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June 18, 2024 5:37 pm

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This is the Truth Network. Truth on the Truth, today. Your thoughts on Tony Evans' latest announcement of moral failure and how he stepped down from his position, as well as Robert Morris.

You know, it's current events, and talk about current events. It's very current for us here at the Truth Network, as both Robert Morris and Tony Evans are prominent voices on the Truth Network. And so I'm curious, like, I'm really, you know, want to learn, what is God, you know, what is the standard here?

How does he see this thing? Obviously, when you've got a name like the Truth Network, you've got a high standard. I would love to know your thoughts.

I really, really would. Obviously, very wonderful communicators and have got all sorts of wonderful content I've enjoyed over the years. Where does that go now? What are your thoughts? 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. And again, that's because we're the Truth Network. And so that idea of truth is huge.

And so when you look, you know, I was thinking about it this morning, a lot about truth. Because I love the word to begin with in Hebrew. It's amet. And interestingly, it starts with the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The middle of it is the mem, which is the middle of the alphabet. And the end of it is atav, which is the last letter in the alphabet.

So he's the beginning, the middle, and the end, just like he said in Revelation in Alpha and Omega. But it's very amazing when you really think about that truth, you know, is always going to stand forward. In other words, it never comes down. I love the way that it's said in the 119 Psalm. It says, Thy word is true from the beginning, and every one of thy righteous judgments endures forever. In other words, when you are building something on the truth, you can't miss, because it's going to endure forever.

But if you build it on something that's half-truth, and those kind of things, oh, it's going to come crushing down. So what does that look like when it comes to the latest information on Tony Evans and Robert Morris? What their statements are as far as what happened, as far as they resigned from their ministries, but both radio programs are still out there. You know, what are your thoughts? We would love to hear them.

866-348-7884. Again, we want to build the Truth Network on truth. And obviously, as it says in Exodus, I love this, Exodus 18, 21, it says, Moreover, and again, this is when, you know, Moses was going to pick the men that kind of lead his people. He says, Moreover, thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth.

Hating covetousness, that has to be lost, happens to be lost, hating covetousness, and place such over them as to be rulers of thousands and rulers of hundreds and rulers of fifties and rulers of tens. And so even from, you know, way back in Exodus, the idea of truth and leadership are gigantic. So we got Byron is in Greensboro. Byron, I'm very fascinated by what you might think on this topic. Well, I just jumped in. So I don't even know the news, but I know in some way they've kind of sinned and put the step away a little bit.

And I was going to comment on that, but I don't even know what they did. But I think any time somebody kind of stumbles, whether small or great, because God's words is the truth, what you're talking about, whether it's small or great and and you stumble, I think I think the outside world. And that's kind of what I think. I'm a Christian, by the way. But I was thinking about, well, how does this reflect to people who aren't Christian? I think that's that's one thing that, OK, you know, are we going to kind of admit we've made a mistake and and truly repent because nobody's perfect and we are going to have those. We are going to have those come out throughout our life.

But I think I think the ears and the eyes from nonbelievers are just waiting to say, aha, another one fell. I told you they're just like everybody else. And when you kind of own up to it, even as a parent of four, whenever I'm wrong, I own up to it because the boys know that, you know, that's it's they respect that.

And then you go, you know what? We know he's not perfect. And Christians aren't saying they're perfect. But I think sometimes they're held as though they think they are from the outside world. That's looking to criticize and say, you know, God of what a God of this guy.

He's no different than the other. But I think how they react to it is the repenting piece. And also it could come out with a bolder statement, you know, of him not harping on it completely and to consume, but saying, you know what, I violated the law of my God and I'm sorry. And, you know, being an open book about it. And I think when you look at the again, the people who are in the true church of Christ, they're kind of waiting to pounce on it.

I think it could also it could possibly have a greater effect by the way he abused his stumble. I think that's a wonderful viewpoint, Byron. I really do. And I'm glad you brought it up, because honestly, that was not an angle that I had really considered a lot of, considered a lot of angles. But the idea of how, you know, an unbeliever sees it, you know, anytime we stay in the name, you know, especially since, you know, leaders are always held in higher, you know, to whom much is given, much is required. And so I think that's absolutely spot on. And so interestingly, when you look at the two cases, we got Tony Evans, which by the way, we would love your comments on Tony Evans and Robert Morris at 866-348-7884.

