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The One Hundred Year Agenda (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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July 18, 2020 8:00 am

The One Hundred Year Agenda (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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July 18, 2020 8:00 am

Jan spends the hour with Curtis Bowers in part one of a two-part series. The Marxists and globalists seem to be winning. The cancel culture is even in our churches thanks to the death of discernment. How do believers push back? Find his DVD set in our online store.

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Are we in the midst of a revolution. The riots rage and revolution have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd, welcome to understanding the times radio with John Marco. Radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries. They were joined by filmmaker Curtis Bowers. America is being transformed but not in the way most would like in our streets.

Revolutionaries are determined to cause recognition and bring down our country is no better resource for interpreting the scenario and Curtis Bowers. Here is today's programming most people on the left communist just the useful idiots. Lennon spoke of being used to promote a socialist agenda which is the first and necessary step toward communism.

I think this is one of the most serious threats to our country.

At the present time it will show they've done everything in their power to dumb down the children undermine our families rewrite our history and promote obscenity and immorality everywhere that they can look at what holds society together. I understand it, but I don't want that one shines and I will visit brought every good and decent thing.

We believe in because they have a vision for new society that must mean the replacement of the old society from my investigation over the last two years.

What has caused America's drastic decline.

I'm sorry to say the left-hand really use the card they left too much evidence of their agenda. Their books, articles and speeches.

No America has an enemy that is getting very close to accomplishing its plan of destroying the greatest country in all world history and welcome to the program say I'm so glad you could join me for the hour can be honest with you I'm probably tackling a topic today and we might even extended into next week as well. One of the most difficult programming productions. I think I've done many many years and actually the topic is not new in the guest is not now in May 2019 i.e. featured a two-part series on understanding the times radio with my guest today.

Curtis Bowers and we carry his award-winning video and I would say more about that as we move into the programming and we've got a lot of programming sell organic play a lot of clips from this DVD series. I'll say more later, but were talking about documents. The 100 year plan and it's really longer than that, but it's certainly been orchestrated for 100 years to take over America and they are awaiting so what can we do and we see America's cities ablaze, we see a rioting and turmoil. We see the blossoming of the canceled culture canceling America's history so that the radicals can establish the new America, which would be thoroughly Marxist, and we feel helpless.

So what can we do hopefully we talk about that as well. How did we get here. Where is it going and how about the church is that exam. No, it's not exempt because of the social justice movement social justice movement is bringing Marxism.

Mr. Wright into the church and right into your pulpit.

I guarantee not all of you, but many of you I hear from you so I know that what I think I'd like to do by way of setting the stage for an extensive discussion that I'm going to have with Curtis Bowers and Minna welcome him and bring them on in just a moment I want to play a trailer from a product we happen to carry, which is the agenda twin pack DVD set. This is a five minute trailer, and I think that when you hear the entirety of this playing I think it will set the stage for the next could be two programs of discussion.

I'm not sure.

Maybe an hour and 1/2 will see how the timing goes, but I have volumes of notes and clips that I want you to hear because if you're as puzzled and troubled as I am by what's going on in our big cities including my hometown Minneapolis were to explain it a display that trailer from the DVD agenda.

The twin pack what I have the courage to say to our enemies. There is a price we will not pay.

There is a point beyond which they must not advance the support of America goes down economically and militarily. America goes to militarily free will is finished.

We finished Yuri very long every is self-destructive for the most critical of alert.

Another way what's happening.

They would just essentially this country on everything equalized that concept collected is a magnet for the predator class plans for all this are to have everything in place.

2024 that the will we lose get is what I get into what could be a knight only atrocities like they were addressed when asked government to do more. Their theories are designed to scare the people to believe there's a crisis when there is not a crisis. Crisis Leftwich believed in catastrophe is always just around the corner and the only way to avoid is to do exactly what they say. But this film will show everything they do is just Trojan horse to see carefully crafted to advance their religion have a stumbling block world since the first rays at from the promotion of Islam propaganda which see common manufacture economic crisis and from the relation of the church to the unsustainable debt. This film will show the issues are simply being used as a smokescreen to high purposeful premeditated treasonous attacks on the foundations of our freedom while religion has dispersed us from being able to determine right from wrong and set up a brush communist progression said we forgot to expose the tactics and strategy. Our enemy is using to pray nature and caring spirit, and people there might be locus of fraud and corruption is sustainability the most clever on-ramp to totalitarian control ever defined this film will show it has nothing to do with clean air and water stored in a resource things everyone's no, unfortunately, is just a masterpiece of marketing being used to convince people that will problem requires a one world solution by one government of the new agenda 21 mode.

