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When Tyranny Masquerades as Safety

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 30, 2020 8:00 am

When Tyranny Masquerades as Safety

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 30, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell visits with two pastors: Jack Hibbs and Mark Henry. When despair is in the air, we need our churches. Yet tyranny has entered the church via government demands and restrictions. How far do we let this go before we push back? Or is our love for safety and security trumping everything?

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How is that marijuana shops are essential, but churches are not essential. I find it very in appropriate I can go to the grocery store and buy a loaf of bread with all kinds of other people.

I can go to the hardware store and buy supplies for my home maintenance, but I cannot go to a church welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel brought to you by all of three ministries today.

Jan visits with two pastors who are saying let my people worship they want to open their churches in states that have closed them down. Is this even constitutional. Jan talks to Pastor Jack Hibbs in California and Pastor Mark Henry in Minnesota. Here is today's program today. I am identifying houses of worship, church or synagogue and mosques is essential.

Places that provide essential services. Some governors have deemed the liquor stores and abortion clinics is essential, but of left out churches and other houses of worship*right some correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential. I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now, and welcome to the program only say right up front here that the situation with regard to our churches. Opening obviously is in process.

Many red states have open and many blue states have even open all are mandated with restrictions such as a small percentage of their members and attendees. No singing, etc. thankfully president from back on Friday, May 22 gave a mandate to the governors across America two well let's just say stop the insanity of blocking houses of worship and prayer from opening when our country needs prayer more than ever, various supreme courts have entered this battle United States Supreme Court has been involved this past week but let me say here that does not mean that this battle is over. It is not over what happens at the next pandemic should that be this fall. The goal of the progressive left is clear, shut down all that is godly.

This is the new American folks, this is the new America. The fundamental transformation of America and at a time when quite frankly, suicide, domestic abuse, drug abuse, and more.

It's all time high. When despair is in the air. We need our churches, people need to be with other believers. They need prayer. They need encouragement they need to be with the church family. Online services are not the solution when we're in an age of despair because of unwarranted quarantines and shutdowns and the loss of family businesses and businesses of a lifetime. Now many churches are open with again unlimited attendance.

So what we saw, March through May. Quite frankly, I believe, was a test run and will reappear in the battle has just begun the left want you to worship government and many pastors and church leaders have said enough will do it our way will do it God's way. If Costco is essential that our churches are more than essential.

So as I said is this program is airing various states are at various levels of the opening process even with the Supreme Court intervention expect progressives to still push back in the future. Expect tyranny masquerading as safety to rear its ugly head again this battle is not over. Churches are in the First Amendment was free exercise of religion were going to look at that today I'm going to bring on two pastors both familiar to you before I do that I want to play one more clip of Matz Tabor Liberty Counsel. He's been in the forefront of the fight for our churches now for three months. Here's Matt Stever. They were said that churches should've always been considered essential because they do more than just offer a message. He added that since stay-at-home orders were issued has been increase in domestic violence Child abuse and suicides. Many churches do more than just music and a message which you cannot just simply turn off the lights and go to a podcast. Many churches are so essential they feed people they counsel people. They provide respite, a place of refuge when the doors of the church is closed. Many of them that we represent the people go hungry, they have no counsel Stever said going forward they hope to encourage state leaders to abide by the Constitution's protection of religious freedom when they evoke emergency declarations, while government never had the authority to do what it has done to churches anyway.

Everyone counted walked into this because I said was only two weeks will two weeks is turned into two months, and for some three months and for some there even look at a possibly longer. Churches have a First Amendment right to exist. Home Depot the other stores. They have no constitutional right to exist, but churches do those rights don't go away. There's no pause button on the Bill of Rights or any portion of the Constitution, even during a pandemic or any other crisis so we have the battle of the ages. Certainly the religious liberty battle of the ages going on for religious freedom and the president with his announcement back on May 22 helped us enormously.

But the battle is not over.

As a matter fact as I speak. There are governors there are mayors. Frankly, the Samara my hometown Minneapolis who says he's going to push back against anything the president says even against what the Supreme Court of America says he's going to push back and put massive restrictions on churches to help me sort this all out. I want to bring on two pastors you are familiar with them. Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California, and Pastor Mark Henry revived church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities.

Thank you both for coming. Let me start with you, Jack will go to rapidfire here, you have made some national headlines Jack that you have a mega church. I've had the privilege of ministering there twice and I love your people, and I understand your people are pumped your opening May 31, why did you pick that date. Talk to me a little bit about love having the opportunity Jan to explain the answer to that and I really mean that I want to ensure that everybody understands I'm not speaking Christian.

These what I say when the shutdown happened the first 15 days of my little remember back president Trump asked the nation so nicely. You can refuse it. You could tell it pained him to ask the nation to shut down unprecedented move. Never before in American history we comply fully, completely then he remember he came back and said the numbers are not flattening out. Can you give me 15 more days at the end of those 30 days on his part. Wisely he gave tip of the hat to states rights, which means governors control from that time on market. I've been under the leadership of our governors, whatever that may be.

