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for KING + COUNTRY: Unsung Hero

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April 26, 2024 6:00 pm

for KING + COUNTRY: Unsung Hero

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 26, 2024 6:00 pm

Robby talks with Joel and Luke Smallbone about their amazing new movie "Unsung Hero"


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Only you can prevent wildfires. Welcome to Truth Talk Live! All right, let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network. This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together.

Speak your mind. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. What a treat. I mean, a treat we have for you today on Truth Talk Live for king and country.

Unsung hero, the movie, and a new soundtrack are out today, exclusively in theaters nationwide, and just how awesome is it that we have Joel and Luke Smallbone both with us right now, and later on, more of the family. And so, how exciting. Joel, from what I understand, you directed this, and then acted in it, and all sorts of cool stuff.

Oh yeah, very self-indulgent. Robbie, hey, thanks for having us today. Coming at you from St. Louis, we're about to do a theater takeover where we go into ten screens and have our friends and family and fans show up and play them the movie. But yeah, we've been in the band for King Country for a little over ten years now, and since the beginning of the band, we've shared about our parents' origin story, if you will, how we migrated from Australia to the United States, and all the perils and pitfalls and tragedies and triumphs that we faced along the way. Dad lost half a million dollars in Australia and got offered a job in Nashville, so we packed 16 suitcases, six kids, and our mom, who's six months pregnant, and moved literally halfway around the world to Nashville only to lose that job. And so we sort of banded together and we prayed for everything, no car, no furniture in our house, sleeping on beds made out of clothes, and just saw miraculous signs happen.

We started a lawn care business, and really, through the family, the power of the family and the power of prayer, we were able to sort of dig ourselves out and sort of step into a new day, if you will, and we're really proud. Luke produced the film, I co-directed it, co-wrote with Richard Ramsey, and I also play our dad in the film, which I've dubbed a very expensive therapy session, and it's in 2,832 theaters thanks to Lion Gate across the country as of today. That's more than exciting, and today's a huge day, right?

The opening night, like, man, it really helps keep the movie in the theaters if everybody can make it out tonight as the night, right, that people need to show up for this. It's unbelievable. And so, Luke, producing's a lot more than a lot of people think, right? Oh, yeah, it can be, yeah. I mean, really, I wanted to just be a producer so I could boss my older brother around a little bit, you know what I'm saying?

And boy, did he ever, really. You know, what I always say is producing a film, you know, is a little bit like this. You're the guys that are going to do a lot of the groundwork early on. You're going to try and set up the deals, you're going to try and get everybody in place, you're going to be a part of selecting all the actors, you're going to do a lot of front-heavy work, and then at some point, you hand it off to the directors when you get on set, and they've got to go and execute it.

And unless there's some, you know, which there are some catastrophic things that take place on set, hopefully, you know, you're just there kind of maintaining things. But this film has always been about family and the power of family. I think that family is more potent and important and powerful today than it ever has been in the history of the world, but we don't necessarily value it as we should. And I think the thesis statement that we kind of tried to vision cast or almost live by for the film was this. Mother Teresa says, if you want to change the world, go home and love your family.

And that's really the point and the purpose behind this film. That's so beautiful. And so can someone, one of you, which I don't know whose idea it was originally, or maybe it was both y'all's idea, how God kind of burst that whole vision in you? You know, how did that come about? Yeah, well, I actually have shared this story from stage as Fikina Country for a lot of years, actually, 11 or 12 years.

And I would have all these people come up and be like, man, Luke, there's just something about the story. It affects me. It moves me.

It's powerful. And, you know, you guys should write a book. And, you know, the truth is, Joel and I were homeschooled. So writing a book just sounded hard.

All right. So we're like, let's make a movie instead. And but yeah, I mean, look, there's all sorts of you know, when you pitch an idea, I call up a producer friend of mine in L.A. and pitched in this idea.

