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Lawlessness in the Land!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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December 5, 2020 7:00 am

Lawlessness in the Land!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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December 5, 2020 7:00 am

Jan Markell hosts author Terry James as they discuss his new book Lawless: End-Times War Against the Spirit of Antichrist. Find it in our online store. The lawlessness of the Tribulation is now casting a shadow in this Church Age.

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One word summarizes our generation lawless, I want you to look at the yellow line church and understandably have the very end. Why because we see victories blooming is really affecting the land, global business all around. Ezekiel 38 is coming the antichrist, we can see the mystery of lawlessness is already where we can see everything. Welcome to hundred 70 times radio with Jan Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries. We are so pleased to be featuring the latest book by Terry James Lawless and times more against the spirit of antichrist. Jan spans a portion of the day program with Terry with general editor of this book, which featured 17 authors. State we live in a time of confusion. Satan is the author of think about. We live in a time where people are.

We live in a time of great delusion. We live in a time of great confusion. We have allies coming from all of the different media channels that we think of this, Jesus also said in Matthew chapter 24 because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. Now think of that the lawlessness abounding, you better believe it, love of many growing cold better believe it.

Welcome to the program a little short teased by Pastor Tom Hughes and that sets the stage for an hour of discussion today because Olive tree ministries is carrying a tremendous new book by the familiar voice and name of Terry James entitled the book is lawless and times of war against the spirit of the antichrist. Let me just read a couple of paragraphs that Terry writes he says the spirit of antichrist is manifesting in physical outbreaks. The evil is no longer hiding just beneath the surface of civility. Proponents of rebellion against every godly principal are attacking the Bible and true Christians in a way that makes headline news on an hourly basis. We are sorely vexed, just as the righteous Lot was in Saddam.

Terry continues the New York Gov. just gave orders to shut down worship in his state or limited to completely keep congregations out of houses of worship.

It is the same in many of the Democrat run cities and states and then I'll wrap it up.

Terry says the antichrist spirit is becoming almost tangible as we watched the lawlessness explode across our nation in the world.

Nonetheless, we as God's salt and light are here at the most exciting time in human history.

It's exciting because the Lord is. We believe on the brink of calling his ambassadors home couple more comments here before I bring Terry on because when he asked me to contribute a chapter to this book titled Lawless in times war against the spirit of antichrist.

Quite frankly, folks, I had no idea how relevant that topic would be. Remember, this book began at Lisa and thought process way over a year ago and who knew what 20/20 was going to hold none of his authors could possibly foresee all the events to come here in 2020.

Then when the month of May hit this current year, particularly here in my hometown of course in Minneapolis. I was one who knew without a doubt that the predicted end time lawlessness was indeed beginning to manifest. Now we do carry the books. I'll say more about that as we get into the programming and Terry James welcome back to the program.

We would look forward to your Terry, limited time, lots of things to talk about. Let me just start here for this antichrist.

Lawless spirit to swing into gear here before Daniel's 70th week it's going to be in huge high gear. During Daniel's 70th week.

The tribulation, but we see informing and shaping up even as we speak. It needed a crisis and they were trying to get away with climate change for a long time and then along came Cove at 19, which was the perfect crisis for the antichrist lawless spirit to really get into gear you write about that what we are about to cross. Something that went nowhere. You should really hurt her to adjust her go." Anna crushed himself is called mental lawlessness is a you will personally know his real name is rating prepared by Satan, and of course we know that this is something that has to come to pass. And even though we see is very troubling to us both at the same time we know that means that the Lord's coming, as it was in her yes loosening up throughout across developed from the limiter is not finished clinic in Warsaw, foreign so we must do our due diligence owes believers to keep and I want to spend most of all to witness so that people don't have to be here during that terrible regime right, you know, the tilted 19 came along at such an opportune time because you and I are going to talk about this rush to globalism the rush to one world is them and how that as I said a moment ago needed a crisis is going to be this incredible cry for a global Savior, you've got 17 contributors to this book, I'll give a rundown in a moment or two and if I were to try to pick couple of chapters Terry to be honest, the ones that jumped out to me the most.

It would almost be difficult for me to do because your writers are just outstanding. Each and every one of them just highlight a couple of them here because you've got an entire chapter here by Nathan Jones course landline ministries Dave Reagan's organization that we feature here all the time and he's writing on the technology here in the last days technologies since our friend in alternate days becomes our foe only because it's a challenge and it doesn't always cooperate. But what Nathan is writing about. I find fascinating and he's talking about. Even the hypnotic effect that technology can have on people meant, particularly if there little bit lovers of self, and they get addicted.

Let's say the social media. So how does this play into the theme of your book.

What lucrative medical routing in our generation younger generation argumentative or down.

