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Tough Minded About Heaven - Part 1

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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July 28, 2020 1:49 pm

Tough Minded About Heaven - Part 1

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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July 28, 2020 1:49 pm

Dr. David Jeremiah's commitment is to teach the whole Word of God. His passion for people and his desire to reach the lost are evident in the way he communicates Bible truths and his ability to get right to the important issues.

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Christian reviewer moving through atomizing business measurement through the roof and through of everyone from exhibit nice. Well, how much more should have an effect around 20.0. Mark considers the strong relationship between what we think about heaven and how we want to live on from revealing the mysteries of heaven with his message tough-minded about heaven friends think about heaven affects everything on earth. When we believe in heaven or not, determines how we live today. Is there life after death. We know there is are there destinations after death absolutely thereto, and whether you're prepared for heaven or not, will determine how you live your life every day on this earth, so being tough-minded about heaven all yeah that's important to talk about today and tomorrow as we conclude our series revealing the mysteries of heaven.

My goal has always been in life. First about to go to heaven which I know I'm going to do because of put my trust in Christ but since I know that I'm going to go to heaven because I put my trust in Christ. I want to take as many people with me as I can.

That's why preach every day on the radio tell everybody I meet about Jesus Christ.

How they can spend eternity with him and how much he loves them what he's done to remit their sins that they would put their trust in him and so this whole study about heaven is really it's all about Jesus Christ and what he's done for us what he wants to do for you so let's open our hearts today and think through what it means tough-minded about heaven. Often people tell me when they know that talking about the subject, or even to hear the teaching on it that perhaps we are not really being very practical say it is usually something like this little pastor. We should be so concerned about heaven. After all, when we get to heaven will be plenty of time to be worried about heaven, we need to be spent in our energies in our time here we not have all eternity, to worry about heaven and are people who are heavenly minded usually no earthly good.

I've actually had people tell me that. In other words, if you think about the heavenly streets of gold are likely to forget about the potholes in the streets of Chicago that wouldn't have the New Testament we might give a reason like that but one of those consistent rules of the New Testament is what you think about heaven determines how you today.

The future is like an anchor cast ahead of us and it is us into the future. In his second epistle Peter ends his letter with the question. After describing the renovation of the earth at the end of the age and you will know about that because we studied it, how the earth is going to be renovated and made new.

At the end of his discussion of the renovation of the earth. Peter, in verse 11 of chapter 3, second Peter says this therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to me, not what manner of persons ought you to be in the future, what manner of persons ought you to be now this question is at the very heart of our discussion today. What difference does it make now that we know about heaven and God's future plans for us. How should we live now in light of what we know about the future. In the next verses of this chapter, the apostle tells us in straightforward language kind of people, not me. Let remind us all that when we learn the truth with that truth comes the responsibility because we know some things now that we did not know before we could never live in the same as before, we must be different people because of our exposure to God's word and I believe with all my heart. If you are to realize all that God has for us. We are going to have to discipline our minds to think biblically. The explosion of information that is assaulting our minds and hearts from the media is not leading us toward a biblical mindset and we are going to drown in all of this.

If we don't make up our minds about a few things and when I say make up our minds. I mean be tough-minded about these thing your place now in second Peter three. Just hold your place. There and go back if you would first Peter chapter 1 and look at verse 13 when I give you a little phrase that I hope you will never forget. First Peter one in verse 13. I want to just read the first part of that verse is what it says. Therefore gird up the loins of your mind and be sober.

The only place where that exact question is found in the New Testament Peter is using an expression in this verse describe how a Jewish person would get ready to run or get ready to engage in battle.

As you know, the Jews were long going wrong and when it was time for them to move quickly to be disciplined in their approach to some process, the Jews would take that long flowing robe and they would gather it up and they would stop it down in their belt during the gurgling went around her waist so that the long flowing robe wouldn't get in the way moving forward. Using that expression.

