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Open Doors For The Gospel?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 12, 2024 5:20 pm

Open Doors For The Gospel?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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What are some cool open doors you've had to share the gospel? That's what we're talking about all hour long on today's Truth Talk Live Podcast. Our special guest Jesse Connors with

You won't believe the stories from a door dasher to opportunities on the basketball court. Wow, God has opened a lot of doors. We want to hear yours, and we're so grateful for all of our listeners, all of our partners and sponsors, and for our friends at Now, here you go with this whole podcast of Truth Talk Live. Please share this with your friends, and order your free gospel cards to share the truth right now at Welcome to Truth Talk Live. All right, let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network.

This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Coming at you with some missions Monday, what is or has been an example of an open door for the gospel?

How has God opened a door for you to share the good news of Jesus Christ? Today marks the beginning of a missions revolution across the Truth Network, across Truth Talk Live. We are going to do something, I believe, that could be arguably the most important thing we've done in our existence.

I'm Stu Epperson. Welcome to this special, early-in-the-week, first-day-of-the-week, Monday missions moment here. We are going to empower you. We're going to mobilize you to go into all the world to give, to pray.

We're going to introduce you to a little card that's going to make a big difference. We've got a special guest coming on who's got more energy than any human being should be allowed to have. Grayson and I, we're going to have to take a power nap after this show today, Grayson, because we got Jesse coming up.

But I got to give a shout kudos to Grayson. The Boots on the Ground podcast is up. Now some of some weird things have happened since we did that show. First of all, I wasn't able to track my nephew down until Saturday morning. So I did the show thinking he's heading over for dinner. Couldn't, you know, could I thought is he ghosting me? Well, he ended up throwing in with a bunch of friends. He wasn't gonna see.

He's on his way to the military. You're like, Stu, what are you talking about? I'm talking about Free-for-all Friday when you, the amazing listeners, who the, this is a show where the hosts learn a lot from our listeners. Sometimes I learn more from you than you learn from me, believe me. That's not just hyperbole.

That actually happens. I gotta, I gotta, you see it, Grayson, my notes here I took, you know, from the show. It's Friday. Look at all those people that called in with great advice to me. I had just a few minutes, 24 hours, specifically, with my nephew before he was to ship off to the military. Now that was the modus operandi as of Friday.

Well, things have changed in literally, literally, right in front of our face. He didn't fly out early Saturday morning, or Sunday morning, so I thought I'd have Saturday with him. What did we do Saturday? We went to a funeral for an amazing Sunday school teacher of mine, and there were a bunch of amazing brothers in Christ who were also in that class. We got a picture.

It was really cool. And it was, she's the mother of a couple guys that I was in youth group with, and she put up with me in the 11th grade teaching me Sunday school, and I went to her service to celebrate her life. Miss Griggs. Her husband preceded her in death, and he's already in heaven with Pops. They were our teachers, and she was taller.

He was shorter. We had all kinds of questions, and they put up with us, and they brought donuts, and they loved us, and that was very formative in my Christian life. My prayer is that six of my students will come to my funeral one day, my celebration of life, right, that I taught Sunday school to. What a tribute.

Isn't that cool? So, took my nephew. What'd I do? I had 24 hours with him. You guys gave me great advice.

I took him to, and this was the show on Friday. People were calling in with great advice, great thoughts. Some took a little different perspective. Some disagreed.

Others, you know, whatnot. And then I took him to a funeral, and that was her funeral, and then I took him to a wedding of one of my, one of my best friend's daughter was married, and all of his family were there, and it was so good to see all of them. It was like a reunion. I took him to that wedding. Hadn't seen some of these people for years. Aunt Dolores, and John Paul, all the singers, and Brendan, and everybody, and all their wives, their kids, their grandkids.

It's really cool. And then we went to pray with an old coach of mine who was dying. They had called in hospice, and it was tough, and I took my nephew in. He's like, man, I gotta just take a nap in the car.

I'm exhausted. I didn't plan on all this, and well, you know, he hadn't, I don't think he had met Coach. So there he is with me, with Coach. We held Coach's hand. He was, he was a lot of medicine, but he was, he was giving me some feelers. He was, he was squeezing my hand like he could hear me, and me and my brother Val Elliott, and some others prayed with him, and got a call the next morning that Coach went to heaven midnight that night, and that's something.

So I took my nephew on, this is like top gun training for him, on his way to the military. I just had a little bit of time with him. Well, ends up the Lord worked it out for him to postpone his trip home.

