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Curtain Closing: The Final Act of World History

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 10, 2021 8:00 am

Curtain Closing: The Final Act of World History

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 10, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell and Pastor Jack Hibbs discuss the Great Re-Set, the times of the signs, the growing demonic move upon the earth, growing persecution due to our beliefs, and the fact that the curtain is setting on the final act of world history. Time is short.

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Is both a privilege and a challenge to be living in the times of the signs coming the first coming in the second coming is not church age. We are nearing the end, by the way, for 2000 years.

As we approached the end of the church age will come to understanding the times radio Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by hollow tree ministries today. Jan visits with Pastor Jack Hibbs so much of what the Bible predicted is now rushing into reality. No one addresses current issues better than Pastor Jack. We hope you enjoy this engaging and compelling.

Our watch events unfold that were foretold, thousands of years ago. Yesterday number one regarding approaching.

Is this number one is the time of the signs we were subjected signs at times.

We will be on that these are the times of war. Lebanon days that are the opening throws of a world that is been set up like a play is been set up on staying shares drops backdrops positions. The actors are taking the stage is been set. Listen for us as Bible believers we are not to be people who are hyper about these things.

We are not to be sensational about these things and then on the other end of the spectrum. We are not to be dismissive of these things. So what are we. We are to be a people who are viewing the things that are going on around the world with Bible open and not to be sensational but to be scriptural. What could this mean does it mean anything.

Does this have anything to do with the Bible and its prophecies or the other. We want to be careful every generation of believers from the very beginning from Old Testament saints all the way through to the present, God is asked to be very aware and be looking for the fact that, are you living in the times of the signs will come to the program. I know you recognize the voice of Pastor Jack Hibbs and with so much happening in the world and the church.

I tried to champion to pastor Jack as often as I can.

He pastors Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California where I had the privilege to minister on a couple of occasions, a thriving mega church in Southern California.

Pastor Hibbs has an extensive media ministry online on radio now some of his services are being carried on secular television as well. Jack is spoken at four of my understanding the times conferences and was scheduled for December 5 and 2020 canceled due to coven chaos. I guess little Cliff. We play obviously were talking about times of the signs working to cover in rapid bullet point manner hear a lot of topics will try to get right to the point world economic forum, the rush to globalism heard a fascinating message Jackie very recently about the man in the shadows that would be the antichrist. We have an announcement to make about an upcoming conference call, behold, he comes will have more to say about that as we move into the hours so Pastor Jack Hibbs, welcome back to understanding the times radio. Jan not only my happy to be back, but I want all of your listeners to know that I handful of others that you know of are greatly indebted to your steadfast commitment to the teaching of God's word. Jan you gave many of us a platform at your conference, which has just made such a difference. Thank you, thank you for having me on. I just played that clip is you talking about the times of the signs and all that's going on. I mean, you and I could probably do a three hour program here obviously were not going to do so, but wanted to summarize, give me a minute, what are you seeing play out before our eyes. You and I I know were in sync.

I want to head to the world economic forum eventually here, at least briefly, but tell me your thoughts, particularly as you gave that message.

Not all that long ago the times of the signs and automation about this. That were in is that you can actually open up your Bible to any eschatological topic which is very unique in this agent, which rent pick a topic that applies to Bible prophecy, and you can point that chapter verse two. An issue that's going on today. A cashless system that's free. The great reset be a global religion. The dynamic of racism, which the Bible covers. Jesus mentioned that perfectly clear. Natural disasters. I don't know how someone could be a nonbeliever today and where were living because Bible prophecy is something that is addressing every area where I can point my finger God has anticipated that moment with his prophetic word. You and I both talked about the world economic forum, the great reset. I have said on here that I believe the tribulation is likely this great reset and I've said that for the Christian, the great reset is the rapture followed seven years later by the millennium. I'm gonna play clip of you talking about this world economic forum's fiasco because there coming up meeting in May.

I personally think they are on an agenda to establish sooner rather than later. A one world system. Let's come back and talk about it. The great reset. I make this up.

We didn't make this by the way, this is from the world economic forum. There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the coven 19 crisis. I could go on forever. Right now to show you and talk you about how important it is to the world economic forum to keep the coven 19 issue alive as long as they can they needed anything dies. If it dies to find another one.

I promise you this. I hate to blow your mind's morning, but there will never be the normal that you use the no these guys and a host of others will not allow it because the Bible says there's a coming economic reset and when the world tells us they are working on it. Global economic reset.

No wonder why had you hold up your Bible and so taking place in the context of the United Nations Gen. assembly farce the world economic forum's fourth and for the first time fully virtual sustainable goes on to talk about how we bring the world together as one economically to press reset making nations equal all Jackie coming one world system obviously outlined in Revelation.

