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What On Earth Is The Millennium - Part 1

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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July 22, 2020 1:49 pm

What On Earth Is The Millennium - Part 1

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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July 22, 2020 1:49 pm

How would you define 'heaven on earth'? A favorite place? A cherished memory? One day for believers, 'Heaven on earth' will be a literal way of life! This weekend on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah explains it all.

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Christian before with your eternity records from heaven will see him writing profound and is him on how much do you have to remove it from Turning Point. Dr. David Jeremiah explains what Scripture says about life during this unprecedented period of place and prosperity from his series on heaven is David to introduce today's message is the millennium well first of all let me just thank you for joining us were studying heaven and Iran Turning Point talk today about the millennium. What is the millennium well.

Millay is 1000 and the rest of the word means years Millay 1000 years. So the first thing you need to know about the millennium is it's a time.

It's 1000 years it's mentioned over and over again in the 20th chapter of the book of Revelation.

So find your Bible get ready to look at these passages in all of the closing chapters of the Bible itself today were to talk about what it is and what's going to happen and why. My professor in seminary by the name of Dwight Pentecost.

He was a great scholar and a great prophecy. God, he wrote perhaps the most definitive book on prophecy that is been used by many scholars and writers over the years. The book is called things to come and I remember reading something that he said and really, I'm sure. I recollect my forehead because I wasn't sure was true. He said there are more verses in the Bible about the millennium than any other event will ever find that it is one of the most written about, chronicled studies, you can find in the Scripture, and you know what I believe he was right. I think there is so much in the Scripture about the millennium.

We don't have time to deal with all that, but today were going to build some of it so open your Bibles to Revelation chapter 20 and let's get started. Answering this question, what on earth is the millennium we are studying the subject of heaven. This is my message in the series will be very blessed to cover the entire subject of heaven without stopping for a moment to talk about the millennium.

It sounds awesome doesn't it. Almost everyone knows the lyrics to Isaac Watts famous hymn Joy to the world but few people realize that it is really a miscast, not a Christmas him really at all even though it's in the top three of the favorite Christmas hymns about time. Listen to the words and see if you understand what I mean Joy to the world, the Lord is come letter received hurricane did we receive the king when Jesus was born in Bethlehem Y heart prepare him room, and heaven and nature sing Joy to the world, the Savior writing. Let men their songs employ, while fields and floods, rocks, Hills and Plains repeat the sounding joy no more. Let's see sorrow: thorns infest the ground becomes to make his blessing well far as the curse is found, is that happen.

It happened he is the world with truth and grace, I don't think so. Not yet, and makes the nations prove the glories of his righteousness, and the wonders of his love, only during the millennium, which comes after the second advent of Christ were the words of Joy to the world really be fulfilled only during that time will be able to say these words with real meaning in our heart, the millennium will be an earthly foretaste of the new heaven and the new earth not in your Bibles. There is a place to which you should turn which is the central passage for this discussion in its the 20th chapter of the book of Revelation. Revelation chapter 20 introduces the glorious reign of Christ on this earth which is known as the millennium is a Latin word which is made up of two words.

The words Millay, which mean thousand and the word and, which means years Millay and of thousand years of the word millennium means of thousand years and the text of Revelation chapter 20 is the only place in the Bible where actual word appears and it appears in the text. Six different time. If you look down in your Bibles.

You will notice in verse two it says he laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old was the devil and Satan, and bound him for thousand years for a millennium. Verse three and the nations no more work to see thousand years. Millennium verse four and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Millennium verse five and the rest of the not again until the thousand years was finished, there it is again verse six. Over such the second that has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him. Millennium of thousand years, Millay and of thousand years. Verse seven now when the thousand years had expired, Satan will be released from his prison, the millennium is a period of one thousand years.

That is going to take place in the future and it is a very important subject for us to discuss. Now I need to tell you that there is no more subject to all of Bible prophecy that is more controversial than this one.

