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How Can One Book Change My Life - Part 1

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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September 7, 2020 1:47 pm

How Can One Book Change My Life - Part 1

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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September 7, 2020 1:47 pm

A good book can change your life. But THE 'good book' can transform you for all eternity. This weekend on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah considers the life-changing power of God’s Word.

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Christian workplace does the Bible hold in your heart. Is it just another book was a God's revelation of himself to humanity that your answer has eternal implications. 307.030 more thirds to the north and some shares three ways that God reveals himself to us from the series.

God I need some ounces is David to introduce his message back in one book changed my life and I've been teaching the word of God. Now for about half a century is hard to believe but over the years. It's just been so interesting to me to observe how people search for God and don't seem to know what to look they may look everywhere they try to find God in history. They try to find God and legends. They even look within themselves, hoping to find God, but God has revealed himself. He has done it in a very specific way, and women to talk about that today. How can one book changed my life.

There's only one place to find God and that's in his word and will talk about it in a moment.

As you heard the announcer say were in Psalm 19.

During the month of September.

It's our joy to make available to our listeners. The calendar for the coming year history behind this is we used to do this later in the year and we had lots of people say we need that calendar earlier so we made a couple adjustments we increased the number of months in the calendar from 12 to 14 adding November and December of the current year and we moved up the month for you to get it to September. We found this to be very helpful to many of our people and on the calendar itself is a real blessing. It has a plan written into every page free to read through the Bible in any year, there's space on every one of the calendar pages has space and every day for you to write your appointments on the national holidays and other special things are in the calendar, but the beauty of the calendar is what really strikes you because this year, the calendar is called the colors of creation and it truly does jump out at you.

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Well let's begin the beast two days of discussion on how can one change my life after captivating audiences University like novelist Ayn Rand was asked by reporter. What's wrong with the modern world without a moments hesitation she replied, quote. Never before has the will been so desperately asking for answers to crucial questions and never before has the world been so frantically committed to the idea that no answers are possible. To paraphrase the Bible wrote this agnostic modern added to his father, forgive us that we know not what we are doing and please don't tell us." Pretty perceptive statement for an acknowledged agnostic many of us would criticize her, but we must be careful because if were honest, we would all admit that there's a part of all of us that do want a word from God, but were really not sure we want the word of God. We know enough to own a Bible, but not enough for the Bible to own us. We paid the Bible lipservice, but we fail to give it life service survey that was taken by the minor research organization pointed out that only 18% of those who call themselves born-again Christians read the Bible every day. In fact more frightening than that when they finish the survey, they discovered that 23% of those who profess to be Christians say they never read the Bible at all. Ever in a world where the only absolute is the idea that there are no absolutes. We really need to recover the realization that God has spoken and there is absolute truth. No wonder some wag said that the worst dust storm in history would happen if all the church members were neglecting their Bibles dusted them off simultaneously. I don't know if that's true or not but that's a possibility about the day as I read this Psalm is that God is not left us without answers he has revealed himself to us. Isn't that incredible God who created the world. The God who is our creator has taken the time and the effort to reveal himself to us so that we could know him. In fact, this saw is about God's revelation of himself to man. It's wonderful as it points out the three areas where God has chosen to reveal himself. First of all, God has revealed himself in the skies since the psalmist that he has revealed himself in the Scriptures. Finally, and most practically God has revealed himself in our very soul. The progress of the psalmist from God's natural revelation in the world to God specific revelation in his word. There is not a better testimony to God's love for his people than the 19th Psalm which tells us how God has loved us and how he has revealed himself to us in the skies we see his glory in the Scriptures we see his greatness and in our sole we sense his grace, so I want you to walk with me through the words of this song today as we ask ourselves the question, how could one book changed anybody's life before we get to that book.

We need to walk past that revelation of God in glory in the skies.

We've all memorized. If we've been to church very long. Some of these words the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork and in the eighth Psalm talks about the moon and the stars. Somebody said that's the night Psalm in this Psalm talks about the sun in the heavens.

That's the base whether it's night or day God through his creation has revealed himself to us. And while this is not the main focus of what I want to share with you today.

We can't pass over the six verses without making some observations about God's revelation of himself in the skies. Please note 1st of all, that this revelation is an undeniable message.

He says in the heavens and in the firmament. He has shown forth his handiwork. Word firmament really means the expanse of God's creation. It's as if God has written in the sky.

Everywhere you look a finger that points back to the creator so that no matter where you go in this great universe. All you have to do is look up and there is an undeniable testimony to the creator God. Not only is this revelation of God in the skies. An undeniable message but read on and discover that it's an unending message it says night tonight and day to day God show forth his power. It's like the day takes the glory of God and hands it off to the night and the night. Lets it shine and when it's finished it hands off back to the day. So whether it's a day or night. God is always sending out his message that he is the powerful creator of the world. Not only is it undeniable and unending, but it is universal.

