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How Can One Book Change My Life - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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September 8, 2020 1:30 pm

How Can One Book Change My Life - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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September 8, 2020 1:30 pm

A good book can change your life. But THE 'good book' can transform you for all eternity. This weekend on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah considers the life-changing power of God’s Word.

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Going tonight. A good broker drives your life but drinkable Bible can transform you know and flow into the like. No rewarding it was going to Royalton for the loved your mother considers the life-changing power of God's word elevates the Bible any other book in existence.

This is the conclusion of his message. One. Change my life to have a friend in India whose name is Tish Kumar is the pastor of one of the largest churches in the world at Calvary Chapel in a bad and she has a habit of doing this when he preaches he holds up the Bible and he says something like this. All other books are information, but this book is transformation. And you know what, he's absolutely right, relearning that as we open our Bibles yesterday and today to Psalm 19 here is a life-changing book. It's a transforming book will get back to our study about in just a moment I want to keep reminding you that are special resource for the month of September is our brand-new calendar colors of creation throughout history, authors and artists have endeavored to describe and duplicate the beauty that's found in creation and use colors and features in.

Ultimately, they discover that the only design that works is the design that God himself created and they end up back at the beginning at the source, the creation of God.

God even created the colors.

As you know, in our ability to see them and appreciate them and so colors of creation is the calendar for 2021. It actually is a 14 month calendar.

It begins in November of this year so you have, November, December, and that all of next year and in the 2021 portion of the calendar.

There is a daily Bible reading schedule that will help you read through the Bible in a year. There's a place on each calendar and every day for you to write your appointments and will provide beautiful wherever you happen to placement and I think you will love having it. We want to send it to you. Here's how you can get your copy. Simply write us and send a gift of any size to help with the cost of what were doing on the radio and around the world on television and ask for the calendar. That's it. Send a gift of any size do the best you can be as generous as you can be.

But whatever you send. If you request the calendar will make sure he gets to your home and you will be able to enjoy it in the months ahead was get back to where we left off yesterday were talking about the Bible were talking about how one book can change your life. Psalm 19 is our text and let's pick up where we left off reading text again and you'll discover that here the Bible is described in six ways. It is perfect.

It is sure it is right is pure is clean and it is true. I wish I had time to take every one of those descriptions and tell you all this wrapped up in the Bible is perfect. The Bible is sure, you can count on it. The Bible is right is right. The Bible is pure.

The Bible is clean and the Bible is true, the law, the testimony, the statutes, the commandments, perfect, pure, clean, true psalmist literally uses 18 different expressions to try to get our attention. The importance of centering our thoughts on God's word, but the last six words have to do with its effectiveness doesn't really change your life. I mean come on, pastor, I know you're paid to say stuff like this, but does the Bible really change your life.

I remember reading a story about a lady who lived way back in the country.

One day there was a knock at her door and it was a vacuum cleaner salesman. He came into her house and began to give the woman his high-pressure sales talk. He said my mom got greatest product you've ever seen this vacuum cleaner will eat up anything. In fact, if I don't control it will suck the carpet right off for before the woman could do anything or say anything.

He said I want to give you a demonstration motor fireplace scooped out some of the ashes and then he took a bag that he carried with him and some dirt on top.

The ashes jumped on top of that, and after making a thorough, messy, said Mme. I want you to watch this vacuum cleaner at work. I guarantee it will suck up everything I've thrown on your rug woman got overwhelmed by this to their aghast speechless and the salesman went on to say lady if it doesn't suck up every bit of this, I will personally eat it all with a spoon woman looked at the salesman and finally found her voice she said well sir started we got electricity. I wish I could have been there to watch. Don't you somebody always needs to get caught like that when they do that sort of thing, but it kind of reminds me that before you pitch a product you better be dead. Sure, you can deliver right, for whatever reason, the me tell you, I am absolutely certain about what I'm going to say to you about the Scripture. I know this is true. This is what the Bible will do for you.

Psalmist says it will restore your soul refreshing your inner life like food does your body.

