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It Could Happen Tomorrow

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 3, 2020 8:00 am

It Could Happen Tomorrow

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 3, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell and Dr. Ron Rhodes discuss so much that is happening around the world today, all of it, once again, setting the stage. Final events could happen tomorrow. This will be helpful if you are trying to understand the book of Revelation and also peace efforts in the Mideast. Find Dr. Rhodes book in our online store.

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Why is it that when they cry peace and safety, that is a warning in September and embraced at 72nd Gen. assembly, world leaders from all 193 member states came and share their views towards the pressing issues in the world today at the annual general debate topics vary from countering terrorism, nuclear threats to refugees and climate change. Nevertheless, the scene of their speeches is everlasting. That is peace and security. Welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel brought to you by all of three ministries radio for the remnant today features a long time favorite on Dr. Ron Rhodes you are curing his book 40 days through revelation first to consider the prophetic fulfillment. I Abraham towards recent peace efforts in the Mideast is later as well as a number of things. For example, in the middle of the tribulation. According to Revelation 13 we understand that the antichrist is in a wheeled economic control over the entire world. The only way that he could ever do that is if there was a cashless society.

If our society was still based on cash that people could still buy things by cash. The only way to be able to enforce domination economically is if we had a cashless society.

That's where were headed right now that's a sign of the times and so glad you could join me for today's programming of a special guest bring on just matter of seconds here talking about a number of current topics. A lot of you have been asking questions about the recent so-called deal of the century and Abraham accords. In other words, peace deals in the Middle East brokered heavily by America. They involved Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, quite frankly, as many as five, six or seven additional nations may sign on here in the coming weeks or months. Hopefully, if time allows, and not sure it will.

But if it doesn't want to spend a few minutes looking at the prophetic angle as it concerns all of this, but I also want to get to Dr. Ron Rhodes and his book. That's not new. We brought it back because it's so relevant now. 40 days through revelation uncovering the mystery of the end times. If time allows.

That's what were you to get to. Probably in part two of our programming. Can we see shades of Revelation happening now what about the lawlessness that we've got going on, not just an American around the world can we see shades of the antichrist rising about the false prophet who might the two witnesses be Dr. Ron Rhodes and you've heard him on this program numerous times heads reasoning from the Scriptures ministry. Ron welcome back to the program. Thank you Janet going on with you. Thanks so much prolific author that you are, but right now I'm not actually quoting a book of yours right now I'm quoting you from the paragraphs you sent me recently happy by email. Let me just quote because it ties into where I planned on going for our interview today and you said to me, the stage is now being sent for the Ezekiel invasion you say I've long said that there is a good possibility that the Ezekiel invasion may take place prior to the beginning of the tribulation.

Perhaps as much is 3 1/2 years prior, and then you say as you know, a precondition of this invasion is that Israel must be living in peace and security. You're taking that from Ezekiel 38. Anybody who's watched the various ceremonies from deal of the century much more recently now. The Abraham accords. We all heard peace and security, peace and safety tossed out 1/2 a dozen or more times, and I'm sure that got your attention to get my attention. The thing of it is when you look at the Ezekiel we see such a wonderful pattern unfolding of a wonderful only in the sense that it shows God's sovereign control over human history that you know individual prophesy that Israel would be reborn as a nation that happened in 1948 and Ezekiel prophesied the Jewish people from all over the world would stream back to Israel that's been happening ever since 1948 and it's never happened before in biblical history. What is happening now and then. Ezekiel said that there would arise on by the coalition that would invade Israel. That includes Russia and Iran and Turkey, Sudan, Libya, and a number of other Muslim nations. But the precondition is peace and security for Israel. So as soon as the youth accords were signed for the first things I wrote you about the do nothing to be opening up the door for the possibility of the Ezekiel invasion.

I believe Jan that Ezekiel invasion will actually open up the door for other prophecies to be fulfilled to tell you about some of them yes and let me just throw this out for you to please include in your discussion because with that Isaiah 17 and that's the obliteration of Damascus and I would think those two events could happen close to one another with a cut in terms of Ezekiel, invasion, and other prophetic events.

I think that once this Invasion Takes Pl. in God destroys the invading Muslim armies at that point it will be much easier for the Jewish people to rebuild their temple. After all, God will destroy the Muslim invaders and Muslim existence will be nonexistent. That doesn't mean God is gonna destroy all the Muslims but the Muslim armies will be taken out and that means that the Muslim resistance will be just much less and it will be much easier to rebuild the temple at that point I also believe that once God destroys these invaders. It will be much easier for the antichrist to rise to global power. The backdrop to my comment. Jan is that the Muslims have long wanted to establish a global caliphate. They want Islam to control the world. They want sharia law to control the entire planet.

But with the Muslim armies being destroyed of the Ezekiel invasion antichrist canal step on the center stage during the true relation. And quickly rise to world dominion without resistance. Finally there is the rise of the false religion of the end times during the jubilation. Keep in mind the Christians of Artie been enraptured for the tribulation. Will now the Muslim armies will been destroyed prior to the tribulation. If indeed you think you invasion takes place them and that means that the two primary groups who would've resisted the emergence of a false religion are now taken out of the way so everything starts to become very easy. It is almost like greases the skids for the emergence of all these other prophecies in the fulfillment of his other prophecies.