We are now below the earth or less than the earth than there is no tyranny against manna cannot be justified under the premise of protecting the environment. If you believe that there is nothing special about man.

It can take you all thoughts of places unless there is a change in this country we are going to end up at the end of the line totalitarian state.

Their stated agenda carved in stone on the monument, Georgia, and outlined in documents placed in the art of hope is to eliminate 6 1/2 billion people by centuries and and they will succeed if we stop this is not just civilizations. It's everything Karl Marx before I think they pushed us over the cliff and America isn't going we are full Curtis Bowers. Welcome back to the program. Thank you so much Radley on again. I think you started making your films decade ago my right, that's correct. What are your thoughts when you see as we speak things playing out in the streets of America.

I mean, we've got very little law and order.

Weekend groups that are inspired 100% by communism.

What are you thinking. I'm amazed it happened. I've been studying communism for a long time, and the movements in the philosophies and how they do what they do in their strategy to see what is to happen.

Just since Trump was elected to today and even over just the last six months. It's hard to even believe even when you're aware of it, even when you know what they're doing and what they're planning on doing and what they hope to accomplish when you see them actually accomplishing it is amazing you say they lets point out who they are. The we've got auntie's got black lives matter Communist Party USA Democrat Socialist of America, many, many more sorrows that outfits probably a dozen two dozen of those.

But as you say these outfits are setting up the very system that will enslave the very same people but I think what overwhelms me is the number of organizations involved in this scheme and is a scheme right there organized. Lennon set a long time ago and he was the master strategist for this approach. He said there organized by minority will be the disordered majority every time.

That's what's happening and they've got a war against God against traditional values, morality, the family, the church, government, law and order and what you said to me was, quite frankly, that George Floyd incident which happened here in my hometown Minneapolis and 30 minutes from where it happened was just the crisis that they couldn't let go to waste. They concluded this was a dream come true. Explain that to my audience. They are always waiting in the wings for anything that doesn't go the way it should. As an example and as a way of cutting America get. Here's a quote from Lennon again. He so key in this because they are marching to his orders of how he should be accomplished with written 1915 but this is exactly what they're doing today quote socialist must explain to the masses that they have no other road of salvation except the revolutionary overthrow of their government and that advantage must be taken of the government embarrassments in the present war precisely for this purpose here that the point is overthrowing the government and when ever there's an embarrassing thing that happens to that government. You need to take advantage of that precisely for the point of overthrowing the government so they always do this because no civilization is perfect. Every country they took over from 1917 to 1989 you see that they were going to agitate and stir the people up in your country could be better in all this and they do that to make the discontent and then they come in and they put their person up at the puppet in a course it never turns out, like they say you get the utopia that they took advantage of again the George Floyd incident back on Memorial Day to well they turned it into a crisis in the crisis is ongoing. I don't see it even dying down, going in the fall, knowing that's so great reality. They've agitated enough people in the group have enough influence. Now this thing is swelling is not lessening is and that's just right Marxist-Leninist strategy that little trailer. I played one of the year spokesman.

The gallon there said the goal is to have everything in place in 2020 will were here were in 2020. Was there anything prophetic and what that woman said.

Unfortunately, both movies are totally prophetic yesterday our right to educate people, but it is. I went around and interviewed the people that have been studying this for decades.

The wisdom of so many they saw this was coming soon now look wow you know the future.

I get emails all the cutting angle the future I go, I don't. But here's the key thing for everyone that will click with everyone. If you plot 1950s America autograph and on that same graph you plot 2020, America and you draw the line you will see exactly where we going that's what happening is just unfolding if you don't turn around when you're on the road, you're eventually going to get to where the road goes close. If you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel have on the line. Curtis Bowers. Many of you know Curtis. Some of you have heard him speak various places I have on here May 2019. We talked about his production, which were revisiting again. Little did we know in the spring of 2019. That by the spring and early summer of 2020, America would literally be on fire.

Some parts of the cities including my hometown Minneapolis and St. Paul within 5 miles of Minneapolis destroyed take a decade to rebuild that and it's because of the agenda that were talking about Marxist agenda to destabilize everything and replace any form of government with communism, Marxism, where I learned of all of this because we carry a product of Curtis as we carry the agenda to impact DVD set here and get his first DVD and his second DVD should like to look into it. It's in my store.