And, you know, sometimes, you know, new ideas and dreams are fragile and you never know where these things are going to take you. I mean, this is four years in the making. The very fact that we are here having this conversation today is just beyond miraculous. This film should never have been made up against all sorts of odds. We lost our funding two months before we were meant to be filming.

Then just to have, you know, raise the money in about three days. You know, our lead actress, Daisy Betts, she came on board, who's phenomenal, came on board 10 days before we're filming. All sorts of tremendous miracles have taken place throughout this process. And God's just like that, didn't he? And I suppose you've experienced that, enjoyed it throughout your careers, right?

Because all of a sudden, oh, my goodness. Well, man, part of the beauty of the film, Robbie, is recognizing that we really do genuinely stand on the shoulders of giants. You know, mom and dad taking this incredible leap of faith. Our sister, Rebecca and James, you know, stepping into music as a teenager, as a solo artist and dad needed cheap labor. So we became the road crew, probably broke some child labor laws in there somewhere. And and and but that's where we learned. That's where we fell in love with music.

We we we did background vocals and stage managing and ran lights and some of these crafts that we learned while we were teenagers. We're still living them out today. And so it's a real it's a real thrill to almost turn the camera back in their direction, you know, and go, hey, we we've sort of had the chance to build this livelihood and be able to impact audiences around America and the world through this band.

Let us let us turn the camera back to 33 years ago when we were young boys and our parents did this courageous leap of faith from continent to continent starting over. And so getting to tell that story, particularly in this day and age, you know, I feel like there's so much pulling at the family. There's so many distractions as smartphones and iPads and the Internet and so many mixed messages to be able to go, hey, what does it look like to fight for each other instead of against each other?

And what what does it look like to, you know, bond together as husband and wife against all odds? You know, these kinds of things to represent them on the silver screen for hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of people this weekend. Robby, that's what's crazy is, you know, you have so many people coming to see this film, God willing, that it could be the number one or number two movie in America. Oh, and God willing, it will be. And when we come back from this break, you're going to get a chance to hear the trailer. Plus, we have some clips that you can see, you know, what the family kind of did go through, but how, you know, those kind of things bond families together. And oh, boy, I think you're going to hear what a treat we've got coming up this weekend. Everybody that can get out to the theater, especially tonight, as the movie Unsung Hero debuts. We'll be right back.

You're listening to the Truth Network and OK, stay close. Let's go. How are y'all doing? How are y'all from England? Australia.

Australia. Wish I had an accent. Dad, I wrote a song. Thought maybe we could ask for an audition. That's great, honey. Let's take it one step at a time.

OK, tells me you're a promoter, you know, someone looking for one may know somebody who should be. She's been given a beautiful voice. It's a miracle. She's a special one, son.

Your family, they're not in the way. They are the way. There's no food and they're almost out of money. We need to make some changes. Kids, we need your help. This is everything we have, and sometimes it's going to grow and sometimes it will shrink, but it cannot be allowed to disappear.

I wonder if she's right. Maybe I'm not meant to sing or maybe you're not meant to sing other people's songs. It's going to be dangerous and scary and giving up, giving in.

It's not an option. Whatever your dream is, I know you can achieve it. My dream is to be like you.

It always has been. I want a record deal. So do I. Yeah, well, boys, get in line.

For King and Country, the unsung hero movie and new soundtrack, it is released in theaters all over today. Get out to the theaters. We have Joel and Luke. The true story.

Absolutely amazing. True story. So, Joel, as you hear that trailer, it almost brings tears to my eyes and a comment on what it does for you. Oh, yeah, I mean, for both Luke and me, you know, obviously this is the definition of a passion project, Robbie. But the truth of the matter is for us, not only is it a passion project, but we've prescribed as musicians to this idea that the closer that you get to your own heart with your art, the further it reaches out into someone else's.

