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Rage and Revolution!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 27, 2020 8:00 am

Rage and Revolution!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 27, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Michele Bachmann discussing the turmoil of our times. How far will todays lawlessness go, which is but a foreshadowing of what happens in the Tribulation? And why are some church denominations promoting some of the escalating evil?

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Lawlessness in the loon. Is this the new normal that we think of this, Jesus also said in Matthew chapter 24 because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold welcome to understanding the times radio Jim Markel brought you my olive tree ministries. They just joined by a radio favorite.

Michelle Bachmann ran for president of United States in 2012 there is turmoil in the land and unrest in the world world grows darker and the church shine more brightly, or is this a part of the predictive lawlessness spoken of in the Bible. Now, here is today's pogrom as you probably noticed how our society, our cities or states our culture, our country and maybe your country if you live outside the United States are civilization is being radically transformed right before our very eyes, and nothing is stopping this and that's what concerns all of us as remnant believers, as we see no one standing up to this we see no one putting the stops on it. Politicians from both sides of the aisle did nothing about it there silent order either actively or aggressively pushing it. We see our media pushing it was your school pushing at the colleges and universities Hollywood entertainment.

All factors of society, especially the media pushing this radical transformation of our civilization on planet Earth. These last two events coronavirus crisis and now these race riots that are popping up within teeth and black lives matter and other organizations that are communistic in nature and taking advantage of a situation so they can push their radical communism and anarchy and whatnot these things have been an accelerator to push the plan forward to get to this lawless system if I could put it in hyperspeed hyperdrive. It got the gas but all the way on the floor and there pushing it going. 150 miles an hour and welcome to the program. That was the voice of Pastor Brandon hotels Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield prophecy update because I felt that little clip would set the stage for the hour ahead in early April, I featured today's guest on air with me. Michelle Bachmann, the world has changed substantially since last March. Now we're at the end of June and has morphed even more in the next week it could do the same. Make a sharp turn in the wrong direction. What seemed extreme.

10 days ago, quickly, has become the new normal. Both Michelle and I find ourselves quite frankly we live at ground zero, the Twin Cities, you all know that some of the racial issues began here right after Memorial day late May when George Floyd died at the hands of a reckless police officer and the anger went viral.

Overnight it went global. Within a few days. Will Minneapolis set the pace for all across America. That is our city Council now voted to abolish our police force just a couple of weeks ago and such recklessness has consequences and the consequences very likely will come to your neighborhood here eventually.

And that is the point of this hour, there's kind of a mood that is spreading everywhere. It's lawlessness. It's recklessness and more than anything, it is strong delusion. Plus, we still have covert 19 that scenario is also uncertain and is in flux and there is talk of a second and 1/3 wave is that for real or is that just hype.

We have an economy that is somewhat of a disaster and that's after three years of prosperity, then we have an election in just a few months so I'm going to talk about that and more, and Michelle Bachmann.

Welcome back to the studio of understanding the times radio hi Jan, thanks so much for having me on why when you were here was early April and you and I were very concerned about a lot of things and one of the items of concern was the US economy. In other words, you can't shut down business for weeks and then months and expect businesses to survive in the lockdowns had huge consequences of economic consequence despair suicides all up for several months.

People couldn't even gather in church now some canned but with a lot of limits. What are your thoughts on covert, 19 the shut down, the economy, now three months after we talked early April was a person looks back at these unprecedented events that we first related tried to address and interpret its far beyond what we could have even anticipated an early April, a study just came out that I heard of this morning that said that $1 trillion in economic activity is estimated to have been lost from the American GDP. That's an enormous amount of money and that if you add on the fact that there were estimates that $9 trillion were committed to be spent whether it was through pumping by the Federal Reserve or the checks that businesses received. This is a negative on the balance sheet that has never happened before in American history. Nothing has ever happened like this before and you couple that with this no end in sight to the coronavirus with the rain powers that be. The two geniuses that walked into the president's office. Dr. Ouchi Dr. Burks who went into the president's office with one of the worst computer model right ever done. They told the president that over 2 million Americans would be dead from covert, 19 they had to recant that model. Almost as soon after the president had to make the extraordinary decision to lock the country down well and I think Americans were willing to have it locked down for two weeks lurching ice that is not ever telnet became a month and then that became Rome's with no explanation with no because a friend hold that we all had to stay inside for two weeks because that's how long the incubation period was that we all thought we can hunker down people can watch Netflix for two weeks and then we will go back to life will take a big hit, but will get through this 25,000 businesses are not coming back. A lot of them are involved. Other small businesses that will never know their names are never coming back and I think this was advice coming from sorry to sound disrespectful here, but an aging infectious disease specialist with ties to Bill Gates and this would be Dr. Fauci turned the president to that again. The so-called models that couldn't have been more wrong. Absolutely. And here in Minnesota are state model was probably the most wrong I had read an article.

