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The Approaching Darkness

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 30, 2021 7:00 am

The Approaching Darkness

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 30, 2021 7:00 am

Jan Markell, Pastor Tom Hughes, and Pastor Mark Henry, discuss the coming persecution of Christians in America as the Left calls for a purge. They also discuss Hughes’ chapter in the Lawless book about the caving of the evangelical church and its embrace of all things that are unsound. Find the book in our online store.

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Is a great darkness about to sweep the land what we obviously draw from this is that it will become about crime a capital crime to be a Christian. Welcome to 70 times radio with Joe Martel.

Radio for the remnant what you why all three ministries. We talked to pastor Tom Hughes and Mark Henry warned that soon will be a crime to be a Christian Muslim church had underground soon here is today's program what we just lay draw from this is that it will become crime a capital crime to be a Christian and it will become a crime were to hold Christian values and godless society and religious freedoms will be removed as it relates to Christianity market down. There is no other implication to draw from this to be a Christian and Stanford Christian values in the last day will be a punishable finance boards that will lead even to death and then we not see before our very changing of the culture and the changing of the society before our very eyes, and I'm so glad you could join me today for understanding the times radio that was pastor Stephen Lawson talk about that, at least for part of the next hour. I have two guests with me and before I bring them on.

I just looking at some headlines I have seen recently limit just read a few of them. One says, as big tax silences trump will Christians be next. Another headline a Democrat document surfaces demanding Biden camp clamp down on conservative Christians, remove them from public office, and reeducate trump voters.

Another headline I have several here, this is Todd Starnes, the conservative purge won't stop with big tech a great darkness sweeps across the world and particularly right now America. Another story here about baseball great Curt Schilling says AIG cancel his insurance over his conservative beliefs. Another headline without freedom of speech what's going to happen to America another one Silicon Valley escalates its reign of terror against patriotic and Christian Americans. Joseph Sarah writes over on WorldNetDaily. He says the left is moving at warp speed to bring a scorched earth to conservatives and Christians. He goes on to say, the left is moving at warp speed in their destructiveness.

They forgotten all about the deaths of covert victims in the battle to bring scorched earth to conservatives and Christians Tucker Carlson recently warned that the Capitol Hill protests will be used to strip Americans of their rights.

Another headline I just saw. Actually this morning. Big tech sensors are coming next.

For pro-lifers frankly I saw lot more headlines than that. There are those of the ones that I thought I'd refer to that set the stage for this hour of discussion I have in studio with me and we'll talk about it in a three way discussion Pastor Mark Henry and you've hurt him on this program before, and he is pastor of a church here in northwest suburbs of Minneapolis to revive church? Henry welcome back to the studio. Jim could be with you Victor, heavenly, and all the way from sunny but chilly California where I'd like to be right now is pastor Tom Hughes 412 church in San Jacinto part of the Calvary Chapel stream pastor Tom he was welcome back to the program that you did a quick overview Mark Henry you sent me a couple of emails here in recent days I'm playing off them. Quite frankly, you said to me in one of these emails we are being set up for a crystal night in Sherman as Kristallnacht part of the Holocaust. We are being set up for a Kristallnacht situation here in America against Christians. I've been saying it's coming for months and then you conclude we must learn from the persecuted church and from the Jews who have suffered. Are you ready to be an underground church. We need to explain what Kristallnacht was back in 1938. You want to do that fine job. Anti-Semitism was increasing in Germany but also in 1933.

For example, there would be a German storm troopers outside of Jewish households workshops and I saw picture windows resolicit Germans attention. This shop is owned by Jews. Jews damage the German economy and pay their German employee starvation wages. The main owner of the shop is Nathan Schmidt what's his name is a list any other of the signs and that was in 1933. While this continues to build in turn increase November 9 and 10th of 1938.

The plan unfolded.

There was a diplomat who was killed he blamed it on a young Jewish man they said this is our opportunity and they told the police the standdown back off. Quite honestly, the Hitler youth were unleashed effect actually wrote a article just the other day by one of those youth and they said we were brought in the were told to wear civilian clothes and to go to different shops. They target those shop 7000 businesses were destroyed 30,000 Jews were arrested 91+ Jews were killed. And after that, that's when we see the trends of the Jews wearing the yellow star. The application you're making is obvious that this could becoming true Christians in the coming months, years, we have a new administration and not friendly to Christianity is that your application what I was trying to save the summer as we were watching riots and so forth. In the police are told to stand down and watch and then there was a shift in Germany they were told to stand out and watch. Then the government was weapon eyes against the Jews.

