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What Is My Self Worth - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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September 2, 2020 1:48 pm

What Is My Self Worth - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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September 2, 2020 1:48 pm

The world says you’re only worth as much as your bank account and brand names. What does your Creator say? On the Turning Point Weekend Edition, Dr. David Jeremiah explains why that’s the only answer that matters.

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Christian was the open mobile of the birth of the creator of everything in the universe loves you personally and thinks about you at every moment soiled Turning Point in the hood of Jeremiah considers this incredible truth, and the priceless treasure that you when you see yourself, his eyes from God. I need some ounces is to conclude his message.

What is myself and thank you so much for joining us here on Turning Point. We are so excited to have you along as we begin the fall season together.

I don't know where you are with the sheltering situation, but one thing we know radio goes everywhere. It touches us wherever we may be doing these days that have happened to us how grateful we have been for the ability to stay in touch on the radio online on television. It's hard to imagine where we would be without those resources is been scary enough and challenging enough, but what we been getting back from everybody across the whole country and around the world is the messages have been helpful and kept us going give us hope in the morning and the afternoon whenever we listen to one of the things that has impacted us here at the Turning Point headquarters is so many things we had planned have been canceled like a fall rallies and on Christmas in New York at all the things that we had become very accustomed to doing, but that doesn't mean we can't go forward and be innovative and that's what were going to do. I want to tell you about a very special event that will take place on 30 September. It's a virtual event.

It's an online event, but we have worked really hard to bring in special guests, musical performances and interviews. It's going to be like a rally online rally that brings us together. I'll have a lot more to tell you about this as we move through the month of September but I want to give the date it.

September 30 at 9 PM Eastern and Pacific women have a special time of prayer for our nation and were going to have some special interviews and it will be a night for us all remember and be encouraged about, so just put a circle around it on your calendar. It's September 30 at 9 PM.

You don't want to miss it. I promise you it will be a great night. It's Wednesday night September 30. Let's get started with the second half of our discussion of self worth is returning our Bibles to Psalm 139. Let's begin our study is here you wherever you go, you can't get away from him. You can't go to a place where God is not and I don't know what that does for you while tell you what if you get your worth being near important people you are near God and he is near you, and what that means in the exciting truth is that he is only accessible to you wherever you go. When God designed to send his son into this world as his picture to us of who God is a name was given to him that we cherish, especially at Christmas time.

He's called what Emmanuelle and what is that God with us. God is with us and the psalmist wants us to understand that you cannot hide from God, but he also wants us to understand that God is near us, so you get your self-esteem from the fact that God knows you and the God is near you. Here's the third one and basically this is the centerpiece of the whole song you get your self-esteem and self-worth from bistro God made you, he created you. You are the incredible creation of the infinite God and I almost just took this section go rest of it aside just dealt with this because what a wonderful truth that is the psalmist is God.

You have formed me in my inward parts, and covered me in my mother's womb. St. Augustine once wrote.

He said men go abroad to wonder at the height of the mountain and at the huge waves of the sea and the long courses of the rivers at the vast compass of the ocean and that the circular motion of the stars and they pass by themselves in their wonder isn't it interesting that in the first six verses the psalmist is talking about God's omniscience.

He knows everything. In the second section is talking about God's omnipresent he is everywhere and in this section is talking about God's omnipotence. He's all-powerful now listen when he wanted to use an illustration of his power injures the vast universe with all the stars and galaxies and planets but he chose the crowning creation called man nieces let me show you how powerful is God.

Let me show you man and he says man has been in the heart and thought of God from the very moment of his conception. God is involved with the conception of each of us. He says in verse 13 for you have formed my inward parts, and have covered me in my mother's womb. These words describe reproduction in some of the most meaningful and tender versus all of the Bible.

If we read them honestly. We understand that they contain the secret for an incredible sense of self-worth.

Listen to me.

God knew you before you were born and he knows the moment when you were conceived. He knows the very beginning of your life. God was involved in it all and every phase of development. From that moment on he is there. So I want to tell you something.

In case you haven't heard recently from this pulpit that the human embryo is not the result of a biological accident. God is aware of the union of the sperm and the egg and the attachment of the embryo to the uterine lining and the development of human life and God formed the inward parts of the range.

The genetic structure and processes are rains and God is in conception and we believe that the Bible teaches that human life begins at that moment. And God knows about that human life and God loves that human life from the very moment of that union and God is involved with the development of read verses 14 and 15 with me pieces. I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well do you know that the psalmist tells us that God protects even at birth, our individuality, the word wonderfully in that little phrase fearfully and wonderfully made you what that word means the word literally in the Hebrew language means you are fearfully and differently made and you know we can look around and we can joke about the sometimes we can say boy is she different or boy is he different.

Let's face it were all different. There has never been to human beings created anything like God has made us fearfully and uniquely.

We are all stand with our own special genetic code that sets us apart from every other human being on the face of God's earth and out of the billions of people. The billions of souls.