They said that we were off by a factor of 17. They had estimated that Minnesota would be that much more off than any other state in the country. Here we are in Minnesota. We've had something less than 300 deaths that were not related to nursing home deaths.

It's incredible when you think that the state of South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas. These various states never shut down. There is absolutely no different and outcome from the states that completely shut down versus those who did not shut down) and so that's why everyone is saying this feels like we were not told the truth here. We all willingly complied.

There was no protesting of any kind until after we'd all been locked up in our homes for two months then people said wait a minute, who's the expert here everything we were told didn't come true. Yes, people died from this.

Yes, there are tragedies, but at what price.

Over 42 million Americans thrown out of work as you said 28,000 businesses that won't open. When the mall of America just opened up recently of the 500 businesses only hundred 50 opened. This is remarkable. What's happened. We are not going to email the catalog for a year or more economic devastation and so one has to ask the question why did this happen, it looks like it was intentional from China, but why it may have had political implications behind this and that should be deeply concerning to every American.

Why would someone want to disrupt the greatest economic expansion ever in the history of the United States, when every American from every age, every racial segment every income strata was benefiting from this economy. After 3 1/2 years we were exploding.

We couldn't get out of our own way of success all of a sudden came to a crashing right but when America prospers the whole world prosper and run when America's stable. The whole world at least a somewhat more stable because they lean on us. They look to us. America has gone extremely wobbly here and I go back to you and I talked about this is the instilling of fear throughout the world. Yikes.

Goodness, we've got a fear-based society right now he's cut there. I say masked mania, has Canada gone crazy because again people are fearful they going to catch it if they wear the mask they may not catch it. Are we going to have a fear-based election in November.

Is that part of the purpose yes I think that's the goal we went from having the happiest people that we've had for years to pull the came out yesterday that said, people are the unhappiest they've been in 50 years.

We can see why in the fall of been locked up in solitary confinement, or months with virtually no end in sight on very many bases and then now these writing while people were locked up. They were subjected to seeing their cities burned out within about 24 to 48 hours time those who are the looters the rioters were essentially granted sainted.

They were canonized. They went from being criminals to now they are people we have to listen to and it's not their fault and their victims and in fact we need to give the money we need to abolish our police departments and let them run our police departments. That's why people are saying this is madness.

We need someone to do something because I want my life back in order, so there was about $9 trillion that went into coronavirus repair brand US treasury from the U.S. Treasury their printing over $1 billion a day that's going to result in some pretty serious inflation. For one thing that's gonna be part of the payback so the printing of money by the Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor a reserve but nonetheless the terrible consequences to what started out to be folks will have this under control in a couple weeks just hunker down for a couple weeks and things will come back here. We are the end of June. It looks like all of 20/20 could be a complete audit as either Dallas and I feel we've had six months of our lives stolen from us.

We started out the year with this phony impeachment where a Democrat representative of the house. Adam Schiff was insisting that Donald Trump was a Russian agent and that he had colluded with Vladimir Putin in order to throw the 2016 election will that was laughable on its face, but then it was proved to be false by materials that were declassified the molar report the Horowitz report all of this proved that that was a phony impeachment and it was all done to pull supportive waves of the president because economy and everything was going so great they had to do something negative and paint the president with it will then along came this COBIT which guess what all these cool, great predictions that we were told they all proved not be true. We have dealt with the media that has done nothing but lie to us morning until night, and I think I hate to say this Jan, but I think your listeners need to be prepared that from now until election day, it's gonna be lie lie lie lie lie what I'm seeing from the political side on the ground.

The effort now is to make people as miserable and 1/2 balances they can be until the first Tuesday in November because the party out of power.

Quite frankly wants the keys to the world's largest ATM machine. United States treasury and until they get it they don't care how much suffering. The United States goes through they want those keys back and they not only want that they want to control the Department of Justice I'm going to transition a little bit here and folks you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel and Michelle Bachmann in studio with me.

You heard her on this program probably couple dozen times over the years she served in Congress.

Minnesota's sixth district 2007 two 2015. She's been doing some extremely interesting things since she stepped down from Congress.

Sometimes I think Michelle you've had a more interesting career since 2015 than you had in Congress this because the calling in your life has changed a little bit.

Let me ask you this question that I want to transition just a little bit because here we are said in the intro were in Ground Zero where Minneapolis-St. Paul area lately since at least last week of May looks more like Bosnia in the 1990s or Aleppo, Syria right now and that is not a stretch.