There are first of all three perspectives on the millennium XIII perspectives on the millennium. Church history has seen the rise of three competing views know it may not seem important to you. One person might think about the thousand years but it is very important because when a person thinks about that thousand year. Jim is way their understanding as to how the Bible should be interpreted and will see that in a few moments. First of all, there are some people who refer to themselves as post-millennialist snow. I'm not trying to get theological with you, but you need to understand these terms so you will see what I'm talking about post-millennialism me tell you what that means. That means that a certain group of people believe that Jesus Christ will not come back to this earth until after the thousand years of kingdom living hell happened in here is how they interpreted this was invented by a Unitarian minister by the name of Daniel Whitby in the mid-17th century, and it teaches that the church we the church will bring about the millennium through the preaching of the gospel according to his view. As more and more people across the globe are converted will gradually be conquered for Christ. God's justice will prevail across the earth. And Jesus will last return to a utopian world to take up a throne that was one him, his church now need to tell you that you flourished until World War I at the end of World War I. People begin to doubt whether this had any credibility or not you know World War I. The model was make the world safe for democracy. First millennium isn't started to falter little bit because it became apparent to everyone that the room wasn't getting better and better justice wasn't prevailing. More and more and when World War II came the world was to end all wars post-millennialism primarily died and it ceases to be a major player on the stage, though it is had a somewhat recent revival under seven very strange circumstances.

Post-millennialism which says get better and better and better until ultimately, it's so good that it's a good place for Jesus to come back to.

Aren't you glad that intro because it signs are so good are they Jesus may never get back the way were going, if we believe that and then there's another view which is sometimes referred to as all millennialism now let me put the word on front of the word. It negates the value of the word so all millennialism means millennium and there are some people to take all the passages in the Bible to speak about the millennium and they say those are all symbolic. Instead, the church inherits the millennial blessings that were given to Israel as the events that are in Revelation chapter 20 are happening right now the church is reigning with Christ over the earth. We are in the millennium, according to all millennialism all my goodness, I hope not. Don't you hope not.

If this is the millennium what we have to look over to I hope the millennium is all a lot better what we have right now.

Of course, anyone who really studies the Scripture and takes it literally would understand immediately that the prophecies of peace and prosperity and purity. All those things are not being fulfilled today exact opposite is being fulfilled and the problem with all millennialism is the only one you can make it work is to spiritualize and symbolize all of the Old Testament Scriptures. Once you start doing that and you get away from a literal interpretation of the Bible and there is no control on anything whatever you want the Bible to say it will say then there is the third view, which is the view that I believe is the accurate one and that is what we call premillennialism. Premillennialism is the oldest of the three views and believes and teaches that Jesus Christ will physically return to this earth for his enemies, and there will be a battle that a spot at the end and he will then set up his kingdom on this earth, and he will reign upon the earth a thousand years now. I want to give you little visual so you see how this works draw straight line on your paper. I miss the straight line now start over here on the on my left hand side of the line and put a little parentheses parentheses just with the letters OT Old Testament. That's what begins next to the parentheses where you have NOT put across his put a picture of the cross. That's a reference to the life of Christ to his death his barrel and his resurrection next to the cross.

Put another parentheses and like the word church and just put the church in OT across the church after you get to the end of the church parentheses I want you to put an arrow going straight up and one coming straight down meeting in the middle because what happens at the end of the church age is we have the rapture that in Christ are raised in Christ comes back and we all Christians go to heaven after that. Put another parentheses and write the word seven years and this is the tribulation at the end of the tribulation and that will parentheses put another arrow this one coming straight down. That's the second advent. When Jesus comes back to take up his reign on the earth. Then put a little bigger parentheses and like the word of thousand years and it that's the millennium, and after the millennium is the eternal state that we call heaven. Now I don't have time for that again. So I hope you will settle down and you can get the notes in figure it all out but I want you to know that were talking about here were talking about a period of time after the tribulation when Jesus Christ comes back and he literally rains on this earth and all the promises of the Old Testament concerning the kingdom are fulfilled in that period of time and the redeemed Jews live in the homeland and the millennium is with the final rebellion and the earth was replaced by a transform new heaven and new earth.