If it doesn't take place before the tribulation. Jan and I would say that it takes place at the very beginning of the tribulation is the way I think it happens early on, but I felt when I saw the peace accords being fine. But finally, wow this seems to be opening up the door for this to happen all the sooner MS word starts to get exciting for me personally Christian because I also believe that the rapture takes place before that Ezekiel invasion okay Ron but I think you have the Ezekiel invasion of Israel started any day because of the fact that the Jews will be burning weapons for seven years. My right that's right. We know from Scripture that once God destroys the invaders.

Israel will take those weapons and burn them for seven years.

One of the reasons for that is that combustible things will be at a minimum in the tribulation. I say that because due to wars in the outbreak of different battles and wars around the world. We read about how the grass and the trees will be burned up during the relation. In the want to have anything they can that can burn. Here's the problem. If the Ezekiel invasion takes place right at the beginning of the tribulation.

How is it possible that the Jews could burn those weapons for the entire duration of those seven years.

I say that because at the midpoint of the tribulation when the antichrist moved into Jerusalem and sets up his headquarters their claims to be God and Jesus tells those Jewish people get out of town right now. Don't even going to your house and grab your belongings get out now because of the life and death matter.

If you try to go eat your belongings you might die. So how would it be possible for them to grab all those weapons they would want to burn for the rest of the 3 1/2 years. To me it might make good sense to say that Ezekiel invasion happens maybe 3 1/2 years before the tribulation. And that means that the Jewish people would actually be done. Burning those weapons by the mid-neutralization you're listening to understanding the times radio Jim Markel have on the line.

Dr. Ron Rhodes and were carrying one of his books. 40 days to revelation, uncovering the mystery of the end times. I want to play real quick clip.

This happens to be Dr. Rhodes on the John anchor Berg program talking about the Gog and Magog invasion you mentioned Ezekiel 38 passage those questions from people in your audience about what is the Ezekiel 38 war and what is this thing in the millennial kingdom of the war of Gog and Magog. There were talking about all think the first part of the Ezekiel invasion involves an invasion in which is going to be a northern coalition, northern military coalition made up of Ross, which I believe is Russia and this can that be a number of Muslim nations that join in with this, including Turkey and Iran and Sudan and Libya and some of the area around the Black and Caspian seas, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan at some of those stand nations that are joined together into a massive invasion into Israel. Now if you consider the small teeny piece of real estate that is Israel versus the massive amount of Arab real estate will quickly see that Israel stands no chance of surviving that what the text of Scripture tells us is that God himself will be the defender of Israel and will destroy the invaders in several ways. For example, is gonna cause a massive earthquake that does a great deal of damage is going to cost friendly fire with a start shooting each other maybe that the Russians and the Muslim start fighting each other.

For example, suspecting doublecross this and be like a play that breaks out just a variety of things like that happen decimates this invading force. For that reason, I think it's safe to say that the Muslim forces will be decimated. That doesn't mean there won't be anymore Muslims. There will be some motions left but the invading forces will be completely destroyed.

That may relate to the easy rebuilding of the Jewish Temple may relate to the easy emergence of the one world religion because both Christians and Muslims would stand against that and if Christians have been enraptured and Muslims have been destroyed while they're out of the way now see that's kind of the way that I see it, Ron, a lot of things tempt me of that little clip that the thing that jumped out the most is basically Israel stands no chance in this battle except for God that is so true. But I don't think people have the concept of God. Magog Ezekiel 38, 39, war is being so drastic that she stands no chance unless God intervenes. Keep in mind also Jan that Israel stands alone.

I love to be able to read in the biblical text that the United States we intervened, the way down, Israel failed completely alone and I often refer to God's deliverance of Israel as deliverance part two you'll remember that earlier God delivered Israel from Egyptian bondage and that with a mighty deliverance is looking to be attacked by this massive northern coalition and we are going to witness deliverance part two that you might remember that when God delivered Israel from the Egyptians, God set on a number of occasions that you may know that I am the Lord God, and there is no one like me in all the earth, guess what God is going to say the exact same thing when he delivers Israel from the massive northern coalition God is going to say that you may know that there is no one like me in all the earth. Imagine the Muslim invaders rushing toward Israel, shouting out a lock bar glory to Allah there shouting that as they rush toward Israel to destroy it. God himself destroys these invaders and then God says that you may know that I am Yahweh, and that there is no one like me in all the earth. God gives a mighty demonstration of his power and that is no doubt one of the reasons among a number of reasons why there will be people who actually become believers in the Lord during the tribulation.

Thank you little bit to the more recent Abraham accords that matter we can throw into so-called yield centuries to place last January, but the Abraham accords are much more recently did they possibly relate to. First Thessalonians 5. There we see them for you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night and while they are saying there is peace and security.

Sudden destruction will come upon them, as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape, and you said to me in some correspondence we had Ron Rhodes that the sudden destruction is probably the tribulation and people will be basking in the glow of peace and safety, and then the tribulation. Suddenly begins and this makes total sense it makes a lot of sense to me a reference to the day of the Lord in that passage oddly refers to the tribulation period and beyond includes all the way to the millennium. For example, putting into the tribulation. Excellent people are basking in the glow of that peace and security. All of a sudden everything goes haywire. One of the things I like to emphasize the people and this is something that is underemphasized in prophecy today is the suddenness of the unfolding the prophetic event and we can talk about that.