All of tree if you got any questions call my office central time and we can answer your questions, but it's outstanding it's complete document Terry, how did it happen.

Why did it happen.

What was the strategy behind it. Who are the major players and then Curtis includes, as he says complete experts on the topic. Curtis, what we have in Minnesota which I believe you address as my fact. I know you do we have in Minnesota as you're well aware, we have the red Green alliance going on here and whenever I do interviews. I bring this out and my hosts are generally shocked.

They haven't even heard of the red Green alliance, which is Islam and communism working together and targeting various groups from Blacks to women gaze transgender is speak to us about the red Green alliance that you and Trevor Lowden talk about so well well it's Marxist strategy to join with any group, any movement anything that you can use to accomplish her goal. Islam was wanting to pick America down.

They love Islam and how can we work together. How can we do things they been doing this in so many ways for so long, so it's another common understandable partnership because they have the same agenda of the same goal to accomplish and I believe it's Marxist, who are using Islam as they both have the same goal, but the Marxist have been doing this professionally for hundred and 20+ years. They have been thinking strategy preparing planning, so they are the ones that are so gifted, using people to accomplish their goal in this like you say, many are fighting sore communism and their communists. But you call them useful idiots which I think is appropriate right let Lennon he coined that phrase because he could tell what makes our movement powerful Stalin himself said what makes communism so legitimate is 90% of the people pushing for it or not, that's their key is to agitate the average guy and get him doing the dirty work of the Marxist. I mean that's all black lives matter is the group black lives matter was started by two Marxist openly and they were formed to look for ways they could use the black community to accomplish their goal of taking America down so all they're doing is using by their helping black people there hurting black people when they come in like in your calendar. They come in their baster the black community up for revolution and then they slip out in the dark and let those young black kids get arrested for doing things that should the dunker they're all hyped up and then there are the ones to go to jail.

They're the ones have a criminal record. The rest of their life.

This movement is about helping black people. It's about using black people as you said, his eyes doing my preparation that the American sort of like the Titanic and we been taking in water for years, probably starting in the 1960s you feel that we are about to go down. I believe they had huge damage done here in the last 50 to 60 years in this country and then we began to have quite frankly, if I can be real bluntly began to have communists run for high office, including President of the United States, we've had the Clintons try to run the communist we've had.

Bernie Sanders is a communist Barack Obama communist Joe Biden.

He's not a communist is inching towards it again. Lennon was all about using people pretending to be on their side. The point was when I read that and learned that from you that this goes back to the 60s. Look how fast it happen. From the 1960s Emily John Kennedy and he is a different kind of Democrat back in the 60s relatively conservative guy by today's standards, and now it got Marxist running for office. I mean, that's just stunning into such a short period of time. It is what happened in the 60s they try to have the revolution they stirred up some of the liberal college campus.

It started tearing up the buildings and doing things but never gained traction with the population because there were still so much Judeo-Christian fabric and all of us and so they just want to start killing each other but now they had another 50+ years of raising the children and food. Now they know you know what I think we have enough troops to fulfill our ambitions here and that's what's happening there using our children. They have been for 50 years indoctrinating them so they Marxist revolution is finally ready to start again. They will willfully join in and fight for them. Again there using the cause of education. I think more than anything were to talk about that.

We can talk about how the using the church as well talk about a lot of things. As a matter fact we play another clip from the presentation about how they are changing the society through education. If you look at how to change society will you obviously do as you go after the next generation you do that through the education system and that's exactly what is the Marxist movement in America has done exactly that the education system establishes the direction from it sets the hearts and minds the perspectives of the next generation everybody knows how important this they know that if they can get control of our children and they can pump their ideology into these young hungry brains. They virtually can have them As prisoners for life and doing it all under the banner of being international college ready or career ready.

So the euphemisms high the actual intent, the father of global education you was the assistant secretary general of the United Nations and the creator of the world core curriculum. He said the goal was quote to promote growth of the group idea so that good understanding group and relations and group goodwill lead to group consciousness.

His world core curriculum was pushed in America by George Bush Senior as America 2000 which was renamed by Bill Clinton goals 2000 which was then given a facelift to become George Bush Junior's no Child left behind, which was the driving force behind Barack Obama's common core. It's all the same thing, Republican or Democrat progressing down the same road of complete brainwashing. Since John Dewey, the entire focus of education by the elites has been to as quickly as possible. Move the children to a collectivist mindset just as I was beginning to dig in and I realize I was making a big mistake. The temptation of all these different issues as to not accept the reality of how things really are. The bottom line is, our enemies are in control of the schools so there is no fix. I know you don't want to hear that because I don't want to hear that but it's true. They want our kids to be useful idiots they want them to be dependent on the state.

