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What Happens Next?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 23, 2021 7:00 am

What Happens Next?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 23, 2021 7:00 am

We play a message given by Pastor Jack Hibbs titled What Happens Next? Pastor Jack suggests that it would be the Rapture of the Church that is the next major event on the horizon. Are all of the significant events of the day pointing to this?

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A radio just for the hour answers the question about what just might happen next in our world. From this we know every duration of believers is to ask return of Christ in their lifetime. From the beginning only price before they all die will to love you so many times radio Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought you by Olive tree ministries.

We share a message by Pastor Jack Hughes about an imminent event for the church is called the rapture and it could happen today.

Today's program, so glad you can join me today for understanding the times radio and you know we have had three intense weeks here on the program and we took two weeks to consider the great reset of the world economic forum and last week we heard a firsthand report from Michelle Bachmann about the January 6 incident at the US Capitol. America and the entire world seems to be coming apart at the seams. So this week we considered just good news. I am playing a recent message by my good friend Pastor Jack Hibbs. It is titled what happens next, and it considers the imminent rapture of the church. Here's Pastor Jack sex things today will do it as fast as we can. I have 45 minutes to do this and so were going to go quick and ask you to write smaller notes get all of this because my hope is to get you to be thinking about what happens next and why answer that question is very important. Here we go number one number one regarding the passage of Scripture we just read or talk about the rapture the rapture of the church, and you might say and ask the question what is it and that is number one.

What is the rapture. Why would you ask that question.

To be honest, because the word rapture doesn't appear in the English Bible to good start. I don't believe the rapture because it's not in my Bible will first of all, neither is the word Bible in your Bible nears the word Trinity in your Bible, but the doctrine of the Trinity is in your Bible is the doctrine of the Bible is in the Bible is in the doctrine of the raptures in the Bible. For this reason rapture. If you read Latin today. The word rapture is in your Bible that criticism is not in the Bible is kind of embarrassment don't use it anymore if that's you don't save any work, try to protect you here. Don't say it anymore because you might be thinking God speaks English and English know he wrote the Bible and the Aramaic a lot and great, and the word for rapture in Greek is our pot so most of the Italian like to have the Cal it means to be violently removed good, not bad removal snatched away like a word you will a train track. An oncoming train. Your safety so rapture or in English it's two words caught up and you read that a moment ago, but your to see it more. What is the rapture. It says right here in verse 13 notices on to say this a lot. Verse 13 to drill it into you. Paul told of Thessalonica and believers. I do not want you to be ignorant or uninformed on hot brethren, concerning, and will pause right there and look at verse 17 drop down to verse 17, I don't want you to be uninformed or ignorant about this. Verse 17 then we who are alive and remain shall be rapture caught up together with them. I know the difference today about who we are and who they are in the clouds to meet the Lord in the atmosphere.

By the way, it's not celestial universe is not starry sky. It's atmospheric. If you're in the science that's from zero elevation 226,000 feet.

Amazing. The Bible says you someday are going to meet Jesus in the atmospheric sky while, and thus we shall always be with the Lord say men to live in for the people without so number one markdown. If you would. It's a promised event. What we know about the rapture promised event promised to us. Beginning with none other than Jesus Christ himself. In John 14 verse one, two and three John 14 Mrs. this is an amazing passage and if you don't believe in the rapture. Then you've got bigger problems than that, but the issue is why not believe in what Jesus is what Jesus said okay will start here in John 14 one Jesus is. Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me.

In my father's house are many mansions, many dwelling places.

Beautiful places to live in. If you are not so I would've told you so is not joking.

I go to prepare a place for you church could Jesus leave earth 2000 years ago he left earth 2000 years ago and he said I'm not going to prepare a place for you.

Okay he made the whorls of the universes in six days he's been gone for 2000 years, and he said I'm preparing a place I things to be pretty amazing. Plus his only Shepherd is such a slamdunk ramp and I go did he go on he went and prepare a place for you.

Here is your gums. I will come again and receive you to myself if it ended right there.

We could argue about this forever, but it doesn't. He tells us exactly where he is going to take us, that where I am there.

You may be also. What is that mean friends listen, this is not even open for debate.

I'm going. He says to go prepare a place for you up for my father's dwelling is to be doing it when I'll come get you 2000 years.

I'm still working on it.