He got a, his waiver was delayed for the military, a lot of complicated details. I won't mire you in those. So he was with me all day today. So we had lunch. Thank you, Mike, at Mayberry in Winston-Salem. Delicious bean and bacon soup. Thank you, Mike, for hosting us for lunch, and thank you, Dr. Carson, and Chetwood, Embalmer Nation, and who else was there?

Cousin Brian, who also served in the military, fighting for his country. So some sage advice from him, my son-in-law Harrison was there at lunch, as was another pastor who came by, Pastor Matt, and then Pastor, Doctor, not Doctor, but David, who's been discipling me for like 45 years, he came by and spent some time with us. So it was a power lunch, it was a prep lunch, because he's flying out tonight. So I just have a few more minutes with him.

But this is an open door. God's given me an open door in my nephew's life. By the way, I'm going to shout out Patty. She's listening to Truth Talk Live for the first time. She works with hospice and others.

Sweet lady, I just met her at Buy Good Coffee, a cool coffee shop in Winston-Salem, and Abby and Daryl, say hi to them if you're ever in there. And Patty's gonna listen, and we gave her a Bible bookmark, said hello, and we met with Uncle Phil and Colton, who just got out of the Marines a couple years ago. And he got to talk to my nephew and give him some wisdom about staying close to God, about what chapel to go to, and how to serve, and how to, you know, all the process. So it's just, thank you so much, God, just opened all these doors to pour into my nephew's life.

And it started right here on this show, in this chair, behind this mic. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The question is, what open doors has God provided for you to share the gospel? I just want a testimony. 86634 Truth, 86634 8 7 8 8 4.

A man of God who's committed to the gospel, who has a ministry called His name is Jesse Connors. Jesse, you're on the air, but we're at a break. Are you excited, my friend? I know you are, about joining us all hour long, Jesse. It's gonna be a fun hour. Are you pumped? Are you ready? I am ready to see what God is gonna do. He always does great things. Open doors for the gospel. Tell us your open door story. I know you have one. 86634 Truth on Truth Talk Live, coming up all hour long.

It's gonna be a great time. The Apostle Paul asked for prayer for two things at the end of Ephesians 6, at the end of that epic, classic Armor of God passage. He asked for two things. He asked for boldness, and he asked for open doors.

Wow. What open doors has God given you for the gospel? What open doors are you praying for? Jesse Connors, founder, president, CEO of, a ministry that touches people all over the world with the gospel.

He is intensely motivated to share Jesus with every soul on planet Earth. We've collaborated on this cool Share the Truth initiative, where you just—it's a card, right, Jesse? It's a simple card! How hard is it to just give a card to somebody? How often does a card open the door? Hey, can I have your card? Hey, here's a card. Right?

That's right. You know, we're here to make the Great Commission great again. Amen. And that's something when less than— when I heard a pastor on the Truth Network this morning of a vibrant church that's growing, giving, glowing, and going, and doing everything right, yet he says only 19% of our church, even tithes!

I thought, wow. But what would be scarier is how many—what percentage of believers actually share the gospel? It's less than 10%. Jesse claims it's 1%.

I'm a little more optimistic than that, but you can— It's 1%. Well, it's to a stranger. It's to a stranger. So people are more willing to talk to their friends or their colleagues than they are to a stranger, yet we see in Scripture, you know, Jesus interacting with strangers. We have to ask ourselves, what would happen if Jesus dealt with strangers the way we deal with strangers?

Isn't that something? And the answer would be, he wouldn't have a ministry. Think about the woman at the well, the disciples that were fishing, come follow me.

I'll make you a picture of the man. He didn't really have a relationship, and then, of course, you know, God did tell us the two greatest commandments. The first is to love Him with all of our heart, with all of our strength, with all of our mind, and the other one is like it, to love our neighbor as ourselves. And, of course, he has asked that question, that really important question, who is your neighbor?

And guess what? He uses the Samaritan, the Good Samaritan story, and we find out there that our strangers around us are our neighbors, and we need to reach them. There's a very important tool now available that wasn't, it wasn't there for the early church, didn't have all the answers wrapped at their fingertips. There would be a requirement to know so many things, and they would have to go out, and they did. They spread the gospel. They were bold and courageous. Well, you know, just this generation needs something easy where they can become bold and courageous, where they can experience the love that God has for them, where they can experience the power of the Holy Spirit through them, and then through His love for others.