Peter says that once this it's time for us, gird up the loins of our mind. When translators put it this way, the sleeves of your mind does not communicate what you need to hear you say we can't be sloppy in our thinking anymore. We can't be casual in how we think about why we really have to gird up the loins of our mind sleeves of our mind and begin to be tough-minded and think critically about some things because if we just along with the culture, we will be victimized by it. We are not like everyone around us. We are not like that which we live where God's people were different, but in order for us to maintain that difference would have to gird up the loins of our mind. Now Peter says back in second Peter that when we know what we know about what God has planned for us is going to change the way we think. I want to just take you through this passage of Scripture. I want to show you what Peter has to say here in second Peter chapter 3 are five things that demand our tough mindedness. These are five things that are true because Jesus is coming back five things that are true because there is a heaven and there is a hell five things that we all need to take seriously because we know what were going first of all, we are to be tough-minded about our purity tough-minded about our purity.

Second Peter chapter 3 verse 11. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness in this one verse. Peter describes the lifestyle of a Christ follower who understands the future plan of God. Notice first of all, he says that we are to be people rarely conduct the word holy how Diaz means to be set apart for the service of God. Peter and chapter want to get in that very same verse we looked at it a minute ago. Peter addresses the same issue in his first letter go back to first Peter chapter 1 and verse 13 not notice what he says and the rest of that passage, therefore gird up the loins of your mind and be sober and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts, as in your ignorance, but as he has called you is holy, you will also be holy in all your conduct because it is written only for I am holy.

Peter tells us that we are to be tough-minded about godliness. This illustrates the importance of the attitude that we have. Godliness is our inward attitude toward God.

In his letters to Timothy and Titus Young preachers, whom Paul was mentoring.

He wrote some things to them but have always struck me as very important for our culture today. First of chapter 4 verses seven and eight here's what we read it says exercise your selves toward godliness say that out loud. Exercise yourselves toward godliness. That means is you don't just become godly. Normally you notice make up one morning and all the sudden your godly you got exercise yourself godliness ever since I've had cancer I been getting up in the morning going to the gym now. I don't like doing that McDonald go to bed at night thinking boards can't wait till the morning.

I don't like up in the morning and think you know this is just automatic. I'm going I have a little more the goes on with you don't know what I'm talking about. I think I'll sleep in today. Sometimes I do, but most the time I get up and I go because I have to exercise myself to stay healthy. Peter is telling us that if were going to be godly people in this generation will go some exercise until we got to exert ourselves.

It doesn't just happen to us. Notice wake up one day and it's all different exercises in the reading of God and in prayer and in making sure you're in church and doing the things that you know are going to cause you to be a more godly person. You're not going to just become godly automatically. If you read on and that passage of Scripture. You will see that over and over again. He uses words of intensity in verse six of chapter 6, he says pursue righteousness in the same passage in verse 11 and 12 pieces fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life. In Titus chapter 2 in verse 12 he says not only are we to pursue godliness, but were to deny ungodliness. These are all action words. These are not spiritual terms, this is not some sort of mystery messes every day experience on our part because we know someday were going to go and live with a holy God were to begin process right now becoming more and more like him in holiness and righteousness, and godly conduct. Now put that over here and then put here which are exposed to every day on television in the media in the places where you work. You understand why you have to be tough-minded about this. You have to get up in the morning you got to make some decisions about how you let your life be left tough-minded about unity now sensitize yourself to what I'm saying today you let this be a little grid that you have in your mind, you will discover that over and over, and I mean over again in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit associates godliness and holiness and purity with the return of the Lord to this earth.

Those of you who say, well knowing about the future doesn't have anything to do with the day you're giving yourself the way you have a read your Bible because I am just totally stunned by this to see how often in the New Testament. You have the truth of Jesus coming back or heaven or the future, and in the same verse because of that, this is what you should be like. I want you to notice two things in every passage I want you to notice the return of Christ the second coming, the future and holiness godliness impurity right you ready for this.

First Corinthians 178 waiting for the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ is the future looking for you to the end that you might be blameless in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ. There's holiness. Colossians 3:5 when Christ was our life appears, then you will also appear with him in glory.