These 30,000 Jews end up being carried off in them before it's all done millions of Jews end up dying in concentration camps. History repeats itself. We can look back in history we can learn what people have done and anticipate what people are going to do a mercy in this pattern. I think from the summer to now and as we look into the days ahead were to see this weapon rising of different elements of government against those who believe in Jesus who believe in biblical morality Tom Hughes here in California you've got some real issues out there and I mean as a concerns government clamp down on people on the right and Christians. How are you coping personally have to refocus if I filter we hope they focus on benefit if the first boat right if everything else boat after you were told what Joshua was still to the left or turn to the right folder structure of a bullfight will be audio that we both be focal thought right by hope of throwing up with penalty for the heart of Silicon Valley Calvary Chapel pastoral fear you have over one half week, though by the church closely felt fine to personally write native Jill type whatever it takes to bring hippo that benefited you every other church in California.

I firmly convinced California, New York, or give you the bottle through the director of the work before he felt roof basically wholeheartedly agree with Mark. What if the thought of the path repeating the fill we can see with the look of things that are alarming and what I also picked up a Jew or to buy of baby gossip about Bob you think it would help with the Jupiter Betty warning. Yes list with flip without first years to finally put clamp built dictate. We been hearing before it began before left but we want to, but what troubles were we could start.

We go back to Publix right after it's been happening at Dell we read the article in the Bible to the corrective joint of the narrative coming from the other side bet that we what the Bible told the volute wasn't the I want to go to something that lists release. I'm not quite sure when it's a 28 page document and it's a group backed by congressional Democrats touting quote a secular America and they call themselves secular Democrats of America. It's been presented to the Biden administration advising them to strip First Amendment rights from Christians who advocate traditional biblical positions on the sanctity of life, marriage, education, family, etc. just a couple of more words here about the organization. The document was presented by representatives Raskin Hoffman California Tom and McNerney, California states that an incoming Biden administration must quote educate the American public, particularly those identified as the quote religious right on the need to keep their religious dogma to themselves.

The document calls for a purge of social conservatives from all levels of government, labeling them here we go again white nationalists and conspiracy theorists and the document states the constant entanglement of religion and government promoted by the religious right and intensified by the Trump administration sweeps far beyond hot button culture war issues like abortion, etc. it permeates every aspect of government policy, healthcare, public and private education, foreign policy, etc. labeling traditional Christian views. Again, this endless term white supremacist about a comment here from Trevor Lowden my audience knows Trevor.

He's a filmmaker specializing in the communist revolutionary movements throughout history.

Lowden described document in an interview stating that an advisory to what they hope is going to be president Biden and VP Harris is basically is to clamp down on religious liberty in this country. Let's play short clip that's gonna go into detail briefly and come back and talk about what Americans celebrate Pres. Trump as the most significant champion for religious freedom in a lifetime's actions may Christians feel secure and now secularist humanists and others feel empowered to unravel Trump error protections. It all goes back to May 2017 executive order by Pres. Trump that day in the rose garden. The president used his pen to ensure Christians and other people of faith required to check their beliefs when entering the halls of government and prevented the federal government from going after pastors speak about political issues from a moral perspective, we will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced anymore now that order tops a long list of Trump administration actions that secular Democrats of America want President-elect Biden to a race represented by the congressional free thought caucus. The group paints Christians as extremists and urges the incoming administration to marginalize people of faith, relegating them to the back pew of the public square. Part of their to do list, ensure humanists and nontheists. Chaplains serve in each branch of the military refrain from using the national motto in God we trust and reframe patriotism by avoiding phrases like God and country. In order for them to advance this new Democratic party agenda which is leftist which is Marxist at its core, they have to eliminate a vibrant Christian Orthodox faith in America stands in their way. Secular Democrats will also push the incoming administration to amend the religious freedom restoration act beginning with the do no harm act introduced by then. Sen., like Harris last year got religious freedom restoration it would make it inapplicable to you cases that involve sexual orientation and gender identity as a person. These attempts to marginalize believers, as the media and even elected officials increasingly push the narrative that people of faith are unfit.

Personally received errors are increasingly treating religious belief with great suspicion and hostility demonstrated gal says in the confirmation hearings of Justice Amy County Barrett as some senators treated her Catholic faith is a disqualifying characteristic that dogma lives loudly within you and that's of concern because religious liberty is the fundamental 101 rule in American life. We don't have religious tests. This committee isn't in the business of deciding whether the dogma lives to loudly within somewhat. Nothing could be more dangerous for the future of America than to separate America from a vibrant God-fearing faith of its people that will ensure the tranquility and peace and justice that America so desperately needs and Perkins suggest conservatives take a page from the other side's playbook. That means using every legal option available to make efforts to roll back religious freedoms as slow and painful as possible.