King James says, converting the soul. And that reminds us that there is no way that you can even come to know God. Apart from the Scriptures, but the one thing the Bible will do for you that you can't find any other will ever do for you is the Bible. Do you with your soul. The Bible deal with the real you, not the external faade that you walk around but the real you. The Bible get down deep where you live and help you understand who you are and if you take it at face value, you will discover that this book begins to refresh you and restore you sometimes is a little bit of tearing down first. Is there sometimes the Bible has to tear out all the bad so that he can begin to build up that which is good, but I promise you that.

I know this book will do that it will restore your soul. Keep reading. Not only will it restore your soul with the Bible will renew your mind. Psalmist says that it makes wise the simple, practical guidance to the inexperienced. But you know many women that there is wisdom in this book for every situation you face. I found help in this book for my family. I found help in this book for my financial challenges I found help in this book for health.

Believe it or not some very interesting principles about how I found help in this book about discipline.

I discovered some hard truths in this book about the fact that the Christian life doesn't just descend upon you, but godliness comes through discipline.

This book makes you wise. Psalmist says it will rejoice your heart, bringing delight and pleasure to you when you obey it. It rejoices your heart know I've understood that a lot more in recent days.

Never before know this book is filled with truth, and sometimes it just kind of explodes in your heart you cannot contain yourself. I sometimes go to a special place cemetery where it is, but I have a special place that I go to beautiful beautiful water mountains. I go there to read the Bible and pray you know what sometimes not been reading the Bible my mother by myself. I forget where I am and I just I start having a party. I get so excited about what I've read. I just want to shout saying the horn. I don't know you know just whatever you can do because the word of God rejoices your heart. I know there are times when the word of God works you over. But there also many times when you study the Bible really come to grips with its truth just gets in your soul and makes you happy. If you haven't known that it's because you haven't gotten into the book. Keep reading what else will do it renews your mind, it rejoices your heart, it'll refocus your vision. Psalmist says that the Bible enlightens the eye, illuminating the dark. You know what this book is done for me. It's helped me to stay off of a lot of dead-end streets. It's given me wisdom and knowledge so that I've had kind of. I've always said to my wife. It's 1/6 sense, no it's not. It's biblical sense.

It's the awareness of biblical principles that I may not even pull out at the time that I've learned that I've been taught that I've read and when I start going the direction there's an uncomfortable feeling that comes in I get my focus changed in its focus now because God's word is help me if you want to have a biblical lifestyle. It's not about a bunch of rules and the whole list of do's and don'ts. It's about getting into the book and the word of God will get into the sinners in the flesh of your being, so that when you start to walk in the direction God will keep you from getting into trouble. How many of you would like to have the ability to read the word of God in such a way that you have a sense when somebody's trying to scam on somebody started taking down a dead-end street, take your money. Take away the things that are important to you how many would like to read the word of God so much that when you see your children heading in the direction used have a sense that that's not good you can sit down and help them understand that's what this book will do. It'll refocus your vision and then it says it'll remain forever word of God is eternal you. I thought about this week. If God allows his son to Terry. His coming doesn't come for another 50 years they'll still be preaching the same book. 50 years from now and applying its truth to that generation. Anyway just as accurate and just as powerful as it is today because it is a timeless book, the principles live on most of the books we buy to date are outdated and couple months a lot of people that I talk with in the medical field and engineering fields they have to keep reading and reading because the stuff they read last month is already dated, but the word of God is timeless. It remains forever, and finally the psalmist says that it will refute any critic, the mutual parts. Explain and defend one another. Did you know that it says it is righteous altogether. What that means is that it's parts come together in defense of itself.

Do you have any idea how many people have made it their life's work to try to totally destroy the word of God. All the critics who made up their life's work to destroy the credibility the word of God. Not one of them's ever been able to do it.