But Byron, here is essentially I would love your take on it. This is from everything we could research on Tony Evans. His statement was, I didn't break any laws, but I did not meet God's standard. And that was the extent of his statement and he stepped down from his church.

But he didn't. But the radio shows and his appearances and things like that at this point are still on. But would you hang on with me, Byron? So I would love your thought on that. And then Robert Morris went more into detail, believe me. So we'll be right back. We would love your comments. 866, what about Robert Morris?

What about Tony Evans? 866-348-7884, truth on the truth. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live today.

We are talking about truth on the truth. What is going on with Tony Evans? What is going on with Robert Jeffers? I mean, excuse me, not Robert Jeffers.

Don't get that wrong. It's Morris, Robert Morris. We just heard Robert Jeffers, so I got confused.

So we want to get to the truth on the truth. And it's Robert Morris that has had the moral failure and Tony Evans stepping down. You know, what are your thoughts about their radio shows? What are your thoughts about, you know, that whole situation?

866-348-7884. We had Brian right before the break and he was, you know, talking about from, you know, somebody on the outside's perspective, like somebody that's a non-Christian, you know, you're just giving them another nail in their coffin, obviously, when something like that happens. But as he pointed out, you know, one of the big things is what happens when it comes out and how do you handle that exactly? And, you know, it's really, really sad from my perspective, you know, the way that both camps have handled this, this particular one is when with Tony Evans, we have little to no information other than he says that he didn't meet God's standard. Unfortunately, in the case of Robert Morris, there was a whole lot more information. You know, apparently there's a 12-year-old girl involved. And when he described what he did, he referred to her as a young lady. And, of course, that young lady, who is now a grandmother, is quite appalled at the way that, you know, he described what actually happened when she felt like she was being abused when she was 12. You know, again, which gets back to a half-truth is not truth, and it just doesn't stand, right?

And you end up when you don't tell the whole truth, you know, what does that look like, especially for people on the outside or new believers or, you know, again, some people that we have a tendency to put pastors on really tall pedestals. We would love your thoughts, 866—I really, really, really would, because, you know, we're all trying to process this. You know, this show is about current events and your thoughts about those things, right?

If we can't talk about it here, where can we talk about it? 866-348-7884, 866-34-truth. And again, Jesus clearly said, I am the truth, right? Life and the way, you know, he's all those things. And again, in Revelation, when he says, I'm the elf and the Omega, again, he's speaking back to the fact that he's the truth.

And you might even remember that that's one of the reasons that he came, was to testify to the truth. So we've got Bucksman. I'm sure he's got something on this.

I'm excited to hear what you've got, Bucksman. Hey, Robbie. Yeah, this is hard stuff here, brother. My heart goes out to everybody who's in the pastorate. And all I can say is, I've been in ministry, Robbie, and some of this has to do with the fact that God is a God full of grace. And when it saturates our minds that God is full of grace, and we neglect walking righteously, brother Robbie, but we just focus all of our light and our energy and our perspective on God being a God of grace, then guess what, brother? People, including pastors, go ahead and partake of sin, because they know God's going to forgive them. I've been in groups of people where they say, well, let's go ahead and do this, Bucksman, because we can always ask for forgiveness later.

And it's a good thing. I don't want to call it righteous, because I think what's happened, Robbie, is Christianity today has moved away from righteousness. They have moved away from even talking about walking in righteousness. And we know that the scripture is full of that word. You know, but, seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. I think for some time now, brother Robbie, we have gotten away from Christianity living righteously. And if we have an issue righteously, we should go and say, hey, I'm having these strange attractions to someone who's really young. That's a righteous move, Robbie. And I don't know all of either of these men's cases.

I'm like you, we only have what's being told to us by the reporters of each news agency about these two brothers. But it's like, where is the righteousness living, folks? Why isn't that being taught? The beauty of what you're saying is, you know, when you think about it, in Ephesians 6 they gave us the full armor, but the very first piece of it is truth. They put on the belt of truth, but then what's second? The breastplate of righteousness, right? The breastplate of righteousness, Robbie.

Yeah, that's the point. The two come together, there's no doubt that that's what, again, we have to look at our own lives, right? And think, man, how easy I could fall, but you can be more right, Bucksman, that when you begin to have those, the sooner you can get it out in the open, because we're all as sick as our secrets.

