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When Did You Help Someone In Need?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 20, 2024 5:19 pm

When Did You Help Someone In Need?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 20, 2024 5:19 pm

Alysia and Robby hears others stories about how helpign changed others 

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This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together. Speak your mind. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Hello.

This is Alicia Grimes. Welcome to Truth Talk Live. I'm here with Robbie Dilmore, and today we are asking the question, when did you help someone in need?

What did that look like? How did it change you? So our topic today is image of God, and we're going to delve into several things, but the number is 866-348-7884. Again, our question is, when did you help someone in need?

So we're going to be waiting for your call. We're going to be talking about this topic, but we really want to hear from you, because I know that you have a story about a time that God prompted you to help somebody, and I'm sure it made a difference for them, and it probably made a big difference in your life as well. So Robbie, tell me how life is going this week. Well, it's going good, because I'm not here, but anyway, it's going good because my grandbaby is growing, but when you mentioned the topic, I couldn't help but note that when Christmas, we really wanted to help a needy family. It's my favorite Christmas needy family story, and we belong to Calvary, and I think at that time you did too.

We did, yeah. It used to be that they would have these names of families that you could help, and you'd show up a couple days before Christmas Eve, and you'd pick up these packages, and then you would go and deliver them. And so this particular year, Tammy and the kids, Robbie and Tess were probably, I don't think Mariah was even born, so I think they were probably seven or eight, and we go pick up these packages, and when we take them to the people's houses, man, I mean, they looked like they had more stuff than we did.

I mean, they were nice houses in nice neighborhoods, and I was like, well, I don't know how much we're really helping the needy here, but okay. So we got done with that. We thought, well, maybe they got some hospital bills. Who knows? We're not gonna worry about that.

You never know. It was not the experience that we were hoping to share with my kids. And so Tammy said, well, there's this girl that comes to Bible study with me that, man, I mean, I asked her once why she wasn't wearing a coat, and she said, well, she didn't have one, and I could just tell that she often has to get rides and all this stuff to get over here.

And so I, let me call and get her address, and we'll go over there. Well, when we get over there, it's not in a nice neighborhood, it's in a trailer park, and actually not a very nice area of town, and then on top of that, they were all outside in a, there was a 55-gallon drum that was burning, you know, whatever in it, and they were out there staying warm because they had no money for heat. Right. Yeah. Kind of not what you expected on either end, either story. Right, right.

Completely. And so when we get in there, and we're like, oh, well, you know, we figured out very quickly how to get their heat, you know, pay their electric bill and heat, you know, get their heat on, and then, you know, they didn't have anything for Christmas dinner at all, right? And so, you know, we immediately went, the grocery store went, you know, bought whatever that was, brought that back, then my kids were like, You should have gone back to the first house. If you don't need this, we found a family who does. And then my kids were like, wow, they don't have any toys, you know, there's nothing, there's no tree, there's no nothing, and so the kids wanted to go do that. They were ready to give up their own toys. But as far as, you know, for me, that was probably, you know, all the Christmases before and after that, I really don't have, I couldn't tell you much of what happened.

But I could sure tell you what happened, you know, on that particular one. Well, when we think about, you know, why we are motivated to help people, you know, it's really because God has loved us. He's come to us in our poverty, our spiritual poverty, and, you know, reached out and he created us in his image, and because we're created in his image, we are reflecting a reflection of him. So in the world, that's why we care for other people. We don't do it to get the glory, we don't do it because we think we're better than other people.

The ground is level at the cross, but God calls us to see other people in this world as made in his image and value them. And so that goes in so many directions, but today we're talking about how have you helped someone in need? And I think we have a caller, Buxman from Ohio.

How are you doing, Buxman? I love you two. We love you too. You two are some of my most favorite people and Alicia, I don't know you as well as I know Robbie, but I just absolutely love you guys. And I have a cool Christmas story as well, you two, so I'm going to go ahead and I told St. Nick, I love how the dude dubbed him that because he's awesome because it's a dad joke, Robbie.

