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Could You Vote For A Convicted Felon?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 17, 2024 5:15 pm

Could You Vote For A Convicted Felon?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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This is Robbie Dilmore from The Christian Car Guy and Kingdom Pursuit, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build a kingdom. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. A daily program powered by the Truth Network. This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host.

Could you vote for a convicted felon? What a question today on Truth Talk Live. I'm Stu Epperson. We are taking your calls all hour long. We have a legal scholar, a judge, in the hot seat today to answer this tough question, and we're going to throw it at him.

We're going to lay it on him, and he's going to answer and see. And what raises the ante, what raises the whole level of conversation, is the fact that this is a talk show that has three prongs. It has current events, it has pop culture, and theology.

Which is the most important, I believe, little peg in the stool there, because the theology is what connects everything. Because we are ultimately image bearers of Almighty God, and as believers, we're redeemed, and we are to look different, act different, and vote different. Now, with saying that, I'm not saying we don't vote for a convicted felon, but I'm asking the question. As a Christian, could you vote for a convicted felon? We know the news is out there. We've seen the trial. Donald J. Trump convicted on all these counts by a jury in New York City, and I'll read what one of my Instagram friends put up there. No felons for president? How horrible.

If you can't join the military with a felony on your record, how can a person with a felony ever become commander in chief? So the toll-free number nationwide, if you want to join the conversation, I know you've been waiting to call on this all day, all week long. We're not going to hate each other. We're not going to get mad. We're going to agree to disagree, maybe in some cases, or agree to not agree, or not agree to disagree, however that goes. I nuanced that multiple ways, Mr. Judge, but I'm telling you, this is a hot question, and it's not the first time it'll come up, not the last. We'll do a lot of shows on this, because your faith is not divorced from how you vote, and from who you vote for. We are to live our faith out in every aspect of our life, how we live, how we drive, how we talk, and how we vote.

So you can say, well, I'm a believer. I want to vote for someone who wants to murder our children in our country. Well, hold on a second. There's a little bit of a conflict. Well, is there one when it comes to voting for someone?

Is there a conflict when it comes to voting for a convict? H6634 Truth Judge Phil Ginn is in the house. He's back again, by popular demand. Always good to be here with you, Stu.

My pleasure. Have you any ideas, Sir or Judge, what you stepped into today on Truth Talk Live? Well, Stu, it's always a surprise when I'm with you.

It doesn't matter. Well, I say we just got to get it out there. We got to talk about it, and that's what we do on this show.

We've got some amazing shows planned for this week. But before we get into the topic at hand, because you are a judge. I mean, you've reigned and ruled on a lot of big decisions, and you've sat on that bench, and you hold in high regard that duty and responsibility before God. Tell us about your background a little bit, and how you ended up the fine president, the current president, of Southern Evangelical Seminary, where you hold that wonderful leadership role of a great institution. Talk about your story a little bit, from judge of the land to really a president of a very prominent seminary and Christian college.

Well, thank you. We are proud of what we do at Southern Evangelical Seminary. We're proud of the stance that we've taken, Stu, and really have been doing well over the last two or three years in comparison particularly to some other faith-based seminaries and that sort of thing across the U.S. I spent 22 years at every trial level of being a judge in North Carolina, spent 10 years as a district court judge and 12 years as a superior court judge. And a good portion of that time, I was the senior resident judge really in what was then the 8th Division, which stretched from Boone all the way down to Rutherford County and all the way west to a great state of Murphy. So it's really interesting that I ended up where I am, and I certainly didn't intend to become the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, but I was on the board and we lost a president and it was at a time where we needed one pretty quickly and nobody else would take the job.

So that's how I came to be. But it's been probably, as far as I'm concerned, the most important job I've ever had up to and including being a judge. Wow, and no doubt you're getting bombarded with questions as a judge.

I mean, it's not just are you dealing out and teaching and exposing young students to the law of the Lord, but you are a judge in command of and adjudicating issues related to the law of the land for so many years. And so now you have the first time in history, a prominent presidential candidate of a major party, there's a two party system pretty much here in this country, and he has been convicted. He's a felon. He could go to jail.