I wouldn't kill some time ago when I was in a restaurant or somebody you know I'm certain there were some friends and his girl experiment, we heard some shuffling in the restaurant were quiet with the rich are scooting out with tables and and she whispered to know what that is?

Good sleep but I haven't a clue as those are all teenagers coming in from a prom everyone of them have their noses, devised, and that's what makes us talk about him. That's one thing is a perfect vehicle for antichrist use tomorrow asking just kids minds off of God given into these devices rights so Nathan's got an entire chapter on how technology plays into this hole in time.

Spirits of antichrist. Obviously Terry you and I know technology is used for incredible good at the same time with one click of the mouse we get the entire Bible on a PDF to the heart of Africa literally in two seconds. It's got a wonderful site as well for me in my work because I have our Bible course on my computer in a joint program region Scriptures to man's darkness move along as soon as Bristow what I'd like to do in that were talking about the end time war against the spirit of antichrist. I just want to play a short clip here by Dr. Mark Hitchcock, and the reason I'm playing it is that he's giving us some perception about the characteristics of the antichrist for us to understand the spirit of antichrist. We really need to understand what he's going to be like where he's going to come from what will be the goals of the antichrist. Let's display this little clip we left last time talking about the antichrist. What's the Bible tell us the antichrist is going to be like a what characteristics you mentioned last segment that is described as the little horn so someone right now.

That's not very well know, if indeed this is the error was the antichrist is about to rise or some other clearer definitions of the antichrist. William is gonna rise from his reunited Roman Empire you we don't know what country for sure is coming from the window as you come out of this reunited Roman Empire think is going to be a Gentile. The early church believed he was gonna be a Jew. Many of them did. He rises up in Revelation 14 out of the sea which speaks of the sea of nations. The only type or foreshadow the antichrist of the Bible's amendment and it EPIPHANIES back in the book of Daniel, and he was a Gentile and also the antichrist is going to lead the final form of Gentile world power, and he's gonna be a great persecutor of the Jewish people, which seems odd to me if he's a Jew from to be persecuting the Jews report so I think is going to be a Gentile.

He's gonna be someone that was going to come on the scene is a great peacemaker and think about what is the world want today, more than anything else, someone who can bring peace to the world peace and prosperity. That's gonna be his platform and his promise to do that for some period of time, but at some point in time the iron fist inside the velvet glove is going to be unveiled. He will be the most ironfisted egomaniacal leader of the world is ever saying and Mark. You can see the way the world is today with instantaneous communication.

How very quickly. News can spread and power can be established and influence can be made just because of media platforms throughout the globalism we see today is setting the stage for him to come on the scene and the technology that's available today because the technology available to allow someone to keep track of where people are in the know what people are doing all these things we see coming together really fit what the Bible says about a coming world ruler is going to come on the same Terry James you want to comment on that little clip will I do not think we see some archetypes on the zero in your chapter down about a man in France called Emmanuel McConkie is a question I'm sure you knew about this is ailing or not, antichrist, and we don't know, but certainly a young man was lucky does this got to me a lot then you talked about a course Francis who was turned out to be apostate. In my opinion, I think we can see some developments in the scissors will come out of your just like Mark says we know that from Daniel chapter 9 verse 26, 27 and he will sign a covenant of peace with the many natural they will come out of area roaming somewhere in Europe we will. I am so impressed with the writers in the book Terry Lalas and times war against spirit of the antichrist. I can get into every author you got 17 Wilford Han Damon document quote him in a few minutes. Larry Sperry Cimino Nathan Jones. As I said Ted Strindberg, Jonathan Brinton or Pete Garcia you reference the Pope and Mike gender and actually close into the Pope issues very effectively.

Here, Tom Hughes, Dave Reagan I can name them all but 17 authors, 17 chapters.

It is over 400 pages find it in my online store olive tree views as an viewpoint, olive tree or call my office and get on our newsletter lists print and eat. We will get a book out to you as quickly as possible.

Terry, I'm jumping to the chapter here by Tom Hughes titled evangelicals embrace inclusiveness. Let me read two paragraphs as to what Pastor Tom Hughes has to say in this chapter he says a little luck at today's church seems to be a carefully staged reflection of the world system so often warned against in Scripture. First John 215 says do not love the world or the things in the world. But when the world Ling stairs at a typical evangelical church. She sees the world and she sees herself. This happened by design.

It was supposed to make her feel more comfortable and more welcome, but it doesn't have that effect the church. The whole institution set aside by God is sacred in the midst of a wicked fallen world has been camouflage. Now it looks like every other human institution. It has the same outlook the same goals and accepts the same doctrines one more short paragraph by Tom Hughes.