Your listing to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here have in studio. Pastor Mark Henry. He is the pastor of revived church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, formerly Brooklyn Park Evangelical free Church, only the name is changed in from California. Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church in San Jacinto, California very near Los Angeles area Mark Henry you've read the 28 pages that we just played that clip from its frightening what's contained in this document. What's even more frightening is the Biden administration's gonna love the effort here to install the secular Democrats of America to anoint them and to implement this 28 pages. Absolutely I just read it this morning. I was taken back as to the intentionality and very specific weapon icing of different apartments of the government to ensure that Christians are suppressed with the worldview that we have trained that there is a God he is holy, that he created all things that were accountable to him with a really is a heaven and hell. There is an end of all this, and it's very intentional department of justice is weapon iced and it home security is weapon iced and it education department weapon, Isaac very intentional and I think they're gonna totally embrace all 28. How do you think they'll implement it clearly to clamp down but how do you see that manifesting. We gotta spell it out here because were spring in this on some folks have never heard of it.

The clip they've just heard for the first time. This is a whole new concept, we have secular Democrats of America. They've written this 28 pages given it to Biden administration's gonna be implemented.

Are we going into hiding the subways going on for number one. President Biden will appoint individuals who believe this doctrine, the Christian should be silenced, oppressed, put on the back shelf that Christianity in that your beliefs, your conscience before God has no special place. In fact, it even talks about going after churches and churches having the special place for him to remove that the news that sort of language and then the implementation of laws, but also the removal of certain laws in effect at the end of the document. There's a long list and that list out different things that have been put into place in law United States and then it says this one needs to be removed. This one needs to be attacked in this way and they actually have it all broken a very logical very intentional and it is systematic removing Christian faith Christian voice Christian worldview in our society while Tom Hughes UA into this please. Alarming prematurely, but many people never heard before we proclaim the Bible prophecy for a while that's right for you. America is a good laugh the end of the tribulation. If you've a great superpower, a goy to become proficient with both US market. People of what their teachers have what good would be the end of America is going to be a war with China is what you would be the rapture to be economic collapse. I believe we are with me, but I will trouble I believe we entered judgment believe that we've been turned over. I look at our five-year-old chapter 1 got told I will give them over to a depraved mind that part of God's judgment. We've been given over you look at what is going on at America. Judgment begins with the help of God. If I look at what's happening every branch beam weapon by the orc with but I believe it start with Orwell Bill Christian from the wealthier people. Supporters of Christian value for the public by believe the start going after the I don't know with Christians are going to have to go diving. I hope that the rapture comes first. But we really need to be prepared because they're telling the ethically what they're going to do if a party label you if you are genuine believer in the Bible. Both you write a follow-up to the category of white supreme of the white bed. If your black ticket would be a focal tall they don't battery what sort of review could be well prepared for what you can learn more that Pastor Tom Hughes and his website hope for our hope for to reach Pastor Mark Henry at his website, revived Brooklyn revived Brooklyn How does the average listener handle the information we've just presented in 20 minutes.

20 rather to some people, terrifying minutes is hard to process its dark we've had an overdose of dark for nearly a year. Starting last March when I returned from ministering in Southern California in the January life was rather normal. Two or three days later he became very abnormal and a month and 1/2 later it went into overdrive, abnormal, and it's been dark since I would say March 2020. The average listener is struggling big time with some of the things which is share by me. We've got to be salt, light, delayed the decay occupy till he comes all of that, they know that steely that a process what were saying as a pastor. We pray for listeners.

All the listeners right now what you know Jan loves you. She's concerned about your soul were worried about you because many people are saying to us to and you get this all the time I get every day I'm losing my mind. I can process this and so if you can hear my voice. I want to encourage you go back to the book of Habakkuk because Habakkuk lived in days where there was internal corruption in the nation and external crisis on the outside he's processing the craziness of his day in Habakkuk chapter 3 cries out to God.

He says God what you gonna do the world coming apart. There's injustice. There's wickedness. It abounds everything is perverted and God responds in chapter 1 verse five and he says you won't believe what I'm going to do just stand and watch and then he tells them that you raise up the Babylonian circuit to come in and his judgment will be against the nation of Judah is like he couldn't believe what he was shocked.

He was shocked and the question is what is he do chapter 2 is has he goes up to be in the tower. He's gonna watch it go see what God has in that he purposes in his heart. In chapter 3 verse 16. You need to read it into underlying this verse.

He says though there won't be any food victories won't blossom and that there won't be any cattle. He says these words in verse 18 yet I will exalt the Lord. I will rejoice in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength, he has made my feet strong.

That whole process. Jan is what all of us are going through, and God record Habakkuk by the power of the Holy Spirit so that we could have afforded it just as safe or at home. Order baseline stream radio Florida church service has ignited outrage at pastor rest. It has parishioners sit in their vehicles listening to Pastor Charles Hamilton Greenville police around the church parking lot several Pastor Tony spell has been charged by central for violating the governor stable order Baltimore's interrupted service yesterday by police.