That's the goal of the whole thing so they will repackage, rename, rebrand the same old thing over and over again. It is intentionally going downhill. We have to grasp this. It is purposeful we legitimize them by acting like they just don't have a good idea and we have a better one.

They know exactly what they are doing.

They want to create a new world man that is dependent on government for its very existence. So to even talk about common core updating its good points or bad points is playing into their plan sidetracking all of our energies and efforts on a dead-end road even without common core schools are completely bankrupt and destroying our children. We have seen a decline now for 70 straight years without any interruption as long as the government has a monopoly in education. We will keep getting what we have current spouse. I think somebody came up to you in one of your church meetings. Not too long ago and said organ. When we got your children.

That's right. Any smart dictator any smart people know if you have the children you have everything you fight for the children at all costs. We should have been doing, but we weren't. Goal 17. The current communist goals from 1958 goal 17 was get control of the schools and use them as transmission belts for socialism. We wonder why our kids like socialism today because they were trained to like socialism in 1987 at Stanford University. Some of the Marxist professors there got the students chanting this hey hello hello Western soup is got to go. Hey hello hello Western what is Western civilization that that's our history and that it spread to all the college campuses in America right after that and we wonder why our kids hate America because they were taught to hate America. That's what happened. We carried the agenda twin pack DVD said again you find in my store and house this program. I'm not about sales here.

I'm really not. I'm about information I'm about equipping you to understand the times and very often will carry a product that will help you do that. That's why I can't recommend this strongly enough not just to be making profit here is I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in helping you equip you to deal with our times.

I know every one of you has been watching what's been going on here for the last several months.

America is in crisis and it began with a covert crisis that certainly has been painted to be a crisis and now supposedly a second wave or maybe the first wave is come back.

We are quite understand it and now they're talking about canceling school for the fall one crisis and then we have the racial strife that came along right after that 2020, America has been pounded.

She's been hit from every angle economically and even spiritually in working to get into issues of the church in just a minute because if you think the church's absence in this conflict. You couldn't be more wrong. The church is in the crosshairs of what is going on and you may think, wow, that's the religious left and we all know the religious left has had their fingers in communism for and you're right they have Jim Wallace's and company they've had their hands in the communist pie for a long time but so now are evangelicals entering the scenario were going to get into that, but I'm not quite through and one I get back I want to continue for just a few more minutes with Curtis about the political scenario because we have an election coming up just a few short months was all of this playing into campaign 2020.

I guarantee you it is an Curtis talks about it and we will talk about it and just taken a very short timeout. Please don't go away. I'm coming right that we love friendly because the website follows to follow three views.or follow simple time at 763-559-2440 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write to follow three ministries of John Markel Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 gifts are talks we don't share truthful information very to prepare for the Bible calls perilous times with jammin Curtis, many today feel helpless as they see America once called a shining city on a hill becoming weak and tired and without people asking nearness.

What did I do turn the tide. How can intervene on behalf of the greatest nation on earth. That is why this ministry is carrying on to Robert Jefferson's new book, praying for America.

40 inspiring stories and prayers for our nation, the most patriotic thing you can do for America in times of vision and disaster our country has a long history of turning to God. Each chapter of this uplifting book is an inspiring story demonstrating the power of faith life of our nation. Prayer relevant passage of Scripture, inspire and encourage you and praying intently for our country and these increasingly divided times praying for America will serve as a very necessary and timely reminder in God we trust. Find a new book in our online store all of just $16.06 dollars shipping and handling in the US or call our office Monday through Friday at 763559444 763-559-4444 also find Crawford in our print magazine sign up online almost reviews a large almost 3 if they can do it. I think in the first hundred days. All right, they will do more damage to us and they've done the last hundred years.

Learn more about Curtis that's agenda you have appreciated partnering with Curtis last several years and curing his outstanding products. You have 3000 more products that are online store almost all of Now here's jammin Curtis to rough up where at war with the most dangerous enemy of mankind in a long time from the swamp of the stars and it's been said, we lose that warrant. In so doing way of freedom of ours.

