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It’s Later Than You Think

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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November 21, 2020 7:00 am

It’s Later Than You Think

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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November 21, 2020 7:00 am

Jan Markell andPastor Billy Crone make the case that because the Tribulation Temple is ready to be rebuilt, the hour is much later than people think. This is Antichrists temple. Why should Christians even care about this? Find Crones DVD set in our online store.

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The point of this hour is that it is later than you think. How do you know your last days commencing what you're one of the biggest signs God's goodness in Scripture old and New Testament is concerning the Jewish people and so we went down deep and tried to produce in the exhaustive study with current information shown people are a against we candidates as we don't know that in an hour, but many take a look at what's going on right now in the news if you're paying attention. Most people on for chart but you're paying attention what's going on, the Jewish people. Even with our current administration hearing. Time is running out.

Thank you for joining. Understanding the times radio Jan Markel look at the issues of the day of a biblical perspective, they just spent the hour with pastor the crowd sunrise Bible Church of Las Vegas, Nevada. As we are carrying his tan DVD set Jewish people and the antichrist.

Why should the church be interested in the tribulation temple. This is the temple of the antichrist allows to be built within the files halfway through the tribulation fantastically crawl and make the case.

This may be the most important issue of the day from the perspective of Bible prophecy. There is Jan Markel and Billy grow another can't believe you're not there, going into this one world religion kind of mindset.

If you can believe that in their premise is never knowingly need to do that. There's room enough there on the Temple Mount, go ahead and leave the dome of the rock and L Oscar mosque. There will need to create a world war three will there still room for this new Temple" all people can worship their and tranquility so there's options for them to get that temple back and it's in the news right now. Welcome to the program while in an interesting hour for you just say start by way of introduction here that according to Daniel 927 antichrist is going to make a deal with the Jewish people during the tribulation and he's going to pretend to be their friend. Well, for the early stages of the tribulation and then he turns on them and he turns into the real beast that's another name for him that he is, and we often say on understanding the times radio that the purpose of the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation. So what about their temple. I remember there have already been two temples both destroyed the last one in 70 A.D., but there is coming 1/3 Temple and this might be called the temple the antichrist. It tribulation temple it's the temple that the Jews are passionately wanting to build today with great expectations that it will be a house of worship, and soon someone who's speaking into this topic and I think very effectively is pastor Billy crown. You've heard them on my program several times that some products will talk about those later, but I've perused a lot of what he's talking about on this topic and others, and I thought I get them into the studio here to talk for at least the duration of the program on this Temple situation. Pastor Billy: welcome back to the program and so much it was a pleasure to be on the point. I hear you making.

When I hear you presenting on this topic and I think this is why it's so relevant to my audience which is probably 99% Christians is that the Jews are ready to not rebuild their temple. Well, in 10 years and five years there ready for it to be rebuilt and their heart is to have it rebuilt today. Yet exactly what we as Christians we know and down is going to be the actual temple, but the actual antichrist is going up into in the seven year tribulation at the halfway point and commit what's called the abomination where he basically says worship me on God now, and we see that repeatedly in the Old Testament and New Testament. Certainly Daniel nine Matthew 24 Revelation 11 second Thessalonians 2. This is an event that takes place in the seven year tribulation and it's a major event.

And you have to have a Jewish temple in Exhibit 3 listed to transpire that in the seven year tribulation.

As Christians we know. We leave at the rapture prior to the seven year tribulation. So our action point is yes.

We don't know that they know the hour.

If we see the Jewish people ready right now to build this temple that's going to be hands down the seven year tribulation man uptight what the blessed hope, the raptors got to "the point you're making and I would second, it is later than you think folks use God's 13 points here are 13 ways we know the Jewish people really are ready to rebuild his last days temple I'm there run through them.

It's gonna take me literally a minute and as time allows. Were going to talk about some of these 13 bullet points, but the 13 ways we know that there ready for the temple number one. The Jewish people are ready to Muslim people are fearful. Three. The Jewish leaders are ready for the nine Jewish leaders are ready. The next point that organizations are ready, then the plans are ready. Next point the finances are ready. The cow is ready or the red heifer of the Sanhedrin is readied the priesthood is ready. The ceremonies are ready.

The temple articles already in the miscellaneous items are ready and then Billy crown you say just about everything you can think of is ready to go for that temple, including the actual crown they want to put on the head of the guy they think will be their Messiah talk to me for a minute about this crown well again. Not only is this what's going on the news while Frank Rich and were all distracted and you weren't worried about the economy was good when, what, dammit. All except the most people are clueless what's going on over there in Jerusalem right now and this should applicable month ago. Talk about how depressed they are so right to build this temple and they believe it can usher in the Messiah that right now they are doing a fundraising campaign. It's called constructive messianic golden Royal Crown campaign and this is from one of the rabbis who is directing the King David's tomb. There they are drumming up the money to build this golden jewel encrusted crown that they want to place on the Messiah. On his arrival in Jerusalem. In fact, let me read to you what they say about this project, which they believe is going to hasten the arrival of what they believe will be there Messiah came, says there for 2000 years Israel has waited for the machine are quick Messiah and as a symbol of our belief that this period of waiting has ended we should prepare a crown since the first act of the machine will be to restore the Davidic dynasty which will be unlike any other kingship that has ever existed, and this includes the temple being rebuilt in the temple service reinstated.