One of the great translators in the Bible is a man by the name of Tyndale Tyndale was a distributor. The word of God, he translated any printed and distributed in the midst of the great distribution under Tyndale that the government became got angry and wanted to get these Bibles out of circulation because they were attacking the national church, so we had a friend go and see if he could get all the Bibles that Tyndale had printed. He said whatever it takes bio disbarment destroy them guy came in talk Tyndale out of the Bibles. Tyndale just gave an exorbitant price he paid the price the Bibles when destroy them and to use the money from the Bibles that he bought to print 30 times as many Bibles as he already had any distribute these Bibles all over the king came and wanted to get the money and his friends said you paid for the Bibles that he distributor is a great I think God sits in heaven.

He laughs at the foolishness of men try to destroy God's word because it's beyond instruction something if that's true, if what I'm telling you is true, why in the world when we want to get our heads and our hearts into this book.

There something special about this book. In fact read the next few verses and you will see more to be desired are they than gold data much fine gold sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them your servant is warned and in keeping them there is great reward. You talk about a guarantee that sort like the stuff it's written on the bottom of the product. This is what it says it says there's great possession in the Bible for those who will discover it for gold is good fine gold is better much fine gold is better, yet God's word is better than much fine gold, it's better than the best and there's great pleasure in the Bible for those seeking honey is good and the droppings of the honeycomb were very sweet, but the word of God is sweeter still. And there's great protection in the Bible for those who believe in the word of God not only encourages us, it warns us, it constrains us and restrains us and opens doors before sin closes doors against this is what the Bible does.

And there's great profit in the Bible for those who will obey the keeping of it, there is great reward. Not in the future only, but even here now the Bible while what an incredible book. I don't like to try to get you to do something out of guilt really don't and I'm not here to make you feel guilty if you're in the 23% and never read the Bible. Shame on you, but it's not my problem.

Church right I don't want to come here today and save for you people, you know, read the Bible, you gotta be ashamed that's not you know my heart is. I just want to be what you miss. I would encourage if you have never taken seriously. This book, you need to do that.

Another so many incredible helps that are available for you to get in to God's word. I want to give you two responses to responses to the revelation of God in the skies and to the revelation of God in the Scriptures. First of all, the revelation of God in the skies, you know, when you see the glory of God in the sky spokes. I hope you never get to the place where you take for granted that you know that God who did that and sometimes when I stand at the edge of the ocean and I hear the surf break against the shore and I watched the rolling tide and I hear that most majestic sound that we know because were seacoast city. I think as I look out at the incredible expanse of it all. I know the one who did that by knowing I'm not name dropping friends.

I'm telling the truth.

I know and even in the silence when it sometimes scary and you hear the howl of the wind or maybe the storm comes in the thunder and the lightning crash all about you in that is the revelation of my God, you know I'm not in need of God's revelation to come to know his son because I already knowing what I am grateful for the revelation of God. I think I'm growing in my appreciation of it.

More and more each day that God's creative work in nature is one way that he continually reminds us of his power, and of his Majesty and so I stand it all of God's glory written in the skies, but I also stand in awe of God's greatness written in the Scriptures I want to just ask you a couple of things about God's glory and God's greatness in the Scriptures. If all the things I've told you were to it.

Let's just assume for a moment. They are if God's word can do everything that I tell you the word of God it can do when it makes sense that it be great to get into a routine to read the Scriptures a little bit every day publishers of taken the word of God and organize them so that their chronologically in the right order and every day you just open to the date and in the book gives you all the Scripture to read for that day. You don't have to turn from the old to the New Testament just read it all. Then the next day the rest of it. If you read that all the way through.

From January to the end of December you will have read every word in the Bible you how long it takes. It takes 15 minutes a day.

In fact, you can read through the whole Bible in 72 hours. Did you know that and I told you I wasn't going to get on you but I want to do it right now for just a minute you know that the average American watches television in two weeks, 70 hours so that in the time that the average American watches television in two weeks you could read through the whole Bible from cover to cover so I'm not asking you to read the whole Bible from cover to cover him to say and when it makes sense to take a moment and make a decision that you can read the Bible a little bit every day, then you want to get into some relationships were not ashamed to discuss what you read you the best thing you can do to keep yourself accountable to talk about somebody else, it would try to encourage each other in the Scripture reading the Bible.

