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Stu speaks with Cynthia Garrett from VH1 to The London Sessions

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 6, 2018 11:29 am

Stu speaks with Cynthia Garrett from VH1 to The London Sessions

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Rebecca true that we can a high level just a little powerful testimony. This woman just shared a lot of things to go back and listen to the earlier of you. If you just now hopped in and this is also on RR of our national show to talk weekend which will will be played in real time in a few days from now. On the weekend, but in a park out and beat it will be a podcast available soon to but what what I want to make sure that we we we communicate is your cancer survivor, sexual abuse, you're in prison made it made a lot of mistakes yeah okay in a novel yeah a lot of those with a lot of those things that happened to me were also the result of my own choices in my own behavior so people listening out there in life that have realized while I messed up.

I'm just not good enough for God. I'm not getting done. Can you talk about purity. That's a fastening you talk about purity and holiness and all that comes together at this event called the cross of Jesus Christ. We talk about how people are. You are washed by Jesus made completely pure. Hillyer says our scarlet patiently white as snow. We talked about that we talk we look in the cameras are talking the mic to people how they can be washed. They can be pure, they can be transformed by no well it's you know there's a scripture that says whom the son sets free is free indeed. And that powerfully touched my life because I think all of you out there watching understand that we all just want to walk in freedom. We want to walk authentically who we feel God created us to be in. And so there's there's this thing that I always want to share and leave you with any and it it's it's called faith in Jesus and I remember the feeling of becoming born again is all by myself in a prison cell in Italy and I was reading the word and the word of God was so alive it's like it's like people say when you read the Bible.

It's alive it's active. It's sharper than any two-edged sword, and it's true, and it was speaking in my heart. And speaking of my soul in places that human beings couldn't understand because all of us know we've got a lot of secrets we live with secrets. We live with shame.

Stu mentioned the weight of shame. You know the heaviest weight you can walk around within your life is a weight called shame or guilt. They they are like anchors around your legs stopping you from doing what it is that you want to do and stopping you from walking in the power of who God created you to be. And so the reason why I offer you the ability to know Jesus all the time is much as I can, is because our one job is really to go out and share the gospel to make Disciples of Christ and so when I realized that he alone is the famous one.

It took a lot of pressure off of me to look for the approval of men, you know, to feel validated or important. So if you're feeling that way if you feel sometimes like Eve, you can't get the approval in the validation and the love that you need. Then I honestly tell you that with all my heart I don't just say these words lightly.

Jesus Christ died for your sins.

And he wants to know you and it's really simple.

It's as simple as stopping right now in this moment and saying Jesus, I want to know you I love you I want you to come in my life. I want you to take over. I don't want anybody else's judgment. I want your love and that said inviting men, and then you begin a covenant relationship with the living God, who is a really good father. And for those of you watching who are parents understand as parents understand I didn't have my son so that he loved me and follow the rules. I had my son so that I could have a relationship with him and that hopefully he would love me in return and that I could love him and see the Bible says if those of us being good. Good parents not to love our kids how much more our father in heaven. So he's the perfect parent. He's the perfect father and many of us have been drop by our dads or our parents and so it's hard to love God because we have a hard time imagining what it's like to love a perfect father but he is. He's just that he's perfect father.

So I invite you into that relationship and I think that's what were trying to deal us will return to Cynthia brilliant and really powerful that we are as believers, no matter how big your platform or how small we are here to make Jesus famous in the question is and you challenge people on purity you chose believers. There chose junkie will be sexually pure. Oh yeah I don't know the losing that person or not, your wife, Alice and I made every mistake you can make is when you're looking for love in all the wrong places, especially as a young woman today and and if you're semi-decent looking guys are the easiest thing to get that you give yourself away to give yourself away. Time after time after time girls you know this you know and you know there's a reason why Beyoncé song became so famous because I think there's something inside of women that knows if you want it, then you better put a ring on it like we know that were worth more than what we getting, but what I want is for fruit for young men and women to understand that walking out purely is so powerful it's so powerful.

