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The Invisible Enemy: Covid 19-84

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 8, 2020 8:00 am

The Invisible Enemy: Covid 19-84

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 8, 2020 8:00 am

Jans guest is Twila Brase, health expert. Why has the free world, starting with America, allowed totalitarianism to creep in thanks to a virus? From contact tracing to potential forced vaccinations, how is the believer to handle these new challenges? We have a terrifying new world and it took just months to develop.

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Use an invisible enemy inviting totalitarianism what TSA west of the post 9/11 era contact tracing is to the covert era is all for our own good and protection. That's what they say welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the rent. Once you buy all of tree ministries out of big brother picture when the world is fighting an invisible enemy and not a military minds. The coronavirus has cut entire nations off guard rules and laws are being implemented that involve government overreach that always brings about a dilemma for the Christian.

Here is today's program here because we feel that the American people have not heard from all the expertise that's out there all across the country. We do have some expert speaking, but there's lots and lots of experts across the country to get together where America's front-line doctors we are only to help American patients any American nation heal. We have a lot of information to share. Americans are riveted and captured by fear at the moment we are not held down by the virus being held down by the spiderweb. I fear that spiderweb is all around us, constricting us and straining the lifeblood of the American people, American society American economy. This does not make sense.

Copy 19 is a virus that exists in essentially two phases. There's the early phase disease and there's a late phase disease in the early phase, I do before you get the virus or early when you've gotten the virus. If you gotten a virus there's treatment that's what we're here to tell you that this afternoon. You can find it on America's front-line doctors and many other sites that are streaming live on Facebook that we employ to hear this because this message has been silenced. There many thousands of physicians who have been silenced been telling the American people. The good news about the situation that we can manage the virus carefully and intelligently. But we cannot live with the spiderweb fear that constricting our country.

In various positions, something to talk to about what lockdown has done to Jan Alder to businesses to the economy and how we can get ourselves out of the cycle of fear. Welcome to the program. Always glad you can join me there was a little clip from America's front-line doctors on steps of the Supreme Court will get into why play them just a few minutes because the world has been in a fear mindset since March 2020. Due to an invisible enemy of virus and I've shared various aspects of this ordeal now on this program for four months.

One of those troubling aspects to the battle with covert, 19 I think is the growing loss of privacy of government intrusion into our lives, and even worsening scenario with that. Thanks to one aspect of it called contact tracing and the fact that covert, 19 is morphing into covert, 1984. Your well he an invasion into personal liberties. My guest for the hour to discuss this is Twyla Bracey's cofounder of citizens Council for health freedom headquartered in St. Paul Minnesota so she's a neighbor of mine.

I'm in Minneapolis, the late great Twin Cities since terrible things have happened here in the last few months and she's been listed in the lineup of the 100 most powerful people in healthcare here in the last decade or so and she is author of the book big brother in the exam room.

The dangerous truth about electronic health records and Twyla heard in her one minute spots on but 850 radio stations.

So many of you listening to this program since we air on some same networks are very familiar with Twyla brace by the welcome into the studio for the first time nice to have you. Thank you so much Jan so appreciated your ministry over the years will say more about your book. As we move into the programming it seems more recently Twyla Lisa in the last month or so there's been what appears to be almost round to going on a spike in cases some states that seem safe. Florida, for instance, now terrible conditions going on down there. You say this might be due to probable cases that are being counted as confirmed cases and you say not all states will do this but probable is overly broad, and that we should ultimately be looking at hospitalizations going down, and deaths going down the talk to us a little bit about the spike that is going on here now in late June July, so there is a spike of cases as you said is very important to understand or define the word case.

Some states are doing probable cases and there are 15 different ways you can become a probable case, but in no case of those 15 ways does it have to be a confirmed case of covert, 19. The spikes are probably for several reasons. One, more and more people are getting together to there's more and more testing and people are being tested, but I think what I'd like to do is just direct your listeners attention away from cases because at the end of the day before looking for herd immunity, which I call community immunity. We should expect and actually look forward to there being more cases because what we're looking at is the majority of the cases are people who are asymptomatic. They've never had a symptom or they're mildly symptomatic in which case they thought they just had the sniffles. They might even be moderately symptomatic but it wasn't even enough to keep them home or kept him home for some days there other people who have more of a case and there certainly the severe cases in the hospital. The virus is very difficult to stop and I think that is where the goalpost had been moved when they said to flatten the curve. They took the same amount of people, whatever that amount was that was going to be infected and said were just going to slow the spread they didn't say were going to stop the virus. They didn't say were going to escape the virus. It was never about that because the virus is very small is very contagious.

