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Telling the Future Before it Happens

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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September 26, 2020 8:00 am

Telling the Future Before it Happens

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 26, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell opens with a segment with author Todd Hampson. Bible believers know the future before it happens and we are in a time of massive stage-setting today. Then Jan plays an extensive clip of Pastor J.D. Farag and closes with comments as to why wont people listen to our warnings? We carry Hampsons book found in our online store.

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We just want to see people excited about the one third of the Bible often neglected and a lot of people with the elephant in the room talking about even in churches. A lot of Christians are seeing the things going on but they're not really finding answers as to why I just want to really awaken people and get people excited that it's very likely that the Lord is coming.

Now more than ever, it seems that he's close welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the remnant in part one of our programming. Jan talks to Arthur Todd Hansen-based turmoil is setting the stage for things to come help. This segment offers you some insight into issues of the day and how they tied to the Bible. Here is today's program.

1/3 of the Bible prophecy if people are disregarding practice either fraud at 1/3 of the Bible and in my opinion. I called the central nervous system of the Bible. Every key story every key piece of theology and every key person. All links back to Bible prophecy.

Somehow we throw that out were really doing ourselves and others in the service. Welcome to the program for part one of our programming. Today I am talking to Arthur Todd ham sandwich carrying both his book and workbook titled the nonprofit's guide to the end times. Todd welcome back to the program.

Had you in couple times it's good. Have you been an honor to be here. Thank you so much Dan according you hearing you say in them products that really talking about.

Unfortunately, the topic of Christ's return has been hijacked by caricatured notions of what the Bible actually teaches.

It's not a doom and gloom scare tactic is return is a foundational truth of the Christian faith. But in our day. We tend to treat the topic like a crazy uncle. The family never talks about Todd.

I agree email after email into this ministry. It's coming from folks who try to share this good news that Jesus is coming back, and even perhaps today and they are shunned they are mocked they are ignored. You understand what I'm talking about right, absolutely, I hear a lot on my generation have definitely ingrained in the culture that we can talk about the Lord return for so long in this more now spoken about a microcosm out of a typology of this one. Moses went up to the mountain top and he's gone 40 days will just on that small amount of time there like motive coming back to me went back to their old ways and printed out – vital and expand that out to 2000 years, and you can see the attitude that a lot of people would have you talk about in them products. I'll get more specific on the products in just minutes else, but in the book the nonprofit's guide to the end times since a book they were carrying. You talk a lot about signs of the times and actually you've got a huge lineup of that money just to name a few, that you're referencing the terrorism around the world.

A pandemic obviously international financial instability division in America.

Record-breaking natural disasters that are breaking my heart here escalation in violence. Persecution of Christians and Jews which is unprecedented, increasing immorality and family breakdown decline of America and that's quite frankly what I just said a short list Todd. I sense that God is shaking things up trying to get people to look up Manny want to cling to this earth.

See you are a heavenly minded so he allows Earth's glamour to fade. I agree hundred percent for everyone.

In general, I think it's amazing to me that just the coronavirus alone have kinda shaken everything from sports to entertainment someone answers to all the things we put our trust in, and I believe he's doing that out of mercy will listen to him, any other way holding our attention to call us to him standing there with his arms wide open, asking people, begging people to come to him and for the believer's perspective I think he's doing the same. Many of us have been lulled to sleep and got our focus on worldly things I think is really calling us back to him and sharpening our focus on the things that matter for eternity. We carry Todd's book and restore the nonprofit's guide to the end times. That's PROP HCT and with that is an accompanying workbook same title itself book in a workbook that go hand-in-hand.

If in fact you're looking for such an item to use as a study guide or you can just get the book on its own have read it. It's very intriguing and quite frankly it's full of cartoons and drawings and all sorts of short quick takes that I think particularly a younger person would be captivated by and tied the Bible says in Isaiah 42, nine says I will tell you the future before it happens. Bible believers are the only people who have the privilege of having a roadmap to the future.

Literally all of the future is laid out before us. Christianity is the only faith that has that privilege and you had again like we've already said it's kind of a privilege. That's abuse, kinda tragic. It really is not taught before, and I grew up on church stuff up a bottle with the book of fairytales made up by man to keep people online and one of the early things that broke that barrier down for me was fulfilled. Bible prophecy against that proved to me. It had to be of a divine nature and we talk about things like the rapture of the millennial kingdom are all these things that we can't prove or that people have a hard time believing they are fantastic. They are kinda crazy. If it were not for the fact that we have hundreds of fulfilled Bible right examples to prove that God the promise keeper and it's going to happen and you write isn't so true.