That's exactly right, sir. And this one, I wish it had come out, but thank you, Bucksman. As always, I can count on you. Always glad to contribute. Love you guys, love you troops, talk live. Have a great day, Robbie. Thank you, Bucksman. Bye-bye. We got Jessica is in Toledo. So Jessica, you're on Truth Talk Live. Hi!

Hi. So I'm excited about this topic, because I think that there's a whole array that gets considered, and I'll do the cliff notes here. I think we need to start with God already established everything with the presumption that people wanted to repent, people wanted to walk close with God. He had that presumption right in the garden where he walked with Eden, and even if you're going to go to the Levitical sacrifices, you've got the presumption that you're going to bring the sacrifice.

If you stole, go pay back your brother plus 20% and bring a sacrifice. So all these things, there was a presumption that people wanted to return to God. In the judgments that Moses rendered, we would see that there was a no-nonsense for those things that breached God's law, but there's a lot of interpretation, there's a lot of room, and a lot of gray areas. When what happened, and this is where we as the church were at, it's a little risky as we talk about these truth topics, because we saw throughout the prophets, for example, and then even in Jesus' day, what happened was is we inherit this critical spirit where now we're going to criticize people for the choices we're making. We no longer have faith that people want to be close to God, even our own believers. So we move from the days of Moses where it's, here's how you get right, and we go to the Pharisees in the days of Jesus where you're a sinner, here's how we keep you away, and there was an evolution of that. And Jesus comes to set that straight, saying, there is so much good, let the good come. Don't balk at the good. So when people are stepping away because they need to restore themselves to God, we should be praising his name for that.

There are people who are calling out for him. That is the foundation I think we need to stand on. Now I'm going to make a paragraph. There's gray areas as well.

The Torah, the Old Testament. Jessica, I love, love, love what you're saying. We've got to go to a break, which, please hang on, because I really want to hear the next paragraph.

I mean, I love what you put together there. What a great, I'm so glad you called, and I'm looking forward to what you have. Can you stay on with us?

I sure can. All right, and we want your comments at 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. Thank you, Jessica. Truth Talk Live! You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live! Today we're talking about truth on the truth. Your ideas about what's going on in Tony Evans' ministry, what's going on with Robert Jeffers' ministry, especially with the idea of continuing or not continuing their radio shows. 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. And Jessica had a wonderful, oh my goodness, what a wonderful, I don't know, expose you had on the whole idea of how we should look at this. And you had gotten to a great paragraph that we're about to have, but we want you to call us with your idea, 866-348-7884. Jessica?

Hi. So the next paragraph would begin with, when you read the laws and what offends God, there's an extensive list of even sexual immorality that is outlined there for us. And one thing that's shocking to a lot of us is that it doesn't get specific about children. So the one I would suggest, and this is wholly my opinion, I would suggest the one with the corrupt heart will capitalize on that technicality and say, therefore, I don't really need to remove myself. Whereas the one with the heart inclined for righteousness, like the last caller was saying, they will stand up and say, I have a corrupt heart, I need to step away. Again, the whole foundation is that God believes that we want reconciliation to Him, this is why the gospel is good news. It's good news for the people saying there is a way to be reconciled. That's why the sacrificial system was a beautiful thing, it was a way to atone. And that's why Jesus is such a powerful message. It assumes, like God always has, that we want to be reconciled, and your heart, or the way people respond is a good indication of the inclination of their heart. Are you inclined to do things that hurt people, get away with the technicality, sling through the shadows, appease?

Or do you have the heart inclined to say, woe is me, I have dirty hands, I have offended the Father. So I think that that's really what we're looking at here in your two stories right now. And we don't know the details, but the details that we do have, one kind of says, I need to bring my sacrifice to the altar.

And the other is saying, I got away with it for so long, but now I'm outed. We also kind of saw that with Samuel, or sorry, King Saul, rather. And, you know, go and destroy, and destroy the king, and all the property, and then Samuel comes along, and what is that that I hear?

I hear the bleating of sheep, and he himself had to take care of it. And it's like, don't try and slink by, just do the thing, stay humble, be ready to repent. And when your brother and sister do, or when your favorite pastor does, or when your favorite radio show does, let that be a model for you and for your children, like the first caller. Let that perpetuate what is normal and not the exception. That is what we do. I love that.

