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When They Say Peace and Security

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 29, 2020 8:00 am

When They Say Peace and Security

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 29, 2020 8:00 am

Jan spends the hour with Pastors Tom Hughes and Brandon Holthaus. What will the great re-set be re-setting and why should we be concerned? Why are people so willing to give up everything now for peace and security? In just seven months, all things have changed and there is no turning back to what we once knew. What can the believer do?

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Are we seeing the ultimate attempt to form the new world order everything we have been experienced is all part of the great editors all driving towards the same belt that is the reset in the world to prepare the people for the arrival of antichrist. That's how close we are just step out of the shadow onto world.

Welcome to understanding the times radio Jim Markel brought to you by Olive tree ministries radio for the remnant agent talks to two pastors who have great insight into the coming global reset. What is this reset who is behind it and how will it affect you can talk to pastor Tom Hughes and Pastor Brandon whole house. Here is today's program. Damon Doc wrote on June 19-20 20. The world economic forum announced that it will hold its annual meeting in Kabul, Switzerland, January 20, 21, and the theme get this will be the great reset of the great reset means changing every aspect of society by redistributing the world's wealth enacting the global tax supported world government and more so the thoughts with world economic forum with regard to this world reset January 2021. I would call it the ultimate attempt at birth of the New World order, and welcome to the program to be talking much so many different things this hour year handmade spin like mine is because let me just set the stage for the hour and numbering on my two guests literally in a minute or two.

In June 2020, not that long ago the world economic forum hosted some of the top global elites and the words government leaders, business leaders, activists, etc. and announced their proposal to quote reset the global economy. The quotes from this meeting are eye-opening to say the least. There pushing for a reset of capitalism quotes to have a cohesive and sustainable world. So in the mind of the globalist or any of the godless leaders of the world capitalism and quite frankly Christianity are the roots of all evil, particularly capitalism is unfair, it doesn't redistribute the wealth as I reference this would've been a couple weeks ago the John Lennon song imagine the globalist want to imagine a new world along the lines of that song. No borders. In other words, one world, but also we have to get rid of our thoughts about heaven and hell because they don't exist. That's kind of the mindset of today's OneWorld are in this world economic forum. So in that June world economic forum conference. It's not surprising that the president of the organization Clouse Schwab said, quote every country from China to the United States must participate in every industry from oil and gas to tech must be transformed, he concluded, in short, we need a great reset of capitalism now. He cited the hundreds of thousands of covert 19 deaths, the shrinking world economy worldwide riots. High unemployment has reasons to reimagine and reset how the world should work together. I've said it a dozen times on this program that covert, 19 was the crisis. These folks couldn't let go to waste, but quite frankly, folks. We've got other crises going on and they're all playing into the hands of these OneWorld are to remember the Bible talks a lot about a coming OneWorld system.

It's all outlined in Revelation 13 were going to talk about that and much more.

This hour I have two special guests joining me. Both are California pastors Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church San Jacinto, California. I have the privilege of meeting his congregation and talking to them. Mid-January Tom welcome back back with Jim and Pastor Brandon hometowns Rock Harbor Church, Bakersfield, California, met his remnant flock ministering to it in January, two special occasions doing that. Brandon welcome back.

Thanks Jan for having me today and I'll say more about their online prophecy updates as we go along here gentlemen, I have pages of notes here and trying to scale them down a little bit. Brandon, let me ask you this, let's fast-forward January 2021 is not that far away. Supposedly a lot more will be plan laid out strategized at their annual meeting in Dabo's January 21-24, 20, 21, almost anybody who's anybody. Is there your thoughts on what might happen in January as it relates to how I opened this program.

Yeah, I think, based on already.

What they said Jan on their website and anyone can go on their website. Do an Internet search of world economic forum. All you have to do is read their agenda. I already know and they've already telescoped everything what they want digital currency part of the plan is to have the equal outcome through the economies of the world which is a form of socialism Marxism not equal opportunity but equal outcome. What you don't do that through Marxism through communism, so that behind the agenda then is to how the government of the world push this agenda through large-scale spending programs. I don't know where to go to get the money from, but that's what they want. The governments of the world to do then use what they call before Industrial Revolution that they say were going through right now to use the new technology that we have the emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet, 3D printing who implement the system literally disagreed with this close Islam further says he's the head of this world economic forum met in June will meet again in January. Capitalism is antiquated and must be replaced with worldwide stakeholder capitalism, which is just another word for socialism or communism. These elites despite their years of formal secular education. Apparently, I think I so deceived that they actually think the United States will just roll over and let them take over due to all the turmoil, particularly in America, Tom Hughes, I moments ago made a reference to the crises that so many of these folks can't let go to waste. But did you ever think you would see such a perfect set up as what's happened in the last 67 months I come about with Jill at work a lot about the claimant log agenda 2030 if I wasn't really expecting have to live to be used, to bring about change that is coming in it all before you. You give it 1 1/3 by roof of have to live through that have been far worse than what we are.