They are right now drawing the funds together to build this crown that they think they can place on the Messiah and there are some other items to and I want to talk about them as we move into it more than the ground.

Believe me lots of things are getting ready but here I want to ask you this because the Jews believe this Temple will bring peace to all mankind that this reminds me a little bit of the globalist think that their one world New World order ideas can solve all mankind's problems around the world, no poverty, no war etc. some of the Jews believe that this Temple will bring peace to all mankind.

In other words, their hope in their goal and their dreams is not just for themselves is to better the whole world guess they have this new temple yet exactly what unfortunate course we know Chapter 11 Paul talks about the currently the Jewish people under a temporary blindness or temporary hardness the blind to the fact that Jesus is the Messiah you not waiting for the Messiah is already, we also know that they're not in a good spiritual state because the very event that starts the seven year tribulation. Daniel 927 as they make a treaty, a covenant of all people, the actual antichrist, so we know that They know what's also important. Talk about a veil over their eyes is what they are quoting about this temple that they're going to build which is going to be the one in the figure tribulation.

The quoting passages dealing with the millennial temple.

It's a different temple that's actually the fourth temple exactly what's unfortunate is that out of logical yes but they think in the millennium. Yet Jesus the real one and only Messiah is going to be ruling the writing from Jerusalem and the millennium and it is can be a time of great peace and prosperity, but that's a different temple theater quoting passages and thinking that this Temple they want to build now is that temple and it's not.

It's the one that the antichrist is going to go up into and the Scripture tells us it's basically good news bad news.

At that event, the good news is, once the antichrist commits the abomination of desolation. The Jewish people's eyes are open. It relates all know when we make a mistake, but it comes at a horrible price. The Scripture tells us that after that event, then the antichrist he commits the abomination of desolation. He says not worship me as God opposite the Jewish people are going along that but the Scripture says two thirds are to be taken out by the antichrist and another one third. It can be sovereignly protected so it's unfortunate they think it's gonna be workpiece if the wrong temple is the temple that actually as rough as the sound it actually can be the template can lead to another Jewish Holocaust will you and I get criticized for her theology. Believing this is to Billy crown and he is my guest for the hour your listings. Understanding the times radio Jan Markel here want to talk to you for just a few minutes here about Pres. Donald Trump. He has done some incredible things on behalf of Israel and not only that but his role is so significant that clean has been made with an image of Pres. Trump alongside King Cyrus Billy crime going to play a clip it's you and me actually and talking to you at my conference last fall very short clip here where we talk about this, and folks, if you would like to see this coin with Pres. Trump and King Cyrus, and other images on the backside go to our YouTube presentation that we post every week at the programming there. We have some visual illustrations for you and display this quick clip. I get my hands on these coins. And so, sure enough, I risked paid up for, and two weeks later the actually sent it and I couldn't believe it was. It's surreal. It still is to the stage in a surreal moment for me I think should be for any Christian to hold this in your hands because you not only see our presidents head on a Jewish temple coin. The shekel coin for the temple which they state is for the purposes of aiding in building this next temple which is no will be the one the antichrist goes into traveling to the seven-year tribulation you're holding a piece of prophetic history or him but he's laying there with Cyrus in Cyrus. Of course we know help the Jews build the temple again, this isn't just commemorative. They did this because they believe right now as we are doing this interview the Jewish people believe our present present trial will be the one to help them rebuild this third temple that we know the antichrist is grown up into an age lest you doubt that's what the backend is is with the temple on their I wanted to get it. Also, just to verify that, but it's the wow factor and everybody that's seen and touched it, it is that surreal moment. Generally, you literally say wow this will happen before our very eyes. There's a lot of temple talk this a lot of ending. The vestments are being prepared.

The sheep are ready now red heifer was born recently last 23 weeks and that the other red heifers and they do fizzle out because they get a white error on them but that's not the point. The point is, lots of things priests are getting ready.

Everything is getting ready and then we see things like this and now some would say well the next temple is irrelevant to Christians well yes and no, I mean Nell because it's a sign of again of the lateness of the hour, right if were actually talking at the building of the temple of the items within the temple. The priests of this and now we have a coin right what an NS this right okay or we Christians know to be there when the antichrist goes in the course that we know that early Christians going to be there as well get emails and phone calls. I'm sure you get to a should I use my ATM card.

It's a cashless thing and maybe that's the mark of the beast. No, the Bible says the market beast does not come into play until the seven year tribulation the church's rapture without prior so then you don't throw the baby out the bathwater is a will that I don't need to. Knowing this information because were not drafted it with no the point is this. If we see the technology if we see the actual coins. If we see the alignment of nations.

If we see the technology etc. etc. etc. for all these events that are clearly going to take place during the seven-year tribulation for us again. That should translate to excitement away.

Second, if we already have the technology to pull off the mark of the beast. If we are to have the Jewish people just sit there ready to go. Even producing the coins for the simple then how much closer's rapture the church. Yes, we don't know the day nor the hour but all this doesn't show us. It is so in that more so ever did in the history of the church and we better maximize this opportunity. It's a time to be excited is a time, be faithful and it's a time to stop procrastinating and get busy sharing the gospel in the gospel.

If you'd like to learn a little bit more about this subject matter. We are carrying Billy Crone's DVD set, you get 10 DVDs. It's 20 lessons on 10 DVDs. The Jewish people and the antichrist.