That's really what happens when you're in His presence, you experience His love for others. I love it. So you've created this tool. We're going to talk about it all hour long. We've got to go to Ohio. We have a caller asking the question with Jesse. He's riding shotgun all hour long, talking about how to share the truth, and what are your open doors? Tell us a testimony real quick about how God has opened a door for you with a gospel, and the number is 866-34-TRUTH.

866-348-7884. And wait till you hear Jesse's story. Jesse, you've got to hold your powder. This is like a teaser, right? We're going to wait till a little bit into the show.

But Cetius is on the air calling from Ohio, listening to us on 106.5 FM. Go ahead, you're on Truth Talk Live. Sure, great.

Thanks so much. You know, I had something I was sad to say, and I sit here, and I think, there are so many doors that God has opened. I mean, so many, right?

There's never just one. But the most significant, I think, to me, came from trial. I have lost three children prior to their birth, and the last one was very, very traumatic for me, because it was in between my two daughters, in between my two daughters, but two weeks just before the baby was due.

So it was full term, and you know, you have to do the death certificate and all those kind of things. It was really hard for me, and I am not an emotional person. I'm a very factual, you know, stay-inside-the-lines kind of person, but that one really hit me hard. And I really had to question God, why would you do this to me again and again and again?

Why, why, why? And it wasn't until a couple of years later, and I ran across a young girl. She'd been trying to get pregnant for a long time, lost her first child, and I was able to witness to her that she's not alone. She's not the only person that this has ever happened to, that God is there for her. It always makes me cry, how sad. It makes me cry more for her than myself. Yeah, but the open door, I mean, the pain she's feeling, you felt that pain. Jesse Connors, I mean, what a brilliant that God used this lady to minister in such a unique way.

What do you say to Seddie, Jesse? Well, me and my wife, we lost a child as well, and my heart is absolutely torn for yours, and I know you can hide your feelings and emotions, and then we, you know, we unravel that on national radio. That by itself is, I think, a tribute to their life. I believe they're in heaven, and I believe God predestines those he foreknows, and we can believe that they are predestined to go to heaven. But how beautiful is it that she leveraged that to share with, I mean, instead of just going into isolation, she's sharing with someone else through that pain the gospel?

That's the dream. Whenever you're hurt, and whenever you're in pain, or whenever you have something traumatic happen, God is known for taking those ashes and making them beautiful, and I am so thankful that this one story is just the tip of the iceberg for all the stories you're going to continue to have. Like even saying, hey, I was on radio today telling an untold amount of people my story, and now there's so many others that share the same testimony, and they know how to use this pain. Now the other answer to the theological side is, why does God allow evil? Well, because there's choice. There's good and evil. We're allowed, we can't be absent from God.

But look at that, but specifically, Jesse, just specifically on point here, there are dark things, devastating things that's happened. Like for instance, yesterday, Saturday, the wedding was a celebration, okay? Saw a lot of people.

They were happy. The mood was different. Tons of gospel openings there.

Tons of them. But the event before that was a funeral, Setis, you know? And so think about the depression and the sadness, but again, tons of open doors. I didn't have appointments with those people. I didn't have to call their secretary or their screener or their handler to try to get in to meet with them there. I'm standing with them on a sidewalk, you know? Right, and you know, it's much easier to talk to strangers. We're talking, it's easier to discuss with friends, but it's not. Friends are so judgmental. They can be, and family. They tend to bring up all the mistakes, yeah, and they bring up all the mistakes that you made. You're not perfect, you know, you're full enough.

But a stranger, you can go, you can tell your heart to them, you can testify, but yeah, but if they judge you, you're already gone. Sure, is your name Sharon? Is that what she said her name was? Setis. Setis. Setis, yeah.

Setis, that's beautiful. Okay, so let me just kind of tell you about what we're doing really quick before break, but I want to say that we have invitation cards where one side has on it, and the other side has on it. It allows people to go online and get their questions answered for free and find a local church. The other side allows a believer to order their cards for free, so now all you have to do is say, hey. We're at a break.

You're going to tell us a lot more on the other side of the break. Setis, thank you for calling. God bless you. 866-34-TRUTH. How has your open door, even tragedy, been an open door for the gospel?

