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The New World Order in Bible Prophecy

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 6, 2020 8:00 am

The New World Order in Bible Prophecy

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 6, 2020 8:00 am

Recognizing the globalists as behind the Corona crisis and the racial unrest, Jan Markell presents her Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy teaching. Learn their five-thousand year history, the prominent players, and what their strategy is. Find the DVD in our online store.

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So who's idea was global government. Anyway, they got one thing in mind that the world would be one of the world would be one, one ruler, one vampire one government, one world everything we've got billionaires behind the scheme is going to happen eventually. We are replaying John Martel's DVD message hidden in plain view. The New World order in Bible prophecy so much conversation about a coming one world government thanks economic crisis. This message is more timely than ever. Is John Martel. Welcome to the program and as my regular listening audience knows I've spent several programs this spring.

Examining the rush to the one world system now on overdrive. Thanks to coronavirus chaos. Today I'm going to replay my DVD teaching hidden in plain view. The New World order in Bible prophecy. This looks at the players organizations and schemes of those folks actually going back 5000 years as thousands of global elite try to establish a godless one world system provided for climate for this updated presentation. Actually, I made this over two years ago and circumstances have changed so much in just two years that I felt I needed to updated the New World order and the New World order act honestly. It's just really a code word for one world system or one world government, and we know that the antichrist is going to rule over that the Bible talks a lot about that the antichrist agenda and I think what's interesting is he's been trying to build that kingdom for almost 5000 years now will look at some of the elements involved in the building of that kingdom is actually and is used a lot of tools Satan has used a lot of tools to try to build this kingdom just a few days used secret societies have never referenced some of them in this reason Tatian is used communism.

He's use socialism he's used the dozens of organizations such as the United Nations, we can't even get into the mall.

There are so many these used international banking all reference several of the banking institutions is use the open borders crowd to try to further his agenda. He has used Christian front groups to try to further this globalist one world agenda is use the media he's used education outfits and he's used kind of a new term. The deep state. These are just some of the tools of Satan that I call exactly that some of the vehicles that he has used to implement is New World order one world system. There are two things in the way hugely in the way one is obviously America and the other would be Christianity and that is why there is such a war on both just another couple of comments here before I move on because man always promises peace and prosperity. Such as what's supposedly in this new world order one world system he can never produce that mankind always has wanted relief from pain.

Whatever is going on in society always wants that to go away and he's always looking for people and organizations to make it happen. And that's why the idea of a one world government and other words you have a one world government want all poverty go away. Won't everyone be paid the same amount of money. Everyone will be equal. It sounds wonderful. Course it will work. Satan makes it sound like it will work only God can make it be successful because mankind's heart is way too dark to make this work.

I got very interested in this globalism and the one world New World order system. I think for a long time, particularly during the 2016 US election because there we had the ultimate end globalist and Hillary Clinton versus nationalist Donald Trump and Donald Trump is set on numerous occasions. He said we will no longer speaking for himself.

We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism, so that through a terrible monkeywrench into the plans of the globalist because he meant what he said deponent arts global how much more of a globalist than Clinton Global initiative. So we had these two clashing during that run up starting in 2015 and 2016, culminating in the victory of a nationalist over an arch globalist which I think was absolutely fascinating is Donald Trump always says I am looking out for Pittsburgh, not Paris. In other words, he's focusing on American issues rather than global issues and I Mr. Netanyahu pretty much the same philosophy now because of this the globalist community here out of Breitbart New York Times columnist happens to be Thomas Friedman pleads with globalist billionaires to save the nation from Donald Trump and who is down there in a corner, but a globalist for the last 5060 years, Henry Kissinger, self their pleading with the world's money people to please save the world save the nation. First let's save the nation from a guy who is America first and nationalist limiters clarify here because on the one hand, were told what globalism is and then on the other hand, what it really is were told that globalism is just a nice, all cultures, learning how to live together in appreciating one another.

What could possibly be wrong with a philosophy like that. What globalism really is truly its men meeting in dark smoke-filled rooms potting steaming to make the world one a one world system.

It's very nefarious and as we move through this presentation. I'm going to have to actually sort of apologize is the people in the players are very dark. They're very dark. Do they know their preparing the world for Mr. antichrist. I don't know. Some may but some may not know I'm going back to sort of word began, and that would be.

It began back in Babylon and that was a huge act of rebellion and pride back in Babylon, Tower of Babel. They became their own got and what did God do. He shut it down.