The pastor says break any laws. The police say they aren't following the governor's order to keep gatherings to their goal is to put on us such onerous requirements that are impossible for us to meet police posted this notice of public nuisance on the front doors of the church. Church choirs silenced singing has been banned all short services you get a very clear that his church were in danger danger that I first walked state and federal investing is called to investigate why they believe was intentionally set. I am told there was a message left said that you stayed home now hypocrites.

America, this is a serious moment is just these few days for $2000 government must actually play that clip couple months ago you could hear the passion in those pastor's voices, Tom Hughes. A Gallup poll says that one third of American churchgoers will never return to church because we are seeing churches being reshaped and that's because of this whole coven pandemic plan to make whatever you want to call it. And I think there's some truth to that pool that 1/3 of American churches are not going to be what they used to be. What are your thoughts on that and that's kind of not the fault of any pastor listening today it's the tide of our times with the pandemic. I picked up all correct to point I have a feeling it might actually be a larger number that broke, talking to people I do bubbly church at America will ever be way the week before we went through the final walked out here in California back to March right after you left. You drop that the 250 people per gathering. One of my people of worship to have a look at. They fit what he predicted would be like in the future I fit turtle better people of faith, but that week we were required to propped up the people have got got a better perspective going with the q. week walked out with a problem for yes with me all the clip I could not help but think with Daniel was told 30 days. If you can't preview God or you'll be thrown into the lion with Daniel to be one of their.

What was right before the Lord.

He didn't do it out of the process for the peak of beautiful beauty of the God be praised God. If you pray for God. He opened the window of the old fit with what the Bible open it. I know some of you think are so disturbing to hear but I wholeheartedly agree with pastor Mark keeping our eye fixed by Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. He is our hope. I had a talk with my phone the other day. It felt a benefit with reading everything but think that you have marked out the reply. Here you gotta keep your eye fixed on Christ.

What would you look like a ball of the foot we going to Christian persecution. It is due for it.

We learn the left with the Chinese Christians who are doing it the wrong with her doing it because other country in the history of the world. Persecution of Christian praise the Lord that you gather together his work do what you're supposed to do because you know what quote we are ever going to get that will were going to have first go through what you will there ever to get to heaven if they're trying to break up. There have Dr. work we go with the endgame of defiance that are happening their frightening but Jesus tells us what the 5.2 youth company. We've got to keep her focus on the turn of the end of the war chief of that we will live forever and ever and ever. Thank you for that Tom Hughes catch Spencer Tom Hughes prophecy updates that he presents weekly on YouTube or you can find it hope and Tom, I suspect you may be being a bit marginalized online like the other ministries are right now. Can they find those same videos and hope for a write had one recently that work that yes they all have football rumple Bell were trying to fight under platform with rumble weight right on the front page of my website because we are to be part of a life I like the rep but if two people laughed at by people that can assure market. For you to give it up or for people who use to it that the church are bothered by what I people who never attend church and lies that show the church. The article that you quoted the Gallup poll the church won't be the favorite through the people return with the chief of both, that will I find faith and we also know effective Timothy chapter 3 the left, the peerless client will call it that we have the characteristic of one of the characteristics people claim to the workbook, a form of godliness but that by the power thereof that I put truth of God's word, they will route the real followers of Bible believing people, we feel it going that way and I believe the church to set up the fifth of decade fell churches to put up old and they've surveyed Babe Ruth what you want to hear the pastor start teaching with the people want to hear God's word effective for chapter 4. If the left, they will be raping the teachers to hear. We live in that environment. A lot of it. If there's not many people who genuinely believe in the Lord you strike the believe the Bible have numbers have shown over the past decade.

I think America that the path of Darrell believe the life, the path brought that we've structured what would make us think that in our generation of America don't work don't apply to they do.

They played every generation, Christ came at their plight without why we get attacked for people church quite through with this topic that we are in a morph into another one going to take my midpoint break for you and talk about pastor Tom Hughes chapter in the new Terry James book lawless in times of war against the spirit of antichrist will do that in part two of the programming that I'm not quite through with this topic that were run for head at the moment I want to make another couple of comments that I need some feedback from Mark Henry here has well talk about persecution from the work I get emails from people who have been ostracized by their loved ones, family members have turned on them for various reasons. Heavily their politics is a Civil War mentality that is entered families right now, which is making the discussion we're having now, even for complicated will talk about that in just a couple minutes I'll be back don't go away. We love friendly feedback is through our website. Follow three olive tree central time at 763-5544 44 763-559-4444 male when you write to John Martel and follow through the mysteries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311 gifts are tax-deductible in this age of uncertainty false teaching and fake news. We are so thankful you trust understanding of time are you taking advantage of all of the platforms of olive tree ministries provides. We are in unprecedented times. The Bible says in verse Chronicles 12 God was pleased with the sons of his car understood times are you keeping up with the significant breaking stories today different check our daily headlines posted on our website. Olive tree olive tree post other articles in various categories as well. What about the growing apostasy of the church. Check out our spiritual deception category articles have an online store with dozens of relevant books and DVDs take advantage of these products will help you grasp of current events and apologetics. Radio programs are all posted to our website audio and video and we offer a print newsletter sign up at our website under resources. Olive tree views.March through this new year together as we await his return. How on earth could you give the world population say yes I will worship you and I will build a fire filled with bark. Go to the back of a ship. We moved so close to 20, 21, just because of that patient.