Tell us about your open doors at 866-348-7884 on Truth Talk Live. Hang on. There you are. You didn't expect to be at the bedside of someone dying who was very close to you. You didn't expect to be in the ER. You didn't expect to be in the back of an ambulance. You didn't expect to be at a wedding or at a funeral, but there you are with a bunch of people. What is that? Is that something that you just kind of silence and go quiet and go stealth, or is that an open door for the gospel? So we're making it really, really easy. This is like cookies on the bottom shelf here on Truth Talk Live. I'm Stu Everson. Setis, thank you for your call.

Amazing. The trauma of losing a child, and then instead of just introverting or internalizing all that, she still has to grieve, and maybe this was a part of that process calling the show today, but she turned and shared the gospel through her pain with others. I mean, John 11, Jesus wept, but it was to show the glory of God, but he feels our pain in a remarkable way, and it was tempted in all points, just as we are, yet without sin.

Hebrews 4-12, or Hebrews 4-13-14 right there, tells us he's our great high priest. So how are you leveraging these open doors for the gospel? Tell us about open doors that God has brought into your life, where you've been able to share the gospel. And it can be something superficial, like a DoorDash driver, which it's a nice little soft tee up for Jesse here, our special guest with, and If you want to call in with your open door, how God's opened a door for you, be it a trivial conversation, maybe chit-chatting about the Super Bowl, hello, why are these people in my living room?

These neighbors who I don't normally share wings with, and pizza and buffalo dip, thank you to my wife for making that amazing buffalo chicken dip, why am I in this room with them? It's an open door to share the gospel. They're already believers, it's an open door to encourage them in the Lord.

How are you, how are your marriage, how can I pray for you, how are your kids? It's an open door to mobilize them, like Jesse is doing to us. Jesse is holding every single person listening right now, including this loud host here, Stu Epperson, accountable to share the gospel by simply giving us a card. So if Satise or any caller, Jesse, calls the number or goes to the website even easier, they go to what website, and they order a little card. The front of the card is, follow me, the back of the card is, become a fisher of men. Right, Jesse?

It's that easy, huh? That's right. Well, in other words, the front of it is is for the believer to go to so they can order their own cards for free. So one side allows that card to multiply, the other side has on it, which has a statement that says, for peace, hope, and unconditional love, and there's a QR code, it's scanned, and then the gospel presentation is given to them, and you see hundreds of people packing the boxes behind Jonathan Follow, the chancellor of Liberty University. He is then sharing the gospel, and then down below him are all the video answers to life's hard questions, and it actually has the opportunity to adapt to the person that is watching. So if they're a Mormon or an atheist or Jehovah's Witness or a Muslim, it contours itself to the watcher of that website, and it also helps them find a local church. Now, Jesse, before you go past that, let's just baby-step it here, okay?

Remember, the KISS method, keep it simple stew, okay? And I do have that trademark, so I'm trying to get that from you. You're saying that if God's opened a door and I'm talking to a brilliant astrophysicist atheist, you're saying there are videos at this website,, that will walk me right through it, or if I'm sharing with a Mormon friend who is completely lost and has the wrong Jesus in their crosshairs, there are guests to share with Latter-day Saints, there are videos to share with Jehovah's Witnesses, there are videos to share with skeptics. You're saying they're all at that website, so there's no excuse for me.

What's that? Well, there are former believers in the world view, Stu. That's the point, is that we're giving them the people that I would want to have with them. I would want to hear, if I wasn't a Christian, if I was a Mormon, what would I need to hear? If I was an atheist, what would I need to hear?

If I was a Muslim, what would I need to hear? That's what we did, because we're loving others the way we want to be loved, and we've done that through this website, and people can get to for free right now. The shipping's for free, everything's free.

Go to Now, is helping us with doubling the donations so that we can keep these cars for free. The more we have ordered, the quicker we can stay on that non-profit shipping rate, and so we have boxes of 250 cards with an instruction guide on what to say. To hand out the card, you simply say, I may never see you again, so I wanted to give you this.

It's a website that proves Jesus loves you. Now, can a simple card like this help someone come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Let's go ahead and play that little 60 second spot.

Oh yeah, we got to play this. Now, before you play it, Grayson, let me give the number if you want to share about an open door for the gospel. 866-34-TRUTH. 866-34-8784. Tell us your open door story, how God opened a simple door for you. Could have been with a Valley, you know, driver.

Parker could have been with a waiter at a restaurant. 866-34-TRUTH. Taking those testimonies, we got Jesse riding with us today on Truth Talk Live, This is an amazing story of an open door through a door dash kind of situation. Crazy.