He said this is in the great idea, guys, and he scatter them around the world. He confused the languages in these same seeds of destruction are built into every effort for a new world order ever since seeds of destruction are built right into it because it's not God's idea. Nimrod was the first globalist I want to spend just a moment on this because this is sort of an artist rendition of that Tower of Babel in Nimrod's time, but this is actually sort of a promotion piece promoting travel to Europe. Many tongues one voice and you can see a crane there so Europe is still being built up and this is artwork from Peter Bruegel painting. I'm going to show you in a minute that those stars above this are all pentagrams. Those are actually satanic stars sore right away whether or not the Chamber of Commerce here knows there promoting it this way have no idea. And then we get to the actual picture here of Peter Bruegel's painting goes back to the 1500s, mimicking the Tower of Babel, because mankind has even though God said enough with the limited scatter you is a horrible idea.

You just had people want to maintain this idea of this picture was painted in the 1500s and then we come up to modern times, and next to it. The EU parliament building in Strasburg is based on that painting of Peter Bruegel from the 1500s. So they're trying to keep the idea of Babel lying alive even though it was a terribly failed concept.

Let's put it that way. Now, here, let's spend just a moment on Europe.

I believe the antichrist is coming out of Europe.

Eventually, he may be there as we speak. Very likely is. But in Europe on the brink of collapse.

The Empire's European castle of vassals is crumbling right in front of our eyes, it's true. Europe is crumbling part of it is in the immigration system hasn't worked here in the last 10 years or so. But Europe reeling a recent Time magazine, the unraveling of Europe.

I think this is very significant. Europe is being readied for the antichrist how nationalists are joining together to tear Europe apart Polish experts. Europe is at the end of its existence.

Western Europe is practically dead and is true for various reasons. I think one of the biggest reasons Europe through God out 60 years ago and when you throw God out there are terrible consequences. It is on the verge of being absolutely almost shut down. So what the globalist did in 2017 they got a hold of a young man. His name is Emmanuel McCrone, president of France and he won his election in 2017.

I believe he's the pick of the globalists to bring Europe sort of back together. The globalist Empire strikes back with Emmanuel McCrone very very interesting fellow. Even the Gateway pundit says his impact on the world could be massive.

They have them walking on water. Just exactly what his role in that magazine asks if he's Europe Savior so we have Europe in turmoil they put forth as Savior Emmanuel McCrone.

I believe the Antichrist comes out of Europe. Not saying is Emmanuel McCrone and he certainly is a forerunner at the very least, and whether or not he's the actual antichrist.

I doubt it highly.

But you never know. Let me just read at the primary couple of verses from the book of Revelation that talks about the coming one world system, Revelation chapter 13 verse six it opened its mouth sets the beast to utter blasphemies against God, lessening his name and his dwelling.

That is, those who dwell in heaven.

Also, it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe, people and language and nation and all who dwell on the earth will worship it all tried all people all languages, all nations are worshiping the beast who has a rule over the entire planet in the war against the saints are the people who come to faith during the tribulation because the church is gone. Absent during the tribulation.

But this is where this global government is spelled out most clearly in just these couple of verses you find that book of Daniel is well defined in other parts of Revelation particular chapter 17. I'm going to take it quickly through kind of a history lesson as to some of the organizations that have played into the global scheme and I could start going all the way back to Knights Templar were going to move up quickly though to the 1700s to modern times just in the interest of time, I'm starting with the Freemasons there a very dark organization of very dark group and they were globalists and they remain globalists there one world there's and we move up until the next century and we have the Rosicrucians and their purpose was to bring together a one world system and we keep moving up into the 1700s we have the banking families starting in about the 1700s. Meyer and Cheryl Rothschild and he gave it to his five sons and the idea was to create global government through the banking industries and that is going on and to this day. Believe me, Rothschild while he kind of teamed up with a fellow by the name of Adam wise Hopkins in 1776. These two empires sort of conspired if I dare use that word. And they thought will and we take over the world make it one. That was their hope that was their goal. They formed at least Adam wise helped formed in 1776, the illuminati, you hear that term all the time. It's conspiratorial. It's a very dark organization will go into details but the goal again of the illuminati is a new world order. That's just code for a one world system the antichrist system. The antichrist Empire. If you just join me this week I'm playing my DVD teaching hidden in plain view.

The new world order in Bible prophecy is complemented by almost 100 PowerPoint slides you can find this in my store. All of tree olive tree or just give my office a call.