If all people. I will worship we know you lead busy lives and can always be via radio. Remember that all programming in both its audio and video format is posted to our website. Follow three olive tree video format is also posted to our YouTube channel and also his channel Christian television. We are pleased to partner with other ministries and churches in these last days, including today's guest, there is the conclusion to today's program our nation as a spiritual problem. We make God's forgiveness.

We knew to repent of our sins and turn from our sins, because I do believe that God's judgment will come on the stage when we read in the Scripture we see how God judged Israel time and time again when they would turn their back on him and begin to worship other gods foreign gods of God will bring judgment on Israel that I believe God could bring judgment on American fragrant real quick.

One of your friends, Jack Graham Preston Wood Baptist Church and many other religious leaders are saying the same thing they're saying that Christians should be prepared for civil disobedience. I want to get your thoughts on well first of all I think we have to wait and see what the ruling is and how it's going to be interpreted. If pastors are going to be forced to provide marriage services for gay couples conduit because I will be partaking in a sin against God. Welcome back. That's been our discussion for about 1/2 an hour here and that's the coming persecution how that is going to get.

I'm not sure we know we haven't even talked about the ongoing censorship Tony Perkins writes most Americans thought they understood censorship. They watched it evolve and expand the last decade scooping up more people in its nets in the name of tolerance, diversity, nonviolence, what happened recently was not an Tweet block here or an account suspended their know this was much more ominous.

But Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. did by locking out presidents from wasn't just a heavy-handed punishment of Donald Trump and his supporters.

It was a scorched earth campaign against tens of millions of people who dare to think differently than they do, and the open forums that give our movement of voice goes on to talk about these kinds related things that shutting down of parlor in the meantime the message to conservatives is clear. Big tech isn't just coming for Trump they're coming for all of us Christians and conservatives and corporate America isn't that far behind corporate America is going to join right and I gave a tease Mark Henry going out of segment one we get that persecution going on here by way of censorship by way of persecution and I reference the fact that some individuals listening right now they're hurting so much from censorship over persecution in the church luck. They've been ostracized by a family member for the way they voted for being a conservative for being a Christian for not supporting Joe Biden for being a supporter of Pres. Trump. They've been virtually excommunicated from their family, if not literally, at least psychologically, they been tossed aside and this is a Civil War mentality that's entered families.

It has Janet every week, and I can both test this every single week I'm bombarded with people. My daughter won't talk to me she will see my grandkids anymore, just a Sunday, a mom came in crimes is that my son stopped out of the house. He says never talked us to get know this is really important. Jesus is a divided house cannot stand. We are in trouble.

As a country, but how did we get here well God says certain things about morality and ethics. In fact, we know in the Bible that God destroys nations when they do not value life when they do not value family. When sexual perversions take place when idolatry takes place when violence and wickedness increases. We see all of that through the Bible. There's only two kingdoms, God's kingdom of Satan's kingdom. And now the clash is very evident in the United States America and Jesus says in Matthew chapter 10 do not think I came to bring peace on earth that income to bring peace but a sword goes just describe those can be tension in families.

That's why so important in Mark chapter 3 of you have read recently. Go back and read Jesus families coming to take him back to Nazareth because he believes lost his mind and he asked this question who was my mother, my brother, my sister is he who does the will of God friends. Q does the will of God who follows the Lord Jesus Christ who embraces biblical morale who embraces the Bible the Judeo-Christian worldview that your brothers and sisters and your mother's and your father's thank you Mark your right I hear from people about this almost every day there broken hearted. All they did was vote for Donald Trump and suddenly they are made out to be monsters in the use of time. I need to morph just a little bit will see how the clock plays out here I'm holding the new Terry James book entitled lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist because one of my guests Pastor Tom Hughes has a chapter in here were staying in the genre of churches and church activity and things that go wrong in the church.

Evangelicals embrace inclusiveness want to read two paragraphs. I'd love to read the chapter but I obviously can't really read two paragraphs.

He says on page 334 a look at today's church seems to be a carefully staged reflection of the world system so often warned against in Scripture. First John 215 says do not love the world or the things in the world.

But when the world Lang stairs at a typical evangelical church. She sees the world and she sees herself.

This happened by design.

It was supposed to make her feel more comfortable and more welcome but doesn't have that affect the church. The whole institution set aside by God is sacred in the midst of a wicked fallen world has been camouflaged. Now it looks like every other human institution. It has the same outlook the same goals and accepts the same doctrines.