Suddenly, countless people have died. The virus suddenly our economy was made to real. Suddenly resources vanish, the rapture of the church will be sudden in the twinkling of an eye because I had talked to me about it yet.

It's such a short time span.

It seems like that everything went wrong and united in a Fleming. It seems like six months ago. Everything is going pretty well, and look at us today. It's almost like we've entered a surreal version of reality.

Like a parallel universe is just really bad.

We've gone from civil order to civil chaos we've gone from honoring the law to order lawlessness. We've transitioned from recognizing the need for government to complete anarchy in certain parts of the country, we transition from viewing polices much-needed restraints against criminals to the absolute delusion that we can live without police and look how fast that happened happen suddenly, and that's just the way that prophecy is to first Thessalonians 537 while people are saying peace and safety, sudden destruction will come upon them, and then in Revelation 1 verse one it talks about the revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants the things that must soon take place. The Greek word for soon there carries the idea of rapid or quickly. When you start to see some of the things in Revelation take place if all happened very very fast. The rapture is can it be sudden.

Nobody is going to expect in and the Scripture says that in the blink of an eye, the rapture of the church is going to happen. I am warning people about this because a lot of people are assuming they got plenty of time to deal with things on this earth, you may not. You know how long you're going to live. We don't even know how long Americans can exist in the way things are going right now and you gotta keep in mind that what we are witnessing in county after county across United States. It's like a cancer and that the cancer is allowed to grow it spreads and it keeps on spreading until you exercise it. Eventually it kills everything that is something else to think about Jan when the rapture of the church happens things are going to get geometrically working. You see, the Holy Spirit restrains evil that's one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit. According to the book of Genesis, but also the church restrains evil, and once the church is gone. Once the restrainer known as the Holy Spirit is removed from the scene. All the stops and I have no restraint and you talk about anarchy.

This would be massive anarchy, but that opens the door for a strongman to come in and that strongman is waiting in the wings and we know him to be the antichrist and he will suddenly impose a global government to me. What we are witnessing today states that what were going to witness during the true relation.

There is a covenant that's going to be signs the covenant of Daniel 927 and that's the covenant.

The antichrist actually signs with Israel. I think we need to clarify run that these Abraham accords the deal of the century. It is to be another PCL come along here in the coming weeks and months. My understanding is many other Arab nations are going to be signing on to these peace deals that these deals. They're not the covenant of Daniel 927 that is with the antichrist. It says in Daniel eight of the antichrist by PC shall destroy many and that's the antichrist during the tribulation. I think one question would be, so how does that apply to today and do we therefore view all peace treaties is diabolical. There are some good things that are coming from these peace deals at least as it concerns Israel and Trey then being able to fly into these other nations, etc. but these Arab nations in the Mideast's are making peace with Israel.

I believe for one reason, one reason alone, it's not because they suddenly have a fondness for the Jews is because they're terrified of a Ron, this is simply an anti-Irani and coalition banding together as a Ron's gotta have the bomb here any day, but Ron we need to clarify that what we are seeing is not Daniel 927 probably has nothing to do in Daniel 927. Unless it's a precursor I don't know about that could be right. And certainly we all pray for the peace of Jerusalem and so when we see any movement towards peace coming. That's a good thing and we should all want that. I hate the idea that people kill each other and I hate the idea that countries watch attacks against other countries, and anything that stop that from happening, even if just for a while is a good thing. Certainly were in favor of any kind of a peace accord that can stop the violence for a while. But you're right, this is not the covenant that's prophesied in Daniel 927 and I say that for several reasons. First of all, it will be the Roman antichrist thinking behind the covenant. In Daniel line 27. We know he will be Roman because Daniel 926 affirms that he will be of the people that destroyed Jerusalem and its temple that the Roman Empire and so the antichrist who will head up the revived Roman Empire will be the one who signs this ultimate covenant that is referenced in Daniel 927 and I think personally, to say that an American president fulfills this property would basically involve reading newspapers in the Scripture want to do that. We do want to pay attention to what's going on in the world. What we want to do is to learn what prophecy says and then watch for legitimate correlations in the world. If in fact this is not the covenant of Daniel 927.

How might it relate to the present. Peace accords, how might the Daniel 927 covenant relate to the Abraham accords there's any number of possibilities that could be setting the stage for this ultimate covenant in the future, but another possibility is this what if the Abraham accords primarily deal with some of the software Arab nations that are not so hateful of Israel where as the other nations like Iran as an example hold their line against Israel. They are hardliners.

They've always expressed a hatred for Israel defined a long-term military agreement with Russia for 25 years.

They give 1/2 $1 billion a year to Russia to build up their forces. They made no hiding the fact that they want to attain nuclear weapons.

So this would be an example of a Arab nation that will resist the Abraham accords. This is one scenario, one scenario is that while the Abraham accords deal with certain nations that are softer maybe the antichrist covenant becomes necessary because the hardliners are still around Israel and I personally believe Jan that it makes reference in Daniel 927 to the antichrist strong covenant that it will be a covenant backed by the military might of the Roman empire. The antichrist may stipulate to people if you attack Israel interview hardliners. If any of you attack Israel you will suffer the might of the revived Roman Empire. So with a strong covenant that is enforced by the military might of the Roman empire.

The reason why that might be necessary is simply because they're still going to be anti-Israel terrorist look at what some of the Palestinian terrorists are saying today they're saying that this peace accord is nonsense.