During that time I have completely complied with the lack of leadership from Sacramento.

Another words Gavin Newsom went out of his way to avoid the church and all of its phases, he would not recognize the church.

So much so that when pressed, when can churches open up.

He said anywhere from 3 to 6 months from now, which when he made that statement. Jan if he same 3 to 6 months from now were to be right back in the next flu season straight Southern California which means no one can open up again and he'll just kick the can church down the road. He's avoided the church. It's his nature. We know who we as we know him well.

It is even claimed to have a spiritual life whatsoever. And frankly, the church has held Gavin Newsom accountable you selected.

So from the beginning. I began praying I changed my teaching, I changed my personal private time to seek the book of Ezra in the book of Nehemiah. During that time of prayer. I didn't even know this gem. But on April 26 in the early morning hours. I have the date impressed upon my mind like a rock falling out of the sky May 31. It wasn't until about a week later that I found out on the calendar was Pentecost Sunday and got confirmed to me all along the way so pick up the staff together and we started prayerfully making plans. I didn't know that when I made an announcement that we were going to meet again on May 31. I had no idea that there would be some thousands of pastors in say will meet with you to up and down the state of California who have over 3000 with you. I believe that's pastors that it's correct and let me clarify here that Gov. Newsom has relented somewhat blunt with very limited attendance that he has approved of and I think in his mind. Faith remains. I need essential. Quite frankly, I think to most in the left face is an inconvenience, let me just throw the ball into Mark Henry's court we get two different states for California and Minnesota.

In a sense there's no difference between them politically, but in a sense, there is because Minnesota's governor has back down you actually kinda predicted that could happen marked with massive restrictions on churches in our area and as I said a minute ago. The mayor of Minneapolis.

I don't know how this will play out, but the mayor of Minneapolis came out and said no matter what happens, the mayor of Minneapolis will push back against everything and anything to keep the churches close.

I don't know how that's can play out, but Mark talked to us about your plans. Definitely the governor here has been more supportive and actually interacting with us for several weeks now.

We are anticipating what different scenario and story the same time we have a Muslim Atty. Gen. we do and that makes things really complex because currently, the law gives him a lot of authority, the Atty. Gen. United States is been pushing back over the last several weeks on that which is very important. A number of lawsuits been filed against the governor and against state of Minnesota five churches gone from state courts is also in federal court now was a lot of things happy a lot of dynamics happening, but you will be open 7849 W. Broadway Ave., Brooklyn Park, revived church Karen Lord willing, I would prefer the rapture but and I would have had and then it's possible it's very possible, Jack.

You told me here privately and not can reveal anything here other than you said to me as we were just ready to record. You do have some pushback coming from your fellow brethren what's going on. I guess I should qualify by saying our church as large as you said and it is to engage the culture.

Since its inception in 1990. Having said that, the world knows where were at the world knows their position on things.

We got no pushback from quote the world. The pushback hasn't even been from Christians. I've been inundated with letters of pro and con, and like anything in life you guys. You know, for every hundred letters of pro you get one letter of con and it feels like an army screaming attribute, as it may, I was shocked to hear from pastors rebuking me accusing me of being negligent of not being submissive to the authorities that be what am I going to do when congregants die of Covidien. As we've met all of this tactic that quite frankly again I was already ready for wasn't aware that I was ready for it, but I wasn't studying through Ezra Nehemiah. I was able to answer those critics and MSA to change their minor comfort of them, but I had a biblical answer from the Scriptures regarding pastors. Frankly, some pastors I didn't even know they were so angry that we were opening our doors. I couldn't put it together.

Why would they be angry there in Sacramento. Why would he be angry at me I'm 600 miles away from them. I just think Jan that there's a spiritual I think God is calling us pastors to open up the doors and maybe some are not listening or not willing I don't know the figures. A great example on your program. I know you got Pastor Mark hearing from God to open up in June and I'm hearing from God to open up and made the date is irrelevant. It's that pastors hearts are to open up the church and I do want to speak for Mark.

I didn't have the theology of closing the church in the first place. I studied the bubonic plague in the church.

I studied the Spanish flu in the church.

I studied all the epics of when the world is going through pandemics.

This the first time in the history of man, that the church close down and not only that, worldwide, worldwide, that's what makes it very catering its worldwide. It's not a medical issue when you look at it that way.

There's a spiritual issue in play as well. I agree and I went to the blonde.

I'm just going to call this tyranny in the name health, safety, leftists have had a taste of power and they become addicted to and I'm can say this again to I may emphasize this one more time before the end of the program, folks. If you think this battle is over.

And if you think the church has won this round.

Understand that this battle is not over, I believe, quite frankly, it was just a trial run for those who want more control. It will resurface and I'm aware that as I speak.