You know, when you say that that is not a stretch. We had 1500 businesses that have been destroyed. We have 5 miles that have been burned or read it in the Twin Cities. We are a disaster zone and thankfully you and I have been safe up and to the point were in the areas that are quite safe and that can change overnight. But let me go back to some of the things Ridge been talking about here for 15 minutes and that is we are talking about the covert issue that's likely not going away and there's fear being instilled in people and were going to have a fear-based election likely in November here of 2020 and working to get to all the turmoil in the racial issues here in just a moment. I don't see the Republican leadership I'm speaking mainly in Washington pushing back on a lot of things and I would love for them to be, frankly, as outraged as you and I are and maybe they are there, afraid to speak up, but I don't see them holding the banner that I would like them to be holding as far as calming down. This fear in other words there, very silent, even when it comes to some of the racial issues that were to get into. I don't see them standing up and saying enough is enough.

I'd like to see Pres. Trump be a little bit more vocal. Let's bring in more of the National Guard. If we have to. I think you're raising the question that most of your audience is asking and I can't disagree with you. Where is the voice of opposition. I think on one hand, this is happened at such a lightning speed where we saw the match lit in Minneapolis and we saw city after city burned to the ground.

We didn't know when we watch TV at night which city was gonna burn to the ground next or which police officer was going to be shot or people who were innocently good.

Be hurt because this point it's hundreds of people were continually being hurt by this. But at the same token we've seen, as I said I canonization those who are doing the looting the burning and the destruction now are considered the morally righteous and people are literally giving tens of millions and hundreds of millions to radical what I would call communist and Muslim Brotherhood front groups because no one thinks that anyone should be harmed because of the color of their skin. That is not a quality that is not what the Bible says. The Bible says we are one block one race. Nobody wants that. But you don't swapping the police, which is meant to punish evil and reward good you don't punish that by giving the reins of power to those who were committing the destructive acts on the street in outsourcing.

So where is the response where is this voice of sanity. Really the only place I've heard it is on radio with very limited some TV and that would be Tucker Carlson I think is done probably the best job addressing this on television. I want to play clip of Tucker because he's going to complement what you're saying here and I think Michelle what we've seen in the last month. No is the rise of an organization that's almost being sainted skull black lives matter, for they are not only oppose them later Sunday during the popular black lives matter is now more popular than the president of the United States and not slightly more popular than the president much more popular survey this week by Rasmussen, a right-leaning pollster found that 62% of likely voters that have a favorable opinion of black lives matter the same time Rasmussen found the Donald Trump's approval rating was 43% 20 points lower. By the way, Trump is not alone black lives matter is for more popular than Joe Biden is to is more popular than America's religious institutions, all of them is more popular than the media, the Congress and big business.

Black lives matter is more popular by double digits than both the Democratic and Republican parties.

It's almost as popular as the US military.

It's much more popular than the Pope. The numbers are astounding. But the polls are not the only measure of it.

Here's a black lives matter rally from over the weekend in New York with a picture that is an ocean of people asked yourself the last time you saw a candidate for office was able to draw a crowd like that the media in the relentlessly fawning coverage usually describe black lives matter as an activist group or a protest movement that's deception by understatement lives matter is not a collection of marchers with signs is a conventional political lobby like Planned Parenthood where the NRA is pressuring Congress to pass some narrow new set of laws black lives matter is far more ambitious than is working to remake the country and then to control its political party as of tonight, black lives matter may be the single most powerful political party in the United States. Nobody says that I wowed the politicians understand it perfectly well. Nothing else they understand power they can smell it at great distances and that's whether winding up to bow before black lives matter and Michelle, I want to read an email you sent me because it ties in with what we just heard here and that was Tucker Carlson from Fox news is that this is an important part of what we need to discuss when we record we need to explain to people they are being manipulated by the left to hate Trump to blame Trump then give the reins of power to the left. You said the ultimate goal is to make the US communist i.e. under the control of a one world power.

The political structure will be communist in this one world power, and the Bible calls the leader of the antichrist, and then you say we are watching it happen before our eyes. The only way this could happen is through deception, delusion, and because of a confused apostate size church and then you say CIA analysts have seen these scenes before in countries before a collapse for former US intelligence officials scenes of armed clashes and strongman poses are familiar signs of a fraying country. Okay, we definitely have a fraying country, but one of the primary organizations used to free our country. There are a couple of them anti-for another one.

But a primary one is this black lives matter if we visit their website. It's very troubling.

We see the clenched communist fist, etc. you said to me in a conversation we had that almost anybody under age 40, has been lied to their entire life mainly through the educational system so there believing all these terrible lies in their believing that the black lives matter whose goal is communistic and to bring down America. Hey, this is just a good social justice cause that we need to get behind based on Tucker Carlson's little two minute clip there.