History will record with the greatest astonishment of those who had the most to lose in the lease to prevent it happening, but I think it's time we asked ourselves that we still know the freedoms that were intended not to long ago, two friends of mine were talking when refugee businessmen would escape from The midst of his story. One of my friends turned to the other and said we don't know how lucky we stopped and said how lucky you.

I had someplace was named in that sentence he told us the entire story we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape the last stand on familiar voice of Pres. Ronald Reagan items were talking about are found in the agenda twin pack DVD set that we carry in our store produced by Curtis bowers its award-winning film. He began making the films about a decade ago as he said.

People ask if he's being prophetic.

Well I don't know that he has any kind gifts in those areas.

However, I would have to say his products indeed are prophetic in that way. They have come to pass. We carry the product in our print and E newsletter so sign up at my website. All of tree olive tree sign up for either the print or the ER. Both they come out sporadically what I have time I get those various newsletters sent out to you and if you write to us always tell us how you listen and are hundreds of radio stations.

Are you listening online are you listening on our website.

Olive tree you're listening on his you listening on our YouTube channel and by the way, all the clips were playing. You can see them on our YouTube channel under Jan Markel. Just go to YouTube type in Jan Markel.

You can see them on his channel he can see all these clips that were playing were to be playing a whole lot of them so that you can get better. Both audio and visual picture of the agenda and just what it is we were talking a little bit here off the air.

You know there's kind of a destroyer mentality going on right now and where pre-election 2020. Let's just say campaign 2020 not going the way of the leftists of the communist of the socialist of the Marxist, what's the worst case scenario for president trump should win again which many conservatives and evangelicals are praying simply because of his policies not talking about the man himself, but the policies, we heard a wonderful message at Mount Rushmore recently talked to me about this president trump at Mount Rushmore showed he understands what they're doing. I was very impressed by that and grateful to know he understands this is a revolution. Yes, if you think different opinions or feelings.

This is people actively seeking to destroy our country.

It's out in the open now.

I think if he is reelected. We need to be prepared to work in a talk I know more the end of the shows about what we can be doing think we need to be prepared for what might happen because I think they will go to the streets as if Tim George Ford had happened in one day they will not tolerate it. Try for four years, almost no to remove him from office by any means necessary, which is their mantra. So, if God were to have mercy on us, and he was to be elected again. The downside is it is going to get serious. The positive side of that means God is still having mercy on us, and we have someone there that understands what's going on so we need to be prayerful for him. If that happens and we need to be actively speaking the truth, knowing we might have four more years by God's grace to be educating those around us and doing the things we haven't been doing the last 50 years that caused them to get so much control of her country, then let me ask you this is the leftist candidate wins in early November 2020. Do you see the country being handed over to the Marxism agenda almost immediately that if they can do it.

I think in the first hundred days. All right, they will do more damage to us and they've done the last hundred years. That's very ominous statement that what you just did is but I think they will have opposition also because I think there's more people wake up on our side going. This is serious actually losing our country for that opinions are different point of view, it is people trying to take us down, and even a rabbit that the very tame little thing if you stick your hand in the rabbit hole to yank it out. It's gonna bite you because it's just defending itself.

It could get bad either way. That's my lawyer for that.

Yes exactly now you say I believe it's in one of your productions.

Trevor Lowden says the same thing have had a minor you say 90% of the Democratic Party's Marxist. That is a stunning percentage to say that 90% are communist.

Tell me why you're saying that we talked a little bit about a fair and made total sense. Sure, the average person listening. You might think that sounds radical. But here's the reality I've been studying marks for 20 years what communism really is at its core, is this.

It's the belief that the good of the many outweigh the good of the few that doesn't sound that bad except when you go down that course gives government the power to divide what's best because you're not worried about the individual anymore. Your word about the many and how do you and your little town know what's best for the minutes you have to trust them to put them in a position of power and they always abuse it. Also, another thing you can do if you just type in the 10 planks of the communist manifesto on your web browser and those will come up and you look at the 10 planks like the abolition of private property and the heavy progressive income tax in all the different things on there you'll see they agree with every single one of were not saying that to disparage them or to belittle them. What's really changed at the last 10 years. Many of what you can say they're marked 10 years ago Noah would've said that the code how dare you call me a Marxist, even though they were, but now it's the AOC youth and all the other ones are openly Marxist love Karl Marx and they want to create a communist utopia right here in America. They want dependency on big government.

