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Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 24, 2020 8:00 am

Back to Babel

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 24, 2020 8:00 am

President Trump has put the brakes on global government for four years but it will eventually happen according to the Bible. Both Gary Kah and Leo Hohmann speak into this. The unbelieving world, as well as the Vatican, want to run back to Babylon and that will have enormous consequences. We see the run-up to that now.

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Why are good people suddenly enemies of the state. I'm sorry friends.

I just can't go along with this idea that there's actually no attempt going on at the moment to destroy the US economy. What else is this to destroy the US economy to set up a global economy in fear. I say if they get their way to set up an entire new world order they want a borderless world welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel want to fight olive tree ministries radio for the remnant of a vitally important election coming up in just over a week. Freedom is at stake.

Jan talks to to address issues related to global government and sour our first guest is the familiar voice of Gary, if just 5% of Christians do not vote on November 3, our way of life can drastically change in the rush to the one world system will be on overdrive here is today in order for these schemers to convince the people of the world of their need for a world government. There has to be an atmosphere of crisis in every major area of our lives.

The environment is one of those if people are convinced that the world's gonna literally destroy itself.

Then people will be more likely to receive the solution which will be world government that can protect us.

So glad you could join me for the hour for the first part of the program. I'm going to continue some discussion on the forthcoming US election is the most important election.

I think in several generations, and the results will determine the future for America and the world. I think it's either freedom or tyranny. To be honest and as you know, I monitor the rush to the global system president Trump has stalled global government for these almost 4 years and the rush to the New World order. Well, it's on for it to be fully implemented in the church has to disappear and what's known as the rapture that is not the topic of this hour, however, there can be no one world system with the church still present because this will be in the tribulation might guest for this segment it's going to be the familiar voice of Gary, he's monitored the rush to the one world system for over 30 years since frequent guest. He was my radio guest last spring when we discussed, among other things, how covert it was speeding the onset of globalism. I talked about Pope Francis in working on probably get into that for a little bit here today as well. Gary welcome back to the program. Hi Jan, it's always a pleasure to be with you.

Gary at such an important election and you say this never in our lifetime. Has there been such a start contrast between the two major parties. It's not an overstatement to say that our existence as a free nation is at stake. We've got two very interesting candidates and vice presidential candidates you sensed and this would have been going all the way back to 2018 that Kemal Harris would actually become a president or vice president candidate. What were the indicators. The I wrote back in our fall 2018 issue is to keep your eyes on California Sen. Kemal Harris. She is a rising star within the Democratic Party and is rapidly gaining popularity among millennial's. She is attractive, intelligent, well spoken and extremely liberal. Some political insiders believe she has her eyes on the White House. But in order to become a party's nomination would have to first overcome some of the older establishment liberals such as Joe Biden five years ago and I might as well comment on. Well, she's almost there, by his errors when she is only to be one mini stroke away from being our commander-in-chief. I want to quote you here because you write the real champion is Kemal Harris, hard-core liberal socialist who is entirely dedicated to the climate change pro UN OneWorld agenda and you say, if the progressives win Harris and her behind the scenes accomplices not Mr. Biden will be in charge things in the US would drastically change that would be no turning back. This time is the number of ultra liberals in the US is growing thanks to the combined efforts of the leftist university professors.

The social and conventional media, Hollywood high-tech moguls and millennial followers of black lives matter AOC. The majority of whom are dedicated socials expand on that for just a minute. Your thoughts behind that paragraph you wrote you've got many groups now working together networking tightly in their joint goal is to bring in socialism is a lot of people don't make this connection when I'm getting ready to share.

But it's important that we do back in the 80s and 90s we talked about the OneWorld New Age movement that was growing there was thousands of New Age organizations out there and interfaith Buddhism was beginning to become popular. What people need to understand is that all of that has morphed into this OneWorld socialist movement. Let me give you an example, the Socialist International is a umbrella organization of hundreds of socialist organizations from around the world is kind of the mothership if you will, the current Secretary-General of the United Nations good. Paris was the president of the Socialist International for years and he was rewarded by being made UN Secretary-General. That's how influential that organization is. They have their tentacles out all over the United States and other parts of the world their prize if they can rein a sin would be the United States and they been working hard at this for many many years, decades. In fact, Dan von Gino from Fox news. He posted I think was on October 3 by nine minute excerpt of Ronald Reagan's speech from 1964 were he warned the US about the coming socialism. It is powerful, he was spot on that many years ago. So Reagan was already aware of it.

Back in those days that people would roll their eyes.

They were that concerned about it. Of course it's come so much further today because of Trump's personality. He's drawn all of this to the surface. These people hate them so much they can't help themselves. But the come out and speak what they really think. At least, to that degree. We as Christians have been given a heads up. You realize what were dealing with, where as I believe a few years ago many of us didn't realize just how far along things were now there's no excuse. You got close to 40% of the country, according to some polls that lean socialist how long in your opinion, do you think it would take a Biden Harris administration to begin to move blatantly to global government.