You find it in my store. Olive tree olive tree

Just go to my store or give us a call or sign up for my print and EE newsletter you find our products in the print and E newsletter sign up online pastor, Billy crown, Inc. I have to say that some of us to believe it. I want to just move quickly. I want to talk for a moment or two about the antichrist. Just because I'm moving from Donald Trump in building the temple and all of that. No way am I suggesting folks, please don't hear me saying Donald Trump is the antichrist. First of all we shouldn't try to be figuring these things out. Secondly, I think that's kind of a crazy conclusion that some people are drying Billy I just wanted address because here's the thing he's going to be the antichrist, not Donald Trump.

The antichrist can be the ultimate dealmaker. My question to you is how do you think he will implement this plan to fool the Jewish people because number one. The world is going to be in chaos as a tribulation and how can Israel be in any kind of security any kind of safety when everything is in chaos. Is he gonna take them under his wing so sufficiently that they are totally trusting in him well and we know that spiritually you're not in a good state because, again, we know that all people in the plant to make a covenant with the actual antichrist. We also know that the Bible says in Revelation that Israel at that time was likened unto Sodom and Egypt, which Dr. typifies it not a good state as well.

They're not able to recognize who this guy really is, in essence, until it's too late at the midway point, and that it comes with a price. Many people often wondered okay this covenant that he makes, which we know Daniel 927 is what starts the actual seven-year tribulation. The final week of Daniel 70th week prophecy. It starts when antichrist Mexico.

The Jewish people and we also know again as were talking there has to be a rebuilt Jewish temple in that timeframe and associate of for the Lord. But this guy is not going to make a deal with them, but many people wonder, myself included, if in fact part of the dangling carrot if you will to get this covenant gone is he is he going to be the ultimate like you said gent. The dealmaker to not provide this false peace and safety and security for them, but also permission to build the temple. In fact, what's interesting is one of the temple mount folks that are working the organizations to build it. A gentleman named Gershon Solomon and he's with the Temple Mount faithful.

There's also another group called the Temple Institute tilting the articles is read which we speak. But Gershon Solomon not too long ago, he wrote a letter to Pope Francis in the Vatican and he told them to immediately return the Golden Temple menorah that he said that the Vatican has there and has had ever since the Romans brought the second Temple in Jerusalem and for proving that you see them doing that at the Roman travel arch of Titus, but still existence Rome today and he says you need to give that back to earth that belongs to us and then even charges them with the fact that in the middle ages even Jewish travelers who go the Vatican thereby could see these vessels including the Temple menorah. There the Vatican as of 1948 shocker when Israel became a nation again. They hauled away and hid them because they were afraid that they were going to rebuild the temple at that point, Gershon Solomon from the tip of Mount faithful he's telling them you not only need to get it back and if you keep ignoring me. Listen to what he says. He says he's gonna ask an international court to command the Vatican to do so. I settlement to get to that the microplate the fate the Lord. It's also there's going on right now as were talking it makes you wonder if this is what some future world leaders that are doing on behalf of the Israelites not only provide a false peace and security, which pulses with people crying out peace and security.

Sudden destruction comes on them. Could this guy be the guy who works with the vacuum and the world seen in an international court setting to get their articles back that the claimant that the Vatican is and so you wonder, could this all be part of that scenario that's going to start the seven-year tribulation. In this covenant deal. It wouldn't surprise me.

Like you mentioned Jen as Christians were not worried about who the antichrist were not looking for the antichrist were looking for Jesus Christ.

But again, these points are important for us to let us know that the season is getting extremely close for the rapture that take place prior complaint is a real short clip. It is rabbi to the Levites, and he's talking about how they are praying for the Messiah and that he will come in build the temple.

He says we don't know when it's going to happen. We just know we're praying daily and we are preparing can just hear the longing in his voice, and I want to come back and follow up with an additional question to you Billy. After the second Temple was destroyed the Jewish people were scattered and were exiled all over the world all over the four corners of the globe and didn't have the chance to build the temple.

However, nowadays were back were back in the land of Israel.

So many said that since we are here we have to immediately build the basement we have the opportunity to do so and so, in fact, today, many Jewish people are actively preparing the utensils we are building a me know or our building the altar. We are training all of the priests to learn to do the services in order to build the temple. Others feel that our generation is just not worthy. The political climate is not Barrett's way too volatile and that we should just be praying for the Messiah to come and that he will leave the generation to build the temple. So when will the third temple will be built. I can't give you an exact answer, but I do know that many of us are praying every day many of us are actively preparing and we are all eagerly awaiting the day that the beta make the third temple will become a house of prayer for all nations.

Right in the center of Jerusalem and going back to the antichrist issue Billy Crone because again you heard the longing in rabbi vices voice there about how much they want this temple at least certain segment of the Jewish people do. This antichrist can come along and really full them. As I said, if in fact the seals of Revelation are being poured out during that obviously they play out during the tribulation.

This going to have to be some kind of peace and security within Israel itself for any of this to happen for him to settle down.

The Arab world, for instance, and get them to allow them to build that temple etc. just to get a great conclusion and also I think is conclusive when you understand the events of the seventh of tribulation.