It gave me my husband courted me for four years. Celibate for years, a fellow writer for that fellow brother Wright waited until our wedding night. And so even if you're spiraling out of the bicycle before it's never too late, powerful, and I wanted I wanted to say thank you to Peter, you called up your passage how we are a peculiar people garage and you laughed at the girl yesterday who went to went to high school. My daughter and she's sick she went to to a department store to buy some things for their new apartment. When her fiancé get married in a couple months and the woman was like a jerk turned white as a ghost went when the girls are known or not living together towards removing me you know you know I don't know what we can do but she did not see himself like some better so you know what I love Jesus and he's got such a powerful way and we want to really have the trust are merged and you will blow it in invoked folks are blowing out there, but right now right the second right from now on you can do different now you can do it right and so in and saw would cook it, but but did into that. The last thing your dad told you, you called today was people find godly people to love Jesus right get with them right.

It's it it's the Barbra Streisand song from funny lady people who need people are the luckiest people in the world that's on Vanessa my dad told me said you need people, black people, white people rich people poor people skinny people start people talking needy people any people to do anything in life.

So that's the suit so first of all, if you're if you're in that courtship getting mowed it in the guide is your with that love Jesus with all his heart get away as fast you can run fire danger play with your plan with a rattlesnake guys the girl girl trucker. She is done. Love Jesus run as fast you can but run two people to do love Jesus run the community grow to a church where you're going to be. There's a foreign alien word, a peculiar word discipled and be discipling people have pulls your life is that we have our dinner said that she said every Christian should have three people in her life and up all the porn of them disciple them Timothy to disciple and a barn risk alongside a sharpie like iron sharpens iron pro-choice on the 17th and those three people if you don't have those three people we can't do it by yourself. Can we need charter we encouragement and that's what is the point of the church about Bible teaching church return to lively accountability partners allows that word to become a balance really healthy word like I was saying earlier, you can't lose weight without an accountability partner. You will note that even though the whole thing Weight Watchers started by a lady who said you like, I didn't.

I got this other little mother hen club and if you lose weight because I been talking them every week about what happening and what I'm struggling with, you know, it's a website and that's the thing. Christians are afraid to talk about what they're struggling with their call. Because were out of time. Thank you so much talk if you watch on TV. How can you read your book will give us a report.

Shut off your website. You can go to Cynthia and find out pretty much everything you want to know about how to watch the TV programs and my book is available at Amazon, but you can also find that through Cynthia and I love Ya well. We love you or somebody cannot pray for God as God uses her to make Jesus famous all around the world because there are over a billion people over a billion people.

I know you guys I know will have problems you're depressed about this and that you struggle but there's over a billion people who have never heard the glorious gospel of the saving grace of Jesus Christ that saved a wretch like me. So I got major problems.

Major issues the phone going off right after this program, but let's do something about that because Jesus Christ is coming back showing mercy right now. Everyone of you listening or watching you showing mercy. You can fall on your face. You can wherever you are driving you can receive his gift of salvation right now but there's coming a day where the mercy is gone.

When he comes back. Liza fire and the sword in the white steed like Revelation talks about there will be no more sleep is coming to judge is coming to bring the wrath of God with them on those that don't know him so work inviting you to flee the wrath to come and receive the good news of Jesus, the glorious gospel yet there's one of my favorite Scripture says, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom because it's a healthy fear to kind of you read the Bible and you go okay.

The Bible says I shouldn't do that, but I don't get that. So when I encounter those moments I go right will I trust that God is God Simon. To do this anyway. And then in the I'm in a do this anyway. He begins to give me the wisdom about why he's right and I'm wrong and he doesn't want us to follow a bunch of rules because he's going to fall off the throne. If we doubt is on the throne is not going anywhere. It's for us to have a better life because he loves us.

Just go to him like it real clear, go to Jesus and go to people that know him and love him and get around them and walk or take you so much and God awesome. Thank you little stale yes social media to spread share this in tell someone that don't waste people's time tell someone about Jesus today right yeah what is there to talk about was the best thing that I've ever had to talk about to be quite frank with you. Everything else is dribble you can think of producers to talk and injury talk podcast will be up soon about okay thank you I well

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