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It’s All Falling Into Place

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 1, 2020 8:00 am

It’s All Falling Into Place

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 1, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with apologist Don Stewart. We serve a God who knows the future and who is guiding the future. They look at how everything is aligning right now. Truly, everything is falling into place.

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The Bible says the wise will understand what this text tells us there's a God that exists and God knows the future, a God who was told us the future, a God who is running the future and in complete control of all things welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant agent spends the hour with apologist Don Stewart times of turmoil. It is indeed comforting that we serve a God who knows the future, and who has predicted all things that are coming to pass.

Here is today's programming, but as we wind up the book of Daniel.

There's something very, very interesting chapter 12 in verse four were put in here and here's what he's told you Daniel close up these words and seal the book if you like writing your Bible.

Here's what you need to underline until until the time of the end manual about and the knowledge will increase right Daniels told this to close up the word seal the book until the time of the end.

Many are going to run to and fro, and knowledge will increase.

What's he talking about. He says it's only in the last time the last days.

People will understand this, the knowledge that will increase is not knowledge per se, although it has increased its knowledge of the book of Daniel knowledge of Bible prophecy like a said if we are doing this 100 years ago. We don't have blank stares, trying to figure out what's going on here.

Welcome to the program. I'm going to get my guest in just a moment. Many of you are going to be familiar with Don Stewart because I've asked him to come on here and help me try to understand the times I tell you I get emails almost every day saying what on earth is happening in.

I just save us the perilous times that were predicted. So why are we surprised the last days were never promised necessarily to be a picnic, but they certainly are interesting times, challenging times and I know there times where you find yourself contending for the faith on a daily baby and an hourly basis contending for the truth and that's what I appreciate about my guest for the hour, Don Stewart, you have either heard him in person. You've seen them online and read his books will give contact information as we move along, but I get acquainted with Don many ways.

Some of his books and have seen his teaching in his interviews online.

He has been affiliated with Calvary Chapel for just about forever. Don Stewart, welcome back to the program somewhat rapidly back down and I visited on air in December. I actually was in your neck of the woods in January I was in Southern California and that you and visited with you and Don in January of this year.

You are ministering in churches. I was ministering in churches life was relatively normal. About a month after that month and 1/2 after that, it seemed like everything, not just in America but in the world kind of hit the fan and since then, things have been going at lightning speed. Give me your take on this interesting Drabek said in January when we were together was going on. I was following the story, though the Chinese cognitive party virus going on and will on such like that of an interest of Mike is one of my 20 553. Near the end of pestilence.

It was up there not knowing would come to this but not having the slightest idea. We see this so here we are six months or so later and the entire world turned upside down and none of us in our wildest nightmares would've thought of this but here we are, will you are in a lot of churches are people saying to you as you ministering all these churches that you're part of asking you directly what the Bible say about all this. Is this something predictable Bible number one. How should we respond number two.

They want to know what they should be afraid. And I know looking for six and seven. Worry about nothing, pray about everything in the peace of God which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ because of the situation, particularly here in our state.

What we have a governors very much anti-Christian people not really sure what to do because we have openings, closings, openings, closings. So many people that lost their job. Many of them never come back to a job in this world there's really no real hope no solid foundation. So what I do what I always turn into is the word of God.

And here's what I say say look, we know how the stories going and we know were to come back with Christ. Revelation 19 we know were to stand the judgment seat of Christ and be rewarded. So were winners at the time of the end Jesus said in John 1419 because I live you can live also.

We know that we don't hour to get there, but we know it's gotta be tough in the Bible for perilous times are coming. I guess we had no idea we had no idea where we are done sooner is been on your website which is educating our talks. The unique thing about Dunn is that he's written so many books they're all on his website. Educating a

I had the privilege of going through two or three of his books and I've picked out some talking points for the hour. Based on what I've been reading.

It took me to three days to go through everything. Problem is, every topics is fascinating and Don, you have a way of picking topics that I think. Not only are intriguing but are cutting edge and of interest right now in our times and I played a little clip of you here opening the program. It was you talking about Daniel 12 for an knowledge increasing probably in the meaning of that as you stated is the knowledge of eschatology is going to increase and I started thinking you know who has influenced me so many names and they're all 20th-century teachers and 21st century teachers John walls Lord Tim LaHaye Hal Lindsay check him Samir Stephani JD for your self Don Stewart.

Yet those fellows all came along here in the last 60 years and that's who influenced me, and I think a lot of my listeners as well, yeah, and I can name John Markel forced me Bible prophecy. Thirdly, I member what I look your program years ago while hear someone talking sensibly about last days Bible prophecy go to work. Many know how I've known Al for years, John Walters course you came along to and I thought wow, thank God we have Janet in that ministry, but were getting to the place. Jan now where even though we study this, even though we gone into detail. We didn't really think we would see it. To the degree we seen it happen sometime. By the way past that you mentioned that category start out with people.

