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The Message the Demons Fought Over - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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April 20, 2020 1:36 pm

The Message the Demons Fought Over - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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April 20, 2020 1:36 pm

Episode The Message the Demons Fought Over - Part 2 - 21 April 2020, Turning Point (David Jeremiah) from Vision Christian Radio - Feed generated by MediaPoint.

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Undermined Christian lady asked throughout the book of Daniel. Recent prophecies fulfilled with so much detail and precision. It's clearly the work of God will bring jobs Turning Point in your marsh is the most amazing example of this. You message personally delivered to Daniel by one of heaven's highest ranking angel with the conclusion of the message the demons for the well here we are again in Daniel chapter 11 and I were going to finish up what we started yesterday in the first 35 verses this incredible story of the cosmic battle that took place in response to Daniel's prayer while working to get started now with the last part of this message. This is Daniel 11 first 35 versus the message the demons wrought over politicos was a king who attacked the king of the North and prevail, they had another war. Once again I want to remind you caught in the middle between the North and South is poor Palestine, I mean they are the bloodbath between these two nations. NOP seems to be possible. Egypt and Syria are each of the strokes and the battles fought on Jewish soil and notice there's a very interesting statement in the verse, and he shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods with their princes and with their precious vessels of silver and gold, and he shall continue more years than the king of the North. In other words, the king of the North is going to die before the king of the South, you know, history records the king of the North fell off his horse broke his neck and was taken out early, much before his time, just as the Scripture records and the other king survived him and lived longer than he did. Unbelievable what you find in response to this prophetic truth is you read the history books. Now that brings us to the third king. We looked at king. As you Harris and King Alexander and we come to verse 10 we meet another king. This man's name is Antiochus the great, notice what it says in verse 10, but his son shall be stirred up and shall assemble a multitude of great forces and one shall certainly common overflow and pass through, then shall he return and be stirred up even to his fortress and the king of the South shall be moved with anger, and shall come forth and fight with him. Even with the king of the North and he shall set forth a great multitude, but the multitude shall be given into his hand, and when you have taken away the multitude, his heart shall be lifted up, and he shall cast down many 10,000s, but he shall not be strengthened by one of politicos sons died and the other side of politicos was a man by the name of Antiochus the great, and history tells us that Antiochus the great had 75,000 soldiers and he attacked Egypt and he stopped right through Israel to get there and when he got to Egypt and he started to attack Egypt, the king of Egypt didn't think that was to need in verse 11 tells us that the king of the South was moved with anger.

I mean he was really Pete here comes this man with a 75,000 soldiers, and he attacks Egypt and he stamps around in the land of Israel in verse 11 says the king of the South. You don't need all these names, but I just tell the king of the South at that time had to be followed by the name of Loeffler and he was angry too and he had 73,000 men and 5000 cavalry and get their 73 elephants. That's what his warfare with the elephants were used as battering rams and so he took his 73,000 soldiers and is 5000 73 elephants and he goes out. The fight against the other king. Once again, where is Israel there in the middle.

Can you imagine 73 elephants tromping all over the land of Israel and hear these poor Jews. They don't know what's going on there. Caught in the vice and the king of the South because the king of the North to lose 10,000 minutes is in verse 12, and the king of the North is not done.

Now here's an interesting thing for the king of the North shall return he's going home now and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, he's going only group and noticed after certain years with a great army and with much riches he returns, and history tells us that it was exactly 13 years later that he came back and renew the conflict. Again, just like the Bible said after certain years, great power and great riches. We come to verse 14, and in those times, there are still many stand up against the king of the South. Here's an interesting phrase. Also, the robbers of who five people. The robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision but they shall fall. I think that's a reference to mercenary soldiers who join with the king when he was on his way through the land and helped him and tried to get in good with Antiochus because they felt like he was going to be the conqueror and if they could get in good with Antiochus when he finally began to rain. They have a place in his kingdom, but notice what happens verse 15 so the king of the North shall come and cast up a siege mountain take the fortified cities in the arms of the South shall not withstand neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand the show also set his face to enter with strength of his whole kingdom and upright ones with him. It says here. None shall stand before Antiochus and he shall stand where verse 16 in the glorious land where is that class is the glorious land. That's Palestine, that's Israel were arriving there back in that land again.