It is, it's hilarious. I got to do a dad joke without even giving you a dad joke, my brother. So anyway, so I took my kids to cut down live Christmas trees when they were really little. And I just remember how excited they were. They got to help dad cut down the tree, they picked it out, but since they already had a Christmas tree at their house, I told my two kids, I said, guys, I said, this is going to be given to a family with some kids who doesn't have money to buy a Christmas tree.

And they got so excited about that, you guys. So it worked out to where I couldn't take my two little ones to deliver the tree. So they didn't have an experience like what your kids had, Robbie, which I think is awesome. But what I got to experience was my two little ones. This is when they were literally, they're almost 18 and my daughter turned 16 in April.

So this is some time ago. And how they were just excited to know that some kids, some other kids was going to get their Christmas tree that they helped dad cut down. And so I got to say, anytime you get to do that with your children to talk live listeners, do that. It, it did my soul such a joy to see my two little ones kind of hop around and they there's like, Oh dad, we got to pick this one.

No, it's gotta be this one. And it was just great. And they helped me cut it down with this, with the saw and everything. Just an awesome memory. You two that I have with my two kids who are now driving, holy mackerel just last week they were, you know, uh, six inches long and now they're driving cars.

It's insane how fast time goes by you guys. But that's my story to talk live and brother Robbie, sister, Alicia, that's it. Well, thank you for calling in and that's a great story. Uh, it just reminded me, Oh, is he gone now while he's saying, because he knows that he hears the bump in music. Oh, okay. The bump out music. That's right.

Yeah. Well thank you for listening. We need you to call us eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four truth. We'll be right back.

You're listening to the truth network and Welcome back to truth talk live. We're talking about when did someone, when did you help someone in need? What did that mean? What did it look like? How did it change you?

Because God is in the business of calling us to help others. But in the meantime, we often find out that we're the ones who are changed. So we were, I'm going to ask Nick, do you have a story for us? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I do. So um, so a lot of people know that I've been into music since I was like five and you know, I went to college for that as well. And there was, I had a classmate where we were in the same music production program as well. And, and he, he liked to make music and he's a very good lyric lyricist. So you know, he likes, he, he's good with his words and stuff like that, but he wasn't as good with the music side, you know, cause I have years of music theory under my belt, right.

But he didn't really know much about music theory that much. So one day we had a lab and our lab was basically, we had a studio, we had a board and everything, but he came to, but I came to his lab one time and he was like, hey, do you want to hear what I got so far? And I said, sure. I heard his sound and in my mind I'm already critiquing cause that's just who I am. You know, when I, when I hear music, I'm like, maybe that could have been done a different way. And so I was, and so I told him, you know, it sounds, it sounds good.

It does sound good. And then I had, I don't remember exactly what I said, but I had to find out a way to ask if he wanted help without offending him because you know, people who are artistic and stuff like that, sometimes we can get like a little territory, a little defensive about our stuff, but I can't remember exactly what I said, but he was, but he was, he was more than gracious. He was like, yes, absolutely.

Like sometimes when you're doing artistic projects and stuff like that, you need another person's point of view or another, another eyes or another set of ears. So I helped him out for a little bit. I helped him like a day or two, you know, just trying to expand or evolve, you know, the song that he was doing. So after that, you know, I put my music theory work in, I helped him out and you know, the song actually sounded pretty good. Now what he did with the song, I don't know. I don't know if he put it out or anything like that, but I know, but if he did put it out, my name is not on it. And that's fine with me because I was, I know as long as I know that the sound, it sounds good, like the music itself sounds good. That's all that matters.

I don't need the credit for it. I would want him to sound good and his music and project to sound good. Now later down the line, you know, of course I'll put my name on if I ever put out music, but that was kind of the one thing where I was like, you know, you don't always need the credit or the headline saying, Hey, I did this. So you know, sometimes it's okay to stay behind the background and just, you know, put a little work in as long as the product is good, then that's all that matters.

Thank you, Nick. You bring out a great point. Sometimes our motives come into play when we help other people and we just need to make sure that we are doing it for the glory of God, for the good of people. But sometimes we like the credit, we're like, Hey, can you, can you, can you put my name on that?

