleasure.

The love of self is humanism, the belief that man can accomplish anything on his own.

It is the religion of the intent. The love of money is materialism.

When humanism is your religion, your God will always be money. The love of pleasure is the third love is mentioned. This is headedness. It is the lifestyle that is always produced by humanism and materialism.

But God cannot be mocked. He therefore sees to it that when people choose humanism, materialism, and headedness. The payoff is always nihilism, which is a fancy philosophical word for despair need not emphasize that our world is wallowing in dispirited a ring I have in front of me an article from prophecy news watch. I want to read two short paragraphs my listeners know that I live in the wild West known as Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thankfully, they show the in trial is over. But that's just one of many incidents that seem to keep happening here in some other states where violence is the new normal limit is read a couple of these paragraphs from coast-to-coast major US cities are being transformed into war zone and our politicians seem powerless to stop the carnage if we can even feel safe walking down the street anymore. What does that say about our society as a whole and it goes on to say over the past few months. This author has published article after article documenting this shocking deterioration of our society as a whole, but most people that this author interacts with still seems to think that conditions will return to normal eventually and then he concludes unfortunately I do not believe that it's going to be the case. The riots and violence that erupted in 2020, have sparked a wave of civil unrest that has spilled into 2021, and we continue to see incidents of civil unrest on a nightly basis. For example, recently rioters in Portland set the ice building on fire. While agents were working inside. This is so profound hearts have grown so cold in this country and it is only going to get worse and then in 2020 we witness a spike in crime rates all over the US that was absolutely unprecedented. In particular, homicide rates were way up all over the nation. The thing that jumped out to me. David Reagan was how hearts are growing so cold everywhere but certainly crew the thing that's interesting about that is that in 1999 I wrote a book titled living for Christ in the untimed wanted to have as the subtitle of that book. I wanted to decided coping with apostasy and revolution in the publisher. As you will know publishers have absolute control over yes yes and titles and they refuse to give it that subtilis so extreme we don't have that much apostasy of the church and there's not going to be that kind of violence in society that you're talking about so they would not use it in 2015. I took away from what I gave it my own title that were looking at apostasy and revolution. I think your letters and smell that this is true that one because I have some special revelation from God. It was difficult.

I could see the trends in society and see were we going because the society is in the process of very rapidly secularizing and patronizing, and when you move in that direction you're going to end up with rising and gross apostasy of the church, a Minneapolis city official and this is right. During the Derek Sylvan trial, which now ended, some 10 days ago said that black lives matter should burn all the homes of the wealthy in Minnesota or I think she meant all over the country.

This kind of careless lawlessness only care about is our agenda. That's all that matters. The thing that gives me about some of these leaders are so hypocritical to see that in the rules like laid out the pandemic and they don't follow them absolutely yes exactly the black lives matter movement was not about three women, all of whom have a background of communism and all three of whom are vehemently anti-Semitic. I know they believe in black/medical leave Jewish lives matter. Well, you get people in the church you don't like choose either and were heading there in just a few minutes here, but spiritual signs as the third category a lot of spiritual signs some good some not so good, and we've certainly seen some almost revival in the last 100 years or so, you bring out of course that people are going not endure sound doctrine in the last days to go and want your ears tickled. These are some of the spiritual science folks were just covering general categories there going to be caught up with false Christ apostasy deception even get into some a cultic activity, but at the same time came along in the last 100 years we've had the rise of messianic Judaism, and then you tied the significance of the late great planet Earth to the spiritual science explain why recalled in 1970 when that book came out, it had such an incredible impact.

Time magazine recently certified that that book was the number one bestseller port and I'm sick of these green rivers a book about Bible prophecy. It was written in a down to earth easy to understand matter. It also instead of just saying that everything is going to happen supernaturally.

It began to describe how these things in the book of Revelation could happen through events of war hero and modern technology and so forth, and it impacted the lives of many, many people even to this day I keep running across people effective last weekend that I was at a conference.

I had a person tell me that he came to the Lord. As a result of the late great planet are so many people day of the Lord use that book vitally. The reason that's important is because it says in Daniel chapter 12 when Daniel said the Lord, Lord, you give me all these prophecies about the end time and I don't understand one of the main pinnacle is not for you to understand for you to write up when the time comes for the prophecies to people feel people will understand the spiritual signs and again the preaching of the gospel worldwide and certainly since the invention of radio, television, and computers and that would be here in the last 100 years or so those are some of the signs that fall into an spiritual signs category and then you go to category number four world politics taught national politics before you went into ministry in about 1980 like to just summarize why world politics you have. That is a particular sign and again we see the empires forming in the book of Daniel we see the European common market had to happen all sorts, a United Nations had to happen, for that matter 1945 talk to us for a minute about the world politics category. Bible pictures a certain configuration of world politics. In the end times and of course the focus of it is Israel that it would be reestablished and that all nations of the world would come against Israel were saying that and be surrounded by hostile Arab nations this very specific prophecies about that, but the old Roman Empire would come back in the being that Russia would be a minister Israel just on that point with CI Scofield motives study Bible in 1909 he made the comment that in the end times. Russia will lead a coalition against Israel and will invade Israel just stop for a moment and think about 1909.

