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This Ship is Sinking

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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September 19, 2020 8:00 am

This Ship is Sinking

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 19, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markells two guests, Chad Thomas and David Fiorazo, remind us that we are at a crossroads. This has been a year to remember. Chad Thomas reminds his weekly prophecy YouTube audience that without God, this ship is sinking. Fiorazo suggests if the pulpits remain silent, we will lose the republic. How can we encourage one another in light of this turmoil?

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The Instagram culture is real. So how do we reach them. The ship is sinking. Why bother prosperity help in times are coming really is around you know God in control of everything happening perfectly perfect timeline and plan to connect all the dots in the ship is sinking welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the remnants in part one of today's programming. Jan visits with prophecy, advocate, and YouTube are Chad, Thomas, all of us have valued young people in our lives can be distracted from the deeper issues just because they are coping with the new tide of our times. Jan and Chad discuss this dilemma in part one of understanding the times radio today.

We also look at some prophecy highlights thus far in 2021 we knew it is not going back there is a whole new normal. That's coming a new world order.

The ship is sinking and sinking fast. Everything is happening and it will happen according to God's perfect prophetic plan in his timeline we see where this is all had we don't know how much were to see before the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ. All we know for sure and I'm in good company.

When I say this is at the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ will occur before the Antichrist is revealed in before he confirms the covenant with many for one week start seven year tribulation. Welcome to the program sometime in 2019. I did a program with today's guest, Chad, Thomas and Chad does many times a week, prophecy, updates on YouTube. My media format for today's generation. By the way's title is watchmen on the wall 88 can we reach the millennial generation arc to say anyone under the age of 40 or 45 years old with the issues that are front and center today but that the younger generation often finds to be inconvenient a threat to their future. Way too negative. While I believe we can. Chad Thomas also believes we can and Rena talk about that and he is reaching his generation very effectively and by the way, Chad is 32 years old. Chad welcome back to the program. Thanks rat, Megan, Janet, great to be here were talking here about the Instagram culture and it's kind of all about them. Even the church thinks that way, the seeker movement kind of encourages their way of thinking here talking to them you are reaching them. They are listening. What are they saying to you and tricking that you mentioned the Instagram culture were told very clearly in second Timothy chapter 3 verse 1 to 5, where the apostle Paul told in the last days perilous times shall come to get the whole list of what the state of the world to be like, and when you read through that entire list. You will see that exactly what happening right now and with the increasing and technology and the explosion of social media with Instagram, Twitter, tick-tock Facebook all the other forms of media your scene again how upset people are with themselves. What's incredible about this again when you read through this entire list, you'll see that this is happening right here and right now and again like you said with the Instagram culture. Most people are in their thinking that things are going improve. That's what you said to me there's thinking things are going to return to normal now.

I opened this program with the clip as you. This ship is sinking now. That's certainly on the negative side, it is. I think somewhat realistic. Can we write a sinking ship. Can we lift the Titanic. That's the assignment of the church is to be salt and light delay.

The decay younger people want to believe they have a future.

They want to believe that their future is not going to be interrupted even by the rapture of the church and other words some of them. Not all of them.

I got some emails here five time I read a couple of them there younger people and I think they're in the 20s even in there looking up exactly as you and I are absolutely Jan this ship is sinking. I know when you hear that term. Like you said, it can be depressing, but the reality is the Bible tell us exactly what the fate of the world be like to get everything happen according to God perfect prophetic timeline and plan, but the ship is sinking, regardless of how you want to view it in like you said I need him around people my age all the time and people see what is happening.

They see something going on automatically what they're thinking is it's okay this is just a little rough patch and humanity working to get through this. Were going to get our lives back to normal were so gonna plan our vacation. The next year and keep planning for the future, even if we have to wear our masks or whatever we have to do to obey the government and the regulations were going to do it because we want our life back. I know many of them feel that they can have their best life now, the American dream.

I understand and the earthly minded you said recently in one year updates.

This could be a September to remember. Tell me why you said that the reason I said that Jan is because especially this year. In 2020. We know it for the last few years we been seen, the cry for Mideast peace and security, peace and safety, peace and prosperity. You see it with Pope Francis. More recently with Jared Kushner and French Pres. Emmanuel McCrone more than ever, especially this year and this month in September were seen. They've had Abraham accord this historically feel that we just made by the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

And we see many Arab nations getting involved with this peace process, which is absolutely incredible because were told in Daniel 927 that there will be a covenant that is confirmed when many for one week and we can't be dogmatic and say this is the Daniel 927 covenant, but we see where this is all headed. The stage is getting set for it could be a precursor. Let me just comment on all of that. I want take a lot of time because my give you the time the peace talks in Israel. I mean it has been tremendous prophetic implications is no question about it is now talk that as many as 22 Arab nations could formulate some kind of a peace deal with Israel. Think about that for men folks and that the very least they would not go to war with his friend not keep in mind Angela referred a couple verses here that would move on from this, but it's important to keep in mind it says in Ezekiel 38 in the context being the Gog Magog war, the Russian invasion of Israel with many accomplices including Iran and Turkey, that when that war transpires, Israel will be living securely does securely mean she will just be trusting in the antichrist or can we throw into the mix. Her Arab neighbors will not be on more ground with her or could it be both. So you want to highlight the words of Ezekiel 3810 through 12 that she will be dwelling in peace and safety dwelling securely chatted away.