But when it's time I come get you. Just make sure you're not confused about where that's got to be on preparing it come get you. And on that. I think you where I've been.

I show you this question to you just let it soak in your head how you get there how you fulfill what Jesus just promised the vehicle. The doctrine is called rapture to be caught up off of this globe out of this world which incorporates the living dead in Christ and deposits you have in mind you, but first instantly in the atmosphere Christ collects his people, both the dead and the living and from there he takes them into his presence in heaven above that has to happen for a lot of reasons, but that is really news. It's a promised event given by Jesus himself. I love this look at first Thessalonians for starting the verse 15 look at your Bible.

Get ready to market your some more promises for this we say to you number one by the word of the Lord that the New Testament equivalent to the Old Testament. Thus saith the Lord posted when I'm speaking to you.

This is not Paul speaking. This is none other than the Lord given you this Dr. that's a promise. In verse 16 for the Lord himself will descend from heaven. That's a promise.

Third promise.

Verse 17 to meet the Lord in the air. That's a promise. I don't like promises on this Jesus gives them promises people give these to get me excited now would rather not hear them argue with me you know I promise you, you young love yes okay you grow up in a psych shirt not go to the promised it's Jesus and the fourth one is in verse 17 and thus we shall always hallelujah right always be with the Lord.

The promises that the promised number two it's sudden hope. It's a sudden event. This is fun.

I should've brought out an umbrella for prop told you guys this before but it's really good. Imagine an umbrella and I'm holding the handle and the umbrellas over my head and on the outside of the umbrella over the ribbing.

It says the second coming of Christ. But on one side from the handle over to one side of that canopy is the rapture and on the other side of the handle on the side is the second coming now. Collectively, it's called the second coming with the second coming is broken up into two manifestations. As I said a moment ago. One is an appearance in the atmosphere and the other one the second coming is a physical return to Jerusalem by the way, if you believe this. How do you know Jesus that you claim to knows the right Jesus because the Jesus of the Bible has to physically return to Jerusalem Post time.

That's why everybody fights over Jerusalem. It's a spiritual issue. Who cares who cares about Jerusalem. It's not such a big deal if you don't know the Bible. It's like white dictation here. I'm serious, there's no river, no oil, there is no skiing. There's no waterfalls there except it's the place that God said this is where my name dwells the ancient Hebrew scholars believe that when God spoke the physical universe into existence.

Jerusalem was under his feet and informed.

There's no natural reason why you should like Jerusalem, God says, I love it if God wouldn't pick Chino Hills Chino Hills would be the big news topic of the world because of his spiritual notes because God moves in the realm of the spirit is remarkable and awesome, but the Bible tells us it's sudden to sudden the vent, the rapture, sudden everybody mark this down.

There is no prophetic precursors or requirements for the rapture to take place.

There's not one thing that triggers the rapture to be next to nothing.

It's with out warning the second coming. There's nearly 280 prophecies that have to be fulfilled before the second coming, one is predominately by far Gentile in nature.

The other one is absolutely Jewish by nature, when Jesus comes in the rapture. He comes to collect those that believe in from the globe, both living and the dead. Their bodies that when he comes back. Regarding the second coming is specifically to finish his covenant promises that were given to Israel regarding their relationship with him. It's remarkable. It's a sudden event. Verse 17 says then we who are alive and remain. That's Paul's statement by the waste Bible scholars and you write it down. They are known as the five we statements of Paul five times in this chapter pulses we are living when he comes, we will be caught up.

We will meet the dad in the resurrection we will meet the Lord in the air. Paul included himself as being in that generation that would see the Lord, and he didn't give up on that until second Timothy chapter 4 when he concedes and says I'm going to be dying now and I have love his appearing and he's beheaded.

But all his life he lived. By the way, Christian every generation from this book we know every generation of believers is to expect the imminent return of Christ in their lifetime. Every generation from the beginning. The disciples believe Christ would return before they all died says that the gospel is interesting. The question is do you are you living for Pastor Jack understood Jesus was coming back okay so listen your grandmother was ready. What about you and here's the other thing if your grandmother said it how much closer are we just because she said it doesn't mean it's not happen. Wake up means were that much closer. Oh it's going to happen.set of to sudden event. If you just join me you are listening to a presentation by Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California, titled what happens next. Let's get back to Pastor Jack first Corinthians 1551. This is fun to watch this first Corinthians 1551 says behold I tell you a mystery. The word in Greek is mysterious on the vertical word means something that has always existed, it's always been, there's always true.