Who knows what's going to happen? There's another judge that's after him like crazy. So how do you even begin to talk about this?

Because I know the Christian worldview is the thing you push. Some folks may say, well, Judge Ginn, I mean, for Pete's sake, if you're a big C Christian, and we know that you are, and if Southern Evangelical Seminary is a big C Christian school teaching the Bible, teaching apologetics, teaching theology, teaching all the important hermeneutics and all the homiletics and all the things that a good seminary and Bible college teaches, then surely you would condemn any felon as president. You say, hey, you have to vote for the presidential candidate that's not a felon, but I'm not going to put words in your mouth. I've learned long ago to never address a judge and put words in his mouth or finish his sentence, or it could be hard time for you.

And plus, I could, you know, they could walk down the hall, the boss could walk down the hall and say, Stu, adios, it's your last day on the air. But how do you handle this, sir? It's a complicated matter. Well, and it certainly is a nuanced question.

And it is a way we used to call it in the in the courtroom. It's a pregnant question. It's not just as simple as it sounds. And so I think the first question you've got to answer in regard to this is, do you vote at all if you're faced with certain circumstances like we are now? Where were you actually have two presidential candidates, both of whom are challenged in many ways from a scriptural standpoint?

I mean, you just look at it. And certainly some of the things that Mr. Biden has done in his presidency are counterproductive to a biblical world. You're not one of these guys is going to come on and try to try to justify the behavior of either guy.

Absolutely. And at Southern Evangelical Seminary, we're not going to be in the business of telling people who to vote for. First and foremost, though, we are telling people, you know, as Christians, we need to be involved in the system so we don't have a choice to set it out.

OK, you got to look at it. OK, develop that force a little more from a biblical world view. You've written prolifically. You just had a big article hit the Christianity today.

Congrats on that. He is Judge Phil Ginn. He's in the house. The judge is here. The hanging judge is here.

Could you vote for a convicted felon for president of the United States? We'll take your calls and more conversation after this on Truth Talk Live. I mean, there could have been more public exposure and talk and chatter because there are a whole lot more channels now than there were at the O.J. Simpson trial. But Judge Phil Ginn, I'm Stu Everson. Thanks for being on Truth Talk Live.

The question of the day is, could you vote for a convicted felon for president? This thing was everywhere. I mean, you couldn't get away.

I'm like, what in the world? I do not want to hear. I don't want to hear salacious details. I don't want that to be a I don't want my kids, my young years in the car, the children, the grandchildren.

And so you're going to break you can do a little breakdown, biopsy, as it were, you know, of what you know, autopsy might be a better word of kind of that whole thing. You know, you're a judge. You know how these guys think. You know, you had juries. You've you've been you've had the you know, both the counselors in front of you. You've had to do private sessions. You've had to ban certain types of evidences that were inadmissible and all these things. But Judge Phil Ginn, I want to get in that with you.

I want to give the number for those of you who would like to weigh in on this question. Maybe you just had it with Donald Trump. There's no way in the world I'd rather vote for I'd rather vote for Adolf Hitler than a guy who's a convicted felon or Karl Marx, who's practically you know, that's the I mean, that kind of is the two tickets.

But maybe you're like, you know, I'd rather have a socialist communist than someone who's a convicted felon who's a little bit mean or a lot mean and vulgar and whatnot. And so all optics, all all options are open. We're leaving the lines open for you to call in the phone numbers, eight, six, six, three, four truth.

I'll say this. We're going to play the show back on my best of Truth Talk weekend, which is on all kinds of wonderful friends all across the country and world. So if you're hearing this, then don't worry about calling in.

But if you'd like to phone in and you were the show is carried live, the numbers eight, six, six, three, four truth, eight, six, six, three, four, eight, seven, eight, eight, four. Could you vote for a convicted felon? Donald Trump has been convicted. The sentencing is coming up.

The sentencing happens to be even closer to the election. We have the hanging judge in the house. I say that just respectfully but jokingly to Judge Phil Ginn. But it's an honor to have him. He's got a brilliant testimony for Christ.