It would be like trying to stop the seasonal float article I picked off flying here with American family Association. I work closely with them. So I respect their research and the reporting covert numbers who can you trust it's an interview. If you it says quoting you and then when it comes to numbers including involving covert, 19 some of that information may involve people who have tested positive for the coronavirus as well as those who are considered probable cases. In other words people are claiming symptoms that health officials believe, indicate, covert, 19, and they can turn to you, Twyla brace, a registered nurse and president of citizens Council for health freedom acknowledges that while some people might find it very scary when the case numbers suddenly showed up. In fact, the majority of those are probable cases which have never been confirmed to be covalent and then you said the definition of probable cases is so loose that somebody simply has to live in an area that has a lot of covert, 19+ they have a headache and they have a fever or at least they think they have a fever and they don't have to measure it and by that they become a probable case and can be reported as a case of covert, 19, which of course they are not. So I found that extremely interesting. I will say that there is about half of the states that refused to do that. So they refused to report probable cases in the states that do report probable cases.

If, indeed, as the Texas Commissioner said that would mean a 17 fold increase in cases that's possible in those states. A lot of the more recent cases would be probable, rather than confirm okay I think nobody actually knows and that's why one of the commissioners said, so we can't really count on or trust the deaths because they're now doing probable deaths without actual confirmed disease. She said really what we need to do is look at the hospitalizations and around the country, the deaths and the hospitalizations are going to lie down in nationwide. I want to move on to a different issue and that would be the contact tracing because covert, 19, some are calling it covert, 1984, just because of big brother intrusion totalitarian thinking by certainly some governors and mayors have a clipper to the plate to back some of that up but I think what I'd like to do is I'd like to play a real short clip here happens to be Laura Ingram. She is competent to angle on the death of privacy she's relating it to the contact tracing she's explaining what it is and how far rights are playfully thought they were violated after 9/11. You probably haven't seen anything yet about earlier today, a good friend of mine and I were talking about how surprising it was that so many Americans were willing to give up their inalienable rights for a government promise of safety, basic liberties, the right to work to travel to worship free speech, the right to attend school to petition the government to assemble with others.

They all were completely sidelined or partially sidelined during the covert 19 shutdowns officials assured us that restrictions would be short-lived and only be in place until we flatten the curve. But even after we did that in hospitals thankfully were not overrun blue state governors began piling on new conditions in order for states to be fully reopened again. They had complicated requirements in a New York 51 page reopening document Michigan then Illinois and Washington state. They seem hell-bent on keeping people immobile and scared as long as possible and found a new excuse for delay the need for hundreds of thousands of so-called contact traces the point of this is to create a core of trained spooks were ready, people skills we need them to have. To help assure souls through the new environment. I know a lot of you don't answer the phone when you see an unknown caller, reaching it, but I implore you to answer that call.

We want to grow our voluntary contact tracing so that we can further control and reduce the rate of spread of covert, 19 at stop outbreaks in their tracks. Now I trust him what TSA was to the post 9/11 era contact tracing is to the covert era. It's all for our own good and protection.

That's what they say and it was fine at first until may be when you talk about TSA and agents can get a little too closed her private parts during a random screening and then they throw away your favorite moisturizer right because it's too many ounces but elixir interaction with the TSA agent is brief and limited to only when you fly your interaction with a covert tracer could last for weeks if not longer. According to the AP.

The practice of so-called contact tracing requires a hybrid job of interrogator therapist and nurse as they try to coax nervous people to be honest, the goal to create a roadmap of everywhere infected people of been and who they've been around heavy left of these tracers will we actually need help investigating McKenzie brain cells instinct that she knows all too well, so you covert, 19 test results to raise among an army of health professionals and volunteers working contact tracers. Some health officials estimate that as many as 300,000 contact traces would be needed in the country to effectively mitigate the spread 300,000 so ever.

Mike talked about others compromising the TSA the creation of the TSA while if they quote experts get their way. There will be six times more contact tracers and TSA agents.

But instead of rummaging through your luggage. These contact tracers will be prying in the most intimate details of your life on the race. You even have a paper on the contact tracing I have in front of me. You say, at its core. Contact tracing is the government collecting data on everyone's friends, family Associates colleagues.

This is some of the most intimate personal data we have and you have a whole paper on a tear. Talk to me about this amuses troubling you as much it is, may I think so, yes, contact tracing, then I love how Laura said it COBIT tracing right that's a very good way to say it, but what the covert tracing is doing is they want to find all your contacts.

Now if we think of how this could go.

We can look no further than South Korea.

I think it would be really good for your listeners hear what they do in South Korea. If we were to become like South Korea and you got a diagnosis of covert, 19 well immediately the police would come and they would confiscate your phone and then they would look into it to find out the last five days of contacts, then they would go to the national Bank authority and they would find out where you have spent your money so that they would know everywhere that you had gone, and then finally they would take your photograph and they would put it through their national surveillance system to see everyone and everywhere you had been and everyone that you were in contact with and that would be how they would find out what you had done and whom you are with a lot of people listen to this may not be thinking about what this really could mean all of your contact so there are people who have contacts that they don't want anybody to know about and then there are just your family and friends connections which suddenly become part of the government record everybody that you have seen within a certain period of time. You're supposed to tell who it is, how long you think that you are with that person.