I think you look at the events of the seven-year tribulation that the antichrist has a personal if you will that sewage and protecting, at least initially, the Jewish people. Why because at the halfway point. What is she doing that's right, he betrays them he betrays him, but he goes up into that rebuilt Temple and at the halfway point, so if anything he doesn't want Jerusalem and the Jewish people destroyed because he needs them to make it if you will, to the abomination of desolation that stood and then at that point the Scripture tells us he shows his true colors and that's unfortunate and again you think about.

We've had many people you talk with Arabs. This is another wild thing that's going on Jan because a lot of people go like okay listen, they could have the desire, all they want. They can pray all they want, but man, there's no way they're gonna get this temple built because of the dome of the rock Delos, the Muslim community that never can stand for this again will were all distracted with the economy and who's gonna win one game. Don't forget that incredible That explain the PM on YouTube might be one of my cat since I got there. All of them here and about what were doing that right now there is, believe it or not it's while Jen and this is all recent note there is a sect of the Muslim community that is working with the Jewish rabbis to build a universal temple they're going to keep the dome of the rock, Delos, on their paper say that there's enough land for quote all three Abraham at religions to exist okay and we don't need to fight about it and it will become a perfect universal temple for all nations to come and worship together and tranquility that's coming from the Muslim community. In fact we share a video clip interview of the Moslems meeting with Rabbi Yehuda Glenn Bender all chumming up say yes we can do this we can cooperate and build this universal temple now again and I played that little clip of you introducing the program where you can have talking a little bit. One world religion type things here. I get it.

Rabbi Glick he's working with the Muslims and the Pope for a universal temple course we know many Jews would never stand for that.

Obviously, some are going along with it.

What is this just and we all get along here. I don't understand the mentality behind in our investigation Jan again this is just part of the process going on right now. We share the video clips for interviews. What I discovered is there's two groups of thinking when it comes to the temple with the rabbis in the pictures community one is what were talking about is the one that are basically chumming up with the Pope, the head rabbis and we sure interviews and stuff they are taken. What I would call the compromise position. Just being pragmatic.

We just gotta get it done right were tired. Wayton and so what if we have to work with the Muslims in Britain have their temple where the dome of the rock them out Alaska Mosque with at least we got her temple, so there is a huge section Rabbi David Lau and a Rabbi Yehuda Glick again to the big proponents of that. However, there is what I call the traditional sect and they're like oh no. We ate at Temple Mount is generally clean off. And it is gonna be just the Jewish Temple and that alone, however, transpires. We don't know again where I can be here for that.

But the point is, whether it's the traditional why called out this just the Jewish Temple or if this universal temple that the working together with the Pope and the Muslim community. What's the point for you and I are ready to build them regardless. Do you think in all practicality that could possibly construct the sample, perhaps side-by-side next to the mosque in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the dome of the rock. You think that's a practical solution, but in fact one of the interviews that we share is from Jewish program called holy land uncovered interviewing the Muslim clerics and in the Rabbi Yehuda Glick talk about this universal temple. She actually asked that question. Is this really doable as is feasible and not only with the finances and the permits but are you sure she got to work together out of their own mouth and he could see it on the video that they say oh yeah, there's quote room enough for all this hearing. There's a surgeon over here we can lay there and will all just worship there and tranquility and it will be just fine. And so, whether we want to stop at or not they believe it can happen. And one of the Muslim leaders that the big proponents of this is a guy name Adnan October. He's not only a very influential Muslim leader and author.

It is like 65 million books in print around the world.

But he believes that they not only can build that universal temple there all in coexisting his words are with modern technology. Once they start, they could have that temple ready to go within one year really and that certainly fits the timeframe because remember, we know what say we consider support the part of the Daniel 927 agreement.

The covenant is here will also let you go temple, which again Daniel 927 that government is 137 or tribulation will we know it has to be done by three and half years. The midway point because that's when the antichrist of the abomination of desolation and so here he is saying. With modern technology. They wished about two and half years to spare that we could be in there acting like your things great and the Nelson boom. At one point the hammer comes down the true colors of antichrist amount and unfortunately here comes another Holocaust. I'm sure you'd like to see some of the videos that were talking about and you can do that by getting this 10 DVD set 20 lessons.

The Jewish people in the antichrist which were carrying can give us a call or go online to our store that might be good for adult class that you're having a home group B 20 lessons on the Jewish people in the antichrist and the beauty of it is all of the little videos that are included in at the news clippings. The interviews I've seen probably half if not more of the videos contained in the teachings which I think, say, an awful lot. Your teaching is the best then you complemented with all the clippings in the news articles and news items on that certain indoor tennis a lot more work, but it's needed because our scopic society and daylight saving the scopic society and the church can absolutely particularly in this day and age when this topic is kind of been tossed aside, exactly. It's one thing process. The AI according the Jerusalem Post or breaking Israel news is what they said about the temple built on. Yeah, whatever.

But when you show the actual video clip of the actual Rabbi or the actual Jewish leader, including people like Benjamin Netanyahu, the actual words of Pres. McKinley statements party tonight at the plate by Mr. Netanyahu when I come back. I also when I come back. Billy Cronin wanted to talk about the ark of the covenant, how do we have rebuilt Temple third Temple without the ark of the covenant will talk about that and just and then folks don't go away. We live in extraordinary times headlines are heralded his clothing want to keep you appraised of news and information content of faith in the watchmen on the wall you're on the run this program or segment catch up electronically program is posted to our YouTube channel Jan Markel through our website.