I would say weeks to months. What say you, I would say within the first three months will jump on it if they can control both the House and Senate. That's key for either party. Because as we've seen, if you don't have both.

It's also possible to get anything done. Also, depending what happens in the Supreme Court. If conservatives gain a genuine majority that could come in handy for us down the road but for the most part, of course, the legislative decisions and anything involving our move toward global government would be made between the house and the Senate and the president would have to prove that seeing where the houses were some of our senators and including Chuck Schumer. I think they're chomping at the bit. There'd hoping they can get on with it.

Trump and pensive been standing in their way. Now, with the whole Supreme Court situation.

It's a nightmare for its unfolding, and they realize what all is at stake for them because if we take the Supreme Court and the House and the Senate. It would be very difficult for them to move forward over the next few years. I think it would give us a reprieve, at least for a while longer a lot at stake in the election, then I'll just use this as an opportunity. I'm telling people to get out and vote no matter what obstacles you may face unless you're dying get out and vote because it's not just the national election, but also the state and local elections where there is so much at stake, especially involving our congressional seats both you and I seal that Kemal Harris would quickly be actually running the show.

Mr. Biden would have to step aside for reasons that may be pretty obvious to some of us anyway and that some of the if I daresay nonsense is going to come along quickly green new deal which my understanding could be $100 trillion. That's what I've heard anyway and that's a staggering amount of money. But that's just one policies me lots of other policies that he can come along which most think America what America sinks in the whole world sinks and that's just begging for global government to be the solution to perhaps a Washington gone haywire. You're exactly right. And I think if Harris gets in.

She'll be running the show those behind her would be running radio through her. I don't see how Biden can endure the pressures of the White House for four years.

I think most people, whether Democrat or Republican would probably agree on that. If Biden Harris get in. I think she would have a major voice right from the get go and she's far more liberal than people think she's smart, she knows how far to go. Usually when the cameras are on and when their off. Then she speaks her real mind.

Unlike AOC, who pretty much says what she thinks most of the time and that's one reason they've kinda had to put a silencer on her little bit because she voices where there really coming from coach you again from Piersall 2020 magazine which you can subscribe to and Gary,.org spell KH three,.org, and have four times a year hits many page magazine and you say during these final weeks before the election.

The liberal powers that be will use every weapon in their arsenal to diminish the credibility and presidential stature Donald Trump. As such, they will continue to do everything possible to ruin our economy via covert restrictions, destructive riots and any other employee at their disposal, hoping to effectively pin the blame for a crash, should it occur on the president and then you say Democrats are becoming more desperate by the day, as they are now facing the additional possibility of losing Supreme Court think that's definitely going to happen here. The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg could not have come at a worse time for them, they would have kept her on life support until after the election, could they have done so for the progressive their worst nightmare is coming true cell indeed that has thrown a tremendous monkey wrench into things and present, Trump has put a pause on the climate change activity on the Paris climate cords on the celebration of the World Health Organization on the celebration of the United Nations, so there are victories that are at risk here for conservatives. That's right. And I remember years ago a friend of mine, Dr. Michael Kaufman.

He was one of the top experts on climate change in the environment in the country in a testified before Congress. I remember him telling me said Gary if humans did everything perfectly regarding the environment. We could only impact maybe 2 to 3% of what happens 5% would be a huge stretch.

So in other words, if the oceans were going to go up by 20 feet over the next 20 years, which won't happen, but let's say it would under normal circumstances, is it even if we did everything humanly possible. He still got by 19 feet, and that's the part.

The media isn't sharing their trying to convince us that climate change is all because of human activity and now they've got even a step further. If you listen to the media think that Donald Trump alone is crying all of it causing all the fires in California and although her gave it's all something Donald Trump is managed to accomplish in the last 3 to 4 years and they believe that the sky is falling and they need to come together through an empowered United Nations global government to solve the environmental crisis and are using the COBIT situation for the same reason we have to come together through the World Health Organization that can dictate everything we need to do planet wise to conquer this pandemic and of course the US hasn't played that game.

Donald Trump did the opposite.

He pulled us out of the World Health Organization defunding the World Health Organization. The globalists are fit to be tied. They're very upset with this administration and with the US as a whole for putting Trump into office showdown is coming.

Make no mistake, and for right now.

That showdown is between Trump Pentz versus Biden Harris if the Democrats lose the selection and Trump gets back in there will be fireworks of some type. But if Biden Harris when then that begs the question what is the right going to do knowing that they have a socialist agenda other than praying is there going to be more activity are people going to become more oriented toward protests like what the left has done. Hopefully not violent where at that point where, for all practical purposes were already in a war of sorts. So far you haven't had shots fired on a broad scale, but it wouldn't take much at this point, no matter who wins the selection.