Israel did not exist and there was no possibility of same with Israel would ever exist and that Russia was a Christian Orthodox nation and people ask him civil. How can that be how can a Christian Orthodox nation invite a nation that does exist. In his answer was I don't know. I can explain it, but the Bible says it meant what believe it in the day we conceive are usually those that I absolutely you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line from the Dallas Texas area.

Dr. Dave Ragan. You can learn much more at Christ in prophecy.or Christ in catch his weekly television program sign up for his various EE releases his magazine and many books that he writes which we have carried her over the years. I'm sure we've carried at least 1/2 a dozen of them.

So the world politics. That was 1/4 significant category of signs I moving onto number five here the signs of technology we have to consider for a minute. The antichrist here and the tools that he's going to use. Obviously he's going have the finest of technology at his fingertips. He's going to have nuclear weapons. He's going to have satellite TV, computer technology, holograms, the whole 9 yards and this fits into the fifth category of signs you highlight it and just like one of those are matters that were told in the Scriptures that in the end times. The great prophets of God are going to be in Jerusalem in first half of the tribulation and there going to be killed. And when they're killed the whole world will look upon their bodies lying in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days and then suddenly the going to be resurrected and taken up to heaven the whole world will witness that will there was no way to explain that in medical terms until root of the 1960s, we had to wait until we had television satellites in the air. The day we going think anything of it. We just want to What the bodies would zip it up to a satellite. All work and look upon the body, but nobody understood that before the split, recovering six categories of end time science it actually is from a message Dave Ragan gave outlining the safety signs of the end times that would have been number five the signs of technology. Men's hearts are going to St. from the sphere for the powers of the heaven will be shaken. Luke 21. Evidence of probably radiation because people are to be covered in sores during the tribulation from which the church is absent of course I moving quickly here to sign number six and I want to spend some extra time on it and that's of course the super sign Israel being God's timeclock and want to introduce this clip of you here.

You talk about the remarkable preservation of the Jewish people because no other group has been scattered and then re-gather my goodness. The languages preserved throughout 2700 years of dispersion, the miracle of this as you say am using your terms is mind-boggling. Let's take a look at these two W. began with the preservation of the Jewish people. The preservation of the Jewish people is so remarkable. It is so historically stunning that its uniqueness has been noted and commented on by a great variety of people know other people in all of history have been scattered all over the world and been regathered but to the original homeland. Consider, for example, the great historian Arnold Toynbee fully recognize the unusual nature of the Jewish experience. He wrote a 10 volume work on the study of history and and that work. He traced the rise and fall of 26 civilizations and he ended by noting that the Jewish people were the only people who will ever live that did not fit into his scheme of history. Toynbee ended up classifying the Jews as fossils of history because they seem to be frozen in time. He said they refused to be assimilated into the soup of humanity.

They were determined to keep their separate identity. Leo Tolstoy, the great Russian novelist expressed his all over the preservation of the Jewish people with these words he wrote what is that you what that preacher is there's room all the rumors of all the nations of the world have disgraced and crushed and expelled, persecuted, burned drought and who, despite their anger and their fury continued to live and to flourish.

The Jew is the symbol of eternity to get a feel for how preposterous the preservation of the Jews is from a human perspective.

I want you to consider something that this man wrote read about David Greenberg is the Executive Director of Chabad, which is the Jewish Hasidic movement, and here's what he wrote. Imagine we could travel back in time and say to the great Pharaoh of Moses time, there's good news and there's bad.

The good news is that one of the nations alive today will survive and change the moral landscape the world.

The bad news is, it will be yours. It will be that group of Hebrew slaves out there building your glorious temples.

The children of Israel. Nothing he writes would sound more outrageous the age of the pharaohs tab was the brightest empire of the ancient world. Brilliant, its arts and sciences formidable in war. The Israelites were landless people power. The slaves indeed already in antiquity. Those in power believe the Israelites were on the verge of extinction.