Grayson, play this for us right now. Go ahead. Someone just got saved in Orlando, Florida because of the free evangelism cards. Let's call over there to see what happened. Hello? Hey, is this Rich? Yep. Rich, this is Jesse with You're on the radio. Can you tell us what happened?

Sure. So last month I gave a card to Thomas, a door dash driver, and said, I may never see you again, so I just wanted to give you this. It's a website that proves that Jesus loves you. Well, he took the card, and then this month delivered another order for me. When I opened the door, he excitedly told me that because of the ShareTheTruthNow card, he was able to go to and find all the free video answers that he needed to accept Christ for salvation.

And he's also used the website that he plugged into a local church in his area. Wow, that is awesome, Rich. What do you want to tell to everybody else here listening?

Well, hey, listen, I'm no different than you. Anybody can do this. Go to right now, and order a box of these free cards to hand out, and get a front-row seat to watch as God changes the world, one bar at a time. Wow, Jesse, that was pretty powerful. Now, we just debuted a message that's never been heard before until right here and right now. And this is, you're gonna do these, run these Share The Truth Now minutes all over stations all across the country, the goal of which is what, Jesse? To start a revival. We're out praying for Trump to win, maybe more than we're praying for a revival to happen.

It's a change of heart in this country that we need, and it's an important part of our realizing that, and I have to share this. In Hebrews 12, the last chapter, it talks about how Jesus was taken outside of Jerusalem to be tortured on that cross and killed for us, and it follows up by saying that we should be willing to go outside of the city, outside of our comfort zone, and to be put in that same position for Christ. When we stick out our hand with a card in it and say, hey, I may never see you again, so I want to give you this, it's a website that proves Jesus loves you, we are then following His command to go outside the city. Until then, we are never going to fulfill the mission that God created us for.

We should be more happy about the Great Commission than anything else in our lives, because it's the number one thing He told us to do down here. In fact, politics is an open door for the Gospel. You know, you get past the temporal, the material, you know, play it out, your candidate wins, the country goes the way you want it to go, but still, you go to hell.

What good is that? So talk to people about their soul. Well, you know, not their political affiliation, but their eternal affiliation, but use the political, the material, the temporal, the economical, to get to the eternal. What are you doing with Jesus Christ?

Only He can admit you to heaven. So the, the whole message, these little cards, are geared not to turn someone from one political party to another, or to change things in the voting polls, but to bring people to Jesus Christ. And so it doesn't mean that it's not important that you watch the Super Bowl.

It doesn't mean it's not important that you vote. We're not denigrating aspects of life that you normally have. But what we're saying is there's something so much bigger that transcends all that, and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And so when you have a door dasher that comes back and says, hey, you're not going to believe what happened.

I saw these videos. Man, this is exactly where the Lord's been convicting me. I want more cards. I want to share the Gospel with more people. This had to bring joy to your heart, Jesse.

It had to. Well, is letting anyone get these cards for free to hand out. All you have to do is just say, I may never see you again, so I want to give this to you. It's a website that proves Jesus loves you. And then they're taken to a website where they are able to get their questions answered on It can source their faith. It can find a church.

The believers can actually order their own cards, and then that allows this revival effort to happen. That was Stu Epperson's idea, and I know he's one of my best friends. You're listening to him. We're on the same radio. We've got to get him on the line right now. Let me see if I can get him on the line. Is he in the studio? Grayson, can you call Stu and get him on the phone? Oh, wait, wait a second. You're talking about me in front of my back.

What's going on here? Hey, well, I have to tell everybody that we would not be here without Stu Epperson. His amazing antenna to Christ is always... Well, here's why he's here.

Let me tell you why he's here. To get that antenna out to reach more people like Patty, who's now a first-time listener to the show. She works with hospice folks. She's a sweet lady. We were at coffee, and we were talking to Abby at Buy Good Coffee, and there Patty is, and she's like, yeah, I work with hospice.

No way. I told her about my coach praying with him before he died on Saturday night, and she just kind of teared up. I said, thank you for your service. I said, we're going to talk about that and how to share the truth, and here's a Share the Truth card.