I believe this controversy is just going to keep escalating short of God's divine intervention.

I think were going to have some rocky months ahead.

Your listening and understanding the time to radio Jan Markel here. I have on the line from Indiana Gary, he's been my radio guest. I'm sure talking times in the last 15 years or so, maybe more.

We always talk about the rush to one world-ism. He was with me in the spring when COBIT was manifesting.

We both acknowledged at that time that obviously the globalists need a crisis. They tried to tag on to global warming climate changed not too effective, and then came the international crisis of coven almost 200 nations affected by the virus and that certainly was the price is the one world there is decided. Well this is it. Bill Gates flew into action and some others.

The rest is history. I don't think we know exactly where it's going. It's heading towards a one world system.

We don't know the timing on that also.

Last spring, you and I talked about the role of the Vatican, and that's always an intriguing topic can my listeners.

I don't know how many are Catholic. It doesn't really matter but they always have an interest in Pope Francis, a 10-year-old clip of you here and you're referring to Pope Benedict because I can even Pope Benedict wasn't globalists.

Now that is been accentuated and accelerated hundred times over with Pope Francis, who just recently came out.

He blatantly denounced capitalism raised not to socialism and communism. But here is Gary from 10 years ago talking about the role of the Vatican in this global effort on July 6, Pope Benedict issued his charity and truth statement also known as an encyclical in this particular encyclical is a rather radical document that puts the Roman Catholic Church firmly on the side of an emerging world government.

According to Cliff Kincaid of accuracy in media. I'd like to quote to you from the Pope's encyclical is are his words not mine in the face of the unrelenting growth of global interdependence.

There is a strongly felt need, even in the midst of a global recession for a reform of the United Nations organization and likewise of economic institutions and international finance so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth. This seems necessary in order to arrive at a political, juridical and economic order, which can increase and give direction to international cooperation for the development of all peoples and solidarity for all this there is urgent need of a true world political authority read again for all this there is urgent need of a true world political authority another place, talks with real teeth understand what the Senate are global political authority with the power to enforce itself, i.e. an empowered United Nations or an EU that goes global that has political force will talk about global government here Gary how far back do you feel that we could track the Vatican promoting this one worldism openly since the 1960s through Vatican II. A lot of this began to come out back in 1986 I believe Pope John Paul II held a meeting in a CC Italy which he invited over 200 religious leaders from around the world, representing all the world's major religions. What took place at that meeting was almost unbelievable their abilities religious leaders practicing occult rituals which she had video footage of its effect. The Vatican made a videotape on that is actually a Catholic organization.

I think out of New York State and I remember looking at that is one of things you have to see the sleep hankering and from that time forward interfaces really was launched in a more public kind of way. The idea that all religions are pathways to godless just all come together and you have to ask the question why why would anybody be promoting that agendas clears the Bible is about Christ and his atoning blood. Then for the Pope to make statements such as the Holy Spirit is present in all people regardless of their faith regardless of their religion. It told me that there was a bigger agenda at play here and pushing the political side of this forward. Now since the 60s. It's become more blatant than ever under Pope Francis, who by the way, just launched his global compact on education over 15 and that is completely one world. He basically rubberstamped the ideological agenda pushed by the global elites. My Catholic friends have to come to terms with this, you have to make some decisions just like Protestants have to make about some of their leaders that are endorsing this kind of thing. I realize it's a hard decision to make.

In some respects because all of us are guilty to some degree of just following tradition because of how it's always been, and then to have to intentionally break with that tradition because one of our leaders is going. The globalists route and not just behind the scenes but very flagrantly promoting a dangerous one world socialist agenda. We need to remind ourselves where socialism ends up I'm not aware of one situation of our generation where socialism is ended well. I hate to use Venezuela again but your good example because at one point time they had the second highest standard of living in the world. A lot of people are not aware that it was a very wealthy country as last year.

I heard we have friends down there who have family they still go down there and take a big risk because once they get in. There is no guarantee will be able to get back out, but our friend told that the average Venezuelan lost approximately 20 pounds of weight last year and it's because they're literally starving your talk about socialism, completely ruining a robust economy. Almost everyone was prospering and those who were were able to get some much-needed help from those who were. But now the whole country is in dire straits except for the dictators that run it there doing well.

Gary just in the interest of time in the spring. You and I on here spent a great deal of time talking about how the coven pandemic has contributed to again.

The cause of the one rollers over many months beyond the spring nuggets were heading into the end of 2020. Here to give me your observations as to where this is going. There is a lot of money being poured into the development of the vaccines. The biggest single financial contribution to all this is coming from Bill Gates he's helping to fund the forward motion of 12 different vaccines putting more money into some than others. I have a real problem with that.

