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Antiochus and the Antichrist - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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March 30, 2020 1:34 pm

Antiochus and the Antichrist - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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March 30, 2020 1:34 pm

Episode Antiochus and the Antichrist - Part 2 - 31 March 2020, Turning Point (David Jeremiah) from Vision Christian Radio - Feed generated by MediaPoint.

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On demand from these increasingly you would expect to find Alexander the great and Antiochus epiphanies in the pages of history books but did you know that the suit in the Bible today on tuning point. Dr. David Jeremiah reveals the detailed prophecies foretelling the rise of the student from the movements and she is how God views them to sit the stage for the entity use David to conclude this message, and the antichrist.

Or you can go far in prophecy during the older of the New Testament before you start meeting some characters. Some prophetic characters, and certainly one of the most prominent characters both in the old and New Testament is the person we refer to as the man of sin be antichrist. The very very wicked man who comes on the scene. Ultimately, at the end of time. But there's another man who has a similar name. He's called Antiochus epiphanies he shows up during the days of Daniel and he is a picture of what the antichrist is going to be like he's an awful wicked bile man. In fact, Antiochus epiphanies may be the worst person whose record we have in the Old Testament, and that he's just there to help us understand that one day he will be replicated in another person and we call that person be antichrist. Well, let's finish up our discussion of Antiochus epiphanies as we open up I was again to the eighth chapter of I heard a story about the persecutor of the Jews in Russia. One day he asked you what he thought the outcome would be if the wave of persecutions continued and that you answered the result will be a feast. He said Pharaoh tried to destroy the Jews and the result was the Passover payment attempted to destroy the Jews and the result was the feast of Antiochus epiphanies try to destroy the Jews and the result was the feast of dedication just try to destroy us and will start another feast is sort of an Interesting Way, God has demonstrated throughout history, the special place. These people have his heart. Now, as we have looked at this chapter very quickly.

We covered vast segments of history from the leadership of Alexander who demonstrates for us the power of the coming Antichrist and Antiochus demonstrates for us the cruelty of the coming Antichrist. We now come to the 23rd verse where we see the final person and he is the one toward whom all of this prophetic information is pointing there's no purpose to talk about Alexander if he doesn't represent something else in the future.

There's really no information about Antiochus epiphanies that will do us any good unless as we see through him we see out into the future to a person who will be somehow like him. And when you take all of the power of Alexander and all of the cruelty of Antiochus epiphanies and you magnify that 100 times. You haven't even begun to approach what Deanna Christ is going to be like when he comes sometime in the future now let me just say this before we look just briefly these last few verses God prophesied Daniel concerning Alexander and what he said happened, how did it happen figuratively, spiritually or literally God prophesied concerning Antiochus the knees in words.

We can all understand, and history validates the prophecy was Antiochus epiphanies a principal was the force on influencer concept. He was a person and just as surely as the prophecies concerning those two men of history came to pass.

Men and women of the prophecy concerning the king of fierce countenance, who is mentioned in verse 23 will literally come to pass and the stage is being set. Even now the interesting thing is that the characteristics of these other two men merged together and what we learn about the King of beers countenance were going to move quickly in this eighth chapter beginning at verse 23 as I share with you several characteristics of the coming Antichrist that are listed here.

Right in the text and have seen their fulfillment also in these other men. First of all, Scripture records that when the Christ comes at the end of time. He will be dramatic in appearance and in the latter time of their kingdom. When the climactic moment has come when everything has happened and points to the advance of evil. The Scripture says, the King of beers countenance will make his appearance.

If you go back in the Bible in the old and New Testament, you will see that every prophetic truth has some relationship to the coming of that one we know is antichrist in the Scripture says in the latter time when it is all billed and the climaxes here. That moment the antichrist is going to walk across the stage and make his appearance.

The Scripture goes on to say that this one comes called the king the first countenance will not only be dramatic in appearance, but he will be destined to do evil. Scripture says it this way, when the transgressors are come to the full at a time when evil is at an all-time low. When things are happening. You can even imagine would be happening when all restraints have been lifted and everything seems to be going full-blown in the direction of evil, and Satan in the world and the devil. At that moment Christ will walk across the sea.

Notice what he says. Thirdly, and he will be a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences and he shall stand. This is a reference to his ability to solve problems and it refers to his dynamic leadership.

He will be a manual walk into the frame of reference of our world and he will have all the right answers. As we dealt with this back in the seventh chapter.

I remember saying to you that there would be a man in our world today who could stand up with the answers to our economic problems. The whole world would walk after him and follow him and would do anything they could do to regain economic prosperity.

The Scripture says that this one called the king the first countenance will walk into the scene as a dynamic leader with a mental ability to solve the problems of his day. Some expositors believe that this matter of dark sayings has a reference to the fact that he will be involved with the occult spiritualist. He will be dynamic leadership then notice verse 24 most amazing statement concerning this one and his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power.

What does that mean that means many women that he will be demonic.

He will be demon possessed.