Therefore your members which are on the earth, fornication, uncleanness, passionate, evil desire, covetous, and idolatry. First Thessalonians 312 and 13 and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all, just as we do to you so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. There it is again. First Thessalonians 523. May the God of peace himself sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. First John 228 and now, little children, abide in him that when he appears we may have confidence and not be ashamed before him in his coming. First John 3213 beloved, now are we the children of God, and is not yet revealed what we shall be, but we know that when he is revealed, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is and everyone watch this. Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure. You got back when you read about the future always has an impact on the present, because he's coming back to motivate us to live in a more godly way. I've been recommending to you during the series of books by Randy Alcorn which is, in my estimation best book on heaven that's ever been written one place in the book he was talking a little bit around the subject. Here's what he said he set up my wedding date is on the calendar and I'm thinking of the person I'm going to marry. I should be an easy target for seduction. Likewise, when I meditated on heaven. Sin is terribly unappealing is when my mind drifts from heaven at sin seems attractive. Thinking of heaven leads inevitably to pursuing holiness are high tolerance for sin testifies of our failure to prepare for heaven. I believe I'll spend eternity in a world of unending beauty and adventure. Will I be content to spend all my evenings during the game shows, sitcoms and ballgames. Even if I keep my eyes off of impurities. He wrote how much time will I want to invest and what doesn't really matter. You see, as I said before, the future is like an anchor out there and it's really a sin and on the way through. It's calling us to a holiness of life. I'll tell you what, that's a message that's needed in our culture today, more than any other message because little by little we are allowing the world to pull us into its mold.

You know how I know that. Just think about all the things that used to be almost intolerable to you that you now tolerate. Think about the things that you used to never dreamed you'd be involved in little by little, you gain the comfort with it. So what I'm saying to you, man.

Is this what I'm saying to women is this, we need to be tough minded about purity. The second one. Secondly, here back in second Peter chapter 3, I want you to notice that were to be tough-minded about his promises. Second Peter 312 says looking for and hastening the coming of the day of the Lord know Peter is talking about here is that we must be tough-minded about this fact that Jesus is coming back because you know a lot of people call themselves evangelicals don't really believe it or if they do play with little things very important that people say you know I don't care if your pretrip mission trip post trip. Whatever you are doesn't matter.

You should be studying all that stuff is wasting your time is like trying to figure out how many angels can perch on the head of a pin, you know, it's what they think you know this is really not important, but people who say that don't really have the right attitude, and they've lost their tough mindedness about the future receipt the Bible teaches about the future if you take all of the information out of the Bible that has to do with everything. This could happen after you and I aren't here or after the rapture you would take about one fourth of the Bible and destroy it. One fourth better of the Bible is all about what's going to happen in the future. Now, if God thought it was important enough to put it in this book and preserve this book for all these years accurately. I best be finding out what that's all about. Not just out of curiosity but out of a desire to find out how that's going to affect my life.

And Peter says we need to be tough-minded about the promises of God. He has promised that he is coming back for Christ is coming back to this earth we believe is coming first in the rapture and then later coming with his saints to set up his kingdom on this earth.

The Bible says Jesus is coming back. You believe that well yeah, I suppose know know it can be like that you have to believe it with all your heart with all your mind. You gotta develop a tough mindedness about it.

Receipt Peter already knew what our generation is going to be like look on in your Bibles to chapter 3 of second Peter in verses three and four.

Listen what it says. Knowing that first that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts and saying, where is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.

That's is exactly what the attitude is pastoring in the Lord's going back to work he's been gone for 2000+ years and I come back please go back and be back forget that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day but it is time the way we do know since he made that promise. A few minutes is gone by. One day he's coming back and we have to remember that what God has said is true or something. There are countless numbers of prophecies in the Old Testament about his first coming and every single one of them were fulfilled in exact proportion to prophecy. The same God who fulfilled his prophecies of his coming at Bethlehem is made some statements about his coming in the future and they will be fulfilled is exactly as the ones where in the first coming. So Peter says be tough-minded about his return. CS Lewis wrote this he said I must keep alive and myself. The desire for my true country which I shall not find until after my death.