80% of the prophecies are fulfilled, and 20% are yet future. I just want to play a quick clip here, it's Mark Hitchcock.

In this clip he's kind of focusing on Corona and he saying that in this what you and I've already talked about here in just about five minutes that this Corona is a wake-up call and that that our entire topic is talking about that, but it's such a major shaking that happened here in 2020 that just about every program is referred to this topic one way or another. He is Mark Hitchcock Jesus disciples a couple days before he died on the cross, asking the question what do signs of your coming immunity, which Jesus launched into a long litany of signs of 300 interesting that Jesus did several don't worry about slip from your retracted, don't worry about signs Jesus gave a long list of signs and said that what would be happening. It would be of the very first things… Do not be distant. I think that's interesting because there's a lot of discussion of this was looked to be filled with structure Jesus talked about false Christ and false Messiah would come on talk about wars and rumors of wars, measuring estimation kingdom against kingdom, and warned about famines you want about earthquakes. He warned about pestilence again.

What we see today are thick with coronavirus is a friend for shot a workforce shock of what's coming. The Bible tells us that Richard be decimated by flags in the future. Medium times what we see today. Again, I don't believe is the fulfillment of that yet because were not in the tribulation.

Why do you think there's so much mention of things like plagues and pestilence is in the Scripture is nobody's favorite topics and elements to talk about the judgment of God because we all have the sense we know innately that we deserve God's judgment because of our show such wide gospel is such good news. The good news is such good news because of the bad news. The Bible is filled with the judgment of God against all the way back with a flawed legs of Egypt were talking in this book Corona Christ by flags and pandemics, constant flags on Egypt, a part of those were disease. When the Philistines stole the ark of the covenant from the Jewish people God brought flags upon them. Physical collection judgment not even judged his own people for their stand, and sometimes would use pledge to do that God is a God is judged in the past and the Bible tells us that God is going to judge an earlier manifest direct light in the future. Medium times during the time of tribulation job today doesn't seem to be judging as dramatically and directly during the stage because this is often called this time believing that the age of grace is not that there was a grace before will be grace. After this, but God is uniquely working through his grace to him.

This time I think things like the coronavirus while I don't think it's a direct judgment from God. The Bible lesson tell us that there's no way for us to say that with any certainty. I do think at a minimum we can say it certainly electrical Todd.

I think that was the point of what Mark Hitchcock was saying is Corona's awake call but as you point out in all the list of lineup of things that are happening. We have two dozen wake-up calls going on. Do you think people are being awakened. You know it's funny had had a conversation last night with the couple guide to church and were all talking about how now more than we've seen recently people are asking those big question I get a lot of emails weekly from people who have never studied Bible prophecy before and are asking questions and wanting answers to know why this is going on. The way it is, will you say this in. This is a belief taken from an article that you wrote you say this particular birth.

Tanglewood 19 happens to be one the entire world is feeling again increased intensity.

It's also a birth pain that has shaken all earthly things sports financial markets distraction hobbies, concerts, you name it.

All have been shut down and then you say those things aren't bad in themselves, but it's as if God is removing any distractions for a moment in history to plead with the world again.

Look up look to me. The world is temporary. Think about eternal things. I love you, I died for you. Please don't ignore me turn to me now. While there is time very well stated time. Thank you so much good friend of mine preached a sermon a couple weeks ago and he used this analogy that I love young kids minor little older now, but I remember moments like that and he talked about how he was trying to get his son's attention and he would listen until he got down on the fund level.

Got on with me and asked his son to hold he could hold my face.

We talk about looking into the Lord's face. I think this is the time where the closer we get to the rapture and the things that are predicted in the book of Revelation.

I believe God out of love.

Even though we see the scary things it's necessary.

He's out of his love. He is asking the world to hold his face and looked into his eyes so he complete with them while they're still time and I think the closer we get to the time of the end I think the more God will you anything and you can to see if it God's mercy and love and also necessarily a God of judgment, and he knows that there's nothing that can change that judgment that's coming it's coming and then you say including you again. I should also add that this is a pebble in the ocean and that's the troubles that were going through now. This is a pebble in the ocean compared to a yet future global event that will rock the world to its core. If one rapidly spreading virus can cause this type of global disruption.

Can you imagine what the rapture will do when tens of millions of people are removed from the world in an instant and then you conclude Todd that singular event will set all the end time events of John's Revelation into motion. There have been condensed periods of major supernatural events in the past, creation, the Exodus, the events surrounding the first coming of Jesus, culminating with the resurrection. Now, after roughly 2000 years. We await another period of the immense supernatural events which will begin with the rapture. I want to play one more clip since were referring to the rapture here. This is a real short clip of Pastor Jack hips and then I want to transition for a few minutes to spend on the rapture of the church and I'm doing that because in your book to nonprofits guide to the end times.