The preservation of the Jewish people throughout 2700 years of dispersion is mind-boggling to keep in mind that they were dispersed over 130 nations worldwide and they were brutally mistreated wherever they went. Will Varner professor at the Masters college has expressed it this way.

He wrote, no nation in the history of the world has ever been exiled from its land lost its national existence in language and then returned as a people do that. I called Lance and even revived this ancient language. No nation that is except one the nation of Israel.

No nation in the world has ever been exiled and brought back like that again.

One of the categories of science that were talking about. This would be hazy super sign and Dave Ragan has contributed to the book of Terry James Lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist. Let me just give you a quick heads up here. We are carrying this book in our store, but due to some covert issues which I don't fully understand the publisher is having issues and we have a limited quantity and the publisher is unable to replenish our supply for probably a couple of months so you may go to our store and you just can have to wait until we indicate that we have been replenished with the book problem is the book so popular it may be the most popular product we've ever carried to James new book, lawless.

So I apologize for the inconvenience David in the book.

The chapter you've written is Dean Neiers of Israel. Explain your title. I point out that throughout history people in the church from the very very earliest times, have denied that Israel has any future they've argued that the Jews were Christ killers and because of that God washed his hands of them and has no purpose well for them whatsoever and that all the blessings of all the promises that God gave the Jewish people have been transferred to the church and will be given to the church. In the end times and this of course is just as un-biblical as it can possibly be. But this is the majority viewpoint x-ray and that is the view of the Catholic Church in the boat. The mainline mainline Protestant, etc. they're going to be regathered in unbelief. Obviously the taking back to Jerusalem needs to happen and you point to the beginning of modern end times. Obviously, in times actually began to cross. But the end of the end times.

He would point to 1917 and Balfour declaration. Topic that put us into the end of the end times when the Balfour declaration was issued 1917 because it paved the way for a homeland for the Jewish people and the fulfillment of all the prophecies that the Bible believers had been talking about for 400 years and in the end times God will regather the Jewish people in unbelief and people in the church of just sculpted left of that idea should know God washed his hands of the Jewish people.

I sum this up and once as Wesley.

The irony of all this is with a Jewish movement built a bone Jewish Scriptures and faith in the Jewish Messiah was project by Gentiles who proceeded to declare Jews to be outcasts and associate history of Christian anti-Semitism is just simply horrible will pave the way for the Holocaust looking to talk about that with a lot of this segment within play one more clip.

Let's take a look now at the second miracle that enabled the reestablishment of the state of Israel and that is the promise that in the end times God would regather the Jewish people in unbelief. The four corners of the many such prophecies. In fact, the regathering in unbelief is one of the most prolific prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Just take a look at four of the many many prophecies about the regathering of the Jewish people in unbelief in the first one is mind-boggling is taken from Jeremiah chapter 6 in this mode you listen to very carefully because this is really unbelievable. Prophecies such therefore behold, days are coming, declares the Lord, when it will no longer be said, as the Lord lives, who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt, but they will say. Instead, as the Lord lives, who brought up the sons of Israel from the land of the north and from all the countries where he had banished them for I will restore them to their own land which I gave to the father for such a mind-boggling thing he is saying that when history is finished and the Jews look back on their history. They will no longer swear by the God who delivered them from Egyptian captivity, but the God who regather them from the four corners of the ark. It is the same God what it's saying is, the Jews will consider their regathering from the four corners of the earth to be a greater miracle in their deliverance from Egyptian captivity and you and I are living in the time when we are blessed to say this prophecy fulfilled before in the average person sitting in a pew today has no understanding whatsoever of how important this regathering is and how the Jews look about it themselves. Surmising that's what happens when you completely ignore Bible prophecy as most churches do these days people just don't understand the importance of what is going on around them. Neighboring and that's what jumped out at me in that little clip and I know you were giving a message In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Bill Perkins compass you close that clip off the average person in the pew probably doesn't understand what you and I are talking about this. Our valve misspoken that investor about 16 as the Jeremiah 6 but your masses at twice in his book, I was having lunch with a fellow not long ago, an older man and we were talking about the first coming of Jesus and he leaned across the table and said David wouldn't have been great to live in Bible times, blessed brother.

We are living in Bible times right now were sitting prophecies thousands of years old fulfilled before her eyes.

This is an exciting time right that getting folks excited about it in the church is quite a chore. That's true. That's what jumped out at me in that little clip you said the average person sitting in the pew doesn't even comprehend. Perhaps some of the substance of the content in this hour, and I find that tragic end. It's the biggest change in my lifetime and perhaps your lifetime as well.

