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Happy Are The Healers - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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August 23, 2020 1:48 pm

Happy Are The Healers - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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August 23, 2020 1:48 pm

Dr. David Jeremiah's commitment is to teach the whole Word of God. His passion for people and his desire to reach the lost are evident in the way he communicates Bible truths and his ability to get right to the important issues.

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Christian will replace Mike as they did today. You can probably find some war-torn regions, political" and difficult workplaces, but churches come tomorrow, loyal Turning Point of deliverances, even churches onto the immune to bruised embedded relationships as he explains how to bring healing by bringing please like it is and thank you for joining us lately. You know we've been studying the Beatitudes and today were going to talk about this one. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God, and I want to talk with you today.

As we open our Bibles to the book of Matthew about what it means to bring peace instead of enmity and how we as God's people are called to being peacemakers. We could use a few of those in many of the places where we work and where we serve.

So let's open our hearts to this truth today as we open our Bibles to Matthew chapter 5.

Happy are the healers peace with God is when were saved.

The peace of God is when we begin to realize what our heritage is in Christ, but there are certain times in life when we need the peace that comes from God. How many of you have a major decision that you have to make in the next couple of months.

How many of you have some minor decisions that are facing you right now most all of us are caught in the web of decision-making all the time. How many of you have ever secretly wish that there was an index in the front of the Bible with your particular problem on it. It says in order what to do.

Turn to page 43 people come and asked me why God didn't like the Bible that way. Well, of course, if the Bible had been written with particular situations so detailed it would've been out of date by the end of the first century would I mean their problems would you take a donkey or horse to church on me that doesn't really grab me these days. You know what I want to tell you is this, that while you will find necessarily specific information for every single decision you have to make.

Let me tell you with absolute confidence that most of the major issues are settled and settled very clearly in the word of God. God has spoken very clearly about most of the important issues and then he's given to us stories and principles and illustrations that are timeless.

But as we study those and extract those principles and apply them to the events of our life. We begin to see the pattern and we sense that's God's direction, but having done all that and experienced all that and knowing all of that aren't there are still times when you're stuck because you got these two things you gotta decide and they both seem good and sometimes it's the difference between the better in the best of the best in the best and they both look like they're good options and what you do. What is a wonderful verse in the book of Colossians Colossians 315 it says let the peace of God rule in your heart and the word for rule in the text, the word for rule is the word umpire let the peace of God call the balls and strikes in your heart. Let it determine it is not a lot of difference between a ball and the strike under most circumstances just a little bit the umpire has to stand back there and watching.

He has to have everything in perspective and and you know he's human so you can make errors, but the other part of your soul not make any errors in the Bible says when you have two things and you can decide what to do and are not any of them in violation of the clear principles of the word of God and you don't have any information from God that would help you to know this is exactly what you do that, there's this piece that comes from God that helps you to do the right thing. Can I get a witness you know what I'm talking about you try to explain that to somebody how do you know you did the right thing will I just have peace from God when they look at you like they think you're a mystic or something ministering to the New Age. You know they don't know for sure what's going on when Don and I came to this church is the hardest decision we've ever made. We don't. I want to make one any harder than that. It was hard and we couldn't decide we didn't know we love the church where we were with started it.

We been there from the very beginning.

The growing flourishing church and had a wonderful ministry. And then there was all of this out here God was doing in we would talk about it we would be one day over here in one day over here. I remember when they were on vacation. My wife, it already gotten peace from God.

She knew what were supposed to do. It just hadn't gotten to me yet and we were on vacation and I was struggling so with this and Donna came in and she said honey, I think of God himself came down and told you to go to California you still would know what to do. She was getting frustrated with me.

I want you to know, and I remember I said I tell you what I'm going to do.

I can get peace about this song want to get up one day and I want to say I'm staying in Fort Wayne stay in the Fort Mama say the first thing in the morning and that I just think that well them and ask God to give me peace about that while I did I get up and start thinking about all things are going to give the patient and boy it just didn't happen.

I just didn't have a piece I knew that I was on the verge of something new in my life.

So since that didn't work.

I thought well I'll ask God to give me peace about going to California for the next two or three days I live like that. And God began to witness in my spirit. This is what I want you to do. We always love to tell this little story because God has wonderful voice a given piece we receded in the study in my home one day when this was at the very core of having to be decided. And as we were talking about this decision.

It sounded like our kids were down in the garage playing with the garage door as my office was over the garage and it was just all messed and I said to Donna, what are they doing downstairs.

We found out later they were doing anything. We've just been talking about one of our fears about coming to California that they have always earthquakes out here. Fort Wayne had a nurse. Can you believe it right at the very time we were talking about it now. God always give this piece quite that clearly.