That jumped out at me as were talking peace efforts are absolutely Jan, I mean, this is amazing things and I know you said frequently. The tribulation period is casting a shadow on the earth, and folks we know were out of here before the Antichrist is revealed.

And before that covenant is confirmed that you show you how close we are. Frankly, we can save the debate as to whether Israel should be making any kind of peace deal zero voices. Frankly, on both sides of this issue. What's important to believers is what does the Bible say about Israel's status in the last days as it concerns war or peace with her neighbors.

Clearly they'll be last days war with Israel and also peace concerning Israel. Frankly anything Abby blunt anything Jared Kushner's involved in on that impressed with he makes me extremely nervous. I think we'll leave it at that. Let me ask you a few direct questions. Talking to Chad Thomas for this first segment of understanding the times radio sheds very active on social media, particularly he's active on YouTube and so are we are also active on Facebook, twitter Instagram very active on his channel his light just a quick heads up here because of censorship where posting obvious they are radio program to our website but now reposting our radio videos to our website as well. Olive tree olive tree views out of her just go to radio and then complete archives, and you'll find a radio program and the video of the program here.

A visual person. You might want to watch it. Still on YouTube until they censor us so we also posted to our website go to radio and then complete archives for the complete programming both audio and video olive tree Chad you told me that, partly because this is a little bit shocking, partly because of your pretrip position. In other words, you believe the church will be taken in the rapture of the church before the tribulation begins. You have literally had death threats. Now let me back up and just say that not everybody who does not hold to a pretrip position is violent, but I'm just a little shocked to hear that so talk to me about all Jan I know one of the things that you said frequently is the blessed hope and become black and hope, and it can get pretty violent, especially in comments and email, then yes, there was email and messages I had received threatening my life in a people saying that they're not like it when they get a hold of me.

Also people emailing me that they have my address and they literally sent me my address and gave me the square footage of my home and did they go on and explain why they were so troubled yet because I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture been they didn't hold that view their upset their claimant on deceiving people on the false prophet that I need to be taken care of. Why can't we sit down and reason with one another. Now we've deteriorated to death threats.

When we disagree. I didn't think I'd see the day folks. So how did you handle it. Originally in my original channel and article 200,000 subscribers. I had nobody working with me like help me control the page.

What I did in the mean time was I had shut my channel down just until I can rebuild the new team and deal with all of the war and madness that was coming to get the channel now I have a whole new team. I have moderators and things are being controlled so that way when nasty stuff sent that it dealt with my moving on and I've gotten tougher skin to life and you actually had said the same thing for my sister in Christ name is Cheryl.

You need to get your rhino skin on you. Do you absolutely I'm learning through all this to folks.

I gotta be copper is not easy. What we do.

You know that till we play little clip is you.

Chad this is you in one of your little updates here and we can talk about it after we play it. I believe the rapture of the church itself is the trigger because complete worldwide civil unrest complete chaos and complete worldwide economic collapse in the antichrist will come onto the world stage and he'll make order out of chaos that was good to be looking to him as the Messiah. False Messiah is all the world problems are fixable but you see a lot of people right now putting their faith and trust in world leaders to get us through bad times and everything's going to go back to normal now. This ship is sinking and you need to get on the lifeboat that went Buddhist Jesus Christ soldier somebody that thinks things are just to go back to normal. We got years and years and years and years left. Just look around you and will do with the Bible says if you connect all the dots and everything that's converging right now especially what's happening right now with the nation of Israel received a call for peace and security, peace and safety of the Middle East. We have to have this signing ceremony. This will take place this month. I think you're trying to do before Rosh Hashanah signing ceremony of the historic peace deal just made between the United Arab Emirates and Israel start to see other Arab nations getting on board with this horse does have a wide Mideast peace Summit this month and you see the continued price for peace and safety, peace and security. You will see where this is all headed Chad. What I'd like to ask you, and that precluded first of all, we just heard your clip. There about those stunning things that are going on and I and looking at the tide of our times. The thing that stands out the most to me in our year 2020 2020 is literally winding down here were to look at October in a week or two now looking at the tide of our times. I think the most significant thing I've observed is this stunning rise of lawlessness, the spirit of antichrist. I saw the spark begin here in my hometown Minneapolis least I saw it in the media. I wasn't at the location of the George Floyd incident. From there the lawlessness is spread to about 50 US cities and then all the way to Europe and Australia causing a mass exodus of people out of the cities. I don't see things returning to normal, either.

These riots are going to lead to a rapidly sinking ship.

And then I talk to you privately and I said okay now you tell me what you've seen this year that just stands out the most.

I couldn't agree with you more. In your observation. Talk to us about what you've perceived and observed here in 2020. Absolutely Jan and what you just mentioned. In terms of a law that I couldn't agree more with what were saying right now and 2020 the spirit of antichrist. I had mentioned you think one of the things that stood out to me the most in 2020 was you have this coronavirus pandemic or plan that make it a lot of like to call it basically shut down the whole world for three months.