You actually have a chapter on the rapture and I think it's important that we keep this topic in front of people because in fact it may be the next event in human history we don't know the Bible only indicates that it's imminent.

It's at any moment. First Thessalonians. We saw this a moment ago market again. Chapter 4 verse 17 and 18. We just read it. Then we notice Paul's statement. This is a very powerful thing because there will be those who will argue that Paul did not believe that the rapture would happen in his day that if all Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit and men spoke the Scriptures as they were possessed by the Holy Spirit, then why would Paul say the following.

Then we the word then is a time statement like when or then time statement we Paul didn't say those are those then in the future. He says we were alive and remain shall be there is rapture hard pod so caught up together with them in the clouds.

We just read a moment ago in Titus and in first Thessalonians 1 that he's going to come from heaven and we are going to meet him.

It's the blessed hope.

The Bible says there were to meet him in the clouds, the Lord that is in the air.

That is, the atmosphere will see this in our study is developed, and thus we shall always be I love this with the Lord. My goodness, friends, Bible students what's implied is where Jesus Christ is he's going to come and get us and working to be with him where he is not where he's going. This is a very important thing in your understanding and you'll hear it again as we go through this specially John chapter 14, but that verse goes on verse 17 and thus we shall always be with the Lord.

Look at verse 18. Therefore get all upset the debate and get angry about this promise, no comfort one another with it would be excited about that and I understand that because of denominational persuasions. There are Christians and Christian pastors and churches that say none to go through the tribulation. That's what we have to go through and yes, the why and they'll tell you various reasons. Yes, filigree the Jews and Israel become the witness of that seven year tribulation time, but the church needs to be perfected and purified skews me see that anywhere in the Bible Jesus Christ as our purification. Jesus Christ is the one who has made us accepted past tense. The Bible puts it in the beloved by his blood. If your trust in Christ this morning. You are accepted by the Lord Jesus Christ.

You have to go through some boot camp to become worthy here listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel year I have on the line from the East Coast. Todd Hampson, we are carrying two of his books the nonprofits guide to the end times, with an accompanying workbook and we also carry his book the nonprofits guide to the book of Revelation. You can find them in my store. Olive tree views toward olive tree views that argue my office a call and will get any of those items out to you very quickly. Todd, I am sure you picked up on Jack and D verdict comfort one another with these words were not scaring one another.

We have nothing foreboding to look forward to it as it concerns the end of the end which would be the tribulation from which the church is absent and that teaching was taught to 90 and accepted by 90% of the church as recently as 20 years ago. That's all changed and now there are many interpretations yearbook defends the pretrip rapture and I want to talk about it looks like left behind in late great planet Earth have spoken into the popularity of pretrip why do you think that's fallen away, actually to 20 users were not part of the falling away at a point when we really do believe that the closer we get and we don't know the day or the hour but as Hebrews says we can see the day approaching. And as we get closer to that day. I think the enemies can it do his best to live much battle ground confusion as possible so taken get people confused about the end times.

We have brothers and sisters who hold different views but I believe in. Again, come from a background I literally had to study Scripture for myself I wanted it to speak to me not just to adopt someone else's view and I am thoroughly convinced that from cover to cover. The Bible supports our pretrip rapture is your Jack mentioned it doesn't make sense that we would have to purify ourselves at the whole purpose of the crawl drink drink. Jesus paid all of our sins on the cross. Just a few bullet points you bring out in the chapter you've written on the rapture Scripture is clear that his bride is not appointed then to wrath. That's the wrath of God because unfortunately the church experiences the wrath of man, you talk about the church will quite frankly, the church disappears after Revelation 41 no longer is found in Revelation to the very end, and the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation has nothing to do with the church we had the Jewish wedding and you have a lovely outline of the Jewish wedding, which parallels the pretrip rapture of the church is called the time of Jacob's trouble.

That's Israel that's not the church's trouble and then what we just heard were to comfort one another with the news of the rapture. That's first Thessalonians 418. We can't comfort anyone if a horrendous time is ahead of us. Todd, a man yet not to be a tough time to be hell on earth exactly and can you hit on something that I think is key to the source of the confusion when it comes to one the rapture takes place and that's Israel and the Jewish people. If we don't understand that at the 70th week of Daniel nine that it is distinctly for what you said the purpose of winning the Jewish people back to him or Paul said in Romans 11 that one day all Israel will be saved. This is that time. And if people don't realize that's the key focus of the tradition. That's I think one of the key sources to where the confusion comes in talking to Todd Hampson for part one of the programming today were carrying couple of his books nonprofits guide to the end times nonprofits guide to the book of Revelation and nonprofits guide to the end times has a workbook if you'd like to have a Bible study.