What's the contact information for that person and then they're going to go to your friends and your colleagues and everybody whose names you gave them and they're going to go through the very same thing with them all along this chain because of the government, you can be put under essentially house arrest, and you can be forced to say at your home and be monitored every day by the government or even be put into ankle monitor as I sent her a couple was strained right. This is what can happen. This is why a lot of people don't want to provide the scan information to the government because they don't know when the police power will will. It is voluntarily right on very very pleased to know that it's voluntary lease right now could that change may be change.

I don't know you say Americans need to know they do not have to answer or respond to a contact tracer you say they have the right to refuse, but people also need to know that some state government agencies can charge you with the crime and forcibly quarantine you if you refuse, and then the article goes on. Already, many Americans nationwide are refusing to participate in contact tracing because they don't want to share their information or they don't trust public health officials with maintaining their privacy.

How long is this voluntary. The thing is that so far. To my knowledge contact tracing refusal to participate in contact tracing will not get you charged with the crime. Refusal to participate in MI could be wrong because ablative or state law. But refusal to participate in examination and vaccination testing and all of that in some states indeed could get you a misdemeanor contact tracing this kind of new and so it kinda depends on what your state law says as to whether or not you be charged.

I find this one of the more troubling aspects of everything were going through as a country for that matter. As you indicated globally, the contact tracing.

So we'll see where that's going to go folks if you just join me. You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel and I have in the studio, Twyla Bray's and many of you know Twyla, she's also got a book out.

We need to reference that big brother in the exam room. The dangerous truth about electronic health records best place to get this Twyla is where anywhere books are sold and that they can go to big brother in the exam today directly from us. Big brother in the exam to get a hold of Twyla and to learn a lot more Nikki and she heads the citizens Council for health freedom CCH CCH Republican to give several websites throughout the programming folks, so be patient with us. He can write them down. That's helpful.

I open the whole program playing a clip from the doctors on the steps of Supreme Court talk about the fear factor in you and I talked about this privately, I mean fear is gripping America fears gripping the world so that the medias instilled in people's guys falling we supposedly have a spike here in mid-summer whether or not actual spy.

Can we get back to probable cases, the details may not be a spike but I think there is probably something going on this summer. There is some sort of a fear that's been instilled in people and I think some of that is driven by concerns about the forthcoming vaccine and is the vaccine going to be voluntary.

Is it going to be forced on people. I think it can be forced on people just play one more clip here in this segment is this is Alan Dershowitz and he's a respected attorney. He's been a professor of Harvard for years and years now is Prof. emeritus. He's made the statement here.

Let's just play this slip will come back and talk about limited very quickly. You have no constitutional right to endanger public and spread disease disagree. You have no right nor relaxing.

No right not to wear a mask no right to open up your business where I stop you, you know, life is not to be vaccinated.

Meaning if they decide what have to be vaccinated. We have him vaccinated within a few refuse to be vaccinated.

The status of our literally take you to Dr.'s office and plunge a needle into your arm. If the back windows, but America is perfect if the vaccination is designed to prevent the spread of disease. Okay Twyla that is about a month old clip I referred to him a couple times on this program is a terrifying clip government has the right to drag you into Tucker's office, plunge a needle into your arm. What are your thoughts on this. While my thoughts on this are you can see where everybody is going.

There's a lot of frustration on the left in particular that there are parents everywhere around the country getting more and more and more worried about vaccinations. The other side is trying to get the personal exemptions gone. California is making themselves the arbiter of what is a medical exemption right so there's this entire drive to take parents out of the driver's seat and put the government in the driver seat and so now with COBIT.

I think they see an opportunity to say that the government gets to force you to do these things that you don't want to but this is patently wrong. There's all sorts of vaccinations out there that don't work for people you just have a right not to have something forced into your body when they have they talk about that.

They never talk about the fact that there is a vaccine injury court writing Israel with the people who have the injuries that come from vaccination and even Dr. Fauci when he testified before the Senate and you have to realize that he swore to tell the whole truth. Right. So he said even if we get a vaccine. There's no guarantee would work in the second thing that he said should be alarming to people nobody's really talking about and that is that he said it might backfire okay and by backfire.