It couldn't be any more evident where this is pushing us toward you connect all the dots with this pandemic that cuts down the world. It setting the stage for a coming New World order and the coming one world government. This one world religion and this coming one world currency, the mark of the beast system which the beast system. The technologies here for now, but could be implemented until during the tribulation. What this whole pandemic has done.

If you just push the that much closer to the tribulation. You're absolutely right and look how fast it's happened.

It took only months to literally change the dynamic of the entire world. The other amazing part two is again people want to live nagging to do whatever they have to to live.

This is just showing us when the time does come during the tribulation.

Were there and require you to have this mark of the beauty in your right hand or on your warhead how easy it the CP Borgen it be to accept us your listening, understanding the times radio and Jim are killing him on the line from the East Coast, Chad, Thomas, some of you are watching his updates there couple times a week, if not more watchmen on the wall 88 actually took his channel down.

This is said a few months ago now and that was over some consternation that was going on online. The online community can be friendly. It can also be an attacking community some unfortunate things happen. Then Chad was able to rebuild as he is now encourage you to check it out into be supportive of him and chat you're talking to all ages in my right when you're on your online outreach is at all ages absolutely.

What are they saying about what you just spoke about. Frankly, we talked about a number of things here in just about 17 minutes to talk about the upcoming peace in the Middle East.

We talked about the spirit of antichrist. We talked about the coming New World order.

Some of these are little bit daunting.

So tell me what your listeners think about this.

Are they looking up or are they looking in fear and what's amazing with a lot of my viewers and commoners.

What I'm saying a lot of people are excited they see what's happening there saying they know their redemption draws near, that the day is approaching because were told we will see that they approaching like it says in first Thessalonians 418 were a comfort one another comfort one another with these words.

People are excited now I know that there are some people that may be in fear over this.

If you're in Christ you have nothing to fear because you're not can it be here now to reiterate folks we don't know how much work in a few before the rapture were just told were not can it be year for the tribulation. Which is a horrific timeframe. We don't know how much work and as she before the rapture of the church and I call my viewers you need to live each day as of today could be the day, but also prepared occupy it if it years from now, seen it in years from now you mean you can agree it could be a lot sooner.

The way things are moving. I do see from my experience on how long I've been on YouTube, especially that there seems to be a lot more of the younger generation that's rising up 10 railing better getting interested in end times eschatology they see something going on during courage but at the same time there is a discouragement because their friends there laughing at them and they can't seem to get their family members on board their discouragement. They want people to get save those it. They love and they care about. Couple of emails. These are from younger people. I want to start I can't name him, I can tell you that he's in Dubai and I got this email this morning and I just feel I have to at least read and not in the name him be too dangerous that you can pray for this young man. He says I'm 16-year-old and living in Dubai. I've been a regular listener to your program for the past few months during the summer and always enjoy the words of encouragement from your prophecy, updates, and so on.

I'm writing this email to inform you about what is occurring here in Dubai, beginning with my experiences at school today. There has probably never been more struggle from a single day in my entire life. Upon praying a few weeks ago about what my place is at school and what it means to truly be the only Christian out of the class of 150 students. I had decided to take a stand and no longer about the majority on ideological theological or political issues in order to appeal to the mob. He says this was not easy in today after asking the Lord repeatedly for the right opportunity. Certain remarks made by my peers and teachers around me warranted a respectful response and I expose myself as a believer in Christ supporter of your president and strongly against abortion.

I condemned the black lives matter movement.

This came at a price that, to be honest, I was expecting.

I have now been labeled a racist Islamic phone sex is hateful, and many other names and have lost many friends. I consider dear and close despite not being popular in any sense of the word.

The entire class now knows.

Nevertheless, I never have been happier or more content and feel as though what I did was completely right. I always remember Matthew 511 when faced with such ridicule. Jesus Christ is with me till the end and I'd rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God. What I believe I hold near in my heart and it will not change regardless of my current situation. Even though this pandemic. My Sais has grown even greater.

Despite the new challenges of being a student this year, Chad. That's a 16-year-old haze in Dubai. That's not his home country. He's there from another country. I'm not naming look at which you encourage this young man place absolutely what I can tell you, young man. Just remember that were told in these times that people are gonna call good evil and evil good, and that's exactly what's happening today but you're an ambassador for Christ he's chosen you for such a time as this to rise up and he tell you in his word that you're gonna be persecuted. But your reward to be great in heaven and encourage you that you are loved so much by our King. And like that you are is ambassador you been born for such a time is that he called you for such a time of this to rise up and there is millions of young adults in this world right now. They're going through similar things to you there. Faced with this opposition again. You're called evil, for the good for what God has called us to do what your taking a stand and Juergen to be rewarded.

You just need to hang in there.

Keep the faith keep doing what God has called you to do and keep planting the seeds it might seem like a feature planning right now are falling on deaf ears. But God will provide the increase in his timing. Whether it's now or during the tribulation because millions come to Christ during the tribulation is answering and it could be that the seed you plant young man is the seed that God will use will provide that increase.

At some point during the tribulation.

You are making a difference. You encourage me what you just read that email that encourages for me to be stronger my faith. I want to read another one. Chad talked to Ted Thomas.