Remember, these are the times of the Gentiles and Jerusalem shall be what trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles become in are we not seeing that here the Egyptians marching all over their land. Here the Syrians marching all over the land. The poor Jews are just getting stomped all over the place. They're not even in the battle yet. I mean, they're not even involved in the conflict. While we come to verse 17 and we realize that in verse 17 Antiochus is still not happy. He still hasn't been able to unite Egypt and Syria together in the Scripture says he is determined to unite these kingdoms, and so he decides to give the king of Egypt here we go again.

His daughter, verse 17 he also shall set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom and upright ones with him and thus shall he do, he shall give him the daughter of women.

Literally, the phrase means the daughter of femininity and may mean the top woman in the kingdom.

He shall give him the daughter of women corrupting her, but she shall not stand on his side, neither before him. Now, if you know history.

Another what happened is he decides to give the king of Egypt.

His daughter, the daughter of femininity.

You know that was that was Cleopatra and he had all that by giving Cleopatra to that adversarial king.

He could put a spot in the palace. Notice what the Scripture says Cleopatra loved her husband more than she loved her father.

Verse 17 she shall not stand for him or be on his side and once again the whole thing fell through. He thought he could get Cleopatra over there you have somebody on the inside but he didn't reckon with the power of love she got over there. She thought that overcame some special she fell in love with him and she forgot all about daddy and his plan down the tubes verse 18. After this, he shall turn his face onto the coast and he shall take many but a prince on his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease without his own reproach, he shall cause it to turn upon him that he shall turn his face toward the fortresses of his own land, but he shall stumble and fall and not be found when Antiochus plan with Cleopatra fails and he discovers that she is going to be faithful to him. Boy does he get mad. You know these guys when they rain with all of these great armies and they went out of these great campaigns if they got upset you didn't want to be around and Antiochus got upset and so the Scripture says in verse 18.

He goes on a rampage. He decides to turn his face toward the coastlands and Greece, but a prince got in his way and the prints I believe is the Roman armies that are now beginning to dominate and a common stand in his way and he was routed he was defeated in his attempt to go to the coast into the aisles. Verse 19 says that he shall turn his face toward the fortresses of his own land, but he shall stumble and fall and not be found in.

Here's what happened to Antiochus. According to history and typist in a rage of anger goes back to his own cities. He has been foiled on two occasions. His plan with Cleopatra has fallen through.

He went out to the coast and he's rebuffed by the Romans, and so he decides to go back to his own cities as fortress cities and he tries to plunder the temple of Jupiter in his own land on me. Here's a guide and he doesn't care who he gets as long as he gets somebody even if it's his own people and he goes back to his own city. According to history plunders the temple of Jupiter and the people his own people got so mad at him that they murdered him and you never hear about them again drops off the edge of the earth, and that's what the Scripture says he shall stumble and fall, shall not be found.

That's what happened as though off the face of the earth. Now notice verse 20. The Romans have taken control of the Syrians now and they have decided since the Syrians are such an upstart nation and given them such hassles that they're going to tax them and I said will fix you guys. You know mess with Rome. Here's what were going to do to you, from now on, every time we show up which can cost you a thousand talents. You have to pay taxes so notice what verse 20 says Antiochus is replaced just was replaced by then shall stand up in his estate. A razor of taxes and the glory of the kingdom, but in a few days.

He's destroyed neither in anger nor in battle it's uncanny how the Scripture records history exactly as it happened, laying it out in detail. You can understand why somebody doesn't believe the Bible to be a supernatural book would really be blown away with such accurate detail as it relates to history and why they would try to figure out some way to say that this was written after it happened. If I didn't believe in a supernatural God. I would believe it was written after it happened to well this razor of taxes and the glory of the kingdom is in a few days destroyed neither in anger nor in battle, and that brings us to verse 21 and the fourth king in the fourth king. We meet his Antiochus epiphanies and in his estate shall stand up, a vile person. In other words, razor of taxes is replaced by a vile person to home base shall not give the honor of the kingdom, but he shall come in peaceably and obtain the kingdom by flattery's. How would you like to have someone describe you that way of vile person I know some pretty bad people borrow anybody so bad that I would feel comfortable describing them as a vile person I mean person I know about some people like that but I don't personally but I want you to know when the Scripture records concerning Antiochus epiphanies that he was a vile person isn't too strong.