It's another club, another social network and NGO, or nongovernmental organization, a place to party illegal voters. It's a place for personal virtue, signaling a place to fight for social justice and where you can get help with issues of self-esteem. The seeker may like parties, social justice, self-esteem, and politics, but she can get those things anywhere and without the creepiness factor of the church will Tom Hughes talking in this chapter about how evangelicals are embracing inclusiveness and I think the point here is Terry that you have included a chapter or two on spiritual lawlessness wanted to talk to us about that flow through the same thing in the globalism plaintiff Tom chapter 2 is report on your chapter Tom to fit what they want to break the boundless ongoing dissident listener church the new church they want to break the bounce off of the gods and they want to do things like recidivist social work in the cultural way they want to remake the world in their own image because a certain directory disliked the globalist millions in high places both demonic and human want to remake the world and of Satan's image will church the so-called pseudo-church or through the same thing except for the allspice on like you said in your chapter was allocated out of like some of the globalist same thing with his pony church, you can't put lipstick on it. I appreciated Tom's writing about that in that one chapter evangelicals embrace inclusiveness and you're right I write in the book about globalism as does Damon duck let me just read a paragraph or two by Damon. This actually is from an article he has written, but it complements his chapter so brilliantly name is an outstanding writer.

By the way I'm going to have to get him on here to talk about these issues as well. But he says this is a spiritual war, the shadow government is on Satan side the future of the US is at stake. This war is not over, and more evidence of fraud is being gathered by the day were talking election issues here, but there is a big question about what the US Supreme Court in the states will do when they cast their electoral votes on December 14. He goes on to say, the Bible tells us how this spiritual war will wind up but it does not tell us how many hopes we will have to jump through to get there or how long it will take Damon goes on to say. Nevertheless, I believe this is strong evidence that we are on a fast track toward a world government and things are moving faster by the day.

Just like birth pangs November 16, 2020 it was reported that Canada's Prime Minister Trudell addressed the UN by video conference in September and he called the coronavirus an opportunity to establish the UN agenda 2030 world government in place up and running by 2030. By the way they're trying to get that moved up another 10 years for than immediate future. Damon goes on, Trudell supported the global reset meeting that is scheduled for May 18, 2021, and called for action by the IMF, the World Bank and the leaders of the G7 and G 20 nations at their fall 2021 meetings and lastly Trudell believes the coronavirus was needed to give world government and nudge forward and many world leaders believe Joseph Biden is more likely to help advance it than Donald Trump, Terry, James, that is an understatement to anybody ever spiritual fire on the pulse of what's going on is Damon duck the book would be awarded to getting your revenues chapters on wallaby St. Lucie development people covers so well and promoters strictly got you a perspective from God's word. Yes, things are moving forward at a very fast pace and I think that were going to see some real developments.

No matter what the outcome of any election. Is Rosita really quick movement toward the tribulation era that made his crotch is going first, only for Christian born again worry because we are saving Jesus and let me quote you despite the dark winter predicted by Mr. Biden. We can see yet another Silverlining evidence of lawlessness mounting in the bounding is sure proof that Jesus is about to step out on the clouds of glory and shout come up here and then you say and when these things begin to come to pass. Look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh. Luke 2128.

Let's just spend a minute or two on that Terry because in the book talking about the lawlessness of our day and believe me I've seen it up close and personal life set on this program many times we have 5 miles of Minneapolis, not five blocks. It's 5 miles of Minneapolis burned to the ground because of lawlessness and I do I talk about that in the chapter that I write chapter 1 here for this book, but that's not what's important. What's important is that nuts to this dark winter. Jesus is calling his church home any minute Lord horizon. Titus 213 were looking for the blessed hope.

Lord Christ, and were told about it.

Don't worry were a total word look for tribulation burnishing his only report claiming a removal tribulation.

Jesus says it through Paul and Titus 213 that were not to be concerned about that is actually says that we are to be comforted with these words Frank with the comfort there that the tenant of the book.

Bottom line is, even though we will do a lot of the dark things are happening going to happen prophetically or bottom line tenant is that Jesus is on his way is driving home the point that we are in a lawless generation Terry the lawlessness today compared to what it's going to be in the tribulation. There's no comparison and I think we should clarify that when the Bible talks about even the verses we've coded about the coming lawlessness. It's really a tribulation reference is just that the tribulation is casting its shadow on the church age. But can you imagine the lawlessness of that seven year time. With the restrainer gone that the churchgoing we look at what happened during the Holocaust and all that we go to one or worst Persian history. And it was we look at all of things going now is go so trouble but Jesus said in all the discourse that these things are nothing compared to what's coming will be the worst time in human history ever forever will be again. While the Lord himself said that knowing that in from the beginning. Well, what kind of time is of tribulation are vulnerably thankful that you, Janet Hoke millions out there all have to face atomically know the Lord Jesus, you and I least watched with the intrigue. Here the tide of our times in the last four years under Pres. Trump.