This is from an atheist season of the young man. He says I'm an atheist by listen to your show nearly every week for about 10 years when I lived in Minneapolis. I listened as well. Religiously, seriously, I didn't miss a single week, even attended understanding the times conference in 2014. Now with children and such. I'm having more difficult time keeping up with the podcast I want to drop you this note to say. Keep up the good work, religiously, am a nonbeliever. Culturally, I couldn't be more aligned with your messages.

I'm dismayed at the direction of this country, but I'm given hope when I see you standing tall and strong for what is right and good for this nation. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. That's Greg in Seattle.

Chad we need to encourage Greg and we've already done this. I think throughout this half hour. At that time is very, very short and that Greg in Seattle, declaring himself an atheist, rather proud atheist, but a kind and gentle one needs the Lord Jesus Christ before it's too late Jan, first off, it's amazing that you have unbelievers and believers both that watcher channel that follow you. I used to be an atheist.

I used to be somebody just like that and it wasn't until I read the Bible and I saw that every word and there is true and how much God loves us what he has in store for us and that salvation to me and everything I was involved with before Jesus saved me that he would love me enough to go to the cross for me and pay the full penalty for our sin so that we can be forgiven and be with him forever. Greg, I used to be someone that didn't believe. From the bottom of my heart. This is all real. This is all real. You see something going on.

This is all the Bible you been listening to Jan and you're listening to this now for a reason Jesus is waiting there with his arms wide open and you can be saved. Right now it says in second Corinthians 6 do that now is the accepted time.

Now is the day of salvation. You put your faith in your trust that he shed his precious blood. If you will not cross at Calvary, believing that he died for you was buried and resurrected on the third day, as it is written in the Scriptures. He can save you right here and right now on imploring you to make that decision now because it's the best one you're ever going to make thank each and appreciate your encouraging her Greg Greg in Seattle and one more email. This is Danielle. She says I listen to your program from 2019 with Chad, Thomas was encouraged to keep telling my friends about the Lord and his goodness year program has also shed light from a that there other younger people my age who are interested. My generation is not all lost all agree with you Danielle. It's not I wanted to send this note to encourage you and to let you know that there is a portion of the younger generation who are listening to you listen to Chad and the other watchman and we are encouraged to continue speaking to her families, friends, coworkers, and the like. We young people need outlets like yours to stay encouraged and stay focused on God and his word and his promises and from Danielle Chad wrap it up.

We got a couple minutes and you've given a good gospel message. The gospel call to salvation, which, of course, that's the point.

That's why you're doing what you're doing is why am doing what I'm doing yes were looking at signs of the times and the signs of the times were looking at them because they indicate that Jesus is coming back in time is going to run out as we know it. And as we said opening this program suddenly things are happening in an astounding pace that we haven't seen happen before or just trying to highlight them in the various methods that we have to do that but I give you a minute or two if you want to sum up Jan you couldn't shut any better. Jesus is coming folks we don't know exactly when, but man that day is approaching rapidly. And here's the bottom line guys if you're listening to this right now again and you don't have Jesus Christ but you see what's happening around the world.

The truth is again the ship is sinking and you need to get on that lifeboat. Me and Jan were not telling you to get religious. This is an about religion. This is about a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that can start for you right now it's all about putting your faith in your trust in his shed blood that penalty that he paid you on the cross of Calvary that we can never pay on our own because believe put your faith and trust in me again in my death, burial and resurrection.

You can be saved right now and don't wait on this focus, the most important thing is, none of us are promise our next breath on this planet. Bottom line is heaven and hell. They are very real, literal places in each one of us working to spend eternity in one of those destinations in Jesus Christ as the only way to the kingdom of heaven, and these the only name that can save us now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation.

But the king is coming and I just want to see everybody rise up and keep planting seeds and don't be discouraged. It may seem that the future planning or falling on deaf ears. But don't be discouraged. Keep planting the seed and telling people about Jesus and giving them the gospel of their salvation and telling them they can be saved right now because again you don't know who's listening.

God gives the increase in his timing so we all need to be encouraged, but we don't know how short time is in. Like Jan said we need to get busy folks because that trumpet sounded a moment. Chad thank you for all you do look them up online watchman on the wall 88 on his YouTube channel consign them at least twice a week with very short updates that are commenting on the tide of our times. Very cutting edge very insightful. She's got younger people in your life, direct them to Chad which of because he's going to connect with him. I promise she was going to do that for changing topics that they other side of her break don't go away and coming back in just a couple minutes we love contact us through our website follows three follow three views or you can call a simple time at 763-559-4444 763-555-4444 dinner meal when you write to all of tree ministries when Jim Markel Fox 1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 5511 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove soda 55311 sword text in an age of fake news and false teacher. Thank you for trusting understanding the time so people say we are in apocalyptic times if so, isn't it time you started to understand God's plan for killing Dr. Ron Rhodes 40 days through revelation uncovering the mystery of the end times. The Bible says blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book. The revolution no one puts things into easier terms to understand that Dr. Ron Rhodes confused or entombed revolution.