It's also in my printed E newsletter coming into the late 1800s was the Rockefeller Empire John Rockefeller and more recently, one of his sons, David Rockefeller, certainly the most prominent globalists of our time passed away very recently. In the case in the background you see, Henry Kissinger, who is never given up on one world government, but just a word about the Rockefeller Empire because they have been so powerful in this whole rush to one world and particularly in more modern times. David Rockefeller, David Rockefeller was the prominent promoter and creator of what's known as the Council on foreign relations back in 1921 he was just getting his Empire going taking it over from his father, John Rockefeller and David Rockefeller put together what's called the Council on foreign relations.

In 1921. Probably the biggest. Next, the United Nations, the Council on foreign relations. The biggest contributor to global government Carol Quigley hear from Georgetown University, says this he said the Council on foreign relations is the American branch of the society which originated in England and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and a one world rule established so that was the goal of the Rockefellers going all the way back to the 1920s. In order to successfully bring America into the one world plan, you had to have what they ultimately would call the Federal Reserve Bank is neither federal nor reserves a private bank controls our money created inflation that was created in 1913.

America could not be dragged into the one world system. Without this Federal Reserve which came along in 1913, a very corrupt outfit that we have no say in there's no auditing of it is really a scheming type of an organization that we have no say in controlling moving up a few years 1919. As a result of World War I came the league of Nations. The goal global government because they're dealing with World War I here. How do we prevent this happening again.

One world government that was their hope that was their goal. Moving on a few years and we have World War II at the end of World War II. United Nations comes along in 1945 because we can never have another warlike World War II can leap how will the world survive. This organization comes along with the idea. No more war no more poverty, nothing that United Nations will fix everything. Now I just want to throw in a few more comments we could spend hours on the UN were not but I want to mention some offshoots that have come along. More recently, and that would be in again these are all efforts on the part of globalism one world agenda 2030 came along. September 2015. The UN launches a new universal agenda for humanity.

It will end global poverty. Again, see the idea of one world is we get rid of all problems.

We have one ruler we have one central government all the world's problems go away universal healthcare, gender equality, which is now of course the rage solve all of humanity's problems.

This is agenda 30. This is part of the United Nations.

This came along as recently as 2015. It could bring about utopia.

Mankind can't bring about anything that works. Only Jesus Christ can do that and they shut him out another angle here is sustainable development part of the United Nations part of agenda 2030 for sustainable development. This is more recent. The organization founded 1945, but these goals these sustainable development, etc. 2030 agenda 21. These are in the last 10 years. That mindset is let's have one world that will solve all of our problems.

The game changer was the United Nations sustainable development Summit 2015 again the idea is let's get everybody out of the suburbs move them into downtown. Give them an apartment at 300 ft. get rid of your car. This is the goal of organizations and the sustainable development, 2015, and a dozen assorted offshoots of this. None of it will work but again they keep coming up with schemes. They keep coming up with ideas that will fix the earth and make it absolutely perfect for going through some organizations that have been trying to create one world, the Bilderberg's came along in 1954 the European Union was birthed out of the Bilderberg and their goal was global government there open about its they meet.

To this day.

They want one world system. They want the antichrist system in 1968, the club of Rome came along divide the world into 10 regions of the world of prophecy got excited because they thought well is this perhaps the 10 kingdoms talked about in the book of Daniel. I don't think so, but nonetheless club of Rome came along 1968. Their hope and goal was that the world could be 11 government. One ruler.

All of this. It goes back to Babylon. Remember they been trying for 5000 years and they come up with one scheme after another, of course, none of them will work 1973, trilateral commission, we have David Rockefeller back in the picture again. Not that he ever left and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

They came up with this trilateral that this cooperation between North America and Western Europe and Japan, but the goal is one world one world single government with David Rockefeller involved, why would not be all about one world they never give up. They keep trying.

Just a good word here about representative Larry McDonald back in the 1970s, he kinda got wind of all of this he began to realize there really was a conspiracy at the legitimate word here. There really was a conspiracy and he came out and he said this, he said the drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one world government, combining super capitalism and communism under the same 10, all under their control.

Do I mean conspiracy. Yes, I do and I'm convinced there is such a plot international in scope.

Generations old in planning an incredibly evil in intent. This man nailed it, and in 1983.