I think two thirds of America thinks that black lives matter is just a good old social justice outfit. Maybe we don't march with them, but we certainly don't condemn them all. That's exactly right.

The image that they are giving to everyone is that were not going to be mean to Blacks, which of course we shouldn't be Blacks don't deserve to die at the hands of cops. Everyone agrees with that you want talk about unity in the country. This entire country was agreed that that Minneapolis police officer intentionally murdered George Floyd that instead a spot that blew up the entire country. This is exactly how 103 years ago. Yes, the Communist Party, that's when you saw the Communists come into Russia and foment a revolution and that revolution took over a nation and we see in one country after another the cultural Revolution in China and Venezuela, which had the second highest GDP in the world. Now there communist nation and people are lucky if they can eat out of garbage cans. I go through the entire litany of nations that have been taken over by communism.

What we have seen on our streets this year in these last few weeks is exactly the same template is other nations were the Communists of come over. The difference is now in America. Those are up under age 40. They have been so marinated in the basic tenants of the communist philosophy. It wasn't called that than many times is called socialism why young people are in line with socialism but the tenants of socialized medicine. All the rest they've been marinated in that so long that they think that's normative that everyone should have equal outcomes. No matter what their inputs are equal outcomes is communism being pushed here in the United States. All of the indicia on the ground is here. It wouldn't surprise me if Minnesota wasn't used as a testing ground for this because if you look at every person in every level of power in Minnesota. It is outrageous. This happened in the area where Elana Omar is the representative.

This is not coincidental that an event like this could happen here because there will be no pushback against these communistic forces you have suggested to me, and again were confining this comment I'm about to make right now to Minnesota. But again, whatever we're talking about happening here locally to come to your neighborhood folks whatever state you're in. But you said to me, and at this point we don't know how this abolishing the police is going to turn out.

You already voted for.

They've already voted for community groovy is a jiggly leasing. Let me tell you what that means are encoded. It means that they're going to give some new phone. He named a black lives matter and to NT 5 and to the Islamic sharia patrols on the street right that Carolyn is going, then you okay so those were on the streets eluding riding burning some of those leaders will be given the authority and money to be the new police on the street and the police were formally on the street will be relieved of that duty. Think of Chicago Illinois in the 1920s. In the 1930s, when the Al Capone gang extorted businesses and individuals.

And they were a criminal syndicate who effectively ran the city.

There still was like an officer corruptly type police force that was basically Al Capone ran the streets.

I think that's what were going to see happen here in Minnesota and it is all being done because you're seeing this merging of the red green axis of the Marxists who would be considered red and of the Islamic supremacists who would be Green. They are joining forces to bring about a totalitarianism, a type of a communism.

If you will hear into the United States and its being done in one major metropolitan city after another. It is like an attack on the White House although they did have riots there. It's more insidious is one major metropolitan area after another, caving into these communistic demands in their doing this in the lead up to the election in November. Donald Trump had nothing to do with the death of George Floyd within 24 to 48 hours. The Democrat party was doing voter registration here on the streets while the cities were burning. And interestingly enough, what I have read in an article is that all of the data that was being collected by black lives matter in all these groups it's being shared with the Democratic National Committee, the data is being shared.

Don't be na´ve and not see what's going on in the streets. I believe this is the political campaign for 20/20, because there's an effort to keep people miserable so they can change the guy in charge of the White House. And here's what's really tragic. Michelle and will talk about this. My second half of the program, the churches, some of them anyway are falling for folks if you went to the websites of some of these major church denominations.

All you would see is the promotion of black lives matter and even on some of them.

Promotion of NT for another again blatantly Marxist organization with the goals of tearing down America and rebuilding her into the communist and Islamic paradise that they would like to see happen and you should know with black lives matter.

It's not registered as a 501(c)(3) organization. No one knows who is in charge of it. No one knows what their street addresses, and yet people are pouring tens of millions and millions it off her into its going to ask blue which is also a repository for all the Democrat candidates, but here's what they believe.

They believe in the end of Western civilization. They believe in the end of heterosexual marriage. They believe in advancing all the transgender issues there anti-Jew. They want to shut down the traditional norms of society. This has nothing to do with black lives exactly SJ don't even care about black lives exactly they want to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture that built up here the magnificent society that is the United States of America. Okay only reason were magnificent is because of the scriptural and biblical heritage that this nation was built on working to pick this up.

I gotta take my middle of the program break with, right back folks don't go away will be back in just a couple minutes we always like to hear more listening and also how you listen to your listening on one of our 900 radio stations.

Let us know which one or let us know if you're listening to one of our online auctions contractors through our website. All of our June all of its reviews dog board you could call a simple time. 763-559-4444 76355444 male would you like to follow through ministries of John Markel, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55114 with Jenna Michelle Jesus prophesied during the tribulation would be returned to the days of Noah.