Many, many churches have reopened, although again with severe restrictions. Churches are often not even now allowed to saying me to ask how many restrictions are there at Home Depot or Walmart. Other than wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart. Yet the church, though many are now open and have been shackled and put in chains ordered by mayors and governors to follow a dozen guidelines and if the Supreme Court overturns this as they very well may in the next few days expected altar resurface because the left is in love with control just grabbed a headline here at city demands churches turn over names and addresses, phone numbers, officials want information for surveillance of members. Let me read two paragraphs now.

One official is moving into extreme territory. Demanding churches provide him with names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who shows up to worship the move by Quentin Lucas, the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri already is attracting the attention of Liberty counseling and that's Matt's saver, Liberty Counsel noted Kansas City is requiring that churches submit list of members and attendees along with their names, addresses and telephone numbers to city officials for their very blunt about it for tracking and surveillance purposes. One more paragraph I'm running out of adjectives to describe how completely insane and tyrannical abuses launched by state governors and local officials against pastors and churches are becoming. This is Dave are saying in a newsletter. It is as if these leaders never bothered to so much as a glance at the Constitution. They swore to uphold and defend. They seem to be governing from some make-believe dystopian viewpoint.

The new order states that by recording names and contact information. The health department will be able to more quickly trace test and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to coven 19 this is over an illness that it affects 567 people out of 100,000 Max and yet the whole world has been altered as a result, Mark.

I think there's some anti-significance going on and this is almost lunacy to have the whole world disrupted not they were not saying it is in serious illness. We know folks who actually succumb to it, but nonetheless of the ratio is 567 deaths per 100,000. And yet the whole world to stop you what I've talked about this over the years and people laughed at us reading Revelation 13 and how there's gonna be this global government how they can have the surveillance and how to control food and movement of people you not been laughed at and I'm just sitting here laughing almost we told you this was coming.

We should not be surprised should not be surprised at the world hates the church. Jesus says that in the upper room discourse. Don't be surprised that he did me is going to hate you.

We shouldn't be surprised that the idolatry of security is destroying America. We love our security and were willing to give up right after right after right for security when you have an idol, it will destroy you for living the consequences of our idolatry. Well said Pastor Jack Hibbs.

Let's just talk for a moment or two month talk. Both of you Bennett starting with you, Jack.

I'm sure with some of what you're kind of being hit with would be well what about Romans 13 couple versus here every person's B's objection to the governing authorities. There is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God and those who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.

For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority do what is good and you will have praise from the same Jack talk to us just a little bit about how you are handling the Romans 13 were all concerned about being biblical and what were doing here, particularly in the issue that were talking about.

And yet, throughout history, we find Christians interrupting the evildoers even though they are pursuing righteousness as in this coven case we are trying to pursue righteousness, but right now I think were seen as the evildoers if were coming against the government Number one. A lot of people like to read first portion of Romans 13 starting at verse one they don't read through what you just read through number one it tells you right there in the Scripture that does authorities that be are appointed by God to maintain or to establish or to keep righteousness. Notice that if you push against them, you're pushing against the very will of God because he's establish them. Here's the qualifier they're doing righteousness. The word righteousness means doing the right thing. So, for example, whatever anyone's opinion of Donald Trump's is irrelevant when Donald Trump preserves the life of the unborn child, what is that it's doing righteousness that is the word define illness. And here's the important thing. We have obeyed the federal government with Trump's request 100% then we obeyed our governors, months, months, and long stay at home orders we obeyed. Now the time is come to obeyed not only God, because the system of California is proving to be unrighteous.

They can't answer a sinner questioning when we ask them.

They won't give us an answer when we say like Mark said a moment ago.

We want to reach out to them to the community regarding suicide. None of you can with somebody's dying and they call, please confess to go to the hospital.

We can't go in. They've gone overboard. And here's the bottom line for me.

I cannot be accused of Romans 13 when I'm fully submitted to the County and the city that our church resides 100% committed to totally submitted to the right because they have maintained the defense of righteousness our county and our city, our state hasn't butter local powers have and then keep this in mind if you go back to World War II. Hitler told the churches all logical and reasonable explanations as to what they were doing and the church got on board and they cited Romans 13 truth they did.

They really did get imprint everybody you can read about it so we want to be very careful and I look at God in the eyes and can he look at me and Sajak were you submissive to the government.

Yes, Lord, hundred percent and Jack did you disobey the government when their commands were ungodly and unrighteous and it was better to obey God rather than man. Yes sir I did because dear friends and what this will be quiet if you're gonna take that approach, then those men who died on the beach in Libya and not submitting to the new jihadist authority of Isis and Libya were they in disobedience to God those believers who wouldn't stop preaching in Russia and put in Siberia were they disobedient to God. What about the Chinese and North Korean church right now that illegally mates and preachers and evangelize and baptizes people against the law. Are you telling me that they are an affront to God. Mark Henry wanted knowledge and I would add another angle to that that we also weigh in there I'm totally were Jack is. I appreciate his heart, his seal and his devotion to Jesus 100% but it is one thing we got away in in all of this and that is America is not the church in America and met all of us have been preaching this America is going to face the judgment of God, for its idolatry. One is this love for security. Another one is the killing of innocent children. Another one is the immorality.