He was one of the most wicked men who ever lived.

In fact, he really didn't have a claim to the throne. He was not on the family tree of anybody even deserve to be in leadership, but he finagled his way around until he got into a place of power and he deceived everybody and he got elected and made the king, and he began to devastate the Egyptians notice what it says. With the arms of a flood shall they be overthrown from before him shall be broken. Yay.

Also, the Prince of the covenant and after the lead made with him he shall work deceitfully for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people, and he shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province and he shall do that which is fathers have not done nor his father's father's not, here's what he's doing. He moves into the richest places and like Robin Hood. He begins to rob all the riches that he finds in these areas and he takes the riches that he gets from his robberies and he goes around and he buys the allegiance of the renegades he needs the perpetrators crimes. Notice what it says he shall enter peaceably upon the fattest places of the province you shall do that which is fathers have not done nor his father's father's, he shall scatter among them the prey and the spoil and the riches but notice. Yay.

And he shall plot against the strongholds were a time. He's buying time and allegiance, and he's getting ready to do is devastating works and he shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the South with a great army. The King of the South shall be stirred up the battle with a very great and mighty army.

We shall not stand, for they shall plot against him. Yay they that feed on the portion of his food shall destroy him and his army shall overflow and many shall fall down slain was that name.

He infiltrated the kingdom and God's enemy poisoned by those who were seated at his own table. Now notice verse 27 in both these kings hearts shall be to do mischief. What does not describe the rulers of our day.

That's why we can't ever have any peaceful coexistence over the kings hearts were committed to do mischief.

So what are they do.

Finally, the lost all hope of settling this on the battlefield. Verse 27 says, and so they shall speak lies at one table they decide to sit down at the table and work it out just like we do know peace treaty by the way, you know, many of the treaties that have been made since the will begin a been broken all of them hundred percent and this one was just like the rest it says what it shall not prosper for you at the end shall be at the time appointed now verse 28 then shall he return unto his land with great riches and his heart notice shall be against two the holy covenant and he shall do exploits and return to his own land.

At the time appointed, he shall return and come toward the south, but it shall not be as the former owner, as the latter. Here we get the Romans again for the ships of kingdom shall come up against him, and he shall be turned back. Therefore, he shall be grieved. Some folks believe as they study this that this is a reference to the Roman Navy if you will. They came and stood in his way. He couldn't do what he wanted to do. Therefore, he shall be great. That means he's mad and return and have indignation against the holy covenant. He couldn't do what he wanted to the Romans got his way and so he comes back to the land of Israel.

Any chance his wrath upon the Jews so he shall do.

He shall even return and have intelligence with those who forsake the holy covenant were those those of those rebellious renegade Jews again.

He's moved in and infiltrated the Jewish nation and the renegade Jews now are on his side and forces shall stand on his part and base shall pollute the sanctuary of strength and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate you know what happened as well as I do, came back into the city was so angry because he couldn't do what he wanted to with the Romans came back into the city of Jerusalem and he slaughtered every child he could find, just kill them out on the street every woman he could lay his hands on. They were raped and then killed. He took the god Zeus took it into the Jewish temple and he put God up on the temple worship center stopped all the sacrifices he tried to make the Jews bow down to Zeus that as we learn the last time we learned about Antiochus the madman took a pay slough the pay and he took chalices and fill them up with the blood of that slain pig and he and his men went through all the temple with that pig's blood, and they just threw it all over the temple desecrating everything they could find, there was pig's blood all over the walls and all of the holy vessels everyplace they could do it. They took some of the pork from the slain pig and they lined the priests up and they tried to force the priest to eat that pork and if a priest would need if they literally physically jammed it down their throats and then they offered the pig as a sacrifice on the Jewish altar.

You know what the phrase the abomination of desolation means means it was an abomination so great that the temple itself was desolate. Nobody could go there.

It was emptied out because of what Antiochus did to the Jews. But the Scripture says there were small band of Jewish patriots who fought for that which is right.

