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Who are you decibeling? Who is decibeling you?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 6, 2024 5:25 pm

Who are you decibeling? Who is decibeling you?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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This is Andy Thomas from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together. Speak your mind. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Who are you discipling? That's the question today on Truth Talk Live. Who are you discipling, or maybe who is discipling you?

I mean, it's fun questions, and this is a live show, and we need your input. So I'm hoping you'll call us today. The number to join in the conversation is 866-348-7884. Or, as Stu would say, and for the digitally gifted, I can't do this, but it's 866-344-TRUTH. Can you do it, Nick?

Are you good with your phone? Can you do that kind of thing? Yeah, I can do it. I can do something like that. Just got to look at the numbers and letters. Well, see, if you don't know, I could come over there and disciple you.

No, I'm just kidding. Maybe you could disciple me. But discipling could be a lot of different things, but we have somebody that, you know, it's pretty cool when God starts to show you, you're calling, you know, what it is that he made you for. And so we have Alicia Grimes with us, and her calling is just that very idea of discipleship, right? You love discipleship. I really do.

I really do. It's changed my life, and I think it's something worth spending my life on to disciple other people and help them disciple people and just grow God's kingdom in that way. Yeah, and so how about your own story? Like, who discipled you, and how did that come about? Sure, well, I grew up in a Christian family. So my parents were the first ones who modeled faith for me, and showed me the gospel taught me the gospel. But I became a believer in my 20s.

And when I was about 25, there was a lady in Raleigh. She worked for Campus Crusade, and she had this Bible study, and somebody I don't even remember who invited me. So I went to this Bible study, and I had become a believer by then, but I really didn't know how to grow. And I got involved in the study and just really fell in love with God's Word. She was so dynamic, and her love for Christ was just contagious. And so she kind of pulled several of us in and said, I'd love to teach you to study, and I'd love to teach you the foundational truths of Christianity, and gave us an opportunity to teach and really use our gifts. And so that really set the stage for my love for discipleship, because her name is Marigen.

She still lives in Raleigh. And what she did for me, I would love to do for other people, and I want them to do for other people. So it's just on my heart. That's so awesome. Maybe you have that story, right, of that person that discipled you, and I love what you said, that their love for Jesus was contagious, right?

Yeah. It was more than just, this is something we do, and this is what Christians do, because it's the good thing to do. She just loved the Lord. And for years and years, somebody said, Robbie, what does discipleship mean to you?

And I studied it in Greek years ago, and the idea that it's an enthusiastic learner, right, which always meant a lot to me, because actually, I did horrible in school. You might not be surprised. By the time I got in the fourth grade, Nick, this is what happened. My teacher went to my mother and said, you know, we really think we're going to have to put Robbie in a different class for the slow learners.

You know, he's going to have to ride a different bus and all. It's just not working out, you know, and so, and then I flunked to see, well, they held me back. Whatever happened, I just know I got to do sixth grade twice, right?

Well, I bet you got it right the second time. And all of a sudden, you know, what happened was this teacher, a teacher inspired you, said, you know, Robbie, you really have a gift. Look at this. You have an ability to write, and look how you, you know, you made a project, and all of a sudden, she started to make learning fun, like, oh, this is really cool. When I learn this, it's just like I'm alive to learn, right? And the next thing I knew, everything became fun, and I went from an F student to an A student. Unbelievable. That's amazing. That's what teachers do.

Right? It was a teacher. But then, you know, obviously later, much later in life, somebody discipled me, you know, but as I became an enthusiastic learner, in other words, I saw that there was life in learning.

And actually, that's a close connection. If you look at the Hebrew letter lamed, it has to do with the idea of both teaching and learning, because if you can teach it, nobody learns it like the teacher, right? Absolutely.

Yeah. I found when I sign up to teach something, I probably learn more than anybody else in the class, because I really put my heart and soul into it. And I, you know, retain it better that way, but I just, you know, spend extra time that I wouldn't if I was not teaching. So that's one reason I love to teach, really. It's a little self-serving, but I do learn and grow myself. And I hope to always be a lifelong learner. I'm learning about, you know, our faith, but I love to learn about almost anything. But I mean, isn't that one of the coolest things about discipleship?