Daniel 12 that we can understand the times were living in because were living in these times are important. We know that past generations could only get now we get it. It's right there in front of her eyes. Another place I want to go to your to your books. I singled out and had I have time to probably read three or four but I did like a laser beam. I focused on your book that's titled 25 signs where near the end we can hit all 25 signs that we can talk about some very intriguing items that you bring up and then you are with me on air in December. That program had tremendous responses right at Christmas time still had tremendous response and you and I chatted briefly about the ark of the covenant. Some folks think well is that really all that important. Well, I think historically it's important and maybe important prophetically but I want to visit that because you have a book you've written the search of the lost Ark the quest for the ark of the covenant and I want to run some things by you as it concerns the ark and when a play club to actually Eric Sacco back is underneath someplace. It's very interesting YouTube for is visiting with an Israeli and they may even be standing within inches of it behind a wall of so fascinating. Let me get to your 25 signs we are near the end, we can't tell all 25 but you hit on some things that are cell relevant including the lawlessness and violence. I was in Southern California in January and I spoke at Barry Stagner's proximity conference and I gave 10 things that we should be looking to do in the new year that I think have prophetic significance. This was my number one sign the rise of lawlessness. Little did I know, and I say this to most of my radio guests. I'm here in Minneapolis. I'm at Ground Zero, so I know lawlessness we seen it up close and personal that you write about it so it's not surprising you. Is it no not at all in fact say that because about eight months ago friend of mine viewed his wife speak at the church. They asked me what signs are you seeing right now is reporting that happened to the ones really on the finger, lawlessness and violence of exerted increased weight. We can't even imagine again, I'm not a prophet or son of a prophet. I know this is going to happen here in 2020.

But you're right, it's a sign of the end member Jesus. It was the days of Noah, so will be days coming of the Son of Man into the 69 Hamas pilot filter earth was filled with violence and lawlessness was everywhere, so we should expect to see that I didn't think we ever expect to see it at Minneapolis, Minnesota Ground Zero here in the United States in a way that we've done, but it is a sign of you for sure. Let me move on here just because so many bullet points I want to get to and you bring up the fact that the wicked will not understand I do listen to a lot of radio both Christian and secular. But when I listen to the secular hosts a secular radio for that matter any kind of a commentator who secular. I'm just overwhelmed and how much they do not understand, and how they look at us as though were from another solar system where we have biblical insight but to them that is so offensive and they are so blind down. It's heartbreaking sometimes to listen to them.

It is interesting.

Janet Daniel 1210 Y will understand we could get the wicked will never understand, and the wise are those of us who take Bible prophecy service with a take it at face value that look at it and see if everything falls into place just exactly as the Bible said, but you're right with the wicked. You hear him talking. They don't even have the slightest clue. That's why there's so much fear going on in the world because I don't know what's going on in CNN's John lemon said this the other day just shocking Jesus Christ, if that's what you believe in Jesus Christ admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this. This is the kind of things they talk about. They say the most absolutely incredible things are.

Jesus Christ was not perfect when he lived on this earth anyway that was done lemon letting move on here.

Part D of that is that Bible believers will understand.

That's the good news yeah and Janice, you know, we can talk about so many things for years that were still in the future that we hope to see it works even most of them take place right now and so we understand, almost like a big puzzle coming to get it get all the pieces put in and we do understand what's happening. We understand what's going to happen to we can actually predict certain things based on what the Bible says the lineup will be in the last days for this is not at all surprising to so we certainly do get it and that should give confidence to the believer out there that were not believing a fairytale were not believing something is made up.

How can anybody looking at the evidence they enter the book. Daniel written 2600 years ago.

Same with Ezekiel predicting the time of the end of every single thing that write about falling into place, this is God working God speak you can catch done daily basis on his channel his he's is the daily program, 10 AM Pacific time, breaking news daily version of understanding the times radio. Don looks at exactly that news that is breaking and tries to give analysis to it. His is that affect the entire outreach of his channel is absolutely stunning and overwhelming.

I'm pleased to be airing understanding the times radio on his channel. I'm still on your 25 signs Don Stewart, you spend a significant amount of time on the story that actually is against all odds, and that is of course Israel returning to her land in the last days. I want to pick out just a couple of ramifications of that story and if we have time. I think you had a dozen or so bullet points concerning their survival. The miracle of all time. Obviously, they were scattered and brought back from many, many nations, and that was promised and prophesied in the Bible by the weight on both of us picked out a headline you picked it out on breaking news and I picked it out on post on my website and to talk about this afternoon with you headline so many Jews are returning to Israel, the government is worried they won't be able to absorb them. That's from breaking Israel news now that doesn't totally surprise me because I do believe God wants as many of them back there as possible for the end time plan to play out as it's outlined in the Bible, but that headline just caught my attention.

I know quite years to take time and were not priced at one of the signs of the end.

Also, Janet anti-Semitism and anti-Semitism of the drive people away from whatever country the rent back to the one country, which was founded as a Jewish state, the nation of Israel yet. That really caught my eye out there. I'm a real problem or neutral covert 19 years yet people still want to come back because it home for the there's something drawing them back and we know what it is, God hasn't come back in two stages.

The first stages, on their own are coming back in unbelief as a nation probably don't know why you're coming back but the dispute would draw to come back and then at the time of the second coming of Christ will bring all the rest of them back in the four corners of the earth, but that is interesting is to see the heart there wanting to come back to the land of promised land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the article says a combination of coronavirus and anti-Semitism is creating conditions expected to bring millions of Jews home. My goodness millions think that but the Israeli government already stretched to the limit is concerned, they may not be able to fulfill the prophecy in the proper manner.