I'm not against vaccines per se. I realize they have their place in some vaccines can help prevent a lot of deaths around the world. But when I look at all the manipulation that has gone into this covert agenda and how they're trying to use it for an ulterior purpose of pushing us toward global government and global authority, and then you look at how Gates himself has been involved in pushing some of these vaccines in you look at the history of the Gates organization. The fact I just did an article on this Jan in our fall issue.

People will be able to go to our website and look at this and it's under the coven vaccines in Bill Gates and I just wanted to share this excerpt with you because it summarizes it back in 2010 when Gates committed $10 billion to the UN's World Health Organization.

He said we must make this the decade of vaccines. World Health Organization agreed and they been working together since while he has certainly made good on his promise, he actually launched his public pursuits. Very vaccines back in 1999 when the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation donated $750 million to set up the global alliance of vaccines and immunizations, also known as Gavi. More recently, Gates is also thrown his weight behind ID 2020 alliance's pursuit of a mandatory digital ID for every human being among the most influential ID 2020 alliance partners are Gabi and Microsoft both Gates organizations who, together with the Rockefeller foundation accident. Sure, the United Nations of the world economic forum have held the greatest sway over the progress of these efforts and so as a research writer Scott Geisler puts it pieces so basically Bill Gates is adopted as his personal mission. The task of enrolling every single person on the planet in a global ID database and vaccines are the vehicle through which this will be accomplished. In other words, you got both of these efforts moving forward funded by the same people coming together in a vaccine and a pastor friend of mine from North Dakota called me and he said a few weeks ago he saw on the Internet interview that Gates had done where he said that his goal was to put a chip that can be tracked into these vaccines in together simultaneously put them into a human. Any once this to be mandatory worldwide. Well, I said can you get that documentation for me.

He said I'll go back and try to find he went back in and it had been taken down so then he would be absolutely sure that he heard and saw. Alright, so he contacted a friend of his who saw the same interview and they said yes that is what Gates said and it's no secret that Gates is in fact promoting both only question is will it be part of the vaccine or will it come later, and I think honestly if Gates has his way.

Both would come together and they would put out a vaccine with the tracking chip in it or if not it, ship and other technology that he is also been helping to fund quantum dots technology. For example, together with the vaccine so people need to understand this is about way more than simply a vaccine. It's about consolidating global control in such a way that every human being on the planet can be tracked in their Getty try to use a vaccine to get it done. The difficult thing is what I cannot project Jan is because there are more than 15 different vaccines under development right now and all of them have different ingredients in them until we know what ingredients are in all these concoctions I can't say which vaccine would be bad.

Which one would be good but I can tell you this, any vaccine sponsored by Gates. I would be very leery of, especially given his family's history in all this, his father was on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood. And we know what that organization has done over the years. Bill himself is been supportive of the same organization. Over the years is call for drastic reductions in the human population of the planet and now we are supposed to believe that he has suddenly committed himself to saving billions of lives that doesn't add up. It seems more like an oxymoron.

Quite frankly, Gary. My understanding is that globalists really want to get the population down to about 500 million at least that stated on the Georgia guide stone how accurate the Georgia guide stone so we have no idea, but the globalists themselves talk about reducing the population greatly. So your point is very well taken that now the Gates foundation really wants to save billions of lives when inspect the goal of the one world others is to reduce the population drastically and I think part two of what you're saying Gary is will these vaccines be mandatory or voluntary at this point we don't know. And I think part three is are these vaccines part of the beast system the antichrist system is very possible. If you want to sum up with comment on that go-ahead I believe whether it's mandatory or not the United States will depend to some degree on how the election turns out. I think Biden and Harris if they get in. They will do everything can to make it mandatory. Biden is already said he'll shut everything down again if he has to they're taking some very extreme measures so the telegraphic where it will go. I can't guarantee that Donald Trump would not make it mandatory. But if he did, it would fly against everything he's done so far. I think for people who would want to take it. It would be available, but I think at least 1/3 of the nation would not take it for the very reasons Frank already laid out as people are becoming aware of some of these things involving the vaccines and how questionable many of them are will have to wait and see on that front, but regarding the beast system. Yes, this is laying the groundwork quite rapidly.

I might add to a global system that the UN is pushing Gates is pushing at the Rockefeller foundation is pushing it all the big players that have been pushing globalization for many years, have thrown their full weight behind it that's coming through in the mass media you look at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, they're all on board and they'll play the game along with the globalists there on the same page together. If it wasn't for Fox News is a major news outlet right now we have a much harder time getting this information out some good websites right yeah sorry to tell the truth but I feel are inferior as well.