I want you in understanding how to send an earthquake, but in our case we got an earthquake, and I remember saying to Don, I believe God considered great wherever he wants and I was just back in the Midwest and they had tornado watches all through the whole week. I was so glad the comebacker where only shakes. I'm just glad to be back in California peace that comes from God. I don't know if you know what that's like friends, but that is a wonderful gift God gives God gives you his peace when he's leaning you showing you what to do.

So when we got we got the peace with God. That's when we become a Christian, and the wars over and we have the peace of God. When God gives us the presence of his spirit in our life and we know that he's living within us and then you have the peace that comes from God. Colossians Wendy rules in your heart by his peace. Well if that's the truth if that's what God has given to us than what could it possibly mean in this text when it says blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall see God.

How do we take the peace that God has given to us and become ourselves peace makers. How do we make peace.

One of the most obvious things to me is that if were Christian people, and God has called us to the ministry of peacemaking.

One of the things we need to do is figure out how we can get more and more men and women out the hostility with God and into peace with God. Take men and women who are estranged from the father and bring them into a relationship where they now are at peace with the father every time you win someone to Jesus Christ.

You are a peacemaker you're bringing somebody who was in hostility with the father, together with the father bringing them together through reconciliation and Paul in the Corinthian epistles calls us to that very ministry that were to reconcile those who are lost and bring them to Christ. That's what it means to be a peacemaker. The Bible says how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the glad tidings of good things. God loves his people to be peacemakers when they bring men to Christ when they break down the barriers that have grown up in men and women come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and then more than certainly here the real focus of this passage is not so much the issue of bringing man into a relationship with God as it is bringing a strange demand back into a relationship with whom they have become enemies bringing man and man together. You know, let me ask you a question class.

What is the opposite of a peacemaker, a troublemaker is in hard is it, how many times do we have the option in our life to take the high road or the low road to take the role of being a peacemaker or the road of being a troublemaker.

God has called us as his children and he is saying blessed and happy and fulfilled and satisfied. Is the person who functions in life as a peacemaker who brings those who are estranged together.

I want to say word today about all of the people involved in counseling. One of the great options.

One of the great privileges. These people have is to be a peacemaker. Oftentimes you sit down in an office with two people who haven't spoken to each other in three weeks and God gives you by his Holy Spirit. The words to say in the Scriptures to read and the prayers to pray. So how does barriers which have grown up again.

The melted you see those people who have been a strange come back together. If you've ever had the joy of a counseling situation where people came in his enemies, and the end of the counseling session is hugging him and say I'm sorry and crying and getting it all minutes. I'll tell you what Blessed are the peacemakers. Any joy in all the world like that. Being used of God to bring together those who have fallen apart in their relationship. Blessed are the peacemakers you say pastor Jeremiah where are peacemakers needed today.

While there needed at home working.

You talk about a war zone. A lot of homes in the war zone. You're not at peace was a lot of hostility in our homes these days and that's sad. Some of it is always going to be there. I've always loved what happened to Charlie shed. He wrote in his book.

One time that his wife came home and they had an argument to put a note on the refrigerator that said, dear Charlie, I hate you. Love, Martha. That's a good, hostile you can live with that. You know what that I heard about another guy who was asked one time how he happened to have such a long and successful marriage, and he said well it worked out at the very beginning that if they ever had a serious fight and she was mad she clean up the house and if he was mad he take a long walk in the woods. He said you can pretty much say that the success of our marriage is that I have largely led an outdoor life is a lot of hostility in our homes and we can joke about it when it's not serious, but I tell you what.

When you see people that have stood in front of an altar and confess their love for each other till death do us part and then halfway into that relationship. Because of this or that. That marriage starts to fall apart if you got any grace at all in your heart you got the love of Jesus in your heart at all.

The one thing you want to do more. Anything else is somehow God help me to fix this. Don't let this happen to these people.

Blessed are the peacemakers at home. Sometimes we need peacemakers in our churches. Romans 1218, gives us a little leeway here, it says if it's possible, so far as it depends upon you. Be at peace with all men. I don't know what Paul was thinking about what he wrote that, but I think what he was saying is that there probably going to be some situations it may never get resolved but is much as it is possible and is much as it depends on you.

You do your best to be at peace with all men.

You know the church is a place where we come to love each other but if you watch across the country. In it, and I'm in churches all the time and talking to pastors all time churches can become more zones to James wrote in his book to the scattered believers in the fourth chapter he said why are there wars and findings among you, he wrote that the Christians Billy Graham was preaching on occasion I read Misty said he was reminding the people that in the second chapter of Luke, Joseph and Mary lost Jesus any sin were today losing they lost him in the most unlikely place in the whole world. They lost them in the temple.