Or can you make sure to mention me that I was involved? And that's where our pride shows up. You know, when you think about the whole idea of image of God in the meantime, we're going to go into that, but let me remind you that the numbers 866-348-7884, we want to know when did you help someone in need and what did that look like and how did that change you? But we talk about image of God and we get that idea. Robby, you know where we get it, Genesis 1 26-27, God created us male and female. He created us in his image and in his likeness. And that means that out of all creation, we have a special mandate that we represent and we reflect God to the world. So talk a little bit about that because you're my resident theologian and pastor. I love this.

I love this. And from a standpoint of, in the Hebrew alphabet, there's a couple letters that kind of illustrate I think where you're going with this. And because you never met, I like what C.S. Lewis said, you never met a mere mortal, right? And every single person, right, they have a special something in there that completely is God.

But the problem is, unfortunately we fell. And so a lot has been taken from every single person you meet too. Things have been stolen from their identity. Things have been stolen from their life in general. And so it's kind of neat that we get a chance to run after them and give them back what has been stolen. So that's why you should never take pride in them because you're just giving them back something. Like if you help that person on Christmas Day, right, all you're doing is giving them back something that was stolen from them.

God gave it to you so you could give it to them. That's kind of how it looks. Well the Hebrew letter Dalet is the fourth letter in the alphabet and it means a poor person. And it's kind of a bent over letter and the idea is that, man, I mean they're under a big burden and so, you know, they're poor. But the Hebrew letter Gimel looks kind of like a foot because it's what's running. And then that letter is running after, the Gimel is running after the poor person to give back what has been stolen.

And so that it's really a cool idea and it always helps me from the idea of here's how to overcome that pride thing. It's like you're not giving them, they're a child of the king. I mean they're in the image of God. They have all that stuff. They got everything you got.

They have different gifts than you have. Like he's like, Nick just talked about that man had gift of lyrics. He had gift of music.

What a beautiful team. It's like, you know, Rogers and Hammerstein over here. There you go, Nick.

He just laid a big name on you there. Anyway, that's what I think about. I think it's spectacular. I love the topic and I really have always loved, you know, the opportunity when God opens up the door and, of course, with our ministries we got a lot of chance to do that with The Truth in That Word. Sure. And you're doing a lot of great work.

Really glad to be a small part of it. Athanasius talks about the fact that God created us in his image, but through the fall exactly what you were saying, that image was marred and distorted. And God is just and he can't let sin go unpunished, but he's also merciful. So how does he restore the image of God in us and still be just? And the answer is the Incarnation.

Christ came and then he lived out. He's like, I will show you what it means to value the image of God. So some of my favorite stories in the Bible are about Jesus just interacting with people and you see God's heart in the way Jesus relates to people. So maybe that's something you want to call in with.

If you've got one of your favorite Bible stories from the Gospels, Jesus relating to people who are downtrodden, the way he treated the poor, the way he crossed social barriers. I know my favorite. Tell me. Yeah.

I'd love to talk. You know, what a great, you know, something that you just see that always makes me feel good to think about the woman caught in adultery. Right.

Yeah. And it would have been totally shamed, right? She's been robbed of any dignity, like just thrown in the middle of the street. Here she is. You know, there's no man there that was also involved.

Just her. She's a little shamed and she's a little framed, I believe, if you read that story carefully. Well said. Yet, you know, Jesus, through what happens, he totally restores her dignity. And then my favorite part of the story is he looks at her and he says, where are your accusers? You know, and when you can get in Jesus presence or you can help anybody, you know, get in Jesus presence. You know, I had a chance to counsel somebody yesterday and I watched the smile come on their face when all of a sudden they got it that where are your accusers, man? You can't have any if Jesus is there with you. It's wonderful.

Yeah, absolutely. Well, we have a caller, Mike from Dayton. Mike, we're going to hang on for just a minute and we'll catch you when we come back.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back. Our topic for today is when did you help someone in need? Call in with your story.