World net daily.communal how I recommend Gary's website. Again that's Gary,, sign up for his newsletter. You can read articles from the newsletter.

Gary,.org, and you can also look into his books in route to global occupation and book number two is titled remind McGarry the new world religion new world religion Gary, I want to have you back because obviously what were talking about is totally cutting edge. Had Gary last spring, so if you think this sounds similar.

This is very current programming is right before our 2020 election here in set called to please go out and vote because just even 5% of Christians not voting here in November and could not only to swing the election but swing the tide of our times and cause the complete destabilization of America and the world 5% of Christians not voting that could happen. Gary, thank you.

We will stay in touch. I have you back here in the very near future. Again, thank you for all you do.

Thank you, Jan, really appreciate it. God bless and we'll talk again folks don't go. I am coming back in just a couple minutes we love getting your feet write us through our website follows three views.both large and small of three views for cola simple time at 76355944447635594444 general mail when you write to John Martel and follow through the list Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 able Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible more than a moment now to the leftist agenda in America is so clear. Learn more about it from a man who has made an award-winning exposť of the communist plan to take down America generates a two DVD set produced by Curtis Bowers agenda two masters of the scene for years versus one of our most popular radio just outlines the plan to infiltrate and take over America with an intricate Marxist plan targeting your kids our schools are seminaries and more. But at the same time encourage you to read the answer to this dilemma a new book by Dr. Robert Jeffress praying for America. 40 inspiring stories and prayers for our nation live both products in our online store follows three views.our almost 3.4, or call a simple time at 763-559-4440 763-559-4444 also sign up for our print magazine and find them offered in our year end yourself to understand the times by tapping into our products website live online updates and weekly radio program see how all the Bible predicted is coming to pass. That is something you would expect to hear in Castro's to lower the old Soviet Union, maybe communist China enemies of the state. That's not the way American politicians talk about even their most direct political opponent. That's where we are in America and that's why I am trying to prepare people when the violence comes to their town on a review of 70 times review is now in its 20th year. It was on 900 stations across the US and thank you for your financial and personal portal follow three ministries we could not do this without an age of big news in teaching appreciate your confidence in us and continues her discussion of the serious and great direction. America has taken 20 author Leo Holman.

There is part two is understanding the time America lately. A lot of Americans really haven't for months. Most of us have stayed close to home. We had to so that you get on a plane and visit a couple of American cities.

You may be surprised, especially if you remember the cities well from before the Penta an awful lot is changed in a short time. Many stores and restaurants are closed expect that churches are locked on Sunday morning. That's the street seem empty except for the parts which are full of the homeless when you do see people. They tend to be wearing masks and they will get close to you.

It's a very strange experience. The country is changed a lot.

The culture has changed a lot and really not for the better. So the question is how long will this last how long do we have to endure this when we get our country back. When can we live like we used to live back in February that crushes too rarely asked. In fact, asking it is actively discouraged and welcome that getting it apart to the my programming herein them being joined in just a moment by Leo Holman. Leo is an independent freelance journalist, is author of the 2017 book stealth invasion. We covered that on here Emily back in 2017 and Leo says the last obsession with the races driving a wedge between generations and tearing at the social cohesion necessary for any nation to succeed in I'm gonna throw and even the church is now obsessed with what's known as critical race theory while working to try to hit a lot of topics here in the time that we have left in one of the articles that jumped out at me that Leo has written at his website and I often post his articles and olive tree was an article titled chaos is coming to Mayberry. From chaos is coming to Mayberry. Remember, I live in Mayberry chaos came to my hometown and 5 miles is burned to the ground. Leo welcome back to the program. Thanks so much Jan, it's always an honor to be on your show and just read in the paragraph or two from chaos is coming to Mayberry and even Mark Levine read this article.

He was so moved by it on his radio program you write the majority of Americans still have no idea that they are living in the midst of a low boil Civil War.

They sit back on comfy couches watching on TV or computer screens little snippets of the new normal. They see chaos, enveloping large cities. Minneapolis, my hometown, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, DC, but don't believe it will come to their small city or suburb they take whatever is said by their favorite media personalities or politician of choice at face value and have lost all ability to engage critical thinking skills if they ever heading to begin with and you say they will only realize that they are being herded like sheep into a new type of society. What authorities talk down to citizens and bark orders at them like a parent would scold the child after the low boil gets turned into a roaring flame and you say that heat has in fact already been turned up from low to medium is a tax on random cops and trump supporters have resulted in death and severe injury to dozens in the above mentioned cities sell Leo. What do you mean in your title. Chaos is coming to Mayberry Welch and this is really been the claim of life. The overriding theme in all of my articles for the last eight or nine months is to try to prepare people to look and be aware. Be alert Bible teaches us to be an honor guard and don't assume that what you see on the news is just going to be in those far left cities on the East Coast of the West Coast Portland and Seattle.