I've got some headlines in front of me, sky news coven. 19. Boris Johnson joins world leaders and call for global treaty to prepare for next pandemic zero hedge 24 world leaders call for more globalism in wake of pandemic. I could go on and on again. Revelation 13 outlines this, but did you ever think you'd see it leap off the pages we know it leaps off the pages of the Bible about the newspapers and the Internet like it is here in 2020 and 2021 why it's amazing Jan for you and I and many of your audience. We have always studied Bible prophecy, and we always get a feel or thought as to how could this stuff come down. How could it come together. Now we don't have to wonder, it is here it's actually here what drilling there's no doubt about it is that what we study for so long, is now being lived out in our world, so never seemed detailed and your right you and I can talk about those details from the reset the issue of faith in the world right now regarding the issue of the United States were living in the last days then there are some things that are diametrically opposed to the onslaught of this coming world agenda in the U.S. Constitution is one of that's right that's got a go. The U.S. Constitution has got to go, we gotta cancel that we need to cancel faith in God and reappoint that the faith in government. That's right. It's funny because when Pres. Trump was in office. He was constantly being attacked for his deflecting to pastors and to prayer into these things that he called for but now all of a sudden that was wrong when he did it but now were being called to it. I just heard it yesterday.

We need to trust in our government is our leaders that you can't have God in government one going to be over the other. You can have a Constitution as ours is an usher in the last day scenario. So I think religion of an epic time I see the evidence for all those things come in the past that cashless system is already here were limited then how much closer is Jesus. I look for him to trumpet us out here today you had a fascinating message you called and a man in the shadows and you talked about this man was planned this Mr. six and a world leader is going to arise out of a crisis, my goodness. 2020 2021 it's endless crises. We've seen businesses closing we've had panic due to a pandemic. We've seen people lose their livelihoods and I think one of the most troubling things we've seen Jack is the conditioning that's going on when even seem to know that there being conditioned. Some of them are going like lemmings over a cliff.

It concerns me that this man in the shadows plate.

Just another real quick clip of you here and I love the way you say this 1260 days which is a biblical 3 1/2 years from the date the peace treaty is signed 1260 days from that day. He's going to go into the temple and is going to go on CNN and Fox and all the cable all the semi networks and the Bible says the world will see this and he will declare himself to be God. The world does. The world goes right Euros in the Bible says Jesus is a Matthew 24 to the Jews.

The moment you see that happen. Run don't even go downstairs to get your coat run in the midpoint he will going to the temple to declare himself to be God.

Ladies and gentlemen, there's no temple in Jerusalem right now, but they're talking about building it.

I'm looking up. I'm excited Jack, you and I both feel that Satan his hand a man tamped in every generation. He does not know when that final scenarios going to play out. He looks at the signs of the times the times of the signed same as you and I do, but he doesn't know so he taps someone in every generation. I think it's actually true, it only makes sense that Satan who certainly knows the Scripture well. Stephen still doesn't know the hour that the Lord has set so I do believe that there's biblical evidence to where he's always got to be ready in one of those messages.

Jan mentioned that Satan always has to have his men ready, you bet he's watching the signs of the times, sometimes more than maybe Christians are descriptions that are somewhat oblivious to this moment, in which reliving it out and that's true I see them every Sunday coming to church from other walks of life or ministry life and to get excited about what the Bible says instead of being terrified. Defining comfort which is exactly what Bible prophecy should do for you. It should comfort you talked about you and your church for a moment, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, by the way folks are listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel and they have the pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California Jack Hibbs on the air with me for the hour. He's been my conferences for the last five years at least talking about your church folks are we won't name churches, but there abandoning other churches in your region. Southern California, they are ending up that tower Chapel, Chino Hills, by the way, you have just done a series you call it futures give us a paragraph.

Why did you do it had to be a couple of months. It may have been three months on futures.

Then I want to talk to you about what are you seeing in all these people that are streaming to your church remarkable during the coping here. You know we were meeting fully open and we had just ended. Second Peter and that's really my style. I like teaching chapter by chapter verse by verse. But as I was meeting new people. They were telling me I'm from XYZ church and I've been listening or watching online, and so we've come. We bought Bibles.