Another one is anti-Semitism that has crept up at different places at different times we know God destroys nations because of those four things and I have warned for my 33 years of ministry America.

Be careful, don't do those four things you want to be a place of blessing. And we know that as read to the Scriptures. America does not have a major role in prophecy. I'm glad you brought that up and is going to address it.

Go ahead because if that's the case, you and I have been saying Jenna you been saying this we been saying America has to somehow start to deteriorate as far as a globetrotter, my friends, I would suggest you. This is the occasion. There is no way were to survive this economic title wave is coming.

The churches in the survived the church may be dispersed. It may be more homegrown like we see in the book of acts. The church is gonna survive until Jesus takes the church home. We see it in China and all those places that objectors mention, but keep in mind, Nebuchadnezzar was sent to judge Israel. Jeremiah the prophet was the one telling the truth.

Nebuchadnezzar is the servant of God.

It says in Jeremiah 27 and they said no.

We can accept that I would just suggest that we need weigh in carefully because we don't want to be fighting against God. If this is the judgment of God against our nation.

It will come on player one more quick click here for 250 years, Americans have enjoyed the unfettered right to practice their faith as they choose.

Now they don't happen overnight. Last month, Christians across the country were legally prohibited from celebrating Easter in their own churches, the national media barely noted it. How exactly is this happening what turns out that's not clear. Strangely, not afraid of people have asked politicians have no right to do any of this, they cannot make it illegal for people to go to religious services.

The Constitution of the United States expressly prohibits that the words could not be clearer. The First Amendment explicitly prevents government from making any law that inhibits the exercise of religious faith that sought a detail or a footnote is a cornerstone of our history and of our legal system millions of people, probably your ancestors fled to this country from around the world precisely because our Bill of Rights gave them this guarantee is why this country was founded in the moment it's gone. How Warden politicians get the authority to do this because some elderly power drunk epidemiologist told them to do it that's on our system works. It can't work that way occasionally hear someone complain about the some lonely civil libertarian will fret.

Maybe on a slippery slope toward losing our rights. If only were already there. We slid to the bottom of that slope. Our rights are gone. No one has explained how politicians are allowed to do this where's the authority come from, how can they override the Constitution. Nobody seems to care there to afraid. But if you think this moment is scary.

Consider what might come next.

Now exceeded all authority in the country to our political leaders.

What can't they do. What are the limits to their power. That's not a theoretical question its own argument over philosophy or political theory is the most practical possible question.

The answer will define where this country goes next. What can't politicians do in the name of public health as it stands, politicians won't let people worship or work or go to school or see their aging parents. They place the nation under house arrest that's happening today right now. Let's say we all get more afraid. What then what couldn't they start doing with the intern people seriously you can dismiss the possibility of that if you like but remember the just a few months ago. Most of us would have dismissed as ludicrous the possibility that propaganda spewing drones would be hovering above that we have them. So what's next, what can't they do with stroll line at some point, Mr. Jacobs Tucker Carlson seem to be saying that little two minute clip that nobody seems to care about all this because everybody so afraid and are trying to manage their fear and their letting government sort of manage their fear. Here we all get so afraid.

I think we got here by I'm speaking collectively as a nation. Mark was talking about the things that have prepared us for judgment. We've gotten to this place because of a lack of faith were conducting ourselves in a godless man or even what is called church today.

There's not much of a high view of Scripture and then comes a crisis of epic proportions and notice what happened. Even people within the quote church instantly jettisoned face. So many of them, and embraced fear, and they been crippled for theological things where at the beginning. They said wear a mask or stay 6 feet apart than a week later was wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart. Then it was this that was the other than it was when he testing that it was the year eight. All of these things and we had experts warring with experts about what it means. Which means there are no experts can't agree on it.

There's been this confusion on a global scale. There is been a never before global fear in lockstep. Mind you, as it has now we've got government officials who otherwise wouldn't have never sat down and had a meal together suddenly in unison globally regarding shutting things down and doing the very steps that would destroy culture yet but Jack why listen, I believe, why is because there is a spiritual thread of all of this because wherever there's fear and confusion and then man-made control. It speaks to the fact that God is separating as it were, the wheat from the chaff. He is exposing the wisdom of man which is of this world. The Bible says demonic in origin and the wisdom of God and this is a turning point things will never go back.

Yes I so totally agree. Things will never go back to what we once knew quite frankly us three or four months ago. Again was so thankful that Pres. Trump intervened back on Friday, May 22 stating that the various governors had to open churches and in many cases this he reluctantly did with huge restrictions going on and again as Jack has just said.