When I get back folks have you heard about the open letter to Evangelicals put out by the Knox theological seminary. It's a Presbyterian seminary two years ago now, but I wasn't aware of it and I became aware of it through reading Dave Reagan's chapter in the lawless deniers of Israel, to talk about it when we get back in touch. Let some other things as well. Christian Palestinian as this is a wacky movement. By the way Yvette Gary Burge you get Steve Sizer needs to get Rick Wiles may have heard me talk about him before as well. Even Hank Hannah Graff has been speaking at some events that are extremely anti-Israel will get to that. I'm going away for just a couple of minutes don't you go away. I'm coming right back.

We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of the trees's olive tree views.or call us side 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 writers through the mail at all three ministries of John Markel, PO Box 1452, Minnesota 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible in this age of fake news and false teaching. Thank you for trusting up to 70 times radio and follow through living in an era defined by global pandemics, natural disasters, political strife and ever shifting morality.

One who examines this so effectively. As author Jeff Kinley's newest book aftershocks Christians entering a new era of global crisis find this an online store, olive tree olive tree views.Archie times may feel tempted to question God listens.

Kinley believes these trends actually signal the nearness of Christ and the end of days to live in a chaotic world with complete confidence in God's plan. This will actually inspire you to live with hope to respond to our times with grace in a time of a people uncovered God's prophetic plan, your place, and also call our office to place your order to get on our print newsletter list will we offer 2000 products will help you understand the times contend for the faith become watchmen on the wall, all the problems being fulfilled through his people before my very I get excited because I know God is going to fulfilled every promise that he's made. We know you can always be via radio so just remember our programming is posted to our website both its audio and video format skills you all three views.O Archie olive tree views for radio program also airs on one news channel light source on rumble you to when it is not censored is also posted to our Facebook page and to our Instagram now here are John Markel and David Riggins. God is using that persecution of the Jewish people to motivate them to go back to Israel. The Jews in France are just evacuating France and moving back to Israel.

God most of Jewish people back in the homeland because he has a purpose for them coming back to the homeland and that purpose is to bring a great remnant of them to salvation. He's going to do it by bringing them to the end of themselves in the past.

They always look to Egypt today. They look the United States by the end of the tribulation. Everyone in the world biggest the Jewish people and they will be brought to the end of themselves to the point that they will look upon him whom they have pierced, and they will weep and will and more and receive Yeshua as their home, a Shiite, and Jesus himself said, I will not return until the Jewish people say the recall Bob Usher metal not blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord have to admit, one of the worst evils in the church today is replacement theology which continues today. The majority of all Christians are in churches that teach replacement theology.

God has no purpose left for the Jewish people because the Jewish people were the killers of Jesus and let me just very hurriedly say that there is a Scripture that everybody needs to pay attention to because it refutes that is found over the next chapter 4 and verse 27 list of this truly in this city Jerusalem.

There were gathered together against the holy servant Jesus, whom thou didst anoint Herod Pontius Pilate the Gentiles and the Jews who killed Jesus Herod Pontius Pilate the Gentiles the Jews and you and me in the top because Jesus died for the sins of all mankind. We all have the blood of Jesus over and not just the Jewish people. Welcome back your listening and understanding the times radio and I have as a very special guest Dr. David Ragan landline ministries.

Learn more at Christ in Christ in egg happened to catch. I believe it was his electronic newsletter of the week or two ago, 50 reasons we are in the end times. David gave that message at one of my understanding the times conferences that may have been a decade ago. I don't quite recall what he did was separated those 50 reasons were in the end times into six categories. We talked about those in the first half signs in nature, science and society. Spiritual sign signs in world politics, science and technology, and last but not least, the super sign Israel as a signpost and that's where we've landed right now I just want to make a quick announcement for talking about end time issues in Israel and all the things that are breaking in headlines which very often tied to the Bible and you know that olive tree has had a very successful annual sometimes twice a year conference.

Pastor Jack Hibbs has taken it over, at least for 2021 will be Saturday, September 11 Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. Of course it will be live streamed it will be carried live on his channel. I'll be speaking Barry Stagner Amir Sarah Fadi Jack Hibbs. I believe Jack's calling the event. Behold he comes, I believe there's no cost but don't consult us. Check with Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and I believe they open registration in June so this is just a heads up. You might want to put Saturday, September 11 Southern California on your calendar if you want to come together as those who love to talk about these issues in your church doesn't might want to put that on your calendar, destination Southern California it's often been Eden Prairie, Minnesota, but not last year not this year again because of covert. Now I want to move on quickly.