New York's hapless welders a few in the middle as well. Right Atlanta we had an incident in here in Atlanta near myself. I am living and it can be frightening. It's less frightening. I think when you're watching the news and it's just in one of these big cities people don't connect the dots. They see each individual incident as an outlier isolated incident.

That's the way the media tends to report things, but I'm trying to prepare Christian people to be expecting it. Don't just think it's not going to come to your town expected to come to your town.

We have seen it come to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Yes, that's correct smaller and smaller cities seem to be getting enveloped in the violence and it is violence. Even though the media tells of these protests have been mostly peaceful. We had Michelle Obama go on national TV. Just recently, and say that these protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful were not supposed to believe what we see with our own eyes.

I'm trying to take the opposite tack and let people know that a they're not peaceful.

The expect them to come to if not your city. At least someplace very close to your city so you can be prepared both physically and spiritually for these attacks and not be surprised and caught off guard. I cannot believe every week. I'm saying another outrageous attack that in many cases are not even reported by the media.

I have a whole list of them and my last couple of articles just take for instance Asheville, North Carolina. We saw Antigua rioters carrying a coffin full of cow manure to the local police department on September 23 and when a local reporter tried to videotape the incident. They slammed him into a parking meter causing a traumatic brain injury.

He still in the hospital when that happened the Antigua radicals got on Twitter and celebrated the entire attack. It's really quite breathless since you can access Leo's Leo's freelance writer. He one time was a regular writer and but he's all over the place now with his articles and I try to post them as often as I can, but I'm going to another article you've written Leo and it is at the biggest take away you had now event in the first presidential debate Leo home and was the fact that VP Biden now running for president in the United States actually only saw NT for as just an idea.

Just a theory. So it's not really an organization dealt by their own admission, there not only an organization. There is very well organized and you say this the biggest take away from this debate. Biden's cavalier reaction to the issue of NT fight. You go on to say, even if NT 5 could be reduced to an idea. Mr. Biden couldn't bring himself to declare it a bad idea. Is it any wonder that when Mr. Trump asked him point blank whether he could name even one law enforcement organization that has endorsed him. Joe Biden fell silent, and then you say so if Biden is the Democrat party. Any approves of NT found the Takeaway should be obvious for anyone paying attention. Democrats are NT 5 and NT for our Democrats, whether they have any formal ties. They are two organizations working toward a singular goal. This is huge as it confirms our worst nightmare. Should Biden become our next president. If elected to Biden will not rain in NT for end fact will unleash them on his political opponents stop their Leo but should go ahead and comment the very next part of that sentence or you stop with that he wouldn't release them similar to the way Hitler unleashed his brownshirts on the Jewish population in Germany and what happened before the unleash the brownshirts. They were derided they were monitored they were vilified in the German media we see the same thing happening against the deplorable Christians, mostly Christian people.

Exactly who vote for Tromp. We've seen some horrific things by pretty prominent people. Mr. Dick Costello was the former CEO of Twitter recently tweeted that certain capitalist in this country should be lined up and shot during the revolution the American revolution. He said that he would be the first one to videotape it and provide some commentary as soon as that happens, it's unbelievable. These are not just basement dwellers who were putting this stuff out there.

We've had very prominent people.

People in positions of authority say just outrageous hateful things against Christians and trump supporters.

Nancy Pelosi called them enemies of the thank you for bringing that out. She actually did say that yes that is something you would expect to hear in Castro's Cuba. Our the old Soviet Union, maybe communist China enemies of the state. That's not the way American politicians talk about even their most direct political opponents, but that's where we are in America and that's why I'm trying to prepare people for when the violence comes to their town. You say in this article about NT 7 and the fact that former VP Biden does not want to really acknowledge their existence, but you say it will be open season on Christian conservatives. They will be assaulted in the streets coming out of the churches in their homes and businesses and property will be fair game for attack on three Biden Harris regime was Atty. Gen. will simply turn a blind eye. While the media continues to do with the media always does ignore that in teeth that even exists. And then you say Leona winds down here. How do we know this because the beginning of this assault is already underway. The only difference is that under Tromp and Atty. Gen. Bill Barr, the federal government is encouraging and assisting state and local police in the investigation and prosecution of these attacks.

Earlier this week, Pres. Tromp declared NT for a domestic terrorist organization. No matter how staunchly they will try to deny it. Biden is bowing to NT for in the first debate provides the clearest evidence yet that the progressive party has completed its transition into America's most powerful Communist Party, by the way, the Communist Party did endorse Mr. Biden. I believe Biden has an opportunity to denounce NT file, or at least draw a clear line of distinction between it and his party, to be fair in the weeks that remain. He may come out and realize he's going to have to denounce him. Do you think that's possible, I would be very surprised Jan if that happens. Mr. Biden had a opportunity handed to them on a silver platter. During that debate. All he needed to say was antique is a violent group of people. We don't really understand its organizational structure. We are not sure who's in charge of it and who these orders are coming down from but we denounce the violence.

