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Courage to Say No - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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February 9, 2020 12:35 pm

Courage to Say No - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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February 9, 2020 12:35 pm

Episode Courage to Say No - Part 2 - 10 February 2020, Turning Point (David Jeremiah) from Vision Christian Radio - Feed generated by MediaPoint.

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What you doing tonight these increasingly do you find yourself scribbling between gold in the world working with 1 foot on each side of the line today on tuning the David Jeremiah explains why such a compromise is dangerous and something that you would never condone living uncompromised life is to introduce message courage to say no, thank you for joining us today for joining us for a brand-new week of teaching here on Turning Point were studying the book of Daniel and today were going to finish up what we started on Friday as we drop in on Daniel when he's under pressure and find out how he handles the temptation to flow into society and not be noticed.

One of the great episodes in the book of Daniel, to say the least. And what an encouragement is to all of us to almost every day and one where the other half to stand up to the culture and say no.

Here's a man who had the courage to do it and I love this about Daniel. He did make a big deal about it. He just did it and flowed into his life and says he went back and did his he normally had done and didn't let the pressure get to them what I want to take you back to Daniel chapter 1 verses eight through 21, and today this is part courage to say no. Not only does compromising life issue, encourage, but issues also in conviction is beyond the ordinary and took a high standard against all evil.

Sometimes when we read the story we get the idea that Daniel had to eat and water but there's nothing in the text about that in fact turn over to the 10th chapter of the book of Daniel. Initially something interesting it says here verse two. In those days I Daniel was morning three full weeks and I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wind in my mouth.

What's the inference there that it was his normal pattern, under normal circumstances to eat flesh and bread and drink wine. According to the Old Testament. So when Daniel set on Paul's and I'm going to drink water. He took a standard that was much higher than even had to take his conviction was that he wanted to live way above temptation. He wanted to put his standard up so high that no one would have any trouble understanding where he was coming from this pulse that he ate literally the word means seed that is so all kinds of ideas about what that was. Dr. Crystal down south as it was black-eyed peas I tell you one thing I know it wasn't it couldn't possibly been grits could not have been grits and survive. Some folks said it was some sort of serial what was it was just some kind of seed that was sewn.

That's why they call it vegetable. Daniel just took that which was sown and he knew that if it came out of the ground.

It couldn't be defiled, just took it out of the ground so we had conviction but I want you to notice. Thirdly, not only did he have conviction and courage. But he also had courtesy fighting fundamentalist like some of us when he took a stand he would've taken it in such a belligerent way that he'd wiped out the whole kingdom by his comments. I mean you just got pounded on the pulpit and call down fire judgment on everybody and take a stand. He took her by the time you got done.

The pieces would've been laying all over the courtyard, but notice what he purposed in his heart and he requested that he might not defile himself is interesting. You see, sometimes we get the idea that if we take a strong stand. We got to be mean and nasty about it. Not so someone said that prudence, politeness and plucker find trio prudence, politeness, and pluck instead of defiance of authority. There was a dignified request and I like to just point out to men and women that when you know you're in the will of God and you're doing that which is right. You can become to get all brought up. I had a friend who used to tell me that when he thought he had a weak point in the pulpit used to shout and bang on the wood.

Sometimes I think that fighting fundamentalist yelled so loud it makes so much noise because not sure the right when you're right, you can be, and you can be courteous.

You have to be nasty if you walk in the power of an aggrieved Holy Spirit.

There is a kind of quiet power that comes upon your life. Daniel not only had courtesy, but he also had confidence. Notice what happens here when he talked to Ashkenaz about the special diet that he wants to the universe 10 when I said well today. I like to cooperate with you what you're about to endanger my head with the King that a good expression. Even Ashkenaz had never figured out he did not want to play with Nebuchadnezzar and someone Daniel couldn't get it done the first time he came back and now notice there's a new name that comes up in verse 11. It's the name males are not to tell you there's some confusion about that name for the word actually means steward and some people believe it's just the proper name for what this man did the mellow Czar of the UNIX or the person who was down below Ashkenaz Solon Daniel couldn't get what he wanted by going to the man next to the king, he went to the man next lower, and he said look I don't want to get you in trouble and I know you are in jeopardy but just let me do this. Let's test this for 10 days that you know you can't get in trouble with that and will try my diet for 10 days and if at the end of 10 days were not doing better than will do what you want us to do. You say how could Daniel be so courageous and confident that comes from the kind of fiber that Daniel had in his life he believed so much in the word of God that he knew God could not possibly let him down and so with confidence. He would've said if God be for us, who can be against us. And he put himself on the line for what he believed no holy living always brings confidence.

Are you aware of that if you're always looking over your shoulder.

Men and women.