Read what the song says there is no speech says the psalmist nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out throughout all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In the New Testament the writers pick up on the 19th Psalm, especially Paul in the book of Romans, and he's trying to demonstrate his writing. In Romans chapter 1 that all of the world is guilty before God. One of the most often asked questions, especially if you get into college groups where people feel I can really go for your jugular vein is a teacher they want to know about the heathen in Africa. They want to know about the people who never read about Jesus Christ in India or in some part of the below world message of the gospel has not been spoken and you know what Paul said Paul said in Romans chapter 1 in verse 20 for since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that the writer they are without excuse. I don't pretend to comprehend all of that, but I've read enough stories from the mission field. I've read enough testimony from men and women who've gone to places where nobody has ever told him about Jesus Christ as they have in their animistic ways tried to worship the sun and the stars the moon they come to the realization that there has to be something beyond that something behind it and they're searching for the truth behind the creation God has brought them into an encounter with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

What Paul is saying is that there's enough revelation in God's creative work. So the man would just follow the revelation God has given him it would take him to the knowledge of who God is. But what if we done once again Paul says we taken the creation and we worship the creation instead of the creator and so all over the world wherever you see pagan people you see them bowing down to the sun bowing down to the moon worshiping the stars and by the way we worship the stars in this country.

Don't wait while the psalmist wants us to understand that God has spoken in the skies, and he's told us the story of his glory.

Not only is it an undeniable message and an unending message but it is universal. It is everywhere.

In fact, I love what the psalmist said. He says their line has gone throughout all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. This is the surveyor's line of the psalmist gives us the picture of the survey are surveying all the world and when he finished surveying all the world. There's no place where God's testimony in his creative work has not been preached. I wish I had time to talk to you about the center of the psalmist picture in the sun as UN we must hasten on to the next section, God's wonderful message told in the glory of the skies, but secondly, God's wonderful message told in the greatness of the Scriptures. Beginning in verse seven.

Psalmist switches his gear from talking about the creation into talking about the written word. The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul, the testimony, the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. And if you read those verses again you will discover that there are six groups of three. The psalmist is clever and creative in helping us to understand how powerful is this book we call the Bible. He tells us first of all that is a book which cannot be described in one word, so go down through your Bible and look at the words he uses. He talks about the law and the testimony of the statutes and the commandments of the fear and the judgments. These are all the titles of the word of God which are listed for hearing the 19th, down through the centuries, the Bible has always been something that is been hated and scorned is something that is created a great deal of opposition and men have gone out of their way to try to abolish it.

Volunteers satire and Ingersoll slandering Hitler soldiers and Bishop Pike skepticism. All of this is turned to be human hammers that are broken on the envelope. God's word. They wear themselves out on the Bible and they never seem to get anywhere the centuries emperors have demanded the destruction of the Bible, church leaders have placed their superstitious traditions over it.

Smart seminary professors have written it off as being beneath her sophisticated scholarship. But the Bible defiantly victoriously convincingly still stands. The Bible's pages continued to tell the grace of God and the message remains the only inerrant and infallible complete revelation that man has ever gotten from his living God.

And so today we look back on history and all the critics and we realize that in a strange way. Moses has outlived Voltaire and Isaiah has outlasted Ingersoll and the apostles of outsmarted the agnostics and the prophets of overpowered the professors. The Bible still stands as God's wonderful message to man the six titles tell us of the majesty of God's word but after the six titles after reading of the law on the testimony of the statute and the commandment in the fear of the judgments we see the six descriptions read back through that text again and you will discover that here the Bible is described in six ways. It is perfect. It is sure it is right. It is pure is clean and it is true.

I wish I had time to take every one of those descriptions and tell you all the truth. It's wrapped up in them. The Bible is perfect. The Bible is sure, you can count on it. The Bible is right. It's always right. The Bible is pure.

The Bible is clean and the Bible is true. The law of the testimony, the statutes, the commandments, perfect, pure, clean, true psalmist literally uses 18 different expressions to try to get our attention. The importance of centering our thoughts on God's word, but the last six words have to do with its effectiveness doesn't really change your life. I mean come on Pastor, I know you're paid to say stuff like this, but does the Bible really change your life. I remember reading a story about a lady who lived way back in the country.

One day there was a knock at her door and it was a vacuum cleaner salesman in the came into her house and began to give the woman his high-pressure sales talk. He said matter.

Mom got the greatest product you've ever seen this vacuum cleaner will eat up anything effective final control. It will suck the carpet right off before the woman could do anything or say anything. He said I want to give you a demonstration wrote a fireplace scooped out some of the ashes in the Miller carpet.

Then he took a bag that he carried with him and some dirt thrown on top the ashes more junk on top of that, and after making a thorough, messy, said Mme. I want you to watch this vacuum cleaner at work. I guarantee it will suck up everything I've thrown on your rug woman got overwhelmed by this to their gas speechless and the salesman went on to say lady if it doesn't suck up every bit of this, I will personally eat it all with a spoon.