Noah's generation saw genetic manipulation and we are seeing that to place the good even before the onset of the time of Jacob's trouble for the tribulation, the depravity of such dramatic temperament during that dispensation, which the church is absent is staggering. Learn more and faster billing roles new 16 DVD 32. Teaching said hybrids super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse found in our online store, and print magazine. Markel is an estimate is extensive presentation mankind is trying to read. All life forms on our planet, including re-creating humans not in the image of God. This is a genetic apocalypse. This is one study can afford to ignore you want to understand the times watchmen on the wall. Visit our online store at all of all of its, or call a simple time. 763559444 763-559-4440 right now this is America's time went on, America is under assault by communist elements Islamic front groups, the red, green, axis, and wherein it wake up. We so appreciate the regular updates given by Michelle block our guests for the hour to serve as a member of US Congress will usearound the world.

Here are Jenna Markel and Michelle Bachmann to wrap up were about to bring you what has become unfortunately a nightly update on the dissent of our nation into chaos and craziness.

A lot of craziness for the two weeks. This is really all with cover that much going on right now we can't cover it all in an hour.

Almost all of it. As you know all the news is horrifying. Vandals are defacing our country are destroying our cities or institutions or civil society. The ability to do any of that. They don't own this country. They did not build it. The rest of us should not allow them to wreck it but we are allowing and it's infuriating. Why welcome back. I had the privilege of having Michelle Bachmann in studio with me were gonna continue on here with her discussion. Let me remind you were very active in social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. We put our rather visual form of our program on YouTube as well as his segment want to check that out. Check out the various social media places as well. I want to move on here because with that so much to cover and obviously so little time first segment of the program. We talked a little about the destruction from Cove and 19 hand that morphed right into the riots that we been seeing going on in the country. We've even got an so-called nation established for a short season in Seattle, Washington has turned into chop and I don't know where it's going to go. I think they ought to be put out of business in the Michelle Bachmann and I live in Ground Zero. We live in Minneapolis-St. Paul. As I said in the first half of the program. Both cities certain segments of it probably resemble Bosnia during the 1990 war may resemble Aleppo, Syria. Right now they been destroyed by anarchists who are being lauded from the media to certain politicians all on the left celebrating this kind of destruction. Let me just read a couple of paragraphs here from freelance journalist Leo Homan revolution phase 1 a campaign of diabolical disorientation and he says we are in the middle of act one of the second American Civil War.

That's not of far out statement by the way home and says what we have been watching play out in the streets of American cities in the last several weeks. Textbook revolutionary tactics problem is too few Americans have read the textbook.

He says it's important to understand the scenes playing out on stage number one. The streets of Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Atlanta and many other places as ugly as they may be our only the first phase of the revolution. This is the prelude which served to disrupt and distract. It is, but the opening act for what's coming next.

It's not a foregone conclusion that we will proceed to act to which will be much more violent and ugly than Act I, but right now from where I stand. It's looking like a 50-50 chance that we will activist ringleaders with black lives matter in NT 4.0 have been hired to play the role of disruptor black lives matter is not bashful about his role as a communist agitator only marginally connected to black lives and I think that's the important thing here is that we have an organization called black lives matter that really doesn't care about black lives, which is a tragedy during the break. Michelle and I were talking about a couple of things. Number one is I want to get into the fact that a lot of church denominations are falling for all of this. And they're putting it front and center their preaching on at their teaching on it. I get emails every day that their church is drunk the Kool-Aid here and that the center of the sermons. Now this is evangelical churches folks is how we have to be supportive of. Let's just say the revolution that's going on, including black lives matter and be supportive, even of Ente felt blatantly communist outfit Michelle during the break. You and I were talking a little bit about the demise of the First Amendment and First Amendment rights here in America in the last six months and again what's happened in just a few months. It seems like it would take 10 years to have happened. Talk to me a little bit about how our First Amendment rights are fading from the view very fast action.

This is been decades in the making, primarily because of the instruction and the public schools but also various cultural impacts in our nation.

We spent decades softening people up and now and 2020. This year of fear and misery and anxiety and depression.

We've seen out loss of liberty and that we have essentially been consigned to solitary confinement loss of our economic liberty of our ability to build or earn an income, or perhaps own assets and then now with the rioting.

It's a loss of the First Amendment rights to build the speak back about this. We were allowed to question Dr. Fauci or Dr. Brooks or any of the prescriptions of the left told rain we had to follow with our loss of economic liberty. We weren't even allowed to go out to the streets in protest because we were told we were typhoid Mary, if we went out into the streets. We were going to start covert again.

The second of these arsonists were on the street and that writers and those were looting. They were considered to have First Amendment rights to loot, but those of us if we went on twitter Instagram whatever. If we oppose black lives matter your audiences all seen in April lost their jobs.