And this is the definition, as I said, of not only a passion project, but also of a project that is really close to home for Luke and me. So there have been many, many weepy moments as we sort of, you know, find the team to bring this thing to life and now present it to the world. And I'm really pleased to share that there's been so many great actors, not only Lionsgate coming on board, but we had, you know, John Locke himself from Lost or Terry O'Quinn and D.J. Tanner from Full House, Candace Cameron Bure and Lucas Black from Fast and Furious and NCYS.

And just to name a few that really rallied around this this story. And then it's a 90s film. So there's all this great 90s music tucked away in there as well.

You've got, you know, you've got Jesus Jones and Rod Stewart and Lenny Kravitz and Seal and Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Striper. And so it just is not only is it obviously a love letter to the family and a love letter to moms, but it's also kind of this adventure film of miracles, moms and music and migration. I just can't tell you how much I love that quote. I don't think I've ever heard it, but it just rings huge bells with me. The closer you get to your own heart, because, you know, I do the Christian Car Guy show.

I've done it for 18 years. And like you guys have a creative process. I'm sure when you write a song for me, if I don't cry in the intro and when I'm developing the intro that I don't have it yet. It's right there.

It's right there with your heart. So, you know, was the creative process like that in writing this movie that you you sensed when you when you had a scene, the way you wanted it? And I think that you have to you have to have a deep connection to anything. I think we're in a day and age where we've had a lot of superhero movies and had these things with which wow us with visual stimuli.

If that makes sense. You can't help but be like, wow, this is impressive. But I think we're a little bit fatigued from that. I think now people want their hearts to be stirred. I think people want their hearts to be moved that change comes when it connects at the deepest level of your heart.

And so for us, we're working through the script and we're working through the creative of this film. You have to get to a point of going, oh, this this this. Well, that got me a little bit.

You know what I joke is that that made my eyes sweat a little bit, because if you don't, then you haven't gotten to the core of what actually changes people. And you can hear wonderful quotes. You can hear all sorts of different things. And but what happens is it goes somewhat one ear in one ear. And you're like, OK, and out the other.

And then you've moved on to a different thought when you're brought to tears or when you're starting to think through. What if I could take a risk like this person, this movie, or what if I could love my wife the way that is taking place? Or what if I could have if you start asking yourself the questions of what if when watching a piece of art, I think you've got them. And I love the way that you put that, that it is art and and it gives you the freedom to kind of create with God. And I love the movie Bagger Vance, where they describe that this shot kind of chooses you. Right.

And you try this and you try that and all of a sudden, oh, that's it. But you kind of knew that came from God. Yeah. I love that you said create with God because in that, that's the whole concept. Right.

God is a creator. We're designed in his image where we're to be co-creators on on talk shows, on stages, on cinema screens. And that's what's so exciting about this this weekend. Robbie is that, you know, Lions Gate, a Hollywood company, is putting family on the bigger screens across the country.

And and I will say this, though, it's an underdog. And so I challenge in charge if you're listening to not only go see the film, the film this week and and if you're moved by it and impacted by it, we're asking people to do two things. One is to post about it, you know, the poster, a picture, a testimonial, you know, and secondly, to text or tell five friends, because we don't have all the money in the world with this film, but we do believe in the power of the people.

And that's the most powerful voice that we have is when we unify and spread the word. And I'm pleased to announce, listeners, that if you don't like the film, Robbie's going to give you your money back. So it's great.

Right. Just go to my website. I'll be happy to.

I don't imagine it's going to be out there. Text or tell, you know, at least five friends. I mean, what a great concept. Because, again, you know, as as the culture realizes that these movies impact audiences, then they stay in the theaters and then word of mouth catches on. And, you know, that's how these these things take place. And then open the door more for Lionsgate and people to say, oh, that was a good decision that we made backing that kind of film.

And there's a there's a great there's a great proverb, you know, that you will know and love that we do as well, that your children will rise and call her blessed. And that's really what we're trying to do this weekend. And our hope is that, you know, this stays in theaters for long enough for Mother's Day in two weeks from now.