That means that if you have had the vaccine when the virus comes and attacks you, it may become more virulent by virtue of having already had the vaccine that is likely to happen to some people already today with the seasonal flu they get the vaccine in the up the flu and assists awful for them right so that I think that's important to understand. We must not let the government ever take this position and my fear is that the mask mandate is conditioning and I was going there agree zero and do whatever the government says that we must do as a result of fear. You said to me mask set a precedent for a vaccine I'm going there were any get there, probably soon as we get to my next segment, and maybe even before that was a very interesting statement you made to me mask trigger to set the precedent for a vaccine that's a very scary thought. We have mask mania right now, and never seen anything like it. People are being hollered out in driven out of businesses and I want to get into the fact of how ineffective a mask is but nonetheless it's gone into people's heads. We have to have a mask, therefore, is that going to transfer well we have to have a vaccine right.

I think that that's the whole thing. It doesn't necessarily transfer as we got have massive got him a vaccine. What transfers is that the government said we have to put a piece of fabric with you and our entire breathing apparatus and the air that we need and cover up our face and make it more difficult for us to speak and communicate with each other and if you've accepted that the government can do that, then you have accepted that the government can force you to take a vaccine because they're saying you're doing it to protect others you not doing to protect yourself and that's exactly the argument with the vaccinations as you're doing it to protect others yourself to, but they'll say it for others because you're responsible to protect others will be the rationale I want to hit one more topic in this segment in them. In my second segment will look more at the mask issue and some other issues as well. Threats to children. We talked about this in America. As of today, less than 20 have died I think is 14 or 15 children have died they would probably have an underlying condition. Is this really is not a threat to children. My hunches, you are all for opening the schools to my right, that's correct. Yes, it is good to reopen the schools for so many reasons to address the thing that you said about yes there's very few children that have died in my estimation, I'm not sure whether they have died from coving or with COBIT and that's a very important distinction is that they COBIT. 19. That was the reason that they died or did they die for another reason and just happen to have COBIT 19 as an infection that maybe it was even asymptomatic for them. I think that that's very important and studies have found that children do not get this virus very often on like a twin and one that was really targeted towards children, but they also don't transmit it to others very readily either 22 European nations have opened their schools.

Apparently there relaxing when it comes to kids getting this the children apparently have some immune systems that are far better than adults to fight this hundred and 66 have died from the flu 14 or 15 in America have died of coving and nobody talks about that like that's a wonderful statistic. The difference between that right. Are we stopping everything that for children if we shut down the schools in order to keep children from getting the flu.

We have not where you see it going, then the school situation thus leave it to the United States or while I think it might depend on the state that you're in some states, it's very clear that the governor is trying to get it down for the entire year.

The teachers unions are out there saying we gotta shut down the school for the year.

They want to die from COBIT 19 and so they're not getting really the truth and so I think it will really depend but look at the children. There are other things here that the children are dealing with their dealing with the fear imposed upon them by the government when they are not even the ones who are going to get this and they are dealing with loss of their friends, their dealing with certain domestic issues, abuse, or whether it's the husband and the wife were abusing each other in their having to watch it. There's all sorts of things they don't have the freedom that they had before their growing up in this very constrained thing and living under this mantle of fear that they don't have to live under because even their parents are not likely to get it.

Most of their teachers are likely to get it it's really everybody over 65. And if you've got obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, you're the ones who hurt the susceptible ones. Everyone else's not in the susceptible category. Twyla brace heads the citizens Council for health freedom. You can learn a lot more and keep up-to-date with her articles, her Facebook live updates and more videos CCH CCH

Now here's where I still want to go with the time that we have left because we have some topics yet that I want to hit on Twyla said to me she feels the goal of much of this is that we are going to be wanting single payer healthcare will how long have we heard about that from the last 10 years were going to talk a little bit about that were going to get into the mask madness. She calls the mask situation medical menace and they offer a false sense of security will talk about that a little bit in the my second segment were to talk about sleep and watching some power-hungry people here for a long time her for several months what's behind that what I have observed is that people are willing to give up a lot when it comes to their health and their safety.

A man who wants to be sick will give up just about anything to stay well. Well, that has consequences will talk about that and much much more. In part two of the programming, so don't go away and coming back in a couple minutes we lost contact.

This website almost 3 that's all of you can call most of the time. At 763-559-4447 63559440. Would you like to all of tree ministries John Markel, Box 1452, Minnesota 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 gifts are toxic. Individuals click news posted. Thank you for trusting the time money to you, helpless as they see America once called a shining city on a hill becoming weak and tired and without people asking nervous what did I do turn the tar can intervene on behalf of the greatest nation on earth. That is why this ministry is Karen going to Robert Jefferson's new book, praying for American boarding inspiring stories and prayers for our nation to be most patriotic thing you can do for America in times of illusion and disaster our country has a long history of turning to God. Each chapter of this uplifting book is an inspiring story demonstrating the power of life of our nation. Prayer relevant passage of Scripture, inspire and encourage you and bring intently for our country in these increasingly divided times praying for America will serve as a very necessary and timely reminder in God we trust fund.