They lost their sports contrasts their celebrity contracts or even if a family member tweeted something. It was breathtaking to see what is known as the cancel culture. Your life was over.

If you disagreed with black lives matter, and it's also called a shot up culture. You are not allowed to say anything you have no rights to disagree with us.

This is the red flag of what communists do when they come in to take over a country because you lose the right to oppose them. The second thing that they do.

This is written by Marx and by Engels. They destroy a nation's history here in Minnesota right out the window of our governor. We had these thugs tell the governor working to pull down the Christopher Columbus statute at 5 o'clock today. They knew it that Commissioner of Public Safety was asked earlier in the day what he can do about the Christopher Columbus statute, no worries, the state patrol protects it here at 5 o'clock.

The group showed up state patrol was there. He tried to hand a sheet of paper to the group to say these are the rules about taking down statues and then the state patrol walked away knowing what was going to happen. This group of less than 12 people pulled the statue down and the governor sided with them and that statues down today and were seeing that all over America were America's godly heritage is being literally ripped off its platforms and hate to give the other side ideas, but it wouldn't shock me that by this fall we see elementary schools lose their names and Jefferson elementary Washington elementary we are seeing the erasing of American history that is one more sign that this is a communist movement to take the United States over for communism and if we lose these elections this fall were never getting evaporated when the election happened in Gaza, Hamas came in. There has never been another election. I'm not saying that we won't have elections again after this one.

If the other side comes in. But whoever the people are that are running the outcome of that election will be secured.

Don't ever think were going to return to normal in elections again. We won't communist don't play that way communist play for keeps. Right now this is America's time when America is under assault by communist elements Islamic front groups, the red, green, axis, and wherein it wake up and that's why for churches you uphold that there is not is the rent not only that we got Christianity today magazine saying that we need to give reparations to African-Americans.

I think of is that there are many churches holding the truth but many of them are caving to all of this at all you gotta do is read the various things that are coming out online from various denominations is a dereliction of duty. It is stems from ignorance. The Scripture is always right. My people perish for lack has now is people are woefully ignorant about evil characters and for some reason work constantly bathed in this water, that all evils not present. This is evil. This is called thought is the voice from the pit of hell that is Satan speaking we see the blatant seat were all told not to believe what we see in front of our eyes, and will lose our livelihood if we say anything.

This is the hour for the church to speak out.

If we don't speak out between now and November church you will be denied. Your voice you will be thrown into jail because of your voice. We just saw the Supreme Court came out with an extraordinary decision that imposes sexual anarchy even on religious organizations so that whatever your sexual orientation is whatever gender you think you are today. No business could fire someone or have any negative impact on that person. For those reasons, even if it is a denial of your sincerely held religious rights. This is a full employment act for lawyers to file one lawsuit after another and it will be Christian organizations that trust me, they will be filing lawsuits against Muslim organizations. They will be filing lawsuits against Christian ministries Christian organizations to shut down their First Amendment voice because were now in full-bodied the cancel culture and that shut up culture we are losing our First Amendment rights our Bill of Rights and now is when we have to stand up and now is when the church has to take the moral righteousness is not the looters and the rioters on the street who are morally righteous.

Get that in your head. It is the Lord Jesus Christ and his word that will stand yesterday today and forever.

That is the moral righteousness and that is to what we repair.

That is truth and play the clip here Curtis Ballard. Some of you know Curtis very well.

You've heard him and some of his public meetings. He is the writer producer of the incredible DVD series agenda and that's the communist plot to take down America and we carry that in our store just came out with this statement. I grab it off-line. I want to play it. We are really in the middle of the beginning stages of an attempted Marxist revolution. There's a lot going on that needs to be explained so that we understand what's happening in our country right now. The riots rage and revolution have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, they are simply those Marxist groups that are always waiting in the wings for circumstances to hijack to use to their advantage. The Marxist is always working toward revolution in every way possible revolution against traditional values revolution against morality revolution against the family revolution against government against law and order against everything the Marxist groups and all get into a few of them today like NT. If the Communist Party USA black lives matter.

The open Society foundation.

All of those Marxist groups are doing what Marxist always do. They are using people to set up the very system that will enslave those same people. What if T4 is is an umbrella organization. It's communistic it's founders were communist.

It is in bed with all the different communist organizations working underneath it. Trevor allowed a good friend of mine is Artie researched and found over 20 communist groups that have been working under it had teeth in the last couple weeks to stir up these revolutionary riots to try to destroy our country and try to work things into a frenzy of revolution.