Talking to Dave Ragan here refocusing right now on his chapter in the book the lawless the end times war against spirit of antichrist and his chapter the deniers of Israel and David during the break. Couple of things we talked about. First you were speaking at a prophecy conference. I believe in Missouri that I want to move into an issue you raise in your chapter happens to be about Martin Luther. But first, what happened in Missouri at the topics. There were five speakers employ the organizer conference was a fantastic younger man who is in Bible prophecy, and his name is Jeff Kennelly him another cosponsor was Todd Hampson who is a very creative illustrator and has written some books about prophecy also through them have gotten together in the union call prophecy pros and they do a lot of things together so they were sponsoring this competently got up and told us that not long ago they were invited to speak to a conference of teenagers. There were 500 high school students later and they stood up and said we have two questions for number one. How many of you have heard a sermon on Bible prophecy or any teaching about prophecy in the last year and not a single hand was raised not one then they said how many of you have thought about the end of the world. Since this pandemic began in almost every hand went up.

Right now were having the epidemic of suicide of teenagers across this nation.

They desperately need hope.

Bible prophecy provides that hope and it's not being preached or taught what the problem we have a church of the day is that youth ministers are primarily entertainers and babysitters driven teachers of the word of God. I certainly would agree. And by the way Jeff Kennelly is my on-air guests next week, folks. David just referenced him because just got a brand-new book out aftershocks and it's a shocking book.

We'll talk about that next weekend with David.

Interesting story that you had there in Missouri during the break here. You and I were discussing some things and I think the thing that a lot of listeners aren't aware of and I'm in Martin Luther land. I'm up here in Minnesota where Lutheran Church literally on every block. Martin Luther obviously had an impact on the upper Midwest got your chapter open in the lawless book you say this Luther turned against the Jewish people with a vengeance you say in 1543, he wrote a pamphlet in which he referred to the Jews as a miserable and cursed people stupid fools blind and senseless thieves and robbers a great vermin of humanity.

Lazy roads venomous you go on to say he dehumanize and demonize them and obviously Adolf Hitler took advantage of this and then you go on to say.

Luther then proceeded to make a series of drastic proposals for dealing with the Jews number one synagogues school should be burned. Their houses should be destroyed and their Talmudic writings should be confiscated.

Their rabbis should be forbidden to teach their money should be confiscated. They should be compelled into forced labor.

David, this is almost beyond comprehension because Luther did some rather incredibly good things at the same time. And you wonder how he could be so deceived sidebar Martin Luther for the fact that he stood up to the most powerful yesterday of the Middle Ages and one that could kill him immediately and did try to do so only recently survived as it was protected by German Prince. He was a man of great courage and he was a man who revived the gospel by pointing out that were saved by grace through faith, and in fact, when the Catholic Church called him to a counsel to confronting they said this idea is to knew to be true if it will Peter and John and Jesus follow him wrote about it will know the pokes of her mission. He said, but it's in the Bible.

He was a man of great courage and when he first started out, he spoke lovingly of the Jewish people and tell them in honor and respect to them. He wrote several Pappas talking about how brilliant they were. He said I believe that the reason the Jews have rejected the gospel is because the Catholic Church is been presenting a perverted gospel. But now that I have revived the true gospel, the Jews will accept the gospel when they didn't. As he turned against them and an incredible vengeance right at the end of his life and wrote these horrible things that were simply a blueprint for the Holocaust. Lorraine Bitler was rising to power in Montauk. He called Luther a great warrior true states.

One of the great reformer and one of the many most admired in life. I'm to play one more clip that you because here you talking about the church fathers and I think the stunning tragedy of the Luther's. Stephen Calvin's is that they really launched this terrible replacement theology and will get to that in just a moment.

This is a little bit longer clip folks that I think you'll find it very interesting, very helpful and insights here into the Catholic Church as early as the second century you had leaders what we call church fathers taking the position that because the Jews killed Jesus. God has washed his hands of the Jewish people has no purpose lift for the Jewish people, and that the new Israel is the church we argued that the church had replaced Israel that God had abandoned all the promises that he had laid the Jewish people. Instead those blessings were now bestowed upon the church we claimed all the blessings that God gave Isherwood and claimant of the curses, but we claimed all the blessings that God have a selective time this happened very quickly very quickly and it happened. As more and more Gentiles came into the church so that by the fourth century, John Chrysostom, who was considered to be the greatest preacher of the early church. He gave some five sermons against the Jews anymore. The sermons he said the synagogue is not only a brothel in the theater is also a den of robbers in the lodging place for wild beasts over the Jews. Jews are inveterate murderers possessed by the devil.

Their debauchery and broadcast gives in the matters of a pig.