Well they go on to explain the Knesset immigration absorption Gasper affairs, etc. they met to discuss the major dilemma. So the fact that Jews are coming home. It's a dilemma. At least the practicality of it all is a dilemma. I'm sure the figure out that led me to continue on with your book on the 25 signs that we are nearing the end here. You cite the passage out of Daniel 927. We need to talk about this for a moment because we could talk about the Jews coming home all day. There is some profound significance to what's going on what I want to do is I want to play clip. It's a view I think it might set the stage here for an interesting discussion that you and I could have. It's a message you are giving talking about Jesus on the Mount of olives and when were talking about signs of the times. The disciples wanted an answer on the sign of his return. And we played that clip, I want to come back and discuss it. The Bible says they left in the Temple Mount area began to go to the metal ball is about 45 minute walk to go around this real deep valley. The Kidron Valley start walking up the Mount of olives, and during that time the disciples were on the way there showing him the buildings of the temple in before they go there and he says you see all the stones.

He said not once, can be left on top of another until all fall down other words, the whole thing to be destroyed. I'm talking literally about this building the temple here. Not one stones can be left on top of another. Now this really, really through them because they thought, he's actually talking about this building. So in Matthew 24 first couple verses. They asked him a series of questions to get on the Mount of olives even talk among themselves tell us, when shall these things be, and here's the key. The sign the specific sign of your coming want to know a specific side of the coming of the Lord.

One particular side in verses four through 14. Jesus give some general signs that will take place.

But in verse 15. He answers the question. He says when you see the abomination that causes desolation, spoken by the prophet Daniel let the reader understand. Let those who are in Judea flee to the wilderness, went on and on and on about what you're supposed to do that in verse 21 he said this could be great tribulation, such tribulations world is never seen before hand nor ever will afterwards. In other words are to be a time of trouble that the world is never going to experience until that time, but the specific sign is the abomination that causes desolation, so we need to ask ourselves what the world is this thing Jesus was talking about the abomination that causes desolation okay down. Let's clarify this is a sign of the second coming out the rapture correct. Let's go to Daniel 927. I think we need to talk about that before we could continue on in our discussion wanted to give us your thoughts on Daniel 927 Daniel 927 one final seven-year. That we have before the coming of the Lord still needs to be fulfilled: seventh week of Daniel, the time of Jacob's trouble. We called the great tribulation that.

Although technically speaking, the great tribulation with the final 3 1/2 years. Basically, in the middle of this seven-year. There is a defiling of the temple that their sacrifices are stopped, something defiled the temple and then it abomination in the temple that causes desolation, attempting to desolate the Jewish people. We know from the New Testament what that all is the final Antichrist to stop the sacrifices met assumes of course they're starting again in the temple with an image of himself in there or the false prophet does that they are forced to worship the image of he himself claims to be, not God himself. So the abominable thing is not only the stopping of the sacrifices, but also this person claiming to be God.

In the actual police, the holy of holies were the ark of the covenant stood where the priest went in twice a year from the day of atonement sacrifice so that is key and that's why are we God's time clock nation Israel, the nation is the hour hand city of Jerusalem submitted amp at the Temple Mount for the second that's Ground Zero Jan, listening to understanding the times were you and Jim Markel.

I have on the line from Southern California Don Stewart. You can learn His books are available. By the way, download them at no cost yet.

I sent that download them at no cost and there's a lot of them there any topic you can pick the category find book downloaded at no cost to yourself, you will learn a lot done. What's amazing to me is that is this cunning Antichrist is so cunning is that he wins the Jews over currently 3 1/2 years there enjoying life in the temple for 3 1/2 years. I don't think they've got a clue who this guy is which is hard for me to imagine what fascinating they believe one day but look at John chapter 5 Jan Jesus that I come in my father's name, you haven't received me another will come in his own name and you will receive receive this personage as he's the one they been looking for. The bottom line is they will be to see, but remember what succumb to polonium's two says about verse 10 and following how after the rapture of the church after were gone there be of the spirit of error. Spirit of deception. There for those specifically who don't love the truth but who take pleasure in evil so it seems at this particular time.

These people can be so fooled and so deceive the thickener welcome this week because he's can I have a message that doesn't hold them personally responsible to God which people want to hear that the godly are about what Jesus not believe any of this. I got better message and so they can latch onto that certain things has to be in place for all this to happen. Now we look a little bit of modern history within his real obviously just have to be home. Obviously, they have to have a temple that can be as you've said they're going to be in unbelief. Most of them. I do know some who do believe in the Lord Jesus sacrifices arguing to stop and then start they need to have really the exact site where the temple was much what is required is in place, historically speaking, done 1948 the course.

