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Stu with a powerful woman of God Jill Osborne

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 9, 2018 8:01 pm

Stu with a powerful woman of God Jill Osborne

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Christians and the media.

The media and Christians. So many angles on this. Who better to talk to than a loan of God, who is a former Trakstar model wife a high level media person and an author and she's with us right now. Untruth talk Jill Osborne, the author of accessing the media how to get good press.

I like the sound that Jill could have your truth talk. Thank things are happening.

This is cool and it's cool that my pastor, our pastor Rob peters wrote the forward right to this book and which is chemically see a book about media, but then like a pastor writes the forwards that tipped you off this this young lady here could be someone of faith right. The right of the gate. Tell us about this is having faith in Christ is that is that opposite ores that compatible with being in the media. Let's start actually with pastor Rob because what happened wises ion I had had people come to me and asked me for help and how to access the media and I wasn't really sure if this was a book that I should put out there because I didn't want to help necessarily on people who had negative stories and wanted to help people who had positive stories and I didn't really wanted to get into the wrong hands, and I did keep praying about it and then one sermon on pastor Rob had was about email our responsibility as as citizens to go out and vote and leaders have a moral compass that they have to follow through Christ. And so, for whatever reason, that sermon really touched me and I thought I need to write this book because there's so many good people out there who need to access the media, but aren't really sure how to and sell. After that I I started to write some notes down and I had had a state politician. He would ask me for advice and I saw him just take these these copious notes and he literally showed me three pages of notes that he had taken on how to access the media and he asked me to volunteer for his campaign. After that, and I said no I think I'll pass.

But I took a leap of faith and decided to write a book instead which is MS an impossible feat on but what happened wises once I started.

I cannot stop writing. I started to put notes down on napkins receipts in my my phone anywhere and everywhere because I did not want to leave information out and I Dr. Gary Chapman actually read the five love languages. He told me. You know you're onto something good when you cannot stop the ideas flowing in well so just get writing in producing how your face intersect will this do you talk a little bit about who is Jill Osborne who you how did you come into this Bruce Buchen a love the fact of the switchers that were told about his work in engaging the cultural because workstations of those security this program to talk we can to talk live. We been on here for goodness nearly 20 years doing this but was you just think through with you Christians so often they cower. They criticize the Siletz figures. All those guys are leftist older socialist and yet what your you're saying hey just dive right in. Just go headfirst that's what you did as a believer college rank and that thing is still one of the things I talk about in the book is how reporters journalists producers there humans and a lot of people think that interacting with the news or radio or TV are that you know that reporters are taboo and they're out to get you. But that's not true in some of the best stories are from reporters who have felt the emotion of the story because of that connection and said the book is really about creating a relationship of reciprocity and you know working with the press as opposed to thinking that they're out to get you an email.

God really has opened doors for me on this one because I ended up winning one of the top 12 publishers in New York through cold call and I didn't think that it was possible, but I did keep praying about it and on and then fax one of them called me back in my editor actually was the one who works with Hollywood director Oliver Stone on to write the movie Snowden before the book are before the movie came out on Snowden about Edward Snowden and said that was just amazing.

And then another door that got open for me with this book was it's going to be sold in airports around the country were talking Denver, LaGuardia, Chicago, LAX and I was told by my publisher on that it's nearly impossible to get into airports because it's such that they sell such a limited amount of books and because everything's on newspaper magazines also use a because all security and all the little deserters know about but dogwood yeah so basically they so I researched who there's two groups to sell to airports and I researched and found which person had a connection with and then I sent the proposal letter to them and they're the ones you got back to me that it will put you in airports so you know, while I feel like I get how can you not say that's a God thing when there's so many so many things that are have I been told are nearly impossible. And yet these doors are opening. I feel like there's a reason I'm supposed to get this book out helping edits to help other good people get their stories out in so let me ask you about the told me about your faith until your journey to Christ. Like how that has driven this in here the Lord is raise you up right to be someone of this this critical space be a thought leader in the area of media right well so so I was in broadcasting before and and then once I had my son I got into writing about people who are go above and beyond in community who need recognition but don't always get recognition and that a lot of those folks talk about their faith and how God is is is so he just he has his hand in everything. And so I loved being able to share their stories and then something happened to me last Christmas card two Christmases ago 2017, or 16. I mean, I had to of variances and they weren't sure if they were cancerous or not. And so I remember sitting in the doctor's office and he was telling me I was in have to go to an oncologist and have surgery to remove this and and you know the first thing I thought of is God why my going to this and the first thing that came to mind was not okay to spend more time with your family because I'm a mama said no mama had no regrets about that. The first thing I thought was the right go finish your book to finish your book and you know you hear these voices in your head and you think Eliz is me just talking to myself or is this you know God talking to me and whatever it was that that was what I had in my mind, and you know God has he keeps showing me a little signs and signals you know when I will pray to him about this book and whether I should yeah take the leap of faith on it or not I would all of a sudden see a across whether it was, you know, like the clouds in the sky or you know just seeing a sense in noticing across and that door, whatever it may be, so I feel like he's definitely giving me little signs along the way and IE.

I had honestly feel little bit bad for God because I'm probably the person who prays too much and he's like really Jill you again.

Hope for that but there's need to see how you sought him out all these things over your family unexpected things and old elements of leaves open doors in your told me all fear of the Lord of the door with the different publishers and how you got the repost is very significant in that also to be to have this kind of influence where you have people that in the end of the those summary the back is really fascinating talks about perfect for politicians, business leaders log is to media junkies. This reference provides an insiders look at how the modern newsroom works detailing the different roles reporters, editors and producers you're helping people figure this media thing out right and so pastors how do you articulate doing the four best, Rob talks about how he sits only very positive media tokens responded you as they can do to be negative and so really pastors, and anyone connected the media even younger you like or newest report enter my daughter, Joy, who's in the studio filming whose WSU question is just a second. Joy get ready you're trying to help people really think through this and navigate kind of what could be of a great adventure but also to be fraught with landmines right and that's I talk about that detailing how not everything in life is perfect so you can pitch a story to the media at the best story ever.

And then that day there may be breaking news and they won't cover it, or they may take something that you say and twist around so nothing in this world can be hundred percent all the time but you know, one of the other things is you talked about some of the people that will benefit from this and another group are charities. Susan Stevens his portion of the proceeds are going to Hershey. She's trying to fight the opioid epidemic, and when she lost her.her daughter in January 2018, she came to me and said I really need your help accessing the media because I want to get out there and talk about how to save their lives and so she was able to get on W Exide FOX8 in the newspapers and sell that has been really joyful for me and again that's how I feel.why God is bringing this to me and putting it in my lap is to help other people access the media who will have a huge influence on other people well slowed influence a lot of work. Talk about working to put you in the hot seat we come back and ask you how a person of faith should respond in the media brushed newspaper of the pastor with a microphone or camera his face with something like 9/11 happens is only shootings of the things how do you respond in grace how do you articulate Christ's redemptive truth, the gospel, when you're put in the hot seat, your pastor, politician, and will have a question for more newest trees were in turn, my daughter, Joy, a rising young person in media joy to be ready with your question we come back, hang on folks more with Joe Osborne, the author of accessing the media how to get good press would go back on truth talk we can

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