Being right Mel, I looked at it totally surprised by that will save if a part of America rolling over.

I believe it will help them without the current president of the White House also find it interesting to reiterate what both you and Brandon for if anybody can get the material straight from the world economic forum Farrell website. We form subtle work, W. E. already fear Clouse Schwab one thing if it right on the website. We can emerge from this crisis a better world. If we act quickly and jointly, so fiscal crises is being exacerbated. You got people in the faith of great fear and their fears are being manipulated is the wonder what you don't fear over and over and over in the Bible, but their fears of being manipulated feet of being brought in 1/5 come in like a freight train January 2021 date. We don't know how long would it take for them to implement their system has a sickly tone know is will the church be here are not the church escapes the tribulation. Since things were seeing Pastor Brandon Holt house in time he was and things were seeing, particularly since January 2020. Here clearly are a foretaste of the tribulation in the tribulation of the 10 million times worse. But still, it's a foretaste sure is I think what were seeing is the stair steps to what's going to happen in the tribulation and like Dr. David Jeremiah said there's a shadow being cast from the regulation to us right now. Here's a foretaste of it in the tribulation. No one but having rights and now what were seeing busy little stair steps of our rights being taken away for the sake of hell for the sake of your lot. We gotta save lives.

We are put on a mask and what people don't realize what's happening there being conditioned to give up rights for peace and security. That's right. And you said that in one year prophecy updates yet very recently. Brandon hometowns and folks both of my guests that prophecy updates are online only.

You can find Brandon Holt go to YouTube and just type in Rock Harbor Church prophecy update Tom Hughes hope for our times. Go to hope for our times on YouTube and these come up they do them weekly. Brian, I want to play just a clip of you here for a second because you summed something up here and 48 seconds that I thought was so profound it were back to peace and security here, ask yourself this, look at all the lemmings around the world and you know that the animal lending you just go off the cliff.

It just follows the hurt right. We call them. She look at how people respond to just being told to do something and they just they do it, not realizing that they're giving up their constitutional rights. There's no push factors. No rebellion is no fighting against this people just go along and accept it with their doing it now. What you think you're going to do in the future they will lay down and do whatever the government tells them to do as long as it provides them peace and safety, peace and security because are going to sell this as this is for your safety and the safety of other people, Tom Hughes, have you ever seen that play out more than the last six months I have not interested in Bobby Germany. Welcome quote for your safety and you put it on the train for your faith, take a shower for your favorite remarkable Brandon put that into the perspective of where watching it would really have amazed me more than anything through the help you fully pick quickly.

By far the majority of the map of the world active fall in the order and what they've done to third to shame everybody doesn't go along with the plan social shame government the payment up to do it. They don't have to sue the John MacArthur church is out there to do it. The people are policing themselves is as a shaman you everywhere you go. It is truly remarkable man to leave the set up for what's coming up the whole Revelation chapter 13 for burial. Such a photo. People are totally being conditioned for the forthcoming. I don't want to quite leave this great global reset yet. I want my audience to better understand its kind being pushed by media, Hollywood, almost everyone on the last we've already talked that capitalism has to go well folks think about that for a minute if capitalism goes you know what replaces it.

Socialism, Marxism, probably the latter. Inclusive is a keyword Brandon they can ask for a global tax some of this could be implicated as soon as January. We don't know that would be speculation.

I think they have accelerated their efforts through this corona crisis and now with the black live matter and NT for group they've accelerated that they actually weapon I the coronavirus and they weapon eyes race what their wanting is to get their accelerate to this point where we go to a digital currency.

That's what the world economic forum is all about and implementing that worldwide but tracking systems, forced vaccinations and things of that nature that there implementing their weapon. I think coronavirus will we want to save lives want to save your life. So give your right and let us do a forced vaccination. Then there's all these other talks about moving toward more of a global system to fight this coronavirus to fight racism and all that they have all right said where they're going.

How much to implement depends on how much people will just buckle under the pressure. Think about this.

Jan they have in effect, shut down the school system team this year at most of the colleges. Yeah, I know some school systems are back up and running but for the most part are not. How were they able to do that based on the data on truth coronavirus true kids don't get sick from that, and yet very few of them, all the schools they have shown with this great experiment that they can seize control and they will see would like to get a hold of Brandon hotels do Tom Hughes you can reach him hope for our We are referring to the world economic forum W. E., something coming into play as soon January, at least it had a meeting in June they're going to have another major meeting.