This man was cited by the Roman Catholic Church develop very early by the Middle Ages. It was almost impossible for a Jew to become a member of the church because they insisted that he cease being a Jew and become a Gentile, and during the Middle Ages. This was reinforced through the concept of ghettos hurting the Jews into certain areas, passion plays, the passion plays were primarily not to honor Jesus Christ but to give people the opportunity to throw tomatoes and whatever at Jews who came out with big hook noses on their faces. The Crusaders. They were supposedly went into the Middle East to deliver it from the holy land from the Muslims. But they were given permission to kill the Jews along the way. When they got to Jerusalem. They herded all the Jews they could find into one building they surrounded by the troops they signed fairest Lord Jesus. While they put the building on fire and burned all the Jews to the black plague was blamed on the Jews because the Jews did not suffer as much from the plague, as did others, and the reason they didn't suffers closely followed the hygienic rules of the Old Testament of Moses. The blood libel which the Palestinians continue to this day in the blood libel is that every year at Passover, the Jews kidnapped a Gentile child cut his throat drain his blood and drink the blood at the Passover meal and programs were the government would give permission say for two weeks got kill as many Jews as you will this happen in Russia and other places and then the greatest anti-semi the ball which most Christians were just horrified to find out was a man of great courage man who can be complemented for many things, and that's Martin Luther you had the courage to stand up against most powerful organization of the Middle Ages, but at the same time. When he got near his death when he started out he said because I have revived the gospel from works to salvation by grace the Jews who were very smart people will understand that the gospel has always been tainted and now they will receive Jesus when they didn't. He turned against them with a fury. He wrote an anti-Semitic pamphlet is the worst pamphlet written up to that time in which he laid out what to do with the Jewish people and he said point-blank or synagogues, in schools or to be burned their houses sure to be destroyed their Talmudic writings are to be confiscated. The rabbis forbidden to teach their money confiscated and they were to be put into forced labor and when Hitler was rising to power in mind copy said the person I most admire in all history is Martin Luther and at the Nuremberg war crime trials. When the top Nazis were tried, they had to defenses well number one we were following orders and number two we just did what Luther said so what you upset about, and most Christians are not aware that they're not aware that when you start witnessing to a Jew they're going to hold you off because they consider their number one persecutor throughout all of history to be Christians gave Reagan what you've just outlined sounds to me like a satanic scheme and I think you need to explain why Satan hates these people as intently as he does Jews with oppression more than any other people on planet Earth, and the reason that he hates them so much is because they were the chosen people of God, even to this day. By that I mean they are to be his witnesses. It was through them that he gave the word of the Bible is through them, but except the Messiah, the gifts promised in both the Old Testament and New Testament that in the end times is going to bring a great perimeter them to salvation. And when Jesus returns. It is going to regather all the Jews on planet Earth who are believers and he's going to make of them. The greatest nation in the world and all the blessings of God will flow out through the Jewish people, and Satan does more to see any of that happened.

So he is determined to annihilate the Jewish people. Jesus said he would not return until the Jewish people say Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. So Satan says hi. I can stop the return of Jesus annihilating the Jewish people inclined to do that in the Holocaust. He saw a crowd do it again in the tribulation.

He'll be even more successful because of the tribulation is going to kill two thirds of the Jewish people. According to Zechariah, but one third will make it to the end and that third will look upon him whom they pierced and weep at will and mourn receive Jesus as their Messiah to the everlasting glory of God. God is never given up on the Jewish people. He never will bring a great room of salvation taking part two of our programming to talk about Dave Reagan's chapter and lawless in times of war against the spirit of antichrist latest Harry James book. It's in our store. We have limited quantities for the next couple of months.

Please be patient is beyond our control. It is an issue with the publisher and we really apologize I did. Now want to delay this programming because of that issue. We do have some in stock. It's just a limited number, David. I'm glad you eloquently express things as you just did.

You can learn and keep up on Dave Reagan's weekly TV program that I gave a tease. In part one of the program and I said what's with this open letter to Evangelicals concerning Israel by the Knox theological seminary. That's Presbyterian. Let me just read a paragraph Knox theological seminary posted on its website. This document quote an open letter to Evangelicals and other interested parties. The people of God, the land of Israel and the impartiality of the gospel written by some gentlemen, I don't fully know this document is a strongly worded and passionate criticism of dispensationalism, along with a defense of replacement theology. Taking a cue from the subtitle of the document. The message of its theology is that the people of God should only be defined so Thierry illogically, the geographical land of biblical Israel is unimportant in the scheme of world history today and the gospel of Jesus Christ is compromised when it is taught that any divine favor rests upon Israel or any nation apart from Jesus Christ. Again, this an open letter to Evangelicals and other parties. The people of God, the land of Israel and the impartiality of the gospel Knox theological seminary Presbyterian David you brought this to light happens to be in this chapter the book is written explain a little bit more about this place. I was unaware of it. A lot of people are unaware of it, but you can get on the Internet and call it up and open letter to Evangelicals concerning Israel you will just be astonished at some of the people who signed this such luminaries as RC scroll and it says that God has no purpose well for the Jewish people that everything's been transferred.