My goodness just take the coven crisis. For one thing, I made a required lot of bailout. The bailout of all sorts of industries.

There was a payroll protection plan. There was the sentiment growing stronger and stronger. Throughout this crisis that we can't get along without big government.

I'm not saying coven was a planned crisis don't hear me saying that it was probably planned by the Chinese Communists, long time ago and implemented end of 2019 and began being effective in 2020. Curtis.

Look how it's pushed and led to much bigger government. We shut down the country. I know whether they did intentionally or not they took it vantage of seekers they knew. This is a dream come true. And not only did they shut down our country. They shut down the world that were held when you create poverty worldwide at unprecedented level. It demands a world solution by a world government from their point of view it's a love any global crisis that exists they love when people cannot provide for themselves so they have to be dependent on government. Everything is orchestrated to expand government.

During times of peace and then when they're not open revolution that were there and open revolution destroy everything so you can start from scratch and build the country the way you want it you have a podcast and I want to give your podcast a little bit of the promotion here and I want to play clip going back a little bit to the George Floyd situation, but that's what set off much of the crises of 2020 and then will tell folks how you can access believe it's a weekly podcast in my right several times a month. We are really in the middle of the beginning stages of an attempted Marxist revolution. There's a lot going on that needs to be explained so that we understand what's happening in our country right now. The riots rage and revolution have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, they are simply those Marxist groups that are always waiting in the wings for circumstances to hijack to use to their advantage. The Marxist is always working toward revolution in every way possible revolution against traditional values revolution against morality revolution against the family revolution against government against law and order against everything the Marxist groups and I'll get into a few of them today like NT. If the Communist Party USA black lives matter. The open Society foundation. All of those Marxist groups are doing what Marxist always do. They are using people to set up the very system that will enslave those same people what NT if it is, is an umbrella organization. It's communistic it's founders were communist. It is in bed with all the different communist organizations working underneath it. Trevor allowed a good friend of mine is Artie researched and found over 20 communist groups that have been working under NT. If in the last couple weeks to stir up these revolutionary riots to try to destroy our country and try to work things into a frenzy of revolution. That's all NT if it is, I'm glad that Pres. Trump now is going to have it classified as a terrorist organization, and hopefully he will do that with many other groups so will be able to use the federal government and the FBI to investigate make charges against and then to try and convict these people that are for the American citizens. They, or for the destruction of America so they can implement their totalitarian communist government over all of us black lives matter was started by three Marxist want people say will black lives matter that sells important in many useful idiots of the evangelical church have Artie jumped on board about being behind black lives matter because they believe it's about signaling to everyone. The black lives matter of course, black lives matter all lives matter, but that's not what it's about. All Marxist groups disguise their self in titles that represent the exact opposite of what they are trying to accomplish. The only thing black lives matter is about is proving that black lives don't mean anything at all. They go in they stir up the young black people to do things they shouldn't be doing.

And then as soon as they're stirred up to do these actions that are going to get them arrested and get them put in prison and get them criminal records which will wreck the rest of their life. They all disappear course. All the agitators and the people doing this never to be seen again in those circles and the poor people that were stirred up to break the law and to commit these crimes are left to hold the bag black lives matter is simply an organization that is using black people to try to destroy our country and they must be stopped and exposed for what they are doing Curtis that was from your podcast faith, family and freedom of Curtis Bowers how to folks access that if you go to any podcast platform or the Internet. Just type in faith, family and freedom with Curtis Bowers. It'll come up and then you can subscribe so each time I post one. It'll come right to you and feel.

Be aware of it and I try not to waste time. I just, two, three, four times a month when it's really important issues.

I try to sit down and research it and then explain it in a way that makes sense and to help educate those that don't understand quite what's going on, folks, and that's free. I would sign up it's excellent.

I've heard number of his podcast.

Some of my notes are from his podcast will talk more about that as we move further into the programming folks I'm hidden here towards the end of program one and I can tell you I am a lot more in my notes that we have to cover. Curtis has said that he's available to come back next weekend so that we continue the discussion because where I'm headed here and work the issue. I think many of my listeners are terribly concerned about is okay.

What does this have to do with the church because the movement has infiltrated the church folks I mean infiltrated in a big-time way to play some clips will talk extensively about that as we have time. But let's go back just for a minute because we just heard that little clip of you there from your podcast. I think the thing that should be troubling. Every listener if they don't have kids, they probably have grandkids, nieces, nephews, children in their lives that they're concerned about that have to be tiny, they can be 20 years old, and state college somewhere is the point that we touched about when we opened the program and that is the source of the problem again is that the Communists have raised our children now, let's be careful.

