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Part 2 of Stu and Cynthia Garrett interview awesome advocate for Christ

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 6, 2018 11:27 am

Part 2 of Stu and Cynthia Garrett interview awesome advocate for Christ

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 6, 2018 11:27 am

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What a treat to have in the studio, a mighty woman of God, a powerful story and but there's this common thread of Jesus Christ and his powerful life-changing work in your life, Cynthia. It's okay to evaluate me here today. Sometimes I forget to share actually, you know, an angel of the Lord brought me the word of God, and I know that sounds really crazy but on day three of being locked in isolation down this prison cell. I go to sleep and I am as you can imagine in a real state of panic because I don't know if my family knows why am I mean II left them. They left me in Paris with a crazy man. They kinda knew I'd may be made a big mistake in marrying who I married, but I wanted to try to make it work because I didn't want to fail because that was a whole other level stuff that I was dealing with. And so I went to sleep.

Day three night three and I had. I call it a dream.

It was kind of like a vision and it was as real as I'm sitting here today and there was this angel and she sorta came down on a cloud and she was dressed all in white and I remember looking at her thinking. She looked exactly like my grandmother and she had piercing blue eyes.

Pastor Kevin and my husband's that number there that you guys can see them but she did and my grandmother was Italian and she had brown hair and these beautiful blue eyes and this angel was standing in front of me on this cloud. In this vision, and she had something in her hands and it was a book and she said do you know what this says this is God's word and he's can send it to you and if you read it he'll save you and it'll change your life.

And I looked at the book and on the book said the words good news. Now I this was plain as day. So I like. I go to sleep. I wake up the next morning because I get a knock on my prison cell door and the woman who ran the woman side of the prison was a woman named Señora mighty Mucha and she came to my door and with the help of the girl in the cell next door and an English Italian dictionary. She explained to me that there was someone who was coming to see me now. I did not know until later that the person coming to see me, is the nun over the prisons in this part of Italy. I was on the island of Sardinia. So I looked down to my left and walking down the hall. Is this little none.

She's dressed in white from head to toe. She's got striking blue eyes. She looks exactly like my grandmother exactly like the angel from my dream and actually I forgot to mention this morning that her name is what Angela which means sister Angela, which translates angel and Italian tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor and in her hand she's holding a book and it says do you know she says, do you know what this is. This is God's word. If you read it, he's gonna save you and change your life and on it are written the words.

The good news Bible and I fainted and I thought that's general rider yeah stream and she shows it was Bible yeah you started reading the Bible story you have the best-selling book the most on book. The book is illegal in 57 countries right now. While the current goal while that we have it we have. We actually are, how we got in here while you really get one into the stew yesterday that we can still get one in the studio sometime this morning to have us one of the risk when you are written to someone 30 98 you when you reference Scripture verses that would look about, so I try to do it discreetly because you see yes some of the bad. I love to run. You have someone 30 98 is powerful because you know if I go up to heaven, he will be there if I make my bed in hell he will be there and so many folks have make my bed in hell there in the trawler right now and you talk about that you talk about the folks that are victimized. The folks are stuck on on our porch to their lady came about you in tears. Talk about her daughter passionately about, you know just what what you know she's just talk just about start in March start a ministry that you talked about folks that are in poverty.

You talk a lot about victims nowhere we've we look I love your life nothing and you can start a lot of arches and you can startle or start a lot of revolts in the in and carried that victims led yeah you could arrest nothing forever but so God didn't take human God did something so erection you yeah yeah listen. The mean my father taught me how never to play the victim and that's a big statement because my dad is I shared this morning was a black man from the state of Texas and in the very early 60s, when Blacks couldn't even write on the same buses use the same bathrooms or drink out of thin water fountains. My father and his business partner would disguise themselves as a chauffeur and a janitor to get into their own board meetings board meetings for the seven white banks and savings and long that he bought on the banks they own their head up for this discussion – up yeah and their friends were white businessmen who started the first thing San Francisco would pretend to be the owners and racism eventually took my father's business down here that first time so that's why this lesson is even more important because at the end of my dad's life in the year 2000 when I was given my first big show on NBC called later with Cynthia Garrett at the time my I looked at my dad and I asked him about race in America and what I should stand for as a black woman and he said listen baby girl he sell me tell you something. The first minute that someone does you a harm cry and get it out of your system. He said, but please, after 20 minutes, you're darn fool never choose to play the victim.

You gotta take the hand that life is giving you and you have to play it as best you can and so from someone who could've been a victim who chose not to be a victim. I have a lot to say about the culture of the black large matters to me, too. There's a lot of vision about challenges you hate a lot of lot of anger a lot of upset a lot of brutality go around all sides. What does Cynthia Garrett say that. Don't be a victim it's heart you know and it's hard look at me.

The reality is that difficult stuff happens know people today live with more challenge and more brokenness and more hurt and more pain and more abuse than you know than I've seen in my lifetime and I always try to extend an invitation to know Jesus.

If I can because that's what's given me strength and it's what's given me hope and it's what gives me the ability to get up in love not just myself but other people and so it's kind of like it's cheesy today. In some ways to talk about being a Christian, but I happen to think it's kinda cool and I've always talked about being a Christian and an II because I want people to have better lives. That said, I just want them to have a great line and it really starts were coming out the forgiveness theme you talk about what is huge in and you really you, with your love how you addressed, you do tap the political just enough to coming to this to get her attention. Talked with likewise letters to me to all these movements that litter so many are driven by folks, anger, inequality I've been mistreated, but you took such a whole other level in your density about victims and about the power of Christ forgiveness speak that will quickly this idea of forgiveness and how that supersedes everything while luck. In reality, you know, I dealt with sexual harassment and sexual abuse my entire life and and I spoke quite freely about that. I've dealt with a lot of stuff, you know, that has caused me to struggle with feeling overlooked or or or feeling. You know, anger and resentments and all of those things. But the reality is that we can choose to live with our victimization which gives it power. We can choose to hold those who heard us in unforgiveness which gives it power or we can choose to give our right to judge to God. Cut other people's victimization off of us because it's a chain and if we don't break those chains of unforgiveness.

We remain a slave to them for the rest of our lives and come right back after this break was our online audience in our life. Social media on Instagram and on your wonderful instrument. Page are still watching on Facebook lives well and only go to my Facebook the podcast be available soon. Stay tuned or get into that speak about shame want to speak about purity. Morning shows or points to God gave you this morning. The really spoke to people just need me. I looked around if you like.

I was looking at the big giant screen over here. A lot of folks are looking straight at you even farther back. This want to see the live person or courthouse in a way that I can see better on the screen but working up hang onto thoughts come right back

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