They have every year, every January in Diablo Switzerland so that's just a few months away, Tom Hughes, you said this expect the great wealth transfer. Can you explain what you mean by then. I have been a lot of conversation. Avoid week but we are watching the development of what I believe is going to be making sure everything is equal. Socialism so people who have, I believe the wealth of going to be stolen from them in a way that never happened before. You can look to Nazi Germany for you. Hell, wealth was stolen from the Jews and redistributed.

We have been hearing about the redistribution of wealth for a while. Yes or watching as Brenda mentioned the right of black life better MFP for and how unfair to privilege and I know from the book of Revelation chapter 6 of the rider on the black horse that what we have with the rider on the black court still better not balance the wage for local bread. Don't parboil for the one is the perfect picture of the elite group at the top holding all of the money. All of the wealth everybody else is equal, the reasonably poor are equally subjective to the government that is coming.

I'm absolutely convinced that can be part of the grid reset if that when you read while Schwab statements about the great reflective coming for deep with a pop up of package to the way that makes it sound like this is just absolutely wonderful. It's for everybody's good.

You're right.

Some people do to have too much and will save this also with agenda 2030 in the climate laws that have already been written about. I think second 2015.

Both climate laws were never looking to bring up like South America and Africa Third World area into areas like America or the West. The intent is to bring America in the West down to other poverty levels. You can read between the lines and see what the real attempt to at the sustainability for you. Look at the grid reset the wealth transfer one way or another. The money I believe to be stolen and will all be for everybody's good can be amazing how many people took in the for yet. This is best. Yes, you're right. If you just join me in wondering what a nurse are we talking about. We are talking about please for the opening segment here. The great reset which the world economic forum is working on. I'm Jan Markel I have on the line to pastors from the communist enclave of California Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church San Jacinto. It's part of the Calvary Chapel stream Brandon hotels for coverage Bakersfield, California Brandon, where do you meet because you're not in a building.

Are you able are you wanting to nondisclosure. Since this coronavirus lockdown.

We were unable to mediate the school that we used to yet and so we had to go find another place we found a warehouse. It's not perfect. Didn't have Sunday school classrooms are Bible studies, but it gives us a place to worship and so we've been worshiping there we were not going to be shut down by Gavin Newsom and so we just continue to worship. We been surviving there ever sent were doing well there clear growing sounds like yeah we are we really growing our online audience long, which is great and fantastic online audience. I've watched it grow from a few thousand to multiple thousand extension is pretty amazing. The common thing that we get from people is what were talking about here. The world economic forum, their churches and pastors are not talking like this. They come to me and they tell me they're frustrated with their pastor there frustrated with their church because they say we know this is all going on.

But Holcomb is not been addressed from the pulpit.

So working a lot of spillover from that people just put out with their own church, pretending that nothing's happening. Brandon, let me address this question to you. Do you think the church could still be here when this let's just say for discussion here in understanding the times writing that the great reset is launched in January, February 2020 when the church could still be here and go through Panama talking about the tribulation.

I'm talking about the reset.

If you look at some of the birth pains. We've already seen the return of Israel and several other items.

The players lining up for Ezekiel 38 and 39 were starting to see these birth pains and we haven't been rapture yet know or promise to be rapture prior to the tribulation who were in that season of time is that we can be rapture, but the longer we go in the Lord carries or he delays when his timing is right, we could see this. It's possible we can start seeing this great reset at least the staging is for. I what's going to eventually occur in the tribulation, which is going to be unbelievable were definitely going to expect. Is it possible we could experience additional currency will look at some of the stores. Now they say we don't want your change wise, all of a sudden there's a change shortage. I didn't know we had a change shortage but no one wants to take change anymore.

They want the exact amount for your car to be swiped. We're already seeing the staging for that.

I think if it goes any further and working to see more and were not ruptured in the days ahead. Yeah, you're going to see a lot more were going to experience some of the stage setting. I'm it says Don Stewart and I talked about on near the Sabia probably month ago now coating the verse out of Daniel, the wise will understand. Well, if you understand eschatology, we do understand how things are lining up, and we watch how things are lining up. It's kind of an exciting time, but gentleman I was with both of you in January when life was fairly normal. Okay, it really was.

I was showing the California weather when my friends back here in Minnesota were suffering some terrible life was pretty normal and died sometime into February, March, everything went upside down in Alice in Wonderland. That's how fast it happens. All I'm saying you came out three weeks later tonight with Don Stewart. Also, he is right after that that Don and I I've asked you about the coronavirus early on a raise on the radar number so we were talking about it, but it time March rolled around, I was already thinking of this move fish you whole thing feels like there's a lot of manipulation going on but develop Brandon for looking for. Everything happened so fast we don't know exactly when were going to be rapture. We could easily see more of the setting of the Facebook may have looked like a party for I dream of the Lord so I don't know the time you just absolutely remarkable. If you're part of the Daniel chapter 12. The wife will understand if you're part of that. It is amazing to be living right now with the family. Although it is unnerving that time. Now I have heard you both say and I said the same thing if centered on this program.