It's another club it's another social network. It's an NGO nongovernmental organization a place to party a league of voters. It's a place for personal virtual signaling a place to fight for social justice and where can you get help with issues of self-esteem. Okay Tom Hughes explain the title of your chapter and then what is the progression that brought the church to where it is today. How did we let this happen to have a great question. If I can after the title for evangelical pray babe at the chapter that I wrote.

I looked at where we are the church of America today because that predominantly the focus that I have it at Bethel. We thought we rated the pursuit of people leaving to God with wanting to hear the actually put the people what's going to leave the prophet couple Mature to no longer effective.

We go back a bit like you could be go back before that but with the church got away from proclaiming the truth of the Bible with goblet kicked out of school with the church then fanned up with abortion came you start going right off the roof of the bike where we are today where we are today. This foundation was laid along time ago, but the church compromise. I wholeheartedly believe that if the church's general never got away from proclaiming the truth of God's work, we would not be in the provision that we are today and I fault the church is that don't teach the word yes or have it come because of pastors have wanted to leave people look at the book about they live for Christ. Their life without fear to that you look at the book of Revelation with the barbers and the they did not love their life.

The you look at the thing.

If we live in a world that about pursuing Christ the same way within the church. So we have very lukewarm church book of Revelation right lukewarm church that evoked barbecue out of my belt, Christian personal life and also as the church itself to fall into one of two categories, either we are going to be conformed to the pattern of culture or we are going to conform the culture in this case we pick conform body the culture the church is better for you for having a really hard in the world that we live at Bell you write about the growth of the mega church and some of the destructiveness and some of the mega church pastors and by the way you're not suggesting Nora my that just because you have a mega church in a large church can be unsound, but nonetheless and you happen to say it bluntly, here pick on. I think appropriately sell Andy Stanley that he's made some astonishing statements suggesting again. Pastors should unhitch from the Old Testament.

He states that he just wants Christianity to be more palatable in today's world, Mark Henry, what is wrong with this but I've read Tom's chapter by the way thanks Tom for the book. Thanks for the chapter. A blessed my heart graphically right on purpose. It is our ambition to please the Lord, whether we are at home in heaven or here on the earth that whole thing with Andy Stanley and of mentioning know about unhitching from the Old Testament. I read that Tom and your statements in there.

I immediately start thinking book of acts.

Every single sermon in the book of acts is filled with Old Testament quotes. That means you throw away the book of acts starting Romanized our thinking through each of the chapters chapter 1 verse 17 the just shall live by faith from Habakkuk chapter 2, it talks about how the Gentile nations blaspheme God and again from the book of Ezekiel, then you get to chapter 3 is are going through each of the chapters. Then I started thinking I wonder how many Old Testament quotes are in the New Testament.

It's 855, 96, in the book of Matthew 34 in the gospel of Mark 58 in the Gospel of Luke. The Bible is intertwined in silver to disconnect.

You don't even have a New Testament by time to come out if you just join me or listen to understanding the times a radio I have in studio. Pastor Mark Henry. He is the pastor of revived church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, formerly Brooklyn Park evangelical free church, only the name has changed online for Southern California. Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church in San Jacinto, California.

I'm the ones highlighted some of the other names who are kind in the same category and that would be some of that mount, Rick Warren is going down this path. I think Bill Hibel's before he fell from grace. This whole seeker sensitive movement for that matter. The national Association of Evangelicals now encourages members to embrace political leftism. I think Tom this is kind of an across-the-board situation that's hit our churches probably in the last 30 years or so, but look for in Laodicea. What should we expect that you look back or can actually write better that I can't because with all but the very few liquid part of the left several decade. If no surprise that we are where we are because of the seminary for teaching people how to grow your church right how to get people want to get closer to God. If how to get more people in your church. Luke chapter 14 "I have of the book where to talk about counting the cost church of grown to the point of counting the cost. How much money can I make do I have to give the God will make a copy. How can I find happiness of my marriage. If we call the pickoff you talking about you tell me the cough to be a genuine follower of where you might be persecuted surrender to you.

Look at where we are and if no surprise, the church of Leo the fee achieved with I will vomit you out of my belt gift you for your rich you have need of nothing actually erected your miserable, your poor, they could church of America has been the thinking that they are following God with. They are I do like to focus very general terms, but every church of America after mark the path but we could see the writing above the wall. I'll tell you that it would help. I believe the family we are not battling to flesh and blood, but against the totality of our spiritual battle. I believe that the know that you have to eliminate the problem of the she underwent follower of Christ in order for him to benefit by looking in order for him to have his genuine assault you to the left over Israel.

I believe that's what going on here in America you've been able to politically goofy American churchgoers through the pursuit of money at happy to do that without putting God first marked and likely huge preventative churchgoers about dealing with those who are left work genuine follower of Christ.