We've had him on before. You can go back and listen to that podcast, his testimony, how he became the founder of the current president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Matthews, North Carolina, where we have one of five point seven FM, great affiliate of this show. But Judge Ginn, give us a little bit of background as people are trying to frame like what in the world even happened and was this court you set off the air? I don't want to I'll let you say it about maybe being overturned all that. Give us your two cents on this whole thing as a judge.

Well, let me go back first, Stu, to what we were talking about before the break. I think it's imperative for Christians to go vote. I don't think I don't think we have the option of sitting it out when we render the things that are the things that are seizures. It means that we're to be good citizens, good citizens go and vote. I don't want folks to get to the point where they just check out because they have this cognitive dissonance over. I don't want to vote for him and I don't want for vote for that.

And so I'm just not going to go vote that I don't know that that is an option for us. But going going back to the trial, you know, I would just have to say that certainly my experience has been in North Carolina and not in in New York. And we used to laugh when when I was in law school and things that things that came out of Louisiana and California were just aberrations. But now we've got aberrations to the standard of law that we used to know all over the country, including New York. And so I, I really don't see in looking at this from a legal background how the conviction is going to stand up.

They got what they wanted. I mean, there's the show here of we've got a convicted felon. But the truth of the matter is that there's a lot of a lot of holes in the conviction that may or may not be standing up. For instance, there was a lot of irrelevant evidence that was allowed in by the judge. Just before that, there was a ruling where a case was overthrown because the judge had allowed in this irrelevant evidence. And in Mr. Trump's case, it was all this evidence about how he had had relationships with other women and paid them off and all of that sort of thing, which, by the way, is not a crime.

It's not it's not something that we want to brag about. And we're certainly not something we want a presidential candidate or president to be involved with, but it's not a crime in and of itself. So in order to make it a felony, they had had to go back and tie another crime in with that, which is basically fraud in in the campaign, which Mr. Trump had already been cleared up, by the way, by the Federal Elections Commission. Right. And so they tried that back in.

And here's where the problem is. You really don't have a unanimous verdict yet in New York. And by that, I say I say when the judge charged the jury, he said, if you you can find any crime over here and if you find any crime, then you can find him guilty of this felony. Well, that means that the jury, if I'm sitting on the jury, I might thought I might think he's guilty of this crime. If you're sitting on the jury, it might be another crime at your mind. So we don't have a unanimous verdict about what crime he's committed. And so therefore, we don't really have at this point in time a justifiable means that Mr. Trump actually knows what he was tried for.

Interesting. And you also have the this is all come out since this trial began. The clear evidence the judge is a big donor on the DNC side.

The his daughter apparently is a big fundraiser for Obama, Biden, all those folks. And there is a definite agenda. And it's been said by all of you from the D.A. all the way down that my goal is to get this guy put in jail or put in prison.

There's something about him that they loathe, they hate and they want him behind bars and they're doing everything they can, even if it's illegal on their part. Well, I can I can promise you, Stu, that if a district attorney wants to find you guilty or at least to charge you with a crime, he can find a crime that any of us have committed. Yeah, it's not that hard. I can I tell people all the time driving home this afternoon from wherever you are, you're going to commit some crimes.

Yeah. And and God forbid that you you harm somebody in the process. And but but we're going to all it's just impossible. We have too many laws.

We're back to grain picking the same as it was when Jesus was alive. Okay. Eight, six, six, three, four. Truth is a toll free number nationwide. We've had some folks call in.

We're having maybe a little problem with our phone lines, but try again. Eight, six, six, three, four. Truth, eight, six, six, three, four, eight, seven, eight, eight, four. You can also go to the Truth Network Instagram page and you can post a comment there or DM me and I will I'll ask it on the air of the good judge here who's with us. Judge Phil Ginn, the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary. Judge, you know, so people are like, why is this important?

Is this just like shock radio? What, you know, you guys trying to get ratings? Well, let me say this. This is just the the scratching of the surface of the stuff that's going to be thrown at these candidates between now and election time. And it's going to be. And so at some point, someone's going to say, well, I would oh, I'm still going to vote for him and hold my nose. Well, will you hold your nose next month when a new when a new allegation comes out? And if you're one of those who just watches the news or here just because someone said it, then it's true. And but at some point, you've got to decide policy versus personality.

