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Is America Pass The Point Of No Return

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May 21, 2024 5:56 pm

Is America Pass The Point Of No Return

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 21, 2024 5:56 pm

Guest host Nikita is in the hot seat for Truth Talk Live


This is Hans Schile from the Finishing Well Podcast.

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All right, let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network, where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Welcome back to Truth Talk Live. Is America past the point of no return?

Once considered a Christian nation, many now consider the United States of America to be a post-Christian nation. Topic of discussion today, your host, yours truly, the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov. Well, once the Russian nightmare, now the devil's nightmare, host of the Man Up show, Truth Radio, Q&A with Kolov, and I want to discuss with you today that very thing.

Is America past the point of no return? You know, if you follow me at all, you know I like to do some Bible trivia and give away some personally autographed eight by 10 photos, even if you're not a wrestling fan, which interestingly enough, not everybody is. And that's okay.

But hey, I'm going to throw my first trivia question out there today and see who's going to call in and win the first eight by 10 autographed photo. Here you go. Here's the question. Who said this? Art thou he that should come or do we look for another?

I'm going to give you a pretty easy one to start with. Your choices are Barnabas, Nicodemus, Zacharias, or John the Baptizer. Art thou he that should come or do we look for another? Call 866-348-788, 866-348-7884.

I had a mental lapse there. 866-348-7884, 866-304, Truth. Who said, Art thou he that should come or do we look for another? And I want to see your thoughts. I want to get your thoughts too on, and this is just going to be a discussion, a conversation. Are we past the point of no return? Founded on biblical principles, America as we know by our founding fathers, we were founded on biblical principles.

It seems as though we've gotten away from some of those biblical principles and some might even consider us to be a pagan nation or at least headed full speed ahead in that direction. We've got Bucksman from Dayton, Ohio wants to comment on my topic today. Bucksman, let's bring you on the call and get your comment. Bucksman!

Nikita, the Satan nightmare! Faithful, you are faithful to listen to Truth Talk Live. I love you, brother.

I appreciate you, Bucksman. So a thought, a comment on our topic today, let me hear it. Sure. Well, as you have, Nikita, you've been walking with Christ for a number of years now. You've got the wounds of Christ to prove it. Can I get an amen? Amen.

I got a few scars, Bucksman. Yes, I do. So folks like us, Nikita, who's been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, we can really kind of gauge, just based on our society, how it's being, you know, run and commissioned through laws, through ordinances, that we are no longer governed by the Bible. I mean, I'm a history nut, Nikita, and when I read history and find out, you know, how the legislation was happening in years prior, you know, like you were saying in your monologue, Nikita, they were, you know, founded on biblical principles.

Yeah. Even Thomas Jefferson, fun fact, Thomas Jefferson was a deist. He was not a Jesus follower like Nikita, the Satan nightmare is, or Bucksman out here in Ohio. But he referenced God. He had respect for the scriptures. Even though he diced it and sliced it, he still had respect for this God that he didn't really truly know.

So when he put forth legislation, he had that in his mindset. Today, as you can tell, Nikita, I mean, are you kidding me? Killing babies is legal? It's legal, Nikita.

That's legal to kill someone. How far from even the deist Thomas Jefferson is to our anti-deist, anti-Christ lawmakers and legislators that we have today. So, Bucksman, Bucksman, before we go to our first break, are we past the point of no return? No, sir.

No, sir. Come on, come on. Not, listen to me, Nikita. Listen to me, truth talk lies.

Get the fight in you that Nikita had when he was in the wrestling ring. Ah, come on. You go out, and you teach the word of God. I don't care if you're ordained or not.

If you can speak English and you can quote or recite a Bible verse or a passage, go do it. And also live by it. Because these people will not believe you when you just say it. You have to fight like Nikita did when he would go up against his nemesis in the square ring. Come on. You have to do it. You have to do it, truth talk.

You can't just believe it, pray it and pray it. You got to stand up for truth, right, Bucksman? That is exactly right, brother Nikita. That's exactly right. Just as you stood up against your nemesis, whoever that was in that ring.