We're not going back were not going back to December 2019 were not going back to 2018 and 17 were just simply not going back and I think we should maybe explain what we mean by that. Because it's like the eschatological calendar has been speeded up as things are intended to do.

Once those birth pangs in one cell. The events get kicked into gear. They're going to speed up and speed up, but Brandon explain what you mean when we say were not going back or not. Going back to several things there pushing this new movement. Capitalism has failed us. We gotta go to his new system were not going to go back to a free market system per se working to go to a form of socialism, communism marks of whatever it is they cross lines economically that you just simply can't come back from.

So for instance our debt United States debt. We have so much that you're not gonna come back and pay that off. It's too far gone there eventually is going have to switch to a different currency or have what the church is now taking that for example, back in December we were meeting together doing a regular thing now with all these coronavirus mandates from these mayors and going back to a brick-and-mortar building and sitting together is probably not going to come back because they've already stipulated that the church is one of the main areas that pushes and spreads the coronavirus have stipulations.

You gotta have 60 to part your and have to do that you have to do that. So you're gonna have to do church differently now just those kinds of examples of things that are been pushed so far you'll come back if they push to a digital currency to go back to having cash in your wallet or change its over.

Once you accelerate past these points in Lee's lines in the sand. There's no going back. Just like our school systems.

There's no go back in our school system to putting prayer back in the schools, but in the Bible that can put the 10 Commandments that's done were not going back there and I hate to say this and a lot of people don't like this but it's true. We have lost the culture culture in the United States is not coming back. Can there be a remnant of people who get it and understand the absolutely but as a nation we have drifted so far in every sector of our society is corrupted. The leaven has been introduced to the loaf and it is permeated through it. So I tell people it's a hard pill to swallow, but your America that you knew and grew up with is not coming back. As we all like to say Ezekiel 33 sounding the alarm as you've just done and both of you do that very effectively were not trying to spill gloom and doom here based on what you just said and as I'm following up here based on Ezekiel 33. If we don't sound the alarm what's happened what's going to happen and the consequences.

The blood is on our hands were simply trying to sound the alarm time.

I think you would agree with that were just following Ezekiel 33 workout award recognizing that stand before God. He and Jim Graham brought together.

We took that therefore I'm much more concerned about Judgment Day like him about hurting somebody feeling quite frankly, the truth of their cancer and I agree wholeheartedly with everything Brandon fit it if affected every part of American culture, if effective, the entire world.

There is no turning back. If you take the statute being poured out a monument to be informed out.

I can't help but think in Israel they build the authorship to remember from you. Keep up Auschwitz so they can go visit there to understand where they came from. The problem with America Victoire down everything including the statute of remember it's a bad thing. Good thing what's to come out of this.

If the vacuum something good come out of it if going to be bad.

We arty know without the school. Every form of idol worship that we have in the entertainment industry across the board. We voted in people that are totally anti-God said, have the spirit of antichrist. They hate church.

If there is a one of the running of the goddess turned us over. I believe to the baseline, but I'm absolutely convinced that he be saving fold and faithful is going to continue to happen now.

There's probably some road to favor listening to the middle happened during the tribulation. But ma'am everything is changed the entire dynamic Satan effectively uses many of to change the way we do everything, including church that once you get people to stop going to church just what if the matter of completely falling away user I want to go in part two of today's programming is a Christian supposed to do when we have the scenario just outlined by my two guests here in the last two minutes or so. What is the Christian left to do and I want to talk about that because we can't just sit here and say pose me and we give up were not advocating that all by the way, we need to be watchmen Ezekiel 33. If we don't sound the alarm bonds on our hands. We need to be salt and light and try to delay the decay but will talk more about that in a number of other things as well. What about vaccinations forced vaccinations. By the way, I've referenced vaccinations on this program. Half a dozen times here since March or April. Once they become mandatory. What is the Christian to do. I think were going to be staring at that sometime in 2021 will talk about it. I'm going away for just a couple minutes and I'll be right back. We love friendly feedback contact us through our website almost 3 that's all of three a central time at 763-559-4444 76355944 male when you write to follow tree ministries and Jim Markel Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in an age of fake news" teaching. Thank you for trusting time. We are pleased to offer a new book by two other favorites Dr. Ed Heinsohn and Blake Dr. Tim LaHaye, the popular encyclopedia of Bible prophecy examines over 150 topics concerning eschatology find clarity as a concerns thousands of facts about Christ return.