Sadly, we've launched the political divide as well and how we have as I speak here Terry, James, we've got leftists starting with Joe Biden appealing for unity that's almost laughable is they've done everything in their ability to create disunity. They haven't wanted unity for four years but now there on the front of magazine covers appealing for unity and those on the right have been pleading for a return to days that are far less lawless, but we don't get that privilege because of some of the antics of the left and I'm so concerned Terry that this is going to go off the chart. If we see things going in the direction they appear to be going with the new administration. I'm afraid we haven't seen anything by way of lawlessness compared to what might be coming. It will be lawlessness what they would call a legal lawless of all people are, that is their group for their supporters will do whatever they can. The main thing is Satan's mouthpiece physically part of all this, Hitler had Goebbels will leftists have the entire mainstream radio. The world.

Satan is a principal power their broadcasters over there. He's going to really stir up more and more of this until people succumb and will bow to the will of the globalist order which is what is trying to establish exactly. I don't think we can stress that enough talking to Terry James for this segment and will continue to do that in part two of our programming as well. You can reach Terry. He is coeditor of the popular website rapture ready you can write him through the website rapture rapture We post articles to all of tree every day and I'm always going over to rapture and picking articles that can be posted. That talk about the tide of our times from a prophetic perspective and that's what Terry, James and I have looked at for a lot of years now and as our friend JD frog says things are in a rev up like a tachometer as we get nearer and nearer to the Lord's return.

Things will speed up faster and faster, and indeed the lawlessness is on hyperdrive.

The book is lawless, end times war against the spirit of antichrist. Terry nationalism had to go.

As you and I are speaking. I don't think we know exactly where our 2020 election is headed just because of so many appeals to some courts, and to some other bodies that are trying to speak into the issue of this voter fraud. Let's set that aside for now because it's too uncertain, but to the globalists. This nationalism is the thing they absolutely had to get rid of boundaries must be race sovereignty must be eliminated so that global government by the elites can rule and I do see that forming a lot faster under a Biden administration, then under a Trump administration authority should not to go to the person whose open the board what they want but one open board will turn on all national boundaries.

I think your chapters called a war against sovereignty, but your little sovereignty. Get rid of personal liberty personal freedom people will say there was more like communism but is so unique form of something we don't know anything about. It's a hybrid.

We have no on the hybrid fashion is more like communism or the social democracies really want to call it know if something wicked comes from Ephesians 612. As we know, but the battle against spiritual wickedness in high places and principalities and powers and that's where we are and we really even as Christians do not really look at the same really have no idea the depth of that deep state, thing right beginning to see crime for a global Savior seen this intensifying now you reference Emmanuel Crone.

I actually refer to him very frequently. He was seen by the Europeans as a potential Savior.

I think he blew it big time by dropping the ball in France and he's done no favors to his own country.

In France I don't think he's an antichrist candidate at all, but I think he's a type of the antichrist in that I think Europeans and the French saw him as if this would've been in 2017. The some time ago now saw him as a Savior back then because that's the mood around the world that's growing more so every day we need a Mr. fix-it someone who can fix the mess. I don't think you may have ignorant equipment for interviews up on the mountain offering the world and have a right to do that. Apparently this guy was McCrone. Where were you going to the loan, except that offer was noted could be McCrone commission. What else he would always drop the ball cope with imposing likely mostly if there's one sent to ministers.

One point that you trying to make with the book lawless in times war against the spirit of antichrist. What would that be lawlessness show through all be torn up 17 riders what's coming, you do not will be here during the tribulation arrow toward which we are moving. I want everybody to accept Lord Jesus Christ, who come to this and give the book per pass around with other people read it.

Sure, more were going.

The bottom line is we need to see that Jesus is the only answer to all these problems we see all these words we have. I believe that the lease riders to spiritual insight that waited out there in these chapters probably just not like about one a sense of being inspired by God himself, the Holy Spirit, so that we would be riders have been giving great spiritual insight.

Each person regional you something different out of it, but I think it's all going toward Christ was also there to remind us of the lateness of the hour, and that's what you and us. Been doing for quite a few years now Terry, how long has the rapture ready website been in existence. Out started the 97 87 it's going strong and you got high high traffic going there rapture and it's how you can reach Terry James. Here's what I'd like to go. We've got part two of my programming and in the closing few minutes of part two I'm gonna review my chapter in the book. That's the chapter on the rush to global government, which is got a big PS to it with Damon decorating his chapter. Also on global government. So I think that's kind of one of the big pushes of the book is to understand that without a one world system. A lot of what were talking about could never happen.

It's the one world system. It's the world economic forum great reset that's end of May, 20, 21 that's going to set the stage. I believe literally for the let's just say the entrance of the antichrist and were to be talking about that a lot in the early parts of 2021 this great reset.

Terry you write about that too.

And if time allows her. I want to ask you a question or two about that one I get back where I'd like to go with some of the moments we have left together would be because you got Williford Hahn here contributing some great insight on the economy which Italia we get businesses shutting down closing down forever.