They want Israel to be destroyed and don't want to have to states next each other.

They want Israel back to push Israel into the sea and they want the entire way and if I could just interject here just momentarily possessed to break your flow of conversation. With all that consternation and then so-called two state solution on the horizon. I don't see that happening this side of the tribulation. I just don't because of what you've just said Israel does not have a peace partner over there it's not going to happen is not anything that we do right now I think of a Band-Aid fix one thing to say that some of these nations are signing a peace agreement. Like Bahrain, for example, you but when you're talking about your brand, and other nations like that you talk about something entirely different. I know I read the newspaper sanded a ransom to come to the table, which is look at the recent headlines below United States and Iran. Things are not good right now and I don't think things are going to get good and I think that there is a real possibility. Forget Russia and Russia's role in all of this. Russia has already worked with Muslim nations against Israel.

A lot of people don't think about this, but the precedent has already been set back in 1973 when some Muslim Arab nations attacked Israel who was it that was providing the weaponry. Who was it that was providing the intelligence it was the Russians working in conjunction with Muslim nations against Israel.

That's just one example I could give you those others I could give you but the fact of the matter is, is that all of this is setting the stage for Russia to work with you ran and other like-minded Muslim nations in launching this attack against Israel. My point is, no matter what happens today with the peace accord. This invasion is coming to set a date Scripture tells us not to set dates, but Scripture does tell us that this invasion will in fact take place one day and it seems to me to what were witnessing on the geopolitical theme today in the Middle East is at the stage is being set for that invasion to say that primarily because Russia right now is making alliances with your brand and a number of other major Muslim nations 30 yet turkey just think about that used to be the turkey with Velcro with. Remember when the coup d'tat was launched against Pres. everyone in Turkey who was it that saved his skin. It was Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin told him one hour ahead of the attempted coup d'tat to get out of the palace and the next morning Pres. and a lot of turkey went on national television and called Vladimir Putin his new best friend and I think that kind of intelligence can continue Russia's making big-time headways over the Middle East want to bring out another prophetic angle and were still dealing with Ezekiel 3039. We may move on from then part two of our programming folks try to look at the prophecy angle as it concerns Abraham accords deal of the century. Daniel 927 etc. even though we don't see a real correlation between these accords. In Daniel 927 but Ezekiel 3813 Shiva indeed and the merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions will say have you come to take plunder. Have you gathered your army to take booty, to carry away silver and gold, livestock and goods to take the great planters. I just want to identify who these might be the passage probably refers to Saudi Arabia, Shiva indeed and under the banner of data and the Saudis are assembled alongside Sheba. These are probably Gulf states. Then we hear of Tarshish, the United Kingdom, probably in the young lions, which should be offshoots such as America, perhaps Canada.

The only reason I'm bringing this up.

Ron is here we have Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are protesting the Russian invasion of Israel or Gog Magog because of other nations and volunteers we've already sent we get Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states protesting that never what happened five years ago or 10 years ago. It looks like it could happen. Now at this point we don't see any great power to the West protesting, such as America is, will have blended into probably Europe for government by that time, but we've got the Gulf states protesting the right and it gets back to what I said earlier, I believe that God is shaping the Middle East for the future that were rampant up their eyes intent on becoming the superpower of the Middle East and they've got the money to do it Jan they're hurting financially because of the policy of the United States, and withholding goods in the try to make this a global thing.

As you know from just recent news. That's about. With a lot of the world but United States is still taking a strong stand in terms of the ran, but the fact is God is shaping the Middle East for what the future holds. And I believe that irradiance is probably the major player along with Russia. In terms of this invasion that will take place in the Israel or something to keep in mind Jan because I was make this point. What I do prophecy conferences.

Modern Moran of ancient Persia right ancient Persia. The borders of Persia extend much further to the west and much further to the east than modern. He ran is my personal belief, therefore, that when it talks about you ran it being a partner of Russia. In this invasion, but that also includes the Muslim territory to the east and the west of the ran as presently we see around on the map. I believe the other nations to join in or to be smaller, weaker nations. For example, the stand nations that made reference to Turkmenistan and Afghanistan and so forth.

All the nations around the black and the Caspian seas. They will join in if turkey joints in which is very clear because of a number of names using Ezekiel 38 to refer to turkey so Turkish to be another major player, but these other nations that are to be primarily involved in the Ezekiel invasion despite the fact that there are certain other nations that have signed. For example, the Abraham accords so there is division in the Middle East right now. Like I said, God is shaping the Middle East for what is yet to come. Mid we haven't arrived there just yet as to what the Middle East was gonna look like manipulation.

But what we see unfolding today is setting the stage for all of it. I can't help but just be excited by the reality that if we feel the sticking place of the Middle East and the rapture of the church is that much nearer to Nancy that don't take my midpoint break here but what I want to ask about as soon as I get back is this also division in the church about what we've talked about here and I don't think that needs to be the case that I'd like to talk about that for a few minutes folks on coming back in just a moment or two don't go away and returned with Dr. Ron Rhodes and Ross of talk a little bit here as time allows about his book which we carry in our store. 40 days to revelation, uncovering the mystery of the end times back in just a moment.

We love getting your feet write us through our website. Follow three views.whole large olive tree views for callers central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 begin a male when you write to Jan Markel and Olive tree ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are taxed more in a moment. Some people say we are in apocalyptic times if so, isn't it time you started to understand God's plan for the hearing Dr. Ron Rhodes, both 40 days through revelation uncovering the mystery of the end times.