We realize we need a Bible here and we bought highlighters and markers. We started learning in second Peter verse by verse. But we don't know anything about Bible prophecy, and I was hearing this, Jan, by the hundreds and hundred people so that what happened was instead of me going right into another verse by verse book. I had to stop and create the futures series to introduce people who were believers who had a very remedial understanding of the Bible and bring them up to speed on the time in which their living and from or in Bible prophecy. It was something we had to do. Or else. Technically, I think the welfare of our church is to be threatened because I don't want people walking around here not knowing the times in which they live. It was an investment on our part to do that and it turned out to be tremendous because people flocked all the more we are a Protestant church, but we have been flooded with Catholics whose churches were closed and they are having the time of their life now studying the Bible and their finding the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. They are, yes, that is wonderful by the way, why do we take this opportunity just to mention I mean you've just done a futures series but you and I are talking about doing our conference this fall.

Most of my listeners know that my understanding the times being here in Minnesota it's really difficult because of our liberal politics and social distance thing and all the things that go along with covert chaos that some of our blue states that I've had to cancel it in 2020 and gave up on even trying to do in 2021. You're going to be doing this conference you're calling it behold he comes. This can be Saturday, September 11 Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California, probably about 830 in the morning till late afternoon. No cost. Who are your speakers Jack the wonderful and amazing Jan Markel, which were so happy to announce a merits or five-day pastor Barry Stegner and myself. Jan, it will be no strange event to your conference attendees in the past there to feel right at home. Sure I agree they will. So this is a Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Saturday, September 11 will keep you apprised.

In the coming weeks and months probably begin about 830 in the morning to late afternoon.

There's no costs. By the way, Jack's church between indoors and outdoors can seat up to 5000 people. Hopefully some of you who traveled literally from 48 states and some years to understanding the times events will think about journeying to Southern California September 11.

For behold, he comes, will hope to present some very cutting edge information for you Jack. I have heard you say from your pulpit and this is couple months ago was very cutting edge have to be a Wednesday night service and you just cannot bore your soul to not just your congregation, but one of the things that's because the boom in your outreach is your electronic audience and that's what I happen to be watching. I heard you say at the likelihood of you ended up somewhere in jail is pretty high. You said that with such passion and you said it with conviction and you are unashamed that no matter what. To be preaching the gospel that may cost you a whole lot.

What was behind that.

Not only that statement, but that passion what was behind it was the privilege of the honor that I had working with the Trump administration regarding faith and biblical worldview values. A lot of people didn't realize that that was important to Trump's administration, but I could say that Sec. Mike Pompeo and a few others that it was extremely important. Having said that you could see the incoming administration and their outright angst against our First Amendment and again specifically the evangelical the data is yet forthcoming George Barna's statistician is looking at this is going to be publishing this pretty soon the amount of evangelicals who voted for Trump will be published as an all time record it. Over 90% of registered evangelicals voted for Trump. So why am I saying this I'm saying this because the Biden administration understands what group stands in opposition to any reelection or anything like that. Having said that, we knew what was coming here in Southern California or here in California should say how Sacramento there's been nothing but one after another of specific legislation being either attempted to pass or has passed in direct attack of the Judeo-Christian worldview value and one of them was most vilest recently. Now it's been pulled by the author that AB 655 is which was a bill unknown to most of you here is sound insane, but you can remember something California is a one-party government completely. They get the pass what they get the dream up. This was a bill that was designed and specifically targeted a law enforcement personnel in their faith. It literally said that if this bill passed. They couldn't talk about their faith.

The police officers could not talk about their faith on or off duty, they could not talk about their faith on police media or their private media and it got so much heat in California that the author pulled the bill.

We know what that means in California. The author pulls the bill from a vote and he waits for the press to calm down and then because they have a super majority in California. They just wind up passing it in the shadows passing it at 5 o'clock on a Friday.

It is so antichrist, it will become the most antichrist legislation on the books in America today it would cause me and Christian radio. If we say the truth to these cited or arrested. So here in California. The pastors got it make a decision am I going to teach the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse or I'm I going to pull certain verses or chapters out of the Bible for fear of the government.

I tell you that's not going to happen without us taking a survey and here and we cannot compromise God's been so faithful.

He's been so good to us that there is just no way that I could abandon him when that time comes, courting Dr. James Dobson here. He says this till Biden has advanced far left policies most often by Executive Order, and continues to blame Pres. from for problems that he is creating even as he takes credit for successes he inherited.