I mean, you almost never go into it. I would say always, right? And again, the question today is, who are you discipling?

Who is discipling you? But interestingly, when you begin to disciple that person that's inevitable, they will disciple you on something like, I never thought of that. They'll come with a question that just blows your mind, right?

Yeah. Now, when I disciple a group or individual, I make it clear at the beginning, I am totally expecting to learn from you. This is going to be a two-way street, and maybe I'm taking the lead, but I feel like, you know, we can always learn from each other. And like a new believer, you know, there's nothing like a new believer to, like, light your fire again or ask the questions that spark your mind and your heart.

So yeah, I'm hoping to always learn from other people. Yeah, it's a spectacular thing. So we got a story from Mr. Bucksman himself in Ohio. Bucksman, you're on Truth Talk Live. I know you're not shocked.

No, no, no. I was shed my shyness when the Holy Spirit came in. Something about that whole love cast out all fear thing that happened, Robbie.

Yeah, that's what happened to your friend and brother. I love this topic. I just want to, right off the top, Robbie, I want to shout out to my dear friend and brother Ron.

We are gathering on Wednesdays after that wonderful prayer meeting we had for the National Day of Prayer. I called in about Robbie. Right, right.

I remember. Yeah, I met my dear friend and brother, your brother Ron. So hey Ron, love you, man. Can't wait to see you next Wednesday. We are going through Isaiah 52.

And I just want to say that everybody should be discipling somebody. Everybody needs a Paul. Everybody needs a Timothy. Oh, I love that. We've got to go to a break, but you'll hang on, won't you? Because there's more story to this than that, Bucksman.

I know that. So we've got to get to the heart of that. We'll be back, but we need your call.

866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live!

Today's question. Who are you, who are you discipling, or who is discipling you? Or maybe you even have that discipleship story. And when we left our hero, Bucksman, he was telling me about Ron, who I know they are discipling one another. But what I would love to know, Bucksman, is like the original, who was your original mentor? Who discipled Bucksman, a young Bucksman, whatever that looked like? Young Buck. Young Buck.

Wow, that's an easy call, you guys. That was my dear Father in the Lord, Lowell Beam. He was the one that really pursued me around where we worked together.

We worked together in our past. And he would follow me around with this little book, a little blue book, and it was called God's Wisdom, you guys. And it had all these proverbs in it for different areas of your life, if you were depressed, if you were happy, if you were searching. And Lowell started with that little blue book called God's Wisdom, and then he invited me over for a homemade meal. He and his dear wife, Patti, and from there he opened up the full 66 books, and honestly, you two, that's when I started to really, really grow. It was the word plus relationship equal Busman growing in Christ. Yes.

Isn't that awesome? I mean, you know, and I was telling Alicia earlier that both Stu and I were discipled by a guy that he actually was an alcoholic. He sold equipment to restaurants, right? And one night, he's sitting in his room drunk, and Ted has gone to be with the Lord, so I know he's getting a kick out of this story right now. Anyway, and he's watching TV, and I don't remember if it was Billy Graham, whoever comes on TV, and he gets saved.

They're sitting there watching TV. And at this point in time, he's like 51, 52 years old, right? Now, he only lived to be about 65. But somehow or another, in the short period of time after he came to Christ, he got involved in Christian Business Men's Committee, and they have all these discipling tools called Operation Timothy, the First Steps, and things like that, that they're like your book of wisdom. And so he began discipling people across the Triad area of North Carolina. Well, I'd come to Christ through actually reading the Bible, and I'd gone to church a little bit, but I really hadn't connected much to church, and there was certainly nobody discipling me, but somebody invited me to the Christian Business Men's Committee in Winston-Salem. And there I met Ted Burton, and he was like, Robbie, can I come by the dealership once a week?