The Bible says blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book. That being the book of Revelation. No one puts things into easier terms to understand that Dr. Ron Rhodes by the book of Revelation will love this easy to understand and practical presentation powering through Bible is clear about the things that come. Ron Rhodes is one title information online olive tree olive tree views or for callers central time at 763-559-4476 540 also you sign up online.

Want to know one of the reasons why we got a lot of person that are not on fire for the Lord, they have not idea of what biblical prophecy teachers say that about the book of Revelation, especially, I think the difficult prophecy is among the most important things we can learn as Christian, especially in these last days which was a book of Revelation is not written to spear you want to prepare you will. The church is absent from the terrible time of Jacob's trouble. Seven year tribulation is not his bride Jana Dr. Ron Rhodes discussed that in part to today's program. Jan Markel and from I don't have to tell you that this is about the strangest year we've ever had. Just about everywhere you can imagine, we have been reminded that life is uncertain.

In fact, if you go back over these last days, not just this year but these last three years you stop to think about it for a moment. It's not that we just had one thing across the stage, but that many things have crossed the stage all at the same time. We barely get over one thing and something else happened. Never have there been such stressful headlines are that more people say to me in recent days I've given up on the news.

I don't even watch it anymore. It's too discouraging to depressing it seems as if those who give us the news are absolutely committed never to give us any good news, even if there is serious before asking everywhere you go. If these things are happening today. What will be the future for my children and my grandchildren was only one reliable source of information about the future only one that has an astounding record of accuracy.

That's the Bible. If you want to know about the future. There's only one place you can go and find any good information. Don't read the futurists read the prophets. The Bible is filled with information to help us navigate the uncertain course that is before us. But there are many people today who, strangely enough, even in our evangelical churches have decided Bible prophecy is irrelevant, that it should be taught more than one preacher say I never touch prophecy because it has nothing to do with the day-to-day lives of my and when they say that I am reminded that they haven't readily prophecy because almost every passage that tells us about the return of the Lord Jesus has within the major context of that prophecy and administered given to us so that we know what to do. Pastor David Jeremiah absolutely accurate their 2020s turned out to be just about the strangest year and my memory.

The most momentous every other day something shocking happens were talking that some of those things here on understanding the times radio today. My guest is Dr. Ron Rhodes and quoting Dr. Rhodes right now. He says finally. Already will know that I have often taught about the convergence factor. If only one prophecy were coming to pass, that would be significant of two or three were coming to pass, that would be even more significant, but presently we are witnessing multiple end time prophecies, either coming to pass. Or, the stage being set for their fulfillment and he says even the recent coronavirus is rushing the world towards globalism. We talked about that in the first part of the program and the economic damage done by the viruses moving the world ever closer to a one world monetary system. Meanwhile, with all the violence and riots.

Paul's prophetic words ring true. As we witness wrongs of people who are lovers of self abusive, disobedient, heartless and peaceable, without self-control, brutal, not loving, good, treacherous and reckless and illusion has permeated the thinking of many in defunding the police.

Now that's the case in my hometown folks Minneapolis were not the same city. We were a year ago. Not just because of the violence, but because of the strong end time delusion like to sign up for my print and E newsletter where we talk about all of these issues.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Ron Rhodes finding that his website that would be Ron is reasoning from the Scriptures ministry reasoning from the Scriptures ministry Enron. I said going out of part one in my program that I wanted to just reference coming back here that we have division in the church because people are seeing what we are talking about so differently. In other words, we've got some who take these peace efforts so seriously and I think a little bit unrealistically that there painting Donald Trump as the antichrist antichrist. Ask personally my own opinion is I don't really have great fear of Donald Trump. I fear one of his advisors and that would be Jared Kushner because Jared Kushner is a hard-core liberal, and that bothers me that he doesn't see things from the conservative viewpoint whatsoever and anything but that. This has caused some division in the church because there are those who would agree that Donald Trump is aligning with evil, be it with a vaccine. And that's not our topic today is aligning somehow with antichrist efforts in the Middle East peace efforts as cause division in the church which I find real tragic could you speak into this. Obviously, in the church you got some anti-Trump people and central Trump people. Everybody has to engage in their own actions based upon their conscience. Look at what's going on in the world and make a determination as to where they come down but I guess the one thing that is bothersome to me as a Christian is how hurtful some of the words are that Christians are using against those who disagree with them or witnessing Christians saying horrible things against other Christians in the midst of all of this and I think that's probably one of the things that I would protest against the I was just having a quiet devotional time reading through something the JC Ryle sent I must enter my protest against the steering taunting contemptuous language, which is been frequently used weight among Christians to say the least. Such language is unseemly, and only defeats its own end cause, which is defended by such language is deservedly suspicious. Truth needs no such weapons. If we cannot agree with men. We need not speak of their views with discourtesy and contempt. I think you said it just right.

Any cause that has to be defended by using that kind of attack language that raises suspicion right there because if you really in the truth, you don't need to talk to, language, truth is truth. Everybody does have to act according to their own conscience, but you know Jesus did say people would know Christians by their love and when we engage in attacks against each other.

We are buying into the tactics of the enemy who is trying to portray Christians as hypocrites and as people who are not walking the walk. They might talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.