You will love this easy to understand and practical presentation of its empowering trees Bible is clear about the things to come. Ron Rhodes is one gifted communicator of this vital information like the book in her online store. All of tree that's all of tree, or call a central time at 763559444 476-355-4440 will also be in our year-end print magazine sign up online. Have we done a good job generally set for serving this nation felt no have a good job at shining the light of Christ being a factor for Christ and influence every aspect of our culture know we have 3000 cutting edge products in our online store. Check them out if all of tree that's follows three post daily headlines seven days a week on our website as well. Looking at stories that affect the first day culture, politics for more Jan changes topics just in part two of our programming welcomes radio host and author David Marrazzo wrap up today's programming.

Why have we left the church the last many months. Why are too many pulpwood silos on critical issues. Jim Markel and David Marrazzo, in addition to the gospel and teaching the whole counsel of God. If your pastor is not talking about the importance of liberty cultural impact worldview. The role of government and politics from the pulpit. Please encourage him to do so. We've got work to do friends because many have been deceived. They fell for the lie that we've got to keep church and state separate but that's a misunderstanding not only of the U.S. Constitution, but of the truth, and we don't time to get to the Johnson amendment here. It's unconstitutional. But Christians are to infiltrate culture not isolate from it. Don't believe rewritten history that suggests America's founders and early pastors didn't intend to live in a country influenced by God and Judeo-Christian values. That's what our Constitution is based upon the laws of nature and nature's God, but millions of professing religious Americans don't even care because they don't even bother to vote and now were in danger of losing this Republic welcome to part two of my programming this week. My guest for the next segment is pretty concerned SMI about silence of many pulpits. And while there certainly are some truth telling pastors out there.

Many pulpits are silent about a lot of important issues and I have said two dozen times on this program that we are in the most well, I'll just refer here to prophecy fulfilling days in the history of civilization with the pulpit, seldom talking about it were not quite going in that direction for this segment. However, my guest is broadcaster and author David C are on sale is host of the popular radio program stand up for the truth online and Q 90 out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He says quote where does your pastor stand. Some of you think we shouldn't be discussing issues dealing with government and elections in politics and church.

The truth is, someone's morality will be legislated in Washington that will affect our lives and we have a say and he says in just a few weeks, a huge election is going to happen at a pivotal time in our history, thanks to outfits like American family Association family research Council, and others. There are serious efforts to reach Christian leaders across the country and encourage them to understand the times to prepare and rally their congregations. May I add to get in different Christians to understand the issues and then vote the consequences of not voting. Every year we have an election, and particularly this year are staggering will get into that in the minutes I have with Dave is here is a welcome back to the programming.

David, thank you so much for having me Jan great to be here and you told me about an event you are at a lot of pastors were present. Talk to me a little bit about it and what they talked about and let's encourage the audience here by sharing what they talked about. It was phenomenal. Jan in that clip you played was the day after I returned from the conference so I was really stirred up when I said we are now in danger of losing this Republic of your listeners and you will note this is not an exaggeration. And I know at a pivotal time in our nation's history and in the church actually conference wow it was put on by liberty pastors there based on Oklahoma.

It was called America at the crossroads on 911 call to pastors and what I came away with several things but first off let your listeners be encouraged that so many pastors attended this for the purpose of going back to their congregations and speaking on all of the quote cultural, social, political issues, right.

We know that all moral issues. They'll have to do with morality.

They are planning on talking more about this because there's been a hesitancy. As you know, in the last however many decades to not speak about other issues from the pulpit when we need to let our congregations know what's happening out there. I was really encouraged 350 pastors, a lot of them. I talked to wanted to be there because they wanted to know how to articulate some of this information on Marxism on black lives matter on social justice issues critical race theory in the biblical worldview. And of course, politics.

The blessings of our government and the Constitution, and how to practically bring shredded a lot of pastors have veered away from these things just sticking to the Bible, which is great if you're preaching the whole counsel of God, but I believe you're looking at this country. Now some cities on fire and you're just going through the book of whatever it is in Genesis. Not that that's a bad thing to go through Genesis some of the most articulate pastors have known that I followed John MacArthur Jack hip paused for at least one week and they just address these issues.

By the way Jack is one of the speakers there still are some of the speakers, Dr. Robert Jeffress Texas Lieut. Gov. Dan Patrick Rick Scarborough was there.

Pastor Dan Fisher who was the black robed Regiment pastor also liberty Council met state of her Trevor loud got a new movie coming out with Curtis Bowers.

By the way right. I'm going to be featuring that here in the next few weeks. David I've had Curtis Bowers on my program actually many times and every time he is. He comes on the program he stirs up a lot of trouble and I say that in a good way in a respectful way because he wakes people up and he said on my program here and just couple of months ago. He said that if the progressive left gets into office on November 3 that they will accomplish more in 100 days then they have accomplished in the last 100 years and that's just because progressive leftism is now on overdrive and their extremely destructive and we seen some of the work of their hands here in the destruction in our cities including my hometown, Minneapolis.

That was a warning by Curtis that he gave on my program and that he's given other places and I'm sure that kata sentiment was given at the meeting you are at absolutely. Like I said it was called in 911 call to pastors because we are at a crossroads.