He refused to do it. He clearly just flat out refused to do. It said that it was just an idea and if something is just an idea. It doesn't really exist.

It's just something that's in people's heads so it doesn't really play out where the rubber meets the road on the street all the violence we've been saying must not have anything to do with Antigua and then you see the media right on cue doing their job of offering covered up.

Biden did they question them further on that. Did they ask him to denounce auntie for the way they asked Pres. Tromp for days now the proud boys in the so-called white supremacist organizations which the proud boys actually came back and said were not white supremacists and a lot of their leadership structure is Hispanic and black but they always hold Pres. Tromp's feet to the fire about this white supremacy thing which he has denounced many many times.

But it's never enough because they want to keep and what on the defensive. All the while letting Biden float freely in his refusal to denounce and he felt or even get into a serious discussion of it.

Leo in the first part of this hour, I did tell my guest about the rush to globalism and you write a lot about globalism coming one world system and all you write about the March to globalism.

I got some articles in front of me here.

You are very informative. I think when it comes to helping your readers understand this global one world agenda kind of baffles me as to why they want utter violence and chaos other than crates crisis climate crisis is needed for a global agenda.

But beyond that, widely encouraging this. I think they want to remove the Christian element Jan, the conservative Bible believing Christian element what's left of it from Western piety. We've seen prominent individuals. As we discussed issue. These scary edicts on Facebook on twitter Sean Kang.

He is a black lives matter leader recently got on twitter and said that black lives matter. People should attack churches and especially statues of Jesus.

Well, what are we saying in the months following. We've seen a lot of attacks on churches and statues of Jesus leasing the NT for folks in Portland. Burning Bibles quickly burning Bibles. It's obvious it were paying attention to who the ultimate target is here. It's not just random violence. The targets are very clear. We've got the church and Christianity. We've got the business community because they're also against capitalism. These power elites that I've been trying to inform people about a lot of them go back to the United Nations and the world economic forum, the international monetary fund, the British Royal family, the Vatican, every single one of them have issued statements recently on the need to make complete.

Good use of this COBIT 19 crisis and use it to launch what they call the great reset for the new economy or the new socioeconomic order the green new deal. They have different names for it, but it's all the same. It's a new world order and they're going after these targets the church, the business community and our history.

That's why you see so many of the statues and monuments being desecrated and destroyed because before you can take over a society and nation.

You need to destroy its history and its sense of being one of the tools being used and spend a lot of time on this, but I want to spend a minute or two on the nets is critical race theory and yes I get some that up in sentence it's basically America was birthed and racism you write in one of your articles, how your child is being groomed to be the next NT for black lives matter street riot or the left's obsession with race is driving a wedge between generations and tearing at the social cohesion necessary for any nation to succeed and you say president trumps executive order banning critical race theory from federal agencies is a great first step in stopping the Marxist infiltration of government but if he wants to make a real and lasting difference. The president will turn his focus to the nation's public schools. Here he will find a cesspool of leftist propaganda being drummed at the heads of students and their teachers and you say this is where the foundational views of America's next generation of leaders are being formed in right now the most fashionable thing on the menu is critical race theory in the church to buy the it's being served up in megadoses, and any teacher who complains faces the threat of discipline or termination. Critical race theory can be best summed up as the anti-American hatred dressed up in the garb of scientific scholarship money drop down and read a closing paragraph or two. Leo, you write critical race theory.

It's been a staple of social studies courses for at least a decade in K-12 and longer than that and universities. I'm going to close here, but I want your comment Leo.

Proponents of critical race theory. See America as an illegitimate nation guilty of war crimes first against Native Americans than against African-American slaves as you say, it's been thrown down the throats of anybody in education grade school high school higher education. Also, in our churches. It's taken over the pulpits instead of a salvation message today.

It's critical race theory that is the point of your article. I am concluding how your child is being groomed to be the next and teeth. The ELM street riot or an yeah topic that close to my heart and I think close to a lot of people's hearts because they have children and grandchildren and these schools which have really been turned into nothing but indoctrination centers, I've got a video in that article you were reading from Don most people to watch it cross like I believe elementary school in Minnesota where you got little elementary school. Six, seven years old marching around the school grounds with nine paying no justice OP and you can hear the teacher in the background screaming I can't hear you say it louder. These are children at an elementary school that is a failing school test scores are lower than 98% of the other elementary schools in the state of Minnesota, and they are using valuable teachers time to train these kids to be black lives matter street riders adjusted the title of my article said, and this is been going on Jan for so long in the school that seems like it's now leaking into the churches and the corporations and the long but it's been in the schools for 15, 20 years now and were just now discovering it were so far behind the eight ball. The Communist Party at the time, based in the Soviet Union back in the 1930s identified race as the thought of America. This was the place they targeted because they knew it was our week point, racial relation, you can find these articles and Leo's website.