So I think it's a rebuke on the church. So yes vote according to your conscience, but at the same time. Let's be respectful and kind to one another instead of just cursing the darkness. Why not try to light a candle in the midst of the darkness will appreciate that Ron Rhodes is my guest for the hour were carrying one of his books. 40 days to revelation, uncovering the mystery of the end times.

Is there anything else you would like to say as it concerns efforts in the Middle East as it concerns even the Trump administration coordinating orchestrating these efforts in the Middle East before we move on from this topic. Ron may, I guess one thing that I would want to point out that's related to both what we talked about already in the Revelation book against particular Revelation 13 has to do with globalism and how the stage is being set for the one I'm talking about specifically Jan is what we have witnessed in the last five or six months to me is setting the stage for globalism you will know how globalists often like to use various kinds of crises to promote their agendas.

Almost like just waiting the plants upon any kind of an opportunity. They may have, to promote a globalist agenda and just as the coronavirus broke out worldwide.

All the sudden we see people talking about how since this is a worldwide problem. We need a global solution in this global solution really must come from, and be enforced by a global leader you can kinda see how this setting us up for the rights of the antichrist because I think that the antichrist will be that global leader that will one day lead which might call a socialist planet. What we seen in 2020 if I was a fiction writer, and I was trying to write a book on how all these things could come to pass in terms of world government. I'm not sure I could come up with something as good and realistic as what we see and unfold in 2020. If this is been a year, but with the coronavirus hitting more than 200 countries and bringing them to a standstill, and affecting the global economy affecting global health. Everybody is screaming for global solutions.

The one thing that I would urge is that people be aware of the fact that Scripture points to this rise of a global community and, more specifically, we see that in Revelation chapter 13 is actually going to head there when we got into our discussion on revelation, which we certainly can do now run. I've done a number of programs here since March and April on the rest of the one world system meant the fact that the globalists needed a crisis well they got one in 2020, and they certainly took advantage of the crisis. I don't think will ever go back to what we once knew, even a year ago and it's because these globalists are stirring things up something terrible all around the world like you say 200 countries have been affected here just since January. I didn't think I'd live to see the day when the whole world before my eyes would be transformed as it has is partly the stirring up of that one world there's right.

I think that this is a time where Christians need to be discerning.

This is not a time to turn away from biblical prophecy always been amazing to me how few churches have focused on biblical prophecy when in fact over one fourth of the Bible is prophetic in nature. Churches have not been preaching the whole counsel of God, and there are people out there saying well. We shouldn't study prophecy because this is so many different views on it and we just can't be sure on it, but I think that there's one person who was overjoyed with this idea that we cannot be sure about biblical prophecy and that is Satan, the God of confusion liar from the beginning, the murderer from the beginning, the one who spreads deceit and the one who will continue to spread deceit in the person of the Antichrist during the tribulation. I can tell you that one of the reasons why the first century church was the one fire for the Lord was because of their strong prophetic hope want to know one of the reasons why we got a lot of Christians that are not on fire for the Lord, they have not the foggiest idea of what biblical prophecy teaches you to say that about the book of Revelation, especially, I think the biblical prophecy is among the most important things we can learn as Christians, especially in these last days in which we live.

Ron you say this in Canada hitting to your book here 40 days to Revelation uncovering the mystery of the end times you said God originally chose the Jews to be his witnesses. He will do so again during the tribulation, and of course you're referring to the hundred and 44,000 Jewish evangelists of the tribulation and you state that they will become believers similar to help all dead on the road to Damascus they going to represent 12 literal tribes of Israel, and it think when I study eschatology, and particularly Revelation at all of eschatology I'm just overwhelmed by how Israel and Jewish centric.

It is not church centric. Well, that's right. And don't forget what the apostle Paul himself said in Romans 9 to 11. God is not finished with the Jews yet what we have today is a bunch of people who were taking the Scriptures, particularly related to the hundred 44,000 mentioned in Revelation 7 and 14 in the face.

The church this is replacement theology. Every reference you have in Scripture to the 12 tribes of Israel refers literally to 12 tribes of there is not a single exception to that anywhere God did call the Jewish people to be a witness of the rest of the nations in regard to the Messiah is and they obviously missed the boat on that. But these hundred and 44,000. They will become born-again during the tabulation.

Much like Paul did. Paul himself referred to himself as one born at the wrong time and I think he was referring to. These hundred and 44,000 Jewish witnesses supernaturally. These hundred and 44,000 of 12,000 from each tribe will become believers and they will preach the gospel of the kingdom all over the earth and we know from Revelation 7 that there will be a great multitude of people who become believers in the know from Revelation 6 that many of them will be martyrs.

We don't know the strength of that today. A lot of Christians they never have to face martyrdom. But if you ever have to face martyrdom. You know that you're a true believer if you stand for the truth in the face of possible martyrs. That's what happened with the true relation. Many who respond to these hundred and 44,000 will in fact die at the hands of the Antichrist and the forces of new Babylon.

To me it's a wonderful testimony how God is not finished with the Jews yet actually gets better because at the end of the tribulation. He also got the Jewish remnant turning the clones got us a promise keeper. He's never gone back on his promises and the promises that God made to Israel back in the Davidic covenant second Samuel seven and Abraham a covenant in Genesis 12 in other passages. Those are going to come absolutely to fulfillment. God is a promise keeper play quickly appeared in Heinsohn and I love the way he closes this clip folks by saying that Jesus Christ is not beat up his bride and then take her home to the marriage.