And this is the view that is found in all the writings of the early church fathers, and which is more widely believed by evangelicals than any other view on the millennium so we have three perspectives on the millennium not want to give you purposes for the millennium.

Why do we have to have a millennium, so this is what we mean the store just so we can have something to discuss theology. No, it's very important that there be a period of time like this going forward.

To give you just a few reasons I want to go through some scripture and I want to tell you Scripture's facile. The first reason is to reward the people of God, but a severe millennial time to reward the people of God. There are scores of promises scattered throughout all of the Bible, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, guaranteeing God's people that they will receive. We will explore faithful service.

For instance, Isaiah 4010 says behold, he is with him and his work before him. Matthew 25, 34, the King will say to those on his right hand, you blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Colossians 320, knowing that you will receive the inheritance serve the Lord. Revelation 2212 and behold I am coming quickly in my room Lord is with me to get everyone according to his work. I talked about the five crowns, and how we get to heaven within the below noted with crowns but the crowns are really the only one, and perhaps not even the primary room Lord.

The Bible teaches that when we serve the Lord here on this earth. As Christians we are going to be learned. When we got to the kingdom with the opportunity to serve the Lord in the new and special way. In the previous message we talked about the crowns here were reminded that part of our reward will be to reign and rule with Christ upon this earth in each of us will have opportunities to serve the Lord. Based upon our faithfulness and serving him right now. No childless works. First Thessalonians 313 says that the coming of the Lord will happen when he comes with all of the saints when Jesus comes back at the end of the tribulation. Just before this millennial time we were rapture at the beginning to come back with him to come back to this little laying upon this new he's created with his righteousness, and Paul told the Corinthians saints are going to judge the world in first Corinthians 62 in Revelation chapter 20 in verse four that we read a few moments ago we read and they lived and reigned with him for a thousand years, who are they Christians. The saints will come back with him. Literally, men and women there has to be a millennium so that we can live out our rewards during this thousand year period of time.

In the parable of the talents Jesus taught that our role as servants and rulers will be based upon our faithfulness. Matthew 2523 the Lord said to him, well done good and faithful servant.

You have been thinking over a few things, I will make you ruler over what things enter into the joy of your Lord and the millennium will be rolling with Jesus as our and we will be serving the Lord not as a punishment, but as a real word.

The idea of service as a reward is for them to a lot of people don't like the work will only put up with her work until it's time to retire. We think that faithful service should be with a long vacation. But God offers us an opportunity very different from work responsibilities is his reward increased opportunities is his room. Lord greater abilities and resources, and wisdom, and empowerment. We will have sharper mind, stronger bodies, clear purpose and unabated joy and will serve the Lord for a thousand years on this earth as it is raining and ruling within.

Can you imagine a reign of righteousness with all godly people in every single position, having not had to be elected thereabout appointment there by King Jesus role without me something, just imagine it so to be a time for the words to be realized there has to be a millennium.

That's when there to be carried out number two must be millennium to respond to the prophets, predictions, the prophets of the Old Testament predicts such a fine beat Old Testament Scriptures are absolutely totally on understandable if there is no such.

As the kingdom because most of the prophecies of the Old Testament. In fact, like Pentecost was a tremendous scholar of prophecy said there is more information about the millennium in the Bible than any other prophetic event in Scripture we push it off to the side wants to talk about it sort controversial. So we avoided but the Bible says in the old testament that such a time is coming.

Now I don't have time to give you the myriad of verses that talk about it but I want to give you a bunch of them just one right after the other, rapidfire, and you listen to what the Scripture says, Psalm 72. 11. All kings shall fall down before him, all nations shall serve him. Isaiah 97.

Once again, often referred to as a Christmas verse, but only part of it is a Christmas verse. The other part is the kingdom verse of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it with judgment and justice from that time felt even forever the seal of the house of the Lord will perform this. Isaiah 6021. Also, your people shall be righteous, they shall inherit the land forever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands that I may be glorified.