Why is that so important? Judge Ginn, real quick, your take on that? I mean, because at the end of the day, you've got two candidates, both of whom are vulgar, both of whom have, you know, reprobate tendencies and challenges.

And, you know, and so, you know, so, you know, which one do you go with the communist or the capitalist, the one that wants to kill more of our young, the one that doesn't, even though you've got to kind of hold your nose on this one? Well, Stu, I would say to you, there's only one issue that ought to be paramount in a Christian's mind when it comes to voting. And that is, can the gospel be flourishing within this administration? OK, expand on that. OK, talk about that some more when we come back, we'll talk some about the abortion, some of the other issues. And could you vote?

Could you pull that lever for a convicted felon for president? It's front and center on today's conversation. We'll talk more. We'll take some calls right after this on Truth Talk Live. Looking at every angle, underneath every rock and challenging people where we are comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. As it's been said before, this is Truth Talk Live.

I'm Stu Everson. So glad to have you with us. So glad to have people listening to us on your smartphone.

It just got smarter when you downloaded the free Truth Network app. We have friends that listen all over the country, all over the world. I'm going to give a shout out to Rock, my new buddy I just met, actually at the dry cleaners. He was coming in, I was coming out, I gave him the card, I said, I'm going to give you a shout out.

I was supposed to do it a little bit ago, but I'm doing it right now. So that's his name, Rock. I like it. Anyone named Rock, I can hang with. I like that name. The toll-free number, if you want to weigh in and call in on the question of the day, could you vote as a Christian for a convicted felon?

866-34-TRUTH. And why would we endeavor to consider and to converse about such a topic? Because it's an election year in America. And because as believers, we are called to be stewards of our vote. So not voting is not an option if you're a believer, because you are not forced to vote, but you are a citizen.

And you are told to engage in policy. And so what do you do if you're a believer when you've got this vulgar guy who's now a convicted felon, running for president, seems to be arrogant and prideful and all that? Like, well, I'm a Christian.

And then all these guys that are calling him a Christian, they're acting like he's some sanctimonious poster child for the faith. And then so what do you do with the other side that's pushing a radical agenda of murdering our children? And this communist, socialistic spending nonsense that is immoral. When you borrow more money you get paid back, that's immoral. Forgiving all this debt, that's immoral. Allowing illegal aliens to come in, many of whom are criminals.

When it's legal to come in, if you come in legally, that's immoral. So who do you know, but you've got this convicted criminal over here, so weighing that out, we thought it might be good to bring in a judge. We didn't just bring in a judge. We brought in the judge, Judge Phil Ginn, the president of Southern evangelical seminary out of Charlotte area of North Carolina.

And we're so glad you're here, sir. And you made a statement in the last little bit about how one of the we're going to go in deeper into what are the issues of importance to people of faith in this election. And so I'm going to give the number one more time for those of those who can call in.

And then I'm going to turn all eyes and ears and turn the whole microscope on you to answer that question. 866-348-7884 if you want to take a tackle at our question today, because you vote for a convicted felon. 866-344-TRUTH. Judge Ginn, you were talking about the importance of religious liberty. How can that be one of the biggest issues? And then give some of the other axiomatic issues relevant as believers think about how they should vote this election. Well, if you look at it scripturally, we're really asked to pray for and to work for peace so that we might have the ability to proclaim the gospel freely. That's our reaction to government. That's what we want government to provide for us. And so that's why I say that's the most important thing, because everything else emanates from that.

Everything else becomes secondary to that. Whether Mr. Biden is what we say he is or Mr. Trump's what they say he is, it doesn't matter. The big issue is, can we proclaim the gospel? The problem is right now is that it is becoming more and more difficult under the present administration to do that very thing at SES right now. We're being forced into our they're attempting to force us into. We're not going to go there, but they're attempting to force us into hiring gays and transsexuals in order to get any kind of federal funding. The only federal funding we take right now is from veterans.