You could use the book and the workbook. That's only two nonprofits guide to the end times. I'm going to read a paragraph or two from your book nonprofits guide to the end times you say the geopolitical stage setting we are witnessing today is unprecedented and clearly prophesied in Scripture life in our era is busy and we have 100 things to distract us and give us tunnel vision.

However, when we take the time to view the news headlines of the world. In light of specific prophecies foretold in Scripture, we can see that changes are taking place that are clearly setting the stage for key end time events and then you say I don't see any way the current world conditions could possibly de-escalate. In other words, the stage will not be unset. The developments taking place now may speed up or slow down but at some point the prophecies regarding the end times will come to pass and we are watching the stage being set right now.

Todd and I had Chad Thomas on last weekend talking about similar things and he said the exact same thing were not going back and wanted to talk to me for a minute about what I just read from your book. Yeah, I've only become more convinced that since writing that book. And, of course, 20, 20 has been Anton signed the conditions on steroids and turned stage setting in globalism and so many other things we hear the phrase make America great again, and this is my personal opinion this is from studying Scripture. I don't see anything in Scripture that says to be a return to good times or that things will get better and better before the Lord return. Unfortunately, just the opposite, that will see dangerous times will see lawlessness will see falling away from truth and even in our country.

We've legalize so many things from abortion to who knows what else that I don't see any way that were going back to where our foundation was which are countries never been perfect by any means, but at least initially, a foundation was in Judeo-Christian principles through will ever see that strengthening again and I have a recent article that I wrote called optimistic pessimism on by nature. Normally, I'm very upbeat and honestly even on talking about tough Anton things. I'm still very optimistic.

I know the Lord still in control of world events and he's intimately involved in the lives of every person he wants them to come to him, but without that lens. All we see the world falling apart just to reiterate a point I don't see things getting better.

I see things getting more Laodicean life and more lawless and the kind of thing but God can prepare a table force in the presence of our enemies to walk us through that until the time of the rapture, but we may face some tough things before that moment will and for the unbeliever. Time is running out.

The Bible says today's the day of salvation. Don't put it off your world could be turned upside down tomorrow and quite frankly that's the case all around the world look the West Coast as we speak here. I'm hearing from people on the West Coast and what they're going through lives are being turned upside down like never before. The time to name the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior today is a really good time folks. If you want to add to that Todd be my guess. Yes I agree hundred percent today. Today salvation. Now the time to turn to the Lord.

If you have questions. Now the time to figure it out.

Don't delay any longer and I'll also add to that for us as believers. I do personally have a heavy burden that now is the time we need to be pointing people to Christ and making sure that were loving people that were representing Christ well and that were pointing people to him.

Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw all men to me. So don't feel like you have to go out and evangelize your whole neighborhood. But if every God-given opportunity you list the name of Jesus up and you point people to him surprise will gobble do I do believe that there's a sense of urgency in the church that's watching right now, I believe that the world is in the set up mode and waiting for the man with the plan. The mistress accent this going to be more and more of a longing for this man with the plan. Perhaps he's waiting in the wings. I suspect he is. I think Satan has always had somebody in the shadows of Satan doesn't know the exact time of God's plan's unfolding. He does not know the day ordained for the rapture of the church so someone I think is going to be needed and fairly soon to calm the storm presidential proclamations aren't going to do the trick. That is when things get out of control dead and it's going to be a mess to clean up. Since the world is in meltdown. In fact, let's just talk post rapture markets crash economies tank, etc. with all stability gone and even lives being lost post rapture of there's going to be that longing for that Mr. fix it. That's what I see is setting the stage right now with more and more mankind is longing for somebody who can come along and fix everything from finances to everything politics, you name it.

Yes I agree are really doing well often forget that what the church is doing right now as salt and light salt reserves and light shines light on medieval even as things get worse. The church is still restraining that insolence is a tidal wave that as soon as the rapture occurs that the church can fill the void and everything we read about that person. I recall the future Antichrist that he does not regard the God with his father's and it sounds almost like it's can be a completely humanistic philosophy. And that's exactly what we see back in shape today what people are gravitating to blow that in idol worship and other doctrines of demons but kind of a weird mitten bag of everything but the truth is being pushed in our day.