His plane was literally shot out of the sky killed hundreds of other passengers and his wife said he was going to within days reveal this kind of a globalist scheme. Somebody got to him shot the plane out of the sky and killed hundreds along with him in 1983 they don't want this plan revealed even though it's kind of hidden in plain view there pretty open about it but some people like this McDonald was very very blunt about it though. I mean international in scope.

Generations old and planning. It's incredibly evil in intent and he pointed to the Rockefeller Empire going back to the 70s, Henry Kissinger, the New World order cannot happen without US participation. Yes, there will be a new world order and it will force the US to change its perceptions. They keep using the term New World order sounds conspiratorial. I didn't make it up. They've used this for centuries will go to see how many more in modern times are using again.

David Rockefeller is still in the picture in the 90s. He said, and 91. The world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards world government. The passion here at least of the Rockefellers and Soros so many others that follow is lockstep with them is one world one government, one single ruler one world currency, one person in charge of it all.

Now Rockefeller said in 2003 still on.

David says that he recently passed away in the last five years. He said in 03. He said some even believe we belong to a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family is internationalist and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure, one world, if you will, and if that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I'm proud of it. So he openly admits the Rockefeller Empire here openly admits that at least he is one of the more contemporary representatives of the family passed on now to others in the Rockefeller Empire that they are proud of the fact that they want a global political and economic structure. Mr. New World order himself, George Herbert Walker Bush.

It's a big idea.

A new world order. Only the United States is both the moral standing and the means to back it up. He was one of the most enthusiastic promoters of the one world system of a one world government of one world everything he thought and he said in one of his speeches. The United Nations headed up and he went on to say that with the UN in charge were going to have heaven on earth.

Basically that was the start of the mantra of George Herbert Walker Bush. One of the arch globalists of modern times for short. In a message like this.

I can't leave out the Vatican because it plays such a huge role in Pope Francis E calls for a new global political authority to save humanity.

It's always the sky is falling some kind of tragedy is going to happen and I'm going to show you how they're going to use the environmental movement in just a minute. Pope Francis has been one of the most vocal calling for in order to save humanity. We have to have this one world government. This New World order system.

Pope Francis calls for one world government attacks border walls and national sovereignty is the globalists globalist. He really is. I believe a pope will very likely be a false prophet is spoken of in the book of Revelation, whether it's him more a successor of his by the way, he says in this article, Pope Francis made a strong new push for globalism calling for supranational legally constituted body to enforce you and sustainable development goals and implement climate change policies. He goes on to say that when a supernatural common good is clearly identified. There is a need for ace special legally constituted authority capable of facilitating the implementation he wants one person to implement this whole plan and think it's him, but he's really calling for the antichrist, whether he knows that or not. I have no idea he's called the Vicar of the New World order. That's kind of just a little catchphrase that he's been given. People have caught on that he's the arch globalists probably on the planet today. He really is.

Along with this fellow globalist and chief George Soros. He says the main obstacle to a stable and to adjust world order is the United States. So George Soros going back to when he was 14 years old.

He was in the Holocaust, but he was eating the Nazis at the time, even though he's Jewish so he's got kind of a checkered history and with his billions. He's able to actually throw entire governments around the world and then so take control of the currency, but he's globalist and chief. He, along with the Rockefellers and a few others I think have been the primary movers and shakers for this kingdom that's trying to be birthed and will be eventually globalist billionaire cabal and I recently kind of talked about this on air when I actually had Michelle Bachmann on air with me recently and she referred to this globalism billionaire cabal.

They have incredible power and they do want the world to be one. Whether it's Bill Gates, Jeff Guizot's George Soros, Jeff Zuckerberg. There are more belong to this billionaire cabal that they get one thing in mind that the world would be one that the world would be 11 ruler one Empire, one government, one world everything. When you've got the billionaires behind the scheme is going to happen eventually all of you informed perspective that such a short throw websites followed that's all call a second time at 763-559-4440 476-559-4444 male would you like to all three ministries of John Martel +1452 disorder 553111452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 551.

All gifts are taxed more with John Marco we are carrying a mirror's are Fadi's new book the day approaching Israelis message reported hope lasted. The book looks the plans of the world.

