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Prayer Under Pressure - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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March 4, 2020 12:36 pm

Prayer Under Pressure - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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March 4, 2020 12:36 pm

Episode Prayer Under Pressure - Part 2 - 5 March 2020, Turning Point (David Jeremiah) from Vision Christian Radio - Feed generated by MediaPoint.

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Undermined Christian lady asked no little being overblown is what exercise program you know it's a figure as the beams mainly on just one thing consistency to the value of the durbar explains what consistency is vital mode only real physical health, but for maintaining proper spiritual health continues our series is the conclusion of his message read on the pressure you know, sometimes it's easy for us to live for the Lord when it doesn't cost us anything but when the pressures on and when we are going to be persecuted. Perhaps imprisoned for what we do. It's interesting to wonder how we would respond we have to wonder about Daniel.

Daniel functioned under pressure the same way he did during times of leisure. The Bible says that when he found out that he would be penalized for praying he went to his prayer chamber and prayed and the Bible says as he was accustomed to doing what a testimony will finish up our discussion about today.

Tomorrow we began the historic story of Daniel in the lion's den, so don't miss tomorrow and Monday and going into next week. Right now we need to get back to find out what's happening with our friend Daniel who is praying under pressure. 517 we read of David well I pray and cry loud and he shall hear my voice. That's what David and Daniel were committed to alike. The exciting thing about Daniel is that when the pressure was on. She just kept doing what was meant to me is one of the greatest characteristics of godliness in the life of a person that they can move through the vicissitudes of life by the circumstances that life throws at them because of the consistency of their example and the godliness of their walk, they can just go right on the matter what happens, and not be affected by the time I have to confess that. I have a lot of work to do in my own life. We are, we respond to circumstances, he got just what to say Psalm 46, one and two since this God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of that's it, no matter what happens, just go forward. Some scholars believe it up on the top of Daniel's house he had purchased their prayer at night and the prayer chamber was built with windows that were permanently opened toward Jerusalem and once in a while someone will ask him why did he pray facing toward Jerusalem, I like to ask that question, but I like you seated your own Bible. So turn with me to first change. We first Kings chapter 8 nobody in the Bible does anything. Incidentally, there's always a reason for and there's a reason for Daniel praying toward Jerusalem is found in the prayer of Solomon recorded in the eighth chapter of first Kings versus 46 to 52 will jump in the middle of the prayer in verse 46 if they buy people sin against me, for there is no man that sin of not about me angry with them and deliver them to the enemies so that they carry them away captives into the land of the enemy foreign you know that's what's happened to Daniel's people let yet if they shall be think themselves in the land whither they are carried captives and repent and make supplication onto the land of them that carried them To say we have seen that we have done perversely with committed wickedness and so return them to be with all their heart and with all their soul in the land of their enemies which led them away captive and pray on the here it is toward their land. It was an act of faith on the part of an exiled Jew to pray toward the land from which they had been taken captive.

It was in essence a way for them to say, by their very posturing prayer God. We believe your promise that you will someday return us to our land. So every day when Daniel prayed that morning and noon and night from the prayer chamber on the top of his house with the windows open, prayed toward Jerusalem and so Daniel's reaction when the decree is made is to just keep right on doing what he's been doing keeps right on praying as he is pray just quietly carries on his activity and they gather around his house in verse 11, and were told that they hear him praying these men assembled and they found Daniel praying and making supplication before his God, and they came there safely for the king concerning the king's decree signed a decree that every man that's Alaska quotation of any God or man within 30 days. They will be okay shall be cast into the den of lions. King answered and said the thing is true according to law, Medes and Persians, which offers not been answered. They said before the king. His that Daniel which is of the children of the captivity of Judah regarded not the okay nor the decree that thou hast signed what make this petition three times a day and the trap was sprung and Daniel was caught in it, and the king and there wasn't anything could be done now.

This will stop the story stop message quite yet the courage of the man of God to do what he knew carried with it the penalty of certain death is just another evidence of the character of this great man. I remember reading about a man who was very in the Westminster Abbey and England, and on the Stall where he is buried are written these words, he feared man so little because he feared God so much. He feared man so little because he feared God so much that was the character of Daniel. He would rather be thrown to the lions for obedience to God. Yes, in order to save his own neck and his place within the kingdom. Does that sound familiar. Yes, it changed one bit since he was a teenager except he's gotten stronger is one of the great church fathers that I have mentioned on occasion in the past as a man by the name of Polycarp. I've often thought that Polycarp must've been a cousin of Daniel's, because he seems to be so much like even the way he lived. I have a feeling that he must've read his life and studied it and was a great story about this man Polycarp that is parallel to what's going on in Daniel's life. Polycarp was an old man. He was the ancient church father and his bishopric was in Smyrna in Asia minor. Many martyrdoms had taken place before he was finally martyred, met the martyrdom of Germanic Chris who was thrown to the wild beast. The hallmark of the team cried away with the atheists. That's interesting term because they thought Christians were the they didn't believe in their gods and so they cried out away with the atheists. Let Polycarp be sought out Polycarp was urged by his friends to get away from the pressure so he left the city for a little while, and spent the time in prayer while he was praying he had a vision and in his vision. He dreamed that the pillow under his head seem to be on fire so he interpreted this as the method of his death and he said to his friends. I'm going to be burned alive while his pursuers found him and though he could've escaped. He said the will of God be done and he requested that he might be given time to pray. He got so caught up in prayer that he pray for two whole hours. He finally came, found they took him into the city in one of his persecutors said to him on the way in what harm is there and just saying, Lord Caesar, I mean just make sure their safety, but he wouldn't do it and was taken to the stadium where a large multitude was gathered to witness is that in one of the judges said to him respect to your old age swear by the fortune Caesar repent and say away with the atheist Christians and he looked around at all the multitude in the stadium and with a solemn looking, uplifted hand. He said away with the atheist anyone really think this finally the proconsul said the Polycarp, swear, and I will set the liberty reproach Christ. It was then the Polycarp made the same which is made his name famous and every historian knows well.