You had to fight them. I appreciate it. Hey, we're going to go to another caller with an answer to the question, Bucksman. Thank you for listening to Truth Talk Live, my friend. Love it, guys. Love you, guys.

Bye. All right, come on. Tim, Urbana, Ohio. Tim, are you there?

Yeah, I'm here. Come on. Before we go to break, Tim, do you have an answer for my trivia question? Well, I'm going to have to say it was John the Baptist. Boom, John the Baptizer, right? He's like, hey, are you the one or should we look for another? In fact, I think he was hanging out in a prison cell when he said that.

Matthew 11, chapter 11, verses 2 and 3. Are you the one or should we look to another? Appreciate it. Hey, you hang tight, Tim. Appreciate you listening to Truth Talk Live. We're going to get that 8x10, free 8x10 autographed photo out to you, okay?

Yeah, you hang tight. We're going to get your address. Hey, we're talking about, we're talking about has America gone past the point of no return? Are we a post-Christian nation or are we a pagan nation? Where are we at? What's your view?

I want to hear your thoughts. I'll share a few more statistics and some other things when we come back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live.

You're host, Nikita Kolov. We're talking about America. Is it turning into or has it turned into a pagan nation? There's a very noticeable decline in church attendance. If you Google, look up any of those statistics. For example, millennials currently, latest Gallup poll shows that only 36%, 36% of millennials attend church. There's been a noticeable decline in belief in God.

I was just last weekend up in the great New England area, more specifically New Hampshire, and I was like taken aback when the pastor was telling me that 1.3% of those who live in New Hampshire, 1.3% attend church. I was like, wait, wait, what? Wait, no. Yeah.

So we're talking about the state of America. I'd like to get your feedback. Hey, we've had one winner on our first trivia question. I'm going to give you another one. I think kind of an easy one.

I'd like to give away another eight by 10. Jeroboam became king of this land and ruled for 41 years. Jeroboam became king of this land and ruled for 41 years. Here's your choices. Moab, Edom, Judah, or Israel. Which land did Jeroboam, excuse me, was he king of? I want you to call in 866-348-7884. That's 866-348-7884, 34 Truth.

I'd like to give away another eight by 10. Outlanded Jeroboam rule for 41 years. I was just looking up and thinking about what has led to our decline as well. One could go back to, there's a lot of benchmarks or you might say defining moments or things that's happened in America that may have opened the door for our decline. Starting in June of 1962 when the Supreme Court ruled to take prayer out of public schools. 1962, one might look at that as a benchmark and say that's where the slippery slope began. You fast forward to the late 60s when the advent of sex, drugs and rock and roll became you might say mainstream in the late 60s. And of course 1973 when abortion became legal, the killing of babies in the womb became legal leading to over 60 million babies that have since been killed in the womb. Ten Commandments taking down from public schools, from the courtrooms, in essence from the public square.

All of those things one could look to as a benchmark or defining moments. We got Mike up in Dayton, Ohio has a comment on our topic. Mike, are you there? How are you doing, sir? Are you doing good?

I'm doing great, Mike, I'm doing great. You have a thought, you have a comment on our topic today, Mike? Yeah, it's maybe a little controversial if that's okay. Well hey, I love controversy.

I faced it in the squared circle, so come on. You know I was raised and born in churches and went from a lot of different churches as my family was kept going back and forth and looking for the church, you know what I mean? All the time they always worried about attendance and how much offering was in, and I hate that. I'm with you. If you would look up anything, maybe megachurches in Columbus, Ohio, some of the megachurches and read their bio, they automatically put in there, our attendance is this and our giving is this.

And I'm like, really? Why are we worried about the attendance and the giving? How about worrying about what God is telling us?

You know what I mean? Yeah, the change of hearts, right? How about the change of hearts and the winning of souls, right? Winning of souls. And in Columbus, I hate to say this, sir, but in Columbus it was ranked one of the worst cities for adultery and the sin in America.

Columbus, Ohio. We've got megachurches in there that are not reaching souls, you know what I mean? Yep, no, I know exactly what you mean.