We moved to point number four in our outline the process of judgment that has to follow in chapters 6 through 11. The opening of the seven seals and the sounding of the seven trumpets. Chapter 6 verse one. I watched as the Lamb opened one of the sales so the Lord Lamb.

He's the one opening the seals pronouncing the judgments in verse two, I saw a white horse and he that sat upon Amana blow and underline that not a sort.

This is not Christ. This is the imposter, the Antichrist, and he was given a crown. It's not the diadem of Christ, the great term is Stefan Aust. The reef of the Victor and he went forth conquering to conquer this is Jesus releasing himself now Jesus is releasing the judgments of the end times and the first judgment is the white horse the Antichrist. The second one and verse for the red horse of war to take peace from the earth that they might kill one another and then in verse five he releases the black course of devastation that follows the aftermath of war and then in verse eight he releases the pale horse of death and hell followed after him you have the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that are then released in this passage. It's the big picture.

The overview of what's coming in the book of Revelation, the antichrist is coming war is coming.

Devastation is coming. Death is coming, and then the details follow. After that you get in Revelation. The wide-angle lens, followed by the snapshots. The big picture followed by the details. Then in verse nine he opens the fifth seal to reveal the martyrs who were slain for the word of God. During the time of tribulation, those admin left behind after the rapture, who finally do come to faith in Christ, but lose their lives and then in verse 12 he opens the sixth seal, and there's a great earthquake. The sun becomes black, the moon becomes like blood. The stars seem to be falling. Why, because of the earthquake. That planet is shaken by some dramatic events in which the air is polluted. The sun is black and the moon is blood red. The stars seem to be moving because the planet is moving what is all of this is the wrath of Christ against an unbelieving world. That's why the church is not here in these chapters, because the church is not the object of the wrath of Christ. She is the object of the love of Christ.

She may be the object of the wrath of the world wrath of Satan, the wrath of man, but not the wrath of Jesus.

You don't have Jesus bleeding up the church in the tribulation.

Beat up the bride and then take her home to the marriage at the end of the block doesn't make any kind of sense at all know he loved the church he died for the church and gave himself for the church and is coming again for the church. This message is a message of wrath for the unbelievers and they know it's the wrath of God, and they still do not repent your listing to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here is accurate. In Heinsohn, but I have on the phone for the hour. Dr. Ron Rhodes were carrying one of his books.

40 days to Revelation uncovering the mystery of the end times you can find in my online store find in my various newsletters give my office a call.

Dr. Ron Rhodes. He made a reference thereto.

The marriage supper of the Lamb Jesus doesn't beat up the bride then take her home to the marriage talking for a moment about the marriage supper of the land. What is it and when is it a question before I get there relational rapture is the only thing that makes sense in terms of living in an encouraging way. You might remember from first Thessalonians 4 that the apostle Paul talks about the rapture with the dead being caught up to meet Christ in the air and then those of us who are alive will be caught up to meet the Lord as well and then pulses therefore encourage one another with these words. Just think about it a post-tribulation is all I do all the time. I think is crazy. Just think you're gonna have to go through the tribulation. And you'll probably be martyred, but if you happen to live.

You can go to the seal judgments on the trumpet judgments in the bowl judgment and things on the go from bad to worse. Therefore encourage each other with these words, exactly, it doesn't make good for But Scripture interprets Scripture except the good news that will be delivered from that. That's for the marriage of the Lamb.

It's interesting to me how the marriage motif is used to refer to the rapture. But what lies beyond the rapture we find that in Jewish weddings forcibly would be a betrothal that takes place sometime that the trouble might last a year or more would be an indeterminate time in the bride would not know how long it would last. Why because the groom would go up to the father's house and build on the new wing will the new room and at some undetermined point that groom would come back and fetch his wife. Well, that's what's happening right now with the church. The Lord is the groom. Jesus is the groom and is now preparing a place for us in his father's house, and at some indeterminate time, which I think would be very soon. He's gonna come again and take the bride back to his father's house and then we see that in heaven the church is rewarded and the church is given white garments that are beautiful. So the bride gets addressed and then were going to witness the marriage of the Lamb of the marriage itself I think takes place in heaven. But the marriage supper.

I believe takes place after the second coming of the millennium.

Apparently there's a 75 day period that exists between the end of the tribulation and the beginning of the millennial kingdom and its during that timeframe.

Were this wonderful celebration takes place. I cannot even begin to imagine how wonderful to be finally the bride and the groom celebrate this supper together.

Jan I can't wait for it to happen. Then we try to get a few more bullet point questions here two witnesses. Moses and Elijah. Perhaps very possibly a lot of people think it will be Moses and Elijah.

After all, Moses and Elijah did appear together on the Mount of Transfiguration of Jesus and that show their centrality in the unfolding of God's plan. The miracles that are pretrade in Revelation 11. By the two profits are very very similar to those previously performed by Moses and Elijah in the Old Testament. If you can think of the two most influential figures in Jewish history. Can you think of anybody more important than Elijah, so it really might make good sense that there on the scene during the tribulation. Which is the time of Jacob's trouble.

God is dealing with the Jews again 70th week of Daniel.

The first 69 weeks dealt with Israel, and the 70th week will deal with Israel as well. It's always possible that God could bring about two brand-new profits but just looking at what we know about Moses and Elijah. I think this will good possibility that these two mighty prophets could be back in full swing tribulation. Do you feel that these false prophets could come out of this.