And we'll sit down for an hour, and we'll get you started in your faith. And the guy was like, you're talking about. I mean, it was relationship plus teaching me how to do the Scriptures, you know, Bible memorization. He had a Ten Most Wanted list that we would memorize, all this stuff that came through that. And about two years later, a very young Stu Epperson came in, right, selling me advertising on another radio station that was not a Christian radio station. And I said, Stu, you need to come to the Christian Business Men's Committee with me. And so even though I did not know that Stu went to John MacArthur's college, the master's college out in California, but anyway, Ted started discipling Stu too, and Stu went also to Bob Jones University. But nonetheless, he jumped right in there and was discipled by Ted.

Just a couple years later, Ted got prostate cancer and went to be with the Lord. But I was in a meeting, you know, some years later, maybe 10, 15 years later in Greensboro, and there's probably about 900 guys, all Christian Business Men Committee guys that were there at this meeting. And somebody stood up and said, how many people in this room were discipled by Ted Burton? And I promised you that if there were 900 guys in the room, 700 of them had their hands up. That's amazing.

Wow. Yeah, and he didn't live, like I said, from the point he went of being essentially an alcoholic, you know, appliance salesman to a discipler of men that, like, man, wouldn't you like to be remembered of having that kind of impact? But it was contagious. What he had was a love for God that was completely, like, he was sold out, but then he loved on you, right? That was well-being, Robbie. I mean, he met people where they were, where we used to work together. And he was such a gentle man, loved Jesus, smart, very industrious.

He could build or fix anything. And I just want to give a shout-out to my dear father in the Lord, well-being. He's in his 80s now. He's still with us, you guys. He and his dear wife, Patty.

Do you refer to him sometimes as high-beam? Oh, that is so bad, Robbie. He's a dad. He's a dad.

I expect this from my brother, Robbie. He's a dad. Those are dad jokes.

Dad jokes. Well, Bucksman, you're a joy as always. And I thank you for your stories and for your chance to walk with other guys along the same way, man. Keep up the great work. Thank you, guys. And thanks to the Everson family for starting this wonderful ministry where we can be on the radio together.

And may God continue to bless the Truth Talking Network. Bye-bye, guys. Love you all. Thank you. Bye. See you later. Bye-bye. All right. You've heard Bucksman's story. What's yours?

866-348-7884. Or maybe you've got a certain person right now that you're discipling and you're enjoying doing that. And the neat thing is, Alicia, this has really become your ministry, right?

And so you have a chance to not only disciple others, but a chance to teach them how to do it. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Robbie. That's what I've been doing here the past couple of years.

Really, for 30 years. But the last couple of years, I've kind of gotten laser focused on what is discipleship? How do we do discipleship? Well, what are some of the trends in discipleship?

Some of the trends away from more biblical-based discipleship that are a little concerning. And I've got so many people who, women especially, I disciple women, that's my jam. But women come to me and they say, I would disciple somebody if I knew what to do. And we're like, well, just look in the Bible.

But it's not super clear for people. So maybe they have a friend come to Christ and they want to walk with that person, but they're just not sure what are the topics that you cover, what's most important. So I've given a lot of thought around that and just tried to develop some resources to help women disciple other women. And at the end of the day, it's not about women, it's really about the kingdom, calling every single person who loves and follows Christ to help other people love and follow Christ.

So that's my heart. Yeah, and really the neat thing that I've thought about for years is Matthew 28 doesn't say go out and make converts. It says, right, go out and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, right? I think that's a great distinction, even when we think about what's the difference between evangelism and discipleship. Evangelism is really the conversion aspect. And then discipleship is that person's walk with Christ from there until they meet Jesus face to face. And so their path of sanctification and walking alongside of those people, helping them grow in their love for God, love for people.

Right. So we need your story, right, 866-348-7884. It's kind of like trying to figure out how to get to heaven on earth, rather, you know, obviously we're looking forward to it, but that sanctification process is part of that. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live today. We are one of my favorite subjects always has really been this subject because it made such a gigantic impact in my life for Christ, because yes, it was wonderful to be converted.