So we have to mobilize individuals. We've got to make sure that we are on the solid foundation. Then we got to affect people in our sphere of influence with some of you think talk about these issues, but you and I take for granted radio center for the truth. You understand the time we know we're very familiar with a lot of these cultural issues logging movement that are against Christ against God.

Very fascinating to think there's almost a coalition now going against it's really against America really obviously on the surface against Donald Trump.

It's all spiritual. At the core.

It is demonic to talk about NT for big tech black lives matter communist you got the Democrats.

The education system environmentalist globalist Hollywood Islam, LGBT Marxist got the media. Planned Parenthood socialist the University system, which is yes. The setting spells on Trump the world economic forum, the United Nations, all of these, they might not be locking arms physically but they are working together for a common goal in the underlying goal is this great Republic under God.

It was built on the Constitution based on biblical values and the laws of God and here we are at the surface.

Got an election on November 3.

Instead it is a Republican or Democrat, and this is what bugs me.

Jan only Christian say oh well.

Donald Trump is so rocky of the comet. You know he's got it passed right will we all have a past. First of all. Secondly, stop talking about personality and look at platforms you not voting for Trump not voting for Biden. Biden will be there if he gets elected he will be there for long for the president, harassing to be a cold of the leftist movement to take this country to different the outline some of the issues that were dealing with the socialization of America.

The loss of all religious liberty. It'll be gone.

Folks, it'll be gone to play clip in just a minute, what were dealing with. Now if you think it's bad now just wait. I have the abandonment of Israel can have the celebration everything aberrant and what's next.

We honor pedophilia. Next, if you're not careful. Folks it's coming. The opening of all our borders to hardened criminals, thugs and murderers, it's coming folks if things go haywire and paying for their healthcare. By the way, at the same time and more church closures and nights want to play clip to share feedback. Your comment David, this is Pastor Jack Treiber North Valley Baptist Church, Santa Clara, California. I just posted a headline to my website that California is quickly turning into 1/3 world country and I say that with great grief.

As I've spent several weeks of winter as they are in the last few years and the love the state but the because of its liberalism because it just got to go with government being God out there let's play quick clip.

The first three words of the Constitution as we the people.we the government. The government works for the people of Pastor Jack Treiber North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California while the government started again. They've ratcheted this thing up. They just posted more signs are building because they said were having indoor gathering will not social distancing, which is not true. By the way, we are refusing a work facemask and were now again singing in church.

I would not given them a protocol overallotment protocol because it will chop shortly find us $250. One day the next day, $500 the next day thousand dollars. The next day. $2000. The next day, 4000 and now the last four days. They just given to this $5000 a day. In addition to having Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night church.

That's 5000 each time every single day. We don't give a protocol what protocol can we give America.

This is a serious moment in just a few days left of $52,000, 52,750 government must stop.

It cannot come to you this way we the people I reaching for the Bill of Rights.

I will try to make this quick. Congress shall make no law, no law establishing the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging a bridging wing always to lessen our time minute short to reduce cannot reduce our rights.

It's not the government's right to do that or the freedom of speech. The press all the light of the people to peaceably assemble that refers also to this idea of religion in the first part of this amendment, we have the light assemble before God. Not only do we have a constitutional right.

We have a biblical command now several things America. Thank you for joining us in prayer. America will you please help us. This has to stop and assess the seats you have given us government cease-and-desist. I'm asking you on this day cease-and-desist.

This is harassment. To do this to a church to close down a church in California, preachers will stop here is sweep all over, which already has more state is sweep all over the United states of America government cannot take away our freedom. You cannot take out right to assemble County Sheriff, California.

It must stop one ask you to stop all fines and to ask you to remove all fines. This is not Caesar's money. This is God's money. We have rendered him to Caesar the things of the Caesar and we have rendered underdog dramatize offerings, which is his. I'm not threatening at all today to tell you this all the more we are not closing down this church. I hope you get this message. I don't know what the consequences on your part shall be held in America. I know America does not want this to happen in her country and that this church, God bless you, America.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your encouragement did here on so you heard the desperation in his voice yeah I wish I could. I was surprised in California all of us.

I think were caught off guard when a virus you would used by the left and those who'd wanted push globalism and control the country to cause us to willingly give up some of our freedoms and I think we caved generally as a church end of the nation and I want to go back there's a quote I came across from Pastor Joseph Lathrop in 1787, he said, is there no case in which a people may resist government yes there is one such case, and that is when rulers usurp a power oppressive to the people and so many other pastors and leaders at the time early in 1700 8000 were so strong on the issue of religious freedom. Standing on the Constitution and the government is for the people possible to be against the possible Power over the people and he was right.

We the people right when these passes are doing with some things that may come to our doors. Depending what state you're in Janice another think I see the sheep from the goats being separated here and what's interesting about this is in the church itself were seeing a division over maybe politics, but the covert issue how the church bonded that then the masked man bank and then other things I want to go back to this conference that I was at America. The cross was down in Dallas, Texas. There is a pastor there from New Mexico Legacy church is a mischievous mother and got a mega church is a very solid evangelical pastor and preacher. He spoke at this conference. It was an amazing testimony, but part of the message he shared was in 2016 he was asked to pray for a trump rally to lead often pertinent to do everything he did that following that thousands of people from his church left. He said it really hurt him at the time surprised him. But then, after thinking about it, he thought, wow some of these people either didn't know where the church stood on abortion marriage and free markets versus socialism and many other things, or either. They just didn't want to hear. They just wanted to be part of a mega church but he said like the sheep and the goats being separated. Not just because of Republican and Democratic.