That's all. And T4 is glad that Pres. Trenton. I was going to have it classified as a terrorist organization, and hopefully he will do that with many other groups so will you be able to use the federal government and the FBI to investigate many charges against and then to try and convict these people that work for the American citizens pay or for the destruction of America so they can implement their totalitarian communist government over all of us black lives matter was started by three Marxist blonde peoples who will black lives matter that assumes important in many useful idiots of the evangelical church have already jumped on board about being behind black lives matter because they believe it's about signaling to everyone. The black lives matter of course, black lives matter all lives matter, but that's not what it's about. All Marxist groups disguised their self in titles that represent the exact opposite of what they are trying to accomplish. The only thing black lives matter is about is proving that black lives don't mean anything at all. They go in they stir up the young black people to do things they shouldn't be doing. And then as soon as they're stirred up to do these actions that are going to get them arrested and get them put in prison and get them criminal records which will wreck the rest of their life.

They all disappear course. All the agitators and the people doing this never to be seen again of those circles and the poor people that were stirred up to break the law and to commit these crimes are left to hold the bag black lives matter is simply an organization that is using black people to try to destroy our country and they must be stopped and exposed for what they are doing that was Curtis Bowers, I'm going to have him on air next month and will talk a little bit more in detail about the agenda and an agenda for over 100 years now, and now we see it coming full force into play.

Michelle, I want to move on here in less she wanted to comment on anything that Curtis said because I have another point I want to make but go ahead.

What Curtis is saying is what we are seeing every single day and streets all across the America you don't even have to believe what Jan and I are saying or Curtis a sink. Look at your eyes were all being told by the media don't believe what you're seeing. That's a lie and when you persist in a lie becomes a delusion.

That's why we are living in the most delusional time I ever remember in my lifetime.

It is completely delusional and the one place that cannot be delusional is the local church. We have got to talk to our pastors take them information and tell them look. The church is to be a beacon of truth and hope right now.

That's what we have to be spreading. We can't go along with this delusion and deception. It may be uncomfortable for us but I think we have to speak up with our pastors in our church board members and give them good information so that they can preach the truth. We think captive this year, we've had six months of our lives stolen from us so far and it is time for the captives to be set free and interestingly enough, we do not find America in Bible prophecy. Though there are some who say well she's here or there about your stretching Scripture to find her in the Bible that that saying that America is going away but is her influence going away. The stabilizing influence the economic influence.

That's another reason why what happens in early November. Here 2020 is so important and it's why we been saying we've been saying here for almost an hour, that there is an effort afoot to disrupt everything including disrupter election yet is resident out of office. People want to go back to normal.

And people think this will all just settle down and will go back to normal.

I'm just here to tell you I've lived in this political world I ran for president myself in 2012 and I can tell you there playing for keeps.

This is hard core stuff there will never be going back to the America we knew prior to January 2020.

There never will be going back to that normal what you're experiencing now with black lives. This is going to be our normal. This kind of dish shambling and denial of rights denial of equal protection under the law returned to the days of Al Capone and extortion on our street. That's our future. If we give into this fear in the delusion, and we give the keys to the political kingdom over to people who have unleashed on our streets. This communism and this dissension Michelle last time you were on here with me.

We concluded we did a two-part series again that goes back to April and folks you can find that on my website.

All of tree and just go to radio and then you'll see our archived programming. There you can find it on our YouTube channel under Jan Markel. It can find go back to the first part of April I did two weeks with Michelle.

Quite frankly Michelle you are going into quarantine at that time because you'd been traveling and you came back on an empty plane to an empty airport. This was in March. That's behind us, but a lot of things happen.

Since then, stunning shocking and some things are ahead of us. That could be equally stunning and shocking, but at that time you talked about the connection between what had happened with Cove at 19 and what happened about the same time and that was the so-called I hate the term deal of the century here in the process of reaching out to our president and you have reached out in the past, and you've talked to some of the highest leaders in the land about the importance of the land of Israel and not dividing the land and the covenant that the Jewish people have with the land bring us up to date. Because I know you want to end this hour with the importance of America not touching the land of Israel, which we are in the process of doing. I want to quickly add that Pres. Trump has been the most pro-Israel president that Israel has had in her 72 years so we want to clarify that we are so thankful for that. We are the Scripture is clear. The Scripture is true and it's very clear that God has said in his word unequivocally that we are to bless Israel were to bless the Jewish people and where to protect the Jewish way of life. Joel chapter 3133 is equally clear. There is only one criterion upon which God will judge the nations, and that criterion is how nations have treated Zion as you have rightly stated, no American president ever in our nation's history has done more to bless Israel than Donald Trump and I was invited to the White House to the East room to attend the unveiling of the peace plan that was put together by the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Prior to that for the three years that Pres. Trump was in office. I said it here in your show.