866-348-7884. And it looks like we have Mike from Dayton, Ohio on the line. Mike, tell us your story. Yeah, well, there was one evening and I was cooking dinner and and God said, you need to go to Walmart. And I'm thinking, well, God, I don't need anything for dinner. I'm like, why do I need to go to Walmart and Mike and I'm scratching my head and he it was really strong on my heart to go to Walmart and I said, okay, I figured out something for God.

I said, well, I'll get a pie or something for dinner, you know, a dessert or something. So my wife said, where are you going? And I said, I'm going to Walmart. She says, you don't need to go to Walmart. I says, yeah, I do. I need to go to Walmart.

And she goes, why? I said, well, God told me to go to Walmart. He says, you just want a pie or something.

I said, well, that's probably what I'm going to buy, but I need to go to Walmart. And so I go to Walmart and I'm looking at the pies and I don't like any of them and I'm waiting and waiting and God says, you know, just go and get some butter. You know, just put some butter on your corn and I said, oh, well, I guess we and I I knew we had plenty of butter, but I went back to the butter and back to the butter is, is the, and I knew that I was supposed to give somebody a hundred dollars and I had a hundred dollars in my wallet.

It was like burning in my wallet. It was like hard, you know, it's like, okay, I'm okay here. I'm at Walmart and I'm going to give this person a hundred dollars, you know, and that, and I went back there and it's the pastor's wife and she's back there and I said, Hey, how you doing? You know, and, and, and I said, what's going on? And she goes, well, I'm at Walmart and I don't really know why. And I says, well, isn't that crazy?

I'm here too. And I don't know why she goes. And then I says, and all of a sudden it laid in my heart, I says, is today your birthday? She started crying. She goes, yeah, today's my birthday. And I said, you know what? God told me to be here today and give you this hundred dollars. And she says, she says, oh, I can't believe this. I said, I can't either, you know, and that's why I gave her the hundred dollars. And I says, and go get your nails done and your hair done. And she goes, oh my gosh, I was praying to God to have my hair and my nails done. I says, great. This is great. And I gave her, you know, and then when she started crying and I, you know, I was happy and that was the happiest hundred dollar giveaway I ever did my whole life.

You know what I mean? It was this, it was blessed by God, you know, needed to give her a hundred dollars. And then the next day or two, she, she started to preach and then she said, somebody gave me a hundred dollars.

She didn't mention my name and then, and how much a blessing it was. And then was the whole, it was a whole preaching on, on a hundred dollars. And, and, and that was, it was just, it blessed me to no end, you know, with giving her a hundred dollars and she needed it for her hair and nails and she was praying about it and it was her birthday and she, you know, I just was, it was just awesome.

That's a great story. You know, it just reminds me that when you're a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit and you're constantly, hopefully in tune with the Holy Spirit. And sometimes you're reading something or you're thinking about something and the Holy Spirit just prompts you to, to reach out to somebody. I, I was driving into work yesterday and I just felt like I should call and leave a voice text for, for a friend.

And I did that having no idea that later in the day that would get some really bad news. And you know, just listening to the Holy Spirit and you know, what do people need having eyes to see what God sees around us and just realizing that we're all broken and he is constantly coming after us and restoring us and that we actually get the opportunity to, to play that role in the lives of the other people is pretty amazing. I was just going to tell you, Mike, I had, you know, not exactly the same, but you know, one of those things like, man, the Holy Spirit is so awesome because obviously, or maybe not obviously people who know my story know that it was pastor little who heard there was somebody at, at, at Bob Neil Chrysler Plymouth that needed to be healed. He drove over there when I had cancer and said, there's somebody here is supposed to be here. And he came and laid hands on me and anointed me with oil. And that was one of the most amazing, of course, I didn't have a clue what he was doing and I didn't have the faith for what he did, but literally saved me from that. But the other day I often, when I get in my car, I just ask God, like, who do you want me to call? Because I just use that time to make calls as a pastor.

That's the thing to do. And, and immediately one lady in our church came to my heart like, Oh yeah, I need to call her cause she's been in the hospital. I wonder how she's doing. And the Holy Spirit said, don't call her call her significant other that happened to be on who also knew. And so I went, okay, but that's weird, but all right, I'll call him. And so he answers the phone. I was like, well, how are you doing? He goes, well, I'm scared to death. You know, my friend is so sick that, you know, I'm afraid I need to call nine one one because she's not, she's talking out of her head or ever, but I don't know what to do.