Dobson goes on to say, through it all. Pres. Biden nevertheless accuses Republicans of continuing the politics of division. He even question whether the Republican Party would still be here in 2024. How this man could say such things with a straight face is beyond me. Dobson says he had it seems that he is willing to say anything to cram his radical left agenda down the throats of all Americans, and he concludes it's more clear than ever that our nation is teetering on the edge are Christians. At long last aware of this horrible reality and are we finally ready to stand up and let our voices be heard before. It is for ever too late. I want to play a very short clip. It happens to be Tucker Carlson, but he's interviewing a fascinating gal by the name of Naomi Wolf. I will tell you. Naomi Wolf is an ardent leftist. However, the activities of our government in the last year has opened her eyes to the fact that were heading quickly into a police state and they have a very interesting discussion here and will come back and pick it up one person who apparently is not afraid to speak up today me Wolf was undoubtedly losing friends by appearing on the show tonight. She's the author of the end of America letter of warning to a young patriot and the CEO of daily clutching joins us tonight and we will fight appreciate your coming on. I never thought I would be talking to accepted debate format. I'm sure we disagree on an awful lot, but on this. I was struck by the bravery it must've taken you to write it. I'm sure he lost friends over it for doing this tells why you're doing this and why he wrote that personal thinking criminally happy to be talking to you. It's not just that one tweet I thin writing. Pretty much every day for months and months about what I see as the terrible crisis that were in that we have to recognize under the guise of a real medical pandemic were really moving into the situation police state situation and that's not a partisan thing that is you see that transcends everything you and I might agree or disagree on right at should bring together left and right to protect our Constitution were absolutely moving into what I call step 10 I read a book in which I play at the 10 steps that would be tyrants always take when you want to close down a democracy whether there on the left or the right. They always do the same 10 things and now where at something I never thought I see in my lifetime. He described it, very, very well. It is step 10 and that's that this extension of the rule of law. That's when you start to be a police state and were here. There's no way around energy doctors I can ordinary people restaurant owners from all walks of life who are absolutely unable to even articulate their fear and horror, recognizing that the state has now crushed businesses, kept us from gathering and reassembling the worship as the First Amendment provides is invading our bodies. As you mentioned, which is a violation of the fourth amendment is restricting movement fighting us here in New York City.

I couldn't find $15,000. I day I gather people within 10 or 25 people depending on where New York State I live which is a complete violation of the First Amendment violations go on and on and on. I talked to restaurant owners who are looking at a sector in which thousands of small businesses have been crushed and why would they crushed not because of pandemic force continue there is no real science underlying a lot of disclosures it's because autocratic tyrants at the state and now the national level are creating kind of merger of corporate power and government power which is really characteristic of Italian fascism in the 20s and using that to engage in kind emergency orders that simply strip us of our rights, rights to property rights to assembly rights to worship all of the rights that are constitutional guarantees check cubes California has sorta been ground zero for this and not only that, but California churches have been ground zero for this.

She just described and defined is Gavin Newsom yes California governor part and parcel remarkable. That's exactly what we've been living under. Here's the thing you mentioned the word teetering California is at that moment and I believe that as California goes, so goes the nation yes and so we are teetering the 49 other states they need to look right now California and watch what's happening a four number one California cheaters and falls into the abyss and everything that woman just warned about happens because they're trying to do it now or be number two California experiences a spiritual renewal and revival.

It's not good to be an economic revival. If not, could be a cultural revival.

The only hope for California is a spiritual awakening. Having said that, why I believe she's correct is because she mentions number 10 on the 10 step rule. I challenge anyone is listening right now. Jim and Evan send this to my friends. I was talking about this before anybody else was talking about it. Not that I'm a prophet just that I'm sad that I see this I cannot find cases in the last I don't know how long where you can tell me all look. Praise God. The Constitution was obeyed and held and look what we got exactly as the founders thought and gave us listen.

I believe this is founded upon research. Somewhere along the line the United States Constitution, which is in the way of globalism suffered at least a coma, or may have bled out and died during the Obama administration. When Trump became president, which wasn't supposed to happen there already prepared for Hillary and a miraculous shock wave hit. It was Trump's presidency that told us about something called fake news about law and order being rejected about an agenda of socialism. You remember, everybody laughed at Trump when he talked about socialism. Socialism over and over again and fast for now it's exactly what's happened. My point is this. I think the Constitution was murdered. We know that the Democrats don't believe in it, and we certainly know that half or more than half of the Republican Party doesn't believe in it. I think it died and I don't see it defending our police officers and defendant are citizens. I don't see it defending free speech or freedom to practice one's religion.

Our courts have abandoned the Constitution. Gore search Barrett Cavanaugh, the ones that we thought were going to flip for 50 years. The court in a conservative view and mentor have completely been Trojan horses.

Why behind it all. Jesus said before he comes back the love of many will grow cold.

When that happens, lawlessness, and again prophetically the Constitution has got to go for the man of sin to make his appearance safely and literally think the Lord our politics now can be focused on the coming king and horse government will be on his shoulders, probably sooner than we can imagine that wonderful glorious millennium.