The woman looked at the salesman and finally found her voice she said well sir started we got electricity.

I wish I could've been there to watch. Don't you somebody always needs to get caught like that when they do that sort of thing, but it kind of reminds me that before you pitch a product you better be dead.

Sure, you can deliver right, for whatever reason, let me tell you, I am absolutely certain about what I'm going to say to you about the Scripture. I know this is true. This is what the Bible will do for you.

Psalmist says it will restore your soul refreshing your inner life like food does your body the King James says, converting the soul. And that reminds us that there is no way that you can even come to know God. Apart from the Scriptures, but the one thing the Bible will do for you that you can't find any other that will ever do for you is the Bible do with your soul.

The Bible will deal with the real you, not the external faade that you walk around and but the real you. The Bible get down deep and where you live and help you understand who you are and if you take it at face value, you will discover that this book begins to refresh you and restore you and sometimes is a little bit of tearing down first. Is there sometimes the Bible is to tear out all that's bad so that he can begin to build up that which is good, but I promise you that. I know this book will do that it will restore yourself. Keep reading. Not only will it restore your soul.

But the Bible will renew your mind. Psalmist says that it makes wise the simple gives practical guidance to the inexperienced.

But you know many women that there is wisdom in this book for every situation you face. I found help in this book for my family.

I found help in this book for my financial challenges I found help in this book for health. Believe it or not SOME very interesting principles about health. I found help in this book about discipline. I discovered some hard truths in this book about the fact that the Christian life doesn't just descend upon you that godliness comes through discipline.

This book makes you wise. Psalmist says it will rejoice your heart, bringing delight and pleasure to you when you obey it.

It rejoices your heart know I've understood that a lot more in recent days. Never before to know this book is filled with truth, and sometimes it just kind of explodes in your heart and you cannot contain yourself sometimes go to a special place cemetery where he is, but I have a special place that I go to beautiful beautiful water in the mountains. I go there to read the Bible and pray and you know what sometimes not been reading the Bible my mother by myself. I forget where I am and I just I start having a party. I get so excited about what I've read.

I just want to shout saying beat the horn. I don't know you know just whatever you can do because the word of God rejoices your heart. I know there are times when the word of God works you over. But there also many times when you study the Bible really come to grips with its truth just gets in your soul and makes you happy and if you haven't known that it's because you haven't gotten into the book. Keep reading what else will do it renews your mind, it rejoices your heart, it'll refocus your vision. Psalmist says that the Bible enlightens the eye, illuminating the dark.

You know what this book is done for me.

It's helped me to stay off of a lot of dead-end streets.

It's given me wisdom and knowledge so that I've always said to my wife. It's 1/6 sense, no it's not. It's biblical sense. It's the awareness of biblical principles that I may not even pull out at the time that I've learned in that I've been taught that I've read and when I start going the direction there's an uncomfortable feeling that comes in I get my focus changed in its focus now because God's word is help me if you want to have a biblical lifestyle. It's not about a bunch of rules and the whole list of do's and don'ts.

It's about getting into the book and the word of God will get into the sinners in the lash of your being, so that when you start to walk in the direction God will keep you from getting into trouble. Many of you would like to have the ability to read the word of God to such a degree that you have a sense when somebody's trying to put a scam on somebody started taking down a dead-end street, take your money. Take away the things that are important to you how many would like to read the word of God so much that when you see your children heading in the direction used have a sense that that's not good you can sit down and help them understand that's what this book will do. It'll refocus your vision and then it says it will remain forever, the word of God is eternal. You know, I thought about this week. If God allows his son to Terry. His coming doesn't come for another 50 years they'll still be preaching the same book. 50 years from now and applying its truth to that generation. Anyway just as accurate and just as powerful as it is today because it is a timeless book, the principles live up here most of the books we buy today are outdated and couple months a lot of people that I talk with in the medical field and engineering fields, and they have to keep reading and reading because the stuff they read last month is already dated, but the word of God is timeless. It remains forever proven that in my own life and have seen it work in everybody's life. These principles that God has given us in his book are just as soon important and meaningful today as they were when they were pinned and that's why every day you open the Bible. It speaks to your heart. That's what you listen to this broadcast because we teach the word of God and the word of God informs our lives makes us the people that we are tomorrow. Part two. How can one book changed my life. Thursday and Friday. Women talk about how to face our fears and want to tell you about something that's coming up toward the end of the month on 30 September were going to have a one night live online event, a sort of replacement for the rallies that we normally have during the fall can do that this year because of covert, 19, but there were going to do it the best we can and we want to invite you to attend. When I have some special guests including Sheila Walsh musical guest Anthony Evans.

I want to talk to pastor Levi Lesko give a short message and will end up with a special prayer for our nation as we head into the election so sure put this down on your calendar to join us on September 30 at 9 PM Eastern Pacific time and will have a good time together.

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