At the same time stock market setting all kinds of record highs.

It makes no sense whatsoever.

You write about the coming national debt crisis and want to talk about that don't go away. I'm gonna wrap it up the Terry James just a couple minutes we love friendly feedback like this to a website olive tree that's politics reviews doc or cola something sign at 763-559-4440 476-355-9444 we get our mail when you write to John Markel and all of her ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in an age of fig newtons and false teacher.

Thank you for trusting understanding times were you. We are carrying a new book in the Terry James trilogy's title lawless in times war against the spirit of antichrist. 17 authors, including John Markel lawlessness has raised it satanically inspired head all to see today's chaos and turmoil inflame the world geopolitical and societal upheaval reps at the heart of America and the world. Much of humanity is in a state of growing range. This is stage setting for the rise of antichrist by powers and principalities, both human and demonic. We encourage you to tap into this new product found in our online store olive tree that's all of tree or call us at the time 7635 5 by 4444 763-559-4444 will also be featured in our printed newsletters sign up online so you can better understand our times and contend for the faith. The truth is the globalist agenda and the major players are literally sitting around tables and smoke-filled rooms plotting and scheming and there is no way you can put lipstick on this pig focused no way it is ugly and the players are dangerous and the fate of the world is at stake because at its heart. It is godless. It is elevating mankind can watch our programming in its video form on our website, olive tree, thoughtful margin under radio also wanted on our YouTube channel and on his channel Christian television stay up to date on news of the day is with our daily headlines section at our website. Olive tree views gospel origin of here are John Markel and Terry James Rockwell to it's time to stop deceiving ourselves. We are living in a time of lawlessness and chaos.

We want to believe in the goodness of each other, but none of the social restraints are ever imposed and therefore they are simply toward think I've ever quoted Judge Jeanine on this program before, but she said it effectively, and she said it with passion. A lot of us are fed up with the lawlessness of our day, particularly if you happen to live in a lawless zone. Just a quick announcement here that we are just slowly transitioning our social media. Some of it anyway to parlor so you just go to parlor and look up olive tree ministries Jan Markel know were still on Facebook were still on twitter. Probably not can leave there in the immediate future, but they are not our friends, folks were also tapping in and very effectively, might I say to YouTube so the program is posted in its more visual form Friday of every week so if you're a visual person. Check a sound YouTube on his Christian television. I'm kinda wrapping up here with Terry. James Terry is coeditor of the rapture ready website rapture he is a prolific author Terry how many books now. I just put it with the knowledge and 3737 books now started in 1992 while it modified I'm writing because I could already public relations, advertising, and so the Lord led me to running Christian books mostly on prophecy which I'm playful for yes and least carried number of them. You sure Michael you too. He's got a couple of new books you got another one Terry and then have you hold off on that one. Only because I don't want folks to get confused. I just want to focus on lawless the end times war against the spirit of antichrist with 17 authors. Yours truly is one of them and I gave a rundown of some of the authors hard to name the mall but they are all outstanding because you've got Williford Hahn writing in your book. You've got Todd Strindberg.

Both of them understand the financial issues of our day and I said in segment number one. The economy today is to me it's the most puzzling thing going on. We get entire segments of our industry being wiped out restaurant cruise industry and more being wiped out yet. We've got the stock market going off the charts hit 30,000 recently you write to Beth. There is a building national debt crisis because up ahead. Not very far away at work and be $200 trillion in debt and if were going to throw in the green new deal with Joseph Biden, and AOC. The 200 trillion will probably soar to 400 trillion or more, of course, that staggering and of course nobody asked you to be able to take care of that debt, except we know who Mr. antichrist Atreides Agrippa was never going to be repaid in Christian even water. When will the Lord allow Michael with a portion of always warned us about in Luke chapter 21 a report builder discourse nourishes special inspections word personal qualities of Donald Trump. Despite the somewhat overblown even though he did create a great economy still that was building a debt to some repairable. So we want want to coach him long destroyed all of the God put his man and I'm sure Donald Trump is still a godly man always obeyed God's man and he put them in their why another talk about a great reset to destroy the skull with playing was a site and planet was a blueprint by Satan, carried out by his menus, both demonic and human memory battle against flesh and blood glucose principalities and powers is what this all about. You have to have a destroyed economy a bunch of confusion, worry, and people want along with patient safety way warm prosperity. That's what the great reset is going to be all about it I think is what the globalist are Donatello's and Mr. Biden all restrooms, great research, bring the economy but ultimately is not going to for the short term.