She was so excited, Jesse. So she's listening now, and you can not only listen, but call in with your open-door story. Tell us how God has opened the door for you to share the gospel at 866-34-TRUTH. More coming up right after this quick break. Hang on. truth open doors for the gospel you know that statement that language infers implies that you're looking for an open door are you thinking am i thinking hey lord how do i share the gospel with this person sitting next to me on the airplane i mean there i was jesse a board and a flight to new york and in walks there's one seat on that plane left and it happens to be the middle seat right next to me and in walks a big giant strapping dude had to be six five close to 300 pounds huge i'm thinking you know what this guy's going to be in this seat next to me and there this is tight and sure enough he was he was a pro wrestler and i just started praying immediately you know for my life lord help me not to say anything that's gonna get me on the wrong side of the sky right jesse like you know big tattoos big mohawk you know i'm like but then i started praying lord i i i i don't know i've been in this situation but i i pray for an open door you know i really needed the russian nightmare nikita colaf because you know he would let the whole plane to christ and you know and you're thinking well i'm not jesse i'm not billy gramm i'm not you know i i'm not charles wesley i'm not whitfield what am i gonna do who am i gonna lead to christ well hold on a second do you have the holy spirit living in you do you have the good news of the gospel have you been changed by him are you a follower of christ as you just said follow me i'll make you fishers of men so it's you know or how are you baiting the hook how you pray for open doors and god opened the door and it ended up being an hour-long conversation the whole trip with this fella and we were on our way to new york and god just worked and so by the way he's on my email list for my weekly bible study i do he asked me on that list and so uh we have some very minor interaction on social media but god's opened doors jesse yeah but i but it went from i went from fear to thinking man i'm gonna get suflexed here you know on on row uh 27 here on this flight and it might be my last you know my last trip or and but i said lord do something and god did and he always has a way of doing that jesse god is so faithful in what you're doing with true life you're literally empowering a whole generation of believers to do what we're already called to do by the lord but you're just giving this gentle loving nudge because it's a privilege it is a true privilege to be able to share the gospel right jesse and we don't know how much longer the person you are with at the super bowl what if you what if that's the last time you ever see him that that super bowl party that was fun wasn't it the dip was good you talk like oh how about that commercial oh oh what about halftime show oh retro back took me back to the 80s oh how cool you know well i'm not saying don't talk about the trivial i'm not saying don't but at some point jesse we gotta we gotta get to where's the beef we gotta get to what what's going on with your soul and are you ready to stand before god and and then if you're a believer who are you taking with you and how can i come alongside you and help you share the gospel that's why we're here right here right now jesse what a great tool this is thank you for doing this jesse it's so exciting isn't it to be able to share the gospel that's right well they can go get the cards at for free it's shipped to them for free and they are able to get cards that allow unbelievers to go online and get the questions answered that they need and find a local church and the other side allows the card to uh be scanned the cards can get scanned and they can or the person that gets the card actually can order their own cards for free which multiplies the effort it's multiplied yeah it's like you think you know we are so selfish we are so so someone hands me a card or a track i'm like i'm already saved how dare you no no no no no no no no hold it hold the fork hold the train of course you are but this is not for you this is for that person sitting on the other side of you who's on their way to hell and you might be the only person that loves them into heaven and shares the good news of jesus with them we're not asking for some long diatribe or polemic or some exposition of the ontology and existence of god we're simply jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so here's a card that proves god loves you jesse it's just simple that you know the that insurance company did a thing so simple a caveman can do it right well these to share the truth we should run a campaign you know so simple a caveman can share the gospel right no you you sinner hey you sinner god holy you need jesus the cross is the answer the bridge to life and here's a bunch of videos that point you that way and by the way hello to my our landlord david he's listening right now to truth talk live we're sitting in a building that this man was courageous enough to lead to us for all these years jesse and next time i see him i'm going to tell him order some share the truth cards because he's going talking to all kinds of tenants and and he's going talking all kinds of business people in industry and he has access to people that his preacher may never bump into right and so he can order a card and say hey and of course i like to write the christian radio station on there whatever market i'm in so i was in greenville south carolina last week at a cool barbecue shop at henry smokehouse shout out to them on wade hampton boulevard and i just took a card gave it to the dude who's in financial planning mike i wrote 96.9 fm i said hey be encouraged listen that station hit that qr code you know you're you're a believer already but but you know you there's some videos to equip you to share the gospel war and then to order 200 cards so now mike is weaponized jesse we're weaponizing believers to honor christ and okay now my landlord's you know give me a positive text back thankfully i mean he's not he's not kicking us out for this i mean you know some folks you share the gospel you're done right you're toast right jesse but it's legal to do that in our country and jesse