God made certain that everyone of us would be special wonderfully uniquely made my friend Don Watson who is a pianist and a songwriter wrote a little song about this verse and I never even knew it was around until I was studying for this message. But I love the words of this. This is what he wrote fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm unique, one-of-a-kind, fearfully and wonderfully made my beginning was God's design.

He was with me before my birth. Informed my being with care. I'm a person of infinite worth, a masterpiece beyond compare fearfully and wonderfully made eye movement in his tapestry fearfully and wonderfully made on created for eternity. This imprint is seen everywhere and he has plans for me in secret. He knew I was there a mystery of God's decree fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm woven as his tapestry fearfully and wonderfully made on created for eternity. That's true you wonder you have any worth.

Let me try something when God got done with you. He took the blueprint and tore it up and threw it away and he said, never make another one just like him just like her again if value is in scarcity.

You are worth the time because there isn't anyone like you anywhere and as you age, you will become more and more valuable. I don't know about that part.

But the rest of us to your uniquely God's protected creation and then not only does he protect your individuality, but he protect your identity in the whole process of life. In verse 15 he says this my substance was not hid from the one I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lower parts of the earth the red substance here is the keyword it means frame it refers to the complete structure of the adult person. According to David. Now listen up. According to David, the full-grown body had actually been planned, designed and programmed when it was not even large enough to be visible in the unseen parts of the earth since David before you were born the whole genetic plan of exactly what you would be as an adult was sent by God and scientist in molecular biology have not too long ago discovered this and we call it DNA and I've read so much about this this week.

I mean, I feel like bowing down and worshiping God a whole new way. I discovered some incredible things do you know that in every cell of your body. There is enough information to re-create your adult person as if there were no other cell necessary, and that every time that cell divided in the process of your growth. All that information was contained in each cell. That was a part of the division and there is so much information each cell that if they just had the one they could re-create your whole adult person and someone has reasoned that all of the instructions in one cell in the genetic code in the DNA of one cell. If all those instructions were written out. It would take 1600 page books to put all that information down in writing God put it in the cell that no one could see except with magnification.

It's in every cell in your body to credible.

In fact, the DNA strands are so fine and so unique that if you put them altogether from one human body they would fit into a size of an ice cube.

And yet, if you spread them out in the end they would go from the earth to the sun and back 400 times. That's how much information is in one cell of the human body did it and he did it so that you would have your identity.

You are unique you are individually precious to God.

Not only does he protect your individuality and protect your identity in the very process he protects your importance. He says you are so important that all of your days were written in his book before one of them came to be something incredible. God knew everything about you before you ever started out in life and he has your whole life charted. He knows everything there is to know about you, you are so important to him as one last thing I want to tell you about your self-esteem. Let's review for just a moment. How do I know I'm important. Hey, he knows me knows me what I do what I say what I think where I go.

He knows it all.

Number two, he's near me wherever I go. He's there and make sure never to let me get very far away.

Number three. He made me whatever I am. I got no reason to complain. I just have every option to take what God has given me and max it out for his glory use liability. The best I can, because God made me distinct from every other person and he did the same for you. But here's the most incredible thing and I want you just read verses 17 and 18 with me, you, so let's great theology pastor and I'm glad to know that but here's something for right now. Right now how precious also are your thoughts to me. Oh God, how great is the sum of them if I should count them they would be more in number than the sand when I awake I am still with you, your self-esteem comes from the fact that God knows you that God is near you, that God made you, but watch now. Your self-esteem comes from the fact that God right now at this very moment. Listen to me. He is thinking of you and the great mind of God. He is thinking of you that you ever call somebody you love goes a long way away and when you say that person just want you to know thinking of you thinking if you can be in somebody's presence all the time. It's good to be in their thoughts, but the psalmist says were in God's presence and were in his thoughts and the psalmist says the way God thinks of this is so incredible that he can't comprehend. He said if I tried the number of the ways you think concerning me. I would build to do it, but God even when I'm not aware that your thinking of me you're thinking of me because I go to sleep.

Got you never sleep all during the time that I'm sleeping you're thinking of me when I wake in the morning there you are in your thoughts are of me to tell you something. You are so valuable and so incredibly important to God that he knows you and he stays near you and he made you and he is right now thinking of you. God has you in his mind and in his heart. You are only man in relation to God. Let me finish all of this and try to help us really come to grips with it with the story. During World War II, when the Germans were bombing London until it looked as if London would not survive the massacre. There were many episodes of heroic courage, but found their way into the English history books during one period of the bombing. I am told German bombers flew attacks on London for 57 consecutive nights bombing that city eight hours at a time they had over 1500 bombers that came in each night they would come in waves of 250 at a time just blowing the center of London away and it looked as if it was only a matter of time until the whole city and its culture would be destroyed. With the possible exception of one thing that stood in their way. That was the Royal Air Force. The Royal Air Force set up their hurricanes and their spitfires to fly around those huge bombers from Germany and the English people took their whole and their courage from those brave flyers every once in a while.