But man, there's so much freedom as you walk with Jesus, pushing into Jesus, into His Word, into prayer, you know, into that relationship, into sanctification has set me free from all sorts of shenanigans I've been involved in. And so it's just so near and dear to my heart that I would love to hear your story. Like I know you have one and you're sitting there, why should I call in?

Yes, yes, yes. Robbie wants to hear you. We want to hear Alicia wants to hear your story, especially you ladies out there, because so far all we've got is men and we don't want to think that this is, you know, something that women aren't involved in, especially since we have Alicia here.

The number to call, 866-348-7884, 866-348-7884. My kids always tell me I say that too fast, so I try to slow it down. But I think that it's an interesting thing for some of us to really think about how cool is it that God has ordered all these people to disciple you? Now that may be your pastor, but if you're Robbie Dilmore, let me just tell you what it's like every single week.

Like I get to do a show with James Banks, right? He wrote the book Encouraging Prayer, he's amazing, amazing, like there's not a week that I don't record something with him that he doesn't teach me something about prayer. Like how, or Nikita Kolov comes in, he wants to, and I get to hear amazing, in other words I get mentored by all these people that come in, and then this week, right, I knew my wife went to this amazing discipleship event back in February, and she had told me about it, and I even knew that Alicia was there because Alicia's daughter is good friends with my daughter and I had all that information, but I had no idea, like oh my goodness, the resource resources that you have put together since you got out of seminary, I mean share a little bit about that, I mean that wonderful resources that you have. Yeah, Robbie, well I developed a discipleship resource and I really just finished it up in the last few weeks, but I've been working on it on and off for the last couple of years and it's just a resource that covers ten key foundational principles of Christianity, and they're based around the great commandment, love God and love people. So the first five focused on loving God, what does that mean, what does it mean, who is God is the first question, because we can't love a God that we don't know, and so how do we, how do we know him, and then how do we love God through his word, how do we love God through prayer, how do we love God through his loving his family, and then we, the second half is focused around the great, the greatest commandment, which is love God and love people, so loving people is, you know, the last half of that resource and it's, you know, loving God is image bearers, loving God through identity in Christ, loving God through sharing your story, sharing the gospel, through forgiveness, through serving, and so just ten foundational principles of Christianity, but they're really, I tried to redefine the context, not in these are the things you need to do as a Christian, but this is how you love God, this is how you grow in that relationship, so that's the context of that, I've written a couple other Bible studies and some other resources as well.

There are ten. Yes sir. That's a pretty good word, like, that's a pretty good biblical word. It's called discipleship the Jesus way, loving God and loving people, ten sessions and simple discipleship. Right, so session one is loving God? Session one is who is God and how can I know him? Right, who? I love that.

Who is number two? Loving God is a response to the gospel. Okay, explain that one a little bit. That's really the idea, when the first chapter really covers who is God, we know God through Christ, God has revealed himself through his son, and Jesus reveals the triune nature of God, the oneness of God, so kind of thinking around the person of God, but then chapter two is how do we love God that we could know him? We love him as we respond to the gospel, and our response, and so that chapter really covers the gospel, you know, clearly, so that people can understand who is this. So respond to the gospel by actually receiving what it was he gave? Yes, absolutely, that Jesus reveals to us the heart of the Father, that, you know, he created us in his image to know him and love him, but that image was marred in the fall and through sin, and that through salvation and redemption, he has restored the image of God, given us a new identity and called us into a relationship really with his family. So he's calling us, inviting us into his family. So it's not just to accept, it's also to enter into a relationship. Absolutely, which is part of what we're talking about, discipleship, because that relationship is the path of discipleship, and I don't want to miss the fact, you know, if we're talking about the gospel, the gospel comes, we respond with repentance and faith, so I don't want to miss that part.