In fact, I mean, right? So I'm an evangelist at heart, right? So God called me to be a soul. That's why I listen to you guys and I listen to what you're teaching, and you're teaching evangelism and you're teaching reaching souls, and then you also put on different ministries and you're not asking for money from your side, you're asking money to give to this ministry and that ministry. Not to Truth Talk Lives, you're asking to give it to the other ministries, because you know God's heart.

If you know that people are starting to give to them, you're going to give to us, to them. Well, and I, yep, and I appreciate your perspective, Mike, because it's really at the end of the day, let me just say it this way, at the end of the day it's about building God's kingdom, not building the local church. Now, again, I get it, it takes money to, you know, obviously you gotta pay the lights and all that, but where's the focus, right? Where's the emphasis and where's the focus?

Is it about, you know, it's about smoke machines and flashing lights? You know, the latest, greatest, yeah, the latest, greatest production, or is about, and again, because I'm going to advance at the end of the day, it's about, it's about soul winning. And I appreciate it, Mike, I appreciate your view.

You're welcome. I appreciate your view, sir. I mean, I know, I know you're, you were in the entertainment industry and you want to entertain to win souls, and I understand that part, and I believe that that should be part of the ministry.

I really do. I think good music, good entertainment, but then we need to reach souls for God, not just worried about the dollar and how many people are there. Yeah, at the end of the day it's about, it's about soul winning, and then once you win the soul, then it's about discipleship. If I'm not mistaken, I think that's the Great Commission, right? So, discipleship.

So, awesome. No more. And that's where, you know, not always where, you know, if I go out and start ministry out in the streets and then ask in the prostitute, why are you doing this? Or, how can I help her? Who can I help her with?

Our church can't, our church doesn't have any ministry or there's no outreach where I can take her and have her clothes and have her taken care of and have her do this. My heart is out there for these people. You know what I mean? My heart is out there. And most people need to sit there and pray for people that are lost and understand that we need to take these people out of the muck and put them into the righteousness of God and be able to take care of them and be able to do things for them.

You know, not just worried about the money. Yeah, you're right. So, hey, before we go to break, Mike, so you're saying there's still a chance for America, is that what you're saying?

Yes, I think so. I think there's still a chance for America. By me talking out loud about this, maybe churches and pastors and realize what is going on in their church. You know what I mean? What's going to happen?

Absolutely. Stay tuned. We'll be back.

Truth Talk live. Don't go anywhere. Stay with us.

Hang in there. Talking about churches in America. Churches in America. Is it too late? Is it too late for America or can we turn it around? I want to hear your thoughts and I want to see if I can give away another eight by ten as well. You're listening to the Truth Network and Alright, we're back as we're discussing as America passed the point of no return. I'd like to get your thoughts and your comments. I want to give away another eight by ten autographed photo. Come on now. Jeroboam became king of this land and ruled for 41 years.

Was it Moab, Edom, Judah or Israel? Call 866-348-7884. That's 866-344-TRUTH if you want to give an answer to the trivia question or share your thoughts. Is America past the point of no return? You know there is some good news in terms of turning it around and or perhaps I can get your thought on what we can do to turn it around.

866-348-7884. You know we're talking earlier Mike up in Dayton, Ohio. You know about some churches focusing on church attendance and focusing on the money and that sort of thing. And you know not that you know church attendance isn't important or you know it takes money. Money does make the world go round. Money pays the light bills, etc, etc. But where's the focus?

Where's the focus? You know we were talking about soul winning, he and I, but then we were talking about the next step. Once you win them to Christ and you win them to the kingdom, then it's about discipleship. Fulfillment of the Great Commission, right?

What was the Great Commission? Go out into all the world, into all the nations and make what? Make disciples.

And that certainly doesn't happen overnight. But I believe, I for one believe we can turn it around. Revival, right? Anyone believe we need revival?

We hear about it all the time, right? We need revival in the churches across America. You know it's a small percentage of churches now statistically that have a biblical world view whereas a larger percentage of churches in America now have what I would call a conformed view.

They have conformed to the culture and the culture has had more of an influence on the church than the church has had on the culture. I'd like to get your thoughts. Can we turn it all around?