It will get our online store. All three just $16.06 dollars shipping and handling in the US or call our office Monday through Friday at 763559444 763-559-4444 also find Crawford in our print magazine sign up online almost reduced large In other words, if you accept that the government can for health and safety force you into a mask to cover up your personality dehumanize you to take away your ability to speak and breathe freely, then you will have to accept that they can force you into vaccination. We have appreciated the ministry of Twyla brace was truly looking out for your health freedom age of expanding government socialized medicine with goal of moving in Washington. Twyla wrap up the discussion resort over the scene has been a danger 20. Many people operate out of fear and anxiety towards an invisible life. It recently announced that anyone who meets privately with friends or even talks about meeting privately with friends and social media will be monitored and could be arrested. I direct the superintendent Brown order all police district to give special attention to these parties and this is how it's going to be. We will shut you down. We will cite to it. If we need to we will rescue and we will take you to jail. The time for educating people into compliance is over. Don't be stupid. Don't come out. Don't advertise a social media were watching you to the people of Chicago take Lori Lightfoot seriously hunted up a phone like that wind up in the mayor's office. Lori Lightfoot believe she has the power to imprison you if you talk about your weekend plans on Facebook she get the power to do that.

Well, welcome back. We are in the bizarro world. Every day I see headlines that I've never seen in my lifetime and some blue state governors and mayors and city Council. People have gotten drunk on power and the taken advantage of covert, 19 turn it into covert, 1984 totalitarianism.

I'm not kidding. I come from a blue state. My guest for the hour comes from a blue state Minnesota.

We've got kind of a goofy governor here, but goes way beyond Minnesota issues. Matter fact, some of our issues are minor compared to what I know folks are going through and city, California, for instance. So my guess for the hours Twyla brace and she is cofounder of citizens Council for health freedom headquartered in St. Paul Minnesota I'm in Minneapolis and she's been listed in the lineup of the 100 most influential people in healthcare that happened about a decade ago.

She's also an author of the book big brother in the exam room.

The dangerous truth about electronic health records hopefully can say little bit more about that book. As we wind the program down. It's about a 400 page book. It is an encyclopedia of great information Twyla. Let's hit a couple of issues. Yet, while we still have time.

I kinda teased in the previous segment that I want to get into the face mask issue. I even said in part one we talked about mask setting the precedent for a vaccine and we can discuss what we meant by that is the vaccine going to become mandatory. We don't know that, but it certainly could, but many states and cities now require a facemask, a lot of them do, including our governor came out recently here in Minnesota it's kind of change the way we live and on a very good way you've written a lot on it. You've been interviewed a lot. You've got quite a strong opinion on the masks you and I talk privately. You call them a medical menace. Why well. They are even more than a medical menace will let's start with the medical menace part about them, and even the World Health Organization has which is not mightily right organization.

However, they talk about the fact that the mask itself can be a problem for many reasons, one of the biggest ones is self contamination.

In other words, it was yourselves who are wearing masks and think of how many times you touch your mask where you put your mask and then do you put it back on your face so self contamination and cross-contamination.

Are you in the grocery store are you touching the cart and then something happens with your mask and you reach up and touch your mask masks are supposed be washed daily or between uses surgeons only where there is for an hour before they have to change.

There's and then your put them in your pocket you're laying them on the car seat you're putting them on the table when you are in the restaurant where those mass going. They are a purveyor of germs.

This is one of the things that the World Health Organization talks about but also the fact that it causes breathing difficulty, for let's say you have asthma and so you already have a breathing problem.

Now you put on a mask now makes even worse. And you're probably exempted because you would be considered one of those that it's medically intolerable. And so you wouldn't have to wear a mask, but if you having asthma find this medically intolerable.

You know that everybody who puts on a mask breeze, a little less well there is that problem with the masses in their skin rashes and there are also some other things that happen, difficulty, communication. Imagine if your death and you're trying to look at somebody's lips that happens with people and elderly people and young people and older people talking together that happens all the time people are watching each other's lips, so it is a medical menace above and beyond that it doesn't do what they say that it does right, it doesn't do I have an article here believe you wrote this alpha news and you say Dr. Michael Oster home former interim Dir. of the CDC top infectious disease expert at the University of Minnesota here.

This is him they don't work. Even Oster home saying they don't work. That's right, he has never seen such a broad mandate without any scientific evidence behind it.

There are two researchers out of Chicago who say that our review of relevant studies indicates that cloth mass will be ineffective at preventing Sgt. Kobe to. That's the virus transmission weatherworn as source control and others.

That means you where it to prevent another person from getting it, or whether is Warner's PPE personal protective equipment right so doesn't help either direction, and the one study that looked at cloth mask versus surgical mask found that the surgical mass allowed 44% of particles to penetrate the mass, the cloth mask allowed 97% today and that's through the material. This is not like an and 95 mask which is fit to everybody's face because it has all this air going through so all around the sides.