I'm going to take my midpoint of the program break but Pastor Jack and I have some additional things to talk about.

Remember, folks, the Messiah is not arriving on Air Force One. That's not a quote from me, that's Pastor Jack Hibbs, but I think it's profound. We need to keep our mice on the fact that as Christians we are looking forward to our heavenly kingdom. And then we come back for a thousand years of perfect government on this earth order talk about a lot more things and not quite through with globalism yet, because to me that's the most significant advancement of the last year year and 1/2 or so is the rush to one world is semi-just want to touch on that briefly when I get back for part two of my programming, so don't go away coming back in just a couple of minutes.

We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of three that's all Oaktree views.for the call is simple.

Time is 76355 4440 476-355-4444 by just mail all of three ministries of Jim Markel, PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in this age of uncertainty. Thank you for trusting this ministry to deliver you news information and is if you have followed all Oaktree ministries for any length of time you know we remind you our is late with the church is soon to be taken up to meet the Lord in the air. What is known as the rapture of the church. Many will leave loved ones behind. We have two excellent products that address the concern one is the new video by prophecy update title after the rapture left behind is a short video that describes life after the rapture, including what happened and what those left behind to do still enter the kingdom of God. The other product is a rapture for the flash drive contains hours of videos, books, revival much more. This is a wonderful tool to tap into what be effective in the post rapture world all content is on a small flash drive.

Find these products online store all of all of you who are caller office 763-5540 444-765-5944. Also featured in our print don't want anyone left behind with those who are his options on the very best hope you'll consider them as the time clock is now one minute a day would come where it would be called good and good evil like the cold dark dark light, sweet, bitter, bittersweet where their boys are called girls. Girls are called boys. Truth is called live lives are called truth is exactly where we are at our world is changing with lightning speed of his down black use whites evil is no good. What is the believer to do when there seems to be more darkness than Dawn. Can we hang on to be sold and lights occupied until he comes. That is our assignment. Here are John Markel and Pastor Jack Hibbs to rough up the John Lennon's imagine this one world is is Satan's answer to Churchill's Chrysler Sage that's coming so imagine there's no heaven it's easy if you try no hell below us above us only sky. Imagine all the people living for today and you know the part imagine there's no countries but still away when Borders says the world global is not our borders. It isn't hard to do nothing to kill or die for and no religion to imagine all the people living life in peace. You. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us in the world will be as one. Imaginal possessions says says the billionaire nobody possesses anything semi-I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger a brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one who would say amen to that son AOC you might save project.

This is getting really political it's getting really biblical since about what's coming in the world is that if he is one this time is rising to the ancient prophecies of the Bible that just stand there waiting here we are on the train pulled.

What's this one rapture the church advent of the antichrist and the world in freefall.

What's the next one global economy. Me this I know we think it's too because it's so which means he's near Jesus is near talking for the hour.

You just heard him with Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. You can contact Jack and Jack Jack learn more about Calvary Chapel Chino Hills CCC CCC reason I brought Jack on. He's had a fascinating series that he just called futures that he presented at his church for the last two months might've been longer.

Not only was it received wonderfully well, but folks have been streaming. We talked about at first have to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills from other churches. In fact, other mega churches I could name them and you would all know the churches that are being abandoned to come in here biblical truth and also here that the King is coming about the glorious news of the things that are ahead and we talked about some dark things I had obviously world economic forum great reset tribulation from which the church is absent. I wanted to play that little clip of John Lennon that was written in 1971, the world's answer would be no borders, no religion, the Bible said it's coming.

This was a very very popular song by Lennon back so many decades ago. Now Pastor Jack I want to get to Canada where we left off a few minutes ago and let me ask you this you were asked by the media and I want you to explain what they meant and what your answer.

When they ask you what is the evangelical community going to do without. From what they mean and tell me how you answered. I can honestly tell you that in all of the interviews and by the way, I remember exactly where I was standing that day Jan because I had gotten 15 called from various secular news agencies and they all asked the same question. They literally must've been coached.

They asked what will the church do what will the Christian do now that Trump has not been reelected. It was a wonderful question to ask, because honestly they were coming from the perspective of their worldview, thinking or meaning that everyone's life must be wrapped up in politics that we look to Sacramento or Washington DC for the answers and I simply said were to keep doing what we've done for the last 2000 years we have endured x-ray and donations and the Coliseum. We have endured liens and gladiator games as the victims and were going to keep going because our kingdom. Our politics is not of this world. It was quite entertaining Jan for me because after these lengthy interviews. Several of them decided not even printed her to play it because it didn't go well for them. They had encountered a Christian who believed in the Bible that the Messiah is not going arrive on Air Force One, but to come in the clouds that we been given the privilege to have this Republic by all intent and purposes. Looks like it's gone now but we move on and we keep waiting for our kingdom to come in Christ Jesus, I gotta tell you that the worldviews the Christian worldview is the Christian as though 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is some sort of a temple and it is anything but that the Christian gets involved in the culture because we are mandated by God to get involved in the culture to let our light so shine before all men but the world doesn't know that they don't understand that quite entertaining.