I was an incredible war Jerusalem and the Temple Mount was handed over. I believe the Transjordan police wasn't in the hands of the Jews 67 six Day war came along incredible war as they all are the Jews get back to get all of Jerusalem back in 1967 moist Diane does the unthinkable key thefts. The temple mount up. You know what's behind that other than he's just trying to get along with the Islamic world three things. Number one, Diane was an atheist could care less about the spiritual things. He was afraid if they wanted to take over the temple mount maybe blow up the dome or whatever the whole Arab world will come down on them. Even nations that have been attacked in the 1967 Six-Day War so it had an alkyl the status quo. We talk about that in my book Jews through some of the coming temple status quo basically means to place the 19th century during the Crimean war where countries would trade back and forth territory and they came to a gentlemen's agreement that look even if we trade borders and territory this and that the status quo must remain for religious sites. Also, once the custodian of the site here. They remain the custodian even known of the country takes over so Diane pulled up. Rapp had to well the status quo says no you leave it to the people who were the custodians before something is what you said afterward to get back to Transjordan.

I know that has caused decades of stress and dissension.

Do you think then that will be under the influence, the power, the charisma of the antichrist that the Islamic world is going to give up that territory. Give it back to Israel so they can put their third Temple on the site and continue on with the various rituals that go on in that sample.

Do you think that's how it's gonna play out. No, not a chance on or what I believe play out. Ezekiel 38, 39, and patient 1 Takes Pl. for the God of the Bible destroys all the Islamic armies around and member at the end of Ezekiel 39 God is thin, working with Israel given the people recognize that when this vacuums final Antichrist comes on the scene anything is the man of peace, and he claims to be the genuine one they been looking for so I think that's what could happen because the Islamic world without put up with that for one second. Not at all.

I'm sorry no I totally agree. Something has to take away their power. And I believe it Ezekiel 3039 invasion were these nations are supernaturally destroyed. They realize while some going on here that would give the Jews confidence to think God is working on our site even though God is working them. Get the full picture you I think that's the easiest scenario to understand the power moved to Western Europe rushes out of the picture, as it were. I think that's what's going to take place. You put that down a lot in the early stages of the tribulation that the great question higher actually think yes it happens very early into the final seven year period for variety of reasons. There's many views on 1 Particular Takes Pl. of written another book. There is also a freebie. There never publish this when you on Ezekiel 3039 invasion told the website and I talked about the various possibilities of 14 different views of when this place, but I think the best is that time again if it was very clear gel. We don't have the same view or the for this 14 different views. Could it can be rather difficult right now to understand what it takes Place but all things considered, I think that as a left mental problems, but about what it's assessing, needing more and actually had Dr. Mark Hitchcock on here with me a few weeks ago and we talked about American prophecy. We talked about a lot of things with Mark referenced the Gog Magog war. Ezekiel 38, 39. One intriguing aspect. There is some nation seem to protest but they don't really get involved. America doesn't get involved, which I personally think that if a president Donald Trump were in office and suddenly Israel was literally invaded. I don't think our current president would stand for that. Apparently, I don't think he'll be in office when this war happens, we won't get involved. Apparently there were not a player player in the last days we are nowhere involved. Gulf states lately protest a protest against but they don't get involved in the side of Israel to be the key Janice and what I was doing this talking number of years with the first time everyday, public talk on this about six, seven years ago. The thing that hit me is when this leader Gog. He's the leader of Ross Macek to evolve when he has his evil thought. He doesn't think twice about someone intervening on the side of Israel, which gives me the impression no one there to intervene, meaning there's no superpowers. There were at least in that part of the world and that's kind were going in this country we can see how that can be a reality.

Unfortunately, conveniently, and I would say prophetically amounts it has come along the Temple Institute. They do want to build 1/3 Temple. It will be rebuilt can still be rebuilt in unbelief. In other words, Jews building that temple will not believe in Jesus not have you had any exchange with anybody from the Temple Institute. I think you have you been gone for at least 25, 28 years now before they even open up I had a four hour privilege of meeting the people responsible for watchmen put everything together was with the late Chuck Mr. Chuck and I went there in Israel and that was fascinated with the questions we got to ask what they showed us where their mindset was even at that time Janet was so obvious that these people are going to be there on the scene their rabbit believers in the nation Israel have in the right and responsibility don't third Temple, and they would not be to tour so we know people like that are going to be on the scene with their children or grandchildren about the time you met but the bottom line you are interested talking to them Chaim Richman to present one of the leaders there known them with some very interesting exchanges looking to Don Stewart for the hour and perusing couple of his books will get to another one in my second segment, but employing a little bit off the 25 signs we are near the end probably are more than 25 signs, but he hits on 25 issues that I think a lot of them are leaping from the pages of various publications, even as we speak. For instance the rise of one world thinking that was probably not quite as prominent. Some 3040 50 years ago today is front page news all the time. This globalist mindset, just about everybody in Washington is some form of a one world dirt some far more than others. The cry for peace and safety and security. My talk a little bit more about that too. As we move into part two of my programming and then I kinda gave a tease. As I opened the program that I read through one of his other books because they're all online and there, at no cost. I was reading for some show prep, but because some of the information is so fascinating. I will be honest with you I get a spark of interest so well would be by 39 years ago with the movie Raiders of the lost Ark about the importance of the ark of the covenant, where is it why is it so important. What's the history behind the ark of the covenant.

Is it still around.