In the last days from two respected authorities will find detailed definitions of prophecy related terms helpful timetable of last days events. Thorough summaries of all the major provided viewpoints vital understanding of key players of the last days will find wisdom and insight. Every time you reach for this date is the encyclopedia find the answers to your toughest prophecy questions find the popular encyclopedia of Bible prophecy online store all of three all or call our office.

Simple time. 7635576355944 is also found that the report that people need to understand that if force with the vaccination. I damaged my health.

But then at the same token, what will I do if I can't function in society. I can't buy or sell and yet were not in relation to does that mean that Christians have to go off the grid. If you miss a radio program, find the programming on our YouTube channel Jim Markel on one or on our website in a radio Is our goal to help you become watchmen on the wall and to better contend for the faith. We also post daily headlines at our website. All of three all of three Here are Jim Markel and just wrap up June 2, 2020. This a few months ago. Once ago, the founder of the world economic forum in Diablos Clouse Schwab wrote an article on the website in which he just comes right out with it says a covert pandemic represents a quote rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world." Those are my words.

Those are his words, the world must act jointly and swiftly says Mr. Schwab, to quote revamp all aspects of our societies and economies from education to social contracts and working conditions.

Every country from the United States to China must participate in every industry from oil and gas to attack must be transformed." Then Mr. Schwab comes right out and admits that he can't do this without you guested Bill Gates and welcome back to the program. We'd spent the first half-hour talking about the great reset coming in January, 20, 21, Mr. Schwab is Heather that Davo's organization, the world economic forum. They met in June to meet again in January. You can learn more at W.

E. I'm joined for the hour by Pastor Brandon whole town's rock covered in Bakersfield California pastor Tom Hughes 412 church San Jacinto, California just outside of Los Angeles they both are doing prophecy updates online you can find them on YouTube and I'm drying my discussion heavily from things they've shared here in the last two months or so challenges in the interest of time and I need to move on and by the way this global reset would be forced to accept the green new deal.

All of this lunacy that we've been hearing about for so long, would be a part of this global reset that we talked about in the first 30 minutes a terrible time of change that no one would welcome. Let's can I move on to some other issues. While we have time, I kinda teased in my first half there that I wanted to talk about vaccinations in the fact that everyone is going to be forced here fairly soon with we going to take a covert vaccination are not limited to just read two paragraphs. Brandon and Tom Hughes from life site news doctors layout plan to punish people who refuse coronavirus vaccine quote.

There is no alternative life site news article coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory and tax penalties.

Higher insurance premiums and denial of many government and private services ought to be considered for those refusing to shot the two doctors and an attorney argued in USA Today another paragraph or so here broad induction of immunity in the population by immunization will be necessary to end this pandemic. This is coming from Dr. Michael Lederman one more paragraph in the USA Today article titled defeat covert, 19 by requiring vaccination for all it's not un-American. It's patriotic in the original subheading of the article reads make vaccines free.

Don't allow religious or personal objections and punish those who won't be vaccinated. They are threatening the lives of others. That was the subhead of the article in USA Today. Sam approximately two and half weeks ago that is strong, talk coming from the powers that be on these vaccinations. Let's talk about this for a minute both of you would like to interact digital immunity certificates. You've done an update on that's going to tie into the vaccine may or may not be forced will talk about that in a minute. The water digital immunity and certificates they want the ability using technology that we have now to make sure that in their mind that everybody has been vaccinated from COBIT 19 in order to do that they want to create what they call digital passports, which would include implantable chips under your skin and tattoos.

They've even talk about Google's introducing attached to what someway somehow that you carry on your body on your person of proof that you've been vaccinated so they don't want you just have papers because they want this to affect the whole world. They are claiming that in Third World countries. They don't have the systems we have, so they need something they can carry on their body. That's what they're wanting to push. They are bent on doing them because they're trying to not only link it with your vaccination. But with the economy in order to buy and sell. There's a lot of things being thrown into this but it's to ensure everybody has been vaccinated. The name Bill Gates has surfaced so heavily. I would say since February March Brandon you even did an update showing Melinda Gates.

She was on one of the morning network programs and she was blatantly wearing crystal clear as could be an upside down cross will show you some photos of Melinda Gates and her upside down cross. You'll have to check out our visual radio format on our YouTube channel under Jan Markel on light or in his Seeing is believing, folks, and this is not some conspiratorial silliness. This is extremely serious. Tom Hughes this is a terrible offense to Bible believing Christians when we see someone in our face wearing an upside down cross. Why do you think Bill Gates has suddenly surfaced as the go to man in this hour of history where using his computer as they change our world.

And they're doing great stuff but nonetheless when she was stayed there and not left that industry.

