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Addicted to the Beast System

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 23, 2021 8:00 am

Addicted to the Beast System

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 23, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell deals with two topics. Jill Martin Rische discusses the addiction and obsession of technology and social media. When it stalks, digitally kidnaps and spies, it is clear it is a part of the coming Beast system, yet millions are addicted to it. Then she talks to a security consultant, Ken Mikle, about today’s violence and anarchy and how this sets the stage for the Antichrist’s ultimate lawlessness.

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Much of the world has fallen for a troubling obsession. We know that engagement with social media and our self releases a chemical called dopamine is the exact same chemical that makes us feel good. When we spoke for a drink and when we get in other words, highly highly welcome to understanding the times radio Jan Markel radio for the remnant brought you my olive tree ministries agent visits with two casting part one. She welcomes Jill Martin Richey sounds a warning that big tech is not our friend. It tracks us data minds us addicts us and can stock your children and grandchildren can and should Christians still be salt and light on social media or is it time to fully become part of the system later this hour. Jan talks to security consultant about today's lawlessness how it ties to the Bible how to protect ourselves from today's violence is part one of our program give an entire generation that has access to addictive numbing chemical called dopamine through social media itself is either going to the high stress they don't have the coping mechanisms to deal with stress to win significant stress starts to shut their lives and not turning to the person between social media attending to these things which offer temporary relief. We know the science clearly no that people spend more time on Facebook suffer high rates of depression and people spend less time. That's a problem that's addiction. If you're sitting in a meeting with people you're supposed be listening to and speaking and you put your phone on the table and just not that important to have a addictive generation doesn't have the skill set to ask for help combining the factors of good Facebook in this together gripping filters and everything good at showing you how smart and strong.

There is kid to commit suicide. Strands would have no clue that they were depressed. I am so glad you could join us today understanding the times radio a little bit interesting and different twist here for the first half of the program because almost 20 years ago a new concept burst onto the scene called social media and it transformed the world for good entropy and has it been totally free, good or bad. I think we see a little bit of both, and will talk about that.

Some people live on social media. They don't watch television. They don't listen to the radio. They don't read the Internet or even spend time talking on the telephone. They take all that time and invested in Facebook twitter Instagram Snapchat tick-tock YouTube rumble gab Pinterest and there are many that I am missing so I'm not the social media expert and someone who really is the expert and she's actually in studio with me is Jill Martin Richey will say more about Joan.

Just a moment I'm going to not only pick your brain here for this next half hour or so. I'm going to be playing some soundbites as well and a couple of them are a little bit, shall we say is shocking for them to demonstrate how social media. Well, they can become literally child predators. Some of the people who are on social media have to go to media rehab but to get off digital kidnapping.

What is digital kidnapping. This is not just a sweet little discussion were going to have here Jill Richey thank you for coming into the studio.

It's good to be here. Jan, thanks playing heavily off of some info you provided me with. You advised me that a medial war was launched fairly recently to talk to me about.

Yes, for those of you out there who are on our Facebook and twitter and other social media. You might have noticed a change in things last November. What happened was a media war was launched against the people whose ideas, ideals and values did not match up with the platform, twitter, Facebook, especially that were done were not going to have these people on our platform anymore. Mean people like us, people like us correct.

Those of you who are on talking with me with Jan and with others on our Facebook page, especially you will have noticed the fact that I was letting you know that we were going to more than likely lose our Facebook page that has not happened yet, but our outreach has been significantly limited we've had two things we been warned about one of which was from. I believe it was around 2013 and it has to do with Isis and the Carranza. That was one of our warnings. Technically, we're walking on thin ice with Isis today undefended people like us being marginalized.

Correct. All we were censored for and threatened that we are going to be unpublished for initially was a post with direct quotes from the Koran and the heading on it was.

This is what Isis believes and that's what we receive the first warning for, and the threat that were going to be unpublished.

So those of you back in November you notice what was happening on Twitter they were dropping people by the tens of thousands Facebook they were dropping people again by the tens of thousands, so there is data mining going on big tech companies view us, their children and grandchildren etc. as products are followers share things about their personal life personal photos photos of kids and grandkids, etc. these big outfits turn around. Frankly, they sell it to everyone and anyone because they see us as customers and their making money off us. That's their only purpose I think. I think they have a political agenda and I think that's been rather obvious here in the last four years, but I want to play the clip right now that talks about this digital kidnapping folks part of this segment is to send a warning out that bad things are happening online, at least on the social media.