Is it in heaven. They said in Ethiopia. There lots of speculation on the ark of the covenant when you talk a little bit more about that as soon as I get back. So don't go away. I'll be back in just couple of minutes we love contact us websites all of the trees use the old arch. That's almost 3 views for Collison five 763-559-4444 76355944443 get on mail when you like to follow three ministries and Jim Markel Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove soda 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in an age of big news and false teaching. Thank you for trusting understanding the time many to feel helpless as they see America once called a shining city on a hill becoming weakened and attack from within and without people asking near despair. What did I do to turn the tide. How can intervene on behalf of the greatest nation on earth. That is why this ministry is carrying Dr. Robert Jefferson's new book, praying for America for the inspiring stories and prayers for our nation, the most patriotic thing you can do for America is pray times of the vision of disaster our country has a long history of turning to God.

This uplifting book inspiring story demonstrating the power of the life of our nation. Prayer relevant passage of Scripture, inspire and encourage you and bring intently for our country in these increasingly divided times praying for America will serve as a very necessary and timely reminder in God we trust in our online store.

All of the Lord just $16.06 dollars shipping and handling in the US or call our office Monday through Friday, 76559 476-559-4041 magazine sign up online all of you are all working God working with the program. We really do we really taking place today as we believe in. If you look at how would you come up with no other conclusion certainly is fulfilling what the Lord predicted about the we are in unprecedented times and are reminded that God has things under control. Prayer changes things in all the Bible predicts must come to pass, you appreciate apologists like Don Stewart helps us become watchmen on the wall. There is Jim Markel and John Stuart to wrap up.

There's an interesting passage in the book of first Chronicles chapter 12 verse 32.

Look it up but it kinda sets the stage for you to do tonight. It says this from Issachar.

There were 200 leaders and all the relatives at their command.

They understood the times and they knew what Israel should do. They understood the times and they knew what Israel should do we want to understand the times to don't wait and we want to know what we should do in light of what's going on and that's kind of the purpose of the hour today. What in the world is going on particular, from a biblical perspective. Nobody does that better than Don Stewart. My guest for the hour.

By the way were very active on social media. I hope you'll check this out and get involved in some of the platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, we make it pretty visual.

We put it on his channel his we put it on one light source. We hear lots of radio stations when you write to us. It really helps if you tell us what station or how you listen to understanding the times. Now I want press on here because as I said in my opening in my intro and playing off some books that Don has written you can find I know Don personally and I've spent time in the Calvary Chapel stream Southern California gotten to know Don and his lovely wife Madeleine who is a cat lady like yours truly had an immediate bond. What I want to do is I want to touch on a few more of the topics found in so much in the 25 signs that would tell us that were heading towards the end of the church age that the tribulation is on the horizon from which the church is absent.

By the way Don are you noticing quite an attack on what I just said the pre-tribulation rapture of the church sure M Jan fixing the closer we get the time of the end. I'm comfortable with. It is not without Peter. Bible believers feel they must correct and are wrong thinking with respect to the rapture of the church when it's good to take place. What I don't understand. I came to Christ in my ministry for a number of years on university campuses try to bring people to Christ.

Funny little friends. I could get you care what they believed on property to select and evangelize.

So I don't understand attacking other Christians what is a dying world out there, but we see this big time. For some reason they think were Neanderthals because we believe in it preferred rapture and that's what it is unfortunate with way too many people.

I think today the animosity. For some reason has grown in the last 2025 years for instances pre-wrath version only came along, I think, in the 1990s right they get mad at us. They say well our theory that came along in the 1830s, which is nonsense. It's not true but nonetheless they might believe in a pre-wrath that came along the 1990s. If they get mad at us because we believe something that came along in the 1830s. Point is, there's contention out there and the point is that contention is not very friendly. Sometimes, and that's been kind of a heart ache to see that happen, and to see the name-calling and to see people I care about getting hammered.

Not to mention I get hammered bring up another point were leaving that for now anyway and that is I said something about the rise of one world thinking think you would agree with me. Boy has that thinking accelerated in the current Corona crisis because the one world there is are saying we need a one world system to tackle this problem if we would only have a one world system we probably solve this crisis. Otherwise we won't solve this crisis. March 20. Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of the UK said exactly that we need a small group of people to solve the worlds problems. The consultant economically and politically separate but rather having all these unique special countries with their own answers because we have to work together now we have that one answer, not an answer over this country in a different one of the next Yetter is the head of the UN on the 75th anniversary United Nations of something very similar global government get what is coming to be two people at the time of the mall there to make the decisions for the entire world toward moving toward that which is important point, Jim. The fact that the Bible teaches that that can't happen overnight. There has to be a mindset that develops where the world except something with this idea and more and more it's like what we had with the Chinese Communist Party. Coronavirus employs all the world is something people say we you we need that we really do need it so they can be a unified effort to stamp it out. So we see it coming.

We've been looking at some of the signs and mountains.

One of Dunn's books, 25 signs that show that we are near the end and obviously the super sign is the return of the Jews to Israel. The restoration of the land of Israel that actually been had their original language restored.