Of course, of course, but I was just like, okay. So chapter three, or session three, session three is loving God through his word. And I really laid out kind of the meta narrative of the Bible. And that the grand story is Christ, the grand story is the salvation of God through the plans of the Father, the work of the Son and the power of the Spirit. And so that's the, that's the overarching plan, we can see that played out in Scripture, and that we love God, it's not like we're actually knowing and loving him through his word. That's the primary way that we know God. So how we respond to him, how we spend time in the Word. And every chapter has two Bible studies, because I really cannot disconnect discipleship from God's Word. I feel pretty strongly about that, that true discipleship, as Jesus modeled it, is always bringing people to the Word of God. Not even just a concept, but we know him through his word. As it is, you know, it's one of the same, as it says in John chapter one, right.

So that's, that's cool. And session four. Session four is knowing God through prayer. And I really just try to convey the truth that prayer is our connection with God. And we, we, we pray, we listen, we are still, we adore, we confess, we have thanks, we pray for others. And just the context of prayer in Scripture, the Lord's Prayer, I have a section on the Lord's Prayer. But hopefully, so people can, you know, there's so many new believers, and I know a lot of new believers, which is so exciting is I've never had a more fun time in my life than this time when God's brought so many new believers into my life. But they're so afraid to pray. And just trying to give them some context, and why we pray and what's happening when we pray.

I love that. And I love the idea, you know, you mentioned several times, the greatest commandment, you know, is, you know, love God and love others. But interestingly, the number one commandment, it's actually, hang on, okay, the actual the number one in Jesus, because the guy, the, you know, Pharisee came to him and said, Jesus, what's the first commandment? So that's number one. And he said, hear, O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one. But the idea, the interesting thing about that is, listen, listen, listen, hear, O Israel.

Yes. Okay, just if you break that down a little bit. Okay, yeah, everybody, Robbie is discipling me. But it's cool.

But it's cool. And then it says, the Lord your God. So there's your relationship, right?

So you're going to hear who? Your God. Definitely. And then that that whole idea of oneness is not just the fact that he's not 87 different false gods out there, he's one. But it also has to do with priority, right, but it also has to do with unity. That's, that's what I really saw in John 17, when he's the Father and I are one, he's not saying we're the same, but we are unified, we're the same nature, essence, being still distinct persons of the Trinity. But we are always unified. And you see that throughout scriptures is so that idea of oneness is that if you're doing something, I know you talked about forgiveness, if you're not there, and somewhere or another, you're breaking away from some people, some situations.

No, that ain't it. Well, we're all on a journey, aren't we? Well, that's my, my challenge always is I find myself there and unfortunately, you know, the Word of God comes up against, you know, some of the things that are going through my mind, right? And I'm like, Oh, wow. So I love this.

I love this. So prayer, obviously, yeah, number four is huge in my life. And I, you know, I'm always challenged here, but it's always been one of my favorite subjects. So number five. Number five is loving God by loving his family, the church. And you know, if you ask people these days, their opinion on the church, even even people who are professing believers are so many different opinions about the church and, you know, honestly, the church has not always done a great job of representing Christ, truly, but Jesus loves his church and he died for his church. And so, you know, I just encourage everybody to not just go to church, but love God by being part of the family that he's created, which is his church.

You remember Al Gilbert? Oh, yeah. And he always used to hold his fingers out and he goes, this is the church and he would wiggle his finger. This is the church. These are the people. Open the door.

There's something about these people. You know, the idea was, this is the church. It's the people inside and our chance to relate to Jesus. So we'll be back.

We got a caller I'm excited about. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live.

Today is question, which I can hardly wait for your responses, actually. Who are you discipling and who is discipling you, right? And as Buck's been actually pointed out in the very first segment, everybody needs a Paul and this is discipling them and everybody needs a Timothy, somebody that there's discipling. And interestingly, you know, I'll guarantee you that those Timothy's will be discipling you on some issue of things that they're understanding because they can see things you can't see and you can see things they can't see. And that's part of the beauty of how God gave everybody, you know, something really unique in a way that they reflect him is that only they can. So those stories are your testimonies that could really encourage somebody else. So you get on, you know, you take the bold faith of calling 866-348-7884, 866-348-7884.