He said 80 and six years I have served him, and he is never done me any injury.

How then can I blaspheme my King and my Savior." When he was threatened to be thrown to the wild beasts.

They sit willfully to the wild beasts, and he showed only content. Do not fear so he said well it will just burn any told him that the fire for him would burn for an hour, but the fire where they were going was forever the account of his death in the church father says that the fire that they made for him when burning up. I don't know if that's true that's with the church father say that old guy was so crusty for God to convert about and finally one of the executioners stuck a dagger in the killing. He was a Daniel who was fearless in the face of the tyranny of a government who knew not his God, you say pastor Jeremiah Scott Daniels. He's unreal. You tell me about a guy they never could catch doing anything wrong. In a perfect record you want me to be like him. Tell you what, the more I study this man the more desire there is in my heart want to be like Daniel, so I won't answer one simple question as we close to that question is this. From what we studied here. What was the basis of his greatness. Why was he what he was. I like to suggest for brief reasons. First of all, he had a consistent posture consistent attitude. The Scripture says that he was of excellent spirit if the same description that was made of him by the Queen Mother of chapter when she was giving his dossier about Daniel DeBellis as her. She said you know you need to get to know the spellings got an excellent spirit. This Daniel Passover, that quickly, but you know folks good attitude take you long way your Christian life. Someone once told me that your attitude determines your altitude, how far you go. A lot of Christians have bad actions grown worse complainers. I don't like to be around the discouragement. Daniel was a positive guy with a good spirit. He had an excellent spirit, no second like he was consistent in his performance when the king was determining to send him over the whole realm. He said something about and don't want you to miss. He said this man is a what faithful man. He's a man who always is there when he supposed to be there man took his assignments seriously and will start where he was supposed to stand at the right time if he was scheduled. You didn't have to worry about where he would be he'd be there.

He was a man. God used because he was trustworthy he was faithful back in the book of Proverbs again in the 20th chapter, we read most men will proclaim every one his own goodness but a faithful man can find the just man walked within his integrity, his children are blessed after you see the thing about Daniel was he had credibility. You can believe in him.

He was believable. Oh how we need in our lives need in the church.

We need people in the church who are faithful and dependable when they take an assignment. You know the going to fill it.

You discount on.

We got a lot of folks like that around and we need some more. I want you to notice. Thirdly, Daniel had not only a consistent posture consistent performance. A consistent purity. I want you to remind yourself now that the highest government officials of the land determines a peak into every dark corner of that man's life, and to search it out for any inconsistency they could find, and when they got all finished. They couldn't find one that is a sin against him for his 90 years chronic back in the verse that speaks about their two words I don't miss it says when they looked into his life.

There was no all that word means. There was no corruption that means there was nothing that he committed positive. Secondly he says there was no error. That means there was no neglect in essence what they're saying is that as they study this man's life. There wasn't anything that he shouldn't have done that. He did and there wasn't anything that he should have done that he failed to do. There was no culmination or no act of omission in that man's life. They looked at every assignment. It was all done everything that he had done it was all he was consistent purity.

You know one day some guys came to see Charles Haddon Spurgeon try to blackmailing that's experience I have had, looking forward to what these men came into his office and they threatened him with black male and they said to him that if he did not meet their demands that they would publish things that would ruin his reputation. You know what he said I love it.

He said right all you know about me across the heavens. Quote now friends that is the power of a clear conscience and transparent life pure life.

You know that even in our attempt to be pure we can be on fewer following into chicken parlor up there to buy some chicken had a gallon is carbon in the park and he got his box of chicken and I got to the parking when he opened it up to his surprise, the day's receipts of the chicken parlor in that box window chicken and always full of money. The proprietor had put the receipts in that box to camouflage it is, he took it to the bank and if somehow you confuse the boxes and he took the chicken well.