He really learned. He said the warning to the pastors member you spoke to pastors at this conference. He said there are people in your church and probably in every church, but do not have the same worldview as you do at your job is to teach them lead them to the Bible equip the saints. You can't force them to change their worldview.

Some people do not want to change, but that was an eye-opener for him. You're listening to understand the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line from Green Bay, Wisconsin David Serra so you can learn David he's the host of stand up for the truth radio program on Q 90 and then he's got a significant podcasting audience to stand up for the truth as well, which ain't the privilege of being a guest on now and then again how to Green Bay, Wisconsin. David did they talk about and I know this is a mystery because I'll never understand it, but I know part of the strategy here is to get pastors to go home and get their congregations to go and vote because every year.

Huge numbers of evangelicals do not vote. Why is this. Does anybody understand this phenomenon. Is it indifference.

Is it because they think this world doesn't matter what is it that causes the Christian not to vote yes to both of you to hang out part of it. It indifference and apathy. The other part is made for tickets to a worldly of a thing. Politics and government leave things that were talked about legislation as you mentioned of the very beginning.

Someone morality will be legislated.

You want the left and anti-God, morality to be legislated Washington or do you want something more based on traditional biblical values. I think people say well it's the lesser of two evils. Am so tired of that will really or were just too wrapped up in the politics we should be about God's word. There's a disconnect with how to apply the ideas in the Bible about being salt and light. Have we done a good job, generally at preserving this nation is salt no. Have we done a good job as a shining the light of Christ being ambassadors for Christ and influence every aspect of our culture.

No, we backed out of culture not only to the program a couple years ago Jennifer Johnson amend, which I wrote about the path that's one of the reasons pastors backed out didn't want to talk about that.

They didn't know whether their 501(c)(3) would be affected, but let me get back to Christians in voting. There are numbers. Some high estimates are 54 million Christian I know or evangel Christian did not show up to vote. The last election and this is a big problem if even a fraction of those which show up. Elections wouldn't even be close. Why would we hold a true biblical worldview. The choices and the worldviews were voting for our incredibly clear because it is such a stark contrast now between the two parties.

The two different versions of America that were voting for. This is our calling know I think all of you who are listening if your pastor is not talking about these things. Please approach him in love, don't make claims on him that you're not doing your job.

That's not productive, lovingly approaching a pastor I'm really concerned about the direction America could go and how Christians might be persecuted. If, for example, Joe Biden gets elected. Can you please talk about some of these moral issues and social issues from the Bible from that aspect and inform the congregation because I think it's the responsible thing to do.

So if your pastor is not. We've got to do it no matter what. I pray that we are all talking about it on her social media sharing article information on what these two worldviews would represent and look like. Please encourage your pastor talk about these things calling you here.

In an article you've written on your you say sadly culture has influenced too many Christians rather than the other way around, and liberalism has inspected the church like a virus since we dropped the ball and backed out of the culture. A half-century ago. Here's the residual effect truth has been redefined. God's mock prayer in the Bible, expelled from public schools. God's laws from the public square. Sin is celebrated pleasure exalted abortion legalized leasing the increase of adultery, divorce, homosexuality rampant promiscuity and tolerance of Christianity and then you say.

Hollywood has poison the minds of children. Public schools push a progressive godless agenda record high suicide rates among young people, radical feminism, witchcraft, legalize same-sex marriage, government corruption, political gridlock, gender confusion, sexual anarchy, racial division and right-center cities paid for by America haters and globalists and this is an abbreviated list but you still have a say and I think David and he would probably have made the same observation I have always been underlying agenda and it is in every culture but in the last 10 years it has gone off the rails and it is just exaggerated.

Now to the point where it's quite terrifying. Can the church be salt and light and delay this kind of DK or at least minimize and limit this decay.

We gotta try yet and I want to say to be honest, I don't think it's going to happen. Came America for the trip, but I'm also one to say with God all things are possible and the Holy Spirit. We don't often remember the power that we have access to the Holy Spirit of God, and I really think that we need repentance of the church. You need a revival. We could see pockets of revival.

I will think we have to get our backs up against the wall first and I think if were not up against the wall. Now I can imagine what's coming down the road.

Jan I think we need to go back really quickly about why this started happening why Christians stop engaging why pastors stop talking about this the Johnson amendment 1954 dear member who came against Lyndon Johnson before he was president he was a senator.

It was anti-Communist group and conservative group to go wow anti-Communist Lyndon Johnson, the great Society and all the promises, the big government. Why do you think they were come against him there trying to point out his policies that would take us down the road hosted a socialism, he checked with the IRS what they were doing was illegal. Speaking about the campaign in his policies. He slipped in this amendment on the Texas Senate floor with her debating our tax code.

Bill Eddie slipped in the Johnson amendment, which would affect people, particularly pastors, but nonprofit.