Get bold because somebody might have been encouraged out there who could end up talking to somebody that could be like, oh, my goodness, what freedom is at hand, because I know coming up on your list here is things that they're— Things that are challenging. Right. And if you just came to Christ but you don't grow in Christ, then it's not on earth as it is in heaven. You're missing out on earth. It's going to be a real miserable thing until you get to heaven. But man, you know, once you really, really join into that relationship with other believers and really into that relationship with God and really into that word and really into prayer, then all of a sudden, earth becomes more and more and more like heaven.

It reminds me, Robbie, you ask who am I discipling, who's discipling me, and I've got a group of—they're five young women and they're just a lot of young women and a lot of young people in our lives in the last few years. But they come Tuesday night before our community group and we're going through this discipleship resource and she was really far from God in a very dark place. And a couple of months ago, three, four months ago, somebody at work, she asked him about a bracelet that he was wearing and he explained that and she was very intrigued and she said she had been hoping that somebody somewhere would talk to her about God. And so he shared a little bit, invited her to church, she became a believer. She was baptized, just on fire. And then after a couple of months, we started doing this and she said, I'm so thankful to know that there's more. She said, because as exciting as it's been to come to know Christ, I hope this wasn't the end. Right. And she is like a sponge and she's very insightful, the Holy Spirit's teaching her things, but it's so much fun to see her grow and discover—this is just the beginning of the whole rest of your life.

You've got everything ahead, but it's a lot of fun. And contagious. Contagious.

I absolutely love that word. But speaking of contagious, we have Mike, who is in Dayton, Ohio. And Mike, you're on Truth Talk Live.

And so how about you, Mike? Who are you discipling or who is discipling you? Well, you both have inspired me to, you know, to disciple. A lot of people come into my mind that, you know, I need to reach out and be friends with and just start discipling these people, you know, and be their friend and also be a mentor.

You know, sometimes, you know, in what do you call it? Government. You know, there was this famous saying, what can you do, you know, what can you do for your country? Oh, yeah, John F. Kennedy said, ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country. Yes.

Right. And then what can you do for your church, not what your church can do for you, you know, I mean. That's a great perspective. I'm taking it up as a slogan, Mike. Every pastor said amen.

Yeah, I bet he did. And, you know, sometimes we get a little wary of, like, you know, especially my dad was, he was a janitor, he was this, he was a Sunday school teacher, I mean, he wore his tail off, you know, and he was my mentor, you know, and my discipler. And I always thought, well, my gosh, dad, you're doing too much out there. You know, you're doing too much for the church, you know. So I always kind of sat back and didn't do too much, you know what I mean?

And I think that was the devil getting into my brain, you know what I mean? And I realized that, you know, what can we do for the church, and what can we do for the community? And that will help you as well, you know, so. So I'll give you an idea, Mike.

Here's an idea. In my wallet, right this very moment, if you were to reach in there, you might find some money. But what I'm hoping you'd find is a card that says, my five most wanted, right? And here they are, right?

As I'm pulling this out of my wallet, it says Robbie's List right here. And I got this years ago from being discipled by Ted Burton. Like this are people that I'm praying God will give me the opportunity to disciple these people. And so it's interesting to me, the more you pray about something, the more God will make something available. So my suggestion, just take out a little piece of paper, whatever, and put down five little things, and then write down the five people that God puts on your heart. Pray about it.

Who are my five? And then begin to pray. And I think on some future Truth Talk Live, you're gonna call in and say, Robbie, I did what you said, and this is what happened, Janice, or whoever it is that God has put in your path.

Mike, I'm gonna try to inspire you additionally with a story. There's a young man who came to our church, and he decided he wanted to be baptized. We ended up talking to him and realized he wasn't really a Christian. So we walked him through that process. He became a believer. But he said that someone in his workplace had prayed for him in the parking lot one day. And he, it really sparked something deep in him to pursue a relationship with God. So he attended the church and that story unfolded. But what the fun part was, was to call the first guy, the guy who prayed with them in the parking lot. And I called him and I said, Jason, did you know that Chris has become a believer? And that he said that you prayed for him in the parking lot, and he was beside himself. He said, I've never done that before. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.