So families can go, hey, let mom. We want to take you to the cinema to honor you to a film that's safe for all of us, that has meaningful messages of perseverance and of the American dream and of faith and prayer and miracles. So, yeah, we invite you to join us in it this weekend. It's a it's obviously it's a fascinating time for our family to be alive.

But even more so, like we've said, this is so much more about the family. I heard a great quote. I got it. I'm sorry. We got to go. And I hate to say goodbye to you guys. We got two more at the small boats coming up.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. Wow, wow, wow. As fun as it was to have Joel and Luke Smallbone on with us with for King and Country, the unsung hero movie coming out, as well as a new soundtrack. I mean, I'm almost more thrilled.

Well, I shouldn't say I don't know. I'm equally thrilled at the opportunity to now speak with their parents. So we have, first of all, dad, we got David Smallbone with us. And, you know, I know this big. This is a huge night for you guys, right?

Yeah, it's like, come on, man. I'm I'm 74. So, you know, I've been around the block a few times, but to have a movie go out about our story of coming to America, it's pretty extraordinary.

But what I do love about it, I think the guys have captured how Jesus kind of revolutionized my life and also how this movie points to the importance of family, because we survived we survived by two things, the love of the church and by by our family pulling together. I had six children when we arrived here. And then three months later, we had another seven youngest daughter born. And so it's been a wonderful adventure. My wife said she married me for adventure, buddy. And I delivered.

I don't think I've had much to do with it, Robbie. But I think the Lord, the Lord had a better plan than I had because I wanted to stay in Australia and live a normal life. And then I did a big tour 34 years ago in Australia, lost everything on that tour. And I went to Helen and said, hey, baby, I think the only way we can get ahead is go to America thinking she'd say no.

I said we'd go for two years and 32 years later, we're still here and we love it. Oh, wow. And I could say, you know, I love it's so cool to have your kids, you know, create this whole movie and this and in the soundtrack and all that around your family. Right. I mean, what an honor. Just like that, just like they said that that people would rise up and call you blessed that that that, you know, that this is going on to the next generation, which is, you know, what God had planned for us all along.

Well, I think the good Lord put me through a little bit of hardship because I not lost all that money. We would have stayed in Australia. And I'm doubtful if Rebecca would have had her career. My daughter is Rebecca St. James. And then following her career, my sons, who were Joe and Luke from Ficking Country, who were Rebecca's crew, they they started doing music 15, 16 years ago. And then 12 years ago released their first album. They've been doing it ever since. And they they do a pretty good job. I think the one thing that we did right, we worked them to death.

We threw them at the deep end and they would work 12 hour days to the point that our accountant was worried that if Child Protection Services found out they would they would come after us. And so she wouldn't. She said, oh, they got to be paid like that. You're in trouble here. So it's been an incredible adventure.

And you're right. But for Joe and Luke, Luke came up with the idea. He went to a producer in Hollywood and said, hey, I've been speaking about our family story for a long, long time in concert.

React very well. What about doing a movie on it? He said, yeah, well, let's do a movie. And he offered us a budget of six million to record it or film it. And the rest is history that started just under four years ago. They filmed it 20 months ago and it and it releases today. It's all crazy.

It's all crazy, but a bit wonderful as well. Yeah, I think they said 2800 theaters, 2832. Yeah. The deal we had with Lion's Gate or the boys had with Lion's Gate was that 2000 theaters have now increased that to 2832. And the marketing budget was under 12 billion.

And because the early sales are so strong, they've increased that to 15 million. So you get Hollywood to support a movie, this family centric that is Jesus centric. It's a shocker, but it's a good one.

Yeah, well, we love it. And again, that's why it's so important, right? The movie is called Unsung Hero. And yes, it's out tonight. And the first weekend is so critical is keeping it in the theaters. And I love the idea that your son's talked about is by all means, let's keep it in the theaters for Mother's Day so that we can get some moms out there and honor them by taking them to that. And they also had the idea of texting at least five friends and telling them, look, King and Country is in the theaters tonight. Right.