Have we passed the point of no return? 866-348-7884. And who's got the answer to my trivia question? Jeroboam became king of this land and ruled for 41 years. Is it Moab, Edom, Judah or Israel? You can find it. I'll give you a hint. You can find it in 2 Kings 14 verse 23.

Can't give you more of a hint than that, can I? Come on, call in 866-348-7884 with the answer to the trivia question or your thoughts. Either what we can do to turn our nation around and or do you believe we've passed the point of no return? I do believe there is hope. We have to maintain hope. We have to have hope, right? Hope for America. Hope. God is on the move.

I've been paying attention, watching guys like Sean Voigt, worship leader Sean Voigt travel the nations with a clarion calling to one, to worship the king of kings and the Lord of Lords while at the same time baptisms have been exploding, exploding across America. I believe we might have an answer. Orlando and High Point. Orlando, are you there? Yes sir, how are you?

I am wonderful. Thank you for calling in today, Orlando. Thank you for listening to Truth Talk Live.

You have an answer to the question? I think he was the first king of the Norton Kingdom, so that will make it Israel. Boom, you are the winner Orlando.

Once we hang up, hold on and we'll want to get your address and we'll get that sent off to you and that is right. 2 Kings chapter 14 verse 23, Jeroboam, king of Israel for 41 years and so we'll get that 8 by 10. And you have a comment as well, Orlando, about our topic? Yeah, I think the US has already gone past the point of no return. You know, I can't say I disagree in that, you know, as I was just saying at the tail end there is always hope, right? I mean, there is always hope, but boy, we have slipped down that slippery slope quite far, have we not?

Yes, there is always hope for the ones left to get to that number that the Lord wants on this nation, but I don't think there is that many left over now. We are getting to the point where I don't think this will last 10 years, the whole system that we have here, the way the government is and you can't even comment on anything. Look at the kicker from Kansas City, they want to kick him out just because he's got values. It's crazy, right?

Yeah, they're like kick that dude out for having values, but here's another one of his peers who won't stand for the national anthem, but we'll regard him as a hero because he won't stand for the national anthem for our great nation, but this guy stands on values and everyone wants to vilify him, right? It's crazy, right? So it is. Well, Orlando, thank you for being a Truth Talk. Hold on, we're going to get your address and get that eight by 10 cent out to you, okay, sir? Thank you, Nikita.

All right, thank you. All right, we got Al too from Winston. Al's got a comment on our topic. Al, what are your thoughts?

What could we do to turn it around or do you agree with Orlando? We're past the point of no return. It's off to the abyss. What do you think?

Well, Nikita, I don't see it as completely lost. I don't disagree with a lot of his assessments. I feel the same way. I get disgusted when someone is vilified for stating things that I dare say 80% of us are obvious.

You know, life is precious in the womb and we shouldn't be throwing children away. This is insanity. But I'm left with this, okay? Years ago our church hosted some guys that you may even be familiar with. Back in the 80s, there was a group of guys that went around called John Jacobs and the Power Team. And I won't take too long with it, but they were answering a question and some guy wanted to know what he could do to be famous like they were because he was a power lifter. And his answer was this.

I don't know if you'll ever be famous. And he said, we weren't looking for either. But he said, you do what you can with what you have, where you are. And you know, that stuck with me. That was my takeaway.

And they were there for five or six days. And that's what I remember most. And if each person does that, they'll affect his or her little area of the world because that's all we have. Yeah, we just all each have our sphere of influence, right? We each have our sphere of influence. And I'll say this, Al, you know, when it comes to being famous, you know, there are some, you know, because of my professional wrestling, you know, persona, you know, that have said to me, oh, you're that famous wrestler guy, right? And so there are some who've had that view.

But you know, my view, my personal view at this point is my goal, my objective is to make the name of Jesus famous upon all the earth, right? So I think there's still hope. I think there's still hope.

I hear what Orlando is saying. But at the same time, I think there's still hope, right, Al? He said, occupy till I come.

Occupy till he comes. Al, thank you for listening to True Talk Live. And thank you for calling in today. God bless you, Nikita. You take care. All right, bless you, sir. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All right, we've got our second winner there, Orlando down in High Point, got a second winner for the 8x10. I got one more 8x10 I want to give away, one more 8x10.