A monopoly batch is an indicator of the title wave at the comet. The moment of the rapture occurs is not Hampson. You can learn Tony think you've got a prophecy podcast. How would they access that you just go to prophecy, prose, podcasts, myself and Jeff Kinley tag teaming and talking about Bible prophecy is that weekly or monthly. It's weekly and it's in season two. Right now, so the connection go back and listen to all of season one to get caught up to speed and sometimes it's just Jeff and I talking and other times we have some amazing guests like we recently read a slave named Jim Markel that was a pleasure.

I don't know her that she's a troublemaker is what I want to quote you again want to give that source again. Were folks can sign them. Sure it's properly prose or if you just go to the prophecy you can get a link to the podcasts and other information. I want to cool you at least a paragraph or two from you as we can wind down here and you say this and were canna going back to the issues that are happening prophetic developments have accelerated to a new level. Literally every single condition mentioned by the Old Testament prophets John in the book of Revelation. Paul in his epistles, others as well is in place or forming before our eyes at this very moment in history.

Even secondary or subtle details of prophecies and have parentheses, particularly the set up for Isaiah 17, which would be the destruction of Damascus and Ezekiel 38 Gog Magog are lining up exactly as foretold 2600 years ago, while events of the day through our natural eyes can be scary and foreboding. When we realize this is exactly what we were told it would look like. Just before the rapture of the church in the future seven year tribulation. We see it through a different lens then you say, along with the sobering realization of what the world is soon to go through.

We should also be encouraged and excited.

Titus 213 calls the rapture.

Our blessed hope in the context of the rapture. Paul also shared two important and often overlooked things that we are not appointed to suffer wrath and that the promised snatching away of the church should greatly encourage us, or winding down here in which to get a few minutes left. How would you like to summarize what you're writing about what you and I really represent as it concerns respective ministries here and ministries that cooperate with each other even host each other but what is the ultimate message of Todd Hampson. I think the ultimate message is number one you can understand Bible prophecy, and it is very relevant today. I think there's unfortunately many many believers today who have bought into the idea that our prophecy is divisive or so complex you can't figure it out and what I was encourage people to do is just pick one category pick Ezekiel 38 study that read the daily headlines like really study it, not just an overview really get into the weeds of one aspect and you'll see how exactly the world is lining up. I think we live in similar times to before Israel became a nation again to go back to the Puritans and that Eric more people return to a literal understanding of Scripture and they said hey one day. The Bible says Israel can become a nation again and people told them they were crazy will. Here we are, Israel, the nation again 70+ years and were saying.

Once Israel nation again and all these other signs start to fall in place. That means the Lord's return is on the near horizon and once again, and this fulfills prophecy as well before Martin scoffed at the Lord's return and that kind of thing, but here it is again were pointing to Scripture with a rocksolid past track record that shows that God is a promise keeper so I would say, like you said, short people need the Lord. Christians need to reclaim a passion for bowel prophecy because it's more relevant now than it has ever been. I totally agree and you have a style time in sin all your books. It's a style that is trying to catch the attention of younger people, teenagers, young adults tell me and I talked a little bit to Chad Thomas about this excited with the two of you year and 1/2 ago and Chad again last week and that is the indifference of those in their 20s and 30s anyway and it's in indifference to what we're talking about here, and yet you've slanted your books to them. So what kind of response. Are you having from them, Bonnie. I'm getting a really good response could I should mention that the character of the nonprofit yes is an Old Testament prophet. He always gets it wrong and he's kind of a comedy relief throughout the book is he is so in some senses. He breaks down that barrier and it's different. It's not something that's typically in Bible prophecy book so that gets people's attention and also the humor in the lightheartedness in the context of a very heavy topic. I think helped disarm it a little bit to where people at least put their guard down in the least engage with the content and then once they get into it. If those tools can get people to slow down long enough to really consider the content all of a sudden it becomes real to them again, had people say I've always believed that the Lord is in a return, but I never really thought about he's really going to return and that could happen in our lifetime and that changes how you think how you feel how you act, the choices you make and the changes your perspective of Scripture in your respect for the things of God. So you are hearing from some of the younger generation. Then I am. I'm here from the younger generation and I'm also hearing from God for a bigger segment of believers that I'm hearing from our people that have been believers for a long time but just always assumed that the book of Revelation and bowel prophecy were off limits are not relevant and all the sudden, especially with the events of the world. The past couple years there really starting to engage with it again and realize it is extremely relevant. You hear from people are they anxious their anticipating some saying they're skeptical, what's the mood that your hearing I would say that over the past five years it's moved from skeptical to anxious to questioning that used to be that it was just what even on anybody's radar but then it's almost like the worst the conditions of the world get the more people rely on the way.

