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When Christ Rules the World - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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February 17, 2020 12:35 pm

When Christ Rules the World - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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February 17, 2020 12:35 pm

Episode When Christ Rules the World - Part 2 - 18 February 2020, Turning Point (David Jeremiah) from Vision Christian Radio - Feed generated by MediaPoint.

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Christian lady asked when Jesus were to establish his kingdom will be glorious like no other. Moving to the wound is given about today on the soothing point to David Jeremiah takes us through the timeline offers five qualities we can take to heart one point to Christ's return as he continues his series in Daniel handwriting on the statement to introduce the conclusion of when Christ will Daniel sees a long way into the future takes us through the kingdoms of this earth and shows us a brief view of the kingdom of God which will rule the world. In the end times and were going to finish up talking about that today. I hope you'll join us for the rest of these few moments we have together as we understand the word of God by opening it up and studying it come from the book of Daniel. While right now we need to get into this lesson when Christ rules the world and so will provide us again in Daniel chapter 21 kingdom of this world and in Christ said it was okay in the new testament. We read about that Matthew 24, 29, 30 immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give its light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken and then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven, and then shall all the tribes of the earth more than they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great In class. Suddenly, quickly. I'm not talking about the rapture here. I'm talking about the second advent, I'm talking about when Christ comes in glory, and every eye shall see him, no gradual thing there suddenly right it's supernatural.

It's not knowledgeable. Thirdly, the coming of the kingdom of Christ is severe it severe I want you to notice the phrases that describe the coming of the kingdom of Christ. In this passage, verse 34 small the image. Verse 34 broken pieces verse 35 broke the pieces together became like chaff of the summer threshing floors and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them. Verse 44 broken pieces and consumed all of these other kingdoms broke in pieces the iron and bronze, the clay, the silver and the gold. Daniel West.

It's not smooth and gentle but it's fracture risk polymerization judicial grinding atomization and attending women's judgment that blows the kingdoms all the way till there's no place to find for them and their God suite baby Jesus. Men and women is also the righteous judge, one day this old world, which is rejected him and made him a laughingstock among the nation's going to see him, riding upon a white horse, and he will smite the nations.

It will be severe. Asking me the nations, and I will give them to me for thine inheritance comes from Psalm two and you know the next verse says thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel. One of these days, the King of glory is going to come back and he's going to bash the nations in pieces and break them like a potter's vessel Psalm two verse nine, Psalm 110 verse five the Lord thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath. Malachi chapter 4 verse one behold the day, that shall burn like an oven, and all the proud day all, wickedly, shall be stubble, and the day that come with shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch coming obtain my friends is severe when he comes that the second advent to set up his kingdom on this earth.

First of always been to purge the earth from all of the kingdoms of this world and it's going to be a severe coming like the chaff of the summer threshing floor which is thrown up into the wind after it's been flailed and the wind blows away the Scripture says that all of the metals of this beast, the gold, silver, bronze and the iron are like the chaff and when God comes in his righteous wrath.

He's going to throw those metals up into the air when the beast is smitten by the stone and the winds and caramel when you never see him again severe. I want you to notice.

Not only is it supernatural and sudden and severe but fourthly of sovereign. The Scripture says he's going to rule over all the earth, the sovereignty of the earth's kingdoms are going to be under the rule of the Lord were back at the top of the image.

Now to the head of gold. Jesus is the monarch and he set up his rule over all your the stone came from the mountain in the first place in the Scripture says when it's done with its work. It's going to be a mountain again and is going to create a sovereign rule, little Philip the whole universe, the stone which came from the mountain which is a reference to heaven is going to come back again and it's literally going to bring heaven to this earth and its will to fill the whole universe when Jesus comes back in his sovereign reign. Psalm 7211 says yay. All kings shall fall down before him and all nations shall Zechariah 14 nine says the Lord shall be king over all the earth in that day there will be one Lord, and his name one that's absolute sovereignty.

My friends Jesus raining over the earth and we know that passage in Philippians chapter 2 that says that the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of things in earth, and things in heaven and under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father. So Jesus kingdom is supernatural son and severe sovereign. I want you to notice that it's also successful. The Scripture says in chapter 2, verse 44 that in these days of these kings God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, and it will not be left to other people, but it shall stand forever successful the kingdom of the world is like that the kingdom dies is left to other people and it springs up and it dies.

It's left to somebody else and just keeps rotating sovereignty.

But the Scripture says that Christ's kingdom shall know no decay, and shall never be in danger of revolution. It shall never be destroyed. Christ shall be a king unconquerable and unconquered.

He will be a monarch without a successor. No other people will ever pick up what's left of the kingdom of Christ. That was a characteristic feature of the world empires that kept changing hands each had his day, but no one had permanence.

When Jesus comes his kingdom will be forever. And it shall go on for as long as he chooses and in essence what it says here forever.

It means for an age the world is old and it sometimes can mean for a specific age and we know from Revelation chapter 20 in verse three that it's for a thousand years for a millennium.

It's a successful kingdom now that's what I want to say to you about the King in the kingdom. But here's the key question how to give you little theology. Here's the key question has anything like this happened yet.