There's 100% leakage. And they're saying that cultivated 19 now is being spread in an aerosolized fashion. That's what they're thinking out every time you take a breath out to every time you take a breath in. This is all in the air. It's not like it has to be coughed into your face so to hundred percent leakage around the sides. 97% leakage through the mass so this is just a fallacy that the protecting anybody going back to Oster home here leaves same article he says. Indeed, exhaustive studies done after the 1918 Spanish flu son mask didn't make a difference in the only study on cloth masks found 97% of particles pass through the fabric. Oster home says cloth masks may stop large droplets, but it's the little particles coming around the sides that are the real problem and I think most everybody respects Oster home is been around forever and ever is a serious epidemiologists.

The World Health Organization says you can wear a mask.

They kinda had some pressure on them right and so there like we encourage mass when people say mass, but this is what they really say about the evidence they say there's currently no evidence no evidence that wearing a mask, whether medical or other types by healthy people in the wider community, including universal community masking can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses. So any respiratory viruses right but then they had including COBIT, 19, they not only say that but they say the wide use of mass by healthy people in the community setting is not supported by current evidence and carries uncertainties and critical risk and you know, some states are now threatening jail time for people who do not wear masks and the contorted irony is that the same virus is being used as a pretext to release criminals from jails and prisons to stop the epidemic in a confined area.

Well, that's are upside down twilight zone world. There's much more to say about the mask issue, but I think we've made the point again. Twyla correct me if I'm wrong, but people I find are willing to do almost anything if it will protect their health.

They don't get sick.

Who wants to get sick may not only get sick, but it's a pretty ugly sickness will that's right as it was in the New England Journal of Medicine, this one article. These writers said that they know that wearing a mask outside healthcare facilities offers little if any protection from infection and then they add in many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic and Dr. Oscar home also says that he says were making decisions not based on science but on the motion. In the meantime were all stuck with them.

Yes everywhere unless you have a medical unless you have a medical reason. Oh yes, of different laws say different things. So, in Minnesota there is the governor's order which says that nobody can question you if you say that you have a medical conditions they can't ask you to bring out your doctors know they can't get you to have proof it can't be an inquisition as to whether or not you're really qualified to say that you have a medical condition. So there are lots of people who are probably qualified under the medical intolerable label.

One of the studies that I found said that it was difficult at a cardiovascular level and let me see here because I've got this quote right here it says that facemasks have a marketed negative impact cardiopulmonary capacity that significantly impairs strenuous physical and occupational activities. So you had any kind of heart condition. I think you should think about that you get a kind of a pulmonary condition you should think about that but what I think about is if this is a problem for somebody with the condition it's also a problem for somebody without a condition because no matter what it is decreasing your ability to breathe free. I want to play another clip of the last one will play here. This is State Sen. from Minnesota Scott Jensen. The reason I'm playing him is he has been marginalized as have others who are trying to tell the truth about covert, 19.

He is a doctor who was voted best family doctor some five years ago and now he's come under huge scrutiny criticism investigation. Even splay that clip and I want to come back and discuss it with you by Sir Scott Jensen.

This is one of the most important video submitted in one of the hardest is a very difficult decision to make whether I wanted to do it. Listen we could go I was notified by the board of medical practice in Minnesota that I was being investigated because of public statements I made this into allegations that I've been spreading misinformation in regards to the completion of death certificates on a news program which happened to take place on April 7 and you could find out what it was with Chris Berg if you want to and the other allegation was that I provided reckless advice and my willingness to compare code 19 and the flu. When I got this letter. Most quite frankly, I lean into the comfort and wisdom of my family tell them, let them what you talking off the cliff… If this could happen to me. I view as it could happen to anybody on the family doctor 40 years over card limitations do house calls the medical director held staff physicians and hospitals to help make things work better than the 74 is a never had anything like this. Summa five years was named Miss family doctor. The missile this because a couple people complain and I don't get to know those people. I don't know if there routinely in a political camp if their activists are going online and look at what it takes to complete complaint that the board medical practice has to follow up on this one. Please deal you say what you want.

It could be a huge donor for the other party. Twyla my conclusion here is that if you're in the medical profession trying to tell the truth as you are. There may be some consequences to pay my right, that's correct. The powers that be have a narrative here in they don't want anybody to change that narrative, and physicians are some of the most trusted people in the country and when physicians speak. Most people assume that they've got some education and intelligence behind them at there's a reason that they say things they change the narrative. They get people to think outside of the fear narrative.

They get people to think will may be mass don't work or maybe they're all of these deaths, which is absolutely true because he's correct.

The CDC actually put out a publication which I talked about in one of my videos and read from which said that essentially if you think it might be a COBIT death. You should put it is a cobra death and he has said that as physicians they are taught to be very precise about what they put on a death certificate. This is not something that you just do loosey-goosey you actually figure out and that the CDC would come around and the health department would then encourage you to just put COBIT 19 as though it was really true.