I'm so excited. I need to sit down. And I said, he said, when I prayed for him in the parking lot, I thought it meant nothing. He said he didn't have no expression, no reaction.

And I walked into my car and I thought that's the dumbest thing I've ever did. He said, I had no idea that God was already working in his heart. And now they're, now they're walking through a discipleship process together, which is so exciting. So maybe that's going to be you, Mike. Well, I hope so. I mean, you know, I think we sometimes, Stu is Stu and you are you, and I'm me. And we have to use our abilities to the best of our abilities and obey God.

I remember some stories that you told me, Mike. Yeah. Yeah. And, and you just do what you can do. You know what I mean?

And I went back when you were opening the door with a seatbelt and all that. Yeah. Yeah.

That's right. You're my dad. I'm going to be me. You know what I mean? And, and, and, and I don't, I, I'm open to God.

I need to be open, you know, people need to be open to God and what can we do for our church? You know what I mean? That's my, that was, that's in my heart right now.

And what can we do, you know, what can, what can we do? You know, I was in the military and there was the navigators at one time. Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah, there still is. They're a great group. Yeah. They're still the group out there? Oh great.

Oh yeah. And, and I was four years, and I was involved with the navigators back 30 years ago, you know, 40 years ago. And they really kept me close to God based on, you know, in the military, you were either away from God or a grant with God. And if any military people are out there, look up the navigators, because if they're still out there, they are a great organization. Oh, they're absolutely, they are absolutely, in fact, they will help you, they will help you get close to God and they are, yeah, and it's awesome, you know. And that's what they, that's, the navigators is like the military version of Christian Businessmen's Committee. The same kind of organization backs them both. And that's exactly their deal, discipleship. It's exactly what they do, and they are an awesome organization. I mean, I remember thousands of things that we were done.

We would have spaghetti dinner together, and it would be great, you know what I mean? And we would go over the Bible and pray, and it was just awesome in the military. And it was really, it kept me close to God when I was in the military.

You need it when you're in the military, that's for sure. It is, it is. Well, unfortunately, or fortunately, I don't know, God's time is God's time. We only have a couple minutes, maybe, about a minute left. And I need to find out what seven, eight, nine, and ten are, because I only have five. So you're going to have to just list them. Let's do it another day. Okay, we'll come back. And so we only got halfway through the list.

We did. That's a teaser. How's that?

That's a teaser. I would love to leave people with a challenge. Who in your life can you take a first step in discipleship? Maybe sit down, build a relationship, but reach out to them and let them know that you care about them as a person, you care about their spiritual life, and just invite them to study a book of the Bible together. It doesn't have to be so complicated, but just invest in somebody else and see where it goes. Pray, ask the Lord to bless that.

Yeah, yeah, that is awesome. And prayer is a great way to start, obviously. But then, you know, in a lot of times, you just got to pray for boldness, right? All through the book of Acts, man, they're praying for boldness. And we all need, and Stu got a double dose of that, whatever that is. I wish we could bottle it.

I'd buy it. He's the boldest person I know, Mike. But don't, man, I know how many people I've heard you talk about, a few, that you have talked to about the Lord. And you know, whatever opportunity we have, it may be fleeting, but, you know, God's watching every single one of those, man.

He's smiling down going, there's my boy right there. And He's made you exactly the way He wants you to be with exactly the personality. And you'll connect with people that other people can't. So don't forget that.

That is very true. I mean, it's so fun. I mean, God is good. And then God just, you know, the other day, today, I was in the McDonald's real quick and a guy outside the door, and he needed directions to the McDonald's.

And I said, all you have to do is series where we're at. And then he gave the address. And anyways, he said, God bless you. And I prayed with him.

And then it was. There you go. There you go. There's no better way to end the show. We'll be back tomorrow. Thank you for listening. We'll see you in the next one.
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