Isn't it strange he said what he said over the years, as his watch to see so many people who have lost Jesus at church.

How could you lose Jesus at church and anyone on the get involved in the disputes that so often take churches and tear them apart. What color the carpets going to be or how bright the lights are how loud the music, or how cold the temperature and in all of the disputes they get so caught up in that that they lose Jesus the very purpose for which we come together. What a shame. So sometimes in our churches. We need peacemakers. Don't worry, I read a story about two deacons who lived out in the country and they got into a real big fight over the fence that was in between the property in which what I was supposed to maintain it and how bad it looked. They had spoken each other for over a year. One of the deacons wanted to make peace solely took up the courage and got his Bible and he went over to visit his neighbor and he handed the Bible to his old enemy, and he said in John you read now pray we gotta be friends will John women looked in his pocket for his glasses and he couldn't find the spectacles is that I can't read. I can't find my spectacles. We sit here, take mine after he read the word and they prayed together.

I got up and embraced, John handed back glasses to his neighbor and he said through his tears. Jim, I don't fence looks different through your glasses. I thought to myself yeah that's where peace begins. Isn't it where we stopped for a moment and began to look at things through the eyes of the person who when I get along with.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall see God. I don't know why this is folks, but there's something very curious in the fifth chapter of Matthew, I don't know if you've noticed it but here in the ninth verse it says Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God turn over with me to the 44th and 45th verse of the same chapter and listen to this, but I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who spitefully use and persecute you and watch the rest of it, that you may be sons of your father in heaven. I couldn't get over the proximity of those two verses in the same chapter, saying, in essence, this there's something uniquely godly about a person who lives under pressure and in the pressure continues to seek peace when he continues to try to bring people together. The Bible says on two different occasions when you do that you give yourself a way that you belong to the father. Here the sun of God, and I was meditating on that and it suddenly hit me, why not face the greatest pacemaker in the world when we get involved in bringing people who are estranged back together bringing people who are estranged from God to him. We get involved in a task that is wonderfully focused and godly. That is what God is all about. That is who he is. He brought God and man together through the crucifixion brings man and man together through the Holy Spirit and the love of God that is spread abroad in our hearts and then he says to us, if you will get involved in this ministry of reconciliation. This ministry of peacemaking. I will let it be known through your actions that you are my sons, that you belong to me in a way that you cannot belong any other way.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God. Father, I just am on an overwhelmed by your son's words concerning happiness and I pray that you will help us to understand in the very core of our heart.

What Jesus meant when he said, Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God.

Lord today are some one somebody who has never made peace with God through Jesus Christ. They understand what it's like to be at enmity with God, and there is perhaps in their heart of desiring hungering to know God and to have the barriers broken down so that they can know what it's like to know the Lord Jesus Lord, I want to be a peacemaker today I want to bring these people to you so that you can restore peace in their soul.

So Lord if there are people who do not know you. I pray that you will give them the courage to come and give their hearts to Christ. Father's some families that are on the verge of brokenness and a lot of times, Lord.

It's just stubbornness on our part unwillingness on our part to take the first step to initiate the process and I pray Lord that if there are families, husbands and wives.

Maybe fathers and daughters are fathers and sons and there's division and brokenness. Lord I pray that you will apply your healing medicine to the relationship. Today God or maybe somebody who has fought against a brother and somehow before this day is over.

They need to go and get it right Lord.

Maybe there's someone who knows of a relationship like that. Maybe there friends with both people and they'd not wanted to stick their nose in somebody else's business until today. They found out that God says it's a blessed thing to be a peacemaker or near word cuts a wide swath in our hearts are so many things that you say to us, even from one simple little verse helpless to do right to know that someday will stand before you to give an account. Lord maybe do what you would call us to do. Jesus name, amen, amen.

And then forget to join us tomorrow tomorrow. Our lesson is happy are the harassed four minute talk about persecution, friends, and how you can be happy even in the midst of that and until then, this is David Jeremiah. Thank you for being a part of this Bible study and been doing this for so many years. I don't take for granted that you join me every day from all places around the world and in every situation imaginable together in the morning.

Usually sometimes in other parts of the day studying God's word together. It's a great relationship we have.

It's built on the eternal Word of God which we study every day will have a great day You just came from Shadow Mountain Community Church and Jeremiah senior cost is God touching your life through one is about Turning Point PO Box 3838, San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website and copy of David's new Bible study John infinity of Christ as part of the Jeremiah Bible study series and was a gift of any amount you can also download the free Turning Point in my ball after your smart phone or tablet will searching your app store for the keywords Turning Point ministries, taxes, and programs and resources just visit on Jerry join us tomorrow as we continue to be happy. According to Jesus, that's here on Turning Point for taking time to listen to the trim piece in question

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