It also is a wonderful place to share the gospel and that's why were there to be salt and light help delay some of this decay, but I want to play this real short clip about this digital kidnapping and then I want to come back and talk about phenomenon is called digital kidnapping and yes it is a scary as it sounds. As parents we love to take photos of our kids and post them. It's a great way to keep our family and friends in the loop, but now exports are issuing this new alert that bad guys are using our posts against us to track our children this morning. You're about to see how they do it. Plus, the simple setting on your phone that you can change right now to protect your family from Facebook to Instagram Helen Schillinger's lives all why, but now the new world try digital kidnapping predators stealing your kids photos and spreading them online. This stranger posting on Facebook claiming this girl was his daughter. In another recent case, a child's photo was tagged on a porn site is out.

Most of us are putting our own families at risk and we have no idea. You post all the time. That's Michelle and Reese.

They think were doing a general story about social media.

What they don't know back in Ohio.

Cyber safety expert Jesse Weinberger is pouring over there social media pages checking for private information. So what you find here count everything that she thought that was able to find out husband's name children's names yes to children under age that another date of birth. I know they go to school at the school had the name of the teacher. I know exactly which playgrounds they visit. How often they like to go to each playground you're showing me a map where you're actually able to find out the path they take to school how they walk and went. It wasn't hard, but even scarier. She says our photos can have a hidden location. Signature embedded in them. Even if you don't tag the location. Anyone can still find out where you are what's the danger here.

For example, I know that one of her children broke his leg. How easy would it for me to be to come up to the can say all you don't remember me but I was a nurse and you came to the emergency room. How is your leg feeling come with me to know that is somewhat terrifying it is and if we go to what the Bible says that we are in a battle were in a spiritual battle. Social media is a battlefield and you have to treat it like it is. It's not a place where you let down your car. It's extremely easy to take any photographs that you post and post them somewhere else and there is something called the dark web which some of you know about so you may not even know that your child's photograph has been taken.

Another thing is the aspect of facial recognition. Why do we want to give the enemy and these companies are not our friends right they hate us. Why do we want to give Facebook our child or grandchild's face for their photo recognition network. It's not a safe choice. Are you saying and let's confine it to Facebook. Just keep on talking to each other but quit posting pictures from what I have seen, and the dangers that are out there if you can avoid posting any family pictures or locations or anything that's personal to you, your child or grandchild, then you are really treating the world as if it were not your friend, not letting down your guard and keeping the details of your life to yourself I think is Winston and I agree. I'm not quite ready to leave this child predator factor that's going on online.

I actually did a program on that. Probably four years ago now.

This is a good update.

Let's plate this clip and come back and talk about it. I never thought I would be chasing child predators. It was 10 years ago, when our team intercepted conversations between a 12-year-old girl and a 40-year-old pedophile. He wasn't just talking to her. She was abusing her, coercing her collecting images and videos and no one in her life, her parents sixth-grade teacher or friends knew it was happening. I have a sixth-grader of my own have three kids actually you don't have to be a parent to be devastated by this, I work for a tech company that uses artificial intelligence to detect issues like grooming and sexual predation, and this is something we see constantly these abuses are occurring quietly and mostly go unreported and we want parents to know exactly what we know about what happens online.

So we made a plan that has been arrested for allegedly raping has become the number one social scale for a symbiotic relationship that exists between Instagram and Snapchat create a fictitious 15-year-old girl, complete with a believable social media identity or online document how long it would take for predator to approach her, creating a person out of thin air is complicated photos, but we knew we couldn't use an actual teenager would have to be someone on our team. I'm 37, but our graphic designers assured me that with the wonders of photo manipulation can magically younger clothes and accessories, studied body language and facial expressions radically covered signs of aging wrinkles and stretch marks. While the court did with federal, state and local law-enforcement story around her history of family social circle.

2004 as a sophomore.

Recently my account and post a typical teen content and created virtual friends for Libby, who would comment on her posts with everything in place. We would launch the project gives a few months and see if anyone would buy it so we hit the button and Libby went live within the first hour posting on these accounts. Seven. Adult men contacted her by the end of nine days. That number was 92. The conversations ranged in severity from making sexual comments to sharing and requesting explicit photos and videos to manipulation and threats. Your thoughts John something like this that's terrifying chasing child predators is with these people do full-time. It is a dangerous place, and if you allow your child on their need to be aware of who you are talking to. I don't want people to be afraid. If the kid goes on just to talk to a friend but you just need to be aware. It's called good parenting right. It's knowing what your child is doing with their time when they're in the room on their computer or as some parents to remove the computer from the room and put it out in the open. It's practicing safety.