I think the thing that's been the biggest blow to believers since first of the year in new president. January 20 we've already talked about some of the dilemma that were looking at that.

I don't know that my listener is expected to be labeled a domestic terrorist which most of us are considered by the last certainly not by conservatives and other Christians. Of course, but how does the listener will pick up one morning and suddenly where wondering for you to be on a most wanted list and deal with the fact there domestic terrorist mother doing is trying to show up at the job 95 and go to church on Sunday and take care of a family yet will again our constitutional rights have evaporated right underneath our noses and persecution is underway.

We've always wondered what it ever come to America would come to America. What would it look like this is it. I actually call it a white-collar persecution were not being strung up by our fingertips, or by our tongues, yet but what's happening is white-collar persecution in my definition is, instead of beating you up Take your rights away your rights to preach your rights to speak about anything that is outside our realm of approval and what is our approval is you have to be affirming of everything and yet at the same time we do not have to affirm anything that's coming from you, straight. And that's the world Marin right now and you see will pastor that's very harsh that's for. It's not harsh at all to exactly what Isaiah told us in chapter 5 x-rayed a day would come were evil would be called good and good would be coeval light would be cold dark dark light sweet or bittersweet, where there boys are called girls. Girls are called boys. Truth is called lies lies are called truth. It's exactly where we are at will.

Maybe it's no surprise that America really is not prominent in Bible prophecy. It's like were watching the dismantling brick by brick, just as the Romans tore apart Jerusalem brick by brick liberals are demolishing America brick by brick. One of the topics you covered us actively and play just a short clip of you doing so and that is this old gender is an issue which is I think intended to confuse people and you call it a global demonic move on the culture and in the end of this clip you label.

This is pure demonism it's satanic we just played the clip and then will come back and talk about it. All of this gender is stuff taking place to skew the lines and to confuse people and it's not limited to the United States. This is a global same time.

If all those previous researchers and physicians were correct in their documentation that this is a mental illness gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

That's the way it's been categorized for decades if not centuries. I'm just telling you what the doctors upset political-ism has changed the conversation.

That being true, why is this happening globally. Why is it happening on a mass scale either a there is a gigantic issue that's going through the atmosphere of mental illness or the Bible says in the last days as you like it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah where there is immorality. You see will chaplain about these young people. Young people over time.

Young people in the courtyard in the foyer and other places and it's interesting to me that the young people tell me that their teacher is the one that said to them that they might be a boy or a girl. The kid or in other cases, parents refusing to identify that the child is a female or a male and say were not decide what it is yet to let or they actually dress them another way a child in any of the culture of any other age that would've been child abuse something is happened. I believe the answer is demonism. I believe it satanic, I believe you're watching a global event take place that the Bible warns us about and Satan traffics in the world of confusion anything to get somewhat confused in this area. He robs them of their God given gender because he made that person a male or female for a purpose to bring him glory. If Satan can get them confuse their young early notice he always goes after the then if you can kill them on the wall. He'll kill them in the head and confuse them. I believe were watching a global demonic sway of the wicked one upon our culture in the world and that sounds harsh, but I'm sorry it's true it's just true you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jim are killing him on the line from Southern California pastor Jack Hipps pastors Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. You can learn Jack or find info on the church, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California CCC CC privileged to be a part of services there for two or three occasions here in the last few years cackling back to your clip back on March 31 on the State Department website. They were boasting.

This was the transgender Day of visibility. That's 10 days ago or so. Now, as you said, moments ago. Isaiah 520 calling evil good and good evil, etc. so hard for my audience and yours to accept to adjust to. Yet again I cannot come back to you with the question the listeners respond to this. We got to respond this way number one. Do we believe the Scriptures with ask yourself that question number two.

We believe the Scriptures what will be the arena in which Scriptures lived out. In other words, make sure that what you're studying is something that you believe can happen in your world today that we are not studying theories and were not being some sort of scientist in an experiment. This is real God's true and it comes to pass.