With that in itself was a miracle. Everything about that, against all odds would be overall title for the miracle of we could say the miracle of the 20th century. But I say the miracle of all time and that is the rebirth of the nation of Israel and then along with that the temple had to come back into prominence because it's going to play the major role in the forthcoming tribulation, the Temple Institute came along and has put that idea front and center.

Don, what would you say would be the percentage of Jews that would be looking forward to the third Temple. Both the Jew and the Christian's mind be the third Temple. What percentage 20% maybe funny Jan when I first got interested in the subject. The early 80s. It was definitely the single-digit work that many people in Israel and considered all over the years within credit groundswell of interest there, if for no other reason. If the whole idea of the Temple Mount was the center of Jewish life in the past they come back and they see a Palestinian flag at times being raised from the Temple Mount dome of the rock they see it desecrated. As far as their concern gets point soccer on the northern Temple Mount, for they can even pray out loud.

There one of the younger generation is again having this impression that we need them to have this piece of real estate back in our possession. They had various polls there, but the percentage of much much higher than it was when I first got it. After we like to do is like to play a real short clip here is Eric Sacco back and he's having a discussion with the young man who in the video appears to be an authority on the coming Temple. He's Jewish, not a believer in authority on the coming Temple and the ark of the covenant their underground very near the Western Wall.

They come upon a sort of a wall that's concealing something and leave it there and play this little two minute clip and then that sort of introducing a discussion. I want to have with you on the ark of the covenant, and so there are lots of mysteries. People say perhaps the ark is in Alexandria, Egypt. Perhaps in Ethiopia but one other prevalent theory is perhaps the soldiers perhaps it never left.

So here we are in an ancient cistern dating back some 2 1/2 thousand years to the first Temple. James standing here in the city of David, just adjacent to the Western Wall to the Temple Mount and we have this wall just seems out of place just doesn't fit a man-made wall clearly seemingly concealing something that directly on the other side would lead to that area of the Temple Mount.

Feels as though to conceal something hastily judging by the construction work right knee when we think back to the time of King and he wants to prepare the hiding places for the Temple treasures to the time of King Josiah, who makes that fateful decision hideaway. The ark for what is now Millenia and maybe where were standing right now was a part of that story. I know people who were probably thinking okay the walls there just knock it down and see what is behind the baby so much else here at the city of David, but political hot potato. One of the significant aspects of Jerusalem it's historically significant is religiously significant is politically significant in the Middle East. When you throw all those ingredients into the pot at the same time it can be volatile, and therefore the mystery of what is happened to the ark of the covenant, at least as far as this wall is concerned will have to wait for some future time and another future episode. Perhaps until there is more tangible evidence more solid archaeological proof of what may have happened to the ark but were left with speculation and theories of anticipation, that little clip allows me to make a little transition here. We started by talking about the rebirth of Israel and started transitioning because Dunn's written another book that I perused on his website search of the law. Start the quest for the ark of the covenant down to read a couple of paragraphs from your book, but Cuba subparagraph why this even matters to my listeners why it matters. Janice according to second Chronicles the ark is put back Temple by King Josiah had been taken out sometime probably during the time of Manasseh, and was put back within nothing else at 2600 years ago Gone.

The question is what happened and we don't know. Here's the most sacred object ever uses that help the 10 command. Yes, two tablets of stone that Moses had him second set of them up on Mount Sinai and yet don't you remember when the tabernacle was built every thing was built in reference to the ark. The ark was described first. Everything was built reference tobacco smoke with the presence of God and the fact that it is Indiana Jones appeared as a tremendous historical mystery and people look for the ark for couple millennia point is what chapters I have of the ark in the last may reappear again. There's a couple reasons why I think that but the bottom line is, if nothing else, can you imagine you discover the container that held the 10 commandment you can't beat that you say what is known for certain is that the ark of the covenant was the most sacred object done is ever ordered humanity to construct you same. Not only did it contain the tablets of the law, the 10 Commandments written with the finger of God, it symbolized the covenant, the promises that God has made with his people and continues to keep you say the ark represented God's presence in the midst of his people the power of the ark claim, not in its fallacy of some magic box. It's power was in the fact that symbolize God's divine presence. There are a lot of theories done where it might be. Obviously, we don't know believe you talk to someone who may have seen it or suspects where it might be a lot of people there. In Israel there people, but told me like I'm rich Temple and you told me personally I would write you when you tell me what they think it's one of the tunnels there somewhere under the Temple Mount. There's one I don't sound like the one cookie point was talking about, but there is a tunnel that's there.

It's been cemented over.

You can't get to it is but 100 m from that where the cementing is to where they think the ark might've been somewhere under the holy of holies. Assuming the dome of the rock was the original side of the temple at that particular time. So nobody knows my whole thought is this, if I can just take a second please take your time is a fascinating topic. King Josiah was told by hold of the prophetess that the city of Jerusalem was going to be taken. Jeremiah had predicted he would not live to see that he's a godly king.

Just think of it this way right. Your godly king you have the most sacred object to therapy the ark of the covenant you have it put back in the temple, but you're told the temples go to be destroyed Jerusalem to be taken over what would you do well if it were me I would put in someplace where no one could find it.