So I'm not sure. I was like, here, let me give you some advice real quick. Immediately. As a matter of fact, I want you to hang up and call nine one one because you will never regret having called nine one one. You'll regret forever if you don't call nine one one. So call nine one one right now. He's the one who needed the call, because she wouldn't have been able to answer the phone.

She didn't know what was going on. Well, I, you know, of course I called him back a little later and man, he was so grateful and she, and she got better and was really fine within four or five days, but she was in really bad shape, but it was just that moment, Mike, that, that God knew that you don't need to call her. You need to call him. And again, it's just the Holy Spirit is awesome. Well, Mike, thank you for calling in.

I think we have another caller, Jessica also from she's from Toledo, Ohio, Jessica, welcome to the show. Thank you. What's your story? My story is one of humility and awe. A quick backstory is my late husband, he had cancer and he would have to go frequently to the hospital to receive treatment, so two or three times a week he would go and he would bring our four year old with him. The hospital actually had a little daycare center in there for the kids while the parents got treatment.

So they were regulars. Well, you fast forward, my husband had passed and my cousin had come to visit me and she was asking questions about the gospel and I was telling her about how Jesus saved and Jesus healed and how we have that authority to heal and I said, you know, it's really exciting when you really think about it and she, she got it. She got, she got the healing bug and she's like, okay, let's go, let's go get people. I'm like, okay, where do you want to go? She's like, well, there's six people at the hospital, let's go to the hospital. Oh boy. So we're driving to the hospital, my God, show up.

Yeah, definitely. So we get there and I have my, my son with me, so it's about a year later, he's about a year older and as we're leaving from the parking garage to walk towards the hospital, no idea what we're going to do. There is a woman who's outside and she was asking people for money and, and so she was at a handler, I guess you would say, I'm not sure how we refer to her, but she was homeless and she was asking for money and I saw her and I said, have you eaten today? And she said, well, you know, someone brought me a bag of chips earlier and I'm like, can I get you a meal?

And yeah, okay. So we walked and I made that my priority and I got her a meal and I came back and I gave it to her and she starts talking to my then five year old and where's your daddy? I haven't seen him for a long time and I stopped in my tracks and I said, you knew my husband? And she's like, I would see them here almost every day. She says, they're the ones I prayed for the most. And I stopped and I'm like, you prayed for them? She's like, yeah, and I looked at all the sick people who are around us and I said, you are in a great location to pray for sick people. She says, I am, I am so blessed.

I have the best post of the whole downtown. This is where you want to be if you're going to be praying for people. So she was no longer the homeless lady who was asking for money or that I bought a sandwich for it. She was now the one who was ministering to me about prayer and servitude. And when I would consider myself so blessed with the life that I had lived, she was so blessed because of where she was positioned and it just forever changed, forever changed me. What a beautiful story. That's that's just amazing how, you know, as we said earlier, sometimes God is doing to work in you when you feel like you're reaching out to somebody else. And when we come back, I've got a story about, um, a time when we were in Panama and did some homeless, um, street, street work and just how that impacted me. And it gave me a different perspective.

Our number is 866-348-7884 Jessica, thank you so much for calling in. Thank you. Yeah. I'll never forget that story. And as I lived, that was awesome.

I mean, it really, really was just beautiful story, really. You know, I think about Jesus when he was traveling with the disciples and it says he had to go through some area. Well, he didn't have to go, but he felt drawn to go because he knew there was somebody there that he was supposed to connect with. So I think looking for divine appointments, these random things that happen in our lives, if you're just live with an open, open eyes and an open heart, you never know what God's going to do on a given day. So I, that's something that's changed my perspective. Um, Henry Blackaby wrote Experiencing God. He said, look for God around you, where is he working?

And then adjust your life to join him there. And it's a, it's a beautiful thing when that happens and you're like, Oh God, that's what you were doing. 866-348-7884. When have you helped someone in need? We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and We're back on Truth Talk Live talking about when did you help someone in need? What did that mean for you?