There are Christian teachers listing who are trying to push back.

Thank you for doing so but trying to move against the mountain here. Basically though, the Communists have raised our children.

Not everyone can homeschool Curtis hideouts, we need to just rethink some of the things we've been doing from anyone's perspective on our side ethically look at the last 50 years. What we've been doing is not working to keep doing it that way doesn't make any sense at all. You might have to make a big sacrifice, but your kids the future of our country and the future of the church in America.

They're all worth it. It's totally worth it. As we get toward the end of talk about more action items we need to consider a lot of different things than what we've been doing because it hasn't been going well for the conservative Christian movement in the last 50 years, I have an email here and then read and it's from Maria and George. I'll leave it at that. When I get there written permission. I don't feel I can identify them. She's a faithful radio listener in Georgia and she says after listening three times to your YouTube rage revolution with Michele Bachmann. This was at least three or four weeks ago now folks, you can find that on YouTube or on our website.

She says we are left with what do we do next, meaning about our country. We were encouraged to bring this information to our pastor and other.

It's what she learned from the Bachmann interview of a few weeks ago, but I don't feel that's even possible at our church. The pastor is commented that so many people were sending him information he did not seem positive about that. So then what else can we do as God's people. Yes, we pray, and it's constantly arts to do so, but what other recourse do we have Curtis let's just take a minute to discuss that and since work that I'm regather again next weekend I'm going to probably hold off on how this is affecting the church for much of the hour.

Next weekend, but let's go back to Maria's email. Here and she's kinda throwing up her hands and she's saying what recourse do we have the countries going down in front of our eyes. In other words, we watch it every night on the news in living color, high definition we see the country burning down the statues coming down our history being taken from us. Pretty soon the schools are no longer going to have Washington grade school anymore. It's who knows what's going to be, but our history is being stolen.

I know it is hard to believe. Well, some of the things you can do. Our look at how you've done things and then maybe look for areas you can change the way you done think if you really studied the last 50 years, carefully you see a lot of the reason why these things have been so successful is because we were propping them up and let me explain what I mean by that the movies in the 60s started showing more more garbage and just went downhill and we didn't quit going to Beltway's farewell okay and so we were inconsistent with what we believe we would've been consistent and stop going to behaviors garbage and movies.

Guess what would happen, Hollywood would start making better movies because they have to have us to exist, but with every time we compromise. I needed the school.

They took her out if the next day when prayers been taken out.

There wasn't a Christian kid in any of the schools in the country. Guess what would happen the day after that prayer would've been back in the schools because they have to have our children to exist. We have na´vely been propping up poor education, bad entertainment media that is just lying to us about everything so biased by not sacrificing and being active to do something about those things we just complain about them, but it doesn't. A lot of times change our actions we need to look at our own life never wonders different. If you did a good job raising your kids great than you encourage your kids to do a great job raising their if you didn't then you look for other young people to influence into educate all of this have to go one person at a time. The way they've taken over our country is one person that it started 100 years ago just inflicting one person here with some poison of Marxist philosophy one person there and slowly get one seminary.

They got a professor and he started teaching the pastors to doubt the Bible and on and on. Just slowly done this and we have to undo it by doing the same thing but with righteousness with truth and with the light of our life, which is so different than what they have to offer. If were living like we should be, we gotta keep signing.

Don't wait.

Yes, he wants to cite people just don't know how to cite were trying to cite against the system and you've just told us one political party is heavily socialist/Marxist, and that's thousands of people in that particular political party amine and leadership. The fight seems so daunting and so almost hopeless. It does, we need to fight for the little islands of freedom that we can find and defend those things if the Democratic Party fallen apart and we need to work the Republican Party in our area. Try to be involved in turning back the right direction. We need to look where we see the problems and then think about what can I do to help solve that problem. Even if it's me influencing one other person, even one person you've gobbled yourself if just one person think I didn't get it and then you explain things to me got him some good books and videos to watch and they finally get it then you like while you just doubled your effectiveness in their it's what God told us to do and the disciples to do go out all the world and preach the gospel and teach them all these things whatsoever I command you to show the golf with NTP. No, all the things the way God intended to be and that's what this revolution is about don't think it's anything else, it is a revolution against God's principles. That is what made America great and they know it in their own writings know it and they said okay we gotta stop with traditional family.