I set it to everyone in DC that I could. The one thing the president can't get wrong is this restraint he cannot get that wrong because of the consequences to a nation. Those ramifications are sure throughout Scripture, it is stated very clearly.

It is this you cannot divide the land of Israel. You cannot divide the Jewish people from their physical land and you cannot divide Jerusalem, which is God's eternal throne. God has an eternal covenant that he made in Genesis 1518 that for ever. That land is to be given only in covenant promise to the Jewish people for a Jewish homeland. We all know that the Jewish people were scattered from the land as a form of judgment for disobeying the covenant and the word of God but God promised out of his love that for ever and ever. They would be returned to the actual land that he assigned to them. He would miraculously bring them from all four corners of the earth back within the lifetime of even some of your listeners here at the conclusion of World War I, the Ottoman Empire broke up miraculously the nations of the earth, the victors, the Allied nations got together in 1920. They made a stunning decision in 1917 the Lord spoke to Lord Balfour, and he said the Jews need to return to their home in the spirit of God was speaking to him and I have never seen this before in history where that five Allied Main victors of World War I came together in San Remo, Italy. They struck an agreement in the agreement said this, we will make international law the Balfour agreement which says it is now time for the Jewish people to return to their homeland will enable them to do that and the British people. The greatest empire that the world ever seen was given that mandate and they also said that the parameters the geographical boundaries of that land would be in accordance with what the Bible says when God gave those contours of the land that will be the homeland of the Jewish people. The Brits went forward and they started that process and in the San Remo agreement it said that the nations would help the Jews to return to that land was the deal of the century it was the greatest plan because it agreed 100% with Scripture. It was miraculous but like so many things that happens in history man chickened out and pressure was put against Britain by the Arabs by other nations and little by little the greatest empire the world had ever seen, with the greatest vision and opportunity the golden opportunity to help the Jews return to their land. Britain tubed out and they kept dividing Israel and they walked back from their commitment to the point. In 1948 the Brits wash their hands of Israel and they said year on their own and the Jews were being attacked as the Brits walked away.

You saw the British Empire fall down and influence. So where is they held together the piece under Pax Britannica silently. The Lord work this out so that the baton of global power was transferred to the United States so that we went from Pax Britannica to Pax Americana in the United States became the leader of the world economically, socially foreign policy. We were the leader that happened in the United States under Terry Truman who recognized Israel's statehood and 48 and it wasn't until when we saw Donald Trump recognize Jerusalem now on January 28, 2010 20. A plan was revealed that envisioned a dividing of the covenant land and a division of Jerusalem.

Since that time, we have seen nothing but distress. The Bible speaks of that in Zechariah anyone who burdens themselves with a division of Jerusalem will be cut themselves upon a rock.

Nations will be destroyed. Isaiah 60 says if they do not follow the word of God, Messiah will judge nations Psalms 212 says it's very clear that's why this warning was given to various high officials prior to the release of this plan now warnings are given again that perhaps this distress could be removed from our nation if we would withdraw the maps in this plan envisions the division of the biblical land and the division of Jerusalem. Could it be that in part the reason why we have seen this unparalleled historic distress from going again. 100 years later, paralleling what happened to the British Empire exact replica parallel of us, the greatest nation the world is ever seen, more powerful, more prosperous we to are being pulled down as we got behind a plan that envisioned this division. This is very important.

Now that we reaffirm what is still international law, the San Remo agreement that Israel has full sovereignty over her land including Judea and Samaria and that Jerusalem is an eternal undivided city and must never be divided. I would call upon the White House to withdraw that plan and it just may be that the Lord in his grace and mercy may likely lift the distress upon our land even in our time and resume his hand a favor which was so clear, is evident until January 28 of 2020 and that is my request. That is my prayer.

I love our president. I pray for him daily I just asked the question in light of Scripture in light of the day that we live in. Could it be that this distress could have in part been caused by this and could it be that this distress would be relieved if action would be taken to come into conformity with the clear word of God shall, thank you for coming in today.

Jesus said, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation every city or house divided against itself cannot stand.

Matthew 1225 but government reform and even executive orders from the president are not the answer for America national repentance and turning back to God is a good start. God has been rudely shown the door in our country and asked to leave every aspect of American society. The last 50 years and that has consequences. Can we turn this around that we can try. Let's be salt and light and delay decay. I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you next week. She even though we are in the predicted perilous and lawless times spoken of in the Bible there is hope in Jesus Christ.

If you feel overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty: the name of the Lord Jesus Christ today for salvation and for peace that passes all understanding. Know that things really are falling apart all falling to the place contractors through her website almost it's almost call circle time at 763559 763-559-4444 removal when you write to all true ministries and Jim Markel walks 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 5511. All gifts are tax-deductible. The redemption draws no

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