The church is real for you. As we look at the turmoil of our times know many are asking if we are brought out very last of the last day of tribulation events are casting a shadow of the church is we have global events including locus plagues, pestilence and battle disasters are of biblical proportion God be sending warning signs to both the world and the church in the Bible Jesus spoke about the signs. It would make it clear his return is near. Learn what those are, how they are evident is a native Israeli believer nurse are Fadi has a distinct perspective that we biblical history and current events in Bible prophecy together to shine the light of the mysteries about the last days wanted to schedule a book that our online store all of all of traduced outdoor in our printed newsletter or call her several times 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. The right kind of world government is on the horizon. Some other things have to happen first. All the millennial reign of Jesus Christ and that person that all of these conspirators have left out.

Since Babylon God. We know how busy we offer alternate ways of listening to our program. If you miss the radio. If you are visual, watch the program on our YouTube channel news or at light podcast on our website. All all of or at one place.all sign up for the one place that probably have the program downloaded every Saturday morning. John Marco now I want to say just a word here about the border situation.

We've seen Europe come undone because of immigration issues is literally this is what's tearing the world apart border issues.

It's what got Donald take from elected in 2016 and will wall ever be built. I canna doubt it because the powerful globalists are not going to allow it because walls don't allow the world to become one very simply, but let's look at that for just a minute. This was an article I happened to see 10 reasons globalist elites won't let Trump built the wall and protect America's national security.

Indeed, it's the globalist Empire that is preventing and trying to discourage wall supporters everywhere, even though they work Israel perfect example of how they work, but let's just take a look when you see these migrants trying to enter the United States.

Don't you wonder just how some of their basic human needs are being taken care of food, medicine, things like that. Somebody scattered in meeting their needs are there be casualties thousands along the way well alongside you can see there are indeed those that are participating with this. It's a scheme you look into it a little bit more deeply and you find out that it is the United Nations.

The United Nations wants no walls no borders. They want the world to be oneself. The UN refugee agency and UNICEF along with those that are coming from Central America into America totally destabilizing the United States completely with immigration problems all by designed to weaken us so that we will fall eventually into the one world system so it's the United Nations that's a part of this and then UN is directly assisting the erosion of our sovereignty at the border.

Why are we still funding it, and that's been the question. I think of the hour for probably decades. Why do we still funded the whole border crisis is so contemporary and it's urgent and it's playing into this scheme of the one world others because they want no borders, no walls anywhere, Barack Obama, chief globalists, the world is more interconnected than ever before and it's becoming more connected every day.

Building walls won't change that. In a sense, some truth to that building walls actually will change a whole lot. It makes people safe.

But the globalist of care they don't care if people are safe. They do not care. They just want the world to be one or preparing the world for the antichrist and his kingdom, then an extra minute here if I could on the environmental movement and I'm going to use the term and I use it cautiously, but the environmental movement. Those in leadership anyway and become the useful idiots of the globalist agenda not not saying we should not be taking care of the environment. We should. The Bible tells us to, but not the way these people are trying to go about it. When Mikhail Gorbachev stepped down from leadership some decades ago. Now he's immediately form an environmental group and that would've been the green cross and he said the threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster he that will unlock the new world order. He said that back in the 90s so he formed the green cross and he knew that the environmental agenda. Pollution knows no borders. So let's have no borders. So this is globalists ran into the heart of the environmental agenda.

Can a one world government protect our plan.

Remember, if we don't get our climate undercontrol will all fry in the plan will be completely destroyed and is a recent politician has said within 10 to 12 years which is of course nonsense because who controls the climate. Only God controls the climate, but they are useful tools. Environmentalists, they never give up. In 2000, came the Earth charter was all about environmentalism. The sacred Earth. It was again the environmental type scheme for global government pushed by Maurice Strong, Mikhail Gorbachev and Stephen Rockefeller.

So the Rockefeller name still active in their using the environmental movement to try to bring about global government in the year 2001, that Earth charter environmental Earth charter was put into the ark of hope will borders that look like that's the parody here on the ark of the covenant which Indiana Jones tried to find in that movie in the 1980s so the Earth charter love 2000 was put into the ark of hope in 2001.

This is all environmentalists nonsense, but nonetheless that's the tool they're trying to use. In other words, if we don't save the planet through the environmental movement. All of us will die here as Alexander occasional Cortez says in 10 to 12 years.

Seven in 10 Brits support world government to protect humanity from global catastrophes. That's the mantra of those behind this movement if we don't have world government were going to have some kind of catastrophe.