I believe you want to eliminate them. We can set up the final kingdom. I believe that actually what is going on. It is the spiritual battle. We carried this book titled lawless the end times war against the spirit of antichrist. You can send it in my online store and olive trees used during olive trees use downward you can to my office a call get one out to you very quickly and consider various newsletters, print newsletter.

The newsletter, you'll find the new Terry James book lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist.

I'm drawing on the chapter contributed by time he is by the way, I have a chapter in the book as well but his is titled Evangelicals embrace inclusiveness and we've been talking church issues here for the hour and in that through talking about some of the church issues. Obviously we could take hours to talk about them.

We talked about emails and some of the sentiment coming into us.

That way, and the letters as well. Just meeting folks on the street that I know Mark Henry.

I think the most frequent topic on their mind number one question is where can I find a good church.

A lot of people have given up on church lot of people are thinking about a home church, we reference that earlier. The church is filled with conflict. Obviously, it's filled with imperfect people.

Churches tend to resort to new ways of doing church that upset some people music upset some people.

What kind of work do you have for those who are writing you in the where can I find a good church and I was told people is this. We have a imperfect church and we are an imperfect church family.

We have a perfect Savior and love him when I think is happening Jan in this whole reshuffling of the deck of what's happening in the church and the people that are leaving the church warily leaving because they really were not of us and those that are staying in their finding persecution in their homes and with their families and everything is gonna be a bonding and affection for Christians.

We see it as Christians suffer in Iran we see it as he suffered in Cuba. We see it in China and I think that's going to end up happening less will encourage you right now my friends was somewhere looking for the rapture were looking for Jesus to come. Be mindful to be missing judgment is coming right after that it wouldn't give an account for everything got done and that includes how we love brothers and sisters, and if you're married, you know, living with someone's difficult if you got children, you know that's difficult if you got siblings you know that's difficult if you got parents, you know that's difficult. It's difficult having a church family. I want to encourage you find a church that preaches the Bible holds a high view of Jesus people that are genuinely seeking work all their hearts. When my not everything to be perfect, but in the last days.

Do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the habit of some, but all the more as you see what the day approaching time.

He is staying in the same genre here of thought and conversation.

What do you see for the church in 2021. Now that's kind of a loaded question because we have a new administration only been in office now about a week. We can use our imagination. We have a fertile imagination and we've already talked persecution is coming. Let's get just real specific for a manager to Tom. Obviously you've written about the church in this book what you see around the bend here for 2021 or bet that's okay. Just think your heart okay baby I probably talk with Mark off the record, I perceive it from the California perspectives. Apart from California. I don't really have the perspective of Church of the other state.

From my perspective by the baby with book by board member of the Sunday after we had a church and we all agree that we need to be prepared and we need to really become a lot more intentional about how church here in California that the approach we are taking it.

I will leave this also to a park that pretty please look me up in an area where there are no church unrealistic. The closest church of 200 miles away. The open I get the female people. It could be a long drive.

Do everything you can to find one or two other people because therefore there's two or more together to find a wife there with the God took something specially problem something special if you just beat with one or two other people watching what's happening very effective at dividing the church. I read an article just recently benefit the COBIT generation with people's pain at all thought if you stay home and read your Bible, if it actually Bible reading about churchgoers at all.

It really that alarming numbers the those doing were preparing our church to really focus. I believe that here in California there's a very good chance that the pressure both great that we're going to be deviated health by the end of 2021 really I believe pop I totally agree Tom and are elusive. Had those discussions as well, and in 1984 a or J.

Vernon McGee during our just getting Mary restart our ministry and he was preaching her home church, he said, look, the church began at homes in acts chapter 2 and is preaching on that passage, he says, can end in America in homes and I would suggest you that is the very likely conclusion. Tom your absolute right Jerry, I will move to an obscure town in the middle Colorado had to drive 164 miles one direction to find a good church. He had to drive 45 miles the other direction. There was a couple there, they started meeting with a couple other couples in their home. They prayed for seven years. That God would continue to give them grace and wisdom in the God would start a church there, Jerry. I went there the church of 300 that started multiple daughter churches listen, if you're an obscure place get was someone pray with them just like they do in Cuba just like they do in Russia just like they do in China. God is gonna build his church.

He said the gates of hell will not prevail, the church will prevail friends keep holding on to Jesus.

Hold on his promise hold on his presence where carrying the book flawlessly in times war against the spirit of antichrist. Pastor Tom he was referring to his chapter on evangelicals embrace inclusiveness. I have a chapter on the New World order. There are 17 contributors to this book. James is the editor but there are 17 contributors and many of you will recognize Wilford Hahn, Larry Sverige, amino Tom Hughes, Nathan Jones, Todd Strindberg, my goodness, Dave Reagan, like gender and number of others that are contributing to the book lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist. Quite frankly, this book was titled something else that would've been like back in January and then came May 2020 and Ground Zero was Minneapolis where Mark Henry and I had quarter Minneapolis not only exploded 5 miles to Minneapolis no longer exists because the spirit of antichrist was, I believe unleashed well locally first anyway spread all across the country that all across the world, but it happened because of the George Floyd incident May 25, 2020.