This really is line up with what Scripture says, at least a little bit that I know how can I learn more and honestly the biggest comment I get above all else is that if I can get people to engage with Bible prophecy in the book of Revelation. They have a humongous increase in the hope and joy is in purpose and clarity like never before. That's very well put.

I like that I like that a lot. Let me give kind of the lineup of the product. Again, you can find them in her store nonprofit that's PR OP HET. The nonprofits guide to the end times, and an accompanying workbook that nonprofits guide to the end Times workbook so if you're thinking of doing a Bible study and you'd like a book and workbook.

We carry both and then the other book we carry is Todd's the nonprofits guide to the book of Revelation olive tree olive tree views down or you could call my office. Learn more at Todd's website Todd and give the address of prophecy pros radio again. Yes, that's probably pros or the prophecy enter there is a get you to it and that's with you and Jeff Kinley. I've had to fund many times as well.

Todd's writing. I really think you've got a unique style.

Obviously, Mr. nonprofit here is extremely unique and so to get a chuckle out of it, but it's a good communication tool that Todd's come up with here. It's kind of cartoonish because you are in the animation business in my right hand that's correct. I know two things for my past collided one of an animation producer into the mention out unchurched. So I think God give me an ability to view Scripture from the perspective of someone who's never engaged with the before that I think helps me want to make it relevant to that person Todd Hampson. We will stay in touch. Thanks for all you do likewise boundary Mustang will talk again thank you folks don't go away and coming back in just a couple minutes.

We hope that insights offered in the dissenting signs radio to build people up in the faith and not discourage we have a glorious feature waiting us. This world is not our home. We love getting your feedback right us through our website. Olive tree views.ORG followed three call central time at 763-559-4444 76355944443.

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Some people say we are in apocalyptic times if so, is the time you started to understand God's plan for the age you are carrying Dr. Ron Rhodes book 40 days through Revelation uncovering the mystery of the end times Bible says blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book. Revelation no one puts things into easier terms to understand that Dr. Ron Rhodes. If you have been confused or intimidated by the book of Revelation. You will love this easy to understand and practical presentation of its intolerant Bible is clear about the things that come. Ron Rhodes is one of this vital information findable to the online store olive tree that's olive tree or call us at 58763559444 476-355-9444 will also be in our year-end print magazine sign up online.

I say let's seize the moment in history. Even the secular world is noticing that we are in unprecedented times events are unprecedented.

Even natural disasters are called now unprecedented. Here's the bottom line folks.

Time is running out. We look at some church issues in part two of our programming and also hearing extended clip of Pastor JD for updating a timeless classic, consider watching our program on video you can see portions of the program.

All videocassettes play do so, go to our website and to radio then complete archives or watch our YouTube channel under Jan Markel.

Here is part two and welcome back, just a quick note here that we have both the print and an EE newsletter encourage you to sign up for those online periodicals talk about everything we talk about on-air and more. Check it out it olive tree and check us out on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, various social media sites.

We are very active.

I get numerous emails every week there expressing various heart aches dilemmas and frustrations. People have with important people in their lives, including their pastors. By the way they try to tell them about the tide of our times about how events playing out today are all outlined in the Bible in the category of things to come, and there met with his. You've heard me say on this program before indifference and even anger. Now, many people can no longer cope with reality and are looking for alternative and often unhealthy ways to cope in the church is under tremendous attack I hear from pastors as well. Many a week expressing various dilemmas they have to cope and care for the flock in these perilous and kinda crazy times so it like to do is had like to play a short clip from a recent prophecy update by Pastor JD for Rodney and he'll actually be live with me on programming here in the next few weeks, but this is from an update.

He did online in mid-August and he is playing off the Paul Harvey 1965 classic if I were the devil and I'm going to have some further comments at the end of this clip. Churches today are being bullied into bowing at the feet of public health experts and scientists and you know it's so it's working it's working. What the devil has said about to do. However, necessary has been done in large measure how by muscling in closing and silencing the church if you will kindly allow me to, I would like to start by reading from the transcript of this epic and even prophetic word fitly spoken by Paul Harvey titled if I were the devil.

If I were the devil. If I were the Prince of darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness and I'd have 1/3 of its real estate and 4/5 of its population, but I wouldn't be happy until I had seized the ripest Apple on the tree. The soul said about however necessary to take over the United States. I subvert the church's first 55 years ago I began with a campaign of whispers with the wisdom of a serpent. I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve to ask. Please to the young. I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.

I would convince them that man created God's sin of the other way around. I would confide that what's bad is good and what's good is square. Us were really using more in the all I would teach to pray after me. Our father which art in Washington and then I did organize reorganized me so far. I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and on interesting heights threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa. I paddle narcotics.

