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Remembering Ravi Zacharias with Alex McFarland

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 23, 2020 5:00 pm

Remembering Ravi Zacharias with Alex McFarland

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 23, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Alex McFarland about the legacy of Ravi Zacharias.

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This is good Truth Network is it about winning arguments or winning souls to Christ.

Proverbs 1130 the fruit of the righteous is the tree of life, and he that when it souls is wise and who do you think of when you hear the first course, the Lord Jesus Christ. But Jesus that I will make you fishers of men and one of the great anglers.

One of the great Fisher fishermen of the Christian faith is gone on to heaven. His name is Ravi Zacharias what a legendary man of God. He just passed away recently after a bout with cancer and he is in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and I'm so excited to have on the phone I disguise all over the world. Traveling preaching one of Ravi Zacharias is disciples in Luke 640 Jesus said that his disciple will become like his teacher will that's exactly what is happened to Alex McFarland who in like fashion is Ravi Zacharias is preaching the gospel on college campuses debating atheist on YouTube all over national radio and TV. He's on his way to a webcast right now. This guy never stops but Alex, what about Ravi Zacharias man is so good to have you in all the stories and I've been on the stage with you and we Ravi is there to speak at your powerful conferences. What what happened to tell us real quick when you heard the news that Ravi had had busted into heaven. What went through your mind brother while well obviously it was rejoicing to think of a faithful servant of God is now in the present that she whom he served so faithfully unites to his kind of bittersweet 22 years ago with your help we started the truth for new generation ministries that have been all of the country to do 46 nature citywide apologetics. They and I remember the thrill 20 years ago planned out.

We put Robbie for the first time the weekend.

You know what a thrill for God raised up the apologetics movement and Ravi was just like the CS Lewis of our times.

Just a brilliant so articulate by he was a very sweet person. If you have a nice person and he could have been arrogant or you note conceded that he was not, and you know we booked him. It was my honor to introduce him on stage is numerous times to spend personal time with them and the that when I heard that he had gone to be with Jesus that rejoice that he heard those words well done good and faithful servant. I'm sure but you know, I do think it is the end of a major era in American evangelical ministry and really a new era in apologetics because the Ravi you know it there's a lot of apologists just Miguel Lee struggle all very close personal friends of our family. Ravi was he was on the level of design you really live scan is a Jedi Meister, the Obi-Wan Kenobi of apologetics and what a sweet spirit. Now Alex people see you, a lot to hear you a lot. Not everyone's met you in person.

Like I have not everyone is tasted the delicious Alex McFarland blueberry jam that I had actually this morning early. Alex and Farland peanut butter and did them just on a humorous side just really is delicious but people read your books but there is this this tendency for duplicity among a guy you see on the big screen are here preaching your like I wonder fees, no brutal to his wife. I wonder if he's really mean the people to just want to talk to him or autograph tell us about who was Ravi Zacharias when you guys were, you know, in the Cooper car coming from the airport to a big venue for him to preach one of your event was Ravi Zacharias when when you and Angie were sitting down with him and his sweet wife and over dinner of the night before that did tell us a little bit about the man you know on the screen and the man in real life.

I believe it was the real deal primarily. We did it 16 years ago at Yale University. I got say that this is kind of funny working on. We get to for new generation in New Haven, Connecticut, and I made about the trip up there and I met with no campus ministries and churches and I was even before our big conference I was on the campus of the Yale a number of times when I met a group of campus safety and they were like will Ravi Zacharias really be here in person or is this video I got a beer will be here in person and that they will want to meet him in. I got a question on what you want to ask Ravi and one of the guys had this silly question. You know, if God is all-powerful. Could God make a rock so heavy even he couldn't lift it, which is an old you know it's a contradictory meaningless question was. You can meet Ravi of course you are you mate Josh McDowell Norman Geisler Gary mathematically Strobel any anything you want anyway. Spoke and it was brilliant and I love the do this but I Ravi to give an altar call, which he did and hundred and 87 people accepted crying including the leader of a Hindu study group at Yale hundred 97/2200 people. Anyway, Robbie just was amazing, brilliant, and the atheist club that came kind of hit a deer in the headlight look and I went up to one of the guys that so unit you limit, Ravi. You and that there were like now were good. I like come on, I thought you wanted to get up and he's here, you're ready to school. Ravi and the atheists were like now that's okay we're good while and then that he was brilliant but let me say this. Ravi had chronic back pain and of course later. You know it was cancer and and and that ultimately would take his line. A lot of people don't know we were in the green room backstage at this moment.