Yes, that is real and yes it's linked to other terrible things and that's why the choice to be on Facebook is a personal one.

People are called to different kinds of ministries Jan some people feel they are called to social media has a ministry. They go on there and they deal with a lot of stress and a lot of nasty things to share the gospel. Other people feel called to go out and set up a table in front of a bar and deal with the people who are coming in and out of their everyone has a calling. I'm not suggesting everyone get off Facebook or everyone get on Facebook and other sites.

I'm saying you need to go before the Lord.

Is this where I'm supposed to be is is where my family is safe. We are very seriously thinking of dropping off twitter a lot of creations and conservatives have done that. We been on there for years and we built up a nice following which now twitter has gone and removed some of our following, which is what these big companies do.

If they don't shut you down. They remove your followers so your outreach shrinks enormously. But tell me why you think we should be leaving twitter in the near future. Twitter is in your face about how much they dislike you. Facebook is a little less in-your-face, but you still know it's there and twitter it's Jack Dorsey, the founder, he is always out there in the media stating what his beliefs are and what his approach is so it's a very hostile environment. Another thing is they've gotten more and more into doing things that are twisted as far as allowing child pornography to remain on Twitter and I know Facebook has been guilty of this too.

But there is a lawsuit going on with Twitter right now there are two young people suing for refusing to take down pictures that were put up of them by their abusers.

I eventually expect that will be off of Facebook and we are on multiple other platforms read were heading there we are on gab run Instagram.

Of course they were here to about YouTube and rumble as well. We've been on YouTube for ever and have about hundred and 20,000 subscribers and we appreciate that platform when were not censored and we are which is why were on rumble, but the best place to find our radio program focuses on our website.

All of trees olive tree Just go to radio you get the radio. The audio and the video as well as rumble is channel and light source. You're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel.

I have in studio Jill Martin Rishi. She is the daughter of Dr. Walter Martin and you can learn more about her or contact her on her social media that she manages so effectively and also at her website. Walter I want to play one more clip here. While we have time and that is the spying angle.

For instance, Facebook is tracking us all the time and again folks that's just part of the price you pay if you want to dance the duo with these big tech outfits they're gonna want something back from you and they're going to try to get it through any means possible.

Ever wondered if social media is spying on you, listening to a conversation you're having with someone targeting you with ads based on what you just talk about what child reviewers are at some very interesting incidents of their own and back. I was thinking we asked our investigator Joel Eisenberg to check it out. He discovered Facebook is definitely watching and listening to my billing information collected and what happens to all shorts of wild ideas about studying following spying on us impossible way road is always what I think I wrote completely dismiss the notion okay Google base.

The idea that your hardware and software may be listening to your every word, may I present Derek Smith's story may ring true with you was at work a few weeks ago, only his wrong with small talk conversation with Paul about very specific and will hold Derek got back to his office.

It is also an even friends on Facebook so it Facebook eavesdropping on the conversation. Wait a minute. Are you listening to me right now. This is actually incredibly possible. Chris Bronk is a you a major assistant professor and digital security expert and he actually doesn't think Facebook turns on your phone's microphone to record you secretly invite Facebook is officially address the issue quote really act as your microphone. If you've given our apt permission and if you are actively using a specific feature that requires audio still boxes you probably already given Facebook and other apps blanket permission to access not only your microphone put your camera location contacts and on and on. The modern cell phone is essentially a privacy killing the ship on your laptop just off the tablet too smart to be monitored all the time everywhere. Chris also sometimes just shot the story with this company and all of a sudden there after popping up in my website the help of the serial serial is really dumb walk. She was served up a raisin bran.

We can explain these coincidences. Random things like your job or start location history web browsing habits all the stuff is fair game for information collection.

People are paranoid right being paranoid is probably not about Joe. I think there was some truth in that little clip that we do give some permission to these outfits you made an excellent point, which is you don't get something for nothing with that old saying if it seems too good to be true it usually is. If you have this whole free social media platform that's cost millions and millions of dollars to create, then you're not going to be able to use it for free. Even if you think you are, they will find other ways to get information out of you and that's valuable to them. We go on their trusting thinking that we have a level of privacy that we have no privacy dislike in our searches.