Unsung hero. And, you know, how how amazing. You know, I can't help but wonder, as I was watching some of the material that I've seen on the movie, you guys went door to door cleaning houses.

It looked like they're based on that one scene. Was that that was essentially all your family, your kids and all. Well, what would happen is Helen and Rebecca would go and clean houses and the boys and I would go and rake leaves and mow lawns. And and so we all we all contributed. But really, you know, I came over to work to somebody.

He let me go after two months. And the great. The wonderful story about this adventure is. I, I saw the hands and feet of Jesus.

The kids saw the hands and feet of Jesus. It was we saw basically a miracle every week for a couple of years until Rebecca's career started. And then the most wonderful thing is she had she had something to go and sing about because, you know, for the previous two years, she'd just seen, as I said, a miracle a week. And up till that time, I was 42 when we came over here and I'd had a wonderful childhood, terrific parents, wonderful wife.

But I took it all for granted. I was lukewarm. I was I was in the music business, I was in doing Christian music, but I was lukewarm about my faith and what that experience did. It took me to lukewarm, to passionate. And I'm so it's almost like now I want to recommend it to everybody, because when when you see the miraculous on your doorstep, you you have to take notice.

And and I think I've had a I'm an old bloke with much to be thankful for. But the second half of my life living the adventure of faith and in the ministry, you know, sometimes Christian music, you know, we're in the business because we're owned by corporations. And my role, I think being in town is how do we bring the church into how we do music business, because our goals with the King country are loving on the brokenhearted and sharing the most wonderful message known to man to as many people as possible. And even you coming in in a partnership today and helping us share this beautiful message and letting people know about the movie when I see the church in action, it just touches me in a deep place, man. And I'm I'm not I'm not always a big fan of the industry processes, but I'm a lover of the church and the church is the church involves you and I. And so it's it's it's it's a bit for, you know, you and I don't get it all the time.

But boy, boy, I love it. The church loved on the brokenhearted and so honored that we've been allowed to partner with the church in both Rebecca's career and the King country's career. We we got a lot to be thankful for, Robbie. Oh, you know, and I can really, David, I can relate with you in ways because, you know, I was I was a Chrysler dealer in Marksville, North Carolina. And lost everything. I mean, to the point where they repossessed my house, they repossessed everything right. And then my family was about our family's age. And and so I was just trying to figure out I went from being a millionaire, whatever I was, to just absolutely broke overnight. And I was trying to figure out how to get the money together so I could pay power deposit to get a new rental house or something. And so I started throwing newspapers door to door. I could remember falling down on the pavement late one night in the ice and looking up and God going, really?

Is this where we've come? Right. How old were you when that happened? Fifty two or three. Oh, wow. And so it happened to me at forty two. But, you know, the church was when you when you say the church, there is no explaining how the church came beside my family. Help me through that time and and and allowed me to start the radio business.

Right. You know, I began the radio and then God took it. And, you know, and here we are. And like you said, it's just to watch the miracles that come on the back of some of the things that we really thought were answered just just weren't. But another scene that I loved in the short bits I've seen about the movie was apparently, you know, Rebecca was saying that I got a song.

And you're like, yeah, yeah, we'll get. Tell me about that. That is that's quite a story there. Oh, well, you know, there's a bit of some poetic license in the movie. You know, what you what you got what happens in movies like I was emotionally overwhelmed.

And so they had in a movie, they've got to have the good cop and the bad cop, you know, and my wife is a good cop. And she is a hero. I took you know, I cry when I talk about two people, Helen and Jesus, because she's loved me unconditionally.

Jesus has challenged me to, you know, give my life away. And I'm so, so thrilled. Oh, I hate we got to go to a break. We're going to be right back. And I'm just right with you.