Gotta stop the rally. We gotta stop all these things we have to. That's a no-no were fighting for the traditional family. I don't care how unpopular it is to fight for morality were going to educate, especially if you have the opportunity young people because that's the future of our country everyone young person you get that the whole family tree in the future they can make a huge difference in that's why parents listening to this what you're doing right at home. There is nothing more important than that in the whole world, but make sure you're doing it well, not just the education but understanding the character and virtue and understanding of God's word so those kids won't be sitting ducks for all the lies they're being told they'll know what God said and will know anyone contradicting what God said is wrong and you bring out and it makes everything even more daunting when you look at the bigger picture.

Any what they've already captured. We've already talked about education just barely touched on it.

The media they control the media, Hollywood that got Hollywood social media.

They got technology big texts all left. It's all not just left his socialist communist last their dominating politics or dominating music. They have the deep state. Frankly, the deep state both sides of the aisle, Democrat, Republican, they are united in one thing Curtis that I never thought I'd see the day their hatred of Pres. Donald J.

Trump, Donald Trump. Two things he's not is not a communist and is not a globalist. As a matter fact he's very vocal about the fact that he's not a communist and is not a globalist. He doesn't want anything to do with one world is him. I think the goal of all of these people is one world is in a Curtis Bowers. Oh, absolutely. Evil is never satisfied until it has everything in a course Satan one directing all that you can give him 95% to 5% and they'll say no way. Not doing it. We have to just understand that but the very fact that we have a president in a time like this against an unexpected press against any of us were like not happy about him at all that God would've picked someone he knew would stand against the very things I like. That is, God be merciful back should be encouraging to every Christian. God let Hillary get in there I tell you this would've pinned time and already MCS so we need to be grateful and realize the things we need to realize like in Psalm 91 he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress and my God in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver the from the snare of the Fowler from the noisome pestilence.

And it goes on and on to talk about God is God and we cannot forget that you people listening I can get really dark I might need to get really dark but we still keep moving forward faithfully standing for the truth because that's always been put on this earth to do.

And we must do it in because we haven't done it as faithfully as we should. The last 50 or were seen even for Christians, the principle of reaping what you've known, it bears out and we need to just get serious about this.

But God says when he's talking to David. At the very and he says because he is set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him and I will set him on high, because he have known my name, he shall call on me and I will answer him. I will be with them in trouble. I will deliver him and honor him. We have to have the human perspective is for us to be aware what's going on and understand the times of vital importance, but that we have to always know there is a God on his throne. And so my whole goal in life is to be faithful to him and obedient and asking him regularly. God, what would you have me to do and then be faithful at that and then pray for the parting of the Red Sea loves when we pray in faith for the impossible.I Matthew a part the Red Sea will affect an app automatically to part the Red Sea. Please you love showing himself faithful to those that love him and we can't forget that even myself. I have to sometimes pull back from all this because it is overwhelming but I need to know about it to educate others. Then I have to read in Psalms and Proverbs and throughout the Bible go God, I'm sorry I've allowed circumstances, I love my eyes to make me not walk by faith and I am trusting you and I'm asking you for a miracle for our country but would you please use me as part of that miracle. If all of you lifting that that you got. I want to be part of what you are doing what is it what you want me to do. I think we could see things change that we would never believe could change thank you.

I couldn't have some things up better. Curtis Frank continues this next week. Again, if you'd like to look into the two DVD set that we carry the agenda twin packets in my store.

All of tree get on the newsletter list call my office central time should like to order by phone next week. Here's where were going, and I knew this was going to take a couple weeks not surprised at all that we run out of time here churches are pushing some why partly because of the Marxist agenda hit our seminaries back in about the 1930s and polluted.

So many of the seminaries, namely, that the world Council of churches heavily leaning towards communism.

A lot of things have gotten infected not to mention the death of discernment, death of discernment. This is huge so that some churches think, for instance, black lives matter so wonderful because to sign on to never have we needed some of the verses. Curtis gave here, moments ago Psalm 91 of the places and the verse out of the Psalms close with this. I trust in you, oh Lord, our times are in your hands. I want to thank you for listening.

Join Curtis Bowers and me again next week here in understanding the times radio. Thanks for listening story. We have outlined this hour is not hopeless. Jesus Christ came to offer of salvation and a heavenly home is free from strife and conflict call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ today. Look forward to an eternity free from sin, turmoil and revolution.

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