He was convicted by this and so he took it back to the chicken establishment and he brought it in and he gave it to the proprietor and he said you know this is our money and is been some mistake I just want to give it back to what the proprietor was overwhelming, things that happen. He was so dumbfounded by the whole thing and he said this is so uncommon. He said the sort of thing never gets reported in the newspapers he said was really bad things. I'm going to the phone right now call the newspaper, having come down and take a picture of you get the story in the paper back to me so that woman in a car is not my wife.

You mentioned that there's a guy with integrity enough to bring back stolen money is running around on his wife Jessica. We got our generation.

Even among some Christians. I could tell you stories about Christians who say they're living a godly life whose lives are filled with such impurity that they have somehow justified before God, not in this man, yet consistent purity suggest for a consistent prayer life. A consistent prayer life. In the second chapter. We ran into Daniel praying in the sixth chapter, we run into Daniel praying and bauxite when we get to chapter 9 really do run into Daniel praying. That's the greatest chapter on prayer in the whole book and it's a fantastic study of the prayer life of this man. The Scripture simply says that Daniel praying as he did before time. That means, as it was his habit now once you get this people, because this is going to get all this Daniel was the Prime Minister of Medo Persian.

I have an idea that was a busy job just man up on those corrupt princes would keep you going.

Most of the day and yet this man in this high position of responsibility found time to pray three times every day because it was a priority in his prayer life was marked by personal faith, praying toward Jerusalem in response to what the word of God said it was marked by piety got on his knees praying humility was marked by petition when he called upon God asking for something and it was also marked by praise that's on the most unusual things in the text is a man about to be thrown to the lions and he's praying to God through an open window toward Jerusalem and you know what the character of his prayer is its praise and gratitude and thanksgiving God someone asked me is it important that we kneel when we pray, I speak often of the church down in Texas that's been an impression of my life and I've always been impressed by gold.

I think I told you once before that he met Baptist Church. The annealing benches and they prey on their needs and the whole staff plays on public prayer. They just walk up to the front was a microphone there in the whole staff gets on her knees to now you don't have to pray on your knees to get through to God, I promise you that I remember reading some years ago a poem by Sam Walker Foss which he describes how we are to pray. He says the proper way for Amanda pray said Deacon Lemuel keys and the only proper attitude is down upon his knees. Now, I should say the way to pray said Rev. Dr. Weiser standing straight with outstretched arms and wrapped it up. Oh no, no, no, said Elmer slow such postures to crown a man should pray with eyes fast closed and head rightly seems to me, his hand should be posteriorly clasped in front with both thumbs pointing toward the ground, said Rev. Dr. Blunt. Last year I fell in his schemes well headfirst said Cyrus Brown, and both my meals were sticking up in my head was appointed now, and I made a prayer right then and there I ever said the plan was standing on my head. I tell you what you thought of the well headfirst of you, and pray with intensity right so it really don't matter you pray when I'd like to suggest to you that the word of God is a pretty consistent pattern of people prayed on their knees praying on your knees what's good about praying on your knees. It's so uncomfortable you can't fall asleep. Daniel prayed on his knees three times every day and God blessed is he will blessing how does one give one person were finished. Go back to the first chapter.

The key to Daniel's life is last verse of chapter 1 and Daniel continue Daniel continue when he was 14 when he was 30 when he was 40 when you get MetLife when he got to be 60 when he got to be 80 when he was in his 90s. Daniel continue. Can you imagine what could happen if God's people develop consistency and continuity in their lives, so that the graces that were present in them as a young Christian of enthusiasm and determination to follow the Lord were developed and deepened and made constant and they grew and they flowered in the blossom so that old age they were still a valuable tool in the hand of God. That's what I cover for my life. I want God to solo mold and make me that as I grow older I get better in terms of God. I want to be an angry contentious better and the old man.

A lot of folks like that in the Christian faith is.

May God help us to strive to be that lives is great that we have such an incredible examples in the Bible, how to live life you try to figure out houses supposed to look also supposed to play out. You just have to go and find some people like Daniel and Caleb and Joseph Abraham, all of them except for Daniel and Joseph were flawed in terms of made mistakes and I'm sure these two men did too, but there's no record of it in the Bible we see how to live life all the way to the very end with energy and enjoy a living forward is a great way to live life with. Tomorrow we will will take the first step in our discussion of Daniel in the lion's den.

This gets pretty exciting. You probably remember hearing that story somewhere along the way. When you tell the story right from the Scripture.

It is even more exciting than hearing it told crabs in the Sunday school class or as a kid growing up on this tomorrow. Daniel and the line will see you right back here tomorrow as we talk about Daniel and the lives. Today's message originated from Shadow Mountain Community Church and senior pastor Dr. David Jeremiah how was golfing using Turning Points to minister to you like to live the snow as a Turning Point, PO Box 3-3 San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website and David Jeremiah don't pull/write your copy of David's helpful and encouraging questions about living in the last things and how to live with Susan. Susan also download the free Turning Point mobile smart device and XXL programs and resources with searching for the keywords point ministries go to David Jeremiah don't/radiotherapy tiles join us tomorrow as we continue the handwriting on the Turning Point with Jeremiah taking time to listen to on the non-decent Christian

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