To whom I could buy sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. I tranquilized the rest with pills. If I were the devil I'd soon have families at war with themselves. Churches at war with themselves and nations at war with themselves and to each in its turn was consumed, and with the promises of higher ratings I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames. If I were the devil I would encourage schools to refine your own intellects, but neglect to discipline emotions just like those run wild until before you knew it you have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every school house door within a decade. I'd have prisons overflowing.

I'd have judges promoting pornography.

Soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the school house and then from the houses of Congress and in his own churches, I would substitute psychology for religion and listen do you fight science.

I would lose more priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls, and church money 1965. If I were the devil I'd make the symbols of Easter and a and the symbol of Christmas, a bottle if I were the devil I'd take from those who have and give to those who want until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious and what you bet I could get whole states to promote gambling as the way to get rich.

I would caution against extremes and hard work in patriotism and moral conduct, I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned that swinging is more fun that what you see on the TV is the way to be in the us I could undress you in public, and I could blooper you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure.

In other words, if I were the devil I'd just keep right on doing what he's doing 55 years ago this fast forward, please know that I am no way wish to posture myself as someone who would rise to the level of the late Paul Harvey, I seek only to update this if I were the devil in 2020. If I were the devil in 2020 is the Prince of darkness. I want to use a global deception to engulf the whole world in darkness to start. I was set about a scheme that would ultimately take down the United States. I would use whatever means necessary to shut down the church's first but keep abortion clinics open. If I were the devil in 2020. I'd soon have families, churches, pastors, Christians, police, politicians, cities and nations protesting rioting, fighting, and warring with each other so as to devour and destroy each other.

I would pit black against white race against race right against left and with the promise of higher ratings I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames with the wisdom of a serpent. I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve, to what thou wilt is the whole of the law as you participate in my lawlessness I would confide that what's evil is good and what's good is evil. I would teach you to pray after me. Our father which art in Washington and then I get organized. If I were the devil in 2020. I would seal you with paralyzing fear of everyone and everything around you, for your own perceived peace and safety. Once I have you hiding in isolation.

There will be a transformation which will allow me to bring about my demonic Reformation. I would then succeed in making those that are left behind and still on the earth, dependent on my own ruling government for basic goods and services.

I would also paddle the final solution as a medical solution. Having deified science because of the reaction to the problem I created in the first place.

With my global deception by doing this I will have that which I have always wanted you worshiping me, if you refuse to worship me you will not be able to work and earn a living. Not only will this cost you your livelihood could also cost you your life. If I were the devil in 2020. I would undress you of any remaining hope and seduce you away from the God who I blame and accuse of being evil to deceive you to believe me. In other words, if I were the devil I just keep right on doing what he's doing, but God I love those two words so I love those two words. I love those two words that I tell you that I love those two words and so do you write as it changes everything. But God I would argue to the most powerful words ever spoken.

The devil maybe doing all that he's doing, meaning it for evil but God means it for God for the salvation of many this day as only he's will continue to it's important to understand that at the end of the day the devil is still God's devil what you mean by that.

He's a created being, is not equal to God. He was created by God.

He is not omniscient like God is not omnipotent like God and he is not omnipresent like God. As such, she can only do what God allows him to do. And here's the thing, God will never allow the devil to do anything unless it serves his purpose for his kingdom and for his glory for ever and ever. Amen.

You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here and that will expand for just a few minutes on some of the thoughts Pastor JD for I just presented. Now we are in the most biblically relevant times in history with quite frankly the least amount of interest in them. We are in a season of exploding signs of the times with the most amount of scoffing and this is all predicted by the way everything is now accelerated. Everything is on overdrive except interest in all of these things, and as a result.

Quite frankly, watchmen are growing weary. I got an email. Let me read it and reread a couple of emails and the writer says Jan I am viewed as crazy just by mentioning how excited I am for the Lord to return and about the times we are in. It makes me nervous to even mention world news and events are in time prophecy with anyone who claims to be a Christian. The reactions I get are so very negative. I haven't found even one person at my church work or extended family who would be willing to discuss any of these issues. But what is most disheartening is the indifference in my church of almost 30 years while I got to thinking about this, and frankly have thought about it for years and I came up with some potential reasons for this.

About 1010 quick points. Why is this happening why is it happening in the church, let me just go down a rundown here of some options number one way too many people are in love with this world and they cling to it and they derive tremendous pleasure from it. And quite frankly busy BUS Y has become the new four letter word. People are running to and fro. They just don't either have the time or want to take the time to the informed enterprise number two. Coupled with this are the preachers who are telling people they can have their best life now that has become people's all-consuming goal. Yet even in this crazy 2020 where it's obvious that things are continuing to deteriorate and maybe our best life now. Maybe that is behind us.