It's always been real is just that there's been no reason to read to unveil it because it didn't matter, it's God's eternal truth there is no reason for the miscarry on with what is about to say, to be given on the Old Testament, so it's not as God's truth eternally with so when Paul says here, behold, I tell you mysterious on I'm telling you something that is always been God's truth.

But it's not needed to be revealed until now. Why because the church age of believers are to be ready to make Christ just so happens, you and I are now 21 centuries out how close are we what he says we shall not all sleep sleep is referred to the believers body appearance much your soul. Some of you been taught soul sleep. That's a call you when people misunderstand Scripture closely when you die as a believer, you just wait for you sleep and then someday wake up no. The Bible says to be absent from his body to be present with the Lord thinking that no choice referring to the body Christian.

The believer you when you're sleeping like your dad some you sleep sleep really quick about he's sleeping in the Lord that the church doctrines were use the word sleep, but we shall be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye. Some argue back and forth 18 to 22,000's of the second who cares. It's fast, at the last trumpet.

For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall not, is there he goes again Paul, we shall be changed.

I want you guys to look at this were going to put up the screen is first crickets 1551 again. What's this everybody this is fun read your Bible carefully at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and what we talk about the debt will be raised incorruptible, and he shall be changed. He's talking about the event you just read in first Thessalonians 4 argue with me you Dragon here's what's cool. There are those who have been taught all you see the word last trumpet all I was excited, but now I know for sure the raptors at the end of the tribulation.

Because that must referred to the seventh trumpet judgment of the book of Revelation. So there you there you wrong has nothing to do, listen the reason why was the last trumpet is because as a first trumpet it goes back. Listen, the whole context is gathering God's people together, you agreed you see those gathering God's people together. God told Moses, I want you to build two trumpets made out of silver for the gathering together of my people.

Moses, he bills, two trumpets every time Moses gathered God's people together. The Jewish people.

He would go trumpet and to this day the Jews will say, but what's the other four white so and some will say it's about breaks. It's a mystery. The first trumpet call, it's been calling the Jews together for, but certainly since 1948.

Back in their own land. He called them together for battle. He called them together for convocations. He called them together for announcements. The second last ever been blown that last trumpet is together.

Another group of God's people together you.

It's the last trumpet. The first one gathers Israel. The last one gathers the church and to prove the context demands that the data are raised incorruptible, that means the bodies of the believers, all love to be driving to Forest lawn. When that happens and is using now we lay our brother down anyway what the context is amazing. The dead will be raised incorruptible, and we, the church living at that time shall be metamorphosed or transformed, transfigured, we will be more like change our molecules in a change were Christians believe in resurrection. That means this is going to be re-position the molecule structure. The molecular structure of our flesh and just tweak it and when he tweaks it, it will be in its glorified state. It's the words he uses absolutely awesome smokes and losing control of myself over this Thursday at this point is requiring you God have the raptors normally found in the Bible that we needed part of God's redemptive process. Just know that it's going to happen is required in the Scripture to happen because our series will eventually cover elements of this I want to move for but before you just want to say something about in second Peter three verse three should shut this down because you're living in it right now. This is our age and second Peter 33. Remember, this written 2000 years ago, Peter warned know this first priority one can magic appears on his clipboard right first things first, that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to Thomas say where is the promise of his coming to talk to somebody yesterday about that picture with a picture with them. Do something with them shake their hand ~Michael can you wait for minute I want to review second Peter three verses three through four. You are a walking Bible prophecy said, Jesus isn't coming back. Still, you the Bible said there people like you and your scoffers your scholar for and that's how I know you're getting close to the last known prerequisite.

Oy vey, you are a scoffer is coming squalls and listen. The closer watchlist everybody. The closer we get to his coming. We know something there will be more and more people not believing it. There will be more and more people departing from the faith, more people will give up and believing that's one of the indicators. Although there are no prerequisites. Paul says we will know the time and the season will have a general feel what a remarkable morning.