Maybe it's because you're not living right. Something neat about having a clear conscience and not having to worry about what somebody might find out about you. Daniel was living such a holy and righteous life walking in the power that God given him that he wasn't afraid to test his commitment before the whole kingdom. I like to point out to you. Lastly, the not only did he have confidence as a result of an uncompromising life. What are the characteristics first of all, we encourage secondly he had conviction thirdly was courteous, fourthly, had confidence in now number five consistency. You know that's the hardest thing in all of life, consistency, thou art of virtue. Most of us have our good moments and would love to live up there, but it's a hard thing to do it day after day and I want you to notice what verse 21 says, and Daniel continued even onto the first year of King Cyrus not want to dwell on that. Just a moment so that you understand the magnitude of this man. He was not just right. Some of the time or most of the time Daniel lived a consistently holy and righteous godly life for over 70 years in the Babylonian palace after the Babylonians were gone he kept right on living like that until the Persians took over and Daniel was just the same. This whole chapter would be beautiful if we didn't have the last verse. The last verse of the chapter is a message all in itself. It teaches us that throughout all of the captivity Daniel continue Nebuchadnezzar came and went. Daniel continued Belshazzar came and went, and Daniel continued. Darius came and went and Daniel continue. Cyrus came and Daniel was still there and continued consistently to be God's man in the place of influence. I want to tell you that he was in the public eye for almost 80 years he was in the court from his youth up.

He was in a culture that was fatherly pagan and yet he is one of three men in the Old Testament, about whom we have no evil report. There is not one negative thing said about Daniel in this book and the only other two men I know.

In the Old Testament, like that of Joseph and Jonathan.

In fact, if you want a good exposé of what Daniel was like throughout all of his life just flip over to the sixth chapter and the fourth and fifth verse where we read that the presidents and the princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom.

What they could find no occasional fall for as much as he was faithful.

Neither was there any error or fault found in him then said these men we cannot find any occasion against this Daniel. Unless we find it against him concerning the law was God when you go to trip up Daniel is to get into his religion. They watched him under the scrutiny for all those years I'm trying to think if there's ever been a politician who is been in government for 50 years about nobody could say a bad thing I can think that there was one. I got avoid danger that happening very soon. But Daniel was. He lived a life above reproach over the long haul.

You know many women that's the great challenge in living is such a sobering thing to think that you can be good for a long time and you can blow it all in a moments time think about Solomon the wisest man who ever lived, but in his old age he corrupted his conviction and he died a broken defeated sinful man, but throughout all the kingdom. Daniel continued consistency. Well, the results of an uncompromising life of these courage, conviction, courtesy, confidence in consistency. The last thing I want to talk to you about of the rewards of an uncompromising life. You see the world tells us today that if I go to get ahead. We have to do this this and this and break these rules and kind of fudge here and not know what Daniel wanted is a story. In contrast to the world system of ethics. Daniel says here's a man who cut it straight and stood up for what he believed in and the result of that was that God rewarded him in his life, and I personally believe that God still in the business of doing that today. One of the reasons why we have so many problems in our lives. Perhaps as Christians is because were trying to keep 1 foot on the side of the street and 1 foot on the other side of the street and there's so much of the church in the world and so much of the world and the church. We can't tell the difference between the two.

I wonder what would happen if all of us would just commit ourselves to say no matter what it costs no matter what people say, no matter how it sliced God's word draws the line. That's where my line is an ominous stand right Daniel.

First of all, God rewarded him with a special impact. I like to think it was a special impact visually. Daniel had charisma. Notice what it says in verses 13 to 15. They said let our accountants be looked upon and the Countess abuse the portion King's Buddhas now see us deal with thy servants so you can send it to them in this matter and at the end of 10 days there countenances appeared fair and fatter in flesh than all be used to delete the portion King's soul and Daniel his friends stood up after 10 days eating cereal. They had a visual impact that was noticeable. Can you imagine what would happen to Daniel. He was living today in the realm of media be doing commercials with me. The name was Daniel and the Hebrew children to celebrate me on the tube today will immediately write out there said folks if you want to have power and strength in your life. Be Paul's last words what happened and what he had.

But I do notice that when Daniel stood up again the 10 days he looked better than any rest of you say it was in the serial no.

It wasn't in the serial God. God did that because Daniel did what was right. God blessed him with a special impact in his life, physically notice.

Secondly, God blessed them with a special intelligence. The Scripture says in verses 17, 19 and 24 children. God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom, and among them all was there found none like Daniel Hannan I Michelle Azariah, and in all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them he found them 10 times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his room. They tested 10 days and ended up being 10 times better than interesting and I like what the psalmist say Psalm 2514. The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him.

I can't figure this out. I can't promise how it works. I can't do anything about your IQ. It's fixed.

I cannot do anything about that. I can't do anything about your past academic failures. You gotta face up to those, and you may be about the flock out right now. I can tell you this, something very special in this passage of Scripture that says when we do what is right before God, and we take our stand were God takes his stand.