All of three that's all of three and to one Saturday morning.

You can sign up one black have the program downloaded to your devices. Saturday morning, or with pastor Billy Krohn and Jan Markel. We are carrying a new book you make to Henry James trilogy is title lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist 5217 authors, including John Martel lawlessness has raised it satanically inspired head for all to see. Very chaos and turmoil inflame the world geopolitical and societal upheaval looks at the heart of America and the world.

Much of humanities in the state of the growing range. This is stage setting for the lies of antichrist by powers and principalities, both human and demonic have to do this found in our online store all of three views are all of three follow simple time. 763-559-4476 35594 also featured in our printed newsletters sign up online to better understand our times 10 actual temple, the actual antichrist is going to go up into halfway to the seven or tribulation and commit the abomination of desolation that we are talking about that's mentioned in Scripture. In the New Testament 2000 years ago. The book of Daniel even further than that, that the temple that there ready to build right now and they have all the details ethically just mentioned the ashes of the pure red heifer we hear from many of you that you appreciate our angle of news and information, and particularly the encouragement of the King is coming any day you can find daily news stories and articles that we force this message. Our website all of three that's all of three writers through our website.

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Box 1452, Road, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311 call is something 57635594444 763-559-4444 news Jan Markel, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Abram passed the greatest test of faith and the right to be the father of our nation. Jerusalem and David establish our capital 3000 years ago, and Jerusalem.

King Solomon Bogart temple Bogart temple stood for many centuries and Jerusalem. Jewish exiles from Babylon rebuilt the temple built the temple stood for many more. In Jerusalem the Maccabees that restored Jewish sovereignty in this line is some 2000 soldiers of his spoke three in the morning words by Temple's temple is and were talking about that for the hour because I have on the line from Las Vegas is pastor of the sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas. You can learn more and get a life get a life pastor Billy Krohn.

Let me just say quickly here that we get an active presence on social media find us on Instagram on Facebook on twitter and on YouTube where we try to get the message out. The social media so important these days because people are congregating there and many of them want to learn to look us up on the various outlets of social media and if you write to us, particularly if you send the gift would you always tell us what station or what outlet are you listening on a real radio or electronically, a podcast or however just let us know how you listen. Pastor Billy Krohn. I had said earlier, I want to talk to about the ark of the covenant, and I do. How on earth do you have a temple without the ark of the covenant, but the various can I say bullet points that we've been talking about. And if we had time we cover each and every one carefully that the Jewish people and the antichrist and how they can play together in the tribulation the church is gone. Of course, Muslim people are fearful, the Jewish leaders are ready organizations are ready. The plans are ready the finances are ready to cow is ready red heifer of the Sanhedrin is ready priesthood is ready. The ceremonies are right, it's ready to go and as we said in opening the program it's ready, not in five years.

Not in five weeks it could be ready in five minutes and the point is, that's how late the hour is because this is a tribulation event in the what happens before the tribulation the church is taken home to be with the Lord.

Point is, that could happen any minute. I think that's your point as well.

Is it not Billy Krohn all absolutely. We know that one cannot do It, etc. but the Scripture does give us scientists getting close are you to rapture. We knowingly prior to the center tribulation. So the whole point of discussing any event, including the rebuilt Jewish temple that could take place in the seven-year tribulation is will obviously logically biblically really prior. So it's got to be getting close and the temple is mentioned throughout the Scripture, Old Testament, New Testament we know it's gonna be rebuilt and when you take a look if you're paying attention to the news. The Jewish people are ready to build that thing now and the keyword is now for decades.

What we been distracted. They have been making preparations to get everything ready to go and not me down to the minute detail. That's what the study is all about.

Another interesting point and actually you bring it out in your DVD presentation that is almost every Jewish wedding ceremony.

They recognize the temple and the longing for a rebuilt one because there's a parallel they are to Christians and that are wedding day approaches as well. And that's when we meet the Lord Jesus in the air go with him home to heaven for those seven years as the tribulation plays out on earth and we come back and establish the millennial kingdom, but that Jewish wedding ceremony talk to us at this for a moment about it.

There's many different ways. Jewish people have embedded not only intermediate but in their traditions or holidays including their wedding ceremonies that one thing yes it's important that were back in the land again were nation again. We recapture Jerusalem. Again, that's great, but one thing that they realized the heart of Israel, Jerusalem, is it got to rebuild the temple, and multiple don't realize is they've got that embedded we show the actual video and information in the study that even better that truth and that the deep-seated desire in the Jewish wedding. Why so that every Jewish couple getting married does that they need to not remind themselves, but any future generations. We've got to rebuild the temple, and all around the practice of where under the box.

The bridal chamber that they get married under the Jewish wedding then there comes an event where they take a class and either by itself or they've covered up in a napkin of some sort or o'clock and they basically put it on the ground and in the crowd shouts out model, Tov, should this. I joke with people you know if it's in the Navy smashed with the foot should know the reason why the Jewish people course to this is because they have an over surplus of glassware and this is their creative way to get rid of it. No, all about the desire that around the temple and that the reason why they smashed the glass in the marriage ceremony is to remind them that the last temple was smashing, destroyed, shattered in 70 A.D. and it incumbent upon them now this generation and all generation Jewish people, but they've got to rebuild it again thereunder a temporary blindness right now but little do they know that the temple with the preparing to build and they've got it reminded people in their wedding ceremony is unfortunately going to be the temple of the antichrist goes up and and commits the abomination of desolation. We want to move on to the lost Ark of the covenant is to Billy Krohn and he is my guest for the hour.