Now the options there are many wars lots of other things. But right now they're all looking at environment as being the catastrophe that will destroy the world that only global government, one world system can save antichrist system is the only thing that can fix the world. This was just on Breitbart UN humans could cause extinction of 1 million species globalism will fix that they keep saying mankind can stop the destruction through transformative change that could translate into globalism replacing national sovereignty and Nation's self-determination so only globalism can save the planet and that's been their message now for a lot of years. The whole environmental agenda goes back to the early 1970s and Earth Day goes before that, but it became organized in the early 1970s, and they have not let up. Al Gore came along and tapped into it. Inconvenient truth, which was an inconvenient lie to then they have the Paris climate meeting back in 2016 Summer of 2016 and Donald from polls out of the Paris climate agreement and that's when he said to the whole world when he pulled out of this climate agreement. He said I have to look out for Pittsburgh and not Paris. In other words, nationalist folks, I'm not interested in all the problems around the world. I am interested in solving the problems of America because again is a nationalist not globalist again a terrible monkeywrench thrown into the plans of the globalists. The one world others Donald Trump, I believe there's been sort of a longing for a man with a plan is what I call it a Mr. fix-it to come along and fix the world's problems going all the way back Arnold Toynbee, British historian, the nations of the world are ready to give the Ingham of the world to any one man who will offer us a solution to the world. Problem any one man.

While there is one man on the horizon.

We don't know his name's role is that of the antichrist and all of these people are trying to get his kingdom felt but God keeps saying out time is right. It's one thing the church is still here.

So as long as the churches. Can't antichrist another Paul Henry Spock going back in 1957 NATO what we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the alliance of all people and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking now listen send us such a man and be he, God or the devil will receive him all the way back to the 1950s and before that Arnold Toynbee way before that saying we need a man we need one man ought always be. If he's got the solution to the problems that's all we need is one man be a goner devil will Reese and they will.

The world will receive him. Once the church is gone. World receives the antichrist who then implements this one world agenda, but not until the church is gone now. I want to spend just a moment this happened. This summer of 26 Dean, I want to spend the extra minute on it is so significant.

What happened in Europe in 2016.

It was the dedication of the Gotthard-based tunnel was a ceremony was an eight hour ceremony and what makes it significant is it was a globalists ceremony linking of a tunnel that went from various countries of Chile a map and featured the foam at the foam. It is the symbol of Satan.

This wasn't eight hour globalists ceremony but it was also satanic. I said at the beginning. These people are very dark there serving the antichrist kingdom they would have to be dark. This was an eight hour sort of a choreographed program that was available on YouTube. I watched all of it. It was shocking. It was stunning. This was the tunnel that went under a mountain. It was a 35 mile underground train that connected various countries eight hours of choreographed nonsense, but when you really studied it. It was a celebration of Satan.

Okay you said so what that's going on all the time, yes, but at this ceremony were many, many European leaders. Some of them right here they were at the ceremony they were cheering and on. They loved it. I don't know if they understood what they were watching. It was so bizarre that when you have a fulfillment marching around the whole ceremony which is the symbol of Satan. I would think you figure out this is a very dark ceremony and that you got world leaders who wars celebrating because again these European leaders feel that, however, it comes about. Doesn't matter if the phone that brings in about that's fine.

We gotta have one world and so they participated in an eight hour choreographed sort of the drama that took all day long all of it on YouTube it, which is shocking because it was so dark but the world leaders love that they celebrated it part of the ceremony. This is the only picture I could find very dark was the celebrating of a slain lamb. They were celebrating the death of Jesus Christ because he's the one who comes against this kind of darkness. Somebody grabbed the picture of that woman carrying a slain lamb and not the way Christians would like at the Lamb of God who slain for the sins of the world.

They are celebrating the fact that these dark forces are trying to take over and triumph over the slain lamb. Again, this is an eight hour ceremony. It was all about global government was all about one world and the significance is European leaders and their sharing it on cheering and on why Europe is so dark why Europe is hopelessly dark and will never again be any kind of a light if you join me late this week. I'm actually replaying my DVD teaching hidden in plain view.

The new world order in Bible prophecy is complemented by almost 100 PowerPoint slides in our schools brainwashing the kids creating global thinkers for a global world handed out in schools here very recently. This one, dated 2018 and 2019. Let's educate the kids, let's get them thinking like this. Let's get them thinking about the good things involved when it comes to one world single ruler, etc. want to spend just an extra minute. Some of you who are following contemporary music, secular would know of Celine Dion very famous singer out of Canada.

Celine is a new world order yell she's come up with a clothing line.