So that's why I wanted to jump in. You know, I really, really, really love your heart, Jessica. And I love what you said near the beginning, that we ought to rejoice. We really ought to rejoice when that person is wanting to be reconciled. And in these cases, to me, I'm sure that not only wants to be reconciled to God, but the people specifically that were injured in the process of whatever happened.

Right? Because, you know, like it says clearly everywhere, you repay a lot for whatever has been done and all those kind of things. And I don't know how all that figures into this particular situation, but there's a lot that goes into, like you said, or like the previous, like Byron said, there's a lot of people watching. They're watching how we react. They're watching how the pastors react. And it seems to me, and I'm sure you feel exactly the same way based on what I've experienced of your heart so far, is that, man, if there was ever a time we needed to get close to God on these issues, I mean, it really pushes me right there, like, God, I need your insight. You know, I'm struggling here. Because honestly, Tony Evans was somebody that I actually got to know. Because, you know, at the NRB several times I've met the man.

And, you know, same thing with Robert Morris. So, you know, it's like, oh my goodness, this is hard. Now, you know what the challenge is to us, though, is that when there is a victim involved, let's say a child or to whatever capacity, we've heard stories of people who have been hurt by their church. We also need to stand beside them too.

And that might mean making a committee, which kind of sounds technical and boring and it doesn't feel good, but sometimes that's what it means. Let's make sure we have a powerhouse surrounding both the sinner and the victim. Let's make sure we're praying with them that they're believed, that they know they're protected and valued. That is also important because too often what happens is everybody will, believe it or not, surround the assaulter and that victim feels left alone.

Like, why is everybody there for them and not for me? So that would be the pendulum swing we need to watch out for. It's really about walking as a family and it's tough. Yeah. Yeah, but that's really, really good.

I love the committee. That's really youth. Are you on a church staff somewhere? We found ourselves in a situation dealing with this and one of the respected members did have an inappropriate relationship with the youth. The youth did not, now as an adult, did not want to pursue it at all, but nonetheless we saw all of the youth now at risk. So trying to both protect her and all of the youth in a way that still honors this man who clearly has, he has a weakness. This wasn't isolated unfortunately, he was just never dealt with. And he does actually have a heart for God. He just also has a temptation that he cannot overcome.

So trying to decide, and I don't have the answer on this, but trying to decide how to righteously uphold everyone and still protect without outing unnecessarily, but at the same time warning. I'm sure we've made so many poor decisions along the way, but we've learned a lot too. Yeah, yeah. Those things, but they bring you to right where God wants you, right?

You know, to where I got no answers. That's the hope. Lord, we need you. We need you. So thank you, Jessica. What a wonderful call. I'm so grateful that you called in today.

I really, really am. Thank you. Well, thank you. Thanks for engaging me. You're welcome. God bless. You too. All right, we got Mike is in Dayton, Ohio. So Ohio's busy today. Thank you, sir.

Yeah, but Byron, I will say we have one, Byron was in North Carolina, so we're hoping to get more North Carolinians. But anyway, Mike, what are your thoughts? My thoughts is when you're discipling people, that person comes to you and tells them what they're struggling with and what they need to pray for. Basically, this guy, you know, he's high in the, you know, the TruthTalk network and everything, and he was humble enough to come to people and to God's community and say, hey, I made a mistake and I'm struggling with this. And leadership needs to disciple him and help him get through this and help him to get closer to God. And God can turn all that around and meet people for Christ, even with this sin that this person has. Everyone has sin.

Everyone has a problem. Today I have a young kid that I'm trying to disciple at my job, and I said a bad word. It was the butt word. And he looked at me and I said, hey, I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have said that word. And looked back at him and I said, you know, I'm not perfect.

Pray for me on that. I really should watch my tongue. And he looked at me with humbleness and understanding and realized that, you know, I'm not perfect either.

And we talked about it at lunchtime. And, you know, we hold people to a high standard and everyone has a problem. And everyone needs to go towards God and not from God and be with God and also do things with God.

Hopefully I'm getting the point. Yeah, you're on track, you know, and I love your story. I love your story about, well, number one, the gentleman you have the opportunity to disciple, which is absolutely huge.

And then, you know, like you said, it holds us to a different standard, like, whoops, you know, I need to be called on that. So we got Bucksman back with us, Mike. So I'm going to bring him back. Oh, wow.