We believe the veterans have used their have have earned their benefits and they ought to be able to get whatever education they want to with those benefits. But now Mr. Biden's administration is saying to us, you can't do that unless you comply with Title four, which means you have to fire. Excuse me, have to hire gays and transgendered individuals and folks that totally disagree with our time honored beliefs as evangelical Christians.

And so that's an that's an issue if if we are not able to proclaim the gospel, which in itself is. Well, I was accused one time of a lady by trying to form an exclusive club when I said that Jesus is the only means of salvation and I responded to the lady. Yes, ma'am. I guess I am. But the ironic thing is that everybody's welcome in my exclusive club. You're all invited.

All are invited. It's just some don't want to meet the criteria for it. And so, you know, those are things that if that I'm very concerned about is the ability to to proclaim the gospel. And they're trying to run the gospel back inside the walls of our churches and so that it has no place in the in the public public. And I think that's just a great danger for us as Christians and for God's kingdom on this earth. Well, just again, isn't that the essence of what makes America great? Absolutely. Isn't it interesting that and this is going to sound to some people they're going to you have to hear you. Let me finish my sentence before you cast judgment.

But the fact that the best friend of the transgender and the radical Muslim or the moderate Muslim or the Hindu or the Jew, the whole scope of ethnicities and religious groups, the best friend is the evangelical Christian in America who's conservative. It should be because we are literally all about freedom. Come in and build your mosque and worship there. We're not going to storm it. We're not going to bomb it.

We're not going to we're not going to. When have you heard Christians out there calling death to Palestinians, death to Muslims, death to LGBTQ? You don't see any of that. You don't see Christians burning down abortion clinics. Occasionally there's a threat. And there have been some where we condemn that.

But you don't see it by nature. But yet you have almost daily people calling out death to Jews, death to Americans, burning our flag, attacking. You know, these radical groups attacking.

But the evangelical Christian, because our whole premise of our country is come in and worship as you like. And in the marketplace of ideas, have conversation. But the left is censoring. It's so censorious of all the ideas.

And if you say, like you said, that Christ is the only way, you should have the right to say that all day long. It doesn't mean that everyone has to do that, but it means you have the freedom of speech. But even that's going to become a crime. And certain legislation like H.R. 56 that was in front of the Senate forever, it may still be up there, says that it's a hate crime to just teach the Bible that says certain lifestyles are sinful.

We're not making those illegal. We're still free in America to do really whatever you want. But but to have an opinion is now being censored. So, Judge, talk about that critical pillar of freedom that is slowly being stripped away. Well, you know, the first amendment to our Constitution is not freedom of speech, although the freedom of speech is mentioned in the First Amendment, the first freedom that is mentioned in that First Amendment is the freedom of religion.

So obviously that became a very, very important thing for those who would seek to really get the Constitution ratified. But here's some examples of what I'm talking about. I wrote in an article lately.

It's the way things people look at things. You have Black Lives Matters riots and occupations of government buildings and destruction of private property. Those were labeled as mostly peaceful protests. Seventy five year old grandmother blocks access to an abortion clinic.

She gets two years and a conviction as a felon. She was being peaceful and she was being peaceful. If you yell death to Israel or America, that's protected free speech. But if you misuse preferred pronouns, that's hate speech. People are losing their jobs right now in California who have called a he or she, a she or he or say, I'm not recognizing that. You're a dude trying to go in the girls locker room. We know why. But because you feel you know, because you're saying you're a she.

Now we have to change what we call you. And that those teachers are getting fired. And check this one out. Celebrating and promoting even deviant sex in front of small children. That's called education. Drag shows and all this. Parents protesting age inappropriate sex training and grooming of their children. That's terrorism. So we go on down the list. I mean, these are just that's just a drop in a bucket of of what we're seeing.

And so there is a full blown attack on Christianity and the ethics of Christianity and the morality of Christianity right now in America. So someone says, look, this guy is a convicted felon now in New York. I mean, I saw the trial. I heard the judge. I mean, this guy's done. He's going to go to jail. I'm not voting for a president, a candidate for president who's going to, you know, who's convicted. And, you know, and all that stuff.