There is some ancient traditions that Solomon built the first Temple. He built these underground tunnels there to hide the ark just in case something like this would come about with Jerusalem being seated and looking for the ark and put it someplace where couldn't be found. I can make sense of Joe, so I would've done something like that. We spirited away or will be taken and I think it is somewhere under the Temple Mount. I think that's the best answer to the question think all the other theories as I deal with them all.

Just don't seem to make Jeremiah and Mount Nebo or one of the other place near the Qumran Cave. The Dead Sea yourself like that.

I believe if there there.

Solomon had built these tunnels, it could very much be there.

I think there's a good chance it is, then, do you seal that this will be brought out for the third Temple. The tribulation Temple that will be set in the temple to feel it might be. I don't have to be because over the second Temple didn't have the ark.

That's right, the second Temple did not have the ark you can have a functioning temple without the ark, but as we quote as one person said if we find the ark what we can do the Prime Minister's basement to make the whole reason for the ark was to have first, the tabernacle than the temple. It would almost force them to build 1/3 Temple.

If it does come about like a couple passages that may give an indication of that in Scripture.

If it does come about. Can you imagine your the 21st century world. The shock of their wealth. The 10 Commandments up in the covenant.

What in the world that yeah I think it's very possible and I think it may indeed be, let's say for the sake of discussion here were in the tribulation at the church is not there okay but they bring out this ark of the covenant and the Christ is in the hole he's ruling and reigning seeker let that stand know that could be the reason he puts the idols of himself in the time that false prophet do it because so here is the one year to worship that is me right is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That could be one of the reasons the images placed their love himself in the holy of holies in place for the ark did stand know the word they could move it out, destroyed, whatever it might be. Yeah, I think either scenario works because again the second Temple did not have the ark and so do you have 1/3 Temple without the ark of the covenant I think would make a real interesting scenario that were found particularly these last days want to spend just a minute or two encouraging folks.

I know you appreciate that is much as I do talking to Don Stewart for the hour. You can learn rescan his books. You can download no cost.

You can catch him on the his channel network which is his's program is live 10 AM Pacific breaking news and then that's available on demand 24 hours later so you don't have to watch it live. If you can't down I'd like to spend just a few minutes encouraging folks because I could even spend I'm not going to.

I could spend some time reading some emails here and some of them are pretty discouraging. There discouraging over a couple of different issues. One issue is obviously wherein the tail end of the church age and we been talking about some of the things that we can be seeing a lot of them take place in the tribulation the church is going to see that as we said on my programming with Mark Hitchcock, the tribulation signs cast a shadow on the church age. And that's exactly what's happening. That's what makes the church age perilous then we get into the fridge. Take America for example, I think we may be under some kind of a Romans one spell where it just a lot of depravity going on and as a result believers right now are on the discouraged time playing a clip of you here. I love what you say it's just a minute long and I want to come back and talk about encouraging the flock was Astellas tells us there's a God that exists.

God knows the future, a God who was told us the future, a God who was running the future and in complete control of all things.

These are only three of our science we go on and on. Some of the other sides of like 810.1 was 15 points underwritten point is simply this goddess predicted all these things that all come to pass, just like he said let's personalize it now. The same God who made these predictions about Israel has made predictions and promises to you and to me he said I'm never gonna leave you. I'm never gonna forsake you. He said to be with you to the end of the age. He said if you cast all your care upon me do it because I care for you and here's what we need to take home. Day is the same God is watching over us, just like his watch over Israel and watching over the world. He has a plan and purpose for our life.

All of this came in here with things we have to deal with his life is full challenges right but here's what we know God is watching over us and God is putting everything together as he's bringing us from point A to point B and that will be where he wants us in this life. Life is not simple like this difficult life can be very difficult.

But the God of the Bible has made promises to us and he is faithful to keep those promises. So one should hang on to that next time you think and I don't know if I can trust.

Just remember we said today about how God's been faithful all these promises in the past is not to be any less faithful to you and Stern. The fact that my listeners today. Let's face it, let's be honest were last days Christians.

It's not for the faint hearted. It's both a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this on many days, it's almost more of a challenge than a privilege because the devil is very active. Not only the devil very active but in many cases our churches have let so many people down that they feel they don't have a place to run to him as some do live. Thank God there's still some strong churches out there and you minister and a lot of them, but many are not. Sound today and you hear that all the time.

Therefore, we have a flock that is discouraged I hear from them every day and you just encourage them. Thank you. What else can we tell them as end time believers that have to somehow keep going on again. The promise of God. Philippians 16 being thought of this very thing that the one who began a good work in you will perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ. He's going to take us to the end member what Jesus said he start of 100 sheep, and with 100 sheep one gets a little wayward to get him back on the straight and narrow the Lord is encouraging us as we see the signed Jan one of the thing I want to keep emphasizing people we can understand the times we can understand these things that are taking place because he's told this and the more we see how precisely it's all falling into place should give us further confidence that everything else he said is true.