God says antichrist will cause craft meaning industry to flourish because the proffer at least appear to prosper, but he's going to have answered all these financial woes of people resorted about once a rupture occurs and the whole thing collapses. Which is what's going to happen exactly that in Revelation chapter 13 versus 1619 marks a numbering system or by force or have a marketing number and worrying being prepared for that. Through all this talk of inoculations over what I think is a greatly overblown virus vocals are using this to their advantage in the great reset and a crush going to that one to praise the Lord, the greatest of all recesses will be when Jesus comes back in recesses whole point. Yes, that is really the great reset that the world economic forum does have their reset there going to be meeting end of May, 20, 21, I fully believe the antichrist could come out on center stage at such a gathering. If not, 20, 21, maybe who knows the near future.

Anyway, and even the world economic forum wants to rush to a cashless society.

That's the goal of the great reset in yearbook Williford Hahn's writes about the end time money snare. He says the end time money snare is rushing forward. All of these things.

It's as though a script has been prepared and everybody is right on cue, Terry drawing order total is all about you give us enough to know what to watch for nutty rewrite the book PS2 click people and reason you do your operation. We do ours. God has chosen us in a simple way to help people understand and time things and I'm so grateful to them for that and I think this book is one more item along alone nothing. Such great writers as you pointed out think this is just a tremendous book to give the best overview possible for the swells and what's coming in the course of alone adduces, Jesus coming that is the bottom line quietly wrap up our discussion Terry if there's something you would like to summarize, it's all yours.

Take a minute or two, please. Main thing is a court order for Otis to make sure that each Christian I know you're worried I'm worried. I've always been worried to about things going on to win the election is going to Elizabeth but no matter what God has things under full control of all time.

Things are in his hand. Nothing will happen or has Apple are going to have a that he is not perfectly world renewed an attorney passing or flapping right now in this book. Most of these authors point out the kind of things is always with a great deal of looking forward to things coming out in the end be the way they should be proffer of dark winter like Mr. Bonds. It will be a glorious horizon, glorious future and that's what Christ promises a photo do this book and we will take you to the bed, but it went up the good times and thank you for people like my dear friend Jim Marco whose terms is a great chapter in some of these others in diameters one through the same thing.

About hope you can get together sometime because I tell you to do great things and explain the global situation was delirious. Tamino yet needs and Jones Todd Strindberg John Brennan or Pete Garcia Mike Hendren Jim Fletcher Dave Reagan done McGee that's left off a couple, Ryan Peterson, Tom Hoffman, Randy nettles, 17 authors, not the least of which is of course Terry James find the book in my bookstore that would be olive tree olive tree views down to working at my office a call lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist. I think you'll be blessed.

I do as Terry says there's darkness in it, but the darkness is leading to the dawn and the dawn is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ because he says when these things begin to happen. The end is the lot sooner than you would think to look up and know that your redemption draws near Terry James, thank you for all that you do and will stay in touch. Thank you very much are so appreciative report going. Horrified by now, so I wanted to spend just a few minutes here on the chapter that I wrote for Terry James book. It had a bit of the prophetic ring to it, because when Terry reached out to me about his book idea, and this is many many months ago. I don't think either he or I knew how the battle would intensify in 2020. We had no idea how seriously the antichrist agenda would kick into high gear. At this time in history sure we've all known that we are in the final countdown, particularly Terry and myself and many others who teach about these issues but who would have thought that the spirit of antichrist would be in our faces so boldly, at least for the last eight, nine, 10 months we do these people have no shame. Don't they want a more subtle agenda. Apparently they don't. I'm reflecting back to January 2020. I spoke at a prophecy conference in California and I listed 10 in time signals to watch in the coming year, meaning 2020 and my number one sign in my list was the growing antichrist spirit around the world. Everywhere I looked last January. People were demonstrating they were rioting they were protesting in at least 20 foreign capitals, not to mention many capitals in the United States, while then became May 2020 and everywhere racial issues erupted in here. I was here at Ground Zero Minneapolis-St. Paul and this is where police officers had an altercation with George Floyd in front of the camera in a scene that went around the world 10 million times. Well, that's a guesstimate, but I think it's pretty close and an angry spirit of antichrist was unleashed globally in protest. Display quick clip here. Pastor Tom Hughes and he is commenting on some of these supposedly peaceful protests that we have these riots that are breaking out under the guise of peaceful protest, but we now know that is not what is happening. Buildings are being burnt. People have been losing their lives. We are very about any of that stuff without the reality of it. Then there is this a manufacturing company in Minneapolis since 1987, is leaving the city after violent protests will what the cities expect list of folks this is what's going to happen. Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle. The cities that are experiencing this group you want to do business in those cities with their flooding with her to lose everything with the next comes about the buildings give a paper bill ever be run out of there. Hope talking about eliminating police forces, not just Minneapolis but now New York City melt LAPD eliminating the police force. What on earth do you think is going to help adult he withdrew happen exactly what Jesus said because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold if you just join me. I am trying to summarize my chapter in Terry James new book, lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist. Remember, the book has 17 contributors Terry James is the general editor and all of the contributors are commenting on the tide of our times. Let me go on summarizing my chapter on the rush to globalism found in Terry's book lawless.