Let me throw this out there before we go to another break. What did Moses caution the people against before they entered the Promised Land? What did Moses caution the people against before they entered the Promised Land? Here's your choices.

Ready? Eating pork, complaining, making idols, or returning to Egypt. What did he caution the people against before they entered the Promised Land? 866-348-788 truth.

That's 866-34 truth. We're talking today about America. Have we gone past the point of return? Or if not, or if we have, is it possible to turn it back around? Some are thinking it's not. Some believe that it is. I think there's good news.

I know this. I feel confident to say this, that God, I believe, is the only hope for America. Vin, hang tight down in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hang tight, Vin.

We're going to get your comments when we come back from break. I believe God is the only hope for America. If it is going to be turned around, then we're going to see a change in our culture. So don't go anywhere. You're listening to the Truth Network and All right, all right, all right. Welcome back. Truth Talk Live. I want to give away one more 8 by 10. What did Moses caution the people against before they entered the Promised Land?

Eating pork, complaining, making idols, or returning to Egypt? 866-348-7888 truth. We've got Vin from Charlotte, North Carolina, on the line. Vin, are you there? Yes, sir. Hey, appreciate your patience, Vin. You have some thoughts on our topic today, some comments.

Yes, I do. Regarding our nation, many people in our country have Bibles in their homes and go to churches. The sad part is that there's a lot of division and a lot of things that are being taught in the churches that are not hitting home as far as the gospel of Jesus Christ is concerned. Therefore, a lot of people are mismanned and deceived, and many of them have not fully repented. And the average person on the street, if you would ask them what they must do to go to heaven, you would get a lot of answers like, be a good person, go to church, this, that, and the other.

Jesus made it clear that he is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father by him. So if they don't know that, and if they don't read the Word of God and study it, their ignorance is going to deceive them in making them think that they can do what they want, and that'll be their downfall. Many people in this country are lost, and we have all kinds of religions here and more coming, and with all that going on, Jesus warned that they would be falling away.

We're seeing that in our nation now. All I can tell you is this, not everybody is going to be lost. There will be a few that are going to see that Jesus is the way, and they'll follow him. The rest are going to be deceived, and with the exception of the tribulation period that is to come, a lot of people are going to leave here lost more than will be saved.

Jesus even warned that the road to destruction will be wide, and that few will find the narrow road as far as it's stated in the New Testament. And it's not just in our country, but it's worldwide. I mean, if you just go out and look around you and ask yourself, how many people do you see living for Christ when you walk outside?

Look at how they're dressed, what they say, how they live, and you'll see your answer. We have to let our light shine, and only a few people are doing that because only a few people are really sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ. The last thing I wanted to tell you was, Jesus gave the example of the types of ground in the New Testament as far as stony ground, as far as the sea falling among thorns and the good ground, how it sprang up, and as far as yielding food, 3,600 fold. We have that, that's been going on as well, and so some people are going to hear the gospel and hang on, many others are going to fall away.

And as I said before, we live in a country now where immorality, if you mention something as far as immorality, you could lose your job, right? Yeah, it's a challenge, Vin. It's a challenge, and that's certainly great insight and perspective on your part. I appreciate that, and you're right. I mean, when it comes to the road being narrow, the gate, right?

And you talk about the parable of the sower, really only 25% of the seed sown seems to take some root, right? And so we got to, Vin, we got our work cut out for us, man. Charlotte, North Carolina, appreciate you calling in today. Thank you, sir. Have a great day. All right, be blessed, Vin.

Thank you. And hey, we want to see if I can give away one more 8x10 before we go. One more 8x10.

Here's the trivia question. What did Moses caution the people against before they entered the Promised Land? Did he caution them from eating pork, complaining, making idols, or returning to Egypt? 866-348-7884.

I'd love to give away one more 8x10. And Vin had some very valid points there when he was talking about a genuine Christ follower, right? And really bearing fruit and being salt and light. And I don't know about you, but when you think about the scriptures he was referencing there, that Jesus saying that the road is wide that leads to destruction and many go down it, well, and then few find the narrow road. I don't know in God's economy in terms of what many and few, I know what it means in our economy. Like many means exactly the way it sounds. Many, many versus few.