Whatever you put into your search engine you need to be careful because you don't know who's keeping a record of your searches. So we are on gab. We are in Instagram is already said in Facebook and twitter for now, but we may vanish from twitter real soon and here not all that fond of me, we, and wanted to just give a sentence as to why we as Christians are to be careful where we go. It's a good thing to support conservative and/or Christian sites. The founder of gab Andrew tour the professes to be a Christian. He said he built the site so that people could speak freely and I think right now at this point we should take him at his word and support his platform. You go there and you can use it free but he asks you to support him monthly in order to continue getting other options. So that's the one that we chose for us also.

They own their own servers server is a computer that houses the information on a particular social media website. The company puts all its information there and they keep it safe. And that's where the site is operated from if the company like me. We does not own its own servers, then that means someone else can push the off button. All the information and all the effort that you just put into setting up your me. We account a year or two from now could be censored or shut down for that sort of heaven with parlor parlor has shut down by powers that be higher that them and we should say Mike Lindell I believe is launching a social media site within the next week. Now that's a potential site for us in the future. Correct. Yes it's called Frank it's going to be launched here shortly. I'm guessing that Mike Lindell will on his own servers just like gab does me. We does not and parlor was destroyed because it did not own its own service. You said to me, social media sites are getting rid of anyone who lowers their ES G score talk to us about the ES G score. Many have not a clue what this is and it's important, I think it's very important because it's going to affect all of us. The ES G score stands for environmental, social and governance.

It started out in the business world, companies wanted to know what other companies were putting their resources toward so that they could invest in the companies that most supported their own value. So that's how the ES G score started.

It's really copying something that's been in China for quite a while now, China has this credit system and this credit system really limits people's lives. If you don't follow the rules, then you are restricted in many ways, they would have no freedom to travel there is child may not be able to go to the school they want to go to. They may not be able to get the job they want the government may look at them more closely. So what you're hearing. There is our future. The ESG will progress in America is now moved from just corporate businesses like Facebook and Twitter their corporate businesses. So keeping you on their lowers their ESG score if you're conservative on their talking about Jesus talking about conservative values you lowered their corporate pay for.

And that's why they want you off their spreading beyond corporate to personal and social areas and now they're calling it a human social score, the bigger picture is it's not just because they don't like your politics, it's because your politics and your life hurts them okay financially. I appreciate that explanation. I want to play one more clip.

This is the addiction angle gets back now to users. Some of them have to literally go to rehab many of us spend more time on social media than we probably should.

But for some users.

Sites like Facebook, twitter, and yes, Instagram can become a troubling obsession, causing them to lose touch with reality. Well exist to a place where young people are getting help for their social media addiction. I was strong with severe depression and anxiety, 17-year-old David Mayer from Ohio says he felt constant pressure from his parents to be perfect overwhelmed.

He started using drugs. He also got lost online for up to four hours a day.

My felt like with all my posts I would create this false character who I was what I thought was the perfect version of myself. What I wanted to be witches. This young phony attractive guy.

Obviously, I was kinda neglecting the fact that I did have a lot of sadness with them in a lot of loneliness. David became withdrawn and stop talking to his parents until they took matters into their own hands woken up for I am just two guys with my been expecting was pretty frightened at first know my parents will hire them to take me here. They forced David into the paradigm Malibu rehab facility for 30 days to treat his social media addiction new cell phones or Internet surfing aloud 50% of teens say they feel addicted to their mobile devices and studies show teens to spend more time on social media are more likely to report mental health issues, then those who spend less time on the sites and set my room for days at a time and just couldn't be there and I nothing else to do so for sky across open on social media 17-year-old Arizona native Caitlin Walker is also seeking treatment at paradigm. Caitlin says things began spiraling out of control when her parents marriage hit a rough patch. She turned to social media for comfort but instead became the target of online bullying like I had pictures of my camera love people like bullying me. I kept it light to know it was just kind of like confirmation that I wasn't good enough. If you know that Instagram and Twitter and Facebook are causing you all this pain lighting keep coming back to it. That it's hard to detach and realize that it's a really negative part of your life that clip, blew me away 50% lease of younger people can be addicted there turning the social media for comfort, not the Bible, not even parents are significant people in their life or the church there. Turning to social media to meet all their needs and especially this last year when people were locked and not get out and still the suicide rates climbed so social media is not solving that personal relationship issue. I think that people need to examine how each individual device affects them and their children if they're on the phone all the time, then at least start by taking their phone and leaving it outside the other bedroom at night.