Revelation 13 to says that the Dragon gave to Antichrist his power and his seat and his great authority in the chair when the price walks up on this earth. He will be indwelt by Satan.

I can't help but believe as I read atrocities of Antiochus epiphanies that he could not have done that had he not been Satan. He was demonic to the variance degree. Just as the Christ will be when he comes. Notice number five not only dramatic in appearance destined to evil dynamic in leadership demonic empower, but he will be destructive in his reign. Verse 24, and his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power and he shall destroy wonderfully.

That doesn't mean that it's good destruction means that the whole world will wonder at his destructiveness and he shall prosper and continue and he shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. Antiochus did this Alexander did this, the antichrist will do it.

In fact, Matthew 24, 22 says, except those days be shortened, no flesh shall be saved. You talk about bloodletting during the time of Antiochus you read the prophecies concerning the tribulation.

There are periods of time. There were blood is left at such a degree that it is up to the level of the bridle of horses and the stench of fallen flesh will be so great that when the ships passing the harbor from the place where the battles are fought, they will have to stop their noses for the older will be overwhelming. Everything I know about Antiochus epiphanies causes me to shudder. But when I think that the antichrist is going to be Batman multiplied 100 times over. I cannot imagine the evil that will run rampant on this earth. During that seven year.

Number six, verse 25 tells us that this one who is coming the king of first countenance will also be deceitful in his practice. Notice what it says and through his policy, literally through his cunning and through his cunning. Also, he shall cause the seat to prosper in his hand.

Second Thessalonians chapter 2 in verse four speaks of the antichrist like that and this is what it says who oppose and exalt above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he the antichrist as God sit in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God and he does this through signs and lying wonders and deceitfulness of unrighteousness in them that. Yet, the Christ will be the great deceiver.

He will come with lies and wonders and deceive the people, just as Antiochus did go on in verse 25 and noticed the seventh thing about this man and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and shall stand up against the Prince of princes he will deify himself. That's the overwhelming thing that when the Antichrist comes the Scripture says he is going to sit in the temple as God fact, you know, Antiochus epiphanies had coins printed during his reign.

We have 120 of them that we have found in archaeological discoveries and on the coins of Antiochus epiphanies he printed for words that loss, Antiochus. That loss epiphanies Antiochus the great God manifest that's who he thought he was and he said he was God. Just like the antichrist will when he comes, he will deify himself and then number eight. He will disguise his cruelty with peace promises. Notice what it says and by peace, he shall destroy many turn in your Bibles over to the ninth chapter of Daniel where you read a very interesting thing concerning the antichrist. In verse 27 it says that the Antichrist will confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease war will break out what's that all about. Well the Scripture records the fact that there's coming a day when the antichrist in order to make peace with the Jews will make a covenant with them at the beginning of the tribulation. And he'll say look, I know you people want to go back and worship your God in your temple and have your sacrifices observe your feast days in all and I want you know I'm a good guy and I believe in your right to religious freedom and so on.

To make a covenant with you that, at least for the next seven years. You can worship God as you choose. And so my deceit, he gains their confidence in the Scripture says in verse 27 that in the middle of the week or at the end of 3 1/2 years. He breaks the covenant and all hell breaks out that ushers in what we call the great tribulation, or the time of great suffering on this earth. The antichrist is going to deal deceitfully by making promises of peace and then breaking them anyway, just a statement concerning Antiochus epiphanies that illustrates how wonderfully he pictures this quality in the coming antichrist again from the book of Maccabees and after two years time the King Antiochus said his chief collector of tribute into the cities of Judah, and he came on to Jerusalem with a great multitude and he spake words of peace onto them in deceit and they gave him credence and he fell suddenly upon the city, and smote it very sore and destroyed much of the people of Israel first Maccabees 129 and 30 promises of peace, followed by destruction, and last but not least, the Scripture records how this is all going to end and will see more of this and later messages what it says in the end of verse 25 that the antichrist of the king of first countenance shall be broken without hand was that mean what it means that he will be supernaturally killed, that no human instrument will kill him. He will be brought to his end supernaturally. Now, even in this Antiochus epiphanies illustrates the antichrist. Let me share with you, Antiochus epiphanies made great strides in his godless perch until finally, because the Jews had cast the image of Jupiter out of the temple which had been placed there by that wicked dictator. He became embittered and claimed that he would make Jerusalem a common burial place. No sooner had Antiochus made this declaration that he was elected with an incurable disease.

His sufferings were unbearable and the stench from his own body was so horrible that even Antiochus himself could not stand the smell.

At first he thought to fulfill his threat, but finding it impossible. He called some of his men together, and frankly confess that he knew he was suffering because of what he had done to the Jews and their worship. He died in misery.

A foolish man who thought he could resist God and get by with.

He was brought down supernaturally without one human hand touching you say how does that apply to the antichrist will how is he going to end deceit and naturally no way one day King Jesus is going to write out of glory and go into combat with metal boy and the end of it will be that he will be cast into hell.