The left is in love with control. This battle is not over, folks. That's the point. The point of this hour is the battle has really just begun and I think what we've seen in the last three months is sort of a trial run for quite frankly, for Tierney talking to Pastor Jack Hibbs for the hour Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California Pastor Mark Henry Twin Cities to revive church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota on W. Broadway Ave. in Brooklyn Park, you know, when despair arises. We need the church and in Australia there are more suicide deaths than virus deaths predicted that over 50% of small businesses will not recover from what's been going on March April May, many, many churches will not recover. I've heard from several pastors there going to start looking for a new career because their church is just not gonna recover from this. They may be in a more hard-line state such as California, where Pastor Jack is had coring all of this because a lot of what's going on is just quite frankly unconstitutional. But unemployment heading to Great Depression levels and I'll say it again when despair rises and we have despair suicide, you name it. Depression, alcoholism. We need the church. And that's been the point of the first part of this program when despair rises. We need the church so were to continue this again with my in studio guest Mark Henry and on the line from Chino Hills, California where I spent the month of January and when I flew home. End of January. I had no idea what was about to break a few days later honestly happened so fast. I think it's stunned all of us have quickly it happened and now in just three months. The wreckage that has happened in just three months will continue with our discussion don't go away. More in just a minute or two we love friendly to us through our website.

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Our website including headline we are active on social media as well find us on Facebook twitter Instagram and U2 here is John Martel and her just as a rough up to what the next wave of the coronavirus is not a virus that's the wave of the coronavirus is economic implosion the United States as wealthy as it is, is now reaching the brink of bankruptcy. And we cannot continue like this. Something has to be done or else your people in your church will not be able to sustain their lives and many experts are saying that the fallout of economic collapse, starvation, homelessness, not to mention the fact of severe depression and God for bid, but the already increasing elements of suicide. Why is this happening now. I must confess my opinion is very bias.

The church has been in some respects communally. That is locally silent.

Granted, all of us are reaching more people today than we ever have on the Internet.

That's the mercy of God, but our local community has been spiritually starving, but be that as it may, are we going to open up our doors. Are we going to continue to preach the gospel.

Are we willing to obey God and get back to the business of the church will come back listening to understanding the times radio and so privileged to have two special guests with me for the hour familiar voices of Pastor Jack camps Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California mega church in the Los Angeles area in the Calvary Chapel stream and Pastor Mark Henry from revive church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota suburban Twin Cities formally Brooklyn Park Evangelical free Church nothing change Mark, but you came in you change the name you been here for years now as if I were almost 4/2 years. I have fears in the Twin Cities. Good things going on in that 7849 W. Broadway in Brooklyn Park. We were talking a little bit during the break, and I want to go down this path for just a moment or so we referred to Romans 13, we referred to the fact that we are to listen to the government. 10. Obey hits we pay our taxes for paying our taxes that support in some cases Planned Parenthood. We got some issues that we got a deal with but then came the issue of Naches, Romans 13, but how about Romans one Arlena Romans one society and mindset. Yes, if you don't know what that is looking up there's going to be a end time society we read about in second Timothy three and we read about Romans one, Mark Henry talk to me little bit about it because again it's the reprobate mind mankind is given over to debauched thinking and a reprobate mind that one sent me into the average listener when you look at passage Romans one. It describes how unrighteousness suppresses righteousness. It describes are the three movements of how man forgets God doesn't honor God as he should. And God turns him over to a sin. Three times God turns people over to their sin in the final conclusion of that they give hearty approval to what is evil, that which is right is wrong. That which is wrong is right they can't discern good from evil anymore those of the days were living in Jan you have preach this Jack you preach this.

I've been preaching this. This is where were headed. This is where were going were watching this unfold friends. The Bible is true.

God's judgment is here and I love America, we need to pray for America.

We need to be the righteousness that preserves America as long as Jesus allows, but friends when you ignore God, and you don't fear God, these are the things that come upon a nation. Pastor Jack camps you want to build on that and I don't know if I can have a fantastic market couldn't agree with you more. You can look at Romans one, as though a doctor was walk into a room with a clipboard and is going to examine you and is going to poke and is going to pull in prod and he's gonna write things down. If you look at America today and you look at Romans chapter 1 it says though Dr. Jesus has walked around us. He spoke those he's pulled he's taken in the examination and ride along there as unpopular as the culture is regarding the truth of Romans one, you can just walk through it. There's the fact that there's a suppression of truth. As Mark mentioned, there is the experts professing them to be why the Bible says that they in fact become fools. It talks about the glorification of creation rather than the honoring and the worship of the Creator and you look at all of these things in the Bible says at the end of it all, God will give them up to a reprobate mind you, she will think of that hasn't happened. It says what a reprobate mind has taken over a person or culture. They begin to exchange the use of a woman's body and a man's body in Romans one, a man with a man, a woman with a woman doing that which is ungodly and abomination. Those eyes of God, and they receive within themselves the due recompense of reward of their private acts. The Scripture says that that's basically the last manifestation before culture is destroyed. Romans one. It's 2000 years old, but it is America's health report, and it's a diagnosis of where America's going unless there is revival, unless there is a turning of the church, not the world. The church back from this brink. There's actually no hope for America but for the church. I think Satan knows that you and that's why we have such a rift in our nation today because I'm not saying Gavin Newsom is demonically possessed am not saying that but I'm saying that Gavin Newsom may ignorantly be a pond to the works of darkness that he doesn't even believe in. He's salmon against the church. The very thing that can help the community and I can almost hear people say will pester you just want Newsom to allow you guys to get back together to get your paycheck not true I have a career I can go back to biomedical engineering. I don't need this job.