Watch out for liberal theologians in this day and age that say well it's just that it's a simple symbolism. It really means this really means that it's typological. No no no no whenever the Bible is typological it says so you know that an approved unity on this. When Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. The Bible says Jesus went into the water. John the Baptist baptized him. The Bible says that Jesus came up out of the water and what happened you guys are smart first and second service CM telling those first and second they'll stick know this. We know for sure we know. Actually, for sure affect the chance of an eagle landed on him or Turkey would have been higher than it and approve a deal. The Bible says Jesus was baptized and he came up out of the water and the Spirit of God this and find Jesus. All I that means in theology and the are you with me automatically means this we know for sure it's not enough. Why because it was like a dove which excludes all jobs, but I thought doesn't count the spirit of God came upon Jesus land on your head when the Bible speaks and it says so there was a great Dragon is a word that rose up out of the sea, having seven heads and 10 horns. So you think.

Oh my goodness they think the Dragon in the North Atlantic living at like 20,000 below the sea. That's how close we are to the end we get there from the Bible says in the last days of life like a dragon, never walk know the governments of the world to come in the one world order be like a Dragon rising up its full if we just slow down and read it. Watch out number two church is this what happens next is involved in the rapture was involved in first Thessalonians.

Again, look at verse 14 it says, for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again so God will bring with those who sleep in Jesus number one market down. Those who are involved in the rapture are dad the believing that technically the previous dad because at the moment the rapture is amazing. If I died right now my body would fall down because my spirits gone in the sense think of it this way so Manuel got was dead before he hit the ground like you simply means my soul my spirit was gone before you hit the ground. When this hits the ground will leave me alone to ask you just bury me somewhere. I don't care where put me in your garden. I don't care to stay there on God. My soul my me that I am in you that you are you in the presence of Jesus.

It's like you don't like when you lay down and sleep you wanted dreamland you like this. Your body must adhere all over the place in your dreams thinking that in reality you be with him about his beer.

Your body is put in the ground to be cremated. As a matter doesn't change the molecules at all just reduces them down in size. It doesn't change. We love websites follow three views.large olive trees used for: simple sign eight 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 your mail when you write to John Markel olive tree ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in this age of uncertainty false teaching and use. We are so thankful you trust, understanding the time are you taking advantage of all of the platforms olive tree ministries provides. We are in unprecedented times. The Bible says in first Chronicles 12 God was pleased with the sons of his car understood times are you keeping up with significant breaking stories today. If not, check our daily headlines posted on our website. Olive tree views.large olive tree view.or repost other articles in various categories as well.

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We conclude today's message by Pastor Jack are going to come out of the ground. The Bible says and the dead in Christ will rise first.

All that means is that according to order it doesn't mean that the rise first seven years later we all know it's probably nano seconds of time, but they have first privilege. Their body comes up in the Scripture tells us that he brings with them. He brings with him those that died in Christ you understand.

That's the spirit souls in heaven. Their bodies here on earth or under the earth. Technically, somewhere in the years number two who was involved in the rapture. All of us who are currently displaying you.

I could put all of us who are currently living, but that's obvious.

The Christian right now we are grieving as we live. You really do know that you just don't thought about it will cut a walk in a fog. Somebody sick someone died. This is an injustice. This is terrible. The this the other you with me fillet and if that doesn't affect you turn on a nature program and you're looking all my conditionals look beautiful beautiful that gazelle is going across the African plain and then fly in what happened. The Bible says all of nature is groaning, because of the sin of man in the world into sin and death came. The Bible says that God made man blew it up misted up.

We need to understand that, but currently you and I grieve over that we really do we see things that are animals that are born or children born with defects or whatever your heart just wrenches or you see someone suffering human suffering like never before in my lifetime, and as a believer on green Lord, thank you. This is not my home. Thank you God thank you Jesus. This was not your will.

This is not your plan. This is not what you did over Greek. We ground the Bible tells us in the book of Romans that we grown young people you here to get it. As you get older your to start groaning that her sword was older people are more mature. Be careful because I found a little bit of glee when I see some young person finally went upset all managed to ascend, but here the Bible tells us that we do not sorrow like those who have no hope.

You know we all have put the body. The body of a loved one, and we cry and we miss, but not without hope, because I think of my mom, my goodness, my sister, my dad put them in her body in the ground but because that accepted Christ, they immediately went down, but there's going to be a day when they will be resurrected and that body will be reconstituted new and their bid and meet up with their consciousness, the real person of who they are in the atmosphere in will be there to see it. Leaders cost's first year and then thirdly who's involved is all we heard United in Christ Jesus, called the church people. The church is been given premises and things that no other group in the Bible have been allowed were favorite Genova is amazing look at this black white every color in between whatever social structure whatever economic structure whatever continent whatever nationality is beautiful. Whatever pigmentation language every country, tribe, tongue, and nation.