Learn more and get a life the ark of the covenant. Some of us I mean we were totally intrigued with the 1980s movie. I think it's my favorite movie of all time. And that's Indiana Jones searching for the ark of the covenant. Even Hollywood is interested in the ark of the covenant just a little history on it.

The ark would have set probably under the dome of the rock that said gold domed sort of mosque looking thing in the heart of Jerusalem holy of holies.

Underneath that Ark of the covenant there at one time. Some say it was moved to a secret underground location near the temple area. I've actually heard the story really that perhaps two rabbis actually saw it in the 1980s and said they couldn't bring it out to the open because there was no temple. Do you know anything about this 1980s the healing of the ark of the covenant an inch and what's really interesting is course one of the studies we do with all the rebuilt Temple articles a bit and work on for decades and there I say spending millions and millions of dollars on re-creating to the Old Testament standard solid gold solid silver I were talking everything you think of but here's what's interesting is just at the Temple Institute last November and they admit that their billing errors in article you think of him talking shovels, libation vessels, the lottery box course, the menorah, the table showbread all that stuff. The incense altar, and they've added on for quite some time. The priesthood garments all that stuff we share all that stuff that they been working on, but they admit there's one article they do not plan on remaking and that is the ark of the covenant, Nicole. Why would you not make that will what we discovered and we have it on tape. You can watch the actual interview with your own eyes, but we have on tape. The reason why is because they believe they know exactly where it's at and when they get permission to build the temple to gonna bring it out.

That's why of all articles, they don't need to re-create this one. Read you just a quick transcript of one of the videos that we share and this is an interview with Rabbi Rickman whose he will. He's the director of the Temple Institute, whose building these articles and here's what he said.

He said there's many inquiries about the ark of the covenant promote the world and they postulate many theories goes into one the ones that are course. The history Channel always wants to bring up and is really down Ethiopia. That's ridiculous. He said there is quote no question about the ark of the covenant that it remains in the same chamber as it was hidden by King Josiah, towards the close of the first Temple chamber, he says, was personally designed by King Solomon and it was hidden there. The ark, together with other items we know where they are and an attempt was made. A number of years ago to obtain them, but was not successful. But we certainly believe that when the proper time comes, we shall be able to gather these things for the position in the rebuilt Temple and there's also another report that we share to other rabbis, Rabbi Goren and Rabbi Goetz in 1982 report is an industry with your own eyes that they went in at Warren's gate underneath the Temple Mount area and the coach saw the ark of the covenant under there in a course, the question was posed will wedding you bring out they said quote we don't have a place to put it yet but as soon as we have a temple. We will bring it out and put it in the holy of holies. So that's not just detail. This is a story with some credibility. I did not know that exactly again. We got that from multiple sources and again these are from three different rabbis were not just rely on all it wouldn't Indiana do you can see these interviews. These clips, Billy's teachings. It's a 10 DVD set 20 lessons Jewish people and the antichrist. It's in our store olive tree views as an viewpoint, olive tree you can call us.

You can sign up for my print and E newsletter plenty of products are offered in both the print and E newsletter and you can learn more about Pastor Billy Krohn and his ministry again at sunrise, Bible church, but you want to go to get a life Billy Krohn let's get a life media all about. Why are you trying to tell people to get a life based on Franklin my testimony 26 years ago I found out that you need to get a life through Jesus Christ. He certainly had mercy on me. 1980s accepting her drug Accenture walk mill show was picked, I called a nickel to new agent got radically save me as our ministry, but also as all Christians were called to share the gospel which is really encouraging people to get a life to Jesus Christ, and of course our heartbeat is to do that through media Penske life and so were looking as many different ways like yourself Jan using media whatever formatives would be radio, TV or print or social media to get the good news out that people can know that they can be saved through Jesus Christ, and their essay on the topic or context, say from the seven-year tribulation because we are not going to be appointed unto that timeframe.

The seven years of God's wrath can play clipper to Billy Krohn in the time we have left them to their discussion by any means emphasizing just how ready.

Everything is to get out Rabbi Chaim Richman is one who talks a lot about it.

Let's let him talk about everything that's set to go for almost 30 years. The Temple Institute has been accomplishing the impossible. We created a menorah of solid gold for the holy Temple have methodically done 10 years of research, we created the breastplate of the high priest, everyone thought it was impossible for the first time in 2000 years we produced pure olive oil for the menorah over 60 vessels have been restored by the Temple Institute. Everyone thought it couldn't be done.

All of these things. Everyone told us it's impossible now we are restoring the commandments of the red heifer everyone thought was impossible. All of the commands of the Torah possible to thank you for being part of the holy work templates for 2000 years we've been waiting for a perfect red heifer around know people think that finding a real red heifer is impossible. But the truth is there are thousands of red cast throughout the world.

Go to Google search for images of red house and you'll see red Angus and American legacy Shetland and the Scottish Highlands and you see red cattle and Norfolk Island just to mention a few. Many red cast throughout the world challenges not to find the particular right challenge is to raise perfect red heifer according to the exact environments here in the land of his time to stop waiting and start to summer institutes has invited on precedence historical projects raise her. Here is a case of cattleman and using state-of-the-art technique and under strict rabbinical supervision going to raise her house here in Israel going to select a proper candidate from this her the fulfillment of the biblical requirements of the commandments of the red heifer. Make no mistake, this projects nothing less than the first days of the reintroduction of biblical purity into the world.