This is true. The church is the pillar of truth. It is God's witness in the world hallelujah to the continue no matter what it's up to the pastors in America today, though, honestly, to determine how will the church be after this virus because no government has the authority to threaten the church that the going arrest the pastor and shut them down and they hold them in contempt of the law. No, these are cultures that are pushing against truth there actually hoping no one addresses them or stands up against their false actions because again as Paul appealed to Caesar, I appeal to the First Amendment want to play one more clip sink in the match saver Liberty Counsel and he's been representing churches here for the last three months and happened to catch him on the David Wheaton program. Quite frankly, folks, what's going on with our churches, it is illegal for very big overreach in the most restrictive states that were dealing with. From the beginning even now are states in which you have an individual at the top who doesn't respect the sanctity of human life is very radically pro-abortion. And if they don't respect life that are not in respect to freedom or your liberty.

That's really a commonality that we see no respect life. You don't respect freedom and liberty. And that's what we see happening.

There are people for several reasons. One, they have an animosity to Christianity and church are true they have very little interaction with it and from their perspective there just not essential.

So they wipe them off the map as though they don't exist yet at the same time saying that elective surgeries can't happen but you can have an elective abortion, or that you can go to the liquor store because that's an essential activity that you need to eat we could just shut that down during the pandemic of those of the kind of crazy things that are these arbitrary decisions that government is making and frankly the liquor stores the Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, all of those different places grocery store and they do not have a constitutional right to exist. Churches do and there's two clauses of the First Amendment. They give them special treatment over any other nonreligious entity and one of those is the free exercise of religion.

Government has no right to tell you that you can or can't take communion that you can have only 10 people in the 5000 seat sanctuary doesn't matter whether it's a 50 seat church, or 5000 seat church or that you can't have parking lot services. If I can give you examples of all of these things because we've been litigating with them. We been pushing back on a lot of these restrictions thanks to the president and his proclamation back on Friday, May 22 where he basically just said enough enough of this. You governors you mayors. Whoever would be in control of what the churches do in your neighborhood enough open up, and as a result many churches open on Sunday, May 24 others to be opening tomorrow May 31 of theirs are having to wait until June 7.

The reason some are awaiting is that they have to comply now with massive restrictions just to open whether it be attendance, how communion is done you can't touch the way for another words, no restrictions other than masks and 6 feet apart in Walmart, but the church now, many of them open or in the process of opening massive restrictions including some limited to just 100 attendees per camera. He says if you have no respect for life, you have no respect for freedom. I guess that some profound statement. It's absolutely right, Jan, and it goes right back to see God as the creator and you think about the declaration of independence. These truths are self-evident in the idea of being created in God's image in the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness absolutely have to have a creator God. You have to have the sanctity of life. Man being made in God's image. If you have liberty as we understand pastor Jack, I'm just heading down another alleyway here for a moment, because a lot of my listeners follow you to various online postings and now you're doing some Q&A's online which is just fantastic. I think you have a good response to that as well onto well over 100 or 200,000 viewers each program.

The best way to log on to that kind of programming is real life. The check hymns or can they do that through Calvary Chapel Chino Hills as well.

Ever Chapel Chino Hills, I can just Google that can actually Google my name there's various platforms were all of those things error. So, yes, Mark Henry, you are putting a lot on Facebook lives in my right correct in your reviews at medium in the Lords open the doors and reach a lot of pokey reaching a lot of thugs away, perhaps more so than ever in your career in the life of this church or church or was started in 1958 I believe it is were reaching more people now than at any other time I want to read a paragraph from David Jeremiah. It's under an article titled the great quarantine revival. Jeremiah says I've been doing church doing preaching for 50 years over I'm all over the media and I've never had anything like that happen ever. What I rather have the 15,000 that we have on Easter sitting in the church with her choir and orchestra and Easter lilies and everybody cheering and praising yeah I'd rather have that but this is a new and different thing that God is doing its unprecedented then he concludes on Easter Sunday.

They reached a staggering 90,000 people who tuned into his online worship. He says I'm preaching right now to more people than I've ever preached in my life, adding that after the service he gave viewers the opportunity to receive Christ, and according to Jeremiah over 600 people click that button. Some will complain will you don't just click a button that's not the point. The point is, people are hearing and responding to the gospel in mega ways at least numbers wise Jack you're experiencing the same thing. Doctorate-is a good friend of ours. He had reminded me just recently said Jack and I'm driving right now here in Virginia and I'm listening to the radio in your program is on coupled with the fact that you have to be in serious XM every day which is 25.6 million subscribers, not to mention, like Mark Facebook live YouTube channel normal broadcast live stream all of that stuff. Dr. Hyson said you know in one day, you alone just one day you will loan reach more people than the apostle Paul did in his entire lifetime is true, it is true that shocking to hear that is true because who are we as an indicator of the near return of Jesus. That's what it means he's coming back soon, look, this is a privilege God used the sequestering of the world to go into their homes and for this season.