The church there is nothing to the land of Israel of any significance today that the people there are nonfulfillment of any prophecy that they just happen to be of accident of history that they happen to come back one of God's greatest miracles and regather limited written office of accident of history, but it's a very common expression that you find in the church the day by those who are caught up in this evil of replacement theology.

We need to explain what replacement theology is a simple definition is the church has replaced Israel. There's no relevance to the modern state of Israel to matter fact, their gross inconvenience they're beating up on the Palestinians, which most my listers now is not the case and you name them David Stephen Sizer. He's an Anglican Bishop Gary Burge is the Hank Hannah graphs. Even Rick whiles Rick was ranting a year ago when Donald Trump was going through some trials he said this is all being perpetrated it's a Jew coup.

I called him out and he gave me a phone call and said I was going to be sued out of my mind by him. Please don't seem to be real nice people but famous. Rethink who is in nearly all of the claimant are not anti-somatic source. They were anti-assignments. I have a statement in this chapter, when which Ashley anti-Zionism is just anti-Semitism in new sophisticated close, whereas anti-Semitism sought to drive out the Jews from the land where they live. Anti-Semitism refuses to accept the right to live in their own way is just a new form of FSN with his play another click here happens to be is you again, and this is so true God has put Israel in the hearts of the Jewish people then you close talking about millennialism and I think we need to come back and at least address that for a minute or two because honestly, a lot of my listers and your followers as well.

They may have grown up in millennial churches or maybe attending them now and I think they need to know why this would inhibit them from even understanding some of the things were talking about how there's a Psalm. It says that God has put in the heart of the Jewish people. The highway design. It's in their hearts what happened is the beginning of the century got touch that all over this world, Jews begin the site.

We did go home when you go back Ethiopian Jews that we need to go back all over the world just simultaneous Jews begin to so we got a call we got to go back out. God was motivating because in their hearts is the highway design.

Another of these prophecies about the enzyme is found in the book of Ezekiel in chapter 36 about the regathering of unbelief and here's outreach I will take you from the nations gather you from all the lands and then I will sprinkle clean water own you and you will be cleaned not notice first is going regather them. Then there gonna come the belief so the big regather in unbelief. Verse 26. Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you and I'll remove the heart of stone from your flesh, and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statures that you will be careful to observe all my ordinances and you will live in the land that I gave to your forefathers so you will be my people will be your God. Once again, millennial's try to explain this prophecy away. They try to talk about is talking about the church. It's amazing more than half the commentaries written on this like this is talking about. The church wears a church in Georgia near just talking about the Jewish people in the regathering Dragon you were raised in a denomination that didn't talk about anything we're talking about today.

I think it may have been millennial thinking on explain what is the problem with all millennialism.

Why is that the predominant theology in our churches today.

Millennialism is the belief that were living in the millennium now that we got the crowd continue until the second coming of Jesus. It is based upon a spiritual installation of all of the Scriptures concerning the end times.

They have to be spiritualized because the Bible says point-blank Jesus is coming back to rain for thousand years.

So you have to say. Well, it doesn't mean what it says it is an abuse of the Scriptures.

There are several motivations, but certainly one of them. People don't realize is anti-Semitism because the millennial kingdom of the end times that the Bible describes is going to be a kingdom where the Jewish people will reign as the plan they should rank the world and all the blessings of God will flow to the Jewish people to the rest the world and the church just to accept that. So the church is when it talks about that is really talk about the church and where the kingdom and the problem with all that is you have to spiritualize everything it says that the earth will be flooded with peace, righteousness and justice during the millennium. Is that true today will of course not but they said well it's just relative there would be so much more evil in the world if the Holy Spirit were here in the church were here, but since were your will. It's just a lot safer and a lot better than it otherwise would be no it says the earth will be flooded with peace, righteousness and justice.

I love a comment that Arnold Brooks and Bob a messianic Jew made about this.