The prerequisites for the building of the holy means the king is coming. That's exciting news right Billy. I believe it is pointed out a report about Temple temple is produced in the third Temple stop and take a deep breath. What temple are we talking about the actual temple that the actual antichrist is going to go up into halfway to the seven your tribulation and commit the abomination of desolation the temple we are talking about that's mentioned in Scripture. In the New Testament 2000 years ago. The book of Daniel even further than that. That's the temple that they're ready to build right now and they have all the details as the clip just mentioned. Even the ashes of a pure red heifer.

I gave the teaching that the proximity see conference him to be last January.

Now some months ago and I listed that I thought would be the 10 top stories that tied into and time issues. This was early in January's one of my 10 top stories is exactly what were talking about here for the hour and that is the rekindling of interest in all things Temple talk and temple activity in utensils and priests getting ready in red heifer and put all of that together and then you had the rebirth of the Sanhedrin.

I'm taking three paragraphs off of landline ministries just to explain to people what the Sanhedrin is and they write on October 13, 2004 Sanhedrin Council of the Jewish nation was reconstituted for the first time in 1600 years. The ceremony took place in the Israeli town of Tiberias located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. This was the site of the Council's last meeting in the year for 25 A.D. this incredible development largely ignored by the press appears to be one more step toward the construction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in the last paragraph I'll read the Sanhedrin was officially founded when God ordered Moses choose 70 men from among the elders of Israel and bring them before the tabernacle, which was the precursor of the temple where they would receive the anointing of the Spirit to judge the children of Israel. Numbers 11. This tribunal came to be known as the Sanhedrin okay bringing it up to modern time Billy crown. They had a very special ceremony and the Sanhedrin invited 70 nations to a Hanukkah dedication of the altar for the third Temple. So again we have headlines sleeping both out of the Bible and the newspaper exactly again Sanhedrin. What's ironic is people need to realize that with the same ruling elite that was here when Jesus was here that one only true Messiah is first coming and the Jewish Sanhedrin place. Now they're back in place. Just recently, like he said unfortunately like this in the news there back in existence again.

Unfortunately, this time just in time for the antichrist of all things that they're working on is what they also worked on when they were here the time of Jesus his first coming is about building the temple. They're not going to the temple mount their research and the exact location for the temple to be on the mount and are also pushing for Elliott plans to be made, which by the way they already have. In fact, we would show the actual 3D animated plans for the temple, including the whole of human stones is that the meeting place for the Sanhedrin that's already done and update what Jan that to me was kind of freaky because again it's an animated 3D of the actual plants, but it gives us a sneak peek into even the will not be here, but what the actual temple is if you're walking through it is going to be like in the simulation including the hall where the Sanhedrin is going to be meeting at they also are big about re-creating the ceremonies as you mentioned, just had multiple conservative had recently but they had the one with invited 70 different nations to come to be a part of the Temple altar. It has been built and to dedicate that they fit that they're inviting people to come to be a part of that quote blessing and think that nature.

Another thing that they've actually done to as the Sanhedrin is most people don't realize, and I was like how it does not make the news. When Christians talk about this, but the Sanhedrin has actually picked the high priest they had picked the high priest that is going to be. They believe the high priest for this rebuttal temple. We show pictures of and videos of him and also involved with the Sanhedrin with these re-created ceremonies.

His name is Rabbi Farouk came.

They said that obviously they believe the temples can be rebuilt. Basically any time now again is incumbent on them that they be ready with everything, not just articles, not just the priesthood, not just the garments not just every little individual thing you need, but obviously they need a high priest, so they already picked the guy is not only already been trained that he's already been a part of these re-created temple ceremonies that they're going through and they're doing a bunch of different ones and and again you just which one and again Jan just happened to display clip to back up what you saying so is to say that exciting announcement today in dance of this week's special tolerating process, the simple Institute is now inaugurating the historic and unprecedented program that will identify and select: name status of biblical purity enables them to attend to the preparation of the red heifer. This is the second stage of the Institute's far-reaching efforts to restore biblical purity to the world a continuation of our ongoing program of raising red heifers in Israel: them are male Jews who are of patriarchal dissent of Aron, and thus members of the priestly tribe. If you are a Keohane born and residing in Israel and exercise caution with regards to the laws of biblical purity, you may be eligible to participate in this program. For more information or to help with these efforts. Contact us at red I just find it intriguing initiative advertising for the priests exactly the Christian community were distracted again is they don't realize that they don't have the priestly picture clips information from rabbis send it vehicle database. We know the restart of the priestly line. We talked quite a while back in a different study that even have what's called DNA markers right dedicate a DNA test right will they have one that they believe it's called the Cohan gene course.

The priestly line that they know exactly who is going to be of the priestly line. They know I have that in place, but they been training that they have actual priest schools they been existence for a while now the priesthood is not coming. It's already here in there all ready been trained and again they have picked the high priest as well. Let me quote general quick, this is Rabbi hello wise and he's a spokesman for the Sanhedrin and he explained the necessity of why they needed to choose a high priest not tell me this is getting close.