These maneuverable planes would fly in the position and shoot down one of the German bombers in the whole hand would rejoice in when these men came home for their time away.

They weren't the national heroes they could walk down the streets in London without being mobbed by the citizens who wanted to express to them. Their appreciation for their courage.

Unfortunately, many of these Royal Air Force people. Many of these men paid a living price for their sacrificial service to their country.

You see, the hurricane was a marvelous plane, but it had one basic problem and that is this problem driven fighter plane. The engine was just a few feet from the cockpit and if that plane ever took a direct hit. Oftentimes the plane would burst into an inferno of flames and while the pilot could eject and get out of the plane because the fuel lines came up alongside of the cockpit to the engine in the two seconds that would take from the pole. 11. Reject there would be such intense heat in the cockpit that it could basically erase all of the features of the space. Many of these handsome young Air Force pilots came out of that fray and they had their noses burned off and their eyelids burned off, and sometimes their ears scorched often times their cheeks and their skin just taken from her face and they were sent back to the military hospitals and there they had to undergo consecutive plastic surgeries to try to repair the damage and put back together some kind of feature that they could go home with many of these men, even though they were admired for their bravery went back to periods of great loneliness one pilot by the name of Peter Foster. Describe what it was like to go through the surgeries and prepared to reenter public life and this is what he said. He said your fears and concerns came to focus in the mirror every day for months you use the mere as an objective measuring device to scrutinize the progress.

Your surgeons have made you study the scar tissue. The odd wrinkling of the skin. The thickness of the lips, the shape of the nose and from the survey you ask for certain adjustments to improve appearance and the doctors tell you whether or not they can make this adjustment, but he said nearer to the time when you knew you were going to be released. Your view of the mirror changed and now as you gaze at the reflections of the new face, not the one you were born with an inferior imitation you try to see yourself as strangers will see you in the hospital.

You've been the object of pride supported by the camaraderie of your friends in the ministrations of the staff on the outside, you will be a freak and fear creep into your spirit will any girl dared to marry the space. Will anyone give the space a job and at that critical moments of Peter Foster. One factor alone begins to matter to you. The response of your family and your intimate friends surgeons success in rebuilding your face doesn't really matter anymore because your future hinges on the reactions of those who are closest to you will. They love you and accept you or will they hold you at arms distance because of the changes in your facial features Peter could write this because he was one of the fortunate ones. His girlfriend came to the hospital where he was soon to be released and insisted that they be married before they left the hospital and she told him in no uncertain terms that she loved him, not his facial membranes and when Peter returned home he came home on the arm of somebody who loved him for who he was. But of course he came home to face a pretty painful rejection to some of his adult friends would look away quickly. You've known that as you seen that happen in some of the children not trained not talked teased him with cruelty and laughter and mocked him, but Peter Foster said whenever that would happen. I would always look to my wife and she was the one gave me the image of myself and he said even now to this day, regardless of how I feel if I begin to feel unworthy.

I just looked at her and she gives me a warm loving smile that tells me I'm okay in Psalm 139 is God's loving smile to you, you are okay. He knows you. He's near you and made you, he's thinking of you. You're worthy because God is smiling on you today.

It's wonderful to realize that our worth is ourselves. It's our relationship with God and he tells us we are worthy and remind you again of my favorite low price course I am who he says I am sore you well here's the question for tomorrow for our Friday addition it's how can I be happy while that's an important question isn't, it's an important question when everything's going well but when you go through coronavirus and everyone's children at home and you losing your job and your economy is looking bleak. How can I be happy while I have good news for you.

Happiness is not affected by any of the things I just mentioned tomorrow will find that out as we open our Bibles to the first Psalm, don't forget to be with us for the Friday addition of Turning Point and don't forget to order your calendar for 2021 during the month of September we move this back so that we can be sure to get your calendar to you in plenty of time for you to fill in the dates at the end of the year. It's got the last two months of this year in the calendar.

It's a 14 month calendar takes you all the way through the new year 2021, you can begin to fill it in, can be your guide through the new year and it's beautiful friends of the theme of the calendar is colors of creation and I have to tell you I appreciate color for the beauty of it, but I'm colorblind so I don't know what colors are in here.

I just know that looking great and you will enjoy them. Hope you get your calendar. Send your gift today and as for where to send it to you as our way of saying thank you see right here is message originated from Shadow Mountain Community Church and senior pastor Jeremiah would love to hear that employees impacting your life like IntelliSense and 75, PO Box 3838 San Diego, CA 92163 or visit their website at Jeremiah.hole/lady hospital call. You have 14, 20, 21 calendar colors of creation, highlighting the breathtaking gift of any amount you can also purchase the Jeremiah study Bible and the English standard and international versions, standard or large print new King James notes from over 40 years of study. Jeremiah visit Jeremiah.old/radios the Hungarian conflict tomorrow as we continue, I need some nonsense taking time to listen to the Friendly's in Christian

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