So I don't know. I don't know how few we're talking about, but certainly Vin brings up a very important point of having your heart in the right place. Just know that, I like to say it this way, know that you know down deep in your nowhere. Like if you breathe your last breath today, you know, are you certain without a shadow of a doubt that you're walking streets of gold, you're in paradise, you're in heaven with Jesus. What did he say to the thief on the cross? Today you'll be with me in paradise. And I want to encourage, like if there's any question marks at all when it comes to your salvation can I encourage you, take a moment and pause and sometime today and really do some soul searching, go deep and let's just remove any question mark and replace it with an exclamation point. You know for me it was 17 October 1993 that that story, the man Jesus crucified upon a cross, spikes driven through his hands and his feet and a spear through his side that that story moved the 18 inch trip from my head down to my heart and I encountered Jesus that day and I can tell you life has just never been the since. It has been a journey, it has been a journey of highs and lows and ups and downs and twists and turns but he's been there with me every step of the way and that's my hope for you that you've got Jesus living in your heart and that you are bearing evidence of that, bearing fruit. And then the next step is then to be discipled.

He mentioned studying the word and knowing the word, memorizing scripture. You know I don't think it's too late, I mean we have definitely gone a long way down that slippery slope as a nation but I'll say this, I don't care who's in the White House, I don't care who's up on Capitol Hill, you know I believe the church house is what's going to turn America around and that's those who are sold out for Jesus. You know I host a show called the Man Up Show, I host a conference called the Man Up Conference. Lex Luger and I host a camp called the Man Camp and our call is to all men, we're calling all men, to man up and to lead the way, to lead your families by serving, lead your churches. I was recently in a church where I'd say 75% of the church attendance was women and God bless you godly women who are out there loving on Jesus, loving on your children, loving on your families while at the same time, come on men, men, man up, come on, we got to step into our godly roles, be godly men, godly husbands and godly fathers and might I add godly grandfathers. Come on, am I going to give this last 8 by 10 away? What did Moses caution the people against before they entered the Promised Land? I'm going to give you a hint, Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse 15 through 20, that's where the story is and what he cautioned them, returning to Egypt, making idols, complaining or eating pork 866-348-788 truth, we've got enough time left for you to call in and win that other 8 by 10, somebody help me out, I want to give away another personally autographed 8 by 10. We're talking about America, I mentioned earlier Sean Foyt, the worship leader out on the west coast and lots is being posted, I mean I'm seeing baptisms on the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean on the west coast and all across America, you know we've seen a lot of protests on college campuses but you know what, I've also seen an outbreak, a move of God on college campuses as well. There are young patriots who are stepping up and defending the American flag, there are young people all across America, a move of God that is touching college students across America as well and let's be praying, praying, praying for revival in our churches so that there's an outbreak, a move of God across our nation, I'm convinced God's not done with our nation yet, that America in all of my travels, 36 different countries in all 50 states that we still live in the greatest nation upon God's green earth, hey who's going to answer the question and get this last 8 by 10 autographed photo, what did Moses caution the people against before entering the promised land, 866-348-7884, that's 866-348-34-TRUTH, 866-34-TRUTH, get my numbers mixed up there, anyway I want you to really ponder what you can do, what your role is, what your part is in turning America around, let's get off this slippery slope and start making the climb representing the kingdom of God and building the local church, don't misunderstand me, I'm all about the local church, I love the local church, love my pastor Jay Stewart down in Kannapolis, North Carolina, the refuge church, love the local church, while at the same time I love that he has a heart for building the kingdom, it's one thing to build the local church, it's taking it to another level to build the kingdom of God, doesn't look like we're going to give away that last 8 by 10 autographed photo, we'll have to save that for another day, I appreciate each and every one of you being so faithful to tune in to Truth Talk Live, and until next time, this is once the Russian nightmare, now the devil's nightmare, and until next time, I hope you go out on a God filled day today, go out and be another program powered by the Truth Network.
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