The thing is this. We need to understand that were living in the age of the time that the Bible told us about regarding an age that is plump with the doctrines of demons. I used to think Jan that that was all about colts and the occult and aberrant theological teachings. It certainly includes that, but I have to tell you I've broadened the definition of my mind doctrines of demons simply means the teachings of demons will now in the Christian worldview is evidence of doctrines of demons in our university in our high school in her junior in our textbooks, what would it be falsehood to mislead people to get them to think something other than a biblical understanding of what humanity is things like that. That's what we needed it. We need to be educated. We must stop being content with not knowing things we have got to know and that's part of the human psyche as I see that it's bad outside so I'm in a keep my head in the ground in the hole so to speak. No friends trust God's word is true you see that it's bad outside get out there and let him use you because you and I want to bring as many men and women, boys and girls into the kingdom as is possible for out here. Can I just add one thing here to what were talking about. I think our pulpits need to start telling the bitter truth as well.

Jan you would think that, according to Ezekiel 30 everywhere would come from that.

You would think that pastors would read that you know God says that he looks for a man or a woman who trembles at his word I can think of a more powerful Scripture right now than Ezekiel telling us that if a minister of God's people sees evil coming and does not blow the trumpet warning than God's going to require the blood of those people from the hands of that minister would live in that time right now and I've got people telling me that they didn't go to their church. For most the year and now. Last week they opened up and they went but the pastor now is been completely transformed into what is known as awoke yet local past tense and I had someone amuck to name the church but a family was here last week. There church they've been here and then they went back to the church to the got an email that the church is opening up and the first sermon after almost a year of no teaching. The first sermon was how the pastor said that all the white people need to apologize. Go find someone who is black or Hispanic and apologized to them. The message was on injustice and the gospel wasn't even presented the got up at the end and they were empty. We need God's pastors to stand up years ago Jan I love this. I've never forgotten that this is 30 years ago I heard at the time John MacArthur say that if you're being called to the ministry you're going to be chained to the pulpit and he said this God the Holy Spirit will chain you to the pulpit.

If you're called, but you can be encouraged because the chains are lined with velvet, but they are chains. Nonetheless, and today in America we see pastors who are chained to the pulpit and we see some who maybe have a bungee cord out of no one but there's a big difference going on and I want to encourage everyone is listeners program right now. Don't worry about the division that's happening in the church today. Don't worry about it. God is cleaning his church lot of people are being shaken from the tree you just make sure that you have biblical theology and you will not be shaken when the storm comes and blows against you discover read two paragraphs from an article by Dr. Terry James coeditor of the rapture ready website and the article is titled rapture reassurance and folks we really haven't even talked, we made reference to the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour but hasn't been our topic.

That wasn't my intent. My intent was to cover a multitude of topics to wind up here little bit. Let me just read couple paragraphs, Terry says during this troubling movement into ever-increasing evil. Those among Bible teachers, writers, broadcasters etc. who proclaim there is to be no pre-tribulation rapture are having a field day they see the business of prepping for a dystopian world. They stoke the fears of those who agree that life as it's been known here in America will collapse into a mad Max type struggle for existence any day now and in a way Terry goes on to say they can't be blamed.

Everything points to a profound loss of sense of reality and time insanity certainly seems unstoppable while mankind moved farther and farther from God and toward that time John described in the book of Revelation last paragraph hearing radio programs etc. today that talk of the horrors to come is disturbing. Not hearing anything about what is coming from the pulpits of most churches is even more disturbing. What disturbs me most is that nothing is being told of the truth that Jesus himself promises the glorious calling of the church into his presence at a time of enveloping darkness like what is taking place now it I think jackhammers that does summarize and carries three paragraphs from a long article I picked three paragraphs where in chaos and there is enveloping darkness that's going on now but there's a herald of is coming that's going to happen any day this a trumpet and a shout that's going to happen any day. That's the good news.

The church is going to be removed. Sadly there are things can descend into if you think it's chaos. Now, folks.

You haven't seen anything yet and I think we can rejoice in the fact not in the coming chaos and certainly suffering that's going to go on but the promise check to the church that Jesus Christ removes us from the trial to come. That's Revelation 310 the trial to come is in the ensuing chapters of Revelation. Terrible time the tribulation the great tribulation, which is for the salvation of the Jewish nation not the church, and I think we need to encourage people at this point in time that yes were going through rough times. Yes, Americas taken a terrible turn.

That's just tragic Americas doesn't appear to be in Bible prophecy, and I think now we see why ES, the country seems to be being dismantled brick by brick. We don't know God can turn anything around you referred to that in the opening minutes of the program check this rapture situation and the fact that it remains our glorious hope. Actually, more than ever and I want to approach of this wage and with a little bit of hope sanctified sarcasm and it would be this does not the Bible say that there is the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Doesn't the Bible tell us that Christ will appear unto those who are looking for him unto salvation. Doesn't the Bible tell us over and over again to be watching for you don't know when Jesus himself say him to go away now and will prepare a place for you piece of the 20 was going and that I want to come back and get you that where I am, there you will be also. That's the rapture noticed the bride of Christ is not the Old Testament saints north of the tribulation saints. The bride of Christ is the church age saints have there been martyrs that were within the church.