Why is the antichrist spirit so strong right now. I believe a global COBOL has tried for 5000 years to install an empire. His empire and they began at Babylon and will culminate their efforts during the tribulation, the millennium between have been intense with scheming with plotting with planning and more for this one world agenda. Let me reflect back to 2016. I was glued to that election, even though we've just been through the 2020 election but I was glued to the 2016 because that was do or die for the one world's Hillary Clinton was the arch globalists just the very title the Clinton Global initiative says it all. Because the Clintons and their minions do have a global initiative. Donald Trump came along 2015 2016 and announced that he was going to be in America first candidate and president and he was interested as he said I'm looking out for Pittsburgh, not Paris.

He was not going to jump on the one world bandwagon under any circumstances, nor did he and his four years, and for some reason, God stop the one world agenda in its track for a season, so maybe it was rushing forward to fast and furious. He allowed a real estate guy from Queens New York to ascend to the presidency in 2016 and to temporarily slow down that rush to one world-ism. It wasn't going to happen under a Trump watch and he so stated. So we had a mini war, it seemed, but that made the campaign of 2016.

All the more interesting however I doubt that most who watched it had the insight that this was battle of the ages as a concern. Those who wanted to further globalism but as far as I was concerned. Things were hidden in plain view. The New World order in Bible prophecy was about to go into high gear. What organizations and efforts are leading us down the path sort is the one world primrose path if you will let me just name 10 or 11 outfits that are leading us down this primrose path. The deep state of course, number two, some secret societies. Number three. Obviously, the United Nations and its many many offshoots number for the entire open borders crowd number five international bankers number six, the media number seven, anti-Marxist or socialist group number eight some Christian front groups and I've talked about them on understanding the chimes radio forever number nine dozens of George Soros funded organizations number 10 environmental outfits number 11. Some international health organizations pushing such things as universal vaccines. Imagine the horror when these groups heard Donald Trump say that he would no longer surrender to the globalists. This is just one reason they have thrown a fit here for four years and why they will continue until he is driven from office and frankly into exile.

So if in fact we are now going to have a Biden Harris administration understand that the global agenda is back centerstage let me play clip here of Mr. Biden so stating his affection for this agenda story. The postwar era post-World War II era we faced a slightly different set of challenges as a global economy reemerging the instructions of war. We knew the institutions and roles were needed to navigate through this new world order because our parents and grandparents were wives and because they were committed.

We did what we've always done best we exercise our global leadership. We were the driving force behind the creation of the World Bank, the national monetary fund as well as the cats as well as WTO architecture for the global economic system are companies in our financial infusions from that. Through the mid 80s and 90s were also instrumental in establishing the standards for corporate responsibility and transparency in governance.

The child changed, changed utterly terrible beauty has been more all changed in the last decade, Allstate in terms of the globalization of the world economy in terms of rules around her lack of rules of the road turns watching emerging nations try to figure out where they fit in how we fit relative them so these institutions that the affirmative test we have now is to actually create a new world order because global orders changes in the institutions rules work so well post-World War II era. For decades they need to be strengthened, so have to be changed so we have to do we do best athlete. Notice what he said it's terrible beauty has been born terrible beauty was born in Babylon and that was to push the last 41 world system again. I'm simply reviewing my chapter in the Terry James new book that were carrying in our online store. Lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist find it all of tree go to my story to my office a call find it in our various newsletters. The chapter that I have written is titled globalists declare war on sovereignty. So let me just add quickly here that globalism is often painted as harmless multiculturalism and were told that we must learn of the cultures and customs of other nations and societies were told that it will make the world better and safer. Be careful when you hear such conversation because there is no good, righteous or positive angle to this globalist agenda. Remember, it was tried in Babylon and remember what happened in Babylon. The truth is the globalist agenda and the major players are literally sitting around tables and smoke-filled rooms plotting and scheming and there is no way you can put lipstick on this pig folks no way it is ugly and the players are dangerous and the fate of the world is at stake because at its heart. It is godless and it is elevating mankind.

Nimrod was the first globalists. He had an evil agenda and God vetoed it in a blunt way. Just read the Bible. Nimrod was a type of the final Antichrist, but Nimrod inspired many more who would try and they all would end in some kind of a pathetic demise. To be blunt, but they would inflict huge damage along the way. We just list a few is a thorough history would take hours, but one world concepts were embraced. Knights Templar Masons Rosicrucians. Of course there was the illuminati they still exist. The early banking empire of the Rothschilds played a huge role. Believe it or not. All these outfits wanted to take over the world. But did they know that they wanted to take over the world for the antichrist. I don't know advancing to more modern era of the Rockefeller empire may be the biggest player in the plot again, only insiders knew the heart of John D.