He said if were living in the millennium mail that I must be living in the ghetto area will play since you grew up with this millennial theology in your background, how did you come to end up being not only a prophecy ministry but a very prominent Bible prophecy television program magazine. Outstanding website. Nathan is putting some absolutely cutting edge videos up on a weekly basis. What's the Genesis here of your transformation when I was 12 years old. I was just live in the Bible one day and it landed on Zechariah 14 and I'd only heard one sermon and all the life on Bible prophecy was a sermon that was preached every year in our church, but only one in that sermon was. There's not one verse of the Bible that even implies that Jesus will ever put his feet on this earth again. So I'm flipping through the Bible and I come to Zechariah 14 and it says in the end times route will be surrounded by enemies at the city will fall with relapse about the fall. Jesus will return you will return to the Mount of olives with his foot touches the metabolic it will split in that he will speak a supernatural word and all the enemies will be destroyed and all that they verse that he will become king of the earth. I was blown away, so I took it to my pastor.

I was scared to death and I said you know you say there's not a verse in the Bible that even implies she's there. Please feel me up again for the truck as it will what about this and I did it to and he read it and he read it. I thought he was never safely Bonnie looked up, he put his finger in my face and he said some notation I don't know what this means but I guarantee you one thing, it does not mean what it says really yes I'm Irish and I was stubborn and so every time a person would come to town and say Jesus never come back.

I would say what about this passage and they would just say well it that me wants is finally when I was about 19. We had a guy come in with a seminary graduate, and that many of those back in our churchand I would've matched him and he said it's apocalyptic. Any Terrel walked off line and what that meant.

I note that was a disease or what my turnaround change and when one day I sat down and read the entire book of Zechariah had been told that all the prophecies that me what they said was the book of Zechariah is a bunch of forthcoming prophecies prophecies like Jesus will be betrayed by a friend for 30 pieces of silver 30 pieces of silver will be used about Pottersville to be lifted up you will be pierced.

It just goes on.

No suddenly dawned on me if those forthcoming prophecies meant what they said the second coming must mean what they say and you can't just say because her in apocalyptic book for some reason they don't me what this and that was my turnaround. I just started taking all of the Bible including bow prophecy to mean what it says man are greatly about is the founder of the Institute for creation research anymore. She's going to be with the Lord, but he wrote a commentary on the book of Revelation that will support and at the very beginning you said you know I'm writing this book is because people tell me the book of Revelation is hard to understand.

He said I got news for you it is not hard to understand. It is hard to believe if you will believe it.

You will understand. I think the good messages this hour David Ragan is that we try to convey that God keeps his promises to the gym but he keeps his promises to the Christian as well, Jennifer, say all these prophecies being fulfilled for the Jewish people before my very the I get excited because I know God is billable, built every promise that he's made the church that Jesus is going up to heaven very soon and take us out of this world back to heaven with him and receive rewards for our work. Your in his kingdom. Celebrate the greatest feast.

This cosmos explain the marriage feast, the Lamb, and then is going to stand up and say let's go, and you shall return to this earth that were to come back with a member the same landfill met Mount of olives and correlated King of Kings and Lord of lords will be scattered all over this world and our glorified bodies to reign over those were natural bodies that they know that millennial reign really put that new Jerusalem, and from that viewpoint I think will see the greatest fireworks display in all of history as God supersedes this earth and burns away the pollution of Satan's last revolt and then in our new bodies in a new Jerusalem will be lowered down to a new earth to live forever in the presence of Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ. I get excited about the we should be excited about it.

The Reaganite that less than a minute, but you have a conference coming up in July given a plug go to our or Christ in prophecy and you will find the details of the conference will be a one-day conference is free of charge here in the North Dallas area at a copper center.

It will feature five speakers will be my last public presentation that I'll be making in behalf of lemon line ministries will help Ellen Piper and is a great Christian from London, England, newspaper editor for many years to be here talk about Europe will have my successor to more will help make the Jones and will have a wonderful man by the name of Bob Russell who at one point was the pastor of one of the largest churches in the United States, Southeast Christian church in Louisville that seeks 9000 and he will be here also speak so we got quite a lineup that Saturday, July 17 near Dallas or Christ in for all those details for his conference, David Ragan, thank you for all that you do in the interest of time, I'm just getting a lot of the program here with a little saying I like to use now and then. You know, in these troubled times, times of turmoil times when headlines are absolutely startling. Some days wanted to look back and saying Kim wanted to look around and serve him, looking at interest him always tell look up and expect him. He is coming again sooner rather than later. I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you next week we will gain friendly feedback to all of trees used or all of trees used on old Archie Cole Central Time 763559 763-559-4444 male would you write to John Martel and idolatry ministries. Box 1452, Road, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. It's easy to feel lost, alone, and even anxious in today's toxic world to have a friend who sticks closer than a brother. We have a roadmap to our times in the Bible. Everything is falling in the place

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