How did it change you? We're also talking about the bigger topic of image of God, that God creates people in his image. And as Christians, that's where we get our, our core value of human dignity. That's why we take care of the poor. That's why we look out for people who were under resourced, who are overlooked by society. That's why Christians start hospitals and orphanages and so many things like that.

And we don't do that perfectly, but when we realize that God has created everybody with worth and value, it's a very different worldview than where we see other places. So if you have a story about helping somebody 866-348-7884, I'll share a story. Maybe we'll pick up another caller, but last year we took a group to Panama and we worked in Panama City for a week and with some missionaries there. And one night part of what we did was we just went out on the street and we just walked the street. It was, it was dark to tell you a little bit of back story.

We had to show up at the police station and get counted. So they would know if we all came back or not, but it was an adventure, but it was just really insightful because when we got down there, there's a lady Ellie who has been running the street ministry for decades, at least, at least 10 or 15 years. And so she knew everybody. So we would walk down the street and these women would step out of the shadows and they would say, Ellie, and she would run over to them and hold them and pray for them. And they were prostitutes.

And so, you know, as the night progressed, we would give them little bags of things that they needed. And you have to understand these women are moms and grandmothers who don't have money to feed their kids. And that reality, that just humbled me to the core. And some, sometimes I don't think we really see the humanity in every person.

Maybe we just see the exterior and we assume things about people. But I think when we ask God for his heart, then that changes the way we view the people that maybe we would have overlooked. So I think that's an important thing to think about as you're looking for people just to have God's heart behind what you're doing and to realize that every person has dignity, every person has worth, just because they're created. As he were telling that story, it reminded me that I interviewed this ministry a number of times that, you know, they were praying about how to help the abortion situation. And so as they were interviewing moms about why they were having abortions, I forget what the statistic was, something like 80% of them feel like they don't have the resources to have a baby. So they just started a ministry, and the name's escaping me right this minute, but they just started this ministry to help these ladies. So they said, if we funded you so much money, would you not have the abortion? Then they wouldn't. And so now they have this huge organization raising money for moms that are in that situation.

LetThemLive is what it's called, and is what it is. And they've raised millions of dollars now, and they have all these babies that live because clearly just had the money. But I never had even thought about that moms are making that choice based on they don't think they can take care of a child, which, again, gets back to the idea of faith. But nonetheless, I find it amazing what God opens up doors like that, they're just simply resources. And a lot of women are prostitutes, obviously, because they're under resourced.

Right. And that's the premise behind what we do, what we do. And that's the premise of all your pregnancy care centers. And I think, Robbie, it's so easy for us to see people as in generalities and maybe have stereotypes. And when you get behind the story, you realize that there's so many nuances, there's so many reasons, so many different life circumstances that land people at different places. And who knows that I'm not going to be in their place one day, and maybe we'll switch and they'll help me.

And I have been on the other side of needing help in the past, and it's a humbling place to be, but we just remind ourselves that every person is valuable. One thing I want to mention is the contrast between the Christian worldview of image of God, it lands you at a very different place. For example, if you believe, if you basically have an atheistic worldview, then there is no God, there is no image of God, then we value people based on what they contribute or what they can provide.

How competent are they? Which that slippery slope leads to not a concern for the poor, the downtrodden, the homeless, those who, the elderly, the unborn, if it's survival of the fittest, then that truly plays out in a very different place in the way that we view people. So the Christian worldview really brings this different idea of image of God as the foundation for why we care for people and why we reach out to the people that maybe nobody else notices or cares about. I think it definitely changes our whole worldview, because that's what God did for us. Oh, absolutely. And, you know, I heard recently this man was talking about the idea of how they could say, how in the world they're taking all these truths and making them lies, like that's not really a human being that's in the womb, it's just a bunch of flesh, he said, but has that same person, you know, to kill a turtle in an egg and they're going to lose their mind, right?