Number three. First, some reality has become terrifying summer saying our life will never return to normal and I think that's probably accurate and whatever that was, is, recently, quite frankly, is just six months ago and those voices sadly they might be right.

Life may have turned a dark corner in 2020 at some reality. As I said, it's just become terrifying and people can't cope with the new reality and so there tuning out there dropping out and I believe that's another reason they will not listen today. Number four Satan is a distractor.

He is in a hyper active mode he's keeping people from paying attention to how late the hour is and if they aren't watching the times, quite frankly, he could lull them into complacency and even keep people from sharing the gospel and his goal is to keep people majoring in the minors and lots of people are doing that and therefore they all want to pay attention. Reality is distracting.

Number five detaching from reality.

It's a coping mechanism and some can't keep hearing, listening, watching the various things on the media the natural disasters, the pandemic, the riots diluting the persecution. Quite frankly, the suffering, these things crush the spirit and again their option is to tune out to drop out and to not pay attention and to not listen and number six. Many churches and Christians today. They, quite frankly, represent Laodicea, the Laodicean church was lukewarm was indifferent. It's very likely was totally focused on self gratification and if you are consumed with looking within. Quite frankly, you cannot pay attention to what is happening on the outside and I think that's what's going on with a lot of people there only reflecting inwardly therefore intentionally shutting out things on the outside and therefore there tuning you out as well. Number seven. Many of the church. Pulpits remain silent if the pastor is not talking about the times that she people feel they need not pay attention to the time so too many pastors want to avoid anything controversy alert cutting edge they will not address some of this dining events taking place daily.

Even if the events have biblical significance. Number eight God has turned some people over to a mindset that does not allow them to understand the times he may have given some people you care about over to a reprobate mind that's found in Romans 14 of the most terrifying words in the Bible are kind gave them over, but that's what's happening today. Lots of people simply their mindset is going to earthly things. But in the fall out of all of that God has simply turned some of these people over to that reprobate mind where they do not they cannot focus on the things that you feel might be important that would help them understand the times number nine. The obsession with social justice has replaced the good news that the King is coming. It has also replaced the great commission in the gospel of salvation. This would be the case in some churches, thankfully, not all.

Many would rather save our planet and save souls and talk about the Lord's return. This is the new mood in the church today to talk about black lives matter. Critical race theory, things like that, rather than the King is coming as a result, people's ears and eyes are closed to the things you're talking about number 10.

Many Christians know that they are not right with God and that causes them to avoid reality.

So if the signs of the times that we want to remind them that their time is running out. They choose to tune out. Can you blame them with that kind of a mindset when you come to them with reality what's going on in the world. They tune you out because they cannot deal with reality. So this email says a lot. They say Jan, I am looked at like I am an alien. Just because I track what is happening and I related to the Bible.

A few of you online teachers help me celebrate my alien status.

I feel like a lonely goldfish in a bowl. So much of what the Bible predicted is coming true. Every day keep sounding the alarm. Just think back, what must the days of Noah and like the preacher Noah talked for 120 years and was totally ignored. No, I didn't have Facebook, Instagram or twitter.

He didn't have a microphone or pulpit but he kept talking about the truth. Finally, the ark door closed on a scoffing society, and here's the thing. It's going to close again but this time it will come by way of the rapture of the church and millions are going to miss it because they didn't listen to the watchman that's you, but some will.

So we must not be silent.

Noah secular talk show host said that a blanket of darkness has been thrown over us that the believer cannot and must not think that way opportunity has been handed to us. Desperate people are more inclined to listen and you can't throw a blanket of darkness over anyone who has an eternal perspective. I say let's seize the moment in history. Even the secular world is noticing that we are in unprecedented times events are unprecedented. Even natural disasters are called now unprecedented.

Here's the bottom line folks.

Time is running out so share the good news talk to people about what's happening. Tell them that the King is coming and don't grow weary in waiting. I'll talk about the recent peace activity between Israel and her neighbors next week folks with Dr. Ron Rhodes.

I know this divided opinion out there. I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week.

Many are in need of encouragement today. We hope you will encourage someone even, yet today, you encourage us when you write us through our website. All of three that's all of three simple time at 763559444 763-559-4444 male when you write to Jan Martel and all of three ministries Box 1452, Road, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. We again remind you that God is in control. Nothing touches him by surprise.

You are engraved on the palms of his hands. Everything is falling into place

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