Of course, is going to be margins in the church. However, the church is the bride of Christ God.

Nowhere in Scripture do you find his church going through a time when God sends his wrath upon the earth. And yet, over and over again in Thessalonians is an example.

Each of the five chapters of first this always promise of the believer deliverance from the wrath to come. And that word has nothing to do with hell that has everything to do with God's wrath on earth. It just never ends. And if somebody would read the Bible, just pick it up read it. They would come away with the blessed hope pain.

This is going to happen that's not good but glory be to God that there's going to be a generation that will hear a trumpet blast that will be changed without death in a moment there but to be transformed to be caught up. By the way to meet others who previously had died and there to meet the Lord in the air. Dear friends that's in the Bible.

If you say there's no rapture, then I don't know what Bible you're reading because it's overwhelmingly clear now.

I look for his rapture to come today, but I'm preparing to die of old age for Jesus that's called occupy till he coming that's called being busy about her father's business. Every generation of believers. Since the apostles believed that Christ could come for the church in their time.

That's by design as we speak.

Were talking about how things are being reshaped course in Washington but didn't know at the same time, Jack, that's creating some biblical scenarios you talk about it. I talked about it for instance, nations such as Iran here being emboldened which is setting the stage for Gog and Magog.

Other things are happening that rifle talks about will happen.

We been waiting for them to happen. We grieve over some of the things going on in our nation's capital, but it is setting the state. I opened the program with the clip of you talking about how everything is setting the stage, can we encourage the audience to put on glasses so that they can better watch this play that's acting out in front of us day by day, hour by hour. I think that's a good word in which to close. I think that's a great way of putting it in the moment you mentioned glasses for reading, so we could see more clearly of the stage been set absolutely. And how about this when you put on your glasses to see about the stage means that you might need some protective glasses because we are able to do it. We're starting to see epic things transpire before us that speak of the age that will usher in the antichrist of the tribulation. If we are seeing precursors Jan to those things such as lowering some of the cash to society if we are starting to see Amazon's creation of Zoe that say the sensors reading your hand and deduct money from your account. If we see that today, then how much closer the coming of the Lord.

This is a thrilling time to be alive. I'm so glad I live right now. Jan I wouldn't change a moment of it.

Because these are Bible times the encouragement is this.

Every Christian I know of who knows the Lord is thrilled about today and everyone who is not right with God may be backslidden. There little anxious in the unbelievers, oblivious straight so it's fascinating moment right now, so I want all of us as believers to examine ourselves and make sure that we are on the right course and network trust in what God's word says and God's word says Jesus died for your sins. He rose again from the dead exactly of the prophets said he would and he did.

And if you put your faith in him who saves sinners like Janet like Jack. Then guess what your name will be written down in the book of life. He will transform you and you will experience a completely new world, and it starts inside your head and your heart.

Christianity is not what you do from the outside in. That's what the Holy Spirit does from the inside out in your life.

Just let a man watch what he does to you. You can catch the necessary camps coast-to-coast on radio. You can catch them online. Of course, many are keeping up-to-date with him in those two places. Be sure to catch his real life with Jackie absent happening now that does once or twice a month. Often teams up with our good friend Amir's are fighting learn more at Jack him' learn more about cover Chapel Chino Hills, CC, C. CCC Jack, I want to thank you for joining me for the hour we covered a multitude of topics, some of them uplifting and some of them horrifically in the natural, discouraging and depressing, but with an eternal perspective, everything gets turned around in the right direction and I appreciate the fact that you do that and I appreciate how you close hear our conversation, I want to go out of the program just with a sentence or two. There's so much I could say but I think we cover a multitude of topics, and I think we've tried in on a positive note, and in trouble tumultuous times, we can say with the Psalmist. I trust in you, oh Lord, our times are in your hands.

We can have hope in perfect government for the government shall soon be upon his shoulders. We have a glorious future. It is out of this world and why, thank you for listening folks talk to you again next week. She is, you can't be by a radio for understanding the times radio number. All programming is posted to our website both its A/V format. All tree go to our radio category we will confront all tree that's almost 3 call a simple time at 763559444 763-559-4444 Jim Markel. All three ministries Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. God says so do not fear crime with you.

This may rhyme your God will strengthen you and help uphold you with my righteous right know everything is falling

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