The turtle is obviously a something before it becomes a turtle, in the egg of a turtle is way more important than that. And it's just, but you can't expect a non-believer to be a believer. In other words, they need Jesus, like you had talked about at the very beginning. In other words, until they get an idea of the value of what the Bible says and the value of what it would mean to be in Christ, they're not going to see that.

And you know, there's a whole nother topic, maybe we'll cover another day, and that's identity in Christ. Because once the image of God is restored in us, and then we know Christ, now we have a whole different layer of blessing because we have all that we have because we're in Christ. But when we view the world, we're really considering that every person is made in the image of God. Lack of image of God is why we have the Holocaust, it's why we have racial prejudice. So many things you can trace back to people not valuing people based on the fact that they're just created.

And so the ripple effects of not having an image of God worldview that comes out of the Christian faith, that comes out of a God who values the people that he created because he created them in his image. You know, the worldview around all that is profound and makes a very tangible difference in the way we show up in the world. Yeah, it's beautiful and so based on the whole idea of love, right? That God so loved the world. And we love because he loved us.

Because we're family. I mean, yeah, he invited us into his family, which is, you know, amazing that he created us in love and he created us to redeem us and bring him into his family for eternity. That's what it means to have the image of God and it's where eternal, we're created for relationship and we're created to have relationships with him and with other people. Just, you know, big ideas on a Thursday afternoon, but these are ideas and they're, you know, they're big theological ideas, but that's where the rubber meets the road. That's how we live out our faith is based in what we believe.

Right. And then when God gives you that opportunity, right, you know, just like that wonderful caller, I'm trying to remember her name. Jessica. Oh my goodness, what a story. I, I, you know, there's just, you know, she's, you know, just following the heart of these other folks going back to, it had to be a really painful place for her when you think about it. I can't imagine, yeah. Like she lost her husband all those trips going back to that and forth to the hospital and then all of a sudden God just meets her there with this amazing woman and she just can see that, oh yeah, every single person out there is, has just the capability to do amazing things for God.

Right. It's just, it blows my mind. I, you know, I'm so grateful for callers like that and, and those stories that we get to hear every day on truth talk live or just priceless. Well, Robbie, I just want to finish up by just reminding us that Jesus reveals the heart of God. If you don't know who God is or you wonder, I wish I could know God, how do I know God? Look at the life of Christ, the way he lived, the way he died, the way he resurrected, everything was about reaching to reaching people, restoring the image of God and giving them a new identity.

So maybe we'll continue this topic another day. Any last thoughts, Robbie? Oh, I tell people, you know, when we do those boot camps for men, we say, you know, if you're trying to figure out what does a man look like, you know, what is, well, look at Jesus. I mean, he's the real deal. I mean, if, if you're, you're trying to figure out what that, you know, really image and all those stories of complete strength, but at the same time, complete love, lay down his life or his bride for his church, complete grace, you know, you know, faith and love and all that stuff.

But by the same time token, as strong as his nails, um, literally did not mean to use that particular one, but it just came out, you know. You know, Robbie, just, just as a few last thoughts, how has this topic as a topic impacted you? How does it change the way you live your life every single day? Um, yeah, I think you're a person who notices people. I think you're a person who pulls people in, who looks to, you know, to change the people that God places in front of you. Um, how has that blessed you? Oh my goodness. You know, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't see somebody that's, you know, becoming more like Jesus.

Right. And, and, and to see that, you know, it's actually God that you just allows you to see it because as you talked about earlier, you know, the more you, you develop that, how can I see God in this next moment? Then you'll see, oh my goodness, I've never seen them, you know, really turn towards God in that situation.

I've never heard him talk about what they studied in the Bible yesterday or, or man, I heard this in the Bible story or whatever it is that you just see that little progress, you know, and don't despise the day of small beginnings, you know. Well I'll finish with my favorite Bible story about Jesus and we'll pick it up later. But the Samaritan woman at the well, he goes out of his way for her. He sees her need. He changes her identity and reveals her, reveals his and she's forever changed.

Best missionary in the New Testament in the book of John and extremely fruitful immediately. So much fun. Thank you, Alicia. Thank you, Robbie. We'll see you later.
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