Jesus says, that's my church isn't she beautiful that number three in our study number when the rapture happened.

That's why you came today you want me to tell you what I'm writing a book right now. Just joking exactly. Nobody knows that there they are in no way somebody wrote a book telling you when Jesus comes back no by the book.

No one's going to know when the rapture happened. The Bible tells us in verse 16. The first is for for the Lord himself will descend from heaven, watch this three things with shouts with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God. Three. Thanks so listen up Jesus Christ is coming back.

The rapture will be on the day when Jesus shouts that the answer the day Jesus shouts that's the day were in the rapture. The Bible tells us he is. If you get a chance watch the documentary before the wrath he comes out of his heaven to pick up his bride, the word shouts here is the word.

It's an amazing word means to insight toward insight what you think about we've been conditioned to think negative heavily that inciting a riot. That's a form of incitement negative. God uses the word for his son Jesus when he shouts it's going to insight and what is inside Ted is first of all, in order the bodies of the dead.

I like this this is amazing he's going to shout and when that happens the dead. Can you imagine the dust is going to start assembling the dust.

Dust thou art dust thou shalt return rights in Scripture were dressed, and God is able to do that. My armpit often on the North Shore. My arm ventured off? Can what happens when the rapture takes place alive and have one arm in the rapture. No you knows Stonewall Jackson had his arm blown off initial judgment Civil War. No, it is arm blown off Christian.

So when they buried when he died he died years later when he died they wound up digging up his arm and they wound up putting his arm in his casket. With his arm because they didn't want to be resurrected.

Believe me, going to work all that stuff this guy in Indonesia from New York and the resurrection. This is what it's all that's a notion to twist somewhat together something for a scientist like God. The structure the amazing shouts number two, the archangel is going to herald the words herald the word we look at the word is the word phone. By the way just like to be spelled in the Greek word is phone or phone may and a means to communicate language. So what say we don't know say something to communicate when the angel voices the church can hear something. So Jesus is going to shout something communicated linguistically to come from archangel one who is which one is it missing Gabriel in the Bible. Michael and Lucifer archangels are expect to hear anything from Lucifer them, and Gabriel's all gamers throughout the Bible old and New Testament Gabriels amazes archangel he shows up.

He's the guy he's if I can say this respectfully. He's like the white caller, Harvard graduate archangel is going to clipboard mix announcements Mary blasted among women.

Merry Christmas Merry Gabriel gives announcements mix announcements every time because of the Bible makes an announcement. The art department announcement Michael Michael's terrifying Michael shows a when you see Michael and Bible Michael shows a new moon you will do the Michael's always fighting like the book of Revelation. Michael fight against Lucifer in the atmosphere Michael in the Old Testament might find in the Old Testament is a warrior. Daniel saw angels and he became sick for many days he could eat and couldn't even get out of bed. Daniel saw an angel freak them out. That's amazing and I archangel you my mom had these little cherub is cherub.

What is cherub and little chubby naked babies with wings and arrow over our bathroom. What is this. There's nothing like that at all. Thirdly, when were all gathered together, it says thirdly with the trumpet of God. The trumpet of God. The word trumpet here revelry it means to blow the bugle. The trumpet blast means to do that with intent to rally the forces her to rally the troops together. That is the absolute amazing event number four where the rapture occurred or where it is requested here to watch this, the rapture is going to number one occur underground beneath subterranean is the body is. Secondly, we know that he is reading those that died in Christ with them and Earth's atmosphere. First Thessalonians 413 through 18. He brings with them to be reunited with their glorified bodies, then we are alive.