I believe that there are demonic forces that are behind the lipophilic. It took on over the quite frankly, the spirit of antichrist is here. It is true that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but a gift principality for powers which of the world that we live and we forget that when you have tapering up like Bill Croft cared anybody for that is not an outfit you don't ask that we do.

Don't we give into demon worship or something like that when I look at all the things that are to complete public patent number four give a patent number for the crypto currency that uses your body skip that patent number at the WO 2020 060606.

So things don't happen but shale if it could happen. Champ chance of winning the lottery are probably much greater soon have me to get those numbers would look if you think that I believe there's a message of being fed. It could be to mock Christian because we believe the way to go but man that fulfill Bible prophecy if that's what the protective block of when Satan will fulfilling Bible prophecy when he thought of the victory over Christ by putting the using the minions of this world. The religious leaders of the Roman and actually it was exactly what God had intended from the beginning to redeem mankind, he would rise again you look at the things that are happening maybe mockery.

It may be their attention to just end all this nonsense that they feel about Christianity. Bible prophecy when in fact there fulfilling. So when you look at these things would go.

This is rather interesting, but all evidence that the Bible is true for great reminder of all of the fine for the second coming of Christ Jesus, of coming and Brandon Hotel CHR 6666, when she explained that that's a bill that's been introduced. The government has in past years, but it would allow if it does get passed in 28 that Tom mentions is coincidences of the number 666 because that's part of the bill number, it would allocate large funds given by the Sec. of Health and Human Services and give these they call eligible entities. This kind of funding from the government to do diagnostic testing for COBIT 19 but using digital surveillance home inspections by government agents and contact tracing if that bill passes the implications would be pretty scary that they're gonna make sure you are vaccinated by even going to your house or calling you and plaintiff.

Everybody in your house vaccinated and then I don't know where you go for that. But we've seen some other places like in Ventura County or in California where one of the crazy mayor said look will go to your house and ensure everybody in this house vaccinated. You're not to go the grocery store you're not going to go to a restaurant. If you haven't been vaccinated. We already kinda see some evidence of their behavior, but this would make it law and that's what's pretty scary about. Indeed, I am sure both of you being pastors you have people in your congregation coming to you and asking what delete do when the day arrives when we can't buy or sell. The church is gone in the tribulation is this conversation suggesting that the rapture of the church could be today. Yes, it's also suggesting that we could go through some difficult times. Yet we don't know God never pours his wrath on the church. He allows man to for wrath on believers, but not his wrath. That's why he removes the church, but that doesn't mean that man can't pour some pretty uncomfortable things is talk to the church in the Middle East and parts of Africa. If they aren't experiencing man's wrath not God's wrath man's wrath.

Satan's wrath.

I tell and you got members of your congregation coming up to I'm not going to take this vaccine and we've all indicated three of us have indicated vaccines have knocked out some terrible illnesses in the past, but in the last, I would say 30 years they have turned enormously dark than their causing I think as much harm as good. Tom Hughes what are you going to tell your people that request already.

After primitive theft at all sure do like it. Growing up going to school in the 1950 I remembered to be in effect. People whatever array Delphi my tubes came along. They got vaccinated I with legitimate concerns about looking back effect about what the truth of the past, but I'm looking now for Brad to describe the briefing through the sometime of cocktail yes years ago. 20 years ago. You look to what they're talking about now. What I see you're coming from Bill Dave and all the different things I'm reading with coming out looks to me like some kind of monster develop a huge problem with aborted baby part better use fetal tissue that is used, to create the effect so I have an immediate moral problem with it, I'll tell people you make your own decision on the vaccine, but I think Brandon have more information on this also. But I do affecting your DNA, but I will save the challenge with the mark of the beast of Revelation chapter 13 you received the mark of the beef. It is a deliberate act of worship of antichrist image of antichrist. Right now they're talking about the medical however I fearful of it.

I fearful of what's included in the monstrous cocktail that's been created. They want to force it upon everyone. Were you Buyer sold what it felt like going to have brim track you in your home to see if you been a new life. I'd like to definitely have set up Revelation chapter 13 deeply everybody be identified by where the bath people kneeling right now to something that is not the God of heaven in your shame if you don't deal to the vaccination that they can place a coin toward everything of having Revelation chapter 13. Which of the midpoint of the trip to Jeff that far along already in the setting up I'm thinking the rapture must be fluent due caution people about the effect think is a very troubled about what I hear Brandon talk to us about the cocktail because you're absolutely right. Tom's right on about using aborted fetal tissue in the vaccine, but also I think Billy Crone pointed this out in the gym another DNA. The DNA issues. There is a recombinant DNA and RNA in the vaccine which we see when they do that the plants and they genetically modify implant through that and they been doing that with wheat and other things okay but they want to genetically modify us. The scary part about this is going to do a recombinant DNA RNA in us in the vaccine. How does that affect our DNA bolded duties will give us the cancer they don't know they haven't tested it enough. They're rushing this to the front without it being properly tested. Right now I think there were testing some guinea pig humans that are willing to take it and I don't know what the result of that is but nonetheless when you're starting to mess with human DNA and you will know what you're doing.