Auditory men, New Haven, Connecticut, and Ravi was in such pain. He had to lay down on account because he was really hurting and down.

He was then I and talked with me and of course I was just like in a him as well but he took off of this counts where he had heard the laying on his back and he goes out there and he gives a dynamic message or like 5055 minutes almost an hour. He talks to people he finds books, ministers, he prays with people and then he went back to the grantor in and lay back down and my point is the public that would bear the median. The questions patiently. Then another guy was in my clonic while agony, but you never would've nine he was hurting and then back pain because he went out there. He gave of himself while, and I think that that glorifies God by nature. Does the voice you're hearing is that Dr. Alex McFarland, the author well-known conference speaker.

He coordinates and brings all these guys together you're going to have big venue and you'll see out there. Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel and of course Alex McFarland who's a huge draw himself and then they'll introduce Amanda the name of Ravi Zacharias who just made his grand introduction into heaven gone to be with the Lord after battle with cancer. Alex agree to come only briefly here to just challenge and encourage you and share some Robbie stories like you just did. Just amazing.

The atheist club's worst nightmare, but really a gracious man I'm really taught us how to win souls.

Not just win arguments and not demeaned.

We really value people as these harden atheist and agnostics and even false religions and cults would try to attack them and tear them down and trip them up. Robbie just had so much grace and so much wisdom and he said this one quote I love Robbie Jesus does not offer to make bad people good, but he makes dead people alive equivalent Ravi Zacharias Alex people listening so many people are discouraged by this and of course will pray for the whole Zacharias family and his ministry of let my people think and Ravi Zacharias International ministries, but it was a challenge. Really there is that there is a call here to the Alex McFarland's of this world.

The Stu Epperson's road.

Other young people in this world who course to may not have a notoriety may not have the the learning or the accomplish. You know the cosmos of a Ravi Zacharias but who's the next Ravi and Alice what your challenger was wrap up here on stepping into those big shoes of our dear brother in Christ Robbie was known heaven and proclaiming Christ boldly in these last days which are challenged to do that were there is a system which Robbie with a mega from heaven might be saying hey, take up the torch, take up the word of God or open your mouth and boldly proclaim the truth is the glories of the majesty of Christ. Would you say the challenge is going home. Alex well. Never underestimate what the Lord might want to end and through your line. You know I was with Ravi Focus on the Family a few years ago and up.

I asked Mike that the hey how can I be praying for you and he privately he said well you not I like it would be to public with this, but I've been invited to go to the Queen of England at the Queen want a private meeting with me and you not this was well-publicized, but a number of times Robbie told me that you would go in the Queen wanted the Queen of England, who is as far as I know devout believer. Ravi was almost like a chaplain talking with her Emmy how many people get summoned by the Queen Eleanor Geisler told me that in Trinity in the early 70s I looked at the did Ravi stand out as a brilliant student, Norm said that he got the bug when he went to the Lord last summer and he was the brilliant genius himself and out.

By the way when my wife and I renewed our vows that our 25th wedding anniversary. Dr. Geisler officiated. He was a dear brother. But norms that Robbie was quiet he didn't stand out as being especially brilliant, but he he had some gifts God gave him and he honed and worked on those gifts to the three things out. They very quickly at except the gifting was God's given you, and invest in growing those gifting and then serve the Lord where you are and God will take you to where he wants you to be. And thirdly, never underestimate what God would do to your life. Ravi did extraordinary things for God. I think he was just an ordinary believer, but he had an extraordinary level of commitment and and frankly a work ethic to work on his relationship with Jesus and he was a voracious reader and God used in mono on the world stage II. The time is short. Christ is coming down for us to step it up you be the those witnesses for Jesus and yet the defenders of the faith that the world needs to experience and so God blessed the memory of Robbie and May. May all of us be inspired and motivated by his example I meant Dr. Alex McFarland Alex one. Amanda God speaks all of the world in his is his biggest draw in is one of his dear friends in in in in someone beloved by the us all is Dr. Ravi Zacharias who is now with the Lord. Thank Alister popped in here, brother. You are such a blessing.

God bless you. There was a pleasure with visits and will do with me and God bless you brother almost a special thank you to one of the partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on this pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better.

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