This is the third location us here and now for the generation living, the rapture will take place subterranean. It will take place simultaneously in heaven above and will take place with you and I walking around for that generation. What an amazing, powerful truth that is great, great release that is so you guys if you're writing down points. It would be in the grave beneath you can mark that down in heaven above as he brings the saints that died in Christ. In previous times before the rapture and then thirdly it be in the moment. That's us right here were to happen like little fake corn happens. The Bible tells us when that happens will be changed in the moment. No shouldn't be surprised power of God eludes us. You are listening to understand the time to radio this week I'm playing a message given my Pastor Jack Hipps Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California title what happens next. As he tries to help believers better understand the rapture of the church's gospel chapter 27 versus 50 to 53 tells us we often forget this is in the Bible when Jesus was on the cross and he was dying when he was finished paying the price for your sins and mine. He said it's finished. And then he says that he dismisses the spirit amazing. Jesus says some I'm leaving now I'm leaving my body and he died the boxes. When he died, the earth began to quake and then it says rocks began to split up, which is amazing scientifically you can do that with rocks with sound. The moment something reaches its resident's frequency, which is the frequency that can dismantle a commercial with a woman singing in the glass breaks. That's a scientific fact, rocks can be completely broken. If the vibration is at a certain decibel and wavelength level. So the ground shakes rocks break open and the Bible says grave stones open up and the believing dad at the crucifixion in Jerusalem came out of there tunes and walked into Jerusalem, both then it says in Matthew 27 and after the resurrection of Christ from the dead three days later. Imagine ground shakes and people gonna people can they were entered in this says there also. They were all believers in Christ. It says it right there. Matthew 27 amazing to us to get used to it. Number five. How does the rapture happen.

How does it happen first of all, happens by the will of the father by the word of the father, God has given us his word.

This is a doctrine of the Bible and God the father will see to it that it happens tell you what if it doesn't happen through your Bible away. That's of seriousness is if God breaks his promise in one area that he cannot be faithful in any that's a beautifully sure. Secondly, it's good to be by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells us in Romans chapter 8.

Listen to this.

Romans eight verse 10 says and if Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin numbers I have to fight my thoughts have to fight my desires I have to find my passion just like you do.

But we fight, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you. If you're Christian. The Holy Spirit lives inside of you and he can't go anywhere without you do know that your life is been sealed by the power of the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption is the Holy Spirit's job to give you, Jesus of the rapture or when you die you receive a baton being passed in a race Holy Spirit being the one that passes you over to Jesus. That's the Holy Spirit's job is been doing it since the day of Pentecost to see through this then thirdly it's going to be to the glory of Jesus Christ himself. Ephesians 5 tells us that marriage between a man and a woman is a picture model of Christ's love and devotion to the bride of Christ.

The Bible refers to you. The church is the bride of Christ is to his glory.

Okay now this, I'm sure you will see if this works or not. I it's an original thought if it's good from God thinks that it's for me, but when you look at the doctor, the rapture, the Bible about what it does. It takes the body of the bodies of the dead takes the bodies of the living and transforms them both at the same time it takes the living believer at the moment of the rapture and it takes their the departed souls and spirits of those who have died and unites all of us in the atmosphere above with Christ and the Bible says that when that happens, that we look forward to this glory. That's to be revealed church listen I don't know if any other way into Bible where the church is United and enters heaven. I need you to think and study that on your own.

I don't see any other document where the church is universal. United and goes into heaven, and it's there forever.

Christ is no other vehicle I'm talking body soul and spirit, the totality of you without the rapture you we got that going on cool that the church I went to this. I don't know a lot of people talk about that our church is controversial. Truth is controversial and solicits Satanism want you to have any hope Bible tells us that all of us who have this hope we purify ourselves as a means we get serious with God every day like back in and I want to be among the terms on one of I want to know I want to do what he wants to do today.

The number six will build on what we need the rapture was, what I said a moment ago. Number one is to get the church away book of Revelation, Jesus is talking to the church until Revelation chapter 4 verse one is done talking the church.

No more talking. Revelation 4 verse one Jesus done talking church you don't even see the church. The church anything said about the church you don't know nothing about the church from Revelation 5 all the way to Revelation chapter 19. The next time you see the church she's in heaven quite a gallon. She's on a white horse.

She has a wedding on and I think because she's the church right she's got the implements of warfare because it says that she comes with Jesus is in front of this writing. First point is says that out of his mouth, Jesus strikes the nations with a rod of his mouth, which is the word of God and with them, it says the armies of heaven follow and you look close and you read the church she got wedding gown on helmet, hand grenades are okay Lord, what a woman question is how to get there and get the church and heavens amount in chapter 19 she's there. There you know how she got there. Find it fantastic and awesome that the heavenly scene in the earthly judgments cannot continue into the church is coming out of heaven with Christ.