what happens when a whole generation of people start sharing the gospel what happens jesse tell everybody it's the r-word let's just throw that r-word out right now go ahead yeah matt saver said that a revival would would fix everything and he's in front of the supreme court like for the seventh time in a couple weeks so that's what it comes down to it's like if we don't want to share our faith and we're not going to have a revival and when i here's the thing everyone else always thinks that someone else will do it someone else will go to share the truth now dot com and do it well that's that's not actually happening there's no one going to share the truth now dot com right now we haven't had one order okay my landlord just texted me he said i'm he said i'm ordering the cards i you know i'm texting and driving the show you know the only time you're allowed to text to drive is you've been texting and driving a talk show i'm behind the mic texting he i texted him i texted him i texted him share the truth now dot com he says i'm going to order the cards right now now he might be driving jesse i don't want him to wreck but this is i'm just emphasizing the point that there's a lot of people listening and they think that someone else could do it well the answer to that is no we're all called to do it it's easy we can't get easier than this and it's just you staying to somebody that hands you something something first you could say and i also want to give you this it's a website that proves you this loves you and there's instructions that are there for you to tell you what to say there's many times many many times we have many many people that respond and so we're thankful for that but today we haven't had many people respond so i just want you guys to hear that because share the truth now dot com is the best revival hope we have for this country yeah imagine this imagine a scenario where every christian every born again christian shares the gospel just imagine that scenario imagine the revival that will bust loose if that well well let's think about everybody hold on how about you how about you i can't reach everyone in the world no but you can reach your neighbor you can reach that person that hands you that that overpriced latte every morning you can just give them a card say hey god bless you here's a card check this out and i'd love to have a car i'd love to have a conversation with you about this sometime you know this is not like yeah bill came on i want i want people to hear i filled one of our partners he does saturate usa they put 60 million gift bags gift bags out to churches across the country they've put these door bags with the jesus film dvd gospel track and uh and information about the church at that's one of our major partners for the share the truth initiative they're helping our cards to be free for people to order and uh phil hello how are you i'm so blessed i can hardly stand it how are you hey phil thanks for your partnership hey we got to cut right to it brother we only have two minutes left in the whole show why should everybody what's the positive encouragement to everyone listening i mean it's not like survival of the fittest you know natural selection only a few believers are fit to share the gospel phil why is everybody listening everybody listening to share the gospel right here right now talk to us buddy go jump jump the reason somebody is fit to share the gospel is if they've been forgiven of their own sins if they have received jesus jesus gift is for free he gives the gift to everybody who believes that's the that's the whole gospel is that if you believe in jesus then you receive the gift of god through jesus christ for your own salvation and that's why you should be sharing it with everybody else because it's a free yeah it's not something you hide under the bushel and so everyone is this this amazing privilege is just it's open to everyone and by the way everyone is commanded and compelled by jesus to go into all the world and share the gospel so so so we're making this so easy and just imagine i want to guess what's going to happen guys on this show jesse people are going to call this show next week or whenever we have you on again and they're going to just share from their heart miracle stories of what happened just like that the little ad we played that we're running jesse the miracle the excitement jesse talk about the excitement in someone's eyes when they share the gospel for the first time talk about that real quick well okay phil stew and i have all handed out hundreds of cars from share the truth now dot com and every one of us every one of us in that hundreds and how guys how many of them have said no to you i say well one out of a hundred is that is that fair yeah i haven't had one yet but wow it's easy it's easy to hand out people are excited about it but what's great is what you've told me is and it happens to me is when somebody says i'm a christian then i flip the card over and i say well this side is for you absolutely you can order free cards and they just it blows their mind they can actually do the same thing it's wonderful to be able to multiply ourselves and how about that question well do you know anyone that's not a christian how about that question are you by the way is anyone in this world not saved well then you better take you sir you shouldn't just take one card for me you should clean me out clean me out of cards because this is what it's i mean i was i i made a free throw in a suit on saturday after the wedding a bunch of young people were playing i said if i hit this shot everyone gets to share the truth card my nephew filmed it i hit the shot thank you for your order and god bless you awesome charlotte just ordered how about that Saunders thank you they're coming in hey and get them out through through basketball phil and jesse open doors are everywhere right just take it the truth there these two girls these two women of the faith they are going to have a harvest they're going to give the website because we got to we got four more seconds jesse what's the website so if you can order their cards now truth share the truth now people share the truth now dot com share the truth now dot com let's go into all the world and share the truth and pray for those open doors
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