10 history.

Most of the supernatural, sudden, severe, sovereign and successful kingdom you know of any well, it never was achieved in the days of the image. Was it because they Changing hands wasn't in the head battle and I wasn't in the arms of Nebraska Medo Persia died wasn't in the belly and thighs.

Grace died wasn't in the Roman Empire wrong died and it didn't happen after the image Mussolini tried he failed. Stalin tried it and he failed. Hitler tried he failed never happened but I want you to know that their group of theologians if you will like to tell us that it's happening another Conaway now you listen carefully. If you have our doctrinal statement in your member. This church it says there that you are a premillennialist now, you probably don't know what you are but I want you to know that I want to tell you why you believe that your premillennialist are you ready for this because it's important for you to know what you believe in it if I gave you a test on whether you knew what it was to be a premillennialist you think Monica would do that receive as a group of folks who are not premillennialist. They may call themselves millennialist nominees this will the word in the language of the New Testament is a word which negates the meaning of the word that follows, so they don't believe that there's a millennium when you say there and millennialist what you mean is that they don't believe there's ever going to be a kingdom millennium in a thousand years. The kingdom so there's a group of theologians will believe that there's a kingdom that's coming in the future when Christ will literally rain upon this earth and you know what they say it is that this is all about. They say that it's the kingdom of Christ, ruling in writing in our hearts, and that the church of Jesus Christ is the kingdom and that's how they get around all of this. Let me read to you an example from the writing of one of those fellas, I hate to tell you his name is name is Luitpold and I will tell you that there's a loophole in Luitpold and I want to see he is and millennialist and there's another kind of fella that you need to be aware of tonight supposed millennialist. They believe that we are going to live and that Christ is going to come back after the millennium was all over and that we as a church are involved in bringing in the kingdom.

We have to make this world so that ultimately it will be all the good things the Bible says the kingdom to be that supposed millennium is what Luitpold said. He said all students of history are ready to grant that the Christian church was able to salvage out of the wreckage of the Roman Empire. All of the elements that were worth conserving but it is just as true that the Christian church broke the power of pagan Rome, the disintegrating and corrupt empire crumbled through the cave from within as well as through the impact of the sound morals and healthy life of Christianity that condemn lascivious role Christianity was in a sense God's judgment upon sinful role.

That's what Luitpold said now let's give back the test of what we've learned from the text.

Is the church, the kingdom of God. Well, in just a few minutes we can find that out because we boarded up the checklist don't. First of all, the coming of Christ kingdom is to be sudden right, but this is just the opposite of the so-called gradual conversion of the world you see the millennialist say that we are becoming the kingdom of Christ by taking control of the world through conversion. People are becoming Christians in the church is gradually taking control of the world and that's the kingdom of Christ. Wait a minute.

When the king comes it's going to be sudden and the only way that could fulfill this prophecy is when Jesus came at his first AdVent at that moment the whole world became Christian today when I have some neighbors have heard about that you so you let's give it a second test, the coming of Christ kingdom is to be severe. Remember not. If the church is the kingdom of God. We have to remember some things I want to listen to these paradigms, one right after the other.

According to this text, the coming of the kingdom of Christ is smiting not saving. It is not regeneration it is pulverizing not purifying. It is smashing not sanctifying it is crushing, not cleansing or something wrong if the church is the kingdom of Christ with what we read in Daniel about how the kingdom of Christ comes a done. I skipped the third test the coming of Christ kingdom is to be sudden it's to be severe, but of course we also learned that the coming of Christ kingdom is to be sovereign when Christ rose up on this earth. There is no free will of his subjects, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess there's no free will. Every man is a subject of the King all king shall fall down before him, all nations shall serve him. There is certainly no evidence in my estimation that the kingdom was conquered the world. I just can't see it and you like this look at the fourth test the kingdom of Christ is to be successful.

Christ supernatural kingdom inaugurated at his first birth did not and is not filling the whole earth.

Now listen to me today, people continue to be born faster than they are being one to Christ.

Did you know that we are gaining ground folks were losing ground. If this is the kingdom supposed to fill the whole earth were going backwards in the theology of millennialism the mountains become in the stone. It's in reverse were losing ground. We believe that Jesus Christ is coming back three before the millennium and that he's going to set up the millennium after he comes back that the millennium is a going to calmly make the place of this world, a place fit for the Lord to return now once you get that straight out today what it does it does away with modernism.

It does away with evolutionism. It does away with pulse millennialism tells us that man will not and all war and bring in the millennium. You know when I read the paper about all of our peace efforts and I kinda smile. I say well as to best we can, but is not work. I'm a pessimist I'm just a Bible Christian. We can't stop all war the Bible says war is here to stay. It's going to be with us until Jesus comes back, the Prince of peace. And he answered all how we ought to do all we can humanitarian way to try to keep peace so we can preach the gospel, but there isn't a man alive on the face of this earth to date was got the answer to the problems of the nations and no one is going to be born with that answer. There's only one answer and ask Jesus Christ when he comes back then war will end, but not before Christ will come back when he's ready and he will set up his kingdom without our help. We can do anything to bring it in. We can deal with the kingdom in our hearts, but not on this world. That's why we need to be praying with Isaiah whole this great prayer all that thou would us rend the heavens that that what is come down that the mountains might flow down at thy presence, that the nations may tremble at thy presence. Isaiah pray to God that thou might is come down when they see all the chaos around us and world governments we lift up our voice to God in heaven say all that thou might is come down and we say with John on the Isle of Patmos.