God has promised to bless us and I believe that even pertains to the intellect God gave him not only special impact physically and special intelligence.

But I want you to notice verse 17 God even gave him special insight to Daniel. It says in verse 17 that Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams. You know that verse 17 is the fulcrum on which the whole book fits what is the book of Daniel, it's visions and dreams. That's what it is. It's a book that interprets the visions and dreams of Daniel and it spreads out through all Of history. How did Daniel get the wisdom to interpret those visions and those dreams. The Bible says God gave to it was a special gift from God, so that Daniel has gone down in history as a man used of God in advance of the major epics of history to point out everything that would happen of major consequence from this time to the right of way to get that God gave him special insight and visions and dreams. Fourthly, God gave them special influence special impact visually special intelligence special insight and special influence. He was influential in the court. The Scripture says he stood before the king when the king saw how smart he wasn't done in his course of study. The Bible says that he stood before the king.

What is that mean he was enrolled in the palace, administrators, and he became ultimately Prime Minister of the kingdom.

He not only was influential with the court but he was influential with his companions.

Can you imagine what it been like to be Daniel and then have three buddies had an IME shell and Azariah, can you imagine what it been like for them to be close to Daniel, you think that you had any impact on them.

You Betty did in fact I can show you how much of an impact he had if you turn over in your Bibles again to the third chapter of Daniel quickly there about to fill these three guys in the fire because they won't bow down and do what the King wants him to do in the third chapter we read verse 16 Shadrach me shack and Abednego answered and said to the king all American measure were not carefully achieve in this matter. Meet the words were not anxious about this were not hung up over who you are, in fact, we know exactly what to say if it be so hard God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of my hand. Okay, but if not, get this known him to be okay and that we will not serve thy gods not worship the golden image about a set up. We don't care what you say were still not what you want us to do. Hey, do you think they been hanging around with a lot of Daniel and them don't say Daniel had influence on his companions. Thirdly, he had great influence on the captives. You know that Daniel was the only consistent thing they had throttled To music. It was there for part of the time. Could you imagine how those captives who were hostages in babbling, looked up to Daniel was their hero. He's our man in the palace. He's our guy. You know there's a phrase in the book of Daniel is not repeated about anybody else in all the Bible as far as I know, and that is this old man greatly beloved is found three times in the book of Daniel referring to Daniel. The only other one who comes close is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Daniel was a man greatly beloved, why he was the champion for his people in exile. He was the one they got their strakes from the new Daniel would be right and how they reveled in him, how they rallied around him while they were often babbling away from their land. In fact, there's a most interesting thing turn to the book of Ezra. There's a wonderful passage there that says that in the reign of Cyrus the King. One day he called the Jews in who were captives under him. Some of those who were friends of Daniel and he said I want you to know that if you'd like to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild your temple and rebuild your city. All you have to do is volunteer and I'd like for you to go back if you turn in the book of Daniel to the 10th chapter don't do it. Just listen now it says in chapter 10 of Daniel. Now Daniel continued until the third year of Cyrus the King and in my minds eye I fantasize this, but I believe it's true.

I believe that one day Daniel approaches Cyrus the king any request permission for the Jews to return to their homeland, and he reads to them out of the prophecy of Jeremiah that said, the people of Israel would be captives for 70 years. He said Cyrus I want to show you what Jeremiah the prophet said about my people who are here in this kingdom. I want you to know that 70 years is up and Cyrus it's time for my people to go back home. I want to encourage you to let them go and Ezra says that Cyrus the Persian release the captives to go back to their homeland. I think Daniel was the influence that caused that to happen.

Can you think of anything that you know of in the realm of history like the story of a man who started out at age 14 under pressure and lived his whole life, until in his late 80s or early 90s and was a constant testimony for his God and his Lord, you know where it started young people. It started back on the first day when he was tempted to compromise what is right and he said no just a little word just to letters just one small sound but it stands in between where we are and where the enemy wants to take us and if we don't have the courage to use that word will get a lot of trouble know not going to drink tonight.

No I don't want any drugs. No I'm not in for that party you know and you can just go down the list and then as you get older the nose become more sophisticated. The temptations become more sophisticated and you have to continue to use that word. What a testimony from Daniel. Well tomorrow we get into the second chapter of Daniel talk about. You couldn't answer nightmare. This guy had a dream that you will not believe, and find out what it all ends up being will learn what it means and it's kind of the core of the book. This stream sort of outlines was going to happen going forward so enormous tomorrow… You just came to you from the Shadow Mountain Community Church in the Jeremiah missing would love to live and help to the point is touching your life so please like this to the point of office three San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website Jeremiah/writing this for you, you series the secret from the prophecies of the handwriting is the Jeremiah study Bible, English standard version as well as in standard large print in the new available in your choice of handsome cover options, go to David Jeremiah/lady of join us tomorrow as we continue the series.

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