In fact, as we learned already. He's Hells first inhabited and is thrown there by Jesus Christ not naturally but supernaturally that's the way it will all end. Now I'm sure you can see what's happening in this chapter is that God is giving to us a picture of the future. Think of what it must've meant for Daniel in his perspective in his day to look down through history. First of all, Adam man, he did not know by the name of Alexander and hear God's prophecy concerning that time and then another man who came out of Alexander's kingdom by the name of Antiochus epiphanies and finally to that ultimate in when antichrist would rule and would rain the London newspaper someone who believed literally that the antichrist was coming, published in the paper. A birthday card to the antichrist and this is what it says wherever. Now you are whoever you may be in countryside or city in mountains or in C dark with the vigor of the wave that bears our age or fair and impossible as my own lost image you through the furnace of all disaster shall surely walk through the deserts of our day through the spiritual night.

The mind's bright master. You shall prove them through the body's golden clay shall breathe a soul and draw the precious veins of stone that burned to speech the dumbness of our flesh and bone you at the last great Savior shall arrive and be the one our insecurity confesses and awaits for you alone can come and take us seriously with the gay abandon legal advocates of nothing live with lust and pride and vanity in your May I to Prince now recognize you for what you are you with the unknown face and the familiarize whose voice is all men's and whose love is wise. A birthday card to the antichrist. You know, he could be alive somewhere in our world right now we who believe that we will not experience the tribulation know that most of the events that culminate in the beginning of the tribulation and signal the rapture of the church will be in process in at least an incipient form before the rapture occurs, you say pastor Jeremiah. What am I supposed to do with all of this you give me this sad and sick story about persecution in the coming antichrist. What should my response be well maybe we can get a clue from Daniel. Daniel saw this vision much clearer than I have been able to describe it to you and the result of it was, according to verse 27 and I Daniel fainted. You say will voice shouldn't affect me that way. I'm still no conscious.

I don't have any intentions of feigning go on and I was six certain days and afterward I rose up and did the king's business and I was astonished at the vision none understood it, and you go back to the 26 verse we read in the vision of the evening and morning which was told is true.

Wherefore, this is a much misunderstood phrase shut thou up the vision.

That doesn't mean don't tell anybody that means preserve it so that it can be communicated. God told Daniel to communicate the vision that it wouldn't happen, but it would happen in many days and Daniel said when he saw the picture of the future. The coming destroyers of Alexander and Antiochus and the antichrist.

When he saw that vision as clearly as he saw in his mind that he was caused emotionally to faint and literally got sick for certain days. What would cause that there's only one way to explain that and that is that Daniel saw his people under the persecution of these tyrants and he realized that many of them would go down to their graves being destroyed by the enemy. I couldn't help wondering why it is that we are more emotionally affected when we read of the coming judgment of this world. How many of you have loved ones in your immediate family. By that I mean, no further removed, and grandparents or grandchildren who are outside of Jesus Christ. Have you gotten emotionally involved in that we could hear the sound of the trumpet a moment.

Nothing has to happen before the rapture he could come back tonight and if he did those loved ones would be plunged immediately into the tribulation. We preach the awfulness and the agony of brimstone and fire and hell, but I want to tell you something for everyone who's left alive on this globe before hell there's the tribulation, which is nothing more nor less than hell on earth and then hell is worse than that. When I read that the antichrist will be worse than Antiochus who let blood fall from his victims at a whim. I look around at the people I love and I pray, oh God, don't let anyone I know go through that we don't witness we don't evangelize with a few to the coming judgment of God.

We aren't emotionally involved. We don't think we don't get sick, we don't get involved like we should, and if anything comes out of this chapter to us as Christians that ought to be.

This that the prophetic word of God ought to motivate us to see our world is a world that is lost and their falling into the lap of Satan. One by one, because Christian people don't care we don't go to witness. We don't go to share and we act like it doesn't matter. Prophecy is only good when it has a direct application to what's going on right now seeing that these things happen purify yourselves.

Seeing that these things are true, what manner of men ought you to be.

If we really believe what we study it will change our lives will look around for those lost people we know and with compassion and emotion.

We will say to them.

While there is time for judgment is coming.

Well we end the month of March today, but we don't.

In their study of Daniel tomorrow as we begin the month of April together and talk about prayer and Daniel's mighty prayer ninth chapter of Daniel.

One of the great chapters in the Old Testament and one apprentice was. Don't forget to join us tomorrow as we continue our discussion of the book of Daniel.

Have a great day will see you tomorrow. Today's message originated from Shadow Mountain Community Church and senior pastor Dr. David Jeremiah how was God been using tuning points to minister to you like to live the snow and Turning Point PO Box 383, San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website at David Jeremiah/writing your copy of David's help with encouraging you both as to questions about living in the last day, and how to live with certainty variance is its rules for any amount you can also download the free Turning Point mobile and smart device and exits our programs and resources with just a 10 searching your app store for the keywords tuning points ministries go to David Jeremiah don't/radio for details. Join us tomorrow as we continue the handwriting on the wrong Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah from these in

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