He said the only obstacle preventing the temple service today is the political issue. He said if that should change suddenly they will want to make note of the antichrist because as a very well could we would be required to begin the temple service immediately is therefore necessary that we have a candidate prepared to fill the role.

The high priest, especially now that we have quote not coming. We have Coconino priest prepared to serve in the temple and even Rabbi Kane, the guy they chose to the high priest said if the government decided to permitted structures can be prepared almost over night that how close we are. Everything is basically ready to go but at the Sanhedrin admitted all its down to now it's not it. Temple plan issue. The got the plant planet temple finance issues.

They got the finances is not a temple article issues they got ready to go and they know the ark of the covenant is according to them it's a political issue that not driving back to Daniel 927. Could that not be in fact is we talked the dangling carrot that the antichrist got used to it you will put them over the edge to make this deal with him the event to start the seven year tribulation. One thing that Christians I think are doing just a little bit troubling and I you would probably advise against it as I would as well, as I think some are actually contributing financially to the construction of this temple, what would your advice be my advice would be not to do that but give me your thoughts. All I meant for agreement with you. In fact, is funny. Bring that up. I was just preaching at a conference week before last, and the course of the deal with this topic and when my messages.

Of course, one of the people came about or say Pastor Bill, how can we help and or should we help build this temple ices overhaul were not to be here in the seven year tribulation ices. But if you really want to help the Jewish people then don't spend your money on help build this temple spend the money on sharing the gospel with them. There you go, because if you really want to help the Jewish people then guess what, there is a way that they can escape. Just like the rest of us Gentiles. The seven year tribulation. They'll have to learn the hard way they can get saved. Just like the rest of us. If they accept Jesus Christ right now as their Lord and Savior as the one and only Messiah. So let's spend our time and effort and energy on that because that's the most grievous act of love and mercy because again, the Jewish people technically have to learn the hard way that Jesus is the Messiah, which is at the midway point as we discussed earlier if they just get saved now so spend your time and effort on that good point. We couldn't agree more here because you may hear us talk very frequently on understanding the times radio and anything that all three ministries.

Desi may hear us talk about current events about eschatology, lateness of the hour. Bible prophecy but in our heart of hearts we really are evangelistic. The minded want to see all men come to faith in Jesus Christ and gospel was given likely to the Jew first real quickly silicone one more point here because you have said in your production that world leaders are weighing in on the building of a temple that we've already talked about the Pope talked about the Islamic world there in favor of it and I am down to just couple of minutes, but what you mean by world leaders are weighing in on the building of the third Temple only have we mentioned before, the issue of doctoral what's going on. I just quoted the Sanhedrin basically to get ready to go. It's now just a political issue, i.e. they need somebody to help him pull it off. So they're reaching out to different world leaders now yes we mention our own present present ultra what while Janet we should actual videos on this to their also reaching out to all people.

What report that's right. Should actual video clip he went over there to the Western Wall he could see with your eyes just like trumpet in the rabbis are urging not just Trenton but prudent to also help build this temple and was while he went over there and he was quoted as saying an Israeli bystander called out in Russian welcome Pres. Putin and then Putin responded.

He said that he's here because of the importance of the Temple Mount and the Jewish Temple and then he goes on to say, listen, this that's exactly the reason I came here to pray for the temple to be built again if I collect are you kidding me of all people. But then again we mention that the Muslim communities jump on the and we have a whole study just on Pope Francis in the Vatican and how they want to get their hands on not just the temple but all of Jerusalem because they want to stage their one world religion event there and again they're the ones who were duping some of the rabbis and to go along with this universal temple as well stroll that together and there's another one. The Jewish people are ready to go but guess who they're speaking for backing some the biggest world leaders on the stage present ultra Vladimir Putin also drawn government but also with the Pope himself so they are drumming up support to work together.

Listen what you going to I think this can lead to some leader working together to cut a deal that would not only provide a false peace and safety to get what they are at that final stage permission to build this temple.

Check out the product in my store all the three it's the Jewish people and the antichrist. It's 20 lessons on 10 DVDs Jewish people and the antichrist forget my office call Pastor Billy: thank you so much for sharing with me this hour can learn saying next week I hope to have back on air curve is the hours producer of the gender DVD series about the Marxist agenda to take over America, folks. It is Ian Flay. Hopefully he can update us on the progress there plans preparation and more.

If indeed we are to have the Biden administration.

If so, this will accelerate the communist takeover of America that's next week. Don't miss it folks. I want to go out sameness to supplant God had a plan for the Jews number one to become a nation that the language of the restore that Jerusalem would be taken that the Bible says that the plan included they'd be a burden to the whole world Roussell and would be anyway they would become a light into the nations that they would be a blessing to the whole world.

Genesis 12 the same time to be a source of world conflict that they would stand up on their feet. A great army and that they would rebuild their temple and that's what we've looked at this hour. The hours late folks. Nobody is promised to tomorrow turn your life over to Jesus Christ today before it's too late. Want to thank you for listening will talk to you next week by all of the audio clips played in today's programming can be viewed on the YouTube version of this radio program found that John Martel's YouTube channel different touch with us through our website.

All of three that's all of three call a central time. 763-559-4347 635554 or just drop us a note and consider a tax-deductible check all of three ministries John Martel Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55386 90 despair look up this and returned with us. Things are all coming together

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