She didn't design it a couple of Israeli women designed the clothing line. She's demoting it. Her new world order clothing line.

She's got you can see infants and toddlers here are the goal of bringing into the New World order infants and toddlers, and although figure get them young, with gender neutral kids clothing again very dark. Just a few more pictures to show you her intent in this is representative of the entertainment world and their thinking about globalism and one world they wanted and they wanted badly member here.

This is part of their promotion. The all seeing eye on the hand of this little girl being indoctrinated into this concept of globalism a little probably a five-year-old girl here and then if you go to Celine's website about this clothing line its new new new.

And this is what you look at now, why would this be the homepage of a website featuring children's clothing very, very dark.

Let's get the little kids indoctrinated into this as young as possible. Celine Dion launches illuminati asked gender-neutral clothing line and then somebody said this agenda behind Celine Dion's gender-neutral children's clothing line is satanic. It is definitely satanic. There is a mind behind it and organize mindset we see the foam it in here again a little child.

The agenda of the one world others is to propagandize infants and toddlers for Pete's ethics and silt. Celine Dion is behind it is is popular singer.

She knows what she's doing. She knows exactly what she's doing. Again, the pentagram starts on the clothing. It's just dark. That's all insane and I think it's sort of crosses a line when you start targeting two and three-year-olds, but this is again the globalists, the globalist agenda.

Now they spell out their agenda on the Georgia guide stones in Georgia. There, they called for the population under 500 million return the one language. Let's go back to Babylon didn't work.

Let's try again. A new 10 Commandments, so this is what the globalists have. This is the monument in Georgia Georgia guide stones. They have it all spelled out on the Georgia guide stones. It's their plan for the one world system. The plan for the antichrist system.

It's on the monument there in Georgia so they're very open about it. Remember David Rockefeller said in my thinking about a one world system. Yeah I am. I'm proud of it. So these people keep in mind they are proud of their idea. Some of them will say well it's gonna solve all the worlds problems. That's why were proud of it. I think most of them are proud of it because it's so dark and they are very dark people in their serving a very dark Savior. This just happened in 2019. The world government summits. This was in Abu Dhabi I believe.

What was interesting about this world government summits is that this was on the outside of the summit New World order forming under pagan temple of bail arts may spend just extra minute on the art of bail or the arch of Palmyra which is right there.

Isis destroyed the temple of bail remnants of it in 2015 and this arch of Palmyra was a part of that sale system that was in Syria. This is a replica. It's a 6 ton replica so it's not a piece of plastic so this replica of the arch of bail which was total paganism and totally dark. That replica has gone all around the world was in New York. It was in Washington DC in 2018 and it was right outside where they were meeting for world governments in 2019.

The arch of bail.

The New World order forming under pagan temple of bail arch breaking Israel news that's their commentary, not mine on the mind of even in the Arab world, so maybe they think their money is going to be in charge of it. But this was in the Arab world, and it was kind of a globalists convention back in early 2019, bringing it up to again some of the newer members of Congress. We all are hearing about the green new deal which is a globalists plan to destroy American sovereignty. It's a radical globalists plan that would frankly destroy society.

It's nothing new. It's not a green new deal. It actually comes out of the green new deal was plagiarized from 09 United Nations environment program.

In other words AOC didn't come up with a new idea. It's an old idea 10 years, 11 years old, going back to rethinking the economic recovery, a global green new deal goes back to 2009. It would indeed undo the entire world.

If it were to be implemented but it is a globalist one world plan.

Russia just came out and said a new world order is being formed Russian Foreign Minister lab.

Rob declared today that Western liberal model of society is dying and a new world order is taking its place.

So again this term New World order. It's been around for several thousand years is nothing more nothing less then the antichrist kingdom outlined in Revelation 13's also referenced in Daniel. Daniel 11 other parts of Revelation. It's the coming one world antichrist kingdom the seeds of destruction are built into it.

One world apart from God is not God's will, Jesus Christ must rule. So whether or not it is Babylon won't work. Whether or not it is the United Nations. It won't work.

Whether it's agenda 21 agenda 2030 won't work, it's man's idea man's plan. Whether it's the green new deal that won't work is not God's idea, all will fail all of the various efforts that I've outlined and I've left out plenty because it would take hours and hours and hours to go over the entire scheme going back to Babylon to the present.