I must never let it snow number or turned aside. I must make the main object of life to press on to that other country and help as many as I can do the very same we need to be tough-minded about the promises of God. He tells us that were to be looking for and hastening his coming.

Philippians 320 says generally wait for the Savior. Titus 213 says what to look for his coming. Hebrews 928 says were to eagerly wait for his coming.

And when Peter writes in verse 12 that we are hastening the coming of the Lord is reminding us that were to sleep desire coming of the Lord put it this way. Toward the end of his life second to before a. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge will give to me on that day and not to me only, but also to all who have what love is appearing you love his appearing.

Her story about a famous preacher preaching in a conference in phenolic Indiana. He was preaching on the Lord's coming, and he was trying to teach these people some interesting words and so he told him that the word merit after was a word, they should remember because it means the Lord comes. So when you see your brothers and your sisters after you come out of this conversation, you can just greet them. Merrimack little boy looking like I was one of Christopher's Christian buddy sorry what marijuana, no, no, it's not marijuana it's Merrimack. The Lord come to be in our hearts, but the Lord come to think about it regularly, you, I think we do that as babies we get a bit older. Keep thinking maybe the rapture is going to come and beat us out of death.

No would think about that because that's the word of God number three.

Not only should we be tough-minded about purity and tough-minded about his promises, but we need to be tough-minded about our purpose. Notice verse 14 second Peter chapter 3, therefore, beloved looking forward to these things. Let things the things we've been talking about heaven and the dissolution of the earth and all the promises God is looking to these things. Watch this. Be diligent to be found by him in peace, without spot and blameless that what you think about heaven has a lot to do with how you live on this earth. That's really true. If you give heaven get the future and you get today. If you don't get heaven you get near one. That's why it's so important that you know Jesus Christ because the Bible says he is the way to the father and that no one comes to the father except through him. If you want to go to heaven.

You have to know Jesus Christ. If you want to spend eternity with the father.

You have to get in touch with the sun. He is the one who is the key that opens the door to heaven for all of us. There will be no one in heaven who is there for any other reason except for this one. They put their trust in Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

So have you done that answer ever been a time in your life that you can remember where you personally asked Jesus Christ to come into your life and be your savior.

If you haven't done it. Do it today in church to do this, you can invite Jesus Christ into your heart anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and you can do it right now simply pray Lord Jesus, I know center. I know I can get to heaven, and my own merit. I want to spend eternity with you. I want to go to heaven someday and I want you to forgive my sin and cleanse me, make me a candidate for heaven because you've come to live within my heart Lord Jesus. I receive you as my Savior. I confess you as my Lord and I know that you are the son of God, that you came to this earth that you died on the cross and three days later you came out of the grave victorious over death.

Thank you for coming into my life and I will seek to live for you from this day forward that prayer portions of that prayer will you invite Christ into your life that makes all the difference changes everything.

It's the most important thing you will ever do.

And if you've prayed that prayer today.

Let me send you a couple of booklets that will help you get going in your Christian life and get started.

First steps of faith, your greatest Turning Point. These two books are for either absolutely yours for the asking. Let us know that you decision to trust Christ will send them to you right away. Pray that God will use them to strengthen you in your walk, see right here tomorrow. Thanks for listening. For more information on Dr. Jeremiah is a series of revealing the mysteries of heaven. Visit our website really offered to freeways to help you stay connected monthly magazine Turning Points in their daily email devotional sign up today that Jeremiah got old/ready to ask your copy of revealing the mysteries of heaven better informed about your eternal heart truth for a gift of any amount sufficient Jeremiah study Bible in the English standard and new international visions as well as in standard arrondissement and the new King James with helpfulness and articles. Jeremiah for data on dairy. Hopefully join us tomorrow as we conclude this series, revealing the mysteries of heaven detailing Turning Point for taking time to listen to trim these in in

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