We even get a reference to that in this prophecy says and forces shall stand on his part and he shall pollute the sanctuary strength take away the daily sacrifice verse 32 and such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flattery's but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits and I want to tell you some if you want to read some little thrill your soul. You get a hold of the books of Maccabees, the Apocrypha and remember they're not inspired what you read about the Maccabean revolt and you read about those guys who were strong and did exploits and fought against Antiochus epiphanies, not tell you it's one of the best stories delivery. Those guys were so courageous they would go out and hide out in the hills and every time Antiochus epiphanies tried to move that swarming on him and they just drove him nuts in one after another the Maccabean family was killed off and finally, Judas Maccabeus, the great stalwart patron came into the front, and he began to lead the revolt and finally, ultimately, we don't have time to tell the story. He brought Antiochus epiphanies wicked reign to an end defeated him and begin the restoration of the temple. They that understand among the people shall instruct many, yet shall they fall by the sword and by flame, by captivity by spoiled many days now when they shall fall they shall be help the little help. Where's the Maccabean's again the city and Jews if you will, but many shall cling to them with flattery's and some of them of understanding shall fall to test them and purge them to make them white even to the time of the end because it is yet for a time appointed.

Now we just covered the whole era of history. Just reading through the Bible and not tell you we haven't done justice to it at all except to point out men and women. This book is accurate and this is an amazing book. We don't understand what were dealing with. When we deal with prophecy like this, it isn't any wonder that this is a battleground for those who hate God's word. I wanted to say something you can choose not to believe it. If you decide to do that one thing you can't do is you can't make it untrue. It's true whether you believe it or not, and why God gave us the 11th chapter of the book of Daniel is to demonstrate to us in just one little section of history that when he says something is going to come to pass through one of his prophets it comes to pass exactly as he said it would happen what we've been trying to learn through the prophecies of Daniel as we study these great truths. Is this is an Old Testament prophecy. And here is an accurate fulfillment of that prophecy which we document by history. Now we move up in history to where were living in the days when the prophecies are made for out here in the future.

Some of those prophecies. In fact, the vast majority of them even as we get into the 12 chapter the end of the 11th chapter have to do it a time yet future and the whole purpose of prophecy that is fulfilled literally is to teach us that just is what God said here was fulfilled literally hear what he says here is going to be fulfilled literally out there. That's the whole purpose of so that as we read the Scriptures and we hear God prophesying, we see that it comes to pass. Then we read the prophecies for the future and we realize whether we believe it or not, whether we choose to accept it or not what God has said will indeed come to pass, and I'm sure you know that one of the things he said it's going to come to pass at any moment is that he's going to come back for his church.

We call it the rapture is coming soon to take us home to be with him. You say I don't believe that that is making a difference is going to happen anyway. And the key thing is for you to know whether or not you ready are you ready to get ready it's going to happen just as God promised.

When the Lord is going to return and I'll tell you what light of what we've been through recently here in our country and around the world, of the appetite for somebody to set things straight is growing is to know that God has a plan minute, ultimately, does away with all of pandemics and other challenges that we face as a nation and individually tomorrow were going to talk about the battle of Armageddon.

Daniel chapter 11 through the first verse of the 12th chapter gives us the story of what's going to happen at the end of the age when this immense battle takes place. You may think you know what Armageddon is all about.

But if you haven't read it from the Scriptures you don't and you should, and I encourage you to join us tomorrow and Thursday as we unpack this powerful section of Scripture. I have been trying to give you a verse of Scripture to hang on to every day as we move forward during these days and today I want you to think about Romans 1212 this is what it says rejoice in hope, be patient in affliction and be persistent in prayer. Three. Good thoughts in one version. Rejoice as they have be patient in affliction that is always going to be here and then be persistent in prayer that will give you a good day for all of those three things that I hope you will. We sure hope you will join us tomorrow for the next edition no message today from Sugar Mountain Community Church with Dr. David Jeremiah serves as a senior cost including that is not how to an employee is touching your life. Please write to us in Turning Point PO Box 3838, San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website David Jeremiah.whole/radio Hospital copy of the missed test bodies captivating the last Israeli insider looks at the end time and prefers rumble plan was for a gift of any amount you can also download free Turning Point level at smart phone or tablet or searching go for the keywords, Turning Point minister and instantly exit programs and resources with David Jeremiah.whole/radio on very hopefully join us tomorrow as we continue the handwriting on the Turning Point. Jeremiah, thanks for taking time to listen to on tonight Friendly's and Christian

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