Speaking about candidates or political issues, and that is what changed everything because there was this misunderstanding and misapplication of what that meant regarding a church is 501(c)(3), but let me just cut to the chase through this day.

To my knowledge there hasn't been one church that is the last of nonprofit status and I've got my views on that to begin whether or not one church that was sued by the IRS or lost their nonprofit status for speak about politics in my opinion you can say anything from the pulpit as far as the law goes, the only thing you cannot do from the pulpit is endorsing a candidate give them campaign church money that the only thing you cannot do so. Now a lot of you list is going well. I can't believe my pastor is not talking about Planned Parenthood or those with communism behind black lives matter lacks lives better.

This is the issue is 2020, and churches are on board talk about it on understanding attends radio here this spring and summer churches are on board with black lives matter and they are Marxist terrorist group is hard to imagine that they don't know this. What fascinating Jan is left. We've just seen if you just recognize what we just talked about the 1960s Lyndon Johnson of the Johnson amendment and that was the catalyst I believe in, not only pastors but the congregations backing out a culture not talking about political issues as much. Some people feel good but I think that with the catalyst and now you have pastors there not talking about biblical issues from the biblical worldview anymore. And now today you've got pastors practically endorsing communism and socialism and anti-God Marxism and what's ironic is in the name of ridding the world of oppression.

Marxism creates more oppression. Just amazing. By the way, we all stand before God our Creator. One day you can tell your pastor you can build a Christian who promotes BLM God is not going to ask whether or not someone was on the side of the oppressed or the oppressor. When we stand before Christ. Some people David would say that our problems in this country are more daunting than one election could possibly six insects are problems we have spiritual issues spiritual battle going on.

To be honest, some of the things you're talking about. Well, maybe it's too late. The issues aren't political their spiritual damages couple minutes but wanted to address this will here's the thing we know it daunting.

We know we dropped the ball. Decades and decades ago. Otherwise, that list that you read about how we've lost our influence politics. It's interesting.

People want to avoid that because they think it's just so yucky because of all the corruption but we need to understand that that's where your credit influence people. Politics are downstream from culture would be culture influence of government.

Ideally our Christian faith, the light of Christ being ambassadors being salt, ideally faith and religion should be shaping our culture, which in turn would then vote and shape government and politics. It hasn't been going that way. So even if Donald Trump gets reelected and I would see he would.

Aside from some bizarre active the left there to pull off, but I think he will. But we can't rest after that election. We gotta be soldiers in battle going conference I went to they called it a boot camp for pastors, a boot camp is like military we've got have her armor on. Gotta be ready to fight soldiers member in the book of Nehemiah with your building.

The wall they were working with one hand.

They had a weapon in the other hand, we've got a B battle ready. We gotta work well were ready to fight. I think it's a great analogy for not only pastors but for individual Christians in this time Neely gave a lineup of who the enemies are at some NT say BLM again. Big techie is God environmentalist globalist you gave this run down amid significant Hollywood who were pushing back against LGBT the Marxist the mainstream media Planned Parenthood socialist which is the occult, the world economic forum, United Nations, and then we've got outfits that some of my listeners deal with all the time, to be blunt here. We get the world Council of churches get the Vatican get evangelical outfits that have gone lefties get people like Russell Moore within evangelicalism of never met a liberal because they don't love you got the leftward leaning of many denominations. One solid but no longer. You get the religious left were pushing back against the social cause that they have picked up from Jim Wallace Tony Campolo change labor. In other words, Dave is here so all I'm saying is were pushing back against quite a lot of forces I'm down to a minute darkness and by the way Joe Biden is now saying vote for me. I'll give you hope and light, associating himself with light.

Anything you want to get the destruction darkness of the trumpet ministry, so he is associating Donald Trump with darkness left calling evil good and good evil.

If you look at Trump's policy. One thing that want to point out in that list is long and LGBT are in that list. Working against America Donald Trump and of course there against Christ Islam.

They would kill homosexuals right but LGBT the working together in this crazy fascinating. Some of these entities that are in this movement can't Trump you know it is dark you know what is demonic at its core. We've got the light of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We know who wins in the end we just got to be reminded.

Keep looking up at yes be effective over here. Don't just check out friend need to do the work God called us to do over here it's gonna take a lot of prayer to do that just want to encourage your listeners to keep on plugging away.

There are more with us that there are with them. Thank you that's good summary. Learn more.

Dave is here as and check out his radio program stand for the truth and get that as an online podcast headquarters out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I want to go out of the program today. Pastor sent this to me and so appropriate to use it in various places.

As we all live in uncertain times, not at all. These times are is certain is any time in all of human history, and the God of the universe laid out this time in great detail.

Point by point and in fact with all the detail needed by his people to live in times of absolute certainty. So now there's nothing uncertain about the times we live into the believer who is seeking to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Thanks for listening folks.

We will talk to you again next week. If this radio always has been an encouragement in your life. Let us hear from you writers throw websites, follow such that's almost 3 or we get our mail when he writes all the ministries and Jim Markel +1452 soda 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311: simple time at 763559444 763-559-4444. All gifts are tax-deductible number. God is not forgotten. Hasn't graved you in the palm of his hand.

Nothing happens that catches them by surprise. Everything is falling

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