No, maybe he's not. There he is. We can bring him into the conversation with us.

So, Bucksman, I see you're with us too. Can you hear me? I had to call back after hearing Judge's testimony, guys. And yeah, thanks for letting me back in there, Robbie. Oh, well, we're on a break. I can hear that. And then we've got to get Mike back. I failed to lock him, but we'll get it all put together when we come back. But we need your call.

Come on, you got something to say about this? We would love your insight. 866-348-7884. I've learned so much already, really. I would love to hear you.

866-348-7884. We'll be right back. Truth Talk Live! You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live! Today, truth on the truth, right? So, in light of what's going on with Tony Evans and Robert Morris, you know, what are your thoughts about, you know, again, how to deal with this kind of thing, but also, you know, specifically, I'm curious, you know, should they stay on the radio? Should we take them off the radio? Your thoughts?

866-348-7884. So, Bucksman, you had just chimed in, like, after you heard somebody wanted to talk. I'm sorry? Go ahead, Bucksman. Yes.

What Jessica had to offer was awesome, and it made me think of this, guys. Biblically, we deal with a sex offender. I don't know if you guys know that, but there is a sex offender recorded in the New Testament. You find him first in 1 Corinthians—and forgive me, Robbie, I'm in the busmobile. I don't have my Bible open.

I pulled over. Oh, there's lots of them in the New Testament, because you've got all the ones in Revelation, right? Yeah. 1 Corinthians 5 is where the man slept with his dad's wife. And then in the second—and you'll look at what Paul's response was to those Corinthians who wrote the letter to him. He said to expel him—now watch this, guys—so that his soul might be saved and his sin nature destroyed. So there has to be a giving up of the man of God into Satan's hands. This is exactly what Pastor Paul taught us in the first Corinthians letter. But then, guys, after the chastening of whatever Satan does to that man of God or woman of God—it's not just males—there is a brokenness. Now, he had to write those same people again and say, Receive him, and you can find that in 2 Corinthians 2, verses 5 to 11.

I did find those. 2 Corinthians 2, verses 5 to 11, to where Pastor Paul then teaches the children of God, Now receive this man, because he has been totally decimated by the punishment process. He is repentant. He has a heart that is now flesh.

It is no longer stony. Now receive him so that he is not overwhelmed in sorrow, for we know the wiles of the devil. So God has perfectly packaged how to both deal with the man who offends and then deal with that same man after he has been chastened for his sin. So the church must give him up, and then later, after the disciplining is done, the church is to receive him. Right, and then you have the passages in Revelation where the church of Thyatira, you know, he had one thing against him that, you know, that you tolerated this woman Jezebel, who was sexually immoral. And that whole idea of how that spreads through, you know, in horrible ways through the church in that particular age— Great reference, Robbie. That's an awesome reference. Yeah, it's—and so you get back to these questions, so, you know, getting back, we got Mike, too, so Mike, you know, we want to give you—well, you know, also, anybody wants to call in, we would love to hear.

866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. I'm fully convinced that the idea is restoration, but sometimes it takes some pretty hard measures. Go ahead. Yeah, I think, yeah, I think Buxman's right on. And God's willing to forgive, but we don't want to take advantage of the forgiveness, as Buxman said in the past. You know, we want to—what is the guy's heart? Obviously, he did this on his own. He wasn't pressured on doing it, maybe. Look at the circumstances of every person. He was bragging about it in Corinthians.

He was literally—he was bragging about it. And so, you know, it's—that's a tough, tough, tough situation, but it gets back to, you know, I think, you know, what is the truth? What's the truth about, you know, their heart? And the critical part of that has to be broken back to, oh, it was me, like Jessica says, but Buxman's saying the same thing. Yeah, Psalm 51, Psalm 32, that's how King David was. When he broke God's heart, he—then David broke, and he repented in such formal fashion that he actually wrote Psalm 51, Psalm 32, Psalm 25. They're awesome moves of a man saying, I just hurt my father, God. And that's the sign of true repentance. So, to get to the question at hand, since I got you guys, like, a captive audience right here, what do you think—what do you say, Buxman?