Preach the gospel look at what the CIA had mentioned. I guess I should be careful what I just said I know from people who happen to work in central intelligence that they monitor everything online in the world.

All Ron during the shutdown had more Bible apps downloaded more sermons listen to all Ron what's can happen to all Ron with the word that is just been deposited. My point is that who's to say Mark used to say Jan, what if Jesus is coming back soon we don't know the day of the hour, but Paul said in first Thessalonians concerning the times and the seasons. My brother and you'll have no need that I should write into you. What if feeling the season of the day of the hour. Are we ever to get back to our churches. Maybe I don't know what the Lord comes back in a month. Cody wanted all of this has gone on to get the gospel to everybody. I believe that this is a seasonal thing. Check what if it's not and I agree with Dr. David Jeremiah. It's been fantastic. But it's been an evangelistic teaching opportunity. We still need to get back churches she left to get back to church. Mark Jack amen those things you just feared I was really disturbed as I was just trying to find the joy of the Lord in the midst of some of this is read into the book of Philippians. You remember Paul's in prison. He's been there now for three years.

Two years in Caesarea appeals to Caesar now crosses the Mediterranean ends up in Rome and he writes back the four prison epistles, and in chapter 1 verse 12 it says this I want you to know brother and wants the church to know that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel so his imprisonment, his isolation, him being taken away from the churches has worked out to advance the gospel not hinder the gospel in the midst of this, definitely our rights are being taken away. There's all sorts of evil things are happening hundred percent. That's true. But understand this. All of us need to have this joy that the gospel is going out in a way that it never has before. Paul uses three illustrations of it. The whole petroleum guard has now heard the gospel. So that's the inner circle. The security force of Caesar of the upper then it says and everyone else, and Caesar's household is heard and then it says the brother and have been strengthened and have been more bold, and I have seen that Jan over and over people or sharing Christ as never before. Just yesterday I had people writing me my husband watching the church service with me. This is never happen. It's an answer to prayer my kids of trusted Christ my neighbors trust occurs on and on a ghost. The churches become more bold than I've ever seen it before. Second is there is a love for the gathering Jack that I have never seen people every day when they jump online with us on streaming.

Whether it's the daily things were doing or the weekly service there like I love you church. I can't wait to be. I've never seen that before the affection of Christ as never before has been cultivated right we said earlier that we don't believe that things will ever go back to the way they were. Amen to that. I think people are going to be more appreciative, more worshipful you know Mark used to say I mean I hate to say this but you and I know that Spurgeon wrote about something and lectures to my students about blessed subtractions. Mark maybe not everybody who was with us earlier to be the same people that come back and reunite true what some people are in the all of this for traditional reasons to cycle their habits been broken. They may not be back. What about all those who you just articulated seen the light, so to speak, in all of this and they want Jesus more than ever.

Some people who are not serious are no serious some people who were not saved are now saved is an amazing sovereign act of God working in this church and Mark and I at best, are under shepherds may be more accurately were sheepdogs in the ministry of God, and it is fascinating to watch this play out. Want to hit just another couple of issues here. I think the thing that's troubling. Most listeners right now and we still have a few minutes where we might be able to discuss it. Here is the overwhelming loss of liberty in a headline in front of me.

Gov. Abbott signs almost $300 million contract for contact tracing Gov. Abbott wants you to be monitored and tracked.

Abbott gave the go-ahead for the Texas Department of State health services 300,000,027 month contract will develop a staff of 4000 employees in Texas, consisting epidemiologists etc. etc. contact tracers that we some sort of a health app that every citizen will be required to download on their phones.

This will build the public registry for a future mandatory Cove at 19 vaccination your movements and location will be monitored by a satellite and then I saw a headline WorldNetDaily quoting Alan Dershowitz respected attorney headline is the state has the right to plunge a needle into your arm I can summarize the rather shocking story. Alan Dershowitz Harvard Law school, emeritus professor contends the Constitution grants government power to forcibly vaccinate individuals according him. Now let me put it very clearly, this is Dershowitz you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease.

Even if you disagree. Again, this is Dershowitz you have no right not to be vaccinated.

You have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business the interviewer, Jason Goodman interjected, asking if the same constitutional scholar was saying that if government decides. You have to be vaccinated. We have to be the accident, he answers absolutely this is Dershowitz.

And if you refuse to be vaccinated. The state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm. This is not for me to begin a conversation here about vaccinations.

Obviously the whole vaccination issue is taken a very dark turn in the last few years, so I don't want to head there. The point is Jack address the fact that our liberties are still being invaded.