Let me ask you gentlemen a couple of closing questions here and again you can reach

You can reach Mark Henry revived Brooklyn Park.Oregon. You also have an app Mark Henry in its revived Twin Cities. Is that correct correct you utterances okay so revived Twin Cities applicant revived Brooklyn Mark a real start with you now that were well into 2021, and I already asked you what you see in store for the church in 2021. What do you see in the world of eschatology. Maybe the top one or two or three. However, many come to your mind Stories that were going to be reading about as a concerns eschatology or Bible prophecy in 2021.

As I looked down the road.

One of the things that is coming is inflation and the devaluing of the dollar. All three of us here have been talking about how the global currency has to come. There has to be a global economy.

Three. The word nationalism is actually one of the taboo words right now they're saying that's a hate crime. Say you're a nationalist you believe it should be a national entity wife you remove that all yes globalism the spirit of globalism.

This control of finances of buying, selling, and the persecution of the church.

We know in the last days that Satan is going to be attacking the church the rapture to take place and then he's going to be trying to eradicate the Jewish people. These are the things that stick out in my mind as I can look down to the rest of the year is your thoughts please take your time because we have several minutes left should have quested out just really frustrated with the phone call to give a vivid different. The other day but ended up at about a 15 minute break and I am writing.

They'll think of my head going left the road got a B for past due on by the last day that I had to stop at get on to something else at all at that new growth looked at everything to one of them, all of them. I don't have Artie gone and they're only going to increase. But we've heard of the great reef that is the world economic forum. It is coming and it encompasses everything that yes trademark to fit the cup of finances were to be here a lot more talk about going digital. All current if coming to your chapter 1 law look good for About New World order. Globalism that is going to be a major pain all the way up to 2021 I believe that were all here a lot more about climate change log when I read about climate change log. The agenda for the US look of pickle head appear climate accord the world economic forum that you get to the UN. They all go hand-in-hand with the claimant log you see that her death very to implement the plan that require people only with the neighborhood. You can't do that. The claimant log. If the area prep for profit. The coronavirus rule. I believe we can be here a lot more talk about vaccination.

I very disturbed by the back talk myself out of the front that are with different opinions about bothered by it and I think it's all going direct. I believe that the enemy of our soul. If plan if you look back at the November 2019. How on earth could you get the world population of the majority of them to say yes I will worship you receive the part of the I understand I will bill the buyer fell.

If I beat your part. You go to the vaccination. Jim we moved so close to 2020 that were to be closer 2021. Just because the vaccination it's a small step to get people to failing. I will worship be it all receive part because people 2020 of 2021 are not about social fees are both social conditions listening to have a lot more the social conditioning that can think of it, the weight I don't have anything but the part or the three well, a lot of them they'll go together and understanding the times really spent two full weeks on the great reset. This would've been three and four weeks ago with Brandon Hotel send Pastor Billy Kerr only looked at it played lots of clips and tried to educate the audience on what's coming now.

I believe the great reset for the Christian is the rapture so DeLisi the world economic forum great reset. I guess we could see some sage setting and Lincoln even see some early stages of it, but I believe the church is out here fairly's. I thought that 30 years ago to so didn't happen.

Gentlemen, thank you both for joining me today. I appreciate it so much, Mark coming in you joining me time he was again the book is lawless, end times war against the spirit of antichrist.

In my online store olive tree find find market revived Brooklyn just a comment or two as we exit the program delete open the program talking about the coming persecution.

That's not about the persecution of the church in the Middle East that was in our focus, tragic as that is. But it's the coming persecution of you and me and Jesus said that you will be hated by everyone because of me.

But the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. Matthew 1022 the prophets were stone more than applauded. Hated more than celebrated persecuted more than praise Jesus said it would be the same for us as acts, records after the apostles were flogged by the Sanhedrin for preaching in Jesus name. They left the Sanhedrin.

What rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of the suffering for his name and Jesus said in John 15.

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belong to the world.

It would love you as its own, as it is you do not belong to the world but I have chosen you out of the world and that is why the world hates you why, thank you for listening folks. We will talk to you again sweetie. Write us through our website. Olive tree that's all of tree, central time. 76355976355944 get our mail when you write to John Markel and all three ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Prayer support is just as essential to us as his financial support can be disheartening to watch the tide of our times.

Remember that God remains in control he cares for a fallen sparrow and for you. Nothing catches him by surprise. Everything is falling into place

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