Secondly, the rapture triggers the beginning of the church is removed from Earth. The Bible tells us that the spirit of God hindering and while he does hinder he hinders until he steps out of the way and then the wicked one will be revealed, the son of perdition. We known as the antichrist, the world governing leader is coming remarkable awesome finally and I'm skipping tons of verses.

You can go online to get all the notes in detail.

There's a lot of verses I'm leaving off because of time. I love this less than the best.

What happens next. Why do we need the rapture to fill us with an increasing expectation of this I mean that you guys sometimes things are just so wacky crazy and he just not your thinking about other things I'm thinking about finding out this person sleeping with that person. This guy is doing drawings this once cheating on his wife. This woman is beating her kids and and they go to church on Sunday, and as a pastor me to tell you if I can bite my lip and I'm totally with the person that says by the way, we will sleaze of nothing. I'm just hot. But when somebody says church full of hypocrites understand that it's only good. Just notice. Jesus knows the difference in what I think about his coming. The question to us and excite us about his coming. Let that percolate in you because you listen if you live in lifestyles that are offensive to God and you think what you just can overlook you know what grade on a curve.

No, it causes me sometimes to just get up and keep doing what I'm doing. It's enough to know Jesus could come back at any moment because you wonder if anything that you're doing matters here for that gigantic parent and you wonder you with me and then I'm reminded Jack. You will answer to me.

You might desire to stand my desires that the series of teachings will excite you test your heart. Make sure you know Bible doctrine.

I told you guys before we started this series part of the design of it is to bring you into the full counsel of God's word because many of you are new and then I also said it. Remember, in doing that it might cost some of you go away. Charles Spurgeon said when that happens, if you teach the gospel clear in the word of God. True that people who leave. He said don't ever run after them because he said those are gods blessed subtractions part of the agent which you and I are living in with co-veteran all this: it's not the worst thing it's the politicians are the worst things are more dangerous to the is that God's been purifying his church a little world right now and I want you to know that if you believe Jesus Christ is coming back soon, your Christianity, your fate will be put to the limit. You will listen.

You'll push every corner and every curve because you're trying to get as much out of this for Jesus in your body and your life as you possibly can.

I don't care about a pretty church. I don't care about anything will listen. Can you get in and can you go can you go all the way to heaven. That's based upon the doctrine and the teachings father. We trust you. We love you. We ask you Lord even come today if there's a man or woman, boy or girl right now that's very comfortable that idea.

They wake up right here and now to the reality that your Holy Spirit is saying except my son Jesus right now is Lord and Savior that he died on the cross for you and rose again from the dead, and you ask him to forgive you of your sins and that you determined today to walk with God for the rest of your life. Watch what he does tell you what you put fuel in your tank, he'll start your engine to get you on the track and he'll see to it that you'll finish the course 20 does faithful is he who is called.

We ask this in Jesus name in all God's people said. Indeed, in a world growing more hopeless by the day, even by the hour.

We need some kind of hope in the believer has the blessed hope, the soon rapture of the church, by the way, got an email from Tammy recently who lives in Camden, South Carolina. She wrote this she said I was so blessed when I found your program one night right after covert, 19 hit and I have heard about the rapture all my life, but a new with everything going on this year. It had to be sooner than I thought. She goes on to say, the Lord has opened up my mind to understand and absorb all there is to learn about revelation. Daniel, the rapture, the tribulation, the thousand year reign with Christ for the millennium.

I have never gotten excited about these things before but now I catch myself glancing at the sky looking watching and hoping. Thank you for all you do. I will keep you all in my prayers. God bless you. Well, maybe God has allowed our perilous and unparalleled times in the last year to occur, to draw us away from this earthly home to give us a longing for a heavenly home.

So many are clinging to. All we know here because it is so familiar. But what a relief it will be to have freedom sin gnawing at us many long for freedom from pain.

Just the thought brings a flood of peace to be free completely from heartache from brokenness from sadness and from disappointment, you know, we groan under the weight of these burdens. Longing for them to be lifted and they will one day soon, perhaps even today, as the signs of the times explode all around us is coming again soon look back and thank him look around and serve him look they had entrusted him. But always look up and expect him is coming again soon much sooner than you think. Right us through our website. All Oaktree views.RG olive tree views.or cola central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 male when you write to John Martel and polity ministries. Box 1452-year-old soda 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible for support is just as essential to us as his financial support for today's headlines overwhelmed see them through the lens of the Bible know everything is falling into place

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