He's correct in bringing this up and bringing this everybody's attention that this is the wrong way. There could be all sorts of people that are called covert, 19 that arch covert, 19 and you know one of the very best statements about this comes from the head of the state health department in Illinois is that a press conference and a child has died and some reporter asked about whether this child has died from COBIT. 19 and she essentially says and I am paraphrasing because I'm not sitting here with it she essentially says let me just educate you about what COBIT death definition is somebody has been diagnosed with cancer and their terminally ill and we know they're going to die in two weeks and then we find out that they have COBIT that's a cobra death. If we know that somebody has died from an alternative because but we find out that they have COBIT that's a cobra death and that's what were talking about here, and that's what he was warning people about and that is not misinformation that was State Sen. Scott Jensen in state of Minnesota. That's where were had quartering and I happen to pick that little soundbite off the Internet here this morning. You know how this case is going to turn out. I don't know how this case is going to turn out but I cannot imagine that he is going to get sanctioned because the fact of the matter is he's got all the truth on his side that he has sent them something like a nearly 100 page document showing them all the evidence on his side.

I think that they're just trying to shut him up. Are they trying to shut you up.

Well, I think they might like to, but really all that I'm doing is providing information with sources. When you provide information with sources. It's very difficult to say that your sources are incorrect and so in the video, I'm often just quoting people out of documents. Let's talk about how folks can access, particularly your videos because there's short and they're very instructive. In 15 minutes you say a whole lot is that mainly Facebook lie that's where I happen to get you so is on Facebook, but we also putting them on YouTube and then we had them on our website because you never know what YouTube and I saw her going to do and so there it patient which is a place that we help people when they feel like they're in a coercive situation in the exam room or at the hospital right now.

The toolbox has four drawers at the clinic in the hospital having a baby and then our latest one is coronavirus and so when you click on You can then have these things pop up in one of them are COBIT 19 update videos and all of our videos are. There were up to 23. So far we've had really good response are excellent. Their brief and to the point. I learned a lot. I may have learned more through your videos than almost anything else considered just to the point you said to me that we are being muzzled what you mean by that will muzzled. I was really looking at what the mask are doing and the whole idea here is, they say it's for one thing, but I think it's been done for another thing, and so all sorts of people you are not going to speak at great length. If you have to have a mask on because this is an impediment.

This is a prohibition here are going to speak at length.

You're not going to breathe unnecessarily hard and you know what this is actually a double standard yell interestingly enough in New Mexico. This shows you how faulty and fake.

This mandate really is the need for in New Mexico. They say if you're going to exercise to have to wear a mask in Minnesota. They say it's one of the exemptions. You don't have to wear a mask if you exercise right.

Are we on the same page here were not everybody's doing whatever they want. They're just mandating the mass with their own stipulations. The big thing here for them is to get you into a mask at you behind a mask at you muzzled behind a mask, get you breathing less effectively behind the man talked to us for a minute or two, we heard the term herd immunity and neither you nor I like that term so you use the term community immunity, which is just get rid of the term herd. Here the animals out of the picture.

What is community immunity.

Is that something we are all striving for yes and no because different viruses have worked different ways. Most of the epidemiologists and virologists that I listen to and I do encourage your listeners to go to and heard means like a herd of cattle so They have lockdown TV. They are talking to virologists, epidemiologists, physicians, all of these people who all around the country are watching this that most people are not they ever hear from right community immunity really means that you get to about 60 to 70% of the population is infected and so they run out of the susceptibles so the virus runs out of the susceptibles. I keep running into somebody who's already had it in a dies because it can't transfer fast method. They don't need 100%. Maybe they only need 60%, and then we don't actually know what immunity would mean with COBIT 19 because it's a coronavirus and because colds are a coronavirus, there are people who they think are probably not susceptible because they've had a cold or they just get it. Really, you know, in a mild fashion but the whole idea here is that it runs out. Someone said that SARS ran into the sea in China will I kept moving and just ran into the sea and then it was gone.

I don't know that they had that many people that have a percent but they ran into the sea and then it didn't have anywhere to go. So it's like it moved in one direction, but that whole idea is that it runs out of susceptibles your listening, understanding the times radio oil abrasion studio with me from citizens Council on health freedom. Where do you think this is ultimately going and I know you said to may we've had murderers. We've had SARS's we've had H1 N1.