You can gently detach from it, and that's also a way to measure how much the addiction level is present in your child. Also, if they're using their tablets consistently day in and day out, start decreasing that gradually these things have been manufactured to addict yeah they have think we need to recognize that exactly right like an alcohol manufacturer, whatever their manufacturing that's manufactured with an addiction factor, and so are your device that you I'm running low on time, but we need to talk about one more issue and that is a Christian has some responsibility on social media Bible it says go into all the world and preach the gospel.

We can use this platform to preach the gospel and we do when we post our radio programs on it and we put a verse of the day on it were getting the gospel out. I think we need to emphasize that this isn't all dark that this is a wonderful opportunity spread the good news. It is a wonderful opportunity. If you feel called to be on the air you feel like God is using you to be salt and light, then that is between you and the Lord when it comes to our children that something else, the parent has to determine whether or not it's a safe environment for them. We have to balance our calling with where it is. Some people are called to go out into the streets and talk to prostitutes. Some people are called to go to that jungles in Africa. Some of us are called to go to social media, and I really want to encourage those who are out there doing that, that it's not all dark, that the Lord can use us anywhere we are, but we need to be aware of the fact that this is a battlefield. It's the rise of the pedis that the system absolutely is the rise of the global database that's exactly right. Directly connected to the scores that we are getting. Believe me, we are all accumulating points toward scores right now we don't have the actual proof of that yet, but we are. Just beware this is the rise of the beast system. If God calls you. There he calls you there, but we need to remember it is a battlefield again you find us on Facebook for now and on Twitter for now we may be disappearing. You can check with us online.

Send an email if you'd like to find us on gab Instagram rumble YouTube were trying to fight the battle and she'll be salt and light and help delay the decay. We appreciate what you do because you manage a good deal of this for us to do a wonderful job. Jill and I try to interact as much as we can on some of these platforms, but folks, I felt we needed to give you a little bit of an inside story and also share some things that I think most users are not aware of when it comes to the addiction angle. The spying angle. The fact that some are having to go to rehab for social media and then the child predator factor go-ahead to I just like to encourage people there are ways to change settings on your social media sometimes it can be difficult to track down on the actual social media site itself so you can go to YouTube or you can go to a search and put your question in how do I change my privacy settings on Facebook and then directions will pop up for that. So there are ways to make your social media safer. You can communicate with or you can communicate with her and me on the various sites that we've talked about what I get back we'll talk about the end time lawlessness going on all predicted in the Bible for a final generation. So don't go away and coming right back. We hope you'll stay in touch with online through all of tree that's all Oaktree you dog or call a simple two 763-559-4440 476-355-4444 rightist railroad follow-through ministries and Jim Markel, PO Box 1452, Minnesota 553111452 Grove Minnesota 5511.

All gifts are taxed in this age of news and both teachers thank you for trusting times, radio and all accrued and followed all of the mysteries for any time. You know, we remind you the power is linked with the church is soon to be taken up to meet the Lord in the air.

What is known as the rapture of the church.

Many will leave loved ones behind.

We have excellent products that address the concern one is the new video Bible prophecy update title after the rapture behind it is a short video describes life after the rapture, including what happened and what does look behind to do still enter the kingdom of God. The other product is a rupture on a flash drive for computer use contains hours of videos, books, Bible, much more.

This is a wonderful tool to tap into no effective in the post rapture world all content is on a small flash drive buying these products in our online all of tree views.large caller office 76355947635594444 also featured about don't want anyone to be hard for those who are these options are the very best. We hope you'll consider them as the end time is now one minute. These people are doing nothing less than pushing socialism/Marxism that's their goal is to overthrow completely dismantle our form of government and turn into a Marxist state where they control it, change topics in this segment and talk about end time lawlessness with a security consultant, and Michael is a part of our ministry is also a former law enforcement officer has a keen insight into the rebellion of our day was behind it. How sophisticated their tactics are. If left unchecked, today's lawlessness due to the collapse of civilization open the door for the world economic forum's great respect for his part to say the word riot. The major networks and some cable outlets being called out for refusing to use the term riots to describe the violence and looting that is rocking Minneapolis suburb for nights now following the police shooting death of a black man there using terms like violent protests or protests turn violent to describe the chaos publican Congressman Lance Gooden tweets dear CNN, what happen last night in Minneapolis would not protest.

It was riot get the story right or get out of the news business. Joe Concha media and politics columnist for the Hill and Fox News contributor Joe why is this happening want to know. Maybe we have to come to some sort of compromise here. Harrison only will you call them mostly peaceful riots. Would that work because I love remember December 2021.