Zechariah 19 I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim and the horse from Jerusalem, the battle but will be cut off shall speak peace to the nations dominion shall be from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. Luke 132 and 33, he would be great and will be called the son of the highest in the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom there will be no end without the kingdom without the millennium. None of those could be fulfilled. Those prophecies all sabers coming a day when King Jesus is going to rule this earth as it is now with his saints as collegians with him and is going to be a rule of righteousness and peace.

Last for 10 centuries for millennium. Why does there need to be an earthly kingdom because Christ will come back and try them on the very wrong he was seemingly needed by his enemy's rejection by the rulers of the world. Remember he came unto his own and his own received him not.

He will come back to the very earth where he was rejected, and this time there will be no injection and it will be when he comes again to rule this world with righteousness. Last pick up his inheritance and he will be the king. Everyone had come to me when he came the first time. Remember when Jesus came to Bethlehem and he started out in this disciples began realized who he was, in some fashion. They wanted to know is the kingdom going to be now. They weren't really interested in Christ being the ruler of the world I wanted to get the runs off the back. They wanted to come and set up the kingdom. But Jesus is not now but someday. And it's this period of time that's going to happen so that needs to be a millennium to reward the people of God and to respond to the prophets predictions. Here's an interesting one that just really simple and that's to receive the answer to the disciples prayer. The disciples prayer our father in heaven, hallowed be your name kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Has that ever happened has his kingdom ever come in his will been done on this earth as it is in heaven, not but it's going to one day when Jesus returns his kingdom will come in his will and will be done on this earth.

Even it is now being done in heaven when the disciples prayed that the kingdom would come, they were looking forward to this very time were talking about cold millennium so the millennium is necessary to the people of God and to respond to the prophets, predictions, and to receive the answer to the disciples prayer and finally the kingdom is necessary. Don't you listen carefully because I want to lose this is necessary to reemphasize man's depravity and the necessity of Christ's death matured. What I mean.

The Bible says that at the end of this 1000 year period of time when Jesus is running the world and Satan.

If you remember, he's bound for a thousand years remember reading that in Revelation 20. Satan is bound for a thousand year season capacity, but if you read the text it says at the end of the millennium. He's going to be released and there will be one final rebellion you sent her words the ungodliness can come from well only godly people going to the millennium.

But guess what have kids, how many of you know righteousness is not inherited. How many of you know, God doesn't have any grandchildren has children so the kids blowing to the righteous people in the millennium and some of them will become unrighteous and at the end of the millennial. In spite of all this happened during the reign of Christ on this earth.

In spite of all the righteousness that has been legislated at the end of the millennial.

There will be a final written against God. What is that say says that our problem is not our environment and then tell you probably have in our world is our environment if we could just educate everybody get everybody straight down change the environment. Everybody would be better, while in fact something God put two people a perfect garden and they rebelled and at the end it really is good to run a little for a thousand years in peace and righteousness and at the end of the rebellion there.

Why because the heart of man is evil and it's not a problem of our environment. It's a problem of our nature that we inherited from Adam.

When he sinned against Almighty God, we really believe that in practice that that would change things we do shut down a bunch of programs that invested heavily know our issue isn't where we live or how we grew up our issues, our heart is also such an encouragement because if you get your heart right you can overcome anything you can you can outmaneuver every situation. If your heart right in your league with God.

So I will learn a lot about the future and were learning a lot about the millennium will have more of that tomorrow on the Friday edition of Turning Point. I hope you'll join us then to friends when people accept Christ, and as they have been doing pretty routinely in these recent weeks. In fact, during the coronavirus through our online services we've had over 3000 people come to Christ and when we get their information if they want to give that to us.

We send them to books from Turning Point little booklets. One is called your greatest Turning Point in the others called first steps of faith, would love to send these two books to you absolutely free. If you receive Christ during these recent days. We know these books will help you and give you direction get you started right and absolutely free.

All you have to do is ask for them, and will be back tomorrow for the second half of what on earth is the millennium and will close out the week together then.

I'm so very grateful for the privilege I have to share these truths with you every day and I hope that you will respond back to us this month and make letter month really special here Turning Point. We appreciate it so much and we appreciate you and your faithfulness will see tomorrow for more information on Dr. Jeremiah's series revealing the mysteries of heaven.

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