Most of us have got friends that if we want to work and we said you know what I found in the Scripture today they would think something really terrible happened to us and I'm not saying all your friends should be that way. But if you want to be faithful in reading the Scripture you need to have somebody husband or wife, friend who will help you stay accountable to your reading I can teach all the Bible, but I hope I can create a hunger and thirst within you that will make you want to get in the word of God for yourself. That's the purpose of the pastor as we close today.

Let me tell you story about somebody I read about that encouraged me his name was Lieut. Gen. William K. Harrison, the most decorated soldier in the 30th infantry division rated by Gen. Eisenhower is the number one infantry division in World War II.

Gen. Harrison was the first American to enter Belgium and he did it at the head of the Allied forces. This man was so decorated that he received every metal possible except the Congressional medal of honor.

He was honored with the distinguished silver cross the Silver Star, the bronze Star for valor and the Purple Heart. He was one of the few generals to be wounded in action when the Korean War began, he served as Chief of Staff of the United Nations command and because of his character and self-control was ultimately Pres. Eisenhower's choice. They had the long and tedious negotiations to end the Korean War. Gen. Harrison was a soldier's soldier. He led a busy ultra busy life, but he was also an amazing man of the Scriptures when he was a 20-year-old West Point cadet.

He began reading the Old Testament through once a year in the New Testament four times a year. Gen. Harrison did this until the end of his life and even in the thick of war. He maintained his commitment by catching up during the two and three day rest fights for replacement and refitting which follow battles so that when the war ended, he was right on schedule with his reading of the Scripture. When at the age of 90 is failing eyesight no longer permitted his discipline. He had read the Old Testament, 70 times in the New Testament 280 times it is no wonder that the people who knew him said he was a man of godliness and wisdom and his wisdom was so incredible that people would come to him almost like they came to Solomon to ask his advice on just about any subject you can imagine. And the Lord used him for 18 years to leave the officers Christian Fellowship. What I learned from his life is twofold. First of all, that it is possible, even for the busiest of us to read the Bible. If we really put your mind to it is to simply go to decide God is giving you a will is give you determination you set your mind on the goal and you can do it. There's no question was simply civil pastor Jeremiah I'm up in years I never read the Bible, so start now. Just make up your mind to do it, sit down and write out a plan, get your little one year Bible if that's what it takes to get a reading schedule just say hey I'm not going to die before I read the Bible. I'm going to read the Bible and I want to stay alive till I get it done. Amen. Not only can you read the Bible when you're busy.

Harrison also teaches us what can happen when your mind is properly programmed. You get the word of God in your mind and it will change every area of your life and change your family. It'll change your spiritual life and professional life at all the problems that you face will have a new picture and twist and you can come to understand what the psalmist meant when he wrote about the treasure of God's word. In fact, he ended his song with this prayer with the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. You know how the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart can be acceptable to the Lord right here just get in the book. Make it yours study and meditate upon it, make a purpose in your life you can be sure that the meditation of your heart will be acceptable to God. This can change your life have been privileged is person to be exposed to the Bible all my life group as a child in a Christian home my dad was a pastor when the first things I remember is getting my little testament. Going to church and singing the BRI BLE. Yes, that's the book for me and learning Scriptures and being exposed to the truths and now I find myself privileged to be teaching the Scripture every day in some form or another and I can think of anything more wonderful and more rewarding than to be an agent for the eternal Word of God and tell people what it says what it means and what it means to them and watch it change their life. I hope that's happening for you in some way it is or you would be listening to this program, the student of the word of God and let it guide your life more than ever before.

We need that that security in our lives. Bible brings tomorrow a very important discussion for where we are in life and that's how do I face my fears. That's the next question that needs an answer and will try to provide some answers tomorrow. Right here on this station is message originated from Shadow Mountain Community Church and send me a path that don't think I've Jeremiah would love to hear you have impacted your life and tell us it is the San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website at, 14, 20, 21 calendar colors of creation.

Jeremiah study standard and new international versions. Standard a large print. James notes from over 40 years of study. Jeremiah visited Jeremiah.Gary tomorrow as we continue God, I need some time to listen to all

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