My wife is exactly the same way. So grateful that the movie is for King and Country's unsung hero. It's in theaters tonight. We got to get out and see it unsung hero. Tell everybody, you know, we'll be right back with one more segment. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com.

Welcome back to Truth Talk live today. Oh, my word. We have for King and Country unsung hero movie.

How exciting. It's in theaters tonight. Twenty eight hundred theaters across twenty eight hundred and thirty eight or something like that theaters across the nation.

And so getting out there tonight and certainly over the weekend, this movie is spectacular. It's a true story of the Small Bone family and their migration to the United States and obviously what God did from there. And we have with us right now David Small Bone. He's the father of Joel and Luke. And so and also you had a part in the movie that you were the artist manager.

Am I right? Well, you know, I have I've managed both Rebecca and King Country. And so we we have have had a little life together. I you know, in the movie, my son plays me and he I think the evidence is pretty well with an outward look. The emotions that I was going through, you know, following through what we were just talking about before.

But it it you know, at the end of the day. I'm encouraged by people have seen it already. I heard from I saw a comment from a guy that went and saw a preview, I think was over in Tulsa a couple of months ago when we were previewing the movie before our tours. And he said, I've seen the movie.

I'm going to go home and love my family better. And then another lady, a journalist here in town to the Tennessee and did an interview with the boys. And she wanted a photo of Helen and I with Joel and Luke. So I went and had the photo and she'd watched the movies the first time that morning.

And I said, well, what do you think? And she said, well, after seeing it, I wanted to hit you over the face. Oh, that's a bit shocking that that does happen in the movie. Helen did that once to me many, many years ago, but she then showed the movie to her 15 year old daughter that night. And after seeing it, her teenage daughter said, hey, mom, when the movie goes into theaters, can you go out? Can we go out together and see it again?

And I want to invite all my friends from school. And I thought, wow, for. Well, it sounds like we'd lost you, David. Can you hear me? Well, there we have it. We've unfortunately lost David for the time. But the good news is we do have some clips from the movie that we want to play for you.

And so while we're waiting to figure out how to fix that connection. Nick, if you wouldn't mind, play the play the welcome back or welcome to Nashville, I guess that's the name of that particular clip when they had just apparently came to meet this pastor. Can you hear me, Robbie? Oh, I do. I do.

We got David back, Nick. So that's good. I don't know what happened, but connections are like that at some time. My apologies.

Oh, don't worry about it. So a lot about what your sons talk about, and I love that they do it, is they talk about art. And so and they see very much what they're doing is art in a co-creative process with God. And so I'm guessing that that's kind of how, you know, their dad, you were dealing with art all the time.

And looking at that and managing people in that creative process is a lot different than people would think. I would imagine, right? Well, I think the gift that we gave them on unknowingly was we took them on the road with Rebecca and they traveled the world. And they saw they saw.

They saw the challenges of doing a concert every night from Russia to Romania, to every every state in America, down to Australia even. And I, I think at a very young age, we homeschooled our kids. Probably what the best schooling we did was we we got them to work as Rebecca's crew.

And so Joel was Rebecca's backup singer and stage manager. Luke did the lighting. My oldest son also did lights. My number two son did. He did video and film. And my number five son, he he ran the merchandise.

And so he's now the day to day manager of the King country and does a very good job. So there was something about homeschooling the kids, throwing them in at the deep end of the very young age. I think they all started around twelve, thirteen, fourteen. My youngest son.

Follow spot when he was when he was seven or eight. So, you know, it's been quite a quite an extraordinary experience. And I think unbeknownst to us, it was an apprenticeship for what they're doing today.

Right. And and since it was in this church context and since it was in a Christian content text, really, they got to see the creative process as as Rebecca, et cetera, were co-creating with God, I would imagine, right? Well, I think, you know, they saw from a young age the miraculous. And, you know, my take away, I can be pretty honest with you for a minute.