All the schemes they will all fail because the Lord Jesus Christ is not included in any of them. It won't work. Some obvious reasons mankind has a corrupt heart is a very dark heart mankind will promise peace that he cannot produce mankind will promise all sorts of things he can produce and evil people are the architects and that's what I warned you love.

From the very beginning of this reason, Tatian is a very dark and very evil people are trying to implement all of this and because of that there is no way it's ever going to work.

It's is simply not going to work. David Rockefeller said all we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World order get David Rockefeller, probably the primary player since the 1920s passed away recently.

The major player some others as well, but he is the most influential so what would be the major crisis that could bring this about. I think there are several options.

I think one of those options could be some sort of a global financial catastrophe would easily bring about global government could be a terror related event. What if there were 911 is going off in two dozen cities of the world the same time people would be so terrified. They'd say We need a single government to control this. It could be weather-related again could be environmental it could be World War III. Maybe that's on the horizon and major type of a global war would certainly just as World War I because the league of Nations, World War II, the United Nations, because world wars verify the entire world so World War III could bring about global government, but I maintain it's one event that will bring about believers know what as the rapture of the church when the rapture of the church takes place to be any day. Of course with the church gone the world in complete chaos with millions and millions of people suddenly disappear completely gone. Children small children not of an accountable age missing. Perhaps parents left behind terrified what's happened. Others who have lost loved ones.

The world will be in complete chaos and they will say we need a Savior we need someone to have order out of this chaos that is just happened. Besides, they may not know what happened, they just know that planes are crashing and cars are crashing and people are missing and I maintain that it is in the Bible indicates it will be the rapture that then brings on the new world order that they have been striving for.

This is it that goes by various names.

The time of Jacob's trouble. Daniel 70th week.

It's known as the tribulation. This seven year period from which the church is absent is Wesley globalist had been striving to create for 5000 years since Babylon. This is it seven wonderful years of hell on earth that they do get their seven year of global government.

They get it they finally get their paradise doesn't work very well.

According to the Bible as a matter fact people will be praying the mountains fall on them to kill them. It will be so horrific is why God spares the church from this ordeal.

But this is the globalist utopia. This is what evil mankind has produced after 5000 years of trying every organization, every even children's clothing for Pete's sake. All of this trying to implement a global system and this is all they can come up with because God been left out. Jesus Christ is left out and because he is left out. This is all they can come up with its known as the tribulation or the time of Jacob's trouble. Daniel's 70th week is the globalist utopia. Let's look at just a couple of Bible verses here as we close. Why did the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain. The kings of the earth set themselves in the rulers take counsel together against his anointed, saying, let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their boards from us.

Here's the key. He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord holds them in derision. God is in the heavens, laughing at these fools that we just looked at.

He holds them in derision, then he will speak to them in his wrath and terrify them in his fury, saying as for me, I have set my king on Zion, my holy hill. He's going to disestablish his global empire in Zion in his holy hill in Israel. Ephesians 612.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against the wickedness in high places, so we're not really battling the flu yes is David Rockefeller and is George Soros. Since these earthly people, but it's the principalities and the powers that are motivating them to think that they can create paradise without God impossible. It's so impossible that every effort ends in known many us defeat, and ultimately the tribulation one more verse your friend, not yourselves because of evildoers, not envious of the wrongdoers, for they will soon fade like the grass whether like the green herbs of these evil men who have been plotting and scheming for 5000 years were not to fret over these evildoers, or be envious of them there going with her. Like the grass and what's gonna come on the scene at world governments coming thankfully is coming. It's coming. The right kind of world government the right kind of world government is on the horizon. Some other things have to happen first. But it's called the millennial reign of Christ that the person that all of these conspirators have left out.

Since Babylon got Jesus Christ sets up his kingdom of earthly perfect global government out of Jerusalem for the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ and even animal kingdom finally settles down and they're not attacking one another one of Gloria's time, it finally works he hoped his teaching has been helpful. You can find the DVD hidden in plain view. The New World order in Bible prophecy in my online store olive tree olive tree or call my office central time and only just wrap it up by saying no system that is godless has been successful or ever will be successful in establishing global government, the God of the universe must be in charge and that will happen during the millennium. Thanks for listening.

Will talk to you next week. Once again offered biblical perspective to our times.

One world system is on the horizon follows a terrible souvenir.

Notice of tribulation churches absent following that is the glorious moment will discover William new heavens and new earth.

World name Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior today and enjoy eternity with us all a simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 writers through our website. All of our home.always you everything this

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