No way, Jose. What do you say to someone like that? I just say way the totality of the circumstances, first of all. And I'm not again. You may do that and still decide to vote for somebody other than Donald Trump.

That's fine. But I think we need to be a thoughtful electorate and to look at everything. And we need to look at it through the lens of a biblical world view. Right. That that is there. You know, the sad part about it is with the conviction of the felony, they could have done this three or four years ago. Right.

Oh, quite a long time ago. Wait until election year. And that would be in the events of that affair were before he was even running for office, going way back. That would have given plenty of time for for all of the appeals to take place.

And we know for sure. Sure. No justification for any evil, by the way. But what do you do when someone's done evil and they're running for president?

Could you vote for convicted felon? We'll take more calls and we'll ask the judge here why his seminary is not woke. And what does woke even mean when we go back? Truth talk live.

Hang on. What is in the world? What the world does it mean to be woke? If you go woke, are you going to go broke? It's a it's kind of a new little maybe not a new phenomenon, but it's definitely a new phraseology that's been entered in. And churches are going woke. Churches are dying and struggling.

And you've got all kinds of folks that are battling with this issue. And we're going to we're going to introduce that in the in this segment. I'm Stu Everson. This is Truth Talk Live with me is Judge Phil Glenn. He is the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary. It's an honor to have him in. You've had him.

He's been on before. It's great to have him back. We've got the first lady in the house, too. Good to have her with us. And I just offered her vine-tastic.

How about that? This is I'm gonna have to take a little sip of this. Just get me through this last segment. This is tough stuff.

I mean, we're asking the question, could you vote for a convicted felon? OK, so you're like, Stu, come on. Well, no, you come on. It's all over the news. So we're going to talk about it from a Christian perspective. How does a believer handle that?

866-344-TRUTH. If you want to call and weigh in, we've got the judge in the house. We had to have someone on the bench to make some calls on this tough topic from a Christian worldview standpoint. Well, you know, one candidate, you know, all this scandal, vulgar. The other candidate, maybe not so good on policy, wants to kill our young and all this awful, woke stuff. And so what does a believer do when it comes time to cast that vote? We have a little time.

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Well, thank you, mighty muscadine dot com. Judge Phil Ginn is with us. You're going to tell us what woke is. I want to ask you if you could vote for a convicted felon for president.

The United States, the highest office in the land. And a lot of folks did not vote for Donald Trump in the last election. They're regretting it because of what we got. And but they went with personality.

They went with the nicer guy, the old gentleman guy, as opposed to the mean orange guy. And they couldn't bring themselves to vote. And then some people said, well, I'm just going to write Mickey Mouse in there or Billy Graham or someone on the ballot because I'm going to vote independent. We know that's I mean, that that's I don't know. That's an issue of moral immoral. I think it's just an issue of kind of maybe not smart because we know that it's going to be one of those two candidates. Well, Judge Phil Ginn, as a believer, how do you think through this thing before you get to the question? Well, first of all, I would say to you that probably only about 35 percent of evangelicals actually vote. And I think if you want to talk about immorality right there is immorality. So I'm sorry.

I just want to call you out. I think we're called upon from a biblical standpoint to be involved and to set policies. We have that blessing in America that no other nation has ever had before us, where the common ordinary man can actually have some voice in what's going on. And your vote hopefully counts. And if enough people stand up for whatever's happening, whether it be in this election or election has come. And by the way, there are other elections more so than president of the United States. There's governors and lieutenant governors and senators and congressmen and all down the even local town council people that that need to be elected that are God fearing people. So there's lots of reasons to go vote and to be a participant in this. And that's one of the reasons why you ask about this.

What business? One of the reasons we're woke is because we've not participated in elections as Christians as we ought to. You know, George Barna say in that less than six percent of Christians in America has a biblical world view. And it's coming back to haunt us. Our churches have failed in in in just passing this information into to our young people.