Every listener I think and remember what happened in 09 2010 we had H1 N1 I think it was terrible. Obviously no listener can remember what happened in 1918, when there were literally 50 million deaths from a virus from some sort of the flu but everybody can remember, 09 10 that was terrible back then. The sky wasn't falling back then that sky is falling now doesn't make sense to me. Where do you see this going just blossoming into a much bigger dilemma or petering out so I think we are now in a case of fact versus fiction nor a battle between fact versus fiction were in a battle between the narrative of government control and the freedom that we all have in a constitutional republic and whether or not everybody is going to just sit there in the fear category and let the government take this kind of power I look at the mass issue as being existential to freedom in this country because if you agree that the government can do that to you. You will have to agree that the government can force you into vaccination.

I wanted to say one thing that I learned foster home page at a time. Dr. Oster home said what if we start saying is he's concerned about the mass mandate. What if we start saying okay all heavy people were going to do this to you because you're at risk of getting this disease more and then he had one other example similar to that and then he said, and then they'll say well I'm using the same basis for making those recommendations that I made for mask. In other words, if you accept that the government can for health and safety force you into a mask to cover up your personality to dehumanize you to take away your ability to speak and breathe freely, then you will have to accept that they can force you into vaccination and then they can force you into staying home and they can for sure into this and that and they can take your children away from you because they have said you're not doing this for the good of your children.

We the government speak about public health and safety and whatever we say has to go.

That's where I see this going. If our site does not stand up and fight and say actually this mask is ridiculous.

It's ridiculous. It doesn't work we can never make it legitimate. It cannot be legitimized. It has to be looked at. The tool of control that it really is. This is all about freedom. This is not about growth and safety. This is about. I great him and whether we will win freedom at the end of the day or whether they will win control one more clip Laura Ingram an enormity of the federal and state expenditures were talking about here thing.

How little debate there is been about the risk to personal privacy until he there are always going to be planning a reason cited by government bureaucrats or unelected technocrats to justify taking your freedoms away will cite scary things like gun violence, climate change, and now of course COBIT. Maybe the next virus and they'll use our fear and maybe even skew the statistics are bad modeling to manipulate the public perception defined experts who insist that the harm to personal privacy is minimal and that any trade-off is worth it. The promise or actions will be temporary and narrowly tailored, but invariably these new programs like what we saw after 9/11 will become permanent fixtures in American life and end up expanding far beyond their promised goals.

Twyla yearbook.

I have it in front of me some amount of 420 page book big brother in the exam room. The dangerous truth about electronic health records give us two minute summary of what's in the 430 pages, practically it's been endorsed by Dan Bunn, Gino Dr. Jane orient all sorts of people. My friend Dr. Linda solely give us a summary, I would say personalized when there but you know that it's really well cited the 80 some pages are just they had. That's right.

And this is all about electronic health record and about HIPAA because HIPAA is not a privacy rule it's considered a permissive data sharing rule in 2009, the government imposed the electronic health records that you see in every exam room and in the hospital they had to be used meaningfully. According to whoever the government said meaningfully is and if they don't use it meaningfully. They can have the money to help pay for them and then there will be fraud, but if they don't use it the way the government went the government wants to use it to analyze people to analyze doctors they want user to control what happens in the exam room they want to have all your information reported he there in Jan, the CDC actually says and I have the code in their that they envision that when all the data gets in the cloud and other words in all these electronic servers that they will be able to go into the E HR and find data buried deep buried that there were buried so the plan here is electronic health record is not about helping you and your doctor. Take care you because it has become a huge impediment.

It is really about giving outsiders access to the data, which has become the Goldmine of the 21st century there so much money and data right but it's also a way to control your doctors and to take you and the doctor out of the decision-making process and put third parties in control.

So we must never look at that electronic health electronic health records are okay if they're the ones that the doctors put because they used to have them and they work the way the doctors wanted them to work, but these are government electronic health records.

This is a government record. This is not a private record, other than the bookstores work and they get your book they can get it at big brother in the exam give it again big brother in the exam We get a lot of websites folks Twyla's website is CCH obviously to get all tree were not curing the book, but we got lots of other products in our online store.

Twyla, thank you for coming into the studio and given us an hour today. We appreciated so very much all you're doing sticking your neck out on our behalf would appreciate it a lot. Will thank you so much and I'm really glad to have been invited to disclose with a couple of Bible verses I think will give you three because we've talked about a lot of things, including fear we know the Christian really fear is not something that motivates us here is something that the Bible talks danced over and over. Second Timothy ones heaven for God is not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind.

Deuteronomy 31. Eight.

It is the Lord who goes before you.

He will be with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed, and lastly Psalm 5522 cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you. He will never permit the righteous to be moved want to thank you for listening and we will talk you again next week will all tree ministries and understanding the times radio has helped to grow in your faith, a watchman on the wall.

Let us hear from you writers through our website. All of three news.or all of tree simplex alignment 763559447635594 dinner meal. Would you like to all of tree ministries John Mark Hill, Box 1452, Road, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 soda, 5512 next week. Know that God is no surprise of our times. Everything is falling

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