You're playing Dr. Frankenstein.

We just don't know what it can do. Therefore that's why am cautioning people be very careful about that.

Yes, it's not the mark of the beast were not in the tribulation exuberant gone by then showed you logically don't worry about but healthwise you might because Bill Gates has done these kinds of vaccinations and other countries like India and Africa Africa and India sued him because the vaccinations were killing people and it sterilized a whole bunch of people in Africa so we don't know what else is in there. Are they going to sterilize people through it. Is it going to give them other diseases. We don't know because they're not doing proper testing this rushing this to the market. That's the scary part that people need to understand that if on force with the vaccination I could do damage to my health, but then at the same token than what why do if I can't function in society. If I can't buy or sell and yet were not in tribulation, but does that mean that Christians have to go off the grid. I don't know and point them in the be pretty difficult in itself exactly what I told people I said look I don't know all the answers but I can tell you this the principles in Scripture that I've seen is that when his believers get up between a rock and a hard place.

Somehow the Red Sea parts and provides no maternity and I said maybe get this over to God and maybe at the time when this is been forced on us, God will somehow provide a way out. I don't know but right now were looking at some pretty scary stuff coming our way. I don't know a way around it.

Now I talk to a lot of Christian leaders and they don't know a way around it either function listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel.

I have on selling two pastors from California Brandon hotels rock Herbert try cover that's in Bakersfield.

Pastor Tom Hughes in the Calvary Chapel Stream for 12 church San Jacinto hope for our get their privacy updates on YouTube hope for our rock privacy updates just go to YouTube and type in those various addresses hope for a times and rock Herbert usually their weekly and cutting edge. As you can tell, our conversation is based off of the things they've been sharing. Now that we've just presented the super dilemma, one of modern-day time biggest dilemmas and that's a forthcoming vaccine situation gentlemen as stylists and the burning of some Bibles in Portland Oregon. This is couple weeks ago. Now I am instruct me that what's going on right now is an all out assault on God by a totally godless society know the church is still here. So things would be far, far worse for the church not here, and thankfully the church is being some salt and light here in this terribly dark time for America in the Western world when we get right down to it the faith community is pretty small.

Some of them aren't speaking up. Some of them are going along willingly with what's going on and I played that little clip of you Brandon.

We got some lemmings going over a cliff and all the plenty of people are pushing back and are trying to speak up and are trying to stand for truth and is trying to say enough is enough. So now that we've just described.

For some 50 minutes here.

What kind of a whacked out society upside down black is white. Good is evil. The Mad Hatter's ruling the world society wherein Tom Hughes how you tell your people how to cope in these times.

Jim felt strange to understand Bible prophecy because rightly understood. There is so much hope because we know the direction it's all going to go. We live in. I play unprecedented. What I want to think okay. There is fear elsewhere. People are really upset.

Suicide is increasing. But if you don't end of the story and you know that Jesus said it would look way and you realize why it's happening. Then women who are making decisions that are really bringing a great fear among the people that God is allowing God to bring about his plan to take you 10 okay, I am talking with more more Christian the liquor store called the church anyway that are telling me about how much bolder they have become sharing their faith like Brandon them also talking with more more people that I used to know were a few diagnostic they're asking me questions all the time about what is going on. I'm starting to feel them show up at church to but we have a message of hope and that of what Bible prophecy. Jesus warned the prophets war paid for what you look like when you see these things begin to take place, which I think you were passed to Jim email when you see them begin to take place. Look up for your redemption draws near. There is no more hopeful methods and that if churches which the majority of them seem to be doing just go along with the flow well how depressed are you going to be.

You're trying to build before you get through this and be all right will be back to normal.

Brandon was very clear where not go back to the way it used to be, but we have the hopeful methods. Jesus is coming, and it is going to be living credible time when Jesus ruled Roy Brandon, I throw that question if you can please take your time because I've had some emails from radio listeners and others who are reading things online that we all post in they say were in tremendously challenging times.

Jan how we going to make it how we got to cope.

Probably going to fight back.

I feel like I'm about to give into things I don't want to give into an there's some totalitarian things going on.