And we've lost a generation or two. And we're all about this concept. This wokeness is about inclusion. And and while we want to be inclusive, I guess if you want to use the broadest sense of the word, I think Pastor Sinclair Ferguson said it best. He said, you know, God, it's it's it's really misleading to say that God accepts us the way we are. In fact, the more accurate way to say it would be God accepts us despite the way we are.

Wow. And he doesn't intend to leave us the way we are. He intends us to change us into a Christ likeness through the grace of his Holy Spirit. And so when we talk about just embracing people, regardless of whether or not they they have a biblical world view or regardless, they may be living sinful lives. And it's OK. You can just continue in your sin and you come.

That's just a blatant attack against what Jesus did at the cross. So you got two candidates. Do you if you've got a nice candidate who is all about killing our young, all about unrestrained recruiting folks in illegally from all these different countries, a lot of terrorists, a lot of folks from China are in here illegally that are fighting AIDS.

This is all documented. The cartels rampantly coming in and they're controlling and there's human trafficking and fentanyl and all that. But you vote for the nice candidate who's for all that. Are you for the mean can mean candidate? Who's against all that he's for fighting for life and he's for protecting our borders and protecting Americans and for a little bit of fiscal responsibility. But he's a mean candidate and he's now a convicted felon. You're a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

What do you do? Well, the first thing you know, I've had some discussions about this. I I'm not one of these people that takes potshots at the president for his condition, whatever it may be.

But here's what frightens me about that, Stu. I think we have people right now who are running this country as president. Right. Who have never been elected. Yeah, he's not in charge. I mean, he's he's he's he is a puppet for whoever the forces are of.

And I need a commentary. You know, President Carl Carl is in charge. Really, it's the socialist agenda that's pushing its way through here. And he's a nice fellow they're using to, you know, so he'll be attacked tonight on Fox News for three hours and all they'll do to say this guy. Oh, look what he said. Oh, he's he fell down the tarmac. Oh, look at that.

He started wandering off. I think that's horrible. If you're a Christian talk show host, you don't make fun of anyone. I don't care what party. I don't care if you're against them. That is not Christian to do. Now, if you're a secular like these guys on Fox, that's fine.

Go ahead. But I don't I turn it off. I get sick of that because what do you expect? Poor old guy like that going through what he's going through his health. He is not pulling the shots.

He's not calling it. But there's an agenda that is literally trying to put men in women's bathrooms. That's trying to do to to sexualize our five year olds.

And it's it's in destroy our borders. And so it's like, you know, but, you know, you're getting all this stuff. It's just how have we gotten to this point? How have we sunk to this depth judge again? Well, the real crime I think is being committed is whoever's pulling his strings.

Yeah. I mean, they know what they're doing. They're guilty of elder abuse. I mean, they run the poor guy. But they put, you know, Gavin Newsom or someone who's even farther left. But he's nicer and he and he could be our next president based on how it's going.

He's not a convicted felon. You look at Canada and that's where we're going. And there is a real lack of a religious liberty in Canada. Yeah, there is not because when you take away religious liberty, anything goes. And everything you say is you're going to jail and your pastor may get hauled off for saying marriage between a man and a woman.

You know, in fact, the Methodist Church is canceling all the pastors to say that now. Give us some hope, Judge. It's depressing. It's sad.

But give us some hope and give us some eternal perspective as we wrap up the show today. Well, the good news, I think, is that if you want to rebel against what's going on as a young person right now, you turn to Christ. And I'm seeing that with this younger generation.

We go to a little church up in a college town. There's twenty two thousand kids. Only five percent of them are Christians, according to what what the statistics will show.

Yet we've got a couple of hundred come every Wednesday night to Bible study. And it's spreading like wildfire. And these these these folks are hungry.

This next generation is hungry for meaning in their lives, too. And we can't we we have the ability to give it to them. And we just need to do that. Very good. Learn more about the judge.

What's the best website, sir? If you'll learn more about you and your awesome seminary, the W W W dot SES dot edu and truth that matters dot net. OK, listen to him.

Look at his articles. He just had one hit Christianity Day. And thank biblically. Go to the Lord. Trust Christ. Pray and vote policy, not personality. And vote your faith. This is the Truth Network.
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