To say the Vatican to be blunt, if the possibility Christians debate this bag is how the Vatican relates to all of this in terms of the false religion I've always believed that false religion is probably going to encompass and embrace all those who were left behind. Following the rapture and that would include the Roman Catholic Church, which is liberal to the core would also include liberal Christians and 11 very liberal denominations and would form kind of the super church is always the possibility that that could happen. The thing that I would mention to you is that this individual is to be empowered to do some pretty incredible miracle. Nobody in Roman Catholicism can do that that I know of, but I believe that during the tribulation. Satan is going to be empowered to cause these miracles from the false prophet and the purpose of course is to get people around the world to worship the beast the Antichrist the first beast. It is the second beast of the lesser beast, but his goal is to fan into a flame.

The worship of people around the world of the antichrist. While it is a possibility that it could come from the Vatican I think could also just be an entirely new person that is in pain by the devil to do his work this going to be a real revival in the tribulation run and coming to see in the tribulation will be leading this great revival in the tribulation will I think there's a couple things I think first of all, this can be the hundred 44,011 to be supernaturally protected by God and have the seal of God for the antichrist can't take him out and they do their work. I believe during the first half of the tribulation. Many, many people will believe because we know that by Revelation 7. There's a great multitude of believers and that I mentioned previously, many of them will be martyred. According Revelation 6. I also believe that there will be many, many people who become believers as a result of the two mighty prophets, perhaps even Moses and Elijah referenced in Revelation 11. They will do incredible miracles and those are purposeful miracles to validate the messenger. They validate what the prophets have to say the people.

You might remember in the Old Testament can the whole reason why people in Old Testament times understood that certain judgments came from God is because God always had profits on hand to interpret those judgments will these two profits will be on hand during the trip relation. Will make sure that everybody on the planet understand that these judgments are from God coming from the very hand of Christ, and that they need to repent. Many people will in fact repent, but still further, Jan we talked about the Ezekiel invasion and after God destroys the Muslim and Russian invaders.

God will himself proclaim there is none like me and all the that he was doing this so that none may have any confusion about that. I think many are going to believe when they witness that because only the true God can destroy and judge that many people in an instant, very quickly, as we see with the Ezekiel invasion and keep in mind Jan, the Holy Spirit is still on the earth doing his work.

I say that because a lot of people assume that because the restrainer or the Holy Spirit is removed or withdrawn at the rapture, the assume that the Holy Spirit is no longer active. He will still be active on the earth in terms of bringing people to salvation, but he will at the rapture withhold his restraint to allow for the emergence of the antichrist on the earth. We have talked to the lady hour is run in the next leg down to the minute, but I don't want the time to get away without re-emphasizing how important it is for folks to get right with the Lord and to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to become their Lord and Savior.

If you would take a moment or two to do that I'd appreciate it.

Back tears were living in delusional times in which people think there are many ways to salvation.

They think that all religions lead to God like spokes on a wheel, but it's not true. Jesus said that he is the only way into a relationship with the father. A lot of people today assume that all people are going to heaven, but they're not only those who trust in Christ for salvation are going to heaven.

And that's the same thing that the people during the tribulation. Will hear from the prophets, and from the hundred 44,000 Jewish witnesses. Salvation is solely in Jesus Christ, that all comes down to this. You are a sinner and because of that sin there with the division between you and God. Jesus took your place on the cross and he took the punishment that you deserve, and he hoped that this gift to give you the gift of salvation, but you must receive that gift by faith in Christ.

You must take that gift into your hands and if you do that you will be saved if you don't do it you will not be saved. So the choice is yours and I could tell you this, but if you trust in Christ today I'm going to see you at the rapture gender so many people discouraged today and because of that discouragement. I like to share with them that a grand reversal is coming in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, but in the eternal state.

A new heavens and a new earth awaits us in the beginning. Human beings succumb to Satan's temptations, but in the eternal state.

Satan will be eternally quarantined in the beginning God pronounced a curse following man's fall into sin. But in the eternal fate there will be no more curse in the beginning. Paradise was lost, but in the eternal state paradise will be gloriously restored for redeemed human beings in the beginning, Adam and Eve were barred from the tree of life, but in the eternal state redeemed humans will enjoy restoration to the tree of life in the beginning, tears and death and mourning entered human existence. But in the eternal state tears, death and mourning will be forever absent from the redeemed in the beginning of Redeemer with promise, but in the eternal state. The victorious Redeemer rains in Jan I can't wait. I can't wait to run roads. Learn I need to exit the programming here and I haven't used this closing for couple of months actually am going to use it today when the time was right to see part of the walls fell down. The sun stood still.

The waves were: the stone was rolled away the clouds were parted and the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early is never late. He's always right on time plan for you is good. I hope that encourages some of you today because I'm hearing from you and hearing how discouraged you are. Please understand that he's always right on time and his plan for you is good. Want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again. You might want to consider watching our program on our website under complete archives on our YouTube channel or on his channel Christian television, encourage us when you write us through the website.

All of three views or all of three central time at 7635594763559 get on mail when you write to Jan Markel and all of the ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, box 1452 people grow the soda 55311 gifts are tax-deductible region reminds that God is in control. Nothing catches him by surprise. You are engraved on the palms of his hand. Everything is falling

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