I think sometimes we experience and I think I did that in Australia before we came over here. We protected the kids and then we're having trouble putting the food on the table. So we tell them everything. We say, hey, we need to pray because we don't know if we're going to have enough food tomorrow. And I still remember, Joel, this happened thirty one years ago. He's eight. We've got no furniture in our house and we're praying that we might find some furniture and that we'll have food on the table.

We'll be able to pay the rent. And and his prayer at eight was just incredibly fervent and real, even even with me telling you about it thirty one years later. But they they saw close up God in action. And as I mentioned earlier, particularly Rebecca, something to sing about.

And then the boys go out and support Rebecca all around the world. And we're still very much a praying family. We we do a devotional every night on the road. You know, I'm I'm trying to encourage anyone who's prepared to listen to look for Jesus on every every question, the commercial question, the emotional question, just across the board. And I and I think me being strengthened and courage and saying the wonder of Jesus when he took care of me when I was at my lowest. You know, Helen was very good.

She never criticized me when I probably there's probably reason to criticize me. And then seeing the church come in and stand beside us when we were doing it tough. Honestly, I'll never forget it. I don't think the kids will ever forget it. That's right. And all of us now can get a piece of that if we go see this new movie, Unsung Hero.

It's for King and Country. And again, it's the story of the small-boned family as it came over. And then, you know, obviously the miracles that happened. But I could see, you know, it looked like that that church that you went to in Nashville, that was a big connection for you guys.

Huge connection with People's Church, it's now called Church of the City. It was one of the guys there gave us a car. He also, when the word deal fell through, he that we were supposed to get a ten thousand dollar advance, he gave us that.

And I was feeling so weak at the time. I said, hey, man, I got to give you something back. Please accept half of Rebecca's publishing. Didn't mean anything because you didn't have a publishing deal, didn't have a record deal. He said, OK, I'll take it.

If I don't take it, the record label will take it. And over the next 10 years, that made him, I think, somewhere between a quarter of a million and three hundred thousand dollars. He was able to go to Ukraine as a missionary. And I love that story because it reminds us of the wonder of God's economy. And I think, you know, if if I can say anything after living what's in the movie, it's look for the answers in God's economy more so than in show business economy, which I live in or or the business economy, because there's something about living in the miraculous, which is incredibly life giving. Oh, that is a spectacular story because I really believe whatever you give to God, he multiplies. And so that that gentleman, you know, gave you that knowing that, hey, God will multiply this.

It's going to be great. However, it works out. And he ends up blessing him with it as well. And then, oh, the people in the Ukraine that need the help so desperately right now, you know, they're getting the services of that as well. And like you said, it's the church that's that's coming alongside of people. And, you know, where the world thinks that, you know, they've had it, they're done for.

But God has it a completely different way of rebuilding us and and and standing us back up on our feet because he made some spectacular stuff. And I really, really am excited. And so unfortunately, we just have a minute or two left.

I want to make sure you get said anything else that you want to make sure you got said today. Well, I think if you if you know anybody that is, you know, their families hurting or they're they're not of faith, they're not even not in church, invite them to go and see unsung hero. It people are leaving challenge to love on their family better and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. The story took me deeper in my relationship with Jesus. And I'm so thankful that I was thrown out of, you know, just a traditional way of living and, you know, thrown in the deep end. And that allowed myself and my family to see God move in wonderful and mysterious ways. And I'm I'm now an apologist for the life of faith.

I lived it and I have to tell you, Robbie, I've had a. Oh, wow, we lost him here again, right, right as we're coming in, but hey, we need to pray. In fact, let's just all pray right now. Lord, I thank you for the blessing of the small family and I thank you for this film unsung hero. And I pray your blessing on it, that people will hear these messages from wherever they're coming from and get out and watch this movie. Take the people that they love or the people that live next door that don't know Jesus, however it works. Lord, put it on their heart to bring them to this movie. And you bless it. And it's going to be amazing what you do. We thank you, God. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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