Rockefeller, whose empire blossomed in the late 1800s is most prominent son David passed away in 2017, at the age of hundred and two and David boasted about the families evil intent. I'm quoting him here. He's proud of the statement he says some believe we the Rockefellers belong to a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family is internationalist and conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure. One world if you will, and if that is the charge.

Well, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. So the push for global government raced ahead in the 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, and from the United Nations to the club Bilderberg to the club of Rome to the trilateral commission one world was in the mind of the diplomats, the kings, the rulers, the potentates and the politicians. Other names that you would be familiar with include Henry Kissinger, George Soros and so many more. How about George H. W. Bush wasn't TS South America first Republican. This World War II veteran. Did he really mean a one world government when he referred to the New World order. Back in 1991 I believe he absolutely did every cause needs a crisis and for years the globalists used well. The sky is falling, climate change, global warming, and if we don't unite as one, we will all fry enough people were scared that millions bought the lie, the globalists were pushing concerning this changing environment and that it was all man made, but world government would fix it while we were told this. It sounded reasonable. Most of the world bought the lie so as part of this. In recent years, the leftists introduced the green new deal, just an extension of the environmental agenda and make no mistake, folks, it will be front and center of a Biden Harris administration. It may be there most prominent policy that they're going to focus on in the coming years if in fact this Biden Harris administration comes into reality.

So in January 2020.

The crisis actually changed it moved away from environmental issues to well what came along conveniently covered 19 and just like climate change, this covert virus affected every capital of the world.

Every small town every province known location was spared was that this crisis invented by the globalists. Perhaps we may never know but what we do know is that they took advantage of it. If a bunch of diplomats could promise us that we would not get sick. Maybe we should just accept their offer, but was their offer global governments. However, it included again.

This one world system that never works, but it would oversee a global medical system along with vaccinations prominent globalists such as Bill Gates made headlines and he is determined to vaccinate the world.

It would be convenient. In fact, to have a one world system do that again. I am just reviewing my chapter in Terry James Buckley, lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist find that in our online store. So the covert pandemic 19 was blown up to be the crises of all crises at true scenario that could bring about the end of civilization as we know it yet only about seven or 8/100,000 people affected were going to actually perish from covered 19 but who didn't want to spare their parents or their grandparents from this dreaded disease so people adapted the mentality of being willing to do anything to escape it and they shuttered their businesses. They put their careers on hold the end and educational pursuits and they boarded up our beloved churches just so we could save the world from covered 19 and many said that the only solution to stopping the damage again was world government and we have talked about this on this program. Two dozen times. So let me wrap this up one of the names of the antichrist as the lawless one and the term was coined by Paul in second Thessalonians 2 where he warns the church of the soon arrival of this man who would come on the scene at deceive the masses in the latter days, and so we have seen the lawless mobs for almost all of this year 2020. But you know the antichrist won't have to rent a mob because when he rains much of the world will be lawless. It will be godless. It will be tumultuous. It will be confused, quite frankly, anti-file will be the new normal. The burned and looted sections of my hometown of Minneapolis will be the gold standard around the world. So with the restrainer gone there will be absolutely nothing to hold back the evil the selfishness and the out-of-control behavior that will be characteristic of the tribulation from which the church is gone.

The world will go crazy and they will glory and utter chaos. What we have now is just a trial run. That is a weak firecracker in comparison to what's going to happen in the tribulation. The good news is that God will consume the antichrist and his minions at the end of the tribulation with the brightness of his coming, but in the meantime, lawlessness will escalate in the globalists won't give up their dream of a united world.

They will continue to push for no borders, unlimited immigration, even though that his nearly destroyed Europe. I promise that'll be front and center in a Biden Harris administration.

But here's the real reason their scheme won't work before the tribulation. It is being orchestrated by godless people with corrupt hearts promise all sorts of things they cannot deliver, and you know what God hates the idea he has a one world plan that will work.

It's called the millennium. Psalm two actually says that God holds these people in derision, he laughs at their schemes. He allows them only seven years. It's tribulation to practice global government. It will be a colossal flop will be such a disaster that the Bible says if Jesus Christ didn't return in his second coming, no flesh would be saved due to the destruction of this one world effort that's been in play since Nimrod so hang on for world government is coming. Jesus Christ will be in charge of it rolling from Jerusalem. It will be perfect.

Even members of the animal kingdom will be at peace with one another at the time is not yet the time is coming.

It is the millennium and he shall reign for ever and ever.

I want to thank you for listening folks and will talk to you next week you encourage us when you write us through a website. All of Trinity's job or that's all 20 views.old Archie: simple time at 76355944 763-559-4444 your mail when you like to join Martell and Olive tree ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Remember that nothing touches God by surprise. He is engraved you on the palm of his hand and everything is falling

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