Once we pattern over and over get so that is one of the things I really want to tell people that look God has a track record means what he says. He says what it means forcing it all fall into place today. Even though circumstances look terrible and many people listening post right now are living in terrible C got a look to the Lord because he is the one he's the one that's going to be with you will never leave you or forsake you. And just trust him rely upon him and is very very difficult time will you say to the pastor and I do have them listening now and then. Many are in complete agreement with some of the things we share in others. Oh my goodness they think you and I are from another solar system because some of the topics that were covering what would you say to a pastor today. Number one they might be skeptical. Number two, they might even be inwardly a little bit hostile because they feel that were being sensational were engaging in newspaper exegesis, etc. most of all, they feel that the topic that were dealing with is really irrelevant, which blows my mind. But I do hear from them. Tell me how you would talk to a pastor's were winding this program down and there may be a pastor whose borderline people like to believe as we do doesn't know if he can look at the totality of Scripture and see that the Lord back in Isaiah's time 2700 years ago already pointed to the fact that Isaiah 48 six that he fulfilled predictions in the past so you can know that he exists.

You can know that he's in control of all things he says look at the evidence will to admit that what I say is true in the first coming of Christ.

He laid out the evidence for the people in Jesus day of Jesus on the day of his resurrection know those two people on the road to Emmaus should've paid attention to what he did, no less. The second time the second time is coming to the same thing today he played about four when we talk about fine after sign-up or sign like the book I did 25 sides. Rear, the there's not just 25 sides to point out that 17.3 and what the third one is up like that. After while Jan you look at all this she got a this can be a Quentin this is God working. If it is God working. We need to get with the program. We really do we need to seriously consider is this really taking place today as we believe it is. I think if you look at the totality of the evidence to come up with no other conclusion that it certainly is fulfilling what the Lord predicted about the time of the we opened up the program. Against all odds, the rebirth of Israel.

My goodness land devastated by Lauren. I think in one of your presentations you referred to Mark Twain mid-1800s.

He was over there in Israel and he said look, they all I see is scorpions the people is nothing here and yet this is God's land. Something has to happen to God's land really did its empirical of all time. That alone should be living proof you think so because if you see that desolate land.

It was now the land producing fruit come alive, and it's even going to get greater in the future. This was predicted. Ezekiel 38. Eight. Come back in the last days to a land devastated there to create great wealth to the place. This invasion will occur because of the wealth that they created Israel's been recently recognizes the eight most powerful country in the early 70s about your old. I think the most frequent email referred to this earlier that this ministry dances where can I find a stable church folks. Let me just clarify here that this ministry hesitates giving out a lot of church referrals because the state of the church today is on shaky ground. Not all of them when I hear from folks that say praise the Lord. We have found a stable church problem is to get into church referrals really kind of a reckless and dangerous thing because you never know your pastor might leave that's what we hear as we got a new pastor Don the new pastor wants to do new ways of doing church and sometimes that's not the most stable thing to do. Your absolutely right on which on the church referrals.

I just don't feel real comfortable doing that. I let Mike know the church right now at this time where I can refer someone to I just tell them to pray and ask God and hopefully there's something in your area that you can go to know the good news is, people can watch online certain things together and greatly we have now and so that can certainly help done. We've talked about the lateness of the hour. The important thing with the lateness of the hour is that people are ready there ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ know him as Lord and Savior. If you want to wrap it up, please do. I sure well this is what role about actually everything we do as a means to an end to get people in that relationship. The living God through his son Jesus Christ. Jesus came to the 2000 years ago lived a perfect life, died for the sins of the world came back from the dead three days later ascended into heaven and is coming back someday and humanity. According to Jesus is divided into two groups. The saved and the lost and depending what you do with Jesus will determine where you spend all eternity. He presented evidence of the have the right to make those claims. So right now as you're listening to our voices.

You can make the decision for Jesus Christ, which will determine where you will spend eternity as the Bible says today is the day of salvation. Don't put it off. Believe in Jesus Christ. Now please take this seriously. That's why Don's ministry and my ministry exists needs to make you aware that the King is coming.

Time is running out time as we know it is running out. You can learn can learn and again you'll find understanding the times as well and that's are more visual version of the program is posted to his you find on live Pacific 10 AM on demand any time 24 seven. And many many other programs about three dozen maybe more teachers and commentators can be done I want to thank you for all you do for encouraging the flock, and right now that's one of the most important things we can do so.

Thank you for all that you're doing. Thank you Janet, we do what needs to get done and this hour I'm glad to do it out of the program.

I just want to take just a couple things a paragraph or two because Don and I have discussed her incredible times. The Bible didn't say that at the end of the church age are times easy second Timothy promises that they'll be peerless.

They require us salt and light, until the Lord returns in Hebrews 10 tells us in light of such times that were to be what he courage her. Would you encourage someone even today I guarantee you, you got someone in your life there heart is hurting their life is broken they need to know that you care and that we want to encourage them. Someone you know needs their load lifted in their spirits brightened. That's Hebrews 10 encouraging one another all the more as you see the day drawing near the of the Lord's return safe him so I thank you for listening and we will talk to you next week. If all of tree ministries and understanding the times radio has helped to grow in your faith become a watchman on the wall was hear from you write us through our website. All of tree all of tree call a simple time at 763559444 763-559-4444 get our mail. Would you write to all of tree ministries of John Martel Fox 1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 5511, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 until next week. Know that God is not surprised by the time of our times.

Everything is falling into place

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