There were mostly peaceful protests going on in places like Minneapolis or Portland or Leonard Seattle literally behind the reporter, you would see a burning inferno of the building looked like the ending scene and die harder than I could tell me Plaza and get there insisting these are mostly peaceful protest even though there are billions of dollars in damage. So why is this happening will obviously it's the PC way to describe what is obviously a right when there were dozens of arrests made on a nightly basis. When dozens of businesses.

These owners no fault of their own or diluted are damaged when the National Guard is called in. I believe you can start the call that arrived Harris welcome back if you heard last week's program with Curtis Bowers. You know that we are on the brink of complete tyranny in the land in the Bible calls these times, perilous times. Second Timothy three and Matthew 24 we read about end time lawlessness and help will increase and abound, particularly during the tribulation, but were in a run up to that and it flourished so badly in Noah's day that God wiped out humanity and the Bible says that a man of lawlessness is coming he's known as the antichrist will, I promise you were preparing the way for him so I believe were now in a Romans one society four of the most terrifying words in the Bible are God gave them over and God has given over to much of godless mankind, and certainly the godless left a debased nature. Truth has been replaced for ally evil is called good and the biblical reference that everyone is doing right in their own eyes is happening now.

What's behind today's lawlessness.

Well I'm in the epicenter of some of the tyranny as I had quarter out of Minneapolis, Minnesota last week. More turmoil this time hit our suburbs. So does God have anybody's attention yet. I hope so, but don't know if I'm to be optimistic about that in studio with me for the balance of the program is Ken Michael. He's a part of our ministry. He's a retired law enforcement officer, a former investigator and a security consultant. He actually does seminars on behalf of the ministry calling. Understanding our times. Call my office if your church or group is interested. Ken Michael, welcome to the studio that is younger to be with you were saying worldwide lawlessness and some of this is based on a false narrative. And that is that society is systematically racist. We've fought a civil war to defeat racism. We made huge strides in the last 5060 years with racism, so why this agenda why the narrative the truth has been replaced with fly and not only are they saying that our society is systematically racist. What you're hearing now from our politicians, our media is that police departments and police officers in general are racist, what they're saying is they are purposely and intentionally targeting people of color, not just to stop them or harass them, but to actually kill them and this is the biggest lie.

My friends in law enforcement are really taking this hard and I can tell you is a former law enforcement officer. It is so hard to watch and listen to him who in their right mind would become a law enforcement officer who would go into this profession.

We just say no law enforcement officer. Apparently she thought she had Taser in her hand was a gun killed this biracial young man. What person in the right mind would go into this field.

Fortunately in our country we still have dedicated people that want to see law and order, rule, they want to go out there and help the people in their community. As tragic as this incident was that were talking about the officer in Brooklyn Center. She was actually one of the lead people out there interacting with groups of people in their communities of all races in all organizations. What was she doing.

They have officers that go out into the community and do community relations community policing my understanding that she was one of those legal officers doing that she was trying to befriend some of the community members. The course she was clearly it was an accident and he kind of intended incident known. Unfortunately, the media is listening to politicians that are telling us that this was intentional and that was her goal was to actually go out and kill a person of color violence is escalating obviously in every major city from murder to robbery and at the same time firearm sales are absolutely through the roof.

300 million firearms sold here recently.

Let's just put it this way, you've got good patriotic Americans watching what's happening and getting very nervous and the only thing they feel they can do to protect their loved ones and their property is armed themselves totally understandable.

But where is this head. We headed towards a civil war.

I believe we are. I agree with a lot of people in my profession that are saying the same thing you mention the sale of firearms would you think the largest purchaser firearms was last year.

That would be women, women want to protect themselves. They want to protect their family want to protect their children, and as we see the scales of justice which are grossly being tilted to one side. Were seeing people that want to and understand that they have to protect themselves.

I believe were going to get to a point where people realize that law enforcement are no longer to be able to protect them. That's what I've said earlier and that's leading towards a whole lot of an increase in the lawlessness because that you're going to have two sites firing at each other right now were seeing. That's basically from the left but went good standing. People like veterans who have fought for this country who watch their brothers in arms die in front of them, retired police officers business owners that have invested their life savings into their business and now have lost everything when they realize that were losing the Republic and the police are going to be able to protect them. You're going to see people in mass numbers rise up because they are going to protect themselves. They're going to protect their families and their property, then you have people like Johan Omar, stirring everything up

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