Leo home You can sign up there and then you sent these articles once a week at least. You're absolutely right Leo, but what is broken, my heart is what I'm hearing from churches all across America. This is the new mantra in the pulpit, not so much.

You must be born again, but critical race theory and all the implications that you're talking about now that is I'm talking about evangelical you expect mainline Protestants to head down this path, but when I hear about your first Baptist Church and you fill in the blank city talking about. This is heartbreaking or Southern Baptist convention is big on critical race theory. They embrace it at their convention in 2019 shopper until recently, one of the most conservative mainline denomination, Southern Baptist convention and so even if they are bowing to critical race theory that tells of how serious this problem is out of our churches. It's only to get worse and less we start to stand up against it. Let's conclude here. I want you to summarize one more article of yours and we're down to about five minutes. Here and that is the three biggest lies about covert, 19 been exposed and here's why.

The globalist powerbrokers can't let it die. Give me those three bullet points. Take your time. We got about five minutes. My latest article 3 biggest lies about COBIT 19 exposed, but why we can expect the global elites the power elite to continue to beat this drama and beat these live over the heads of Americans. Number one is COBIT 19 carries a very high 3.4% death rate compared to the flu death rate of 0.1%. Now this was all over the media back in February March April May it started to fall off the radar.

In June, July and August, but they just didn't talk about how low the date death rate was well it came out in the first week of October that the death rate for COBIT is actually 0.13%, almost exactly the same as the flu the seasonal flu but you won't hear the media talk about that number two biggest lie. COBIT is spread by asymptomatic super spreaders.

This scares the living daylights out of people. Every time they hear it because it suggests that every person that you come in contact with the matter how healthy and normal they look is a potential super spreader and you're going to catch the virus from them.

This is completely false. Asymptomatic carriers have a very low viral load of the virus in their system, which makes it virtually impossible for them to pass it on to someone else.

But even in the rare cases that they might be able to pass it on.

It's highly unlikely if they don't have symptoms. Why because they're not coughing, sneezing and wheezing. How this virus is spread droplets through the air from people with symptoms coughing and sneezing. But yet you continue to hear it every night even on Fox news about the asymptomatic carriers.

They are the big super spreaders.

You have to be wearable. Be very, very afraid. That brings us to the third biggest lie. COBIT is untreatable now that truly is scary. Jan if a disease is untreatable right this lie provided the pretext for Bill Gates and big Pharma to rush to market their unsafe and unproven vaccine which we continue to hear being promoted throughout even the top administration, but this no treatment thing is been exposed over and over. Jan as a lie and it was most recently exposed when Pres. Trump walked out of Walter Reed Hospital on that helicopter and flew to the White House. Three days after being admitted by because he had received such effective treatment he received a cocktail of supplements along with rent as severe.

And of course we know, vitamin D, melatonin and hydroxychloroquine are also great treatment so why won't the globalist powerbrokers let this die.

These issues, you pointed out to big reason. First is the vaccine which we've already ancient.

There's tens of millions of dollars to be made in profit. Secondly, the great reset which we've already got it on the table and being ready to be launched and they know they cannot launch it.

If Americans the biggest obstacle continue to live in what are considered normal times because the normal time were happy were prosperous. We are not going to lay our civil liberties on the table and sacrificed them because of some crisis that has been thrown at us in the media. But if you have COBIT 19 out there in the media continues to beat that drama everybody stays in a panic mode in a fear mode and they are looking to their leaders to fix the problem and that when that leapt globalist, and with these great reset which as we know is a much more authoritarian type system than what were used to here in America looks encourage you to tap into the writings of Leo again. Sign up at his website.

Leo home in HOH MAM Leo home Leo my thank you for joining me today. I need to go out of the program here but I wanted to scale out saying this because we had talked heavily about global government. This hour, and it's not conspiracy talk frankly it's biblical on the horizon.

The players are pricing gathering and they are scheming in their wheeling and their dealing in. They have wanted to return to sample some day sooner than most think they will get their wish for. Well, it will be seven ignominious years known as relation. Then Jesus returns and sets up perfect global government.

I say bring it on him want to thank you for listening folks and we will talk to you again next week. She you might want to consider watching our program on our website complete archives on our YouTube channel or on his channel Christian television, you encourage us when you write us through our website follows three views for all of three views are: central time at 763-559-4444 763-5594 your mail when you write to John Markel and follow through ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible again reminds God is in control and catches him by surprise. You are engraving the palms of his hand. Everything's falling flux

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