Should we keep them on the air, or should we pull their radio shows? I would say this—wow, that's a heavy burden, brother. But, you know, I take that in honor, Robbie, and I know you've got a large listening audience. I know Brother Stu is hanging on this. I would say if these two godly men, who I love both of their teaching guys, would come out publicly and say, I repent, I am getting counseling, I will receive any—I don't know what Brother Evans' sin was, I wish he would be forthright, but say, you know what, in the eyes of my father and my brethren, A, B, C, D, this is what I did, and allow God to move accordingly, according to Scripture, and then when either of our brothers have repented fully, and we see that brokenness, and we can measure that by the Bible, by Psalm 51, by Psalm 32, and say, brother, if you are true, we can't read your heart. We're like what Samuel said, only God sees the heart. We cannot see your heart, Brother Evans, Brother Morris.

If you are sanctified and true in telling us that you are fully repentant, we are now prescribed by the Word of God to receive you back into the fold, and to never bring up this ever again, Isaiah 43. What about you, Mike? I want to make sure you've got time.

Yeah, well, thank you for having let me have time. This is a really deep subject, and I think we even put this into the President of the United States. We want to have the President to be a pastor, and not forget his sins, as Stu was saying earlier yesterday. Yeah. We want to cast judgment on everyone, and everyone needs to forgive everyone.

Everyone needs to be humble, and the Spirit of God is what people need to have. Well, I'm going to take the last couple minutes and try to end this thing on what I call a real happy note, because it's a really hard subject, and I got you guys, so stay with me. So, you know, you had talked about when you made a mistake, and you immediately owned up to it, and everything worked out good. Well, I took my granddaughter fishing in Colorado, Lyla, when she was about eight, and we were all so excited, but, you know, and the only person that had ever taken her fishing in her whole life was her grandfather, and so apparently, at some point in time, I taught her the first rule of fishing, but I'd forgotten that I taught her that, and so, you know, I'd spent two days trying to catch fish, and she kept on getting snags, and when she wasn't getting snags, she'd let her, you know, bait me in the water for about a half a second. She'd say, I got one, I got one, reel it in, get another snag, mess up her pole, and this had gone on for two days. So, in all honesty, I had lost my patience and my peace, and finally, I kind of just burst, as I unfortunately need to work on and repent still, but I did, and I said, Lyla, you have got to leave your bait in the water long enough for the fish to see it, and I probably said it a little bit even harsher than that, and at what point in time, she looked at me and she said, Papa, you have violated the first rule of fishing, and I was like, what is the first rule of fishing? And she says, have fun, and I said, you know what, Lyla, you could not be more right, I have violated the first rule of fishing, and I figured the only person that ever took her fishing, it had to be me that taught her, it sounded like something I might say, so I said, let us do this, let us pray right now that God would forgive Papa for violating the first rule of fishing, and help me to have more fun with you, and then while we are at it, why do not we pray that you catch a fish? And so we stood there right on the bank of this little waterfall in Colorado. I hope she caught a fish.

I will never forget it as long as I live. So, of course, immediately she cast it back in the water after we prayed, and I saw my daughter, my granddaughter, she had a snag down river, and so I turned to go help her because she was snagged, and then all of a sudden I heard Lyla with a very familiar, I got one, I got one. Of course, I expected to turn and see what I had seen 4,000 times the last two days. Instead, oh, she had a nice trout, and she was just like, I got you, you little dickens, and it was all over the river, and it was just her pole, you know, and it was just, and then she proceeded to catch probably 10 in a row. Like, you've never seen anything like, like, cast your pole on the other side of the river.

I've never seen anything like it. Like, God totally blessed that moment in a way, but it was the same kind of thing. Like, woe is me.

Here I am. You know, I've, I've, what? Yeah, I hate to cut you short, but can we pray for these men? Is it? Yeah, let's, they're not going to cut me short. Let's do that. All right.

Yes. We'll pray. Lord, thank you so much for this show and for the wonderful calls we've had today, and people, you know, again, searching for you and searching for ways to restore, and we do pray for Dr. Evans, we pray for Dr. Morris, Lord, that they would truly seek you and seek your guidance, that they would get their next steps from you, and they would see what that would be as far as whether, you know, to make further statements or what to do with their ministry, their radio programs, et cetera. We pray that you would be the hero of this story, that you would be the hero of the show, however that works out, and that we all would learn how to turn to you in repentance, and we ask this in Jesus' name. Thank you, Mike.

Great suggestion. And, Buck Smith, as always, you guys are great. We appreciate you. You guys have a great day.
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