That we don't even have the right to object to things that the listener may feel would be inherently wrong. They do not want a vaccination they feel it will not only endanger their health, will endanger their life and yet we have a very respected attorney saying too bad. Folks here and have to do it just the perfect we only to watch this if you know anything about Alan Dershowitz and his history. You know that he would never have endorsed his own statement in all of his illustrious career never is prestigious understanding and power and his professorship of the Constitution has made him a legend if you would've taken his statement and he raised his name and given it to him six months ago four months ago. If you would've said Mr. Dershowitz will comment on the statement he would've looked at that and condemned that statement is Artie sent us for 60 years.

That's unconstitutional. That thinking is draconian is exactly what our founders fled Europe from that is six thinking and nothing trumps the Constitution. That's what he would've said so what is he saying something different and in fact almost borders on insanity. It's exactly what happened.

Faith is gone here rules the day. Everything he said he sincerely believes that because he's a man that is been brought to the brink of total fear and he has no Jesus. The lien on right.

He has no understanding of Scripture and so he doesn't know that perfect love that casts out all fear. So he's responding passionately over what he really believes now, and now when the storm hit. The Constitution went out the window is that's what's happened that's one reporter's opinion and it's from human observation. It's not from science and it's not from fact, it's certainly not constitutional, no matter if he's on Dershowitz or not, but I think this is what is terrifying. A lot of people is this overreach and I'm talking about government overreach. Not so much Dershowitz so I think his comments are kind of a stretch, but I think they may be true but again we get back to this government overreach that it's like where can we go to run to the there's really no place other than the Lord. There's no other country to run to anymore.

Maybe Israel I don't know Jan, I would suggest this moves us as Christians where we need to be okay because we don't want to love this world. The world is passing away and it's lust. This should help us love. Jesus is coming more through the midst of all this. If there's one thing the church is going to do when we should share the gospel more number two we should love the assembly of the people of God more and we should also love the coming of Jesus more because this world is not over looking for we are living for that which is to come.

That's a great illustration of this is a code of years. Mark you know is right and stand when you were saying at the use of the world wants Ouchi and Gates.

So relax and make it about Jesus and point people to Jesus not found, she and Gates that's what we're here for. That's what this program is here for you wrapping up you know people away from how she and Gates and point them to Jesus and where you're at in your spiritual journey. Those of you listening right elbow don't say this to you. Jesus is the way the truth and the life and you can have heaven you can trust in the Lord Jesus right now you can believe in him and he will give you the gift of eternal life.

Jesus died on the cross to pay for sin. There's no other way you can be reconciled to God is no other way I can be reconciled to God.

Fact is, we are separated we need Jesus. God sent him because he loves us because he cares. Jesus died so that you might live want to trust him right now.

Jackie got a minute or two left.

First I want to give contact info one more time in the best info for Jack would be real-life with chat camps Jack is Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California wonderful mega church in Chino Hills love visiting attend the wintertime. Mark Henry revived church, Brooklyn Park, MN 70849 West Broadway, your best website is revived church Brooklyn Park get to there revived church, Brooklyn Park check on down to I get a minute minute and 1/2.

I want to give you an opportunity to wrap things up to going back to Dr. at-here for years. Jan, as you well know, has almost always opened up his sermon along the lines of Bible prophecy by saying that God has given us Bible prophecy not to scare us put Terrence Harris and that he's looking for the upper taker, not the undertaker. We need to remember that one of the many things but one of the most beautiful things about our Bible and our God is that anywhere from 27 to 33% of that Bible of ours is eschatological, futuristic, our God for something that nobody else can in their religion.

Jesus summed it up.

He said I told you these things in advance that when they come to pass, you will know that I am he, and that's what were watching. Nothing's falling apart. Everybody everything is falling together and if we do understand Bible prophecy, and what we preached on it is inevitable for America to fall in some way shape or form along the wayside so that we see the fulfillment of Israel standing all alone.

It hurts us to say it but it's truth we come to the age where the church is being marginalized and rejected Jesus said there would be days just like this. There's no need to be sad there's no need to cower in fear because his love that perfect love casts out all fear. So look to him as pastor Mark you said you call out upon Jesus, you will eternally glad that you did. He died for you rose again from the dead, because were all sinners and we need him a Savior. Thank you Jack thinking? Please see both youth even at the time here today I think I'll just go out of the program with the Bible versus one of my favorite because I can't think of a time in my lifetime that's been well unstable global instability, not just national instability, and so I turned to one of my favorite verses. Ezekiel 33, six, and God will be the stability of your times.

A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge.

The fear of the Lord is his treasure and I hope you can say that we go on today's program you can say that God is the step validity of your times. I don't expect our times to return to what we knew, even some months ago now. I really don't. But God in his word. They never change the same yesterday today and for ever and want to thank you for listening will talk to you again next week.

Bible says that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, but many are pushing back against the church today when despair is in the air. We need the church. More than ever write to us through our website.

All of three all of three views God or call a simple time at 763559444 476-355-4444 that are male. When you write to all of tree ministries and John Mark will Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible know that nothing happens by chance.

God is always in control. Prayer changes things. Each and every day. Everything is falling in

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