Then I just don't have much choice but to go along with it. What are you telling your people how they can cope help the believer can push back and fight back and please take your time in answering sure I think the first thing is to accept the prophetic reality. And that's a big thing that a lot of Christians have not grasped they might know the things are going on, but to grasp the prophetic reality where this is going is very hard for people who are not in tune with prophecies like first thing back to what Tom said you've got to be informed prophetically 26% of the Bible been ignored in churches through Christians are not prepared so you prepare yourself to accept this rally be understanding the prophetic scenario where is God thing is going to cut that increases your faith because the doctor what God is said is happening so you prepare that way, but you stay informed. I know it's hard to continue to watch the news, it is that nature is not. I recommend people hate you don't have to watch 24 hours a new but find some good sources and take about 15 minutes a day and stay up on things so that you know what's coming and be prepared so that not only your prepare, you can warn others like water on the wall so this idea.

I know it's bad him stick my head in the sand needs and not our call is to complete the great commission to do the works were told to do and be that water in the wall to get as many people that rescue boat as possible. So now is the time to be more active than ever more urgent than ever about what were doing and to not fear and this is the big deal that's going on in our world are using fear like people say how do we overcome fear is by faith. Faith overcomes fear. What were asked to do in Scripture is what I like to trust God in your lap and saying to be with their freight and I get it. I'm in Exodus and your scene in the plagues in Egypt, a separation among Israel and the Egyptians.

The plagues are hitting the Egyptians, but are not hitting Israel, and God continues to emphasize that will I told our congregation look, I know it's going to get bad. But here's a promise from even the New Testament. Second Peter 29 the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment. On the day of judgment, and so I tell them look it might get bad, but at the end of the day. God can take care of you.

He knows how to separate you out from what's going on. You're not responsible for this. So if judgment is having to America as a means to happen to you. He will reserve you out of it. Ultimately, that coming reserve meant of getting out of it will be the rapture right he will remove us and so I could keep that hope God will provide for your needs and separate you out will in order to even experience the rapture we have to have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior Tom Hughes wanted to tell folks how they can do that. Honestly, that's really the purpose of this hour is to wear on a rescue mission. Right now the three of us are three ministries that's kind of what were trying to do here in these last days of the Bible even explaining that talking about Bible prophecy regarding the second coming of Christ, how the vets are going to unfold in the last day of eschatology, but the Bible also have Bible prophecy about the first coming of Christ. We can't forget that Jesus came the first time the one to forgive if aversive is coming the second time the judge will listen. The Bible very clear that all have sinned them fall short of the glory of God defend us to miss the mark of missing the mark of perfection. If there's nobody the perfect except Christ and what Jesus came the first time it was just for the sins of anyone who would believe in him and trust in him and repent of their sales put upon the cross for anybody who believes who trust in Christ, the father would put the fun of the Jesus himself, a committed your soon. If you have strength to forgive you if you repented and have people judge for yourself what you would not be judged. But if you reject the provision of the forgiveness of Christ during the thing.I don't need Jesus judge me for my own for you will be judged for-year-old. That judgment is eternal separation from God in a playful Bible described L and you don't want to go there… What you need to know Christ to be forgiven. You must submit your spinner asked him to forgive you and you must repent of your slip to repent, to make a U-turn surrender if the term from your sins and yourself as surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself of in John chapter 14 after he described going to prepare a place for us with the Bible.

The threat of an because I prepared for you to send me for this. I am the way there I am the way, the truth of the life. No one comes to the father except by me. Jesus would say there's hopefully no other possibility to get to heaven to be forgiven through hell and fell away, not a way I thought truth, but a proof of life not a life we must ask Christ to forgive a silversmith Bible prophecy proved that the Bible is true Bible told all of these things about you and our need to be forgiven so much time is you can learn more for 12 church in San Jacinto, California hope for our would be on YouTube. Anyway, the outstanding place to pick up prophecy update as well as on YouTube prophecy update Pastor Brandon Hall Townsend, you know, folks. We talked about some things that are dark and that means the world is right now being led by some people who are on the dark side but you know the Bible talks about that I'm going out of the program. Referring as many of you may suspect to Psalm two. Remember when it comes to evildoers and the globalists and the reset people are evildoers. God has the last laugh. Literally, Psalm two says that God sits in the heavens and laughs at them for their his millennial kingdom is the only global empire that will ever work in you and I will rule there and occupies for 1000 years with Jesus Christ on the throne in Jerusalem want to thank you for listening folks and we will talk to you next week. Thank you for your support of this radio outreach now in its 20th year and herded almost 900 radio station. Yes, we are in apocalyptic times, just as the Bible said the last days would for the believer glorious future is but a heartbeat away. This radio outreach has been an encouragement in your life.

Let us hear from you write us through our website, use or all mail right to all three ministries in John Markel Box 1452, Grove, MN 5531 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311 call us on +7635594444 763-559-4444 old gifts are tax-deductible until next week. Know that God cares for you holds the world in his hands.

Nothing touches him by surprise. Everything is falling

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