Even so, come weekly as the only hope. Charles Wesley took Isaiah's prayer and John's statement in John 21 and he put this hymn together. We don't sing it often, but it's got some great words and this is what he wrote hello. He comes with clouds descending once for our salvation was slain follows Fallows and the saints attending swell the triumph of his train hallelujah hallelujah God appears on earth to reign airport. I shall now behold him role in dreadful majesty. Those who set at naught and sold him pierce the mailing to the tree deeply, wailing deeply, wailing show the true Messiah. See, now the Savior long expected see and solemn pomp appear all his saints by man rejected now shall meet them in the air hallelujah hallelujah see the day of God appear. Yes, amen. Let us all adore the high on divine, eternal throne Savior take the power and glory claim the kingdom for thine own will come quickly. Oh, come quickly hallelujah come Lord come. That's what my heart says when I read the papers all creation groans waiting for the redemption. Does that mean I don't get involved in trying to make this place better if I can do it no but it means I've got my head screwed on right about any hope that we have ultimate success. Our ultimate success is wrapped up in a person. That person is Jesus Christ. You know what I'm trying to do. If I can do anything with my life. I'm trying to get people ready. So when the king comes the first time to take his saints out of this world they can go with them and then when he comes the second time to rule and terrain is going to be a lot of folks who are now part of the kingdom were going to be part of the kingdom because we've had some influence in their lives. That's what's worthwhile. That's the meaningful thing we can get involved in now you say pastor when is this going to happen. I'll tell you what we read.

At the very most are at the very least we want to look at it. It could only be seven years away.

Not true if the next thing on the horizon is the rapture and then the tribulation. For seven years and then Christ comes back at the end of the tribulation. We might be as close as seven years away from the kingdom of Christ. The Metro but I tell you what we might be as close as seven seconds away from the rapture. There's not anything left that has to happen before he comes in. Those of us who are alive and remain are caught up together to be with him ever to be with the Lord.

Only two things I know of that have to happen shout in the trumpet that happened at the same time right amen. That's all I do not get much warning before the shout in the trumpet, then the tribulation will break out and then the Lord will come back with his saints wife. All of that chaos out and set up his kingdom and rule and reign for thousand years. You say pastor Jeremiah you know what I'm waiting for I'm waiting for the rapture and I'll know this thing is real and then after the rapture.

I want to get saved know you aren't, you know the Bible specifically says that that is not a possibility that you know that you read second Thessalonians chapter 2, and it says in second Thessalonians chapter 2 that when Christ comes and takes his own away during the tribulation period that those who have heard the word of God will not have another chance to believe, for God will send them strong delusion and they will believe the lie because they believed not the truth when it was given to them during their lifetime. You may have one chance, my friend, in its here and now it's during this time. You either accept Christ during the day of grace. You don't get another shot at it.

There's no second chance and you know really when it gets right down to it folks God has given you two options.

I want you to listen carefully you know what God tells us he tells us.

We've got two alternatives.

We can bow down to him now in saving faith, or someday we will bow down to him as the sovereign King. We can bow down to him now and ask him to be the Lord of our life willingly, obediently, and then when he comes, we will be one of his or one day if we reject him. The Bible says every knee will bow everyone will declare that he is the Lord of glory.

But it will not be in saving faith. Then it will be as an unwilling subject of the King.

If you really understood what I was saying he folks and you were a Christian you become one just as quick as you could pastor Jeremiah I want to bow before the Lord symptoms, my Lord and Savior make him my King that wherever you are.

You don't have to be in church you have to be in your home in your car you can be anywhere and invite Christ in your life how do I know that because I think I've heard from just about every possible place a person could become a Christian. Over the years I've been doing this and I've discovered that God is available anywhere at any time by anybody. If you just call and ask and that's a wonderful truth of the gospel and tomorrow were going to open our Bibles for the first time to the third chapter of Daniel and this is the chapter where we have the fiery furnace in the fiery faith. One of the famous chapters in the book of Daniel, the story is riveting. You don't want to visit Lucy right the message you just came to you from the Shadow Mountain Community Church and Dr. David Jeremiah and the senior pastor would love to live help Turning Point is touching your life so please let us to PO Box 338, San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website at David Jeremiah adult/radio us me a copy of David in the series. The secrets from the prophecies of day and rising gift. You can also download the free Turning Point mobile and we will smile final tablet searching for the key would Turning Point ministries instantly exit programs and results as Jeremiah doubled/radio for details. Join us tomorrow as we continue the series. The handwriting on the